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The nine people gave the plan a gift to send six of them officials

                    (Original title: 9 people related to the plan)


December 22, Winter Solstice.

Three years ago, at the solstice, at 8:00 pm, the official website of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission released the news: The CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman and Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee ordered the plan to commit serious violations of discipline and is currently under investigation by the organization.

In May last year, the plan was sentenced to death: 7 – 89456_7_65473_9 because of taking bribes, obtaining state secrets illegally, and being sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Governor noted that since its fall three years ago, a series of personnel related to the plan have gradually surfaced. Just two days ago, another provincial and ministerial official who was arrested came under scrutiny. On December 20, Caijing magazine reported that a senior Shaanxi provincial official disclosed that when handling the case of Wei Minzhou, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, Wei Jianzhou found that Wei Minzhou had passed a businessman and gave him The former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee plans to make a valuable calligraphy and painting of his wife Gu Liping. In May this year, Wei Minzhou for serious violations of discipline, to accept the organization review; in August was double open, the highest month of the arrest of the month, put on file for investigation.

“Government Affairs Children” noticed that in public reports, including Wei Minzhou, officials and businessmen who sent money to the planners and sent their belongings for a total of 9 people. Here Of these, 6 are officials.

这位省部级官员落马 曾给令计划妻子送名贵字画

In April this year, Pan Yiyang, former vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government, was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment for accepting bribes and giving bribes.

Judgment: From 2000 to 2013, the defendant Pan Yanyang sought the illegitimate interests from time to time. He successively gave the secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the chief of the Central Committee several times the planned property, equivalent to RMB 7.61 million yuan.

这位省部级官员落马 曾给令计划妻子送名贵字画

In July 2016, in the first instance of the order plan, the same 7.61 million yuan worth of bribes were also mentioned.

In the trial, the Public Prosecution Service broadcast a testimony video of Pan Yiyang and others, ordered the plan to seek benefits for Pan Yiyang. “Accepting, knowing and approving Gu Liping accepts the total property value of RMB7.61 million granted by Pan Yiyang.”

In September 2014, Pan Yanyang accepted an organizational investigation and was “doubly open” on October 16, 2015.

“Government Affairs Children” noticed that was “double-opened” on the same day as Pan Yiyang and there was the former Standing Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional Party Committee and Yu Yuanhui, the former secretary of Nanning Municipal Committee, who gave bribes to the plan.

From 2006 to 2008, Yu Yuanhui was the mayor of Guangxi Wuzhou. According to media reports, when Yu Yuanhui was Mayor of Wuzhou, “Several local bosses helped him to deliver the benefits of tens of millions of dollars to the head of the Central Executive Office before he took the fast lane of the promotion.”

Since then, in 2008, Yu Yuanhui was promoted to secretary of Wuzhou municipal party committee and was elected member of the Party Committee of Guangxi Autonomous Region in the same year, ranking among the provincial and ministerial levels.

The Governor noted that officials in the proposed trial bill also mentioned several bribes paid to them: Li Chuncheng, former deputy secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and former vice chairman of the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee Bai Enpei, former deputy director of the National Tourism Administration Hawk.

这位省部级官员落马 曾给令计划妻子送名贵字画

verdict, disclosed the specific amount Li City and BaiEnPei bribery: the scheme “as Li City to seek benefits, knowingly and recognized Gu Liping accepting Li City administration euros equivalent to RMB 89 million yuan; to BaiEnPei seek the value of property interests, accepting BaiEnPei given 600,000 yuan. “

amount of bribes to Hawke’s not clear, expressed as” (the scheme) help others Hawke job promotion, etc., alone or And Gu Liping jointly accept the gifts from Hawke and others. “

In October 2015, Li Chuncheng was convicted. According to the judgment, it was found that 3979 million yuan was taken for bribes, directly or through his wife and others, resulting in a loss of public property of more than 500 million yuan. In the end, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison and confiscated 1 million yuan in personal property.

In October 2016, Bai Enpei took 226 million yuan in bribes and sentenced him to death. After his suspended execution of his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment of two years, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and not commuted or parole.

