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Is still doing instrumentation to detect allergens? The country has halted a hospital still doing

                    (Original title: National halt illegal allergen detection is still not rectification hospital doctor: the grassroots less stringent)


还在做仪器检测过敏原?国家已叫停 有医院仍在做

Central Broadcasting Network Beijing December 24 According to the Voice of China “Evening News Peak” reported earlier this year, the Voice of China exclusive coverage of the “biophysical treatment of allergens is not reliable” News, press survey found that imported from Germany Baikang, Mora two instruments, are widely used in major hospitals for allergen testing. But there are foreign papers that such instruments do not fly, and even papers that the technology is “pseudo-science.”

After the report was broadcast, the State Food and Drug Administration and the State Health Planning Commission issued a document requiring that such instruments be banned from testing for allergens and that the application for registration of the two products should be rejected, which means that the newly produced such Instrument can not be sold in the country. However, according to a survey conducted by the reporter, many hospitals still use such instruments to detect allergens in violation of regulations. More doctors have said “big truths” and “grassroots investigation is not so strict.”

After the report was broadcast, the State Food and Drug Administration investigated the alleged violation of allergens by the “Baikang and Mola Biophysical Instrument” reported in the report and found that the approval range for such products was only Limited to “clinical adjuvant therapy for patients with allergic diseases,” and did not approve its use for allergen testing and other purposes, verified by the regulatory authorities, there are some medical institutions exist to exceed the scope of the use of such products. National Health Planning Commission requirements, shall not use the instrument for non-compliance purposes.

However, according to a press survey, there are still many hospitals in different parts of the country that violate regulations for such allergens testing. The reporter came to a private hospital in Beijing as a patient and found that they were still using such instruments to detect allergens and did a full test to reporters.

After testing, the reporter suddenly found himself allergic to fish, peanuts and even saccharin, the reporter said he did not have any allergy symptoms, the doctor said the test shows that there will be allergies. At present, “biophysical treatment” technology does not take medicine without injections and quickly obtain the results, which generally allow the patient to do it.

Hospital: Can not drink, all fish can not eat, peanuts can not eat, beef can not eat, fungus these.

Reporter: But I was fine before these.

Hospital: This period of time can not eat.

Reporter: What is this period of time?

Hospitals: This does not last forever. Reporter: It seems that I have recently had a drink and eat fish.

Hospitals: Take note.

Reporter: This test fly it?

Hospitals: You can, paste that for 48 hours, and some people will foam, allergy is very serious, generally do not do that.

Not only in Beijing, a survey by a reporter found that many hospitals in Shanghai, Jilin, Shandong and other places are still using such instruments to detect allergies.

Why are hospitals still not complying with the rules after the state below? And the original instrument to approve the “allergy disease adjuvant therapy”, what is it? Effective? When a reporter asked about this issue, one of the manufacturers of Mola Company, General Manager Jiang Qingfeng of China Agent, could not answer for a short time and suggested that journalists go online to find or use the experts they used to ask.

Reporters searched keywords like “allergy” and “adjuvant therapy” and found no explanation for “adjuvant therapy for allergic diseases”.

In Jiang Qingfeng’s introduction, the reporter contacted the self-proclaimed instrument of this type and works very well – Xu Ping, director of the otolaryngology department of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. However, in the interview, Xu Ping regarded the reporter as Equipment manufacturers, out of the back of the “secret”, the state will not allow the use of such products for allergen testing, and they have other ways, this adjuvant therapy or treatment, in fact, by their flexible grasp of equipment Still usable.

Reporter: The state said that it will not allow allergen testing. Xu Ping: Then you do not finish treatment.

Reporter: adjuvant therapy?

Xu Ping: What is the master, what is the auxiliary, this is a flexible grasp, but you have to do the work, which can be changed. Xu Ping said that although the state requires that biophysical instruments be banned from allergen testing, they are not strictly implemented at the grassroots level.

Reporter: Did your hospital receive notification from your superiors? Xu Ping: Nothing, at most, the business stopped. To the grassroots is not so strict implementation, the state talk about it, there is no reason to do.

Director Xu Ping also suggested that manufacturers should do more work to get the registration card revoked, otherwise it will not be used anymore. “The new equipment can not do the card is your problem, we have to use the old equipment has been used to complete the bad thing, the new equipment you want to work, you will not buy us in the future, after the useless.”

