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The vice chairman who made the mistake of committing the same mistake as Huang Xingguo and Liu Zhijun did

                    (Former title: Vice Chairman Lok Ma, made the same mistake as Huang Xingguo Liu Zhijun)

                                   Not long ago, former vice chairman of Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce Yang Zhonglian was “double open.” Chongqing Commission for Discipline Inspection mentioned in the circular, Yang Zhonglian existence “superstitious activities” and other disciplinary actions. The “China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily” published today exposed the details of Yang discipline.

这名落马副主席 犯了和黄兴国刘志军一样的错误

As a native of Chungking, Yang Zhongkang’s path of growth has undergone a cross-border career. He has successively served as teacher of longevity normal school, vice director of Changshou County Radio and Television Bureau, deputy director of Changshou County Government Office and other positions. In March 2003, Yang was appointed as the Standing Committee of Changshou District CPC Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, then transferred to Chongqing Bannan District Standing Committee and deputy secretary of the district committee. In October 2016, Yang Zhonglian became a member of Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce party, vice chairman. Along the way, not only did not Yang Chung-yang, just as his name meanwhile, just exorcise evil in spite of evil, but instead he walked more and more in the pursuit of “seat” and “hat.” Chongqing City Commission for Discipline Inspection Review staff directly assess his “official desire to smuggle.”

In March 2014, in order to promote his position, Yang Zhongtao, then deputy secretary of the Banan District Committee, was invited by a private entrepreneur to make a special trip to the Woyi Temple in Wutai Mountain, Shanxi Province, and invited the Master to chant the prayer. In this tour of so-called “seeking spiritual comfort,” he was in constant danger of burning incense. Since then, Yang is even worsened, bent on seeking “superior” he became very sensitive, overbearing. In June last year, Yang was reported. Without a factual basis, he suspects that the whistleblower is his or her job to be promoted to a competitor and has the heart of retaliation. He refers to the way in which others post and mail whistle-blowers through the internet, disseminating untrue information and retaliation for “informants “.

Eventually, Yang Zhongkui was expelled from the party on September 29 this year and was dismissed from office. His allegation of illegal issues was handed over to the judiciary.

It is better to say that he is the lust of the heart to ascend to the government rather than to believe in the party. And made such a mistake, it is more Huang Xingguo, Liu Zhijun, Wei Min Zhou and other public “big tiger.”

这名落马副主席 犯了和黄兴国刘志军一样的错误

The governor of Chang’an Avenue had previously described that since Huang Xingguo became acting deputy secretary of Tianjin Municipal Commission in December 2014, what he wants most is to quickly get rid of that “generation”.

In order to achieve his goal as soon as possible, Huang Xingguo started his feng shui brain. Tianjin City Hall originally four doors can enter and exit, but in recent years, the Northwest Gate was sealed. This is the proposal made by Feng Shui to Huang Hsing-kuo because “the door is open so much, with a leak and no gas.”

Tianjin landscape and a stone in front of the guest house, but also because “is sharp, a little fierce,” was superstitious Fengxing Huang Xingguo a smooth up.

Who made the same mistake Wei Minzhou, former secretary of Xi’an Municipal Committee. During his tenure, Wei Min-chu was so engrossed in drilling camp that he was accused of “delaying Xi’an for ten years.”

On the eve of his arrest, after having been interviewed and his intimate merchants and relatives taken away, Wei Minzhou, who has always been superstitious, listened to the guide of “Supreme Being” and planted a large amount of bamboo in front of his house in the hope of “stopping” it with his homophonic bamboo Avoid the coming fate Some bamboo died, he even bought fake bamboo seeds in the yard. You can end up wasting some time.

It is proposed by the two departments that medical representatives shall not assume the task of marketing drugs

                    (The original title: Medical Representatives seeking advice on the new regulations: pharmaceutical representatives shall not assume the task of drug sales)


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 25 The State Food and Drug Administration and the National Health and Family Planning Commission recently released the Administrative Measures on Registration and Registration of Pharmaceutical Representatives (for Trial Implementation) (Draft for Comment) to solicit opinions from the public. Opinions put forward that medical representatives shall not assume the task of selling drugs and may not participate in the statistics of the number of prescriptions issued by individual doctors. They may not directly sell in-kind medicines, may not receive payment and handle purchase and sale of bills, and may not engage in commercial bribery.

