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NPC members: pre-school education on the second child policy should increase input

                    (Original title: Members of the NPC Standing Committee: pre-primary education on the second child policy landing, should increase investment)


On December 25, the 31st meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee examined the State Council’s report on the allocation and use of funds for state financial education. Many members of the NPC Standing Committee paid attention to the issue of preschool education. Some of them Some members think that pre-primary education should be included in compulsory education and the government should pay more. Some members also pointed out that it is not yet possible for the entire pre-school education to “pay for the whole government” , Encourage multiple forms of pre-school education.

Members Suggest Compulsory Education Continues to Preschool Education

Wang Longde members think that the financial funds should be inclined to preschool education and quality education. He said that there is a saying in China that “the three-year-old looks small and the seven-year-old sees the old.” The personality and behavior of the children before going to school have basically taken shape. When the children are young, how parents and teachers treat him? The same way to treat others, so pre-school education is an important position.

In his opinion, preschool education should not be put on the market. The government should occupy this educational front and suggest that more financial resources be invested in this field.

Cai Tuan members also believe that preschool education is very important. He said that scientific studies show that the more early education, such as pre-school education, the higher the rate of social return, the current education gap between urban and rural areas, between regions and between populations is more mainly reflected in preschool education, It is also the key to deciding whether to give all kinds of people a chance to socialize.

“In the final analysis, education is a public good and the government wants to pay more, and the higher the social rate of return, the government should pay for it.” Choi suggested turning preschool education into a component of compulsory education .

Members also believe that under the premise of implementing nine-year compulsory education, downward expansion of pre-primary education will be more significant than upward expansion of the upper secondary school.

“Studies in physiology, psychology and pedagogy have shown that a person’s age range of 3-6 years of age, which is covered by pre-school education, is the most important period for the individual’s mental development, physical development and personality shaping Should give more scientific training and guidance. “Xie Xiaowun urged that we should increase financial education funding for pre-primary education, as soon as possible to promote a substantial increase in the level of pre-school education, in particular, to make all-inclusive kindergarten more, better.

Members of the CPC Central Committee Committee of the State Council Chi Wanchun expressed the view that preschool education should be placed on the issue of equity in education. He hoped that preschool education should achieve compulsory education as soon as possible.

Members Suggest Various Modes Pre-school Education

“We can not pack pre-school education.” In the deliberation of the sub-group, Mathew said so. She said that now is the effort to make the best use of social capital, the government proper investment, that is, “private help”, mainly to solve the problem, there is no problem, so that pre-school children are able to receive education. The government sets standards to give eligible subsidies. Fundamental or focus on training qualified preschool teachers.

Myeong-dong recommends that nurseries be set up between the ages of 0 and 3, which is related to the issue of whether or not the second-child policy of the country can land on the ground. To take a variety of ways to develop nursery education, for 0 to 3 years old, the unit can do have to do, this is not a revenue-generating problem, make up for the shortcomings of education is important pre-school education.

Vice Chairman Yan Junqi also believes that the current preschool education should focus on solving the “there is no” problem, urgently need to play a variety of positivities, allowing multiple forms of existence. The enthusiasm of families, private offices and enterprises needs to be stimulated. The enterprise should be encouraged and supported by the enterprise for its own employees.

“Singapore has done a very good job in this respect and has formulated various supportive policies to set up a strong functional department to better address the problem of caretakers in pre-primary care.” Yan Junqi argues that pre-school education is not only a problem for children but also a labor The use of resources, etc., there must be a clear guiding ideology.

Lanzhou responded to the aluminum hazardous waste pollution: the incident has not been filed Qilian Mountain

                    (Original title: Lanzhou response Chinalco hazardous waste pollution: has been placed on file, the incident does not belong to Qilian range)


微信图片_20171226104332.jpg Press conference site.

On December 26, Lanzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on the investigation and disposal of environmental pollution related issues of Lanzhou Branch of Chinalco.

