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In the last two days of 2017, four provincial standing committees took office five deputy secretary of the provincial party committee to be replaced

                    (Original title: four ministerial level adjustment two days, five provincial deputy secretary to be filled)


In the last two days of 2017, four Provincial Standing Committee members of the two “wen” and “wuwu” units have assumed their duties. On December 30, Han Xiaodong, political commissar of Hebei Military Region, and Ling Xi, political commissar of Shanghai Garrison District, respectively, served as the standing committees of Hebei and Shanghai. On December 31, the official disclosure of Zhang Guoking’s deputy secretary to Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Liu Guozhong’s deputy secretary to Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee .

First, two “military uniform standing committee” returned to their horizons, followed by two ministerial officials inter-provincial exchanges.

Han Xiaodong and Ling Xi respectively concurrently held positions in the local government. This is also the reason that since the provincial provincial party committee was reelected in November 2016, the “military uniform standing committee” has once again boarded the local political arena.

Politics Seeing that both Han Xiaodong and Ling Xi were disclosed this year and later became members of the local provincial party committee, this also means that major progress has been made in the reform of the “under the neck” of the army.

With the arrival of the military uniform standing committee, the standing committee of Hebei Provincial Party Committee increased to 13 and the number of standing members of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee increased to 12.

Hebei Province Standing Committee has reached the standard “ceiling” in terms of number and configuration. According to the “Regulations on the Work of Local Committees of the Communist Party of China” promulgated in January last year, there are 11 to 13 provincial-level standing committee members in general. After the 19th National Congress, the main leaders of Hebei Provincial Party Committee changed their positions. Zhao Kezhi, former secretary of the provincial party committee, was transferred to the minister of public security. Wang Dongfeng, former mayor of Tianjin, was transferred to Hebei to replace Zhao Kezhi.

Because Wang Dongfeng resigned, plus Huai Jinpeng transferred to China Association for Science and Technology Party secretary, Tianjin Municipal Committee was vacant.

The mayor of Chongqing Zhang Guoqing transferred to the Tianjin Municipal Committee, with Li Hongzhong team. A few years ago, the two major leaders in Tianjin were “neighbors,” one in Chongqing and one in Hubei, and now they are going to meet with Tianjin.

2017最后两天4名省级常委履新 5名省委副书记待补

Both had worked in Beijing and then headed south. Li Hongzhong worked in the electronics industry department in the late 1980s; Zhang Guoqing also worked for military enterprises for a long time from the 1980s to 2013.

Aerospace military enterprises have contributed outstanding leaders to many provinces. Such as Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee Secretary Zhang Qingwei, Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Secretary Chen Qifa, Guangdong Provincial Governor Ma Xingrui, Governor Xu Dazhe of Hunan Province, Zhejiang Province Governor Yuan Jiajun, have in this system have many years of experience. Unlike Zhang Guoqing’s departure from the west, Liu Guozhong is once again serving in the west.

The reason why the government knows that “once again” is because Liu Guozhong had a history of 10 months as a deputy secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee before he became governor of Jilin. Going forward, it is more than two years of experience of the National Federation of Trade Unions. In addition, most of his career in Northeast China – Heilongjiang and Jilin.

To the whole work, it is a turning point for Liu Guozhong. Because before he has been in Heilongjiang for decades, from 2013 onwards was removed to Beijing, Sichuan, Jilin, Shaanxi office.

The total is also a cadre of the place. Sun Chunlan, who is a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, now serves as secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Chen Hao, and Wang Yupu, director of the State Administration of Work Safety, all served as party secretary of the whole party. Currently, Lu Zhanong, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Like Liu Guozhong, they all served as Vice Chairman, Secretary of the Secretariat and Deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

Because of Liu Guozhong’s arrival, the Shaanxi Provincial Standing Committee returned to the original 12-member configuration. Prior to the original secretary Lou Qinjian transferred to the Jiangsu provincial party committee secretary, took over the new Shanghai party secretary Li Qiang, Hu Heping, then the provincial party committee secretary, governor “one shoulder pick.” At present, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee formed Hu Heping as the squad leader and Liu Guoshong and Mao Wanchun as deputy squad leaders.

2017最后两天4名省级常委履新 5名省委副书记待补

Shaanxi is transferred to one, the provincial party committee becomes 12; Chongqing is Zhang Guoqing left, the Standing Committee became 12.

In addition to these two provinces, there are also 17 provinces standing committee is 12 people, if all make up the “military uniform Standing Committee,” are 13 standard.

However, political knowledge see also found that nearly 10 provinces standing committee has yet to be filled.