Hainan will cancel 12 city and county GDP, fixed assets investment assessment

                    (Original title: Hainan will cancel part of the city and county GDP, fixed assets investment assessment)



According to the new assessment method for comprehensive development of counties and counties issued by Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Hainan Provincial Government, Hainan will cancel the examinations on the investment in some counties, counties, industries and fixed assets, and at the same time set the ecological protection as a negative deduction And one vote rejected. The new assessment method will be formally implemented next year.

According to the “Hainan Province Main Functional Area Planning”, 19 cities and counties in the province (including Yangpu and Sansha not currently included) are divided into 5 major categories and differentiated on two platforms , The biggest bright spot is canceled in addition to Haikou, Sanya, Yangpu, Danzhou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Chengmai 12 cities and counties GDP, industrial, fixed assets investment assessment, the image to say is to “play basketball “And” play football “sub-match.

New Measures Based on the new development concept and the goal of the Seventh Party Congress in Hainan Province, we designed 15 first-level indicators and 51 second-level indicators that are quantifiable and scorable. At the same time, highlight the resource endowments, functional positioning and development characteristics around the same indicators, in different regions to give different points and weights. For example, of the 15 first-level indicators, the highest score of Haikou, Sanya and Yangpu is innovation and development, and the highest score of cities and counties in central China is ecological and environmental protection; of the 51 second-level indicators, 12 key industries are classified according to cities and counties The actual situation gives different weights, some highlight the tourism in the whole world, some highlight the tropical features and efficient agriculture, and others highlight the Internet and other industries such as health care. In particular, the protection of the ecological environment at the same time as negative points and one vote veto matters. According to reports, the adjustment and optimization assessment method based on the situation in Hainan Province, adhere to the ecological province, promote high-quality development, building a better new Hainan’s urgent needs.

[News] little more

central environmental inspectors Batch Hainan

drum purse, ruined ecology!

After 2006, the real estate in Hainan made great leap forward. The high-quality bay was divided by the developers. Many villas went into operation.

Ma Ying-jeou approved Cai English abuse of power: Absolute power makes people absolutely corrupt

                    (Original title: Ma Ying-jeou Tsai English abuse of power: absolute power makes people absolutely corrupt)


Taiwan Network December 25 According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou criticized Tsai Ing-wen, “Rules of the Party Production” and “Prohibition Ordinance,” violating the six most basic principles of the rule of law, illegal Abuse of Power, and Impact on Restrictions in Taiwan.

Tsai Ing-wen poll dissatisfaction rose to 6 percent Taiwan media: there are three major warnings

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen poll dissatisfaction rose to 6 percent Taiwan media: there are three major warnings)

                                   According to the Taiwan media reported in December, according to the poll released by the Laiwu Island Electronics News today (December 25), Taiwanese people’s dissatisfaction with Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen kept rising to 60.2% , More than half of the degree of trust, reaching 50.7% confidence fell to her lowest point in 19 months since she came to power. Among them, the age groups of 20-29 and 40-49 are the most dissatisfied groups in the “Anglo-German system.” Analysis believes that there have been three major warnings issued by the Tsai authorities. The DPP’s young ballots have completely collapsed and the young people no longer trust the DPP.

5月28日,民主进步党在台北进行新旧党主席交接,蔡英文就任民进党第15任党主席,原主席苏贞昌卸任。图为蔡英文就任后致辞。中新社发 陈小愿 摄 Information Figure: Tsai Ing-wen. Chen Shui-bian, China News Service

The beautiful island newsletter started its monthly poll earlier this year. The poll results released in December showed that Tsai Ing-wen was 27.1% satisfied and 60.2% dissatisfied. Compared with the November survey, Tsai Ing-wen was 28.1% satisfied and 57.3% less satisfied. , The figures show Taiwan’s dissatisfaction with Tsai Ing-wen continues to rise.

When people were asked, “Do you trust, or do not trust, Tsai Ing-wen as a whole?” There are 32.0% trust and 50.7% do not trust. If compared with the results of the newspaper’s poll in November, the proportions of “trust” and “no confidence” were 33.9% and 47.7% respectively at that time, indicating that the forward evaluation dropped by 1.9% this time and the negative evaluation was An increase of 3%.