Lanzhou Vice Mayor Zuo Long said that on December 18, relevant media reported the issue of environmental pollution in Lanzhou Branch of Lanzhou, Lanzhou municipal government in accordance with the requirements of the State Council and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the provincial government immediately held a special meeting Arrangements for deployment and the establishment of a joint provincial and municipal working group stationed in Lanzhou Lanzhou Branch on the same day, the full investigation and verification work.

After preliminary investigation, the verification is as follows:

Chinalco Lanzhou Branch is located in Gangzi Village, Ping’an Town, Honggu District, Lanzhou City. It lies east of Datong River and does not belong to Qilian Mountains. It is 70 kilometers away from Wushaoling Mountain, the starting point of Qilian Mountains.

Aluminum Lanzhou Branch Electrolysis Aluminum Overhaul Dumping Site Shan Shen ditch and Salad ditch are located about 3 km north of Gangzi Village and separated from the Kongzi Village by the plant area of ​​Beijing-Tibet Expressway, 109 State Road and Lanzhou Branch of Lanzhou.

Based on the monitoring data from the past years and the recent joint working group sampling monitoring of 44 sampling points around the soil, gas and water in the surrounding area of ​​the company, the monitoring data of soil, gas and water in the vicinity of Lanzhou Branch did not exceed the national standard limits.

Zulong said that in August 2016, the state put the electrolytic aluminum overhaul into the list of hazardous wastes. Since then, all the overhaul residues produced by the Lanzhou Branch of Chinalco have been temporarily stored in the factory’s warehouses; however, the historical legacy generated before August 2016 Overhaul slag is not in accordance with the requirements of the state promptly disposed of.

Sun Tao Tao, party secretary and general manager of Lanzhou Branch of Chinalco, said that before August 2016, the company did not deal with the problem of overhauling slag in time as required by the state. On behalf of the company, he apologized to all sectors of society. Recently, the company is actively cooperating with provincial and municipal working groups to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the treatment of overhaul slag taken by enterprises since its establishment in 1958, as well as landfill sites and industrial solid waste disposal sites around the factory. At present, the existing problems have been invited to conduct authoritative experts and qualified professional monitoring and evaluation companies, and on this basis to develop a comprehensive remediation program.

At present, Lanzhou Environmental Protection Bureau has filed an order for the environmental violations of Lanzhou Branch of Chinalco. They respectively imposed a ceiling of RMB 100,000 on the ceiling of Lanzhou Lanzhou Branch and the third-party Gansu Xinxin Burden Company responsible for solid waste disposal. Chinalco Group, Lanzhou Branch responsible person to give the party a warning to dismiss 2 people, dismissed 1 person, administrative warned against 2 people. Red Old District on the two regulators is not in place accountability. After October 9, the government of Hongkuo District carried out a special inspection of potential risks of solid hazardous wastes in the region. In the follow-up investigation, a total of about 40.75 tons of overhauls were sorted out and transported out to the enterprise library for storage. December 18 media once again reflected the investigation and rectification work in progress.

Four departments issued a document: Developers may not refuse buyers to use Provident Fund loans

                    (Original title: Four departments jointly issued a document: developers may not refuse to buy a house provident fund loans)


BEIJING, Dec. 26, according to the Ministry of Housing and Construction website news, recently, some real estate development companies refused to buy a house using the housing provident fund loans, seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of workers paid. In this regard, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and other four departments jointly issued a document that real estate development enterprises should seriously honor their promises, not to improve the housing sales price, reduce the price discount, etc., to restrict, obstruct, refuse to buy a home use provident fund loans, may not request or disguised requirements Buyers signed a voluntary write-off of housing provident fund loans written document.