Central Environmental Inspectorate Group: Qinghai Lake illegal tourism development outstanding

                    (Original title: Feedback from Central Seventh Environmental Protection Inspectorate to Qinghai Province)


中央环保督察组:青海湖违规开发旅游问题突出 On October 6, 2015, reporter visited Qinghai Lake and visited several scenic spots and found that some tourist sites were littered with garbage and were not handled in time. Photo / Vision China

Xining, Xinhua News Agency, December 24 The Seventh Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group of the Central Government submitted a supervision and inspection report to Qinghai Province on the 24th. Inspectorate pointed out that Qinghai is the birthplace of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Lancang River and plays an important role in safeguarding national ecological security. Although the ecological and environmental protection in the province has made positive progress, ecological and environmental problems still exist in some areas and regions.

From August 8 to September 8 this year, the Seventh Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group conducted an environmental protection inspector in Qinghai Province. Inspectors believe that Qinghai has promulgated the promotion of eco-civilization construction regulations, the overall program of eco-civilization construction and implementation of the views and other documents, the initial construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection system. For example, vigorously promote the pilot system of the Three Rivers National Park and push forward the ecological protection and construction of the Three Rivers, Hoh Xil to declare the success of the natural world heritage has played a leading role in the pilot reform of the national park system.

Qinghai attaches great importance to the work of the Central Environmental Protection Inspector and strictly investigates cases of mass environmental complaints and makes it public. As of October 31, 2299 environmental supervision reports handed over by the inspection team have all been handled, a total of 2,021 corrections were ordered, 47 cases punished, a fine of 3.8 million yuan, 4 cases investigated, 30 detained and 195 interviews , Accountability 184 people.

Inspection pointed out that the major problems existing in the work of eco-environmental protection in Qinghai are as follows:

First, the concept of ecological priority is not yet firmly established, and protection is still giving way to development. Qinghai Lake Authority, the Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments of the relevant planning, still in the core area of ​​Bird Island, Sand Island as the main tourist attractions; based on the policy advice, 2013-2016 should complete 35 Water pollution control projects, as of the inspector still 6 are not built, 5 have not yet started, but did not carry out the annual assessment accountability, assessment workflow in the form.

Second, the development of illegal tourism in nature reserves is outstanding, and the progress of ecological restoration is slow. Qinghai Lake and other nature reserves in violation of the development of tourism outstanding, around Qinghai Lake illegal occupation of grassland area of ​​more than 140,000 square meters; Qaidam Haloxylon forest nature reserve Dulan sub-area a total of 58000 acres of land reclamation, which occupy the core area, buffer Area of ​​32000 acres; According to planning requirements, by the end of 2015 should be completed 129 key dismantling geological environment engineering, as of the inspector still 47 unfinished; the province has compiled 25 hydropower development planning, only 3 Obtained approval from the development and reform authorities and 10 passed the review of planning EIA; since 2013, 21 industrial and mining projects have illegally occupied 16,400 mu of grassland.

In 2018, the two sessions of the provincial and municipal governments successively determined more and more emphasis on general discipline

                    (Original title: 2018 Provincial Committee of two sessions one after another to determine more emphasis on general discipline)


BEIJING BEIJING, Dec. 24 / At the beginning of each year, all localities will enter the annual two-time local time at local provincial level. According to statistics, at least 28 provinces have now decided on the convening time of provincial people’s congress. In 2018, the provincial and local governments will complete the general election of provincial people’s congresses, governments and CPPCC committees. In recent years, more and more places will also emphasize strict discipline and strict discipline to ensure a clean and up-to-date conference.

资料图:2017年1月13日,广西壮族自治区第十二届人民代表大会第六次会议在南宁开幕。胡雁 摄 Data Figure: January 13, 2017, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Twelfth People’s Congress sixth meeting was opened in Nanning. Hu Yancao

Successive Confirmation of Provincial and Municipal Party Bodies in 2018

On December 22, the “Liberation Daily” disclosed that the first meeting of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress will be held on January 23, 2018 Day held, January 29 closing, afternoon of January 22 held a preparatory meeting.

On the same day, Tianjin media reported that the 40th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 16th NPC in Tianjin decided to hold the first meeting of the 17th NPC on January 24, 2018.

Including Shanghai and Tianjin, according to public information, the statistics from the Xinhua-Net reporter are incomplete. At present, at least 28 provinces will convene the provincial people’s congress to be held next month.