这位省部级官员落马 曾给令计划妻子送名贵字画

Beijing allows foreign investors to set up entertainment venues without investment restrictions

                    (Original title: State Council issued “on Beijing temporarily adjust the administrative examination and approval and access to special management measures”)


Beijing, December 22 (Xinhua) The State Council recently issued the “Decision on Temporarily Adjusting the Administrative Examination and Approval and Special Adoption Measures in Beijing” (the “Decision”) as approved by Premier Li Keqiang.

In order to implement the strategic plan of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on cultivating new advantages in open economy development and building a new open economic system, further deepen the reform of “running and serving” services and create an international, market-oriented and law-based business environment, In June this year, the State Council approved and approved the comprehensive pilot program on deepening reform and pushing forward the expansion of the service industry in Beijing. Beijing will further open its doors to key sectors such as science and technology services, cultural and educational services, financial services, business and tourism services, and health and medical services, and relax restrictions on access such as qualification requirements, investment ratios and business scope so as to promote the reform and opening up Opening up of the service industry, innovation and development momentum, improve service quality and effectiveness of supply.

In accordance with the law to promote the opening up of relevant key areas in Beijing, the State Council decided to open a new round of opening up measures for the expansion of the service industry in Beijing, and partially approved by the administrative regulations or departmental rules approved by the State Council Into special management measures to be adjusted.

Corporate Social Security Interpretation Enterprise Pension Methods: After the death of the employee account balance can be inherited

                    (Original title: Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Finance jointly issued “Enterprise Annuity Measures”)


Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Enterprise Annuity Measures” (Order No. 36 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”). The Measures are specific measures for implementing the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on establishing a multi-level social security system and vigorously developing the enterprise annuity. On the basis of the continuous improvement of the social security system and the continuous development of the enterprise annuity market in our country, Pensions revised and improved. The Measures will come into force on February 1, 2018.

The Measures specify that enterprise annuity refers to the supplementary pension insurance system independently established by enterprises and their staff and workers upon their participation in the basic old-age insurance according to law. For other employers and their staff and workers participating in the basic old-age insurance for enterprises and workers who have established supplementary pension insurance, they shall be governed by these Measures.

The Measures stipulate that the enterprise annuity expenses shall be paid jointly by the enterprise and the individual staff members and the fund is fully accumulated to establish a personal account for each staff participating in the enterprise annuity. The annual contribution of the enterprise shall not exceed 8% of the total wages of the employees of the enterprise, and the total contributions of the enterprises and employees shall not exceed 12% of the total wages of the employees of the enterprise. The specific expenses shall be determined through negotiation between the enterprise and the employees.

The Measures require that enterprises’ contributions should be included in the employee’s annuity individual accounts according to the proportions and measures determined by the enterprise annuity plan. The employee’s individual contributions shall be charged to the personal annuity accounts of the employees themselves. The current payment of enterprises included in the employee annuity personal accounts shall not exceed the maximum amount of 5 times the average.

Development and Reform Commission: Under the premise of protecting people’s livelihood, actively promote the northern clean heating project

【National Development and Reform Commission: Insisting on Promoting Clean Heating Works in Northern China on the Basis of Protecting Basic Demand of People’s Livelihood] He Lifeng, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the National Development and Reform Conference held on the 22nd that the key point lies in resolutely resolving the tough battle of pollution prevention and control Relationship between good economic growth and environmental protection. Insist on the premise of ensuring the basic needs of people’s livelihood Actively promote the clean heating project in the north. He said that next year, the oil and gas pipeline operation mechanism reform plan will be formulated.

60 after waiting for the appointment of the Commission appointed Hebei Publicity Minister

                    (Former title: Latest Appointment after 60 Secondary Candidates)


After the appointment of secretary of the Tangshan municipal party committee, Hebei Provincial Standing Committee Jiao Yanlong’s whereabouts confirmed, according to media reports, he has served as Propaganda Department of Hebei Provincial Party Committee.

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee has been adjusted frequently. Originally, Tian Xiangli, former member of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial Party Committee and propaganda minister, was re-designated as Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department. Tangshan municipal party committee secretary has been appointed by the new standing member of Hebei Provincial Party Committee Wang Hao. Male, Han nationality, born in September 1960, Hebei Pingshan, joined the Chinese Communist Party in December 1986, joined the work in August 1982, graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a degree in Management Economics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Master degree, Master of Science, chief reporter.