四部门发文:开发商不得拒绝购房人用公积金贷款 Information Figure: Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, the Spring Housing Fair site, sales staff to explain to the public. Sun Hao sound photo

Housing provident fund is a special fund to solve the housing problems of employees. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the current, workers in a row, full payment of housing provident fund more than 6 months (inclusive), you can apply for housing provident fund management center for personal housing loans. At present, the housing provident fund personal housing loan interest rate of 3.25%, much lower than the commercial bank personal housing loan interest rates. It is estimated that an amount of 1000000 yuan, a term of 20 years of housing provident fund individual housing loans, commercial banks than individual housing loans interest savings of 200000 yuan or more, can effectively reduce the burden on workers purchase. Recently, however, some real estate developers rejected the purchase of housing provident fund loans, seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of workers paid. To this end, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank of China, Ministry of Land and Resources recently jointly issued “Notice on the maintenance of housing provident fund employees purchase loans and interests” (Jian Jin [2017] 246) (hereinafter referred to as “Notice” ).

“Notice” stipulates that the housing provident fund management center to standardize the loan business processes, compression approval deadline, from the date of acceptance of the loan application within 10 working days to complete the examination and approval. The entrusted bank shall promptly accept the application for housing provident fund loans and handle the relevant entrusted loan procedures, and the housing provident fund management center shall strengthen its business assessment of the entrusted bank. Public housing provident fund loans business processes to open, examine and approve elements, handle the place, handle the department and the deadline, and be clearly stated in the business network. Around urban and rural housing construction, real estate registration, the People’s Bank and other departments to establish a housing provident fund loan business for information sharing mechanism, let the data multi-run road, workers do not run or less run.

“notice” clearly, to improve the efficiency of housing provident fund loan mortgage registration. The real estate registration agency shall, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions, promptly accept the mortgage loan application for housing provident fund loan and complete the registration of the mortgage within 10 working days. To apply information technology and other means to further enhance the housing accumulation fund loan registration efficiency.

“Notice” requirements, housing urban and rural construction departments to strengthen supervision of the real estate market. Real estate development enterprises in the sale of commercial housing, to provide not refuse to buy a house using a housing provident fund loans written commitment, and real estate sales site to be publicized. Real estate development enterprises should conscientiously fulfill their promises, shall not be to increase housing sales price, reduce price discounts, etc., to restrict, obstruct, refuse to buy a home use provident fund loans, may not require or disguised requirements of buyers sign voluntary write-off housing provident fund loans document .

Cadres Tucao superior: wait for the township to finish the work of receiving materials away

                    (Original title: Grass-roots cadres Tucao superior faucet: wait for the township to finish work, the receipt of the material away)


These tasks have already exhausted the efforts of grass-roots cadres. However, in the name of “territorial management,” many responsibilities that have been previously held by higher-level departments have been “left in the pot” for the purpose of land acquisition and demolition, project services, community management and dispute mediation. The grassroots.

Some grassroots cadres said that the responsibility of conducting grassroots work at every level is often “non-exhaustible.” Or they are struggling with the complicated and complicated departmental affairs. They also have no name because of lack of law enforcement authority. They also feel powerless because of lack of professional skills.

next morning just to inform

afternoon will

feedback report feeling a lot of grassroots cadres, have to bear the primary responsibility now more and more, but the Director-General of the grassroots people did not increase.

With many posts, “5 + 2” “White plus black” has become the norm of many grassroots cadres. Even though this is “busy,” many things can not be done.

“It is hard for such a person to take on the regulatory responsibilities within the daily subdivision. Nowadays, the so-called Hundred Days Campaign special rectification is often carried out. At times, it is necessary to cooperate fully and manpower is even more tense.”

Grassroots cadres said that there are more than 80,000 people in townships and townships and the enterprises are also relatively intensive. However, there are only 7 temporary workers responsible for the safety inspection and food and drug supervision of the entire town.

57-year-old Zhang Li (a pseudonym) is a full-time agricultural technician in the middle of a street in Suzhong. At the same time, he also serves as a safety inspector for agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables, livestock and poultry.

In July of this year, he was appointed as branch secretary of a farming-related community. Landless peasants safeguards, collective assets disposal, public works construction … A new addition to community affairs made him busy all day with no time to take care of his own work.