Observe the timing of provincial people’s congresses at various localities. From January 22 to January 26, 2018, at least 18 provinces met in “get together”. For example, Shandong, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui, Gansu and Tibet all set the meeting time as “1”, although some provinces did not disclose the specific time of the Provincial People’s Congress. Month later “, Sichuan will be the meeting time as” end of January “, Jilin meeting time as” by the end of January. ”

In addition, according to the decision of the 33rd meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee held in the end of November this year, the first meeting of the 13-member large people in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is scheduled to be held in Urumqi in January 2018. The specific date of the meeting has not been public information.

Apart from provincial people’s congress, the convening date of the CPPCC meeting or the proposed date of the convening has also been announced in such provinces as Hubei, Hainan and Tianjin.

资料图:2016年12月25日,十二届全国人大常委会第二十五次会议表决通过全国人大常委会关于在北京市、山西省、浙江省开展国家监察体制改革试点工作的决定。中新社记者 刘震 摄 Materials: On December 25, 2016, the 25th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress (NPC) passed the resolution of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on carrying out pilot projects of national monitoring system reform in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang provinces decision. China News Agency reporter Liu Zhen photo

Clearly to elect provincial supervision commissioner

Compared with the provincial and municipal conventions of the ordinary year, as the general year, there are no doubt about the personnel issues at the provincial and the provincial levels this year Concerned.

Taking provincial people’s congress as an example, most of the agenda items already published in various places except for six regular reports on the review and review of government work have listed the relevant election items of the congress. Among them, Most provinces have made it clear that they will elect provincial supervision commissioners.

In December 2016, the NPC Standing Committee passed the decision to carry out the pilot work on the reform of the state oversight system in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang provinces. It was clarified that the director of the pilot area supervision commission was elected by the people’s congress at the corresponding level. At the provincial people’s congress earlier this year, the provincial pilot of the above three pilot sites was elected. At the end of October of this year, the CPC Central Committee issued the “Pilot Program on Promoting the Reform of the National Surveillance System across the Country” at the end of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. On the basis of summarizing the experience of reform pilot projects in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang Provinces, Pilot reforms in all parts of the country. The program also requires that a three-tier monitoring committee be established at the provincial, municipal and county people’s congresses to be held early next year by the end of next year so that the reform closely links up with the general election of local people’s congresses. In November this year, the NPC Standing Committee passed the decision to pilot the reform of state oversight throughout the country.

Reporters observed that at present, some provinces have clearly defined the timetable for setting up a third-level ombudsman for local provinces, prefectures and cities. For example, Anhui, Hunan and Liaoning Provinces will explicitly complete the establishment of provincial, prefectural and prefectural commissioners of monitoring at the third level by January 2018, and Sichuan will complete the formation by early February, 2018. Guizhou will definitely complete the establishment by the end of February.

资料图:2017年1月15日,湖北省第十二届人民代表大会第五次会议在武汉开幕。 中新社记者 张畅 摄 Information Figure: January 15, 2017, Hubei Province, the twelfth session of the Fifth People’s Congress opened in Wuhan. China News Agency reporter Zhang Chang photo

Multi-emphasis on general discipline to ensure a clean and upright atmosphere

At the beginning of each year, provincial and local governments at the provincial level can be described as the preheating and blowing of hot topics in the two sessions of the National People’s Congress. As the first provincial-level local conference of the two places since the 19th congress, this year all localities will make clear their development goals and how to plan their development paths at the two sessions, all of which deserve our attention.

In addition, as the two sessions of the general year, more recently, the preparatory work for the conference started with the special emphasis on the general discipline and the conference style.

Juror system legislation: let jury not only “accompanied trial”

                    (Original title: Juror system legislation: let jury not only “accompanied trial”)


Jurors can not be lawless.

Recently, the “Law of the People’s Juror” was first submitted to the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress for consideration. A draft 7-member collegial panel was added to meet the needs of handling major cases. In the 7-member collegial panel, the people’s assessors only participate in the trial of the facts and do not try to apply the law.

Speaking of jurors, many people think of the episode in “Twelve Angry Men”: a jury of twelve ordinary people, unknown to all, who fiercely argued over a murder case. This makes a vivid explanation of the value of the jury system: through direct supervision and embedding of the trial phase, promoting judicial fairness and promoting judicial democracy.