If at the time, Tsai Ing-wen was 59.3% trustworthy when compared with the polls she had just started in May last year, it is now not only almost cut, but also dropped to its lowest level in 19 months after she took office.

From the cross-sectional analysis, we can see that the age groups 20-29 and 40-49 are the most dissatisfied with the “Anglo-German system.” In the age of 20-29, 50.3% do not trust Tsai Ing-wen and 42.6% Lai Ching Tak, who is in charge of Taiwan’s administrative agencies that do not trust Taiwan, has 62.9% of the 40-49-year-olds who do not trust Tsai Ing-wen and 36.5% do not trust Lai Ching-teh; Taipei’s Ke Wenzhe, on the other hand, has a confidence level of 76.9% , 40-49 years old also have 69.2% confidence.

Taiwan Media According to the results of the poll analysis, there are three major warnings that Cai has appeared:

Media talk about preventing abuse of jurisdiction: Objection lawyers should concentrate on collecting evidence

                    (Original title: Prevention of misuse of jurisdiction Objection)


To prevent misuse of jurisdiction objection, the judge should strengthen the litigation guidance service. Lawyers should focus their attention on collecting evidence instead of other improper means and form a reasonable litigation expectation.

Intermediate People’s Court of Shenzhen Municipality, Guangdong Province Change Workflow, Develop Jurisdiction Objection Second Instance Case Paperless Circulation and Trial System, Dispute of Jurisdiction Dispatch and Trial of Second Instance Cases Proceed online and be quickened on the same day, and be put on the same day , Hearing the same day, the day closed, the same day retired. The system of jurisdiction objection plays an important role in controlling the plaintiff ‘s right of action, protecting the defendant’ s lawful rights and interests, preventing undue interference of local protectionism and promoting the realization of procedural justice. However, in the practice of civil litigation, it is more common for defendants to abuse their jurisdiction. Some defendants knew that they did not meet the conditions prescribed by law or they persisted in bringing forth their objection to jurisdiction. Even if they were rejected by the court of first instance as rejecting their objection to jurisdiction, they persisted in appealing and went through all the procedures step by step.

Misuse of the system of jurisdiction objection can lead to the alienation of the function of the system of jurisdiction objection and even cause many negative consequences. Once the objection of jurisdiction has been filed, the court can only passively initiate the jurisdiction objection procedure, which takes a certain period of time and takes up a limited amount of judicial resources. This will inevitably affect the timely trial and settlement of the dispute to a certain extent and upset the normal lawsuit order. Judicial procedures have the stability. If the objection of jurisdiction is abused, the proceedings will be adversely affected. At the same time, the steps that should be taken according to the normal procedures and legal norms have to be rearranged, which will greatly damage the judicial authority and credibility. In the judicial practice, some defendants appear to be in the wrong attitude. Some of them lack the knowledge of legal knowledge and honesty and can not correctly understand and grasp the legal and judicial interpretation of their jurisdiction. They even suspect and mock the legal rules, Misuse of objection to jurisdiction to achieve their own improper purpose. Of course, abuse of jurisdiction dissent occurs with the lower application threshold in judicial practice, the lack of an effective disciplinary mechanism is not unrelated. Some defendants think that even if the objection to jurisdiction is not supported, the biggest consequence is that the court rejected the application only because it only took the relatively low cost of litigation and did not break through the psychological expectations of the bottom line.

Chopper welfare! Ministry of Commerce: China will further improve the tax-free policy


[Chopper’s welfare is here! China will further improve tax-free policy The Ministry of Commerce said on the 25th that it will develop duty-free business in the future, study and improve tax-free policies, and provide more convenient shopping options for entry-exit personnel. At the same time, large-scale e-commerce platforms will be encouraged to cooperate with internationally renowned brands to introduce high-quality goods and special services to meet the needs of medium and high-end consumers.

A picture to understand! Inventory 2017 China Navy’s overseas track

                    (Original title: Inventory 2017: This year, the People’s Navy’s overseas track)


The voyage visit formations successfully completed a multi-national triumph successful triumphant visit for the first time in the “European hinterland” … … People’s Navy in 2017 left a beautiful track around the world.