There is a class of default deputy secretary.

There are currently 11 members of the Standing Committee in Tianjin, such as the lack of a deputy secretary after the transfer of Zhang Guoqing.

Jilin Province, originally equipped with complete absence of a deputy secretary, due to the transfer of Liu Guoshong, awaits them.

Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Prior to the secretary is Chen Miner, deputy secretary of Sun Zhigang and Chen Yiqin, 19 before Chen Miner transferred to the Chongqing municipal party committee, and Zhang Guoqing team, former governor Sun Zhigang received the provincial party secretary positions, Chen Yiqin province Long positions, vacated a deputy secretary places.

Environmental tax levy: Shanghai tax counseling more than 300 key sewage companies to declare

                    (Original title: Environmental tax levy, Shanghai tax point-to-point counseling more than 300 key sewage companies to declare)


Effective January 1, 2018, a new member of the tax family in China, the Environmental Protection Tax, has been officially launched. At the same time, the sewage charging system, which has been implemented for nearly 40 years, has officially withdrawn from the historical arena.

The Green Tax is China’s first independent type of environmental tax that explicitly targets environmental protection. Its multisectoral collaboration of “enterprise filing, tax collection, environmental monitoring and information sharing” is also different from the traditional tax types and has no direct experience in both theory and practice. Surging news learned that the Shanghai tax department for the smooth transfer of enterprises in the “tax reform” tax conversion, more than 300 key sewage monitoring companies conducted peer-to-peer counseling and pre-declaration exercise. As an important step in improving the “green tax system”, an important principle of levying a green tax is to achieve a smooth transfer of the sewage charge system to the green tax system . Therefore, in terms of the overall framework system, compared with the original “pollutant emission charging system”, taxpayers, taxable subjects, tax bases and other tax elements, the basic translation of the system from the original sewage charges under the main contributors, fees Object, charging basis and other charging elements.

Shanghai tax department official said to surging news that the fundamental purpose of the environmental tax is “environmental protection”, and “tax” is only a means. The overall revenue of environmental protection tax revenue is not large, the main purpose of sewage charges to tax revenue is not to raise financial revenue, but rather through tax levers to guide the pollutant discharge units to reduce emissions for the people to create a good production and living environment.

“Pollution discharge is high and taxes are high, with less pollution and lower taxes.” As a major measure to promote the construction of ecological civilization in the taxation and taxation field, the introduction of environmental protection tax has further perfected the green taxation system in our country and its environmental protection significance far exceeds the meaning of fiscal revenue “The official stressed:” In terms of overall impact, the implementation of the green tax in the short run will help achieve the emission reduction targets for key pollutants. In the long run, through incentive-oriented taxation, it will encourage enterprises to make use of energy conservation, Environmental protection and low-carbon technologies take the road of cleaner production, improve the environment and enhance the people’s happiness index. “

The official also said frankly that the main challenge for the current tax reform is to work in concert. “Compared with other types of taxation, environmental protection tax levied on the professional, comprehensive, real-time requirements higher.First, professional, environmental tax related to pollutant determination, testing, measurement, conversion and other science and technology professional and technical knowledge; the second is Comprehensive, environmental tax covers both tax, chemical, engineering and other comprehensive knowledge, but also involves data monitoring, information exchange and other integrated means; third is real-time, with the characteristics of pollutants can not be detected after the fact, can not be assessed after verification. Of the characteristics of the relevant government departments in the environmental tax collection work put forward a very high demand for co-management. “He said. According to the introduction, in response to the above difficulties, the Shanghai tax department has completed the transmission of sewage information sharing data with the environmental protection department and established the city tax source database of environmental tax.

Adopting “point-to-point” guidance to more than 300 key polluting enterprises

Environmental tax This new multi-departmental tax collection and management model has also posed certain challenges to corporate declarations. If the company’s automatic monitoring data inconsistent with the monitoring data of the environmental protection department will not affect the tax returns and tax risks? Many corporate finance directors have such concerns. Xu Kai-mei, head of the relevant department of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., said to surging news that the company has been paying “over € 80 million” as the “big household” for its annual sewage charges and has always been concerned about the declaration after the environmental tax levied until it is accepted The tax department and environmental protection departments of the “trilogy.”

What is Counseling Trilogy? The original on August 25, November 17, December 18, the relevant departments have three times on the environmental tax levied after the declaration of the enterprise counseling:

August 25 start the first step: the Inland Revenue Department conference room, Tax department staff and petrochemical company personnel and sewage fee declarations staff, sit in a circle, the full text of environmental tax law article one by one to read and carry out interactive discussions.