Since it is for the sake of justice and democracy, the system itself has to be more just, more democratic and more reasonable. The jury law will reduce the academic qualifications of the jury as a jury member from the original college level to those with a high school education or above, while the age limit will be raised from 23 years to 28 years of age. Emphasis should be put on the experience reserve while relaxing academic qualifications The universality of the selection of jurors “gives a wider range of people an opportunity to choose their own people’s jurors.”

Judging from the current practice, the jury’s impression on many people is still the so-called fact that jurors can not really participate in judicial adjudication. Some collegial panels cooperating with jurors actually lack the collegiality of collegiality .

The jury draft law clarified the types and terms of reference of the jury members participating in judicial proceedings through legislation. In the current tripartite collegiate bench mode, jury members are ensured without distinction between factual examination and legal trial A sense of participation The test to be faced here is how to truly participate in collegiate panel discussions that do not differentiate between factual and legal trials and how to avoid the phenomenon of “adjudication but not deliberation” without jury members who have neither professional knowledge nor systematic legal training?

The newly added seven-person collegiate bench clearly stipulates that jurors only participate in the trial of fact-finding issues and do not try to deal with the application of law. Thus, legislators also see the plight of jurors in fact participating in judicial discretion. There is no doubt that jurors, driven by social experience and simple justice, have the ability to make basic factual judgments on cases on the basis of substantive judicial hearings and hearings. And whether jurors can really play the original intention of system design is also a test of the practice of the new seven-person collegiate bench.

Ministry of Finance notified more than 71 local government illegal debt disposal

                    (The original title: Ministry of Finance against local governments to borrow debt again ringing the alarm, city bonds cast or will be rigid)


Two notifications from the Ministry of Finance once again led to the “gray rhinoceros” of local debt.

On December 22, the Ministry of Finance announced to the public that two provinces in Jiangsu and Guizhou recently verified the issue of illegal and indebtedness borrowing by local governments. Except for ordering the rectification within a prescribed time limit, 71 relevant responsible persons were also punished to varying degrees.

Although this is not the first time that the Ministry of Finance has handled the issue of guaranteeing the debt illegally and violating regulations, the timing of this notification is sensitive and releases the important signal that the Central Party Committee and the State Council will take greater efforts to prevent and defuse the debts of local governments in 2018, according to Xinhua News Agency. .

Industrial Research City Cheng Cheng investment industry analyst to surging news analysts said the Ministry of Finance to release this signal is a wake-up call for local governments to help curb the impulse of local governments to invest in debt, in the long run will help reduce the investment Systematic risk of debt.

For now, the problem of high local debt is getting worse. In July this year, officials of the Central Government Finance Office explicitly listed local debts as one of the five “gray rhino” in China’s economic development that needs vigilance. In addition, the Audit Commission and the Ministry of Finance have repeatedly informed local governments about illegal debt.

He Jinjin, a macro team analyst at Industrial Research believes that local debt risk issues have to be disposed of both from a foreign and a domestic perspective. However, Yang Zhiyong, a researcher at the Academy of Financial and Economic Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told surging news that it is not appropriate to deal with the local debt issue after all, for various reasons. It is still necessary to solve the problem in development, because development can form a revenue stream. “It is necessary to manage strictly on the basis of appropriately raising the debt limit.”

The Key of Debt Risk is No Output of Debt

The essence of debt problem is the relationship between input and output.

Zhong Hui Yong, a lecturer at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Institute of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, told the surging news that if there is output on debt, there is actually no fear of debt repayment because there is no risk of default. Now everyone is worried about the debt risk. In fact, the key issue is that there is no output on the debt. Therefore, we are worried about the risk of default caused by the debt. At present, the investment by local governments is mostly biased toward major infrastructure projects such as railways, highways and airports, as well as livelihood projects and infrastructure projects such as water, electricity and roads in rural areas, with a generally low financial rate of return. Zhong Huiyong pointed out that while the problem of local debts is now that the debt / GDP ratio in the less developed regions is higher, the debt repayment ability in these areas is weaker. If there is a problem with the debt repayments in these areas, the final pressure will inevitably be transferred to the central government.