1978.10–1982.08, Nankai University Chinese Language and Literature learning

1982.08–1982.12, Guangming Daily editor

1982.12–1987.01, Huashan Literature and Art Publishing House editor

1987.01–1988.07, Science and Technology Daily Reporter

1988.07–1990.07, Science and Technology Daily Header of Hebei Reporter Station (Zheng Keji)

1990.07–1993.02, Science and Technology Daily Webmaster Station of Hebei Province (Deputy Director level)

1993.02-1994.08, Science and Technology Daily Hebei Correspondent Station Stationmaster (at the level)

1994.08–1996.05, Deputy Commissioner of Science and Technology, Hengshui Administrative Office

1996.05-1996.06, deputy commissioner of Hengshui Administrative Office

1996.06–1996.10, Hengshui City Government responsible person

1996.10–2000.09, Vice Mayor of Hengshui City (during which: 1999.05–1999.07, Hebei Provincial Party School Provincial Cadre Training Workshop)

2000.09–2003.01, Deputy Secretary General and Office of Hebei Provincial Government Party members (2000.07–2001.07, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, postgraduate management economics, Master of Science)

2003.01-2009.02, Hebei Provincial Communications Department Director, Party Secretary (during which: 2006.03 – 2007.01, One-year Training Course for Young Cadres of Central Party School)

85-year-old poet “board” the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, said what?

                    (Original title: 85-year-old poet “board” the Commission for Discipline Inspection, said what?)



Today (December 22), the famous poet Xie Mian “boarded” the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website. In his interview, he published his views and opinions on the new century poems.

The old poet born in 1932 is the chairman of Beijing Literary Critics Association, the dean of Chinese Poetry Research Institute of Peking University, and the director of Chinese New Poetry Institute of Peking University. Mr. Xie Mian

He has published many books and published his monograph on Chinese Literature in the Twentieth Century, 1898: Concerned One Hundred Years, chief editor of the large series of Chinese Literature in the Twentieth Century, One Hundred Years of Chinese Literary Classics, and the Department of Chinese New Poetry. In his words, “I only did one thing in my whole life, that is, studying poetry and studying Chinese new poetry.”


ID: hycplb Noticed that since July 2014, the CCDI website has launched a series of interviews with “Listen to Everyone”. This section, “Oral Record Record, records a bit of Chinese and foreign people talking about life, talk about history, talk about culture, talk about anti-corruption.”

Interviews were mostly cultural masters, famous writer Mo Yan, Chen Zhongshi, Feng Jicai, as well as the famous scholar Li Xueqin, Ye Jiaying, Building Lie, Zhang Qizhi and so on.

Mr. Xie Mian is the object of the latest issue of “Listening to Everyone”. In his interview, he talked about the history of poetry and poetry writing many issues, but literature is not just floating in the air above the reality of the real estate, he also combined with the current reality, pointed out: “Now many poets do not care about the outside world, only care about themselves , Lack of thinking of the times and of life. ”

Mr. Xie also noticed the connection between literature and society and the times. In the context of “speaking a good Chinese story” in the new era, how to create outstanding works that meet the needs of the times and the voice of the people and show the world the climate of a cultural power is a major proposition that many writers and scholars are now thinking .

Mr. Xie Mian said: “I am looking forward to the voice of China and the voice of Chinese poets who should find their place in the global turmoil and make their own voices.” The poet wants to write out contemporary human beings that are worthy of our time The latest thinking, thinking about the whole world, this is the Chinese poet. ”


Mr. Xie’s inscription “Believe in the Future”

It is not only Mr. Tsenem’s talent and knowledge to learn, but also his frustrated attitude to life.

Mr Tsem-ming said: “The dawn is coming when the night arrives.” As the interview commented: “He was born in a war-torn era and has experienced a thorny thunderbolt. However, those who are familiar with Mr. will He was impressed by his hearty laughter and was greatly influenced by his optimistic and passionate attitude toward life. “In his eyes, instead of bowing to misfortune through his painful life, he would rather embrace life with an open and calm attitude.”