Launched on November 17 Step 2: In the district government conference center, tax department, environmental protection department and petrochemical company related to the calculation of pollutants, sewage charges and environmental tax differences convergence, environmental protection tax returns and other content depth Three-way exchange.

Starting on December 18th Step 3: Inland Revenue Department tax office staff and corporate personnel gathered in front of the computer many times, the left side of the screen is piled up with enterprise application information, and the right side of the screen is placed with the EPA to share information , The display shows the golden tax three simulation reporting interface … … tax department staff input pre-filing data, corporate staff are learning the pre-filing process.

New Year’s day flag-raising ceremony What changes? Flag length changed to 46 seconds

                    (Original title: Exclusive Secret: What are the changes in the flag-raising ceremony today?)


With the approval of the Party Central Committee, from January 1, 2018, the People’s Liberation Army will shoulder the task of flag escort and salute of gun salutes. The 35-year-old Tiananmen National Guard (previously known as the “Tiananmen Square Flag Class”) guarded the national flag for the past 35 years ended its mission gloriously.

What happened to the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen on the first day of 2018? CCTV news for you Secret.

Highlight 1: Performing by the Military Band

The biggest highlight of the New Year’s Day flag-raising ceremony in 2018 is the etiquette of eight etiquetteists playing trumpets on the stage. The loud trumpets will pierce the night sky and usher in the 2018 The first ray of dawn.


The “flag raising horn” music played by the Orchestra’s eight etiquette hands on the Tiananmen watchtower increased the sense of sacredness and ritual in the flag-raising ceremony. Eight etiquette hand through a rigorous selection, from technology to body are the best, basically the next year will not rotate.

People’s Liberation Army Corps Orchestra Zou Rui:

Actually, the first proposal was not on the towers, but on the First Auxiliary Bridge. After reading it, I felt that I was not going to feel that the eight etiquette hand should stand higher Point, want to go, we feel should be in the tower of Tiananmen Square. Because we want to stand on the watchtower of Tiananmen Square, that is, standing on 5,000 years of heavy cultural heritage and playing the horn of a new era.

In only three days, the creative team of the People’s Liberation Army Military Orchestra has written a “flag-raising horn” that integrates the musical elements of China and reflects the solemn solemnity of the magnificent atmosphere.

Guo Sida, Director of the Creative Band, People’s Liberation Army Band:

Creation Horn music follows the tradition of the military music horn and can not be too long. The overall duration is less than 20 seconds. Too long can not highlight the sense of ritual and how to set the atmosphere within twenty seconds , I considered this issue in depth in the creative process.

The marching band’s approach to the military band was played and returned by the SAIB in the past. Instead, the military marched forward from the south side of the square and played in the area to the south of the base of the flagpole, making it more appealing and returning Neat and uniform.

In order for the national flag to rise for a time corresponding to the length of the sun’s passage through the horizon, the original national flag needs to be played three times in a national anthem for 2 minutes and 07 seconds. In accordance with the requirements of the national anthem that the national anthem must be played once again, Raise the national flag program will raise the flag to 46 seconds, the performance of the national anthem again, the original “singing the motherland,” the timing, but also from the flag team playing march into the flag after the return to play when the flag team playing no longer play music .

Highlights II: Ceremony welcome flag

The ceremonial welcome flag is another highlight in the ceremony of raising the national flag. The ceremonial force of the PLA honor guard, 30 dressed in the navy and air force dress, lined up on the south side of the Jinshui Bridge. Note ceremony, reflecting the national flag of reverence and love.


For the first day of the month, the new flag escort team, composed of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces and the Armed Forces, has raised its flag and the number of flag escort teams has increased from 36 in the past to 96 and increased from 36 on weekdays to Sixty-six of the 66 troops escorted themselves from Tiananmen Square Central Voucher Gate to the south side of the Jinshui Bridge and shifted to a positive march. At the same time, the position of holding a gun was changed from a shoulder-fired gun to a dead-end gun to better reflect the solemn sense of the ceremony.



walking in the middle of the national flag hand and protect the flag team captain, this increased to three from one, they were dressed in army, navy dress, wielding Zhihui Dao, on behalf of the PLA army, responsible for issuing Flag up the national flag.

The flag-bearer in the army dress performs the task of raising the flag and displaying the flag at the same time. The other two flag helpers of the Navy’s air force dress hold a gun at the ceremony. In order to achieve the best results, every subtle change, the players have carried out hard training.