Cheng Qian told surging news that from the perspective of risk, the biggest problem can be said is that the growth rate is too fast, and the regional differences are very big. The implicit debt burden in some areas is already very serious. In addition, when local governments borrow money, the land in their hands will rise in value and intend to pay off land sales. However, land price increases are hard to sustain. If the housing prices fall, the revenue side of the government will also be affected.

According to the semi-annual report of financial platform and the third quarterly estimates, the growth rate of interest-bearing debt of financing platform this year is about 15%, higher than the growth rate of overall financial revenue. “Cheng Qian said.

City investment bonds are still in the risk accumulation period and will be broken sooner or later.

The most important point to behold by HE Jinjin is that under the current policy guidance, the city will vote for bonds next year as the “last Faith “, rigid payment may be broken. He Jin said that this is the market point of view the biggest risk point.

The so-called city investment bonds refer to the bonds raised by local government investment and financing platform companies that raise funds for local economic and social development, including corporate bonds, corporate bonds, medium-term notes, short-term financing bills, non-public oriented financing instruments )Wait.

In general, the cost of financing has been on the rise due to the low yield of local government investment projects. If a local financing platform default, this will not only affect the follow-up financing of the financing platform, but also affect the sustainability of the entire financial system financing. Based on this, local governments, in order to meet the financing needs of their financing platforms and reduce their financing costs, will use “rigid payment” as a guarantee.

For reasons of the “rigid payment” of local financing platforms, Zhong Huiyong analyzed the surging news that it is above all the regulatory requirement that “there should be no default in capital markets.” Furthermore, local governments can ensure zero default on local financing through various coordination. Even when borrowing money, some local governments’ financial departments will issue corresponding “letters of commitment” in order to guarantee the repayment of debts. In addition, local governments in China can not go bankrupt between the central and local governments, so the central government may rescue even when the local government faces a breach of contract.

Zhonghui Yong said that the more special-purpose transfer payments from the central government, the larger the size of local governments’ government-issued bonds, the reason behind this is the local government’s moral hazard resulting from the existence of the bailout expectation. Cheng Cheng told surging news, the recent city investment bonds are still in the stage of risk accumulation, but the city has just cast a vote sooner rather than later to be broken. On the one hand, the debt in some regions has indeed reached an unacceptable level. On the other hand, it is hard to afford to completely break the disorderly expansion of the city-to-city bonds and to complete the reform of the government investment and financing system.

In fact, as early as 2014, the State Council promulgated the “Opinions of the State Council on Strengthening Administration of Local Government Debt” (ie “Circular 43”), which stipulates that local governments can no longer borrow money through the financing platform. In other words, the new debts of local financing platforms no longer belong to government debt after that, and local governments no longer assume the responsibility of repaying or rescuing them. However, after 2015, many local governments still continue to borrow through the financing platform. Rigid payment, the debt default risk is largely ignored.

“However, the liquidity of the financing platform is generally good at present, with lots of cash and it will be hard to say whether it will break the market next year or not. I think at least it will not happen on a large scale.” Cheng Qian said.

On the basis of an appropriate increase in the debt limit, based on the strict management

on regulatory risk of local debt issues, the CASS Institute of Finance researcher Yang Zhiyong strategy, told the news emotion, certainly not across the board, after the formation of a variety of debt The reason is different. It is still necessary to solve the problem in development, because development can form a revenue stream.

Plane when the boat open! China self-developed large aircraft AG600 first flight today

                    (Original title: heaven and earth AG600 this first flight)



“This is a boat that can fly and is a swimming aircraft.” The world’s most researched AG600, the world’s largest amphibious aircraft under investigation, will host its first R u0026 D test flight at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport today.

China’s large fire extinguishing and water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600, which was independently developed by China, completed the final assembly and assembly line in Zhuhai on July 23 last year. This year it completed the low, middle and high speed gliding tests and the technical review of the first flight in Zhuhai. On December 7, the AG600 amphibious aircraft obtained a charter flight permit, indicating that the first test-and-flight development of the AG600 aircraft is about to take place.

AG600 Today’s First Flight

As one of the “three big aircraft” in China, the large amphibious aircraft AG600, carrying the mission of the country and the nation, is the largest amphibious aircraft under study in the world today Is another major achievement made by our country in the field of large aircraft after China’s large-scale transport aircraft transport -20 and C919 large-scale passenger aircraft developed independently. This has filled in the blank of China’s development in the field of large amphibious aircraft and has provided a platform for the development of China’s large aircraft family Add a strong “heavyweight player.” AG600 aircraft assembly line in South China Aviation Industry successfully completed assembly line on July 23 last year, April 29, 2017, AG600 in Zhuhai for the first time on the ground glide test, on May 20, AG600 successfully completed the first low-speed glide test . In recent months, AG600 has successfully completed the high-speed gliding test.

