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Northeast Japan Shinkansen was suspended due to strong winds a large number of returnees trapped

                    (Original title: Japan’s Northeast Shinkansen was forced to stop due to heavy winds a large number of returnees trapped)

                                   According to Japanese media reports, according to the East Japan Railway Company said that local time on the 28th of this month at 10:40 pm after the northeastern Japan Shinkansen due to the Fukushima Prefecture Koriyama Station to Fukushima Station interval Wind speed reached the limit value, thus suspending operation in Koriyama station to Sendai station interval.

reported that after the wind speed weakened, local time at 1:56 on the 29th restored to traffic. However, affected by this, up to down a total of four trips the longest delay of up to 3 hours and 41 minutes, about 2,000 people affected. It is reported that this delay has a direct impact on returnees and others. At around 2:30 on the 29th, three vehicles traveling under the train arrived in Sendai Station in a delay of more than three hours. I am very happy to meet with the family members who came to greet us with luggage and local products.

There are also children who are weary asleep in their strollers, as well as passengers who ask the station staff for a taxi fare. The station staff and others apologize while handing the can of water and bread to the passengers.

Successfully tested in India’s anti-missile system Foreign media said that in order to deal with the two countries …

                    (Original title: India successfully tested anti-missile system Foreign media clamors in response to the two countries …)


lCdL-fypyuve2526398.jpg India AAD anti-missile interception bombing launched India on Thursday (28) tested an advanced anti-missile system, foreign media said that in response to the formation of China and Pakistan The “strategic threat.”

According to the Newsweek, India successfully intercepted its own “Plitvick” short-range ballistic missile that was launched from a test site in Chandipu and from which the second was fired Launched by the country’s SERS air defense system launched on Abdul Qalam near the coast of the island of Orissa in the east.

In Yin, she was the first to pardon more than 6,000 people for amnesty without involving politically charged politicians

                    (Original title: First amnesty granted to more than 6,000 after Yin took office No amnesty for politicians involved)


According to the Yonhap News Agency reported on December 29, the South Korean government implemented a special amnesty on the 29th, bringing a total of 6,444 people to pardon. This is the first special pardon since the inception of the Yin government. It mainly takes care of vulnerable groups, excluding politicians involved in corruption.

It is reported that the South Korean government also reportedly took relief measures against traffickers, including a total of 1.65 million beneficiaries, including the above-mentioned special amnesty recipients.

Specific to South Korean political circles, only former parliamentary member Zheng Fengzhu was granted a pardon. Zheng Fengzhu suspected before the 2007 election when questioned when the ruling Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Myung-bak actually accused of manipulating the stock price of investment consulting firm BBK, was sentenced to one year in prison for violating the election law, was denied the right to vote until 2022 After the pardon, Zheng Fengzhu can resume political activities.

Trump: The eastern United States is too cold. We need to make good use of global warming

                    (Original title: Trump is wonderful again Speech: the weather is too cold we have to make good use of global warming)


特朗普:美国东部太过寒冷 我们要好好利用全球变暖 US President Donald Trump (Photo: CNN)

Overseas Network December 29 US President Trump has always stood out in his style of saying something straight. Recently he released a Twitter hot again. Because of the recent cold over the eastern United States, Trump actually said “maybe our country can make good use of global warming.” His wonderful speech has also been criticized by experts as “an ignorance of misunderstanding.”

According to the CNN report on the 29th, at 8 pm local time on the 28th, Trump said: “The eastern part of the United States may experience the coldest record of New Year’s Eve. Perhaps we can slightly change the global warming Plus, spend billions of dollars on preventing global warming is not the other countries, it is the United States. Warm up! “

As soon as Trump made a remark, he immediately received reports from major media and experts and scholars Criticism. CNN said the U.S. president does not seem to understand or chose to ignore the fact that “the weather” and “climate” are not the same thing. According to NASA, “weather” refers to the climatic conditions in a relatively short period of time, while “climate” is the atmospheric environment that has been shown for a relatively long time. So cold weather on a given day, week or month can not indicate anything about climate and global warming, and the “weather” logic that equates to “climate” does not hold.

The Guardian also quoted the New South Wales climatologist Matthew England as saying that Trump’s commentary “is a clueless misunderstanding of the way the Earth’s climate operates.” “No one says winter will disappear in the face of global warming, but winter has indeed become much warmer,” Matthew said.