Wei Min-chau, former deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, was transferred for examination and prosecution

                    (Original title: Chenzhou procuratorial work for “Office officials case” Prosecution experience to promote the whole country)


In mid-December, the investigation work of Wei Minzhou (deputy ministerial level) deputy secretary and former deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee on suspected bribery crimes ended with the transfer of examination and prosecution. In the investigation stage of the case, the public prosecution department of Chenzhou Procuratorate intervened in advance to guide the collection of evidence, solidified the evidence chain and consolidated the investigation results, paving the way for the follow-up examination and prosecution. This is the seventh case of cadres above the departmental level handled by the city procuratorate in recent years. Not long ago, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate promoted the procuratorial work experience of Chenzhou City Procuratorate in handling “government office cases” to the procuratorial organs nationwide.

In response to the handling of “government office cases” with great difficulty, heavy tasks, high requirements and wide influence, the city procuratorate proactively sought the leadership of the provincial procuratorate to grasp the direction of case examination and public prosecution and strive for the guidance of the superior business departments throughout the entire journey in promoting major and complicated problems Solve and insist on the unified dispatching and command of the procuratorate to ensure the seamless connection of the investigation, arrest and prosecution of major and major cases. Every major and major case has been deployed, and the elite troops will form an indictment task force. They will take unconventional leadership, measures, requirements, protection and supervision to ensure that funds for handling cases, equipment technology, professional materials, supervision and management, and care rewards are in place.

The procuratorate of the city adheres to the rule of law and leads the “principle of evidence adjudication” throughout the whole process of litigation so as to promote the transformation of investigation and evidence collection to “evidence making” and the examination of the case to “witness, comprehensive, dynamic and open” Guarantee the protection of human rights and change to “listen to opinions of various parties, especially defense lawyers.” In accordance with the rules of evidence referee and the court judgment, a comprehensive and objective collection of fixed evidence, resolutely prevent and correct illegal evidence, the selective collection of evidence and other issues, and strive to “evidence of legitimacy” and “really full” before the transfer of prosecution. During the censorship of the case, it maintained a high-pressure posture of “excluding illegal evidence”, adhered to the principle of no crime, strictly controlled the illegal evidence, defective evidence and did not fully collect evidence to prevent the case of “sickness” from entering the trial procedure.

Tsai English polls plunge Ma Ying-jeou across the New Year shopping blitz: it depends on you

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen poll Collie Ma Ying-jeou crosses the night market night market stalls: rely on you)


蔡英文民调连跌 马英九跨年夜逛街受热捧:就靠你了 Ma Ying-jeou crosses to New Year’s Eve to eat seafood porridge. (Source: Taiwan Times News)

Taiwan network January 1 hearing With the incumbent Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen support again the last 3 months fell again, the former leader Ma Ying-jeou on the island The popularity is constantly rising. On the night of New Year’s Eve (31st), Ma Ying-jeou appeared in Kaohsiung, which has always been regarded as a Green Camp ticket warehouse and a base camp. The result was warmly welcomed by the public as if the “peak popularity” of the year returned again. Last night, Ma Ying-jeou paid a visit to Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market excitedly by Tsai Ing-wen’s mistake in cross-Strait policy. “Stallions of Liuhe Night Market depend on you.”

According to ” According to reports by the Central News Agency and other media, due to be participating in the KMT “legislator” Huang Zhaoshun early in the New Year’s Day at the Kaohsiung stadium flag raising ceremony, Ma Ying-jeou simply stayed one night ahead of time to Kaohsiung, Legislators “Huang Zhaoshun, Chen Yi Min accompanied by visiting Liuhe Night Market. Feel the warmth of Kaohsiung folks, let him address him “really warm.” In the process, Ma Ying-jeou to eat seafood porridge, tea, papaya milk, appetite is quite good, the public found to be decency, competing photo, to sign, he was not refused, a full walk almost 3 hours before leaving.

蔡英文民调连跌 马英九跨年夜逛街受热捧:就靠你了 Ma Ying-jeou crosses New Year’s Eve to make tea in Liuhe Night Market. (Source: Taiwan Times News)

It is reported that Ma Ying-Jeou came into the night market only when the local people flew forward and competed for pictures. He also said hello to the traders and the public. Enthusiastic people, the exhibitors asked for a photo, signature, Ma Ying-jeong has all the answers, many people excited excitement after taking photos, there are stalls often come to him, and some even holding Ma Ying-jeou, said the dealer “Liuhe night market depends on your business “. In this regard, Ma Ying-jeou said, “is to increase the buy gas.

