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Foreign media: 17 foreign businessmen involved in corruption and princes were arrested together

                    (Original title: Foreign media: 17 foreign businessmen involved in corruption and princes were arrested together)


4798924400000578-5215505-image-m-10_1514393024756.jpg Earlier in the local five-star hotel, the suspect photographed the prince and senior officials were imprisoned in the conference room and was forced to sleep on the ground. (Source: Daily Mail)

4798865B00000578-5215505-image-a-6_1514392091827.jpg The Ritz-Carlton, where princes and others involved are detained. (Source: Daily Mail) Since the king of Saudi Arabia announced the establishment of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Commission in early November and set off a wave of “anti-corruption storm,” more than 10 princes, Traders and senior officials were arrested for corruption. According to the “Daily Mail” reported, in addition to the Saudi princes, there are 17 businessmen arrested from the United States, Britain, France and other places. According to the sources, the 17 arrested businessmen included eight U.S. citizens, six British citizens and three French nationals. These people have a local work permit, which means they are long-term foreign residents, not visiting businesspeople.

At present, the Saudi authorities, as well as the United States, Britain and France, have not yet confirmed the news. It is learned that, under normal circumstances, detained foreign nationals have the right to contact their embassy for assistance. The U.S. State Department said they are unable to comment for privacy restrictions, but they will take it seriously for overseas U.S. citizens who apply for assistance. The UK side said it has not received any advice from the embassy yet. The French Foreign Ministry has yet to respond.

Japanese media: Japanese Foreign Minister pays a visit to China in January for the exchange of visits between the heads of state of the two countries

                    (Original title: Japanese media: Taro Kawano will visit China in January for paving the way for the heads of state of China and Japan)

                                   According to Japan’s NHK television station reported on December 8 that Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kano Taro is planning next month’s visit to China and preparations for the forthcoming Japan, China-ROK summit in Japan in the next spring, according to a report by World Wide Web. .

The report quoted the Japanese Foreign Ministry as saying that Taro Kano is expected to visit China as early as late January next year and this is also his first trip to China since assuming the Japanese Foreign Minister. The report also said that during his visit to China, Taro Kono will hold talks with top Chinese officials such as Wang Yi.

NHK said Kono’s visit to China in January Besides preparing for the upcoming leaders’ meeting with Japan and South Korea next year, in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the peace treaty between China and Japan next year, Kono will also make every effort to realize the exchange of visits between the heads of state of China and Japan Paving the bridge.

Rich private jet was blown off the runway into the office building head embedded in the wall

                    (Original title: Wind is too large! Private jet was blown off the runway crashed into the airport near the office building machine head fully embedded into the wall)


According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on December 28, a private jet of British billionaire Lord Ashcroft has been blown out of runway at Malta International Airport. The plane then crossed the airport fence, crashed into a large office building near the wall. Fortunately, nobody was on the plane.

富翁私人飞机被吹出跑道撞进办公楼 机头嵌进墙内

This private jet is a French Dassault Falcon 7X and is said to have been registered in Bermuda under the name Lord Ashcroft. After the incident, some netizens on Twitter to Lord Ashcroft to verify whether the plane is owned by him.

富翁私人飞机被吹出跑道撞进办公楼 机头嵌进墙内

Lord Ashcroft replied on Twitter, no. However, this tweet was subsequently deleted. Currently, the billionaire has not made a formal statement on the accident.

Lord Ashcroft, now 71, formerly a former Conservative British vice chairman, has an estimated personal asset of 1,032 million pounds and is one of the Conservatives’ best known donors.

富翁私人飞机被吹出跑道撞进办公楼 机头嵌进墙内

On the same day Pakistan opened fire on Indian troops, 145 Indian fishermen were released

                    (Original title: Pakistan again fired on the Indian army the same day released 145 Indian fishermen)



The photo shows a Pakistani attack using a mortar. (Source: Press Trust of India)

overseas online December 28 electric u0026 nbsp; Thursday (28th), Indian Defense Ministry sources said the Pakistani army on the Indian Army “unprovoked” in Kashmir Fire, Indo-Pakistani “heavy fire exchange.” On the same day, Pakistan also released 145 Indian fishermen, the media said the move is to release goodwill.

Pakistan Reopens to Indian Army

According to the “Hindustan Times”, Indian and Pakistani troops reported that “heavy firefighting” took place on the actual control line in the Ponchi area of ​​Kashmir on the local time on Thursday (Thursday 28th).

