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Japan and Australia plan to reach a framework agreement on a new security agreement to expand defense cooperation

                    (Original title: Japan and Australia plan to reach new framework agreement on security agreement to expand defense cooperation)

                                   Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (data plan) According to Japanese government sources said on the 25th, Japan and Australia are on the Australian Prime Minister Turnbull’s visit to Japan in January 2018. coordination. To step up cooperation between the two countries in security, Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, strives to reach a framework agreement on the “status-of-visit agreement” required for participation in exercises conducted in each other’s countries.

Mrs. Queen Christmas will deliver a speech thanks to her husband for supporting the emphasis on family importance

                    (Original title: Queen of England will deliver a speech thanks to her husband for supporting family emphasizing importance)


英女王圣诞将致辞感谢丈夫支持 强调家庭重要性

Former Qatari chairman hopes to return to work as soon as possible to foreign media to claim or trigger political conflicts

                    (Former title: Former President of Gatai returned home as soon as possible. Foreign media claiming or triggering political clashes _ “Reference News” official website)


According to foreign media said that the current Spanish refugee in Spain, Catalonian Autonomous Region, said on the 23rd Carles Puig de Monte said on the 23rd, hoping to return to Catalonia as soon as possible Re-elected as chairman and stated that if he was not allowed to take the oath of office, then this is a “significant retrogression of the Spanish democratic system.”

Pujedmont, in an interview with reporters after the parliamentary election held on the 21st in Catalonia’s autonomous region, said on December 23 that “I am now the chairman of the autonomous region. If the Spanish government Respect the outcome of the election, then I will remain the chairman of the autonomous region in the future. “

It is reported that during the 21st parliamentary election, the Catalan Civil Party won a clear victory and obtained 37 seats, but the independence of political parties in the parliament The total number of seats obtained remains the absolute majority. Based on the outcome of the election, there is still the possibility that Puget Sound will resume its chairmanship. Therefore, Puig de Monte said he hopes to return to Catalonia as soon as possible. He said: “I would like to go back now, if possible.” He also said his return is good news for Spain.

According to the AFP report on December 23, on the 23rd, the Catalan independence party won the regional election immediately after the cabinet was dismissed by the former chairman Pujedmont continued to stay in Belgium and risked arrested The risks are weighed against the return to Spain.

One of his counsel, Howe Alonso-Queuelyas, in reply to the question “Does Puy-de-Monte plan to return?” Said: “Generally, yes, but I suggest that he weigh the situation Because he may be caught as soon as he comes back in. We have to measure whether it is worth it and whether it can play a bigger role in (the prison) than it is outside, since obviously returning to jail impounds a very important political conflict “

He said it would take a few days to make this political decision.

加泰前主席望尽快回国就职 外媒称或引发政治冲突_《参考消息》官方网站 Pastor of the Catalan Autonomous Region Puig de Montserve interviewed in Brussels on the 23rd (Reuters)

Japan will hold its first place as a popular candidate for the G20 Osaka City

                    (Former title: Japan will host G20 Osaka City for the first time as a popular candidate)


【Global Network reported】 Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that Japanese government sources said on December 23 about the 2019 G20 summit in Japan for the first time in Japan and Osaka will be regarded as a hot candidate. Taking into account that in addition to the abdicated Emperor in 2019, a unified local election will be held and the schedule is expected to be coordinated from June to November. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will carefully study the opinions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Police Agency and make the final decision as soon as January next year.

Crying moment! Alpine Gondola Aerial stop helicopter rescue tourists

                    (Original title: Visitors encounter a moment! Alps cable car helicopter rescue airborne)


Take a look Knews News, a ski resort in the French Alps, yesterday (24) a cable car failure, resulting in about 200 people were trapped in the cable car, rescue workers finally opened the cable car roof, one by one tourists rescued.

The resort is located in Champs-Elysees, France’s eastern resort of Champs-Elysees with a wave of passenger flows on New Year’s Eve.