Before leaving Night Market, Ma Ying-jeou still posed for a photo of a former photographer who had taken photos 8 years ago. (Source: Taiwan Times News)

In 1988 Nansha sea battle first-class hero Yang ZhiliangThe new naval academy commissar

                    (Original title: 1988 Nansha sea battle first hero Yang Zhiliang play new naval academy)


Since July 2017, with the 25th batch of escort missions to the Gulf of Aden, the position of first-ranking hero Yang Zhiliang in Nansha naval warfare has been adjusted.

Surging news reporter learned from authoritative sources on January 1, 2018 that Major General Yang Zhiliang, former deputy director of the Political and Works Department of the South China Sea Fleet, has assumed the position of Political Commissar of the New Naval Research Institute.

1988年南沙海战一等功臣杨志亮履新海军研究院政委 Yang Zhiliang

According to “Jiaozuo Daily” disclosure, Yang Zhiliang, Jiaozuo Wuzhi people, joined the army in 1981, he was admitted to the Dalian Naval Academy in 1983, worked in surface ships, naval authorities, submarines, logistical support units In 1988, he worked valorically in the “3.14” naval battle of Ecuador reefs in the Nansha Islands, and was gloriously wounded. Battle.

The 1988 Nansha Islands red melon reef naval battle was the latest naval war that has taken place in New China up to now.

According to a report by China Broadcasting Network in September 2013, in “3.14 Naval Battle” in 1988 to maintain territorial sovereignty over the waters of Wakau Reef in Nansha, Yang Zhiliang scanned the left arm with bullets and left the wounded arm on the belt On the continued heroic fighting, first class work. During Yang Zhiliang’s hospitalization, Yang Shangkun, then vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, Chi Haotian, chief of staff of the Central Military Commission, and Li Yaowen, naval political commissar made a special trip to visit the hospital.

Yang Zhiliang went to the battlefield, is in love, hastily wrote in the diary, “I’ll go reefs,” as the only words left to the lover. A year later in 1989, the couple married in Beijing. At that time, naval commander Liu Huaqing and political commissar Li Yaowen personally came to the wedding to congratulate them.

Adjustment of the Leading Body of the Air Force: Xu Anxiang and Yu Qingjiang among the party committee members

                    (Original title: Air Force leadership adjustment: Xu Anxiang, Yu Qingjiang among the party committee)


Following the disclosure by the media of Lieutenant General Ma Zhenjun, former chief of staff of the Air Force, as the deputy commander of the Air Force, personnel adjustment information of the leadership of the Air Force was re-disclosed.

On January 1, 2018, the surging news reporter learned from authoritative sources that Major General Xu Qingxiang, former deputy commander of the Southern Theater and commander of the theater air force, and former chief of the Air Force Command College, has become a member of the Standing Committee of the Air Force Party Committee .

Public resume shows that Xu Anxiang served as the original Nanjing Military Region Air Force 14 division commander, former Nanjing Military Region Air Force deputy chief of staff, chief of staff. In 2011, Xu Anxiang headed to the Air Force headquarters, served as deputy chief of staff of the Air Force.

Xu Anxiang was promoted to the commander of the former Guangzhou Military Region Air Force in December 2012 and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General in 2014.

After the start of the current round of military reform, Xu Anxiang acted as deputy commander in southern theater and commander of the theater air force. In addition, Xu Anxiang is still the 19th member of the Central Committee.

According to the announcement by the Chinese Air Force’s official Weibo on December 12, 2017, Lieutenant General Xu Anxiang of Commander of the South Theater Air Force witnessed the ocean system training and the normalization of the South China Sea battle cruise in the Air Force and concentrated his efforts on research and war preparations.

Gome v. Chen Xiao, former chairman of the Board of Trustees, defend the case of reputation infringement

                    (Former title: Gome v. The former chairman of the board of the final defeat)

                                   Legal News Evening News (Reporter Li Xia) widespread concern by the media GOME v. Chen Xiao reputation infringement claims 49 million yuan case, Beijing No.3 Intermediate People’s Court made a final judgment.

After the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State of the United States, Chen Xiao, announced after the resignation to the media that the reputation of the GOME brand image was untrue. After he pleaded violated the contract with him and claimed 10 million yuan, Gome and Beijing GOME Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. V. Chen Xiao, claiming an economic loss of 49 million yuan and requiring Chen to apologize three times through the media.

On December 20, 2017, the court finally rejected the appeal of GOME.

United States:

Chen false statements damage the brand image

the United States two companies alleged that in May 2011 to June, “21st Century Economic News” and “business” magazine were published “Gome Event again appearance
Chen Xiaoda exploded the United States financial loopholes “and” Chen is right and wrong, “the report, in which Chen disclosed a large number of false or defamatory statements that undermine the country’s brand image, seriously damaged the company’s reputation, the company caused significant economic losses.