“The higher level departments carry out a safety inspection or environmental remediation. They only need to forward the documents layer by layer, but the town has to mobilize for deployment, set up a team, formulate plans and refine measures. Law enforcement details. “

A grass-roots township cadres complain that sometimes superior departments just notice in the morning and work-rectification reports before going to get off work in the afternoon.” In the process of law enforcement, we must also take photographs to upload and prepare materials for submission. Finally, we also accept superior Related departments to inspect, before and after, hardworking. ”

A university student village official in Jiangsu showed her a monthly working folder to a half-moon reporter. Each large folder is packed with many small folders, all of which are submitted to the superior “bar” department form.

“For example, if we hold a campaign for left-behind children, the contents, the meanings and the procedures are the same, but each form has to be designed to be different because of the different departments involved.” She said, It takes a lot of time to fill in the form every month.

lacks a clear responsibility to the superior departments

but has become a supporting role

with the government’s public service functions of the center of gravity down gradually, the primary function is unclear phenomenon is more prominent in some places.

Some grassroots cadres report that many grassroots units do not have the official power officially granted by laws and regulations, which leads them to have no confidence in supervising, supervising and implementing various duties.

Lao Liu is a township in northern Jiangsu captain. He told halfmoon reporters, the urban management team is the law enforcement force organized by the township itself, there is no law enforcement permit, the right to enforce the law and punishment, go out to monitor the implementation of law enforcement, his heart did not end, in most cases only through private individuals to persuade their rectification, It is very difficult to carry out the work, and I am worried that others will not ask themselves if they have law enforcement authority. “In the past, we penalized a mobile vendor for $ 50 but was later notified by the Commission for Discipline Inspection that we did not have the power to impose sanctions on our own.”

“Some higher-level departments always pass the regulatory responsibility onto our grassroots units through a piece of paper notification. However, we do not have the power to enforce the law and the remediation actions are not deterrent. Some security risks are not eradicated even if they are seen. Only at the grass-roots level can we prompt the half-moon reporters to express their responsibility Awkward

“After the demolition of urban management, the residents will go to the community to come to the theory, but what is the power of the community? How can we solve this problem? Only persecutors can be persuaded.” A Nongtong-based community branch secretary said that he had done City management team members, was found running out of illegal regulations on the line, when the community party secretary later discovered that the demolition of the mess left after having to community to clean up.

“Although there are 78 or more superior departments with law enforcement powers in the documents of joint enforcement, they have basically no clear responsibility and instead they act as the coordinating law enforcement agencies in our towns.” Turning to some superior functional departments, A cadre of township cadres said with a bit of anger: “They just wait for the towns and townships to finish their work before checking it down and receiving law enforcement photos and reporting materials.”

Township emphasis, these higher authorities generally will jointly draft documents, issued by the higher party committee and government in the name of. The drafted document will also refer to the words “territorial management, their respective duties, their duties and their duties” from time to time in order to urge the grassroots units to implement it. A township cadre told half-moon reporters that the purpose of doing so was to leave the responsibility to the township grass-roots level and to issue the questions and also to base the responsibility of blaming the grassroots.

lack of expertise

lay prone regulatory experts

Banyuetan reporters at the primary research found that the current “seven station eight” staff safety supervision township streets, and so very few of Food Safety Office Some people have the relevant professional knowledge, but they have to undertake professional supervision tasks, which makes the grass-roots level in the performance of their duties seem helpless, prone to layman supervision phenomenon.

“Food safety hazards can not be seen with the naked eye, and professionals need to take equipment to test it.” Wang Yuan (not his real name) is the head of the food security office in Suzhong Street, but his actual personnel establishment is Wen Weike assistant, street office does not have a special food safety supervision.

“The state places more emphasis on environmental protection and safety in production. However, all these areas have specialized operational procedures and technical indicators. At present, many townships and townships are not equipped with professionals and equipment in this area. Regulatory enforcement in this area is too difficult In recent years, they chose the form of service outsourcing, hired a professional security inspection team in the city to check the safety of enterprises in the town, although this has eased some of the pressure on safety supervision, But technical guidance, after all, is limited in time and can not be regulated.