However, at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, due to sudden system failure, the cable car at 25 meters was totally stopped and the skiers who took the cable car were all trapped. Since each car can take about 10 people, it is rough estimate that the number of people trapped in about 200 people. 789-89456_10_65473_9


After receiving the report, the search and rescue department dispatched two helicopters to fly above the cable car. Rescue workers then lowered the rope to open the cable car compartment skylight and rescued the trapped people. As of 5:30 PM on the same day, all trapped tourists were rescued and no injuries were reported during the rescue.


Special Envoy of the Swedish Government Visited North Korea for Talks with Vice Foreign Minister for U.S. Affairs

                    (Original title: Special Envoy of the Swedish Government Visits North Korea and Talks with Vice Foreign Minister for U.S. Affairs)


Swedish Special Envoy recently visited North Korea. According to the DPRK Central News Agency report on the 21st, the Swedish government envoy and MP Kentucky-Haystit visited North Korea from January 19 to 21.

During his visit to the DPRK, the special envoy visited the Central Committee of the Workers Party for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (KPW), Li Soo-hyun, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly, and Li Ronghao, the foreign minister, and held talks with Han Xinglie, deputy foreign minister. Previously reported by World Wide Web, Han Xing Lie is North Korea’s foreign affairs deputy in charge of U.S. affairs.

North Korea Six-Party Talks South Korea-Japan Heads Meeting to Discuss the DPRK’s Return to Dialogue Program

                    (Original title: Heads of ROK and Japan at the six-nation talks on North Korea held a meeting to discuss the plan to promote the DPRK’s return to the dialogue.)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency reported on the 22nd, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said on the 21st, the North Korea six-nation talks on the 21st and 22nd heads of state held a meeting in Tokyo on North Korea to guide the return of dialogue program.

Chinese maritime police cruise in December for the first time around the Diaoyu Islands Japan unreasonable warning

                    (Original title: China Maritime Police Ship in December for the first time around the Diaoyu Islands cruise unreasonable warning)


K10011268321_1712221648_1712221648_01_02.jpg Chinese maritime police ship (Source: Japan’s NHK news)

overseas online December 22 electric u0026 nbsp; 22 am, four Chinese maritime police boat cruise law enforcement outside the contiguous zone in the Diaoyu Islands waters. Japan’s Coast Guard headquarters unreasonable warning China Sea Police ships do not near its so-called “territorial waters” and continue to monitor. The last time a Chinese maritime police boat cruised on the outer contiguous area of ​​the Diaoyu Island sea area was on November 28, the last time the cruise was carried out on the Diaoyu Islands last month was November 29.

According to the NHK news report in Japan, the 11th Marine Security Headquarters in Japan said that at about 9:30 am local time on the 22nd, four Chinese maritime police ships successively entered the waters of Huangwei Island on the Diaoyu Island. As of 3:00 p.m. local time, four Chinese maritime police boats sailed about 29 kilometers south of South Island. Japan Maritime Security Headquarters sent unreasonable warning to China Maritime Police and continued to monitor it.

Not only that, the Japan Coast Guard also recorded in detail the data that Chinese maritime police boats have entered their so-called “territorial waters.”


Angry! Ma Ying-jeou shelling Tsai Ying-yun abuse of power: I hope you sincerely

                    (Original title: anger! Ma Ying-jeou shelling Tsai English abuse of power: I hope hello since)


1514224468172051.jpg On the 25th, Ma Ying-jeou shelled Tsai Ing-wen’s abuse of power because of its illegality. (Source: Hong Kong Central News Agency)

Overseas Network December 25 ?? Since taking office, Tsai Ing-wen, through the “Improper Discipline Ordinance” and other liquidation of the Kuomintang party property, has recently passed the “promotion of justice reform regulations” , “Kuomintang killings entered a new phase.” Former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou attended the event today (25 March) with all-out shooting and criticized Tsai Ing-wen for breaking the law and abusing its power over these two ordinances. Ma Ying-jeou also said he believes people’s eyes are sharp and that the historical referee is grim, hoping that the government leader will do well.