Housing Department: 2018 will vigorously develop the long-term rental housing market

                    (Former title: Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: 2018 will vigorously develop the long-term rental housing market)


12月23日,全国住房城乡建设工作会议在京召开。图片来源:住建部网站 On December 23, the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Working Conference was held in Beijing. Photo credit: Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Website

BEIJING, December 25 The Ministry of Housing and Urban-built Development announced on its official website on the 25th the national housing urban and rural construction work conference. Wang Menghui, Party Secretary and Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, made arrangements for the 2018 tasks during the meeting. Wang Menghui pointed out that it is necessary to deepen the reform of the housing system and accelerate the establishment of a housing system with multi-agent supply, multi-channel protection and rent-purchase. Vigorously develop the housing rental market, especially long-term leasing, speed up the cultivation and development of the housing leasing market in large and medium-sized cities with a net inflow of population, promote the construction of state-owned leasing enterprises, and give full play to the leading, regulating, activating and regulating functions of the market.

On December 23, the National Housing and Urban Construction Conference was held in Beijing. Wang Menghui comprehensively summed up the achievements in housing urban and rural construction over the past five years and put forward the overall requirements for the work in the coming period and made arrangements for the tasks to be completed in 2018.

Meeting Requirements In 2018, the national housing urban and rural construction system should conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and focus on the following tasks.

First, to deepen the reform of the housing system and speed up the establishment of a multi-agent supply, multi-channel guarantee and rent-purchase system. Vigorously develop the housing rental market, especially long-term leasing, speed up the cultivation and development of the housing leasing market in large and medium-sized cities with a net inflow of population, promote the construction of state-owned leasing enterprises, and give full play to the leading, regulating, activating and regulating functions of the market. We will support the development of specialized and institutionalized housing leasing companies, accelerate the construction of a government-led housing leasing management service platform, speed up the housing lease legislation and protect the legitimate rights and interests of leasing stakeholders. We will steadily push forward the new round of shedding work and will transform 5.8 million sets of various types of shanty towns in 2018. We will do a good job in public rental housing, increase physical supply of public rental housing, continue to improve our ability to support public rental housing, give priority to protection of the disadvantaged groups in industries such as sanitation and public transportation, and meet the conditions of new-employed non-house workers, migrant workers, young doctors and young teachers. Into the scope of protection, subsistence allowances, low-income housing difficult families, to achieve should be guaranteed. We should develop housing for shared property rights according to local conditions and solve the mass housing problems in various channels. Reform and improve housing provident fund system, improve the housing provident fund management services.

Second, do a good job classification and control of the real estate market, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. For various needs of the implementation of differential regulation and control policies to meet the first set just needs to support the improvement of demand, curb speculative real estate. Part of the remaining third and fourth tier cities and counties should continue to do inventory work well. We will strengthen regional coordination and urban-rural co-ordination so as to promote interconnection and interoperability among cities in medium and small cities, raise basic public services such as education and medical care in small and medium-sized cities, counties and central towns, and guide the rational distribution of population and housing needs. Increase the normative rectification of the real estate market order, and always maintain a high pressure to check the situation severely crack down on illegal activities of real estate companies and intermediaries. The third is to comprehensively improve the quality of urban planning and construction management and promote the urban green development. Promote the reform of the overall city planning and implementation system, fully implement the preparation of a new edition of the urban master plan for the planning period up to 2035, and simultaneously establish a multi-disciplinary and unified management platform to establish and improve the overall city planning, approval, implementation and Assessment system. Sponge city comprehensively promote the construction, improve the standard system, preparation and implementation of sponge city planning. Further intensify efforts to rectify urban black-odor water bodies, promote urban drainage and prevent floods to make up for short-board operations for three years, push forward the construction of urban underground integrated pipe galleries according to local conditions, vigorously strengthen the construction of urban sewage and garbage disposal facilities, and comprehensively promote the classification of municipal solid waste. Some cities to carry out the pilot transformation of old cells.

Four departments issued a document: not from the object of the laid-off aid Tibet aid aid Xinjiang teachers

                    (Original title: Four departments: no assistance shall be given to Tibet aid Aid teachers from the distribution or laid-off workers)

                                   Recently, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security study and formulate a plan for implementing the program of “supporting Tibet and supporting 10,000 teachers in Xinjiang” Proposed that all units should not be dispatched to Tibet or aid Xinjiang teachers from the diversion or laid-off targets.

