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President of the International Olympic Committee: 15 Russian athletes should be invited to participate in the Olympics as soon as possible

                    (Original title: President of the International Olympic Committee: The invitation of 15 Russian athletes to participate in the Olympics should be decided as soon as possible.)


On February 4, local time, IOC President Bach spoke at a press conference of the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games main press center.

Russia World Cup or will encounter the invasion of locusts can keep the stadium?

                    (Original title: Russia World Cup or will encounter locust invasion, the stadium can keep it?)


This year’s World Cup in Russia may lose face in front of fans around the world.

Recently, Russian government officials fear that a locust disaster could damage the World Cup stadium. In southern Russia, locusts often eat crops. Petr Chekolev, official for the Russian agriculture ministry responsible for the farming industry, said on Wednesday that the locust herds pose a threat to the Russian World Cup as they could attack the stadium and cause a “global scandal.”

俄罗斯世界杯或将遭遇蝗虫侵袭 球场能否保住?

Imagine a group of locusts suddenly flying into the pitch as the game progressed. The scene may be appalling …

This summer, the competition will take place in 12 stadiums in 11 cities in Russia. Chekkorov said: “These arena may be the target of locusts in the summer months. In the southern part of the country where locusts are frequent, about 1 million hectares (10,000 square kilometers) of land have been planted Involved, including around Volgograd, one of the host cities of the World Cup. “

俄罗斯世界杯或将遭遇蝗虫侵袭 球场能否保住?

In Volgograd, the group matches will include matches against Tunisia in England and between Poland and Japan. Chekhovyov said: “Our responsibility is to ensure that Russians will not lose face in the face of global community, especially when we will welcome guests from all over the world.”

Despite the concern of the agricultural sector, the Russian World Cup Organizing Committee President Alexei Sorokin dismissed the “locust threat theory.” He said:

“Locusts have no danger to football pitches, because the grass fields on soccer fields are short and some substances are sprayed.” This is not a threat. “

It has been reported that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations On average, a group of locusts eats the equivalent of 10 elephants or 2,500 edible crops, which can travel as long as 130 kilometers a day.

According to previous reports by the British “Daily Mail”, annual swarming in southern Russia represents a long-term hot and dry climate. In some cases, locusts eat their crops and let people and animals eat without food.

俄罗斯世界杯或将遭遇蝗虫侵袭 球场能否保住?

In fact, in the past many international tournaments were embarrassed by the natural environment or unexpected situations.

At the opening ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, first, due to technical problems, a snowdrop was not able to open on time and the Olympic rings became the fourth ring.

俄罗斯世界杯或将遭遇蝗虫侵袭 球场能否保住?

More embarrassing is that during the Olympic Winter Games, the local temperature continues to rise, one day the maximum temperature even reached 15 degrees. Sunny sunshine snow, many skiing was forced to interrupt, some even went to the beach sunbathing.

俄罗斯世界杯或将遭遇蝗虫侵袭 球场能否保住?

In order to avoid the hot summer, the World Cup was advanced to May 31 by the World Cup in South Korea and Japan in 2002. As a result, the national team’s training time was short and the players did not get a good rest. Tactics did not shape, led to many players in the game mistakes continue.

The preparatory work for the Rio Olympics was even more serious at that time. On the eve of the Olympics, the whole of Brazil was plagued by the Zika epidemic. At that time, doctors, scientists and researchers from over 20 countries and regions sent an open letter to the World Health Organization Olympic Games postponed, canceled or alternatively held.

Later, the Brazilian government allocated an emergency fund of 2.9 billion reais (about 5.6 billion yuan) to ensure the smooth holding of the Rio Olympic Games. University of Pennsylvania also temporarily developed a special anti-Zika virus uniforms, to prevent virus invasion. Philadelphia, USA also developed a special anti-bacterial sportswear.

俄罗斯世界杯或将遭遇蝗虫侵袭 球场能否保住?

Maldives troops blockade of parliament police arrested two opposition MPs

                    (Original title: God early warning!) Ministry of Foreign Affairs just issued a warning on the 2nd, this place is a major event today!


According to the Qatari Al-Jazeera television station on February 4, the Maldives army blocked the National Assembly and the police arrested two opposition MPs.