Print Media: Indian Army to Consider Training Camels to Patrol China-India Boundary Area

                    (Original title: What ?! Indian army to consider training camels, patrolling the Sino-Indian border area)


印媒:印度陆军考虑训练骆驼 在中印边界地区巡逻 “Times of India” reported 28 shots

[World Wide Web Roundup] Although the Sino-Indian confrontation hole Lang crisis is over four months, but India still did not seem to “relax vigilance on the border issue “. According to the “Times of India” reported on December 28, the Indian Army plans to take a pilot project to bring camels around the China-India control line in the Ladakh region of India-controlled Kashmir and to train these animals to patrol and transport supplies in the area.

The Times of India said that although India and China have lifted their confrontation in a turbulent area, the Indian Army “remains concerned about the presence of Chinese soldiers in the area.” In view of this situation, they plan to adopt a pilot project – the introduction of camels in the Sino-Indian border area as part of a comprehensive program to examine the presence or absence of an “invasion” around the China-India control line in the Ladakh region.

Reported that the Indian Army plans to introduce the camel sub-single and double peak two. The camels will be trained to be able to patrol and carry large quantities of ammunition and other supplies. Among them, Bactrian camels can carry 180 to 220 kg of cargo, compared with the Indian army used mules and ponies can only carry 40 kg of material. And the camel’s speed of action is also faster than the mule, walking within 10 hours on the flat within 2 hours. In India, the Bimodal camels can only be found in the Nubra Valley in the Ladakh region.

印媒:印度陆军考虑训练骆驼 在中印边界地区巡逻

Currently, the Indian Army has obtained 4 dromedary camels from a camel research center in the country and has already shipped them to Ladakh. The report said that if the pilot project succeeded, Indian military agencies could use the camels in the area and at altitudes of 3657.6 meters to 4724.2 meters above sea level.

In addition, DIHAR, a subsidiary of the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), has started to study the carrying capacity of the Bactrian camels and will evaluate the training methods that will be adopted This kind of terrain is dangerous and carries goods under adverse weather conditions.

印媒:印度陆军考虑训练骆驼 在中印边界地区巡逻

Two more princes in Saudi Arabia have paid their brother to pay one billion U.S. dollars

                    (Original title: Saudi Arabia has two princes pay to be released)


Riyadh, December 28 (Xinhua) Saudi Arabia’s media reported on the 28th that after being agreed to pay the government “reconciliation gold,” the two allegedly corrupt sons of the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia were released.

According to earlier reports, their elder brother, former National Guard commander Mittab, has been released home early after surrendering $ 1 billion last month. Currently, another of their brothers, Tulum, former Governor of Riyadh province, is also being held in a hotel in Riyadh.

Mayor of the United States Chinese office inaugural efforts to Chinese immigrants and Chinese tourists

                    (Original title: American Chinese mayor inauguration said it is trying to serve Chinese immigrants and Chinese tourists)


BEIJING, December 29 According to the report of the American Overseas Chinese newspaper, the United States Congressman Zhao Meixin local time December 28 for the mayor Linda Lam presided over the inauguration ceremony, California Rep. Zhou Benli at the same time as the Deputy Mayor Chen Zanxin Presided over the swearing-in ceremony, California Financial Secretary Jiang Junhui, Chinese-American elected officials in Los Angeles, and more than 200 guests from the political and commercial field attended the ceremony.


Zhao Meixin (left) presided over the swearing-in ceremony for Mayor Linda Lam. (Reporter Gao Rui from the United States “Overseas Chinese Press”)

Park Geun-hye New Year or may relax the prosecution to give up the investigation: to consider prosecution years later

                    (Original title: Park Geun-hye New Year’s Day can be relieved: the prosecution to give up the investigation year after she told!)


朴槿惠元旦或可松口气 检方放弃调查:考虑年后起诉 Korean media coverage screenshot

Overseas Network December 29 Pu Jinhui recently trouble again and again. The trial of the case of “faithful government administration” has not ended yet. It is also targeted by the South Korean prosecutors because it allegedly instructed the national intelligence authorities to “surrender” the case. On December 26, the prosecutor personally came to the door and asked Park Geun-hye to conduct a “prison investigation,” but the latter refused to cooperate and the investigation ended without result.

On speculation Prosecutors to Park Geun-hye to go home survey, or take coercive measures, the prosecution has voluntarily announced: to give up the investigation, consider the prosecution years later. This also means that Park Geun-hye can recuperate at the New Year’s Eve, and she is most likely to be brought to court once the holiday is over.