Development and Reform Commission: part of the gas supply heating prices rose gas was investigated

                    (Original title: part of the gas supply heating business price violations were investigated and dealt with)


On October 1, the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the Notice on Carrying Out the Key Examination of Price in Urban Water Supply, Gas Supply, Heating and Telecommunications in China. On December 19, the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the Circular on Further Strengthening the Regulation of Winter Heating Prices Effectively protect the masses warm winter notice “, the deployment of price departments at all levels to carry out the national gas supply, heating the focus of price inspections. Inspection found that some gas supply, heating companies do not implement the government pricing or government guidance price, and in engineering renovation, installation charges arbitrary behavior. Price administration departments around the identified problems, according to the law was processed. Part of the violations of corporate penalties are as follows:

First, the city of Heilongjiang Province Shangxin Zhongxin Thermal Power Company repeated charge heating network project costs. According to the investigation, in September 2017, Shangxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province, in the process of grid connection renovation of the central heating pipe network in Shangzhi City, investigated 102 households that had paid access fees to the former heating property company, Again charged 25 yuan / square meter heating network project costs, a total of 361,200 yuan. Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province, price department in charge of price violations of the company investigated and ordered the company will overcharge 368,200 yuan all returned to the user, and fined 541,900 yuan.

II. Natural Gas Co., Ltd. in Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province Raise the price of natural gas without authorization. Haiyan Natural Gas Co., Ltd. From November 28, 2016 to July 25, 2017, the non-residential natural gas sales price should be increased by 2.79 yuan / cubic meter and the actual implementation of 3 yuan / cubic meter of natural gas sales 197.24 yuan Ten thousand cubic meters. Haiyan price department in accordance with the law ordered the company to immediately correct the price of illegal behavior, a total refund of overcharged a total of 401,900 yuan.

III. Xuanhan County Xuanhan Hexin Natural Gas Co., Ltd. in Sichuan Province Natural gas supply station of the landlords increased the price of natural gas in disguise. Xuanhan Hexin Natural Gas Co., Ltd. The main natural gas supply station During the period from January 2016 to October 2017, when natural gas price was charged to users, for users not included in the municipal solid waste disposal fee charged per cubic meter Over 0.2 yuan urban garbage disposal costs, increase gas prices in disguise, a total of 1,581,300 cubic meters of civilian natural gas sales, overdue amount of 316,200 yuan. Xuanhan County price department investigated and ordered the company will be overcharged 31.62 million yuan refund the user.

Fourth, Cao County, Shandong Province Hengyuan refueling stations without permission to raise CNG natural gas prices. From November 27, 2017 to November 30, 2017, Caoxian Hengyuan Gas Station sold 1098.33 cubic meters of CNG natural gas for vehicles and should execute 4.89 yuan / cubic meter and actually implemented 5.5 yuan / cubic meter per cubic meter More charge 0.61 yuan, a total of more than 669.98 yuan received price. Caoxian price department ordered the filling station to immediately correct the violations, and confiscation of illegal income.

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Q u0026 A: How Commission for Proceedings

                    (Original title: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the authority of the Q u0026 A: How to monitor the Commission decision making process?)


Deepening the reform of the state supervisory system and pushing the pilot work throughout the country is a major strategic arrangement made by the 19th Plenum of the Party. In order to respond positively to the social concerns and meet the needs of the pilot work of national monitoring system reform across the country, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Ministry of Supervision of the Commission for Discipline Inspection launched the section titled “Reviewing the Authority Questions in the Pilot Reform of the System Reform” and asked the Research Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to answer relevant questions , For everyone to learn reference. stay tuned.


How does the commission conduct its deliberations?