On the day the opposition reportedly submitted a petition to the National Assembly demanding the removal of the Maldivian Attorney General, the Attorney General, the Interior Minister and the Secretary of Defense. Subsequently, the army surrounded the parliament building. Soldiers

Al-Jazeera reported that the original screenshot

armed surrounded the Maldives capital, Male parliament building

opposition that the four officials did not revoke execute nine people on charges related to the Supreme Court Judgment. The 9 members include former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed, a former vice president and a judge.

On February 2, the Chinese embassy in Maldives issued a safety alert on the 2nd and pointed out that in the light of the large-scale rally on the 1st of the Maldivian capital, Male, the Chinese nationals should be cautious about going to the Maldives recently. The embassy recommended that Chinese citizens and institutions in China should exercise vigilance and reinforce security precautions and emergency preparedness so that they will not go to densely populated places. In case of emergency, the police should be promptly contacted and contacted the embassy.


Korean media: DPRK top official Kim Yong-nam will visit the delegation from February 9 to 11

                    (Original title: Korean media: DPRK top Kim Yong-nam rate delegation to visit South Korea)


On the night of February 4 local time, the Yugoslav Society quoted South Korea’s Unification Ministry as saying that the DPRK informed the ROK side on the night and the chairman of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly Standing Committee Kim Yong-nam will lead a high-level delegation of the North Korean government to visit South Korea from February 9 to 11.

The United States has drawn in allegiance against Venezuela and denounced the coup

                    (Original title: The United States aligns the allies to incite the Venezuelan coup also accused China of supporting Maduro)

                                   Observer Network On February 2, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson once again incited the Venezuelan military to launch a coup in Mexico, pulling the incumbent President Maduro step down. Tillerson intends to draw Mexico as its “platform”, but on the spot by the Mexican foreign minister’s “rejection”, the scene is very embarrassing. On the very same day, the U.S. Treasury Department officials sang a “double reed” with Tillerson, accusing China of supporting Venezuelan President Maduro and indiscriminately detaining the normal economic activities between the two commissions.

US Treasury Department Officials Blame for Maduro Held in China

According to Reuters local time on the 3rd reported that the U.S. Treasury Department Deputy Minister for International Affairs David Malpas on Friday (2) claimed that China ” Secretly “support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the form of” oil for loans “.

美国拉拢盟友煽动委内瑞拉政变被拒 还指责中国

美国拉拢盟友煽动委内瑞拉政变被拒 还指责中国

Malpas In his speech, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies) in, “he said Chinese commodities trading and opaque financial activities (in the region) has conducted a damage The interests of the countries in the region. ” Malpais also said that “the Venezuelan rulers are responsible for most of the country’s economic collapse and humanitarian disasters, but China is the largest borrower of this regime.”

美国拉拢盟友煽动委内瑞拉政变被拒 还指责中国 Vice Minister of the U.S. Treasury Department David Malpasituo Since the East IC

It is reported that Malpais’s dissatisfaction even more than that. Previously, Malpas had accused China of many issues. Recently, he expressed “concern” over the decision of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), headquartered in Washington DC, to hold an annual meeting of the 2019 council in China and hold a celebration of the bank’s 60th anniversary. Activities should be held in the Americas.

It is reported that the Inter-American Development Bank is the largest lender in the region. Malpas said the 60th anniversary is a milestone for the bank and the related activity should be held in the hemisphere where major donors or borrowers are located. “7 However, the Inter-American Development Bank did not respond to Malpais’s remarks.

US Secretary of State Tillerson to Mexico May Incite Venezuela Incident to be Denounced on the Spot

In the internal affairs of Venezuela, top U.S. government officials “started work on both sides”. Vice Minister of Finance accused China of supporting Maduro President of Venezuela. While Secretary of State intends to pull in allies to incite other countries to coup. However, the latter has failed, and the scene a bit embarrassed.

According to CCTV news reports on February 4, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson and Canadian Foreign Minister Frelan visited Mexico recently and attended a press conference with his Mexican counterpart on the 2nd.

美国拉拢盟友煽动委内瑞拉政变被拒 还指责中国

According to reports, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson recently started his five-nation tour of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico. In a speech on the eve of his trip (January 1), he said that while the United States does not advocate the “regime change” in Venezuela, he hinted that some things “could be done by the Venezuelan military” and suggested that the Venezuelan military plan a plan for the current president Madu Luo “step down” peace transition.