Mr. Xie Mian also talked about the topic of combating corruption and upholding integrity. He described it as “a very big thing” and pointed out: “It is a great undertaking to change cadres who are honest and serve the public and hard-working people for the people in the post and appoint a heavy responsibility to the community as a whole, and this will be a tremendous change for our entire community A wish of ordinary intellectuals. ” He also said: “We hope that the state will have more international influence and play more role in the world in promoting world peace and promoting peaceful coexistence among ethnic and religious groups. Very clean China, I hope our country will get better.


“hycplb” noted that some famous cultural experts who have interviewed before will also put forward their views on the anti-corruption topic. For example, Mo Yan once said: “China’s current anti-corruption efforts surpass my imagination.” He also said: “The implementation of a series of anti-corruption policies has made us feel that the Central Party Committee is very concerned about the situation in all aspects below. To understanding. I think this has the power of ordinary members and people. “


What is the change of custody of national supervision law which is the most concern in the second instance?

                    (Original title: family members left behind, can you know?)


The closely watched national surveillance law entered the second instance.

Politics Today I got the second version of the draft, with the November 7 release of NPC comment on the draft made a careful comparison, although only separated by more than a month, but the change is not small.

According to the official website of the Chinese People’s Congress, 3771 people submitted 13,268 opinions and suggestions during the consultation period. Before the second instance, the NPC Law Committee, which is responsible for monitoring the law, held two meetings on November 30 and December 14 to review the draft on a case-by-case basis based on various opinions. The first meeting also attended by the responsible comrades of relevant departments of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

The second review made great changes to the production and duties of the Commission, the procedures for indictment and investigation, and the appeal procedure. In terms of change, Junzhi Jun embodies three major characteristics: enhancing the standardization of the use of monitoring measures, safeguarding the legitimate rights of the subject under supervision and enhancing the effectiveness of supervision over supervisory organs and personnel.


The primary concern in monitoring is retention.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China explicitly stated: “To formulate the State Supervision Law, to give the powers and responsibilities of the Commission of Supervision the powers and means of investigation in accordance with the law, and to use lien instead of the” two measures “.

Notify relatives within 24 hours

Previously mentioned in the Exposure Draft, it was mentioned that “after taking the measures of indwelling, in addition to hindering the investigation, it shall, within 24 hours, notify the unit or family member “The second reviewer refined the content of” obstructing the investigation “and clearly stated that” it is possible to destroy or falsify evidence, interfere with the witness’s testimony or provide any impediment to the investigation, “and at the same time, notify the target persons from” Family “to” where the unit and family. ” The difference between the words, family members get more protection of the right to information.

Ensuring the Safety of Persons Being Lost

The previously released draft made it clear that “the supervisory organ shall ensure the food, rest and medical services of the detained persons.” The interrogation was made by reason of the interrogation time and the duration of the interrogation, The transcript of the interrogation was read and signed by the interrogator. “The statement of the second reviewer was changed to” The supervisory organ should guarantee the diet, rest and safety of the detainees, “and the security of the detainees is also covered.

Improper retention of indictment should be promptly rescinded

The Exposure Draft made the stipulations regarding the conditions, decision procedures and deadlines for adopting the retention measures. A member of the Standing Committee, local and expert advice on the “lodging place” to further clarify the relevant norms. The second reviewer added “the establishment and management of the place of lodging shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state” and “the supervisory organ finds improper lodging measures should be promptly lifted.” The new “timely release” clause, but also involves technical investigation, second review draft, “for no need to continue to take technical investigation measures, it should be promptly lifted.”

Indiscriminate take indwelling measures are chased

Involvement of the custodian and staff involved in the investigation of the situation of chasing responsibility.

The draft for soliciting opinions clearly states that if there are seven situations of the supervisory organ and its staff members, they shall be dealt with according to law; if a crime is constituted, they shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. The second reviewer will be responsible for the situation adjusted to nine, and clearly responsible person is responsible for the “leading cadres and directly responsible personnel.” The two new cases were “to adopt indwelling measures in violation of the provisions” and “to restrict others from leaving the country in violation of the provisions, or not to lift the restrictions on de-listing”.

Technical survey

In the technical investigation, the second review draft is also adjusted.

Technical investigation not applicable to dereliction of duty.