In the article, “Chen Xiao said,” many of the major shareholders are irrational, the price has lost its competitive advantage and there are financial loopholes in it. It also states that “once the truth is understood by consumers, the business model of GOME will be difficult Following the “,” Gome stores once opened to two or three cities if you insist on such a model will inevitably die “,” to open 370 opponents, the United States will open 480, which is entirely in the pique “and so on.

Both companies said that after the above report was published, a large number of domestic and foreign media reprinted and reported that the shares of “Gome Holding” of the Company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange plummeted for two days after the resumption of trading with a market value loss of more than 30 100 million Hong Kong dollars. In addition, the day-to-day operations of some 1,400 Gome stores held by the two companies have also been hit hard. As a result, the brand image and reputation of “Gome” have been greatly damaged.

To this end, Gome and Beijing GOME Electronics Co., Ltd. sued Chen Xiao for disclosing an apology three times in the “21st Century Report” and the “business community” and repaid the economic losses of 49 million yuan. Chen Xiao: do not agree not to apologize for compensation

Nearly sixty years of Chen Xiao, 1985, began to engage in home appliances sales, founded in 1996 Paradise Electric. Paradise in 2006 was purchased by the United States. In 2008, Gome founder Huang Guangyu was arrested. Chen Xiao immediately took the chairmanship of the board of directors of Gome. He once made a lot of disputes with the Huang Guangyu clan on the issue of the controlling power of the United States. In March 2011, Chen resigned as chairman of the board of directors. Chen Xiao-fang believes that the grounds and facts of the prosecution of the country can not be established, so do not agree to compensation and apology.

For the article in question, Chen Xiaofang said that the media is based on public information pieced together, is the reporter’s comment rather than Chen’s point of view. The article was published by a journalist without permission of Chen Xiao and therefore should not bear any responsibility. Chen Xiaofang also said Chen Xiaogong did not objectively violate the infringement of reputation, and Gome failed to provide any evidence to prove that his reputation suffered any damage.

Chen Xiao has been convicted of a breach of confidentiality agreement

In addition, according to public reports, Chen Xiao had signed an “Agreement” with Gome when he left his position, promised not to be published in any way or to disclose to other shareholders of Gome and other directors and Executives do not have public information, including any members of the group business strategy information, not to anyone published any adverse comments and comments against other directors, company executives and companies.

To this end, the United States to Chen Xiao paid 10 million yuan after-tax price.

On December 30, 2016, Beijing Higher People’s Court of Final Appeal ruled that Chen Xiao violated the promise of “Agreement” and disclosed relevant information of GOME to others. According to the agreement, Chen Xiao should refund 10 million to GOME in full yuan.

Focus on Whether the Two Articles Are Infringement

The Third Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing said: The focus of the dispute in this case is whether two articles infringe on the reputation of Beijing GOME and GOME.

For “21st Century Business Herald” article “Gome Reappear
Chen Xiaoda exploded the United States financial loopholes “constitute a violation of the right to reputation, the court held that according to” the Supreme People’s Court on the trial of some issues concerning the case of reputation, “provides for news coverage due to passive interviews, and without the consent of the provider Open, press releases without authorization, resulting in damage to the reputation of others, the provider should not generally be considered as infringement of reputation.

So, is Chen Xiao whether it is a passive interview to provide a news source? This issue has become the focus of this case. It is reported that whether passive interview should be considered passive interview to provide information materials and without the consent of the provider without the two factors open. The existing evidence can be found in the twenty-first century Global Economic Daily reporter Langmou in the interview with Chen Xiao talked about the objective facts relating to the content of the United States, but Beijing Gome, Gome failed to provide proof of interviews The content of the publication solicited Chen’s own opinion, and Chen Xiao denied this.

In addition, according to the content of Langmou’s account on Weibo, Chen’s statement on the night of the article’s publication denying the interview and the fact that the twenty-first century Global Economic Newspaper has withdrawn the electronic version of Chen’s account can identify Chen The content of the article proposed by Xiao did not have the high probability of being published without its consent.

The Court of Final Appeal therefore believes that there is nothing improper in the view of the Court of First Instance that Gome does not support Beijing Gome on the basis of available evidence.

For the article in the Journal of Business, “What is right and wrong in the world” constitutes a violation of the right of reputation, the court held that the law does not prohibit a person from having any influence on the personality, conduct, thoughts, morality and style of others Evaluation, but the evaluator’s remarks must be within reasonable limits, not to use insults, defamation of others demeaning caused personality.