美国拉拢盟友煽动委内瑞拉政变被拒 还指责中国 reported shots

In this regard, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 2nd, Tillerson’s remarks in Venezuela “to incite a military coup”, the US government once again revealed its attempt to invade Venezuela’s intentions. Venezuelan President Madeiro also said on the 2nd that Venezuela will never give in before the threat of the United States.

But at a related conference on the 2nd, Tillerson, who was on a trip to Mexico, made another remark like this. He said: “We want to see the handover of power peacefully. If President Maduro returns to Venezuela’s constitution to restore the legally elected parliament, dissolve the illegal constitutional assembly and return to free and fair elections, he will be able to happily stay in office and join the freedom If there is a fair election, if he wants to step down and let others do the same, then there is no problem. ”

However, Tillerson did not expect that the presence of Mexican Foreign Minister Bedekar said on the scene that they did not support instigating Venezuela’s internal coup. In his statement, he promised that “Mexico will not in any circumstances support the use of violence, including internal or external violence, to resolve the situation in Venezuela.” According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the end of July last year, Venezuela held the Constituent Assembly election, then the establishment of the Constituent Assembly. The government hopes to lift the parliamentary power of the opposition majority by reformulating the system. The election was boycotted by the opposition opposition parties, who considered it seriously unconstitutional.

The United States subsequently announced economic sanctions against a group of top Venezuelan government officials, including President Maduro, and banned U.S. financial institutions from participating in new debt and equity transactions between the Venezuelan government and the state-owned Venezuelan Petroleum Company, and forbidding U.S. agencies from participating in Venezuela’s public sector Now part of the bond trading and so on. In response, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying responded in a press conference in August last year that “China always stands for respect for the sovereignty and independence of other countries and for the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.” The current situation in Venezuela The problems should be solved autonomously by the government and the people, and historical experience shows that external interference or unilateral sanctions will make the situation more complicated and help to solve practical problems. “” Venezuela’s problems should be solved autonomously by the Venezuelan government and the people. ”

After the Winter Olympics, the U.S.-ROK military exercises ye arranged? Japan’s idea toward the North issued a warning

                    (Original title: US-ROK military exercises after the Winter Olympics ye arrangement? Japan issued a warning toward North Korea)


Japan Wants Continuing to Press North Korea toward Nuclear Program and Missile Launch Test; North Korea Says It Will Never Stand By His Hands

Tensions in the Korean peninsula show signs of easing off by the opportunity of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The governments of South Korea and the United States previously agreed not to hold joint military exercises during the Winter Olympics but whether the military exercises will be started immediately after the Winter Olympics and how the scale is the focus of attention of all parties. North Korea Foreign Minister Yong Yonghao said in a letter to the UN Secretary-General on January 31 that North Korea will not stand by and watch if North Korea and South Korea start a military exercise after the end of the Winter Olympics.

Japan Proposes Reduced Scale of Military Exercise

A Japanese government source said on the 3rd that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will propose that the joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea after the completion of the Winter Olympics should not reduce the scale and continue to hold discussions on nuclear programs and missiles Test-firing projects put pressure on North Korea.

This Japanese government source confirmed Abe will meet with U.S. Vice President Mike Burns before he arrives in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games and is expected to reach a consensus on the scale of the U.S.-ROK military exercises.

In the past, each spring, South Korea and the United States held large-scale military exercises codenamed “key decisions” and “vultures” in South Korea. North Korea believes that such military exercises are a threat and intimidation to the DPRK side and it has been pressing for South Korea and the United States to stop.

Last month, after continuous consultations, the two sides agreed that the North-South Joint Team will participate in the women’s ice hockey match and the North Korea and South Korea delegations will jointly attend the opening ceremony. To tie in with the warming of the Korean Peninsula, the United States and South Korea do not hold joint military exercises during the Winter Olympics. PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games are scheduled for February 9 to February 25 and March 9 to 18 held.

Cheong Wa Dae, an unwilling public identity officer, previously disclosed that the Korean presidential text proposed to “postpone” a military exercise instead of reducing the size of the exercise. DPRK warned on refusing to improve relations “pouring cold water”

According to the 1st Central News Agency, North Korea’s foreign minister Li Yonghao sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres the day before to condemn the U.S. destruction of North-South reconciliation and aggravate the tension on the peninsula The situation calls for the United Nations to take its concerns and act accordingly.