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection:

The commission exercises democratic centralism. According to the office system of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Joint Commission, the JISC Commission and the Commission for Discipline Inspection held a merger, are generally not held alone. The organizing principles, deliberations, working procedures, investigation and decision-making of the meetings of the Commission shall be conducted in accordance with the following rules: (1) Organizational principles. Adhere to collective leadership, democratic centralism, individual brewing, meeting decisions and the minority to obey the majority principle. Any matter that should be discussed and decided by the Commission must be decided by a group discussion study and no individual has the right to decide and change arbitrarily. Individuals should fully express their opinions when discussing and deciding issues. Individuals’ decisions on collectives must be resolutely implemented. If they have different opinions, they may be raised at the internal or upper levels. However, no comments and actions contrary to the decision may be made before the decision is made to change.

(II) Consideration of matters. Including communicating and studying, implementing important meetings, important documents and major policy decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and important reports to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Supervisory Commission for Discipline Inspection and party committees at the same level or important documents to be issued or promulgated Rules and regulations, major meetings held or important program of activities held; administrative sanctions, handling of major and complicated and sensitive cases, organizational construction and other issues; major issues in building a clean government and anti-corruption work and other important issues that need to be brought to the Commission for deliberation and discussion matter. What needs to be emphasized in particular is that the commission does not have a party organization. According to the principle of party management cadres, the study on cadre and personnel issues needs to be conducted in the name of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Development and Reform Commission: Enterprises in foreign investment news and other sensitive industries need to be approved

                    (Original title: NDRC promulgated the Measures for the Administration of Overseas Investment by Enterprises


BEIJING, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) – National Development and Reform Commission website today announced the “Measures for the Administration of Overseas Investments in Enterprises”. The Measures stipulate that the investing entities should carry out unfair competition in the process of overseas investment, disrupt the order of overseas investment market, suspend or stop the project and make corrections within a time limit, warning investors and key principals of the investment.

The Measures stipulate that the main investors should enjoy the autonomy in overseas investment and make decisions independently and at their own risk according to law. The main body of investment shall carry out the procedures of approval and filing of overseas investment projects, report the relevant information and cooperate with the supervision and inspection. The investors To carry out overseas investment must not violate the laws and regulations of our country and must not threaten or harm the national interests of our country and the national security.

“Measures” Clearly, the scope of implementation of the approved management is the sensitive type of projects conducted by the overseas investment-oriented entities directly or through their control. The approval authority is the National Development and Reform Commission.

Sensitive items referred to in the Measures include: Projects involving sensitive countries and regions; projects involving sensitive industries. Among them, the sensitive countries and regions include: countries and regions that have not established diplomatic relations with China; countries and regions where wars and civil strife occur; and countries and regions that restrict their investments according to international treaties and agreements concluded or acceded to by China; other sensitive Countries and regions. Sensitive industries include: the development and production of weapons and equipment maintenance; cross-border development and utilization of water resources; news media; according to China’s laws and regulations and related regulatory policies, the need to limit the enterprise investment in overseas industries.

The Measures stipulate that the scope of implementation of filing management is a non-sensitive item directly carried by an investment entity, that is, a non-sensitive item involving the investment entity directly investing in assets, rights and interests or providing financing and guarantee.

Among the projects for record management, the investors are the central management enterprises (including the enterprises directly managed by the central management financial institutions, the State Council or the institutions under the State Council), the filing agencies are the National Development and Reform Commission, the investors are local enterprises, and the Chinese side With an investment of 300 million U.S. dollars and above, the filing authority is the National Development and Reform Commission; the main investor is a local enterprise with an investment of 300 million U.S. dollars or less. The filing authority is the provincial government development and reform department where the investor is registered.

The non-sensitive items mentioned in the Measures refer to the items that do not involve sensitive countries and regions and do not involve sensitive industries.

The Measures stipulate that the NDRC and provincial government departments for development and reform should, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations on overseas investment, jointly establish relevant departments with relevant government departments at different levels of government to establish a mechanism of coordination and supervision through online monitoring and appointment interviews , Checks and other means of verification of overseas investment supervision and inspection, illegal acts to be dealt with.