Seven major changes in the flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square

                    (Original title: breakdown seven major changes in Tiananmen Square lift flag ceremony)


China news agency, Beijing, January 1 At 7:36 on January 1, 2018, the honor guard and the military band of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) first carried out the task of raising their national flag in Tiananmen Square.

The national flag is a national symbol and symbol. The flag of guarding the people by the People’s Liberation Army can better reflect the firm confidence of China in the new age from big to strong, and demonstrate the strong determination of the people’s army in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development of interests.

1月1日清晨,北京天安门广场举行隆重的升国旗仪式。中新社记者 盛佳鹏 摄 On the morning of January 1, a grand ceremony of flag-raising was held in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. China news agency, Sheng Jiapeng photo

China News Service reporter learned that the first day of each month according to 126 national flag raising program implementation, of which 96 members of the flag, 30 ministers, respectively, with the air force 14 dress . The flag team from front to back followed by the national flag group of three people, three units of land, sea and air forces, land and air force 90. 90 members of the team composed of 6 15-way march formation, sub-preparation, welcome flag, flag protection, flag-raising and return 5 steps, the entire 10 minutes.

National flag ceremony for major festivals and lanterns, generally referred to the first day of each month, the national flag program implementation, special circumstances according to the mission to increase the number of formations, release the salute. Weekdays or national flag compiled by 66 people, the flag group of three, three captains, 60 members of the team composed of 4 15 columns, points, flag and return three steps, the entire 8 minutes.

The national flag should be lowered down to 66 troops. The formation and movement are the same as that at the flag raising ceremony held on weekdays. The military band or recording accompaniment is not arranged. Flag post in two forms, after the flag raised by the three landing guard of the air force dress guard hand stand guard; flag by the two Lands Uniform service guard standing barefoot post.

According to the requirements of the People’s Liberation Army in carrying out the task of lifting and lowering the national flag in Tiananmen Square and focusing on fully demonstrating the style of becoming a powerful and powerful nation in the new era, based on the original ceremony of lifting and lowering the national flag, there are mainly seven major changes in the flag of the newly adjusted and ascending and descending Tiananmen Square:

– On the first day of each month, the national flag is added to increase the welcome of the trumpeter and the sergeant.

The new creations of the “flag raising horn” are performed by the Orchestra’s 8 ceremony hands in the watchtower in Tiananmen Square to symbolize the strongest voice . Honor Guard Ceremonial parade south of Jinshui Bridge, to strengthen the dignified and solemn atmosphere.

– Increasing Number of Flags

The first day of each month, the number of flag escort members increased from 36 to 96, and the number of flag escort flagers increased from 36 in the past to 66 in the first day. Embodies the mighty magnificent momentum and lineup.

– Adjust Flag Duration

The national anthem was played 3 times when the flag was raised, 2 minutes and 7 seconds, corresponding to the duration of the sun passing the horizon. Now the flag team march to the flagpole base position, until the flag rose to the top of the flagpole remains for 2 minutes and 7 seconds. The national anthem played again, raising the flag for 46 seconds.

The military band performed and returned with the flag team in the past. Instead, the band marched in from the west side of the square in advance, playing in the area south of the flagpole. The flag team Appearances and returns more uniform.

– Adjusted “Ode to the Motherland” playing time to the first day of each month

flag-raising, the “Ode to the Motherland” playing from the flag team played between nurses and traveling, playing flag instead returns. Flags flag team played when the music is not played, the audience quiet, highlight the fencing team members tidy footsteps, a better embodiment of solemn solemn ceremony.

– Adjust Flag Action

Today, the flag-raising men of Tiananmen Square held their flags on the Zhu Day and the parade

                    (Original title: Today, Tiananmen Square, he let the nation’s attention!)

                                   7:30 am Today, at 7:30 am, the concierge of the eight concierges in the tower of Tiananmen Square sounded a brilliant concierge number. 96 escort members of the guard of honor of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army took a neat pace onto the Jinshui Bridge. Starting today, the flag-raising ceremony of the Tiananmen Square officially took the honor of the People’s Liberation Army.

“Going Alone!” After walking through the Jinshui Bridge, with a loud password, the PLA honor guard changed its way of moving from a complete turn into 90 positive steps. Plaza quiet, nearly 100 000 people watching the flag silent, sonorous and powerful positive sound from far and near. 7:89456_5_65473_9

他是解放军仪仗队干部 被选为2018年首日的升旗手

At 7:36, the flag bearer is in place. As the solemn national anthem sounded, the flag bearer greets the first sunrise of the East and sprinkles the special 5-star red flag of 5 meters long and 3.3 meters wide sky. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Military Orchestra performed the national anthem on stage, and the national anthem sounded neatly on the square.