Ma Ying-jeou Shells and Blades Tsai Ing-wen Administration: Abusive and Abusive

According to reports by Hong Kong’s Central News Agency, when Ma Ying-jeou attended the Love Taiwan Forum on the afternoon of the 25th, both ordinances were directed against only a single body, ) Almost violated all rule of law principles such as “Prohibition against Cases”. In addition, Ma Ying-jeou also said that these two Ordinances also violate the constitutional requirements in Taiwan. Some people have now appealed for “constitutional release,” and he called and did not expect to step down for a year and a half. Expectations can be exercised prudently not to violate the law.

Ma Ying-jeou said that the pursuit of justice supports all people. However, if the means to pursue justice is not just, it is not everyone’s support but everyone’s opposition. This is the current assessment by Taiwan society of these two Ordinances. Ma Ying-jeou questioned, do not restore the truth of history, how can there be justice? He believes that the public’s eyes are sharp. The historical referee is grim and he hopes the government leader will do well for himself.

Tsai Ing-wen Reusing “Kuomintang Killer” to Liquidate Kuomintang Party Productions

The reason why Ma Ying-jeou shelled the Regulations on Handling Improper Party Production and Promoting the Justice of Transition was because these two regulations were very detrimental to the Kuomintang. On December 5, the DPP relied on the advantage of the number of people and vigorously promoted the adoption of the “Regulations for the Promotion of Transformation Justice” on the third reading of the Taiwan legislature. Prior to this, as the DPP quickly passed the “Code of Provisions on Promoting Transition Justice,” there was a great difficulty. The DPP once carried out part of the party’s property production, which is part of the contents of the regulation, and carried out the “Regulations on Handling Improper Party Production” Liquidation. Zhu Songling, director of the Institute of Cross-Strait Relations at the Taiwan Research Institute at Beijing United University, said: “Only one item of the party rules has already had a very negative impact on the Kuomintang.”

At Tsai Ing-wen’s personal order, the “Regulations on Handling Improper Party Production” was passed on July 25 last year and came into force on the 12th of the following month. Only 20 days later, the “Commission for Improper Party Production Management” was listed on August 31 Operation. Some media reports said that due to the “production party” hurried on the road, it was too late to be seconded civil servants to become compilers. To this end, only a large number of hiring staff can be employed on behalf of the party. It is obvious that Tsai authorities can not wait to liquidate the Kuomintang mentality. During the process of liquidation of the KMT’s party property by the “Party-building Association,” one person can not but mention that there is Gu Lixiong, a former chairman of the “Party Production Party” who is known as the “Kuomintang killer.” After Ts’ai Ying-wen was appointed as the “chairman of the party’s property production committee,” Gu Lixiong once said that “the party property association came to settle accounts,” and that the Kuomintang should be “destroyed.” Gu Lixiong cleared the Kuomintang Party members to spare no efforts in combating the Blue Battalion, and even violated the constitutional requirements of the Taiwan area. It also disregarded the outside world as a “killer of the Kuomintang.”

Under the DPP’s chase, the Kuomintang party workers faced a “cut-off” crisis. The monthly payout of the Kuomintang party workers became a major problem for the Kuomintang. Hong Xiuzhu, former chairman of the Kuomintang, wanted to sell his house for pay, and current incumbent Wu Tun-yi, the chairman of the Kuomintang, was exposed to paying monthly levies to pay workers.

“Promotion Ordinance” Has Been Killed by the Tsai Administration Kuomintang Has Been Entering into a New Phase

The DPP and Tsai Ing-wen are well known for their efforts to promote the transitional justice, and finally on December 5 Promote the Third Reading of the Bill. The Kuomintang side has assessed that the impact and impact of this incident may well be far beyond what Taiwan’s “party-building guild” traced the party-property of the Kuomintang. Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s leader, was overwhelmed by this. In her late-night speech on Facebook, she said: “Just now, the Third Reading of the Justice for Transition Ordinance was passed. Taiwan is waiting for the moment.” Zhu Songling said: “This represents a new stage in the Kuomintang’s pursuit of killings by the DPP, and the Kuomintang can not do anything about it at this moment.”