This letter said that no matter when the United States and South Korea put into joint military exercises, “peace and security on the Korean Peninsula will be seriously threatened and the mistrust and confrontation between the two Koreas will reach its peak and the hard-won north-south dialogue Create huge difficulties and obstacles. ” North Korea said it will, as always, make active efforts to improve North-South relations but will by no means be prepared to turn its attention to improving the relations between the two parties.

According to reports, the U.S. “Carl Vinson” aircraft carrier battle group set sail from the San Diego Naval Base early this month and is expected to reach the waters near the Korean peninsula before the opening of the PyeongChan Winter Olympics on the 9th. The DPRK also pointed out in this letter that the easing of tension on the Korean Peninsula did not stem from the so-called “maximum pressure” policy of the United States.

On the 2nd, Reuters reported that on the position of Li Yonghao, State Department Spokesman Mike Cave said: “U.S. and regional allies and partners conduct regular military exercises in a routine manner to maintain their (military) readiness. Such military exercises ensure that our well-trained joint military operations. “

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to Korea North Korean art troupe performances over 15 million lottery ticket grab

According to Xinhua News Agency, South Korea Pyeongchang Winter Olympics held on the occasion, North Korea will send art troupes to perform in South Korea. A Korean ticket agency said on the 3rd that up to 12:00 noon on the same day, more than 150,000 people have applied for a show and the tickets will be sent by lot. On the 15th of last month, the two sides held hands-on contacts with the unified cabinet on the DPRK side of Panmunjom. The two sides determined by consultation that the DPRK will dispatch an art troupe composed of more than 140 people from the Sanchi Yuan orchestra to visit South Korea and perform at both Jiangling and Seoul. Subsequently, Xuan Songyue, head of the Sanchiyuan Philharmonic Orchestra, headed by North Korea’s art performance delegation to South Korea via land and visited Jiangling and Seoul respectively. He inspected the Korean art troupes ahead of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Both parties agreed that the Korean Art Troupe will perform at the Jiangling Arts Center at 20:00 on the 8th and at the National Theater in Seoul on January 11 at 19:00.

The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of Unification and the Seoul Metropolitan Government said that tickets for these two shows will be offered free of charge by drawing lots. In addition, about 1100 people will be invited to watch.

Interpark, the agency responsible for the show ticketing, said that as of 12 noon on the 3rd, the number of people who applied for the performance at the Gangneung Arts Center was 39,000 and will draw 250. The number of people applying for a show in Seoul National Theater is 119,000 and 280 people will be taken.

The winning ticket will be announced on the Interpark website on the 6th and each of the winners will receive two tickets for the show. South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Bai Taixuan said on the 1st that the North Korean art troupe will go to South Korea in two batches. The first batch of advance teams, scheduled for 5 days by land southward. The second batch is “large force” and will arrive in South Korea on the 6th. After the performance, the troupe will return to North Korea on the 12th.

Abe and Manchukuo Hold Talks

According to Xinhua News Agency News Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea on the 9th and hold talks with South Korean President Wen Yi. Japanese media quoted Japanese government sources as saying on the 3rd that Abe planned to propose in the talks that the Korean government should assist the withdrawal of the Japanese in South Korea and Japan in the event of an emergency on the Korean Peninsula.

Market prices will rise sharply during the Spring Festival? Development and Reform Commission: Smooth operation

                    (Original title: “Effectively maintain the market price during the holiday order” – National Development and Reform Commission spokesman responded to the current economic hot spots)


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 11 “The NDRC will further monitor the market price regulation and control and ensure the market supply during the Spring Festival to maintain a good price order and maintain the overall price stability.” On the 11th, the National Development and Reform Commission Press conference held at the press conference, said Meng Wei.

Will the market price rise sharply during the Spring Festival? How is the coal supply of concern? How to push down cost-cutting work in 2018? Conference on the current economic operation of some hot issues to respond.

Effectively maintain the order of market prices during the holidays

As the Spring Festival approached, every household was busy setting up new year’s goods, visiting relatives and friends, going out for travel, and the issue of price was widely concerned.

In this regard, Meng Wei said that from the current grasp of the situation, the market price before the Spring Festival to run smoothly. National Bureau of Statistics data released on the 9th showed that January consumer price index (CPI) rose 1.5%, the prices of key goods and services are in a reasonable range.