The second reviewer strictly regulated the scope of application of the technical investigation measures and the approval procedure.

The solicitation draft mentions that “when conducting investigations into crimes involving corruption, bribery, dereliction of duty and other duties, the supervisory organ may, if necessary, carry out strict approval procedures and may take technical investigation measures and submit it to the relevant authorities for implementation.”

Second Review The scope of the cases that can take technical investigation measures is revised from “duty crime suspected of major corruption, bribery, dereliction of duty and other dereliction of duty” to “duty crime suspected of major corruption and bribery” and deleting the contents of “dereliction of duty and malfeasance”.

Search Female respondents were carried out by women

Second reviewers also added provisions to protect the legitimate rights of the respondents. The additional provisions include “frozen property has been found to have nothing to do with the case, it should be released within three days of freezing, be refunded”; “search of women’s body should be carried out by female staff”; “seized, seized property, documents by In case of finding out that the case has nothing to do with the case, it shall be lifted and seized and returned within three days. “” After investigation, the supervisory organ shall revoke the case if there is no evidence to prove the existence of any illegal or criminal act. ”


The supervision of supervisory organs and personnel has always been a subject of public concern. The second review enhanced the supervision of procuratorial organs and personnel.

The NPC Standing Committee listens to the Special Working Report of the Supervisory Authority

The draft of the Opinion states: “Standing committees of people’s congresses at all levels may listen to and deliberate on the special work report of the supervisory organ at the corresponding level and organize the inspection of law enforcement. Be amended to read: “The standing committees of people’s congresses at all levels shall listen to and deliberate on the special work report of the procuratorial organs at their respective levels and organize the inspection of law enforcement as required.” The word “may” was deleted and the local autonomy was withdrawn, and the people’s congresses at all levels listened to the supervision Special work report of the organ.

Related changes, there is another, deputy director of the inspection commission, members from the previous director of the Commission “to the people’s congress at this level to change the appointment to” draw the NPC Standing Committee to appoint.

Supervisory authority to set up special internal oversight body

Taizhou, or the first female secretary of Zhejiang Province, had a few women’s party secretary

                    (Original title: release news | Taizhou or the first female secretary of municipal Party committee, Zhejiang, had a few women’s party secretary?)


Today (December 22), “Zhejiang Daily” published “Zhejiang Province proposed to promote the appointment of leading cadres before the announcement.” Among them, Chen Yi Jun intends to serve as CPC Taizhou municipal party committee secretary. If nothing else, she will become the first female Taicang municipal party committee secretary.

Since the demolition of the market, Zhejiang has a total of a few women’s party secretary? Where are you working? Have read Jun combing for you.

台州或迎首位女市委书记 浙江出过几位女市委书记 Yi-jun Data for

first female party secretary from Shaoxing

have read, according to the king in order, with the “party secretary” since this position, the first female party secretary of Zhejiang Shen Yue Yue, the current Chinese Communist Party nineteenth The Central Committee, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress, the National Women’s Federation chairman. Shen Yue Yue Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, born in January 1957. In 1997, Shen Yueyue, 40, from the office of deputy secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, took the post of secretary of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee. After two years in Shaoxing, he served in the Organization Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee as a member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Vice Minister of Organization Department.

The second secretary of the municipal party committee from Zhoushan

The second secretary of the municipal party committee is Liang Liming, a native of Zhejiang Xinchang. In 2007, she served as Zhoushan municipal party committee secretary from Zhoushan Municipal Committee and mayor. July 2012, Vice Governor of Provincial People’s Government.

The third secretary of the municipal party committee from Jiaxing

Jiaxing municipal party committee secretary Lu Jun is the third woman party secretary of Zhejiang Province and a resident of Changshan, Zhejiang province. She is also from the mayor appointed as party secretary: March 2013, Ren Jiaxing municipal party committee secretary.

If no accident, Taizhou City, or will be the first female secretary

August 22, 1994, Taizhou dismantled the market, since then, Taizhou began to have the party secretary.

From the point of appointment, the current party secretary of Taizhou is Wang Changrong. This month, he has served as Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Politics and Law Committee, and currently also serves as Taizhou municipal party committee secretary.