The promotion of the Justice of Justice Ordinance has enabled Tsai Ing-shing Self-defeating, can be seen from the shock contained in the Ordinance. It is reported that the content of the regulations planned five major issues: the opening of political archives; the removal of the symbol of authoritarianism and the preservation of unjust sites; the restoration of judicial unlawfulness, the restoration of historical truth and promotion of social reconciliation; the handling of improper party production and other “transformation justice” issues. Among them, the Kuomintang strongest impact is “open political files.” Some Kuomintang officials said once the information is completely forfeited, the Kuomintang minutes of the meeting of the ordinary mid-chapter meeting will be spread under the sun and the DPP may find clues to seek a case. In the past, the case may be reversed and re-examined, and the scope of influence may be far beyond the scope of the ” Tracing.

DPP legislator Liu Shifang once said that the main objective of the Provisional Measures for the Improvement of Transition Justice on “the symbol of authoritarianism” is actually “the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Taoyuan two mausoleums.” Her remarks were quickly confirmed. The “independence faction” started hands over Chiang Ching-kuo and successfully frozen the budget of 400,000 yuan (NT, the same below, about 88,000 yuan).

On 21 March, Taiwan’s legislature Foreign Relations and the Defense Committee examined the 2018 annual budget of Taiwan’s defense departments. Lin Changzuo, the “legislator of the times,” proposed that the “Provisional Regulations for the Promotion of Transformation” be read through by the third reading and should be thoroughly investigated. However, the Taiwan military still dispatched the army corps to guard the two mausoleums of Chiang Kai-shek and feared that “transformational justice” would be violated. As soon as possible, the Taiwan military should be withdrawn and handed over to the local government for processing. It also proposed to freeze a budget of 4 million yuan 879,000 yuan). After discussion by the government and the public, the final freeze of 400,000 yuan was pending before Taiwan’s defense department submitted a written report on this issue.

Many ministries out of the 2018 livelihood checklist: 5 major policies affect your money bag

                    (The original title: a number of ministries drying out 2018 livelihood of the list: five major policies affect our pocketbook)

                                   Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Communications and other ministries held intensive annual work meeting, implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, the deployment of key tasks in 2018, Huimin list frequently released in the field of livelihood. By 2018 your money bag will be affected by these policies.

图为成都城区一角太阳正从东方升起。中新社记者 刘忠俊 摄 Information Figure: The picture shows the corner of Chengdu City, the sun is rising from the east. China News Service reporter Liu Zhongjun photo

The property market will be so controlled! On the 23rd of December, Minister of Housing and Urban Development Wang Menghui said at the National Housing Urban and Rural Construction Work Conference that next year, it will implement differentiated control policies for various needs to meet the first set of requirements and support Improve demand, curb speculative real estate.

Yan Yuejin, research director of E-Home Research Center think tank, is expected to meet the first set of policies that require guidance in the meantime to support the improvement of demand or to relax slightly, without prejudice to the recognition of first and second suites, ordinary housing and non-ordinary housing The division and other aspects of policy fine-tuning possible.

According to Xie Yifeng, dean of the China Urban Real Estate Research Institute, some second and third tier cities have policies or fine-tuning. “For example, cancel the first set of social security and tax deadline non-permanent residence permits to allow non-local population to buy a second set of improved housing; down first suite and second suite down payment ratio; lower housing credit interest rates; increase the just need to improve sexual Tax Rebates for Housing Needs. “

多部委晒出2018民生清单:五大政策影响我们钱袋子 As of December 1, 2017, a total of 187 tariffs on consumer goods, including special formula baby formula, have been lowered. Luo Yunfei photo

“Chopper” Welfare! Part of the import tariffs on imported products will be reduced

On December 25, the national business conference was held. Chen Guokai, director of the Department of Market Operations of the Ministry of Commerce, said officials will develop duty-free business, study further improve tax-free policies and provide more convenient shopping options for entry-exit personnel. At the same time, large-scale e-commerce platforms are encouraged to cooperate with internationally renowned brands to introduce high-quality foreign goods and services to meet the needs of mid-to-high end consumers.

