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India imposes special projects to connect all the border posts at the Sino-Indian border

                    (Original title: India exposes special projects! All border posts in the Sino-Indian border are being connected.)


Global Network Report Rajnath Singh, India’s interior minister, spent the next New Year’s Eve in the Indian-Tibetan Boundary Police Force (ITBP) camp and outpost near the Sino-Indian border. The Times of India said on January 1 that when Singh assessed the preparations for infrastructure construction at the front of the “printed border police force,” Singh said that the government has recently implemented a special project to pass Road construction connects all Chinese border posts.

List of India-Pakistan 27th Interchange Nuclear Facilities: Annual performance since 1992

                    (Original title: India and Pakistan 27th exchange nuclear facilities list: since 1992, every year to fulfill)


At the beginning of the new year 2018, Pakistan and India once again exchanged their lists of nuclear installations and facilities by diplomatic channels on January 1 again.

According to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry quoted by the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, the two countries exchanged their lists with officials in India and Pakistan High Commission at the same day in Islamabad and Delhi respectively. Indian Foreign Ministry official website also issued a statement that day, confirmed the news.

According to the agreement to ban the nuclear facilities signed in 1988 and India entered into force in 1991, the two countries should exchange intelligence on the locations of nuclear facilities on January 1 of each year and avoid attacks on each other’s nuclear facilities in the event of an engagement. Since the first exchange of lists on January 1, 1992, both parties have fulfilled this convention each year. Xinhua News Agency quoted the agency as saying that the ban on attacks on nuclear facilities agreement reflected the tension between India and Pakistan from one aspect.

According to a reference network, since the independence of the United Kingdom in 1947, three wars broke out between India and Pakistan, two of them in the disputed Kashmir area. At present, both countries possess nuclear weapons and both countries carry out missile tests on nuclear-capable missiles on a regular basis. However, they usually notify each other in advance. At present, India and Pakistan both refuse to sign the NPT and other relevant international treaties that restrict the development or testing of nuclear weapons. India considers the NPT treaties discriminatory, while Pakistan says it will not join such international treaties unless India accedes.

Annual nuclear power data released by the SIPRI in July 2017 shows that there are currently about 120 to 130 nuclear warheads in India and about 130 to 140 nuclear warheads in Pakistan.

Surging News It was reported in July 2017 that “India Nuclear Force 2017” released by Hans Kristensen and Robert S Norris, two top nuclear experts from the United States, reported that India is in full swing to promote the modernization of its nuclear arsenal.

French Armed Forces Visits Mali and France for New Year

                    (Former Title: French Armed Forces Visits Mali and France for New Year)


法国武装力量部长访马里 与法国驻军度新年

[World Wide Web] According to the French “Le Monde” quoted AFP on January 1, Mali local time on December 31, the French Armed Forces Florent? Pali stationed in northeastern Mali town Tissariet’s 200 French soldiers spend the New Year together.

Reportedly, Pali said that from this small outpost in the desert (Tusallet), France acted and yielded “jihadist” elements. She said she was honored to be the first to share her dinner with French soldiers.

Japan’s Imperial Palace held a New Year’s Day event Mikado prayer national well-being

                    (Original title: Japan’s Imperial Palace held a New Year’s Day event Mikado prayer national well-being)


日本皇宫举行新年朝贺活动 天皇祈愿国民安康

Malaysian male Saudi camel milk was diagnosed with Middle East respiratory syndrome

                    (Original title: Malaysian man came to Saudi Arabia after camel milk came back to be diagnosed with MERS)


Overseas Network January 2 According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported that the Malaysian Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of this year’s Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS
CoV) confirmed cases. Nuo Shan, director of health issued a statement on the 1st, said the test results show that a 55-year-old man in Selangor positive for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus. Nushan said: “The patient went to Mecca, Saudi Arabia at the end of last year and returned to Malaysia on December 23. He came in contact with camels and drank camel milk during his stay in Saudi Arabia.”

Men usually too tease girlfriend tease marriage girlfriend do not believe: you do not tease

                    (Original title: men usually love to mock girlfriend conscientiously marry his girlfriend do not believe: you do not tease)


A couple of U.S. couples, together with their relatives and friends, recently played at Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Miami. Suddenly Chris, a 24-year-old man,
Morley marries her 23-year-old girlfriend, Chelsea Newble, on one knee, but because usually Chris loves to make Chelsea think it’s just a prank.