Chen Yijun is the deputy secretary of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and the secretary of Politics and Law Committee. She is a Ningbo native and has been working in Ningbo. If nothing else, she will become Zhejiang’s fourth secretary of the municipal party committee. What kind of new weather will she bring to Taizhou? Have read Jun and wait and see.

attached four female party secretary resume:

Shen Yue Yue resume

Shen Yue Yue, female, Han nationality, January 1957 Health Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, in May 1977 to work in September 1981 joined the Chinese Communist Party , Central Party School graduate education.

The 18th CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of the 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

1977–1978 Ningbo, Zhejiang Province town grocery store security workers

1978–1980 Nian

1980 Ningbo Normal College Department of Mathematics Learning Zhejiang Province – An 1983 Ningbo seven teachers, deputy secretary

1983 – 1984 Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province Communist Youth League deputy secretary

1984-1986 Ningbo Youth League secretary of Zhejiang

1986-1991 Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee (during which: 1990.09-1991.07 Central Party School one-year training course for young cadres Studying)

1991 – 1993 Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee

(1990-1992 Central Party School Correspondence School, Economics and Management, undergraduate course)

1993-1997 Vice secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province 7_89456_68_6 5473_9

1997-1998 Shaoxing City Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Province

(1995-1998 Central Party School Economic Management Major in-service postgraduate study)

1998-1999 Vice Minister of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Organization Department

1999-2001 Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Minister of Organization Department

2001-2002 Deputy Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee

2002-2003 Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department

2003-2007 Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department and Secretary of the Party Committee (2005.08), Ministry of Personnel Vice Minister and Party Member

2007-2007 Deputy Minister (Regular Minister) and Party Secretary of Party Organization, Deputy Minister of Personnel and Party Member of the Central Organization Department 2007_00

2007-2013 Organization Department of the Central Organization Department Vice Minister (at the ministerial level)

2013 – April 2013 Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC Standing Committee and deputy director of the Central Organization Department

April 2013 The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

May 2013 – Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of the All-China Women’s Federation

Central Committee of the 15th and 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Alternate member, seventeen, eighteenth Central Committee. Vice chairman of the 12th NPC.

Liang Liming resume

Liang Liming, female, Han nationality, born in January 1961, Zhejiang Xinchang people. August 1983 to work in January 1983 to join the Chinese Communist Party. Postgraduate degree, Master of Education.

Former Yuyao Jiangbei Middle School teacher, Communist Youth League Committee Office, Yuyao City Sports Commission Office Deputy Director Yuyao City Board of Education Secretary of the Communist Youth League Yuyao Municipal Committee, Deputy Party Secretary, Communist Youth League Yuyao Party Secretary, Party Secretary, Communist Youth League Ningbo Municipal Committee , Member of the Communist Party of China, member of the Communist Party of China Ningbo Municipal Committee, party secretary, chairman of the Municipal Youth Federation, deputy secretary of Yinxian County Committee (deputy director-level), Ningbo Jiangbei District deputy secretary and mayor, secretary of Jiangbei District of Ningbo City, Minister of Organization Department, Zhoushan Municipal Committee, Organization Department Minister, Zhoushan Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of Zhoushan, Acting Mayor, Zhoushan Municipal Committee, Mayor, Zhoushan Municipal Committee, Mayor, Zhoushan Municipal Committee, Zhoushan Party Secretary, Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Zhoushan Municipal Committee, deputy governor, Zhoushan Municipal Committee secretary. Eighteenth Central Committee Alternate Member.

Current vice governor, member of provincial government party group.

Lu Jun Resume

55 million money after the Secretary wanted to flee the United States bought a house to pay millions

                    (Original title: 55 million after the money-making, the Secretary wants to flee)


Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter
Yue Sanmeng) Following the first hearing in September, December 21, Zhang Qi, former director of the Shenzhen Water Bureau, filed a hearing again. Prosecutors added a bribery 2000000 yuan, 500000 Hong Kong dollar facts, so far, he was accused of gaining more than 5500 million.

Views News reporters noted that just under 60 officials at the bureaucratic level not only established business ties with their businessmen and established offensive and defensive aliens before the establishment of the capital, but also forged identity documents and fled for inspection. Eventually, he was taken away by the investigators in the office, and the message just sent out shows “I’m afraid I can not stand it at all, so I have to prepare well.”