6月7日,西藏布达拉宫脚下的拉萨中学考点内,西藏学子步入考场准备参加考试。当日,2016年高考拉开序幕。据中国教育部统计,2016年全国高考报名考生共940万人,其中西藏自治区共有23976名考生报考,比2015年增加1386人。中新社记者 李林 摄 Information Figure: Lhasa Middle School teachers and students at the foot of the Potala Palace in Tibet. China News Agency reporter Li Lin She

The program requires that a group of outstanding teachers (including full-time teachers and education administrators) be sent to Tibet and Xinjiang to support each year from the mainland schools according to the principle of “reasonable, sustainable and achievable”. In principle, the main target is to support and aid the provinces, municipalities and municipalities of Hong Kong, with science teachers as the main body and other disciplines. Secondary teachers should be given priority to primary schools and one working group should be formed for every 10 to 20 teachers to encourage group support 1 school.

The plan states that teachers selected for aid to Tibet and aid Xinjiang need political reliability, noble ethics, dedication and professionalism, resolutely implement the party’s ethnic and religious policies and safeguard the unity of the motherland and national unity. They also have a strong ability to work and Responsibility; solid style, not afraid of hardship, willing to sacrifice, good health; school administrators in addition to meet the above requirements, but also should have strong organizational leadership and rich experience in school management. All units must not assign aid to Tibet and aid Xinjiang teachers from the distribution or laid-off targets.

According to the plan, counterparts aid Tibetan provinces and municipalities in Xinjiang to take the government to the market to buy service to select teachers. They should strictly follow the relevant provisions of the government on government procurement services, and focus on entrusting and mobilizing groups to send directly to the community to dispatch or Eligible social institutions to purchase services, selected teachers should be consistent with the “teacher law” qualifications, have the appropriate teacher qualifications, have a certain degree of education and teaching ability, teacher training priority. Aid Tibet teachers generally under the age of 45, healthy, able to adapt to the plateau work environment. Arid teachers unlimited age. Support teachers into Tibet before Xinjiang, sent by the provincial unified organization of targeted medical examination.

The plan shows that each batch of aid-aid teachers in Xinjiang in Tibet a year time is generally about 1 and a half years. High altitude areas and special circumstances may be affected by the two sides agreed to confirm the situation through consultation, there are special circumstances during the shift need to exchange personnel, must be promptly added to ensure the continuity of teaching management. Encourage the extension of teaching time or stay in Xinjiang.

The program requires that schools that support the construction of schools have revolving dormitories in the county or central townships. Aid areas, units in the branch schools to teach teachers with the necessary transport, living facilities. It is generally not arranged to assist Tibetan teachers to teach at schools above 4,000 meters above sea level.

In addition, the local teachers in Tibet and Xinjiang participating in the training are required to have good political qualities, strong dedication and sense of responsibility, and have potential for training. In principle, the age of 40 years of age.

The plan states that during the Tibet-aid Xinjiang aid teachers’ stay in Xinjiang, the personnel relations were kept in the original work units and the units still working in the former units after the aid and possession of Tibet aid Yuan expired. During the period of aid and possession of the aid and possession of Xinjiang, the former units paid salaries and enjoyed the benefits and benefits of the same-level personnel at the same place of work. In the meantime, teachers from Tibet should pay the difference according to the local salary standards (including subsidies) of the same class at the same time. Aid teachers should also enjoy the arduous remote areas subsidies for their counterparts in Xinjiang at the same time. Aid teachers who work in southern Xinjiang should enjoy the stipulations Nanjiang work subsidy.

Counterpart Aid to Tibet and Aid Provinces and Cities in Azerbaijan A subsidy to assist Tibetans in aid of Xinjiang can be given an appropriate living subsidy according to the subsidy standards of the current cadres and talents. Tibet and Xinjiang shall, according to the stipulations, purchase insurance for personal accidental injury during the period of Tibet aid and aid to Xinjiang for each supportive teacher. Each year, they assist the aid and aid teachers in Tibet to visit Xinjiang for physical examination once in Tibet. Medical expenses incurred as a result of illness, according to my medical relationship and related regulations. Tibetans in aid and aid Xinjiang should enjoy normal visits to relatives and summer or winter vacations according to the relevant provisions of the affected areas, and may not participate in the activities and study organized by winter and summer vacations. No vacation, according to the relevant provisions of a unit can be reimbursed by a dependents access to the recipient’s travel expenses.

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