朴槿惠元旦或可松口气 检方放弃调查:考虑年后起诉 Park Geun-hye southern new home

Earlier South Korean prosecutors suspect, Park Geun-hye during the administration, had instructed the National Intelligence Service (the “NIS”) regular monthly turned over to special events fee originally part of the national budget, total The amount of 4 billion won (about 24 million yuan). Prosecutors speculated that Park Geun-hye would use it for personal purposes, such as making micro-adjustments, buying clothes and filling the funding gap for buying new houses. In order to find out whether the money will be used to purchase clothing, Prosecutors summoned Park Geun-hye’s girlfriend Cui Shun-shu twice, but both were rejected by the latter.

On December 26, the prosecution went to the detention center to investigate where Park Geun-hye will “provide the fee.” On the same day, Park Geun-hye met with the prosecution, but she declined to answer all questions raised by the prosecutors and the investigation ended without success.

According to the Yonhap TV 28th reported that the prosecutors recently said that “it is pointless to continue to investigate Park Geun-hye,” after considering the study of evidence, in the early next month after the prosecution of Park Geun-hyeon. In fact, in addition to the recent intensification of the “door to door”, Park Geun-hye also involved in the “white list” incident. Prosecutors suspect that Park Geun-hye’s government abused its power and forcibly mobilized major Korean companies to contribute 6.9 billion won to support conservative groups. According to the media analysis, Park Geun-hye, who was held in custody, will fear a new crime if the relevant suspects are verified. At present, prosecutors are investigating whether Park Geun-hye is involved in the “white list” incident.

朴槿惠元旦或可松口气 检方放弃调查:考虑年后起诉 Park Geun-hye seven lawyers October 16 collective resignation

Park Geun-hye recent activity combing

October 13, Korean Central District Court to Park Geun-hye has “the possibility of destruction of evidence” as an excuse, decided Extend the period of detention. Park Geun-hye’s custody of the longest time will be extended for 6 months, that is, to be released in April next year, which led to Park Jin-Hui strongly dissatisfied.

On October 16, Park Geun-wai made a rare speech at trial. She denied her suspicion that the trial was a “political retaliation” for her. The same day, Park Geun-hye seven defense lawyers collectively indicated the resignation. Lawyer Liu Rongxia accused the court of deferring the arrest of Park Geun-hye’s judgment “unreasonable,” saying “it will be the most shameful black history in the history of South Korean judiciary.” Park Geun-hye said: “Trust in judges has no meaning and will be adjudicated as judges. . “

On October 19, Park Geun-hye refused to attend the first hearing after the lawyer’s resignation on the ground of health.

The Australian Prime Minister took a standstill and was fined for the matter as well as a public review

                    (The original title: Australian Prime Minister stalls! Therefore, the move was fined and openly reviewed)


QQ截图20171229162656.jpg Australian Prime Minister Turnbull

Overseas website December 29 Australian Prime Minister Turnbull has been fairly unfortunate in recent days. The number of days that led to widespread criticism for “anti-China” remarks followed by a negative score for his subsequent satisfaction Break the record again and again, quite unobtrusive to their own people. In recent days, Turnbull, who was photographed taking lifeboats without a lifeboat while sailing in inflatable boats, violated local laws and was fined not only with a fine of $ 250 but also publicly reviewed on social media to show that he has learned the lesson.

According to the British “Guardian” and local Australian media reports, the incident occurred on the 27th local time. Turnbull drove its inflatable boats from the pier to the beach on the other side of Sydney Harbor, only 20 meters away, but the local paparazzi found that their prime minister was not wearing a lifejacket, a violation of local law , And photographed the photo.

The New South Wales Roads and Maritime Department conducted a case investigation and announced a fine of $ 250 on the 29th. Turnbull’s spokesman said they will pay the fine.

QQ截图20171229164103.jpg Turnbull Long Text Review

66 people were killed after another clash of Syrian extremists and government forces

                    (Original title: Reconstruction of Syrian extremist groups and government forces resulting in 66 deaths)


叙利亚极端组织与政府军再起冲突 致66人死亡

Conflicts occurred in north-western Syria, killing 66 people. (Source: AFP) According to AFP, 29 local time, the Syrian extremist groups and Syrian government forces under the cover of Russian fighters in the northwest Iraq A clash took place in Idlib, killing 66 people. It is reported that 19 people died in air strikes.

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