Specifically, the prices of pork, fresh vegetables and cooking oil with high consumption during the holiday season were 10.6%, 5.8% and 1.2% lower than the same period of last year respectively; the service prices were generally stable, and the demand for holidays was released centrally; The prices of air tickets, travel agents and family services increased by 5.9%, 2.8% and 2.4% respectively from December last year, but the increase was still in a reasonable range.

Meng Wei said that in the next step, the market price order during the holiday season will be effectively maintained. The focus will be on strengthening market supervision, early warning and inspections and inspections, strengthening market supervision in areas affected by snow and ice disaster, conducting special supervision and inspection on holiday market supervision, and establishing a weekly market regulation System of four aspects of work. Meng Wei said that at present, the NDRC insists on daily monitoring and dynamic analysis of the price changes of 50 major consumer goods so as to ensure that the first signs of the signs of sexuality, tendencies and potential problems are obtained, and early warning and timely regulation and supervision are carried out.

In addition, the NDRC will, in conjunction with the relevant departments, guide the implementation of the linkage mechanism that closely links social assistance and security standards with rising prices. Once the market price changes reach the starting conditions of the mechanism, temporary subsidies of prices will be timely issued to effectively guarantee the basic livelihood of the needy people.

Multi-measures to Ensure Stable Coal Supply

For the recent concern about the supply of coal, Meng Wei said that since the beginning of this year, there have been two rounds of low-temperature rain and snow freezing weather in the central and eastern regions. Affected by this, the national electricity consumption and generation capacity maintained a relatively rapid growth in one stage. The demand for coal continued to rise, with an average daily consumption of 6.26 million tons.

“Rapid growth in consumption led to the continuous decline of coal inventories. By the end of January, the coal storage in the national regulated power plants dropped 11.4% over the previous year and was available for 15 days at a relatively low level in recent years. Coal supply trends in some provinces in central and eastern China Tight. “Meng Wei said that in response to the current surge in coal demand led to tight supply situation, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with the parties concerned, has taken a number of measures to guide the key coal-producing provinces and coal enterprises in advance arrangements for deployment During the Spring Festival and the “two sessions,” production and supply work was carried out. Policies and measures for the exchange of production capacity replacement indicators were further improved to speed up the release of high-quality production capacity in the northern region. Transport coordination was strengthened, and power plants with low coal deposits were managed and battered to ensure unimpeded transportation channels.

“At present, the coal supply has been effectively protected. Especially since February, coal supply from power plants has increased significantly. From February 1 to February 8, the average daily supply of coal was 6.32 million tons, an increase of 7% from the end of January. The daily average Coal consumption is 6.15 million tons, down 5% from the end of January and the available days are 15 days. Inventories are gradually increasing. “Meng Wei said that in the next phase, as coal supply continued to increase, especially the temperature gradually picked up and factories during the Spring Festival Holiday, electricity consumption will decline, coal supply is guaranteed.

Cost reduction will continue this year

Cost-effective work on cost reduction achieved in 2017 and how will it be implemented in 2018?

“This year, the National Development and Reform Commission will continue to push forward the cost-cutting work, pay more attention to the establishment of long-term goal and long-term mechanism construction, combine cost reduction with industry transformation and upgrading, and enhance the ability of sustainable development and focus on improving the quality of the real economy supply system , Continue to enhance China’s economic advantages. “Meng Wei said.

Meng Wei said that looking forward to 2018, reducing costs will focus on efforts to reduce institutional transaction costs, clean-up charges and reduce logistics costs in three areas.

Development and Reform Commission: China plans to build Xi’an into a cosmopolitan city with historical and cultural characteristics

                    (Original title: China plans to build Xi’an into a cosmopolitan city with historical and cultural characteristics)


China news agency, Beijing, February 11 The spokesman for China’s National Development and Reform Commission Meng Wei said on the 11th that the major highlight of the “Plan for the Development of the Guanzhong Plain Urban Agglomeration” recently released by the government is that Xi’an should be built into an international large and historic cultural center city.