December 1-3 this year, AG600 first flight technical quality review meeting and the first flight release review meeting held in Zhuhai successively. After questioning and discussion, the panel believes that the current AG600 aircraft has reached the status of its first flight, and has agreed to pass the first flight technical quality assessment. On December 7, the AG600 amphibious aircraft obtained the license number SFP5036 issued by Central South Bureau, which indicates that the first test flight of the AG600 will be conducted soon. According to the arrangement of relevant units, today AG600 will make its first flight test at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport.


What can AG600 do?

forest fire a single administration of 12 tons of water

large fire / water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 is to meet our forest fire fighting and the urgent need for water rescue, first the development of large civil aircraft for special uses, the national emergency rescue System construction urgently needed major aviation equipment. Its amphibious, load capacity, long range, moderate ceiling, speed range, good low-altitude flight performance and many other characteristics, especially for fire monitoring and forest fire fighting, search and rescue shipwreck, maritime rights and interests of the ocean Environmental monitoring and protection. In addition, it can be used in marine monitoring, customs anti-smuggling, environment and resource monitoring, air transport, air sightseeing and private business, and has a very wide range of applications.

The AG600 is an ideal fire-fighting tool because it can quickly reach the fire place and extinguish the fire source as soon as possible. It has the advantages of quick dispatching speed, quick fire area, large water input volume, high fire extinguishing efficiency and wide coverage.

After receiving the forest fire instruction, the AG600 can fly over the fire area after watering at the onshore airport to the water tank or taxiing to the waters near the fire source. Depending on the fire command system’s unified command, depending on the size of the fire, or Direct back and forth water spray fire extinguishing, or multi-machine centralized fire fighting. AG600 maximum carrying capacity of 12 tons, 20 seconds can be a draw 12 tons of water, a single investment fire fighting area up to 4000 square meters, can be a single vote 12 tons of water, you can also batches water; and For the trapped personnel and other fire-fighting personnel and fire fighting machinery to open up and access to the safe area fire zone.


single incorrigible water rescue 50 people

AG600 In addition to the “fire experts”, or open sea “rescue expert.” Sea rescue time of 12 hours, in the event of a crew member in the sea accident immersed in seawater below 20 ℃, life-saving time will be greatly reduced. However, China’s water rescue system and rescue facilities are relatively backward, far from being able to meet the needs of launching water rescue work in the new era. For the rescue of the distant sea, if the rescue with a boat, the time-consuming will be very long; the helicopter to perform the task is very efficient, but more than 500 km mission radius distance, they are “no useless.”

Correspondingly, AG600 has the speed, the maximum cruising speed of 500 km / h, the maximum flight time of 12 hours; the maximum range of 4500 km. The AG600 aircraft can carry out surface rescue operations under the complicated weather conditions of 2 meters of high waves. Emergency rescue on the water can rescue 50 people in distress at one time and provide guarantee for rescuing COSCO water from the sea. The advantage of the AG600 compared to a ship at sea is its speed, which is more than ten times faster than a salvage ship. AG600 maximum rescue radius of up to 1600km, covering most of China’s maritime and exclusive economic zones, especially in our country the main sea route within the main. After receiving the rescue instruction, the AG600 immediately carried the necessary rescue equipment to flew to the designated waters, visualized and utilized airborne search and search equipment to search through the horizons to determine the position and coordinates of the vessels and people in distress and timely report to the local In case of weather and water conditions, the aircraft directly landed on the water surface, water rescue, the use of life-saving equipment such as airborne mobile lifeboats, near the distress officers, rescue the distress directly to the machine, the necessary emergency Disposal. If the surface of the water storm is too large and exceeds the ability of the aircraft to take off and land, lifesaving equipment, medicines, food and water will be delivered to the victims at low or very low altitude to increase the chance of rescuing people in distress and to win time for other relief measures.

The design and manufacture of AG600 has filled the gap of China’s large amphibious aircraft and laid a solid foundation for the construction of China’s emergency rescue system.

