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Jakarta, Indonesia, a large area blackout affected thousands of regions

                    (Original title: Indonesian capital today there is a widespread blackout)


Jakarta, January 2 (Xinhua) January 2 is the first working day after the New Year 2018. This morning, Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, experienced a rare blackout that affected tens of thousands of residents and public in Greater Jakarta. The normal electricity consumption of the facilities, especially in the regions of Tangerang, Debord and western Jakarta, also affected the commuter train service in and around the Greater Jakarta area due to the power outage.

French woman mayor reject line veneer: to say hello to a man like a handshake

                    (Original title: French woman mayor to break the traditional rejection line veneer to shake hands like a man say hello)


The veneer ceremony is a traditional French ceremonial meeting between France and friends, with the exception of greetings. But Picard-Wolff, the mayor of Modrit, France, broke the tradition by sending an email to her 73 colleagues announcing that she would not be nipping her face again every morning but instead shaking hands like a man Way to express greetings.

法国奥德省莫里特市市长Picard- Wolff Mayor of the French province of Moté Picard- Wolff

In the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail reported that in France men usually only give polish to more close friends and family, and at other times Greetings and greetings can be made through a handshake, but women face a wider range of facemasks than men do. Picard-Wolff is often late for meetings because she is going to come across as a pastry to someone she meets, and sometimes she has to avoid the veneer with such an excuse as having a cold.

In her email to my colleague, she wrote that I have had too many face-to-face ceremonies, and I hope my actions will make people realize that they are free to choose to express greetings no matter in what position or occasion the way.

法国总统马克龙向英国首相特蕾莎.梅行贴面礼 French President Macron Brushed French Premier Theresa May PM

South Korea: North Korea failed to respond after trying to contact Panmunjom twice

                    (Original title: South Korea said two attempts to contact the North side by Panmunjom not respond)


BEIJING, January 2 According to the Yonhap news agency reported on the 2nd, South Korea’s unification ministry said that South Korea proposed high-level official talks between South and North Korea tried to contact the DPRK and North Korea through the Panmunjom channel, but North Korea did not respond.

资料图片:2000年,在板门店,韩方联络官拨打直通电话与朝方接触。来源:韩联社。 Figure: In 2000, at Panmunjom, the ROK Liaison Officer called the DPRK by direct telephone. Source: Yonhap.

The Afghan military launched an anti-terrorist operation to kill more than 60 IS militants

                    (Original title: Afghan military launched antiterrorism operation to destroy more than 60 IS militants)


BEIJING, January 2 (Xinhua) Foreign media quoted local officials as saying that more than 60 terrorist “Islamic State” (IS) militants were eliminated during the operation on the 2nd by the Afghan armed forces.

此前数日,武装分子还对喀布尔NDS的培训中心发动袭击。图为阿富汗警察在爆炸发生地点进行清理封锁工作。 Information Figure: Afghan police clean-up blockade at the site of the blast.

Chinese Embassy in Iran Reminds Chinese Citizens in Iraq: Staying Away from Demonstrators

                    (Original title: Chinese Embassy in Iran reminds Chinese citizens in Iraq: vigilance and stay away from demonstrators)


Chinese Embassy in Iran Safety Tips

Bin Laden’s 12-year-old grandson died his father was seen as al-Qa’ida successor

                    (Original title: bin Laden’s 12-year-old grandson killed his air strikes his father was seen as al-Qa’eda successor)


China Daily News Network January 2 According to the Indian “Hindustan Times” reported on January 1, the grandson of Osama bin Laden’s former leader, Osama bin Hamcham, 12-year-old boy in Pakistan – Dead in an air strike near the Afghan border.

The “New Arabian” news site reports that Osama bin Lama died sometime last year, after which his father Hamza wrote a letter to his family informing Osama bin Laden’s death.

450 people were arrested in Iran’s outbreak of protest Khamenei: The enemy is making trouble

                    (Original title: 450 people arrested in Iran protests Khamenei: the enemy is making trouble)



Overseas net January 2
Since December 28, 2017, Iran has staged a massive protest against the people initially expressing dissatisfaction with the economic situation. It was soon converted to anti-government protest demonstrations and spread to all parts of Iran. Foreign media said that this is the most serious and widespread one among the Iranian public expression of discontent since 2009.

According to a report by the Central News Agency, Ali-Asghar, Vice Governor of Tehran Province
Naserbakht told Iran’s Labor News Service (ILNA) that “200 people were arrested on Saturday (30 July), 150 on Sunday (31 March) and about 100 on Monday (January 1).” This has also brought the number of those arrested in about three days to about 450.

Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard Tehran branch deputy commander Kaisaari (Esmail
Kowsari told state television: “We will not allow turmoil to persist in Tehran in any way, and if the turmoil continues, Iraqi officials will take action to control it.”

According to the Associated Press, Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei said in a report on Tuesday (“January 2”) that “in recent days, Iran’s enemies have used various means such as money, arms, political and intelligence agencies to Islamic system to create trouble. ” But Khamenei did not specify what the so-called “enemies” are.

DSh5QeuWsAAY3yc.jpg Khamenei.

Iranian President Rohani delivered a speech to the people on the night of December 31 stating that Iran is a free country and that people have the right to issue voices on social issues but should not undermine the public property or illegally assemble or make rioters. . On the 1st of local time, on the 1st of the same day, Lhahani once again said that Iranian people will handle “a small part of the mobs and criminals using the protests.” He stressed that Iran’s enemy can not tolerate Iran’s achievements in the diplomatic field, especially in the face of the U.S. and Israeli regimes. Some even explicitly threatened to lead the issue to Iran.

The Israeli parliament passed the “Jerusalem Law” and Palestine strongly condemned it

                    (Original title: Israel’s parliament passed “Jerusalem Law” strongly condemned by Palestine)


International Online Reporting: The Israeli parliament passed the Jerusalem Law on the night of January 1, stating that Israel’s abandonment of the sovereignty of any piece of land in Jerusalem requires an overwhelming majority of two-thirds of the votes of the Parliament. On the 2nd, Palestine strongly condemned the passage of the bill by the Knesset.

According to Israeli media reports on the 2nd, the Jerusalem Law is an amendment to the Israeli “Basic Law.” The Act expressly stipulates that the Israeli rejection of the sovereignty of any piece of land in Jerusalem by a foreign entity requires the approval of 80 members of Parliament, or two thirds of the votes of the Parliament.

The passage of the bill was approved by the far-right political party “Jewish Homeland Party” with 64 votes in favor in the Knesset. Bennett, chairman of the “Jewish Homeland Party,” and current Minister of Education Bennett, emphasized in his parliament: “This is not a theoretical act. It is very practical because there are already people trying to split Jerusalem.” Earlier, the leaders of the Israel-Zambia Left Alliance, the “Zionist Union” and the “Future Party,” each said that Jewish settlements in Jerusalem belonged to Israel, but the Old City had its “special status.”

The act also abolished the provisions of the Israeli “Basic Law” which barred the change of the boundaries of the city of Jerusalem. It is reported that the cancellation of the article was proposed by Zéve? Elgin, Minister of Jerusalem’s Ministry of Affairs. Elgin tried to remove from the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem those Arab villages in the city of Jerusalem but outside the wall built by Israel. Elgin said the new law “has strengthened the defensiveness of those leftists and prevented them from trying to undermine Israel’s sovereignty over the unifying Jerusalem in the future.” On the other hand, the abolition of this provision would allow the Israeli Government to divide the main enclaves of the Arabs in Jerusalem into municipalities and deliver them to the Palestinians in negotiations with the Palestinians. However, according to Israeli law, doing so requires a referendum.

Japan will not allow interpreters to interpret tour guides can also provide paid translation

                    (Original title: Japan is about to ban interpretation guides can also provide paid translation services without qualification)


[Global Network] According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on January 2, the revised Japan’s “Interpreter Guide” will come into force on the 4th, even if there is no national certification so far also be able to face foreign tourists visiting Japan Paid interpreter guides available. Big travel agencies use this as a business opportunity to try out new business in the interpretation tour market.

Japanese people eat mochi New Year to seek anti-longevity 噎 15 people were hospitalized 2 people were killed

                    (Original title: Japanese New Year to eat mochi longevity anti-噎 15 people were sent to hospital for medical treatment 2 people were killed)


1514899927993205.jpg The photo shows Japan’s New Year display Mashu symbolizes health

Overseas net January 2 Similar to the Chinese New Year eating dumplings habit, the Japanese love New Year’s Day to eat mochi to celebrate the New Year, but this is a symbol of festive celebration Mochi, but now it has become a murderous weapon. According to the latest news from the Tokyo Fire Department, when 2018 approached, a total of 15 people were hospitalized on New Year’s Day for consumption of mochi, of which two were killed and seven were seriously injured.

As Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported, every household in Japan now places large, small, two-disk mochi in the house at the end of each year, with a “mirror cake” shaped like an orange on top, referring to its shape and mirror Similar (at the same time, the three artifacts in Japanese mythology) seek the implied meaning of “being safe from generation to generation and sharing goodies”. Which eat New Year’s Mochi, can make people more healthy and longevity, which became the Japanese’s traditional habits.

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