<img alt="1月25日,孩子们在西安钟楼附近打雪仗。当日,陕西迎来大范围降雪,上午10时,中央气象台继续发布暴雪橙色预警,在过去24小时,陕西中部、河南南部、湖北北部、安徽中部、江苏西南部、浙江北部等地出现了大到暴雪,局地有大暴雪,上述大部地区积雪深度达到5厘米,部分地区积雪深度10-15厘米。 中新社记者 张远 摄" src="×0" title="1月25日,孩子们在西安钟楼附近打雪仗。当日,陕西迎来大范围降雪,上午10时,中央气象台继续发布暴雪橙色预警,在过去24小时,陕西中部、河南南部、湖北北部、安徽中部、江苏西南部、浙江北部等地出现了大到暴雪,局地有大暴雪,上述大部地区积雪深度达到5厘米,部分地区积雪深度10-15厘米。 中新社记者 张远 摄" style="border-width: 0px; border-style: initial; max-width: 580px; margin: 0px auto; display: block;" > Information Figure: Children snowball fight near the clock tower in Xi’an. China News Agency reporter Zhang Yuan photo

Meng Wei was at the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference that day. Meng_Wei said that the Guanzhong Plain is the starting point for the important cradle of the Huaxia civilization and for the ancient Silk Road. It has a unique strategic position in the overall situation of China’s modernization and the opening-up in all directions. Cultivating and developing the Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration is conducive to leading and supporting the development and opening up of the northwest region, is conducive to promoting the grand development of the western region and is conducive to the further development of the “Belt and Road”.

Meng Wei pointed out that there are four main bright spots in the aforesaid plan:

First, pay attention to enhancing the quality of urban agglomerations. Focusing on the construction of a national-level urban agglomeration with international influence and a new highland for inland reform and opening up, the “Plan” sets forth the development objective of substantially improving the quality of urban agglomerations by 2035, which will further give play to the development of the urban agglomerations of the Central Plain of Guanzhong to the development of Northwest China The core role of leadership and China’s strategic support role of opening up to the west.

Second is to build an innovative highland integrating military and civilian. From the perspective of development, the Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration has a complete industrial system, a high degree of industrial agglomeration, a high level of science and education resources, and military science and technology. The strategic emerging industries such as aerospace, new materials and new-generation information technologies are developing rapidly and are important in the country Equipment manufacturing base, high-tech industrial base, national defense science and technology industrial base.

Media: A pair of Chengdu-based mother and daughter died in the Hualien earthquake in Taiwan

                    (Original title: A pair of Chengdu-based mother and daughter were killed in the earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan)


On February 11, the cover news reporter learned from the Taiwan Affairs Office of Sichuan Province that a pair of Chengdu-based mother and daughter were unfortunately killed in the earthquake in Hualien County. 47-year-old Yang Lirong and 19-year-old daughter Li Yangqi live in Guangdong, taking advantage of the eve of the Spring Festival came to Taiwan free exercise did not expect to encounter an earthquake. It is learned that they are leaving China from Guangdong.

Relevant officials from the Taiwan Affairs Office said that on the morning of the 8th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Province of Taiwan contacted the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait and the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guangdong Province to report the situation. Sichuan Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office and Chengdu Office of the Taiwan Affairs Office to start emergency response plans related to Taiwan, contact relatives of the dead to express their condolences and condolences, and to assist the relatives of the deceased go through Taiwan formalities to coordinate the exit and entry of public security departments to open families of families of green channel .

It is reported that the sister of Yang Lirong and her brother-in-law 2 were scheduled to take the flight to Taiwan on the evening of February 9 and arrived at Taoyuan Airport at midnight on the same day, accompanied by the relevant department personnel for handling the immigration formalities. After entering the territory, the two travel agents assisted to travel to Hualien and the relevant departments also provided the necessary assistance.

Cross-Strait a pro, suffering hard to see the truth. After the disaster, all walks of life in Sichuan have always paid close attention to the progress of the rescue. The Sichuan Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office expressed its concern and support to Hualien County Governor Fu Kuntao, Hualien compatriots and Taiwan Tzu Charity Foundation in various channels, including telephone, SMS, WeChat, and letters of consolation Condolences, said “if necessary, are willing to provide relevant support and assistance.” On the 9th, the Sichuan Cross-Strait Exchange Promotion Association said it donated 300,000 yuan to its compatriots in the disaster areas.