Mid-air flying in the sky above the sea

Chinese legislation proposes to clarify the system of punishment for people’s assessors

                    (Original title: China’s legislation to clarify the people’s jury disciplinary mechanism)


Beijing, December 23 Xinhua The draft People’s Juror Law currently under consideration at the 31st meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee sets forth the exit and punishment mechanism for the people’s assessors, Jury activities in favoritism will be publicly notified within the jurisdiction.

China Maritime Police Ship Formation cruised on the waters of Diaoyu Island on December 24

                    (Original title: Chinese maritime police ship formation on December 24 in China’s Diaoyu Islands territorial waters cruise)


 资料图:海警舰艇。中新社发 罗文炫 摄 Information Figure: Maritime Police. Xinhua News Agency issued Luo Wenshang photo

BEIJING, Dec. 24, according to the State Oceanic Administration website news, December 24, the Chinese marine police 2306,2502,2106 ship formation in China Diaoyu Islands collar cruise.

微信截图_20171224095843_副本.png Chinese State Oceanic Administration website screenshot

According to overseas online: December 24 electric u0026 nbsp; 2017 Nian December 24, Chinese maritime police ship fleet in me 2306,2502,2106 Diaoyu Islands territorial waters cruise. Japanese media said that three Chinese maritime police boats have entered its so-called “territorial waters.”

According to the Japan NHK news report, the Japan Coast Guard confirmed that three Chinese maritime police boats had sailed within 12 nautical miles of the Diaoyu Islands. At 9:29 on the 23rd local time, the Japanese government upgraded the intelligence liaison office set up at the Prime Minister’s Office’s crisis management center to the official residence countermeasures room to collect intelligence and monitor surveillance. China Maritime Police (Source: NHK Japan)

The Second Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary went to Beijing to study this trip has these three points

                    (Original title: Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection trip to Fujian 3 points)


Zhao Leji appeared in Fujian Province at the conclusion of the Central Economic Work Conference the next day.

According to official reports, the Central Economic Work Conference was held from December 18 to December 20, while Zhao Leji was investigated in Fujian from January 21 to September 23.

This is the second time after the 19th National Congress, Zhao Leji went to Beijing for research. However, in the strict sense, this should be regarded as the first investigation after Zhao Leji’s newly appointed Standing Committee. The last one was out of Beijing in November, he went to Shanxi to participate in the national pilot program to promote the reform of the national pilot work to mobilize and deploy Video conference call, take the opportunity to Jinzhong research. After the 19th National Congress, apart from the much-anticipated 7th NPC Standing Committee, they collectively went to a large site to review the affirmation of joining the party. Many of the members of the Standing Committee also have their respective posts in Beijing. Such as Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang successively to Jiangsu, Hubei research; Wang Yang to Jiangsu to participate in the first new farmers entrepreneurship innovation conference, to Guangdong to attend the “Fortune” Forum; Wang Huning to Wuzhen to attend the Internet Conference.

Leaders travel to Beijing for a compact and frequent arrangement. Several have “set” meetings. Like Li Keqiang to Hubei, he also presided over the working symposium of 11 free trade pilot zones throughout the country. During his visit to Guangdong, Wang Yang also attended the national customs clearance work to promote the on-site meeting. Wang Huning also transferred from Wuzhen to Jiaxing and presided over the promotion of “Red Ship Spirit “forum.

This time Zhao Leji went to Fujian, and in a matter of three days he moved to Fujian and Fujian and convened a special meeting. So, the new Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary this trip, what are the points? First, after the Central Economic Work Conference, there are profound implications for the trip. Government know Xinhua News Agency broadcast the news, the full text of more than 900 words, of which nearly half of the report covers the Xiandu County, Ningde City, Dongle village. What’s happening here? In Mindong, one of his major focuses is to visit poor households and care about the governance of corruption and work style in poverty areas.

Readers familiar with current affairs should remember that the just concluded Central Economic Work Conference proposed that the next three years should focus on the three major tough offensive battles in building a well-off society in an all-round way. One of them is “getting rid of poverty precisely.” Just before the convening of the Central Economic Work Conference, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to carry out the special governance of corruption and work style in poverty areas from 2018 to 2020 with the objective of “providing a strong force to ensure that the poor in rural areas will be free from poverty by 2020 under the current standards in our country Discipline protection “. December 15, political Zhijun favorite show – CCTV “News Network” also specifically exposed eight cases of corruption and style of work in the field of poverty typical cases. In fact, this is an important task that the Central Government has been constantly trying to grasp since the 18th National Congress of the CPC. To lift poverty out of poverty is a major political task well-known to all while providing a powerful guarantee for this task is what the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has been trying hard to do.

The Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection put forward the principle of “providing strict guarantees to win the battle against poverty”. In January 17 this year, the Seventh Central Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Party further proposed “carrying out special rectification in the field of poverty alleviation.”

In the past two years, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has also conducted several meetings on the theme of supervision and discipline in the field of poverty alleviation. It was held in April and September last year respectively. They were secretary of the Central Secretariat, Zhao Hongzhu, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Deputy secretary Yang Xiaodu attended.

In July this year, it opened a television and telephone conference on accountability for supervision and administration of discipline in the field of poverty alleviation, setting more than 3,000 sub-venues and over 120,000 discipline inspection and supervision cadres in provincial cities, counties and prefectures throughout the country. At that time, he was a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Wang Qishan speech. Three months later, Zhao Leji took over the post of secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and overseeing discipline in the field of poverty alleviation. The string has never been relaxed and will remain promising in the next three years.

Second, the reform of the supervisory system is the key point. Zheng noted that Zhao Leji conducted a research in Fujian these days. The NPC Standing Committee meeting was held in Beijing. It is one of the important agenda to review the draft of the supervision law. In other words, the reform of the supervisory system has come into full swing and there are still crucial moments for legislative protection. The Central Government also attaches great importance to this issue. Xi Jinping presided over the meetings of the Politburo, the Standing Committee of the Politburo, and the special study of the Central Committee of the Shenzhen Restructuring Subcommittee on 6 occasions. Zhao Leji’s meeting in Shanxi in November was also approved by the Central Government. Followed by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ministry of Supervision 7 ministerial officials intensive study in Beijing, Zhao Yueji again in December research. One of the rhythm intensity, I believe can see clearly.

Third, a special meeting was opened. Central leaders to local open forums are common, in recent years, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to the local government to convene a number of provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection leaders also have conventions. For example, seven years ago, when he was Politburo Standing Committee Member and Central Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary He Guoqiang arrived in Xi’an, he convened some forums of provincial (district, city) commissioners of discipline inspection commissions. Wang Qishan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and Central Discipline Inspection Commission, Jiangsu research has also presided over some provincial and municipal discipline inspection commission secretary forum.

Zhao Leji this time to Fujian, also held a discipline inspection cadre to meet, but the object is more, to hear the name of the meeting to know – “some of the central state organs discipline inspection team leader and provincial, county discipline inspection commission.”

first! Network Security Law to implement less than three months that law enforcement inspection started

                    (Original title: Supervisory work of the NPC Standing Committee for the first time: the implementation of network security law less than three months that law enforcement inspection)


“It is the first time for a NPC Standing Committee to supervise the implementation of a new law enacted in less than three months,” said Wang Shengjun, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, on the morning of December 24.

Wang Shengjun said the law is June 1, 2017 began the implementation of network security law. From August to October this year, six vice-chairmen of the Standing Committee of the NPC, including Wang Shengjun, visited six provinces and municipalities in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and Chongqing to examine the Cyber ​​Security Law and the decision on strengthening the protection of Internet information (6) Hereafter referred to as “the implementation of a law and a decision.”

On December 24, the law enforcement inspection report was placed on the table of the 31st meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee. Wang Shengjun made a report.

Wang Shengjun said In order to have a better understanding of the implementation of the “One Law One Decision”, this law enforcement inspection has made some new attempts at ways and means, for example, involving third-party specialized agencies.

From early September to mid-October this year, law enforcement inspection The group selected 20 important information systems from each of the 6 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities that conducted site inspections and entrusted the China Information Security Evaluation Center to carry out vulnerability scanning and simulation attacks and issue professional inspection reports on the network security conditions of the tested systems.7_89456_13_6547 3_9

In addition, the law enforcement inspection team also commissioned the Social Investigation Center of China Youth Daily to conduct public opinion surveys in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities on the “one law and one decision” that are closely related to the public and issued a survey Report, a total of 10,370 people participated in the survey.

Wang Shengjun believes that the orderly participation of third-party agencies has strengthened the professional, authoritative and objective integrity of this inspection.

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