For the first time in the New Year, the flag-raising team has been adjusted from 4 to 3 to land on the navy and air force’s dress and represent officers and soldiers of the entire army. Landing Army dress flag bearer to carry out the task of displaying the flag, while the other two naval air force dress Helmut gunslinger attention.

他是解放军仪仗队干部 被选为2018年首日的升旗手

The governor of Chang’an Avenue was the only one who was informed that the first PLA flag guard to raise the flag held a flag-raising nationality face, a big man named Guo Fengtong. At 29, he is a squadron officer of the PLA honor guard.

In fact, Guo Fengtong is an old guard of the PLA honor guard.

On the morning of July 30, 2017, the parade of celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army took place at Zhu Day and the Joint Training Base. President Xi Jinping reviewed the army and delivered an important speech.

At the time, the three flagstaffs of the pro-Party flag, national flag and flag were Zhang Tianlong, Guo Fengtong and Hao Weijian. At that time, the three young soldiers said with excitement that Chairman Xi’s instructional request and exhortations demanded that the war drum urge him. We will never hesitate to listen to Party life, we will continue to walk with the party, so that the red flag will always fly.

On December 13, 2015, on the National Day of National Sacrifices of the Second Nanjing Massacre, there is Guo Futong’s presence.

At that time, 16 People’s Liberation Army honor guard troops carrying eight large wreath slowly forward, when the 27-year-old Guo Fengtong and other officiating soldiers carried a wreath, less than a hundred meters long distance, a full 3 Points 33 seconds. “Put!” Guo Feng Tong password, 8 wreaths presented in front of the “disaster wall, comfort 300,000 dead compatriots.

In just a few dozen steps, Guo Fengtong and his soldiers carried the tire with the sandbags practiced for more than a month.

The governor of Chang’an Avenue was informed that the flag-raising ceremony for the flag-raising of the Tiananmen Square picked the “best and excellent” in terms of body shape, appearance and movement and finally chose Guo Fengtong as the leader of the flag raising day.

In the future, the flag-raising of Tiananmen Square will be divided into three modes: –

The first day of each month: The national flag is to be deployed in 126 formations, including 96 flag members and 30 ministers, with 14 types of air, sea and land forces Dress. The flag team from front to back followed by the national flag group of three people, three units of land, sea and air forces, land and air force 90. 90 members of the team are organized into 6 groups of 15 marching formation, sub-preparation, welcome flag, flag protection, flag-raising and return 5 steps, the entire 10 minutes;

Major national flag raising ceremony: general reference to the first day of each month flag Program execution, special circumstances according to the mission needs to increase the number of formations, put the gun salute;

Weekdays flag ceremony: compiled by the 66 people, the national flag team of 3, captain of 3, 60 members of the 4 series of 15 columns, points Protect the flag, raise the flag and return 3 steps, the entire 8 minutes.

In addition, the lowering of the national flag was carried out according to the scheme of 66 people formed throughout the year. The formation and traveling movements of the national flag were the same as that at the flag raising ceremony held on weekdays. No military band or recording accompaniment was arranged. Flag post in two forms, after the flag raised by the three landing guard of the air force dress guard hand stand guard; flag by the two Lands Uniform service guard standing barefoot post.

Since the founding of new China, the ceremony of raising and lowering the national flag of Tiananmen Square has been adjusted many times. On December 28, 1982, the Fifth Brigade of the former Armed Police Beijing Brigade, eleven squadrons, entered Tiananmen Square and shouldered the task of lifting and guarding the national flag in Tiananmen Square. Our country has the first set of standardized national flag movements. In the past 35 years, the Armed Police National Guard has maintained the dignity of the motherland with its upright posture and mighty momentum, demonstrating the image of the country and the army to the world.

Since the launch of the flag-raising task of the Tiananmen Square by the escort of the Armed Forces Tiananmen Square Flag to the guard of honor of the People’s Liberation Army, a group of armed police members took photos of the national flag throughout the network.

The picture shows the armed police soldiers in the armed police uniform serving affectionately with their hands holding up the national flag. The dislike of the national flag is deeply touched. The protagonist in this photo is a member of the Armed Police Tiananmen Detachment, a former national flag escort.

Winter training thirty-nine, summer training three volts, armed police Tiananmen Square escort team members are picked one hundred thousand strongman.

他是解放军仪仗队干部 被选为2018年首日的升旗手 Li Tao She

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