Indian Defense Ministry sources said the Pakistani military has engaged in “unprovoked” and “indiscriminate” firing and shelling on the Degwar area, “using small arms, automatic rifles and mortars for the Dewar region Military and civilian installations launched an attack that staunchly and effectively responded to the positions of the Indian military starting at 6.30 a.m. “

It was reported that the situation in India and Pakistan recently had intensified near the line of control in Kashmir. On December 23, Pakistani troops opened fire in the Keri area, killing four Indian soldiers, including one major. In response, the Indian Army launched a counterattack on Monday (local time) on Monday (25 March), forming a squad of five Indian soldiers crossing the actual control line into the area under control of Pakistan from 300 to 500 meters and killing three Pakistani soldiers in the Rawalakot area .

TIM截图20171228203601.png Data Sheet. (Source: Times of India)

145 Indian fishermen were released on the same day

According to the “Times of India”, the Indian-Pakistani newspaper recently reported that the Indian spider Kulbhushan Jadhav Tense relationship. In this atmosphere, on the 28th of this week, Pakistan released 145 Indian fishermen for “goodwill gesture” after Pakistan accused the fishermen of fishing in the Palestinian waters.

The most house president! Foreign media: Trump social poor to go out to their own building only

                    (Original title: the most house president! Foreign media: Trump poor social go out only to their own building)



Overseas Network December 28 u0026 nbsp; Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States in November 2016 and was officially sworn in January 2017 in the capital of the United States in Washington. After he became president, Trump moved to the White House from the $ 3 billion “Trump Tower” mansion in Manhattan in New York, which has been going on for nearly a year. Foreign media reports said that Trump’s usual social life after his move to the White House was very poor. He neither went to a restaurant for friends nor took part in any sports events or even visited the well-known tourist attractions near the White House. The only place he frequented Is their own name of the property.

“Easton News Cloud” reported that Trump’s home-estate holiday took more than 100 days to holiday on his home after he joined the White House on January 20, including a wintering winter storm on the Lakeland Manor in Florida, Summer runs to a golf course holiday in Beaminster, New Jersey or Virginia, and all he does is belong to his own estate. As we all know, Trump before entering the political arena is well-known “real estate tycoon”, has its own real estate kingdom, in addition to real estate, Trump’s investment also involves a wide range of industries, including casinos, golf courses.


“Eastern News Cloud” quoted the Associated Press as saying that Democrat MP Phil Mendelson believes that Trump is the least public representative in recent U.S. presidents. In addition to not haunting restaurants near the White House, “Trump rarely interacts with local charitable organizations in Washington, nor has he stepped into any of the restaurants or promoted reading activities at school, compared with the past few presidents.”

First Lady Melanie and Trump are totally different. She has appeared more often in public. She used to visit girls’ school with Queen Rania of Jordan to attend military-sponsored Christmas toy fundraising activities and to Washington Children’s Hospital Visits patients and medical staff.

Competition in Russia fierce competition! The Electoral Commission received 51 notices of nomination in 10 days

                    (Original title: intense competition in the Russian election! Electoral Commission received 51 nominations in 10 days)


1514373310542795.jpg Russian President Vladimir Putin (Source: NBC website)

overseas online December 28 electric Russian presidential elections will be conducted in March 2018, while the election campaign was initiated in December 2017. According to the Russian satellite news agency, Pam Filova, chairman of Russia’s Central Election Commission, said on the 28th that since the start of the election campaign, the commission has received 51 notifications on the nomination of Russian presidential candidates.

Pamillufova reportedly said at the conference on December 28 that “the Russian Central Election Commission received notice of the holding of the nomination of Russian federal presidential candidates within 10 days from 51 nominees, namely 21 Political parties and 30 independent candidates. “

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, Russian President Putin has submitted documents to the Central Placement Commission on March 27 for the March 2018 presidential election on the 27th. Putin announced on the 14th that he would stand for the 2018 presidential election as an independent candidate and said that he had a campaign agenda.

More than 120 casualties caused by the terror attacks in the Afghan capital are many media workers

                    (Original title: Afghan capital suicide bombing killed up to 120 people)


阿富汗首都遭恐袭已致120余人死伤 不少为媒体工作者
On December 28, the Afghan capital Kabul attacked the scene. Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, December 28 The Afghan Ministry of Public Health has confirmed on the 28th that the suicide bombing attack on the Kabul capital of the capital has resulted in 41 people being killed and 84 injured outside the attack. The extremist group “Islamic State” claimed to have made the attack.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health Wahid Mageluj confirmed to reporters on the same day that the dead included four women and two children, and most of the wounded suffered severe burns. As of press time, there are still five seriously injured still not out of danger. Witnesses told reporters that at about 10:30 a.m. local time, in the Dashtir-Balki region in the sixth police district in western Kabul, militants attacked a building where a private cultural media agency is located, under the jurisdiction of a cultural association And a news agency.

Slaughter male derailed young female colleague five days before the wedding fiancé murder

                    (Former Title: Thai Slaughter Derailed Young Female Colleague, 25-year-old Fiancée Murdered 5 Days Before the Wedding)


渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
Ronnie Guess and Nong Ngaa’s engagement photos are sweet and warm.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
The wedding photo of Jung Gyeong and Nong Tiaya is sweet and warm.