Beginning on December 1, 2017, China reduced the import tariffs on 187 consumer products such as specially formulated infant formula, seal oil and anticancer drugs, with the average tax rate dropping from 17.3% to 7.7%. Future product tariffs will be lowered. Reporters noted that the recently held Central Economic Work Conference put forward to actively expand imports next year and cut import tariffs on some products.

In the outside world, as these measures take place, consumers will be able to enjoy cheap and convenient goods and services from abroad more conveniently and cheaper domestically.

多部委晒出2018民生清单:五大政策影响我们钱袋子 The picture shows the Sujiahang Suzhou City toll station vehicles queuing in the station. Wang Sizhe photo

Going high speed discount! High-speed road sub-time differential fee to expand the pilot to expand

Ministry of Communications held on the 25th National Transportation Work Conference proposed in 2018 to further reduce costs and accelerate the construction of large logistics corridor and integrated cargo hub (logistics park). Steadily expand the freeway sub-period differential fee pilot. Consolidate all kinds of fines in the field of transportation, check and charge fees clean up the standard results.

The Central Economic Work Conference held earlier also proposed that we should continue to clean up the fees and charges related to enterprises, intensify the investigation and rectification of arbitrary charges, deepen the reform of power, oil and gas, railways and other industries and reduce the cost of energy use and logistics.

In 2017, the Ministry of Communications organized pilot projects in Shanxi, Zhejiang and Hunan to carry out toll-by-expressway toll collection for expressways. With the abolition of secondary government road tolls, the government reduced the logistics cost by more than 88 billion yuan this year under a number of measures such as implementing green roads and differentiated tolls. According to experts, the policy of differentiated charging effectively balances the distribution of road networks, improves the efficiency and efficiency of expressway network, and the effect of cost reduction and efficiency increase will be more obvious.

多部委晒出2018民生清单:五大政策影响我们钱袋子 The picture shows the local people to experience the 4G network in a mobile operating room in Taiyuan, Shanxi. China News Agency made Wei Liang photo

speed drop “not stop”! The average tariff for mobile traffic will drop again

On the 25th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a conference on industrialization and informatization that pointed out that efforts will be made to speed up and lower the cost of the network next year. Speed ​​up the popularization of 100 Mbps broadband, promote the construction of gigabit cities, realize the full coverage of high-speed fiber broadband networks in both urban and rural areas, further improve the coverage and rate of 4G networks, further reduce the average tariffs for mobile traffic, and further reduce the costs of broadband and private lines for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Reporter noted that the national industrial and information technology work conference for many years has been “speeding down the fee” as the work content deployment. In 2017, the total domestic mobile toll and roaming charges were completely canceled. The tariffs for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) dropped drastically. The international long-distance telephone bill dropped by more than 90%. The average tariff for mobile internet traffic dropped to 26 yuan / GB. More than 80% User access bandwidth of more than 50M.

For some hot spots of public demand in 2017, the meetings were all conducted – the development of a number portability promotion plan was carried out; and the promotion of spam messages, harassing calls and fake number management continued. We will make further efforts to prevent and combat fraud in information communications, make better use of the interception system, and actively study new issues such as coping with online fraud.

多部委晒出2018民生清单:五大政策影响我们钱袋子 Information Figure: Villagers in the new villagers in Hunan show a happy smile. Tang Xiaoqing photo

Three rural Yingli good! NDRC: Scientifically formulate national strategic plan for rural development

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