Huawei Consumer Business executives were investigated Six former leaders of the department have been arrested

                    (Original title: Huawei internal anti-corruption high-pressure consumer BG executives were taken away investigation)


Relevant media on December 25 Citing insiders sources, Huawei Consumer BG Greater China Executive Vice President Teng Hongfei has been taken away. Related companies from Huawei told the reporter in the morning of December 26 that “Teng Hong-fei, the sales director of the former consumer business in China, has been taken compulsory measures by the public security authorities on suspicion of accepting bribes from non-state staff.” Hongfei suspects the details of the crime, Huawei said, “the police are investigating everything, please disclose the information to the police prevail.”

Reporter was informed that Teng Hongfei won the 2017 Huawei internal management award “Blue Blood ten Jie” In Huawei Consumer BG popular internal executives attention. But since December 19, Teng Hongfei microblogging and WeChat circle of friends has stopped updating.

Public information shows that Teng Hongfei graduated from the Nanjing Artillery Academy, first worked in Nokia, one after another served as Nokia’s West, the general manager of the South, Nokia is one of several generals in China. Since then, Teng Hongfei had switched from Nokia to Samsung, as Samsung South China general manager. In May 2014, Teng Hongfei switched to Huawei as the executive vice president of Greater China where Huawei Consumer BG is in charge of sales. Informed sources told reporters that with the sharp expansion of sales volume and revenue of Huawei’s consumer business, Teng Hongfei became more and more important in the position and power of Huawei Consumer BG.

Huawei’s sales of smartphones in the first three quarters of 2017 show that as of the end of September this year, Huawei shipped 112 million handsets, an increase of 19% over the same period of last year and a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. In the global market, Huawei’s mobile phone market share ranked second, at the time even more than Apple.

In recent years, Huawei has maintained a high level of internal anti-corruption efforts, the most influential of which is the 2014 anti-corruption case. Public information shows that in September 2014, Huawei Enterprise BG dealers anti-corruption conference informed that Huawei has verified 116 employees inside the company suspected of corruption and recovered 370 million yuan of funds. In August 2014, out of the 116 suspected corrupt employees that had been verified, 4 employees were transferred to the justice department and involved 69 dealers.

In July 2014, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, once sent an internal letter devoted to anti-corruption. At the beginning of this internal letter, Yu Chengdong said: “It is too late for every employee who has been investigated and punished to corrupt their life trajectory and their family life to completely subvert the law and to go to jail for their freedom and repentance. Therefore, this half-year To sum up, I’d like to focus on how we can be self-disciplined, boycott temptations, prevent corruption and fight corruption. I do not want everyone to be left behind on the road to our dream of realizing our cause. “

New Deal High Speed ​​Rail: 2 times Beijing-Shanghai points can be exchanged for 100 yuan high-speed rail ticket

                    (Original title: High-speed Rail New Deal: 2 times Beijing-Shanghai points can be exchanged for 100 yuan high-speed rail ticket)


Legal Evening News · Opinion News u0026 Events; News u0026 nbsp; Friends who fly often certainly are not unfamiliar with the frequent flyer programs of major airlines and airline alliances. Now, in order to attract more passengers, China Railway Corporation also launched a similar railway frequent flyer member program, which was officially implemented on December 20.

Calculate: The cost is quite low The threshold of the railway is lower

It is reported that from December 20, 2017 onwards, the railway department launched the “Railway Cheong Hang” frequent flyer member service, natural persons over the age of 12 through the 12306 website ), Station special window and other railway departments to provide channels, in the initiative to apply and complete the identity certification, you can become a “Cheonggyecheon” frequent flyer member.

How does the frequent flyer program of the railway accumulate points? How to redeem the free tickets?