Ronnachai Panchart, a 26-year-old man from Chumphon province in Thailand, murdered his 25-year-old fiancé Nontiya Krowjatturat five days before his wedding, the Bangkok Post reported. Bride Farmer Tiya was found dead in her home in the early hours of December 19, while her dowry money, gold, and aligning money with the new couple’s shared bank account were gone.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
deceased farmers TIA

this murder is not complicated, police investigators spent about five hours to confirm the sought-after by the contents of the video surveillance and dead farm Mattithiah Facebook, locked the suspect and To capture it, this is Nong Thiya’s fiancé Rong guess.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
wing guess that the TIA and agricultural engagement photos

after hours of police interrogation, admitted Wing guess that is the agricultural TIA shot shotgun, he said that although farmers intend to work with TIA Married, but he no longer loves her, because he found a new lover, confirmed by the police, Ronnie guessed the new lover named Naruwen (Narumon Chuaisombat), 23 years old this year.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
Ron Guess was taken to the scene by the police.

According to Ron Guess’s confession, on the night of December 18 he called Narath and drove himself to Nonthaya’s hospital, then told Nara to turn off the lights and walk to the farm Elegant residence. Rong Nai guess hands on the surveillance camera with an iron bar knock Nong Tiaya’s window into the room, he began looking for money and gold wedding preparation, but in the process he Nong Tia Ya Awakened.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
Ronnie guess was taken to the scene by the police to reproduce the case. Ronnie Guess said he got away when Nongati yawned, but Nongatih chased him all the way, so he turned to grab her chest and grabbed Naivasha to pick him up and he shot Into the canal.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
Farmer Ya photo on Facebook with her on that guess.

It is reported that Bride Nongadia is a community dental health officer who is an employee of the Chumphon Provincial Power Authority in Thailand and both met at high school and since then the two have been one For lovers. After many years of fellowship, the two intend to hold a wedding on Sunday (December 24), but the wedding plan changes because of a woman.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
Nong Ya Ya photos on her and Rong Nai guess on Facebook. Nongyatya once went to Ronnie Guess to find her fiance and found that there was another woman in her family. Nong Ya did not know the existence of this woman before, and this woman was Ronnie’s new lover, Na Luowen. Because of this incident, Nongya Ya and Rona repeatedly dispute. Nong Tia Ya’s father said that a month before her daughter was killed, her daughter told her she had an affair and found another woman, and Nong Tiaya had seen Na Luewen several times.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
Natalie arrested

It is reported that Nathan is a colleague who glorifies that office and is 23 years younger than Nong Tia. Rong Na guess to the police claim that he violated his wishes and agricultural Ti Ya married feel great pressure, because he is going to borrow nearly 1 million baht for the wedding money, because the debt before he decided to end with Nong Tiya relationship. According to the police, Ronnie always tends to use violence to solve the problem when he gets irritated.

渣男婚前出轨年轻女同事 婚礼前5天将未婚妻谋杀
Nathaniel arrested

US Treasury Department: Sanctions Two North Korean officials are leaders in weapons development

                    (Original title: U.S. Treasury Department announces sanctions against two North Korean officials)


WASHINGTON, December 26 (Xinhua) The U.S. Treasury Department announced on the 26th the imposition of sanctions on two North Korean officials.

The U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement the same day that the sanctions were aimed at the “key leaders” of the North Korean arms development project. Assets subject to sanctions in the United States will be frozen and U.S. citizens will not be allowed to trade with them. Since the beginning of this year, North Korea has conducted continuous nuclear tests and missile tests, while the United States and South Korea have expanded the scale of their military exercises and the situation on the Korean Peninsula has been constantly on the tense situation.

In recent years, the United States has repeatedly sanctioned individuals and businesses inside and outside North Korea on the grounds of participating in or supporting North Korea’s nuclear development projects. The Trump administration persists in pursuing the so-called “maximum pressure” policy to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear program but has so far failed to bear fruit.

South Korea Sports Center fire killed 29 people were arrested two people responsible

                    (Original title: South Korea Sports Center fire caused 29 people were killed two people were arrested)


On the 26th, South Korean police said two property owners and building managers were arrested for the construction fire in the town of Jecheon. Police said the owner was accused of violating fire safety regulations and manslaughter, and the building manager was charged with manslaughter. In order to extend the period of detention, the police are still applying for an additional arrest warrant.

On the afternoon of the 21st of this month, a fire broke out in an 8th floor sports center in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, leaving 29 people dead and many injured. Most likely the cause of the accident was repairing the circuit board before the fire that day. This fire is the most serious fire in South Korea in 9 years. After the fire, the Pyeongchang Olympic torch relay program scheduled to be held locally was also canceled.

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