At the time, Chelsea stood in front of a small street vendor with Scooby
Doo) doll, suddenly turned around and found her boyfriend on her knees, hands still ring box. And Chelsea’s reaction is not hugged her boyfriend immediately, but widened her eyes and looked questioning, totally disbelieving that Chris was seriously marrying him. She kept asking him: “Are you serious now? No, you are not right.” And then took the Ring box from Chris’s hand and gently nudged her boyfriend’s right shoulder with a look of “You can not fool me” Expression, but also to friends and mums asked: “Why did he cheat me?”


Just around the corner everyone looked at Chelsea, but she insisted once again that Chris was not serious of. Finally, when she asked Chris to put the ring on Chelsea, she suddenly realized that it really was a serious proposal and made her move to tears on the spot.


Hundreds of illegal immigrants from Gambia were repatriated by Libya in an attempt to take the opportunity to travel to Europe

                    (Original title: Hundreds of illegal immigrants returned to Gambia in Libya)


On the 1st of January, more than 100 illegal immigrants from the Gambia were returned home in Misrata, Libya.

In recent years, thousands of illegal immigrants have sought to gain access to Libya, cross the desert or cross the Mediterranean into Europe, many of whom have lost their lives in the process of smuggling. There are also many illegal immigrants who attempt to smuggle or smuggled into the refugee centers in Libya, causing overcrowding and overwhelming refugee centers. In 2017, IOM accelerated the repatriation of illegal immigrants in Libya. In December 2017, IOM repatriated about 15,000 refugees from Libya.

Ground gas! Prince Harry and his fiancee take the economy class to New Year’s Eve

                    (Original title: Grounded gas! Prince Harry and his fiancee take the economy class to New Year’s Eve)



On December 25, Prince Harry of the United Kingdom (right) and his fiancee Markel attended the Christmas event. (Source: Reuters)

China Daily News Network January 2 According to the British “Daily Mail” reported January 2, the British Prince Harry recently fiancee Megan Markel flew to the French Riviera new Year. Amazingly enough, the two were in economy class and their seats were right next to the bathroom.

According to sources, Harry and Markel took the British Airways regular flight one day before New Year’s Day departure from London Heathrow Airport to the city of Nice in the Riviera. To be undetected, the lovers boarded the passenger jet before the other passengers and sat down directly to the toilet seat. They occupy 3 rows of economy class seats with 3 bodyguards.

Multiple airport immigration counters in the United States crash passengers inbound and outbound

                    (Original title: Multiple airport immigration counter computers in the United States downbound passengers in long lines)


BEIJING, January 2 According to the “Central News Agency” reported that according to the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau and the community website post, the end of the year-end holiday, on the 1st, the United States a number of major airports immigration counter computer downtime 2 hours , Resulting in long queues for passengers arriving in the United States. There was a chaotic scene at the scene.

当地时间12月28日凌晨,纽约肯尼迪机场仍有大批旅客滞留,不得不躺在机场长凳或临时分发的折叠床上休息,其中的很多人滞留机场已经超过24小时。美国机场管理当局宣布,虽然纽约三大机场已经重新启用,但是滞留在机场数以万计乘客,最快需要1到2天才能够疏导完毕。中新社发 魏晞 摄 Information Figure: Stranded passengers at New York’s JFK Airport. Zhong Xin Fa Fa Wei Wei photo

Foreign media: New Zealand in some areas detected toxic algae can cause paralysis and so on

                    (Original title: Foreign media: Detection of toxic algae in some parts of New Zealand can cause paralysis, etc.)


BEIJING, January 2 (Xinhuanet) Recently, the New Zealand World Wide Web claims that the Health Commission of New Zealand’s Canterbury Region detected blue-green algae in the river and warned people to stay away from the area. Health officials said exposure to toxic algae may cause rashes, nausea, stomach cramps, stinging and paralyzing of the mouth and fingers.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

New Zealand authorities have reminded people not to come near the Rakahuri / Ashley River near Waikuku, South Island, for possible toxic algal bloom in these areas.

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