Shifang Donation site. Cover News Figure

Deyang Shifang City, heavily aided by Taiwan’s Tzu Chi Foundation, after the “5.12” Wenchuan Earthquake, acted swiftly to send condolences to the foundation on behalf of the municipal party committee and government after the earthquake Letter, and through its condolences to the affected people in Hualien County. Deyang Shifang organized relevant parties to donate more than 130,000 yuan to compatriots in the disaster-stricken areas through Taiwan’s Tzu Chi Foundation, of which 100,000 yuan was donated by Shifang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government; 2,400 yuan was donated by Taiwan Affairs Office of Shifang City; Charity Foundation Shifang City Fang Ting Tzu Chi secondary schools, Lishui Tzu Chi Secondary School, Lishui Tzu Chi primary school teachers and parents donated 2.9 million yuan. In addition, teachers and students from these schools also wrote a series of calligraphic works that cheer on people in the disaster areas at the fundraising site and sent donations to the affected areas.

Spring Festival overtime pay how to count Beijing officials explain 300% overtime pay algorithm

                    (Original title: Spring Festival overtime pay how to count? Beijing official explain 300% overtime pay algorithm)


BEIJING BEIJING, February 11 Spring Festival holidays, overtime pay how to count? Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said today that February 16 to February 18 is a statutory holiday, overtime in these three days, employers should pay 300% of workers overtime pay; in February 15, 19 , On the 20th and the 21st on the four working days off overtime, the unit should first arrange for workers to make up for their absence, and indeed can not arrange for overtime, to pay 200% overtime pay. It should be noted that, whether it is 300% or 200% of overtime wages, employers are paid after the monthly wage of workers, need to pay an additional.

Statutory holidays and rest days overtime pay vary

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security said statutory holidays and rest days overtime pay accounting methods, hourly and full-time employment accounting methods are not the same; approved overtime pay Basis, can not be simply equivalent to the monthly income.

According to the unified national arrangements, the Spring Festival holiday in 2018 will last for seven days, ie from February 15 to February 21. Among them, the national statutory holidays have three days, that is, from February 16 to February 18, that is, the first lunar month, the first two days, the third day; another four days is the holiday, that February 15, 19, 20, On the 21st, this is from February 11, 17, 18, 24, the four weekend break day over.

According to the “Regulations on Wages and Payments in Beijing”, employers that employ standard working hours arrange for workers to work overtime on holidays and holidays, and overtime pay is not the same.

On statutory holidays, employers should pay overtime wages according to no less than 300% of the daily wage base or hourly wage base, and may not substitute overtime and overtime.

On the rest day, the employer should first arrange the same amount of rest days; if it is really impossible to make up for the rest, pay the overtime pay according to no less than 200% of the daily wage base or the hourly wage base. In other words, February 16 to February 18 is a statutory holiday, overtime in these three days, the employer should pay 300% of workers overtime pay; on February 15, 19, 20 and 21 On the four working days for overtime, the unit must first arrange for workers to take off-duty. If they can not make up for the day off, they will have to pay overtime pay of 200%. It should be noted that, whether it is 300% or 200% of overtime wages, employers are paid after the monthly wage of workers, need to pay an additional.

The wage base for overtime work must not be less than the minimum wage

According to the introduction, the “daily or hourly wage base” is not simply divided by the number of days or hours per month for ordinary workers’ monthly income when the accounts are fixed. It should follow the following principles: First, it should be determined according to the wage standard of the laborers as stipulated in the labor contract; if the labor contract is not agreed, the overtime wage base stipulated in the collective contract and the wage rate during the vacation period are determined; neither the labor contract nor the collective contract , In accordance with the wages of workers themselves should be determined for normal work.

It should be noted that the overtime wage base determined in accordance with the above principles shall not be lower than the minimum wage in Beijing, that is, not less than 11.49 yuan per hour and not less than 2,000 yuan per month.

When converting the monthly salary of laborers into daily wages, the employing unit shall make the conversion according to the 21.75 days of the monthly salary as stipulated in the Notice of the Ministry of Labor on the average monthly working hours and wage conversion of employees throughout the year. For example: Mike is full-time employment, the implementation of standard working hours system, the first day he worked overtime for 3 hours, the labor contract is clear, the monthly salary of Li is 5,000 yuan per month, the hourly wage base of 5,000 yuan ÷ 21.75 days ÷ 8 hours = 28.74 yuan. The overtime wage that the employer should pay is 28.74 yuan × 3 hours × 300% = 258.66 yuan.

Hourly wage Statutory holidays should not be less than 52.6 yuan / hour

At present, there is another ubiquitous flexible employment method in the municipality, that is, part-time work, which is usually called hourly work.

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