According to the regulations of the railway company, car points = the face value × 5, and the actual arrival is within 5 days. To “points” as a unit, rounding rounding calculation. When the user points accumulated 10000 points, enjoy the qualifications to redeem free tickets, each 100 points is equal to about 1 yuan. The points are valid for 12 months from the date of entry, and the unpaid credits expire automatically. In addition, members may redeem tickets for themselves or the assignee (up to 8 configurable).

Reporters in accordance with this rule calculated an account to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, for example, Beijing to Shanghai second-leg fare for 553 yuan, replaced by points is 2764 points. Two round-trip Beijing-Shanghai will receive 11060 points, while enjoying the free ticket redemption. Each 100 points is equal to about 1 yuan, then if you convert a Beijing to Shanghai second-class seats you need 55300 points, you need to take 20 Beijing to Shanghai second-class trains, a total cost 11,060 yuan.

The airline side, with Air China as an example, Beijing-Shanghai’s full-price economy class is 1,180 yuan, convertible mileage is 1195 kilometers, and the exchange of a Beijing to Shanghai one-way ticket needs 12,000 km, which means, At least 10 full-price tickets from Beijing to Shanghai will be required to redeem a one-way ticket (excluding tax) from Beijing to Shanghai. A total of 11,800 yuan spent.

Comparison is not difficult to find, in fact, points for a Beijing to Shanghai ticket or train ticket fares are roughly the same. However, the threshold of high-speed rail is lower, twice from Beijing-Shanghai can immediately exchange a 100 yuan high-speed rail ticket, more suitable for the majority of tourists. The airline’s frequent flyer program threshold is higher, the current minimum mileage of a ticket to about 7000 km, twice from Beijing and Shanghai certainly can not be redeemed for a ticket, so more suitable for frequent business travelers.

“Air-strife war” to enhance soft power often need to enrich the passenger program

“Air-strife” has always been a hot topic. During the operation in recent years, it is easy to find that there are unparalleled advantages in short-distance lines such as “Guangshen”, “Beijing-Tianjin”, “Shanghai-Hangzhou”, “Shanghai-Nanjing” and so on. In the long-distance routes, “Jingguang”, “Beijing-Chongqing” such lines take a long time high-speed rail and the price advantage, sometimes even higher than the price of the aircraft, so the advantages of long-distance routes in the Air China and more obvious.

Competition then takes place in such short lines as “Beijing-Shanghai” and “Xicheng”. Prices of airfares are almost the same as those of high-speed railways. If the time spent traveling to and from the airport is very similar to the time spent on high-speed railways,

Lee Yam-wing, president of Sichuan University, Xie Heping no longer served due to the age limit

                    (Original title: Li Yanyong served as president of Sichuan University, Xie Heping no longer due to the age limit)


李言荣任四川大学校长 谢和平因年龄到限不再担任

On the afternoon of December 26, Sichuan University held Teacher’s Cadre Conference. Relevant persons in charge of the Central Organization Department announced the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s decision on the reorganization of the president of Sichuan University. Appointment of Comrade Li Yirong as the president of Sichuan University (deputy ministerial level), Comrade Xie Heping no longer serves as the president of Sichuan University because of his age. Prior to that, Li Yirong was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2011, and was appointed as president of the University of Electronic Science and Technology in 2013. Prior to this, During his tenure as president of the Electronic Science and Technology University, he has made a lot of fruitful explorations in personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction, faculty, and internationalization.

Male, Han nationality, born in July 1961, Shehong County, Sichuan Province, doctoral tutor.

Li Yanrong Resume

Joined the party in July 1992 and joined the work in March 1983, he graduated from the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences majoring in Applied Chemistry.

1983 Graduated from Sichuan Normal University (now Sichuan Normal University) in 1983;

1983.07-1987.09 taught at Chongqing Normal University (formerly Chongqing Normal University); Department of Chemistry;

1987-1992 Applied Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Studied for a doctorate (Master), under the guidance of Professor Ni Jiayi and Li Youmo researcher engaged in oxide superconducting materials.

Beginning postdoctoral in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 1993;

Professor was promoted to University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in July 1994;

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