局长敛财5500万后欲出逃 曾借美国买房索贿几百万

5 days after leaving office, Prior to 2 has been investigated

Public information shows that Zhang Qiwen, aged 60, served in Shenzhen, a number of party and government “top leaders” positions, such as Mission Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Yantian District Mayor, Deputy Secretary-General municipal government, municipal quality Secretary for Supervision and so on. As for the Shenzhen Municipal Water Authority, is from August 2009 until July 2015.

At that time, he had already entered the CPPCC Standing Committee list when he was re-elected in Shenzhen CPPCC and stepped down to the second line. However, just five days after he left office as director of the Water Bureau, he was declared a victim of serious violations of discipline. Local media said there was no sign before the incident and even Zhang Yeh-wen disguised loyally when leaving office said that no matter where he goes, he will, as always, care about the development of the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau.

Three months later, that is, in October 2015, Zhang Yeh-wen was doubly open. Apart from being accused of using his works to amass money and concealing personal matters, he also hides the evidence and interferes with the organization’s examination.

局长敛财5500万后欲出逃 曾借美国买房索贿几百万 (Jiang Zunyu)

Two years later, the case finally came to court. When the court first heard in the Guangzhou Intermediate Court in September this year, the prosecutor prosecuted the facts of seven bribes and the huge amount of property that Zhang Qiwen can not explain the source. Until December 21 to be held again, the prosecution to prosecute a case of accepting bribes of 200 million yuan, 500,000 yuan of facts.

So far, Guangzhou Procuratorate accused Zhang Qiwen of taking advantage of his position to accept property of others for a total of 19.68 million yuan, 7.1 million yuan and 300,000 U.S. dollars. The huge amount of property valued at 27.78 million yuan does not give any indication of the source. Calculated at the current exchange rate, this person involved in the amount of up to more than 5500 million yuan.

View News reporters found that the post of director of Shenzhen Municipal Water Affairs Bureau has become a “high-risk post.” There have been three successive directors of the bureau one after another accident. In 2005, Huang Tian was dismissed from office by Jiang Zunyu successor; in August 2009, Chiang retired from Zhang Qiwen took over. In October 2014, Jiang Zunyu, then a member of the Municipal Committee and secretary of the Municipal Committee, was investigated; his successor, Zhang Qiwen, was also taken a year later.

By the United States to buy a house to pay a bribe, a receipt is a few million

View News reporter noted that at least three businessmen involved in the trial before. In August 2016, Shenzhen Guangshui Company and its legal representative, Cai Xiong, went to Shenzhen Intermediate Court to hear a case of bribing Zhang Qiwen and others. This person was referred to as project bidding and other reasons to bribe Zhang Qiwen 7.6 million yuan, 400,000 yuan.

According to Cai Xiongjin, he gave Zhang Qiwen bribe mostly in the parking lot. For example, in the second half of 2012, at the downstairs carpark of Huafeng Building, he put two travel bags, each carrying $ 1 million, on the tail box of Cheung Yee Man vehicles. In August and September 2012, he again handed a bag of 800,000 yuan in the parking lot to Cheong Yee-man, claiming to pay for the Toyota Land Cruiser. A similar situation also occurred in the end of 2012, or in the parking lot, Zhang Qiwen received 2 million yuan, 3 million yuan.

局长敛财5500万后欲出逃 曾借美国买房索贿几百万

Also in August 2016, Shenzhen Guangsheng Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. and its chairman, Ye Mouting, were tried in Shenzhen Intermediate Court on suspicion of bribing an enterprise. He confessed that under the guidance and care of Zhang Qiwen, he successfully won a bid for a local project and sent 1 million yuan to Zhang Qiwen.

Also in August 2016, Shenzhen Hengyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Huang Mouli, the chairman of the company, were found guilty of bribing and were tried in the Shenzhen Intermediate Court. The prosecutor accused him of sending 500,000 Hong Kong dollars to Zhang Qiwen and then sending 300,000 U.S. dollars for doing a good job in relations and taking the project.

Yellow boss said the first money is sent by himself, the second money is the other party solicits bribes. Zhang Qiwen said that he and his ex-wife’s children studying in the United States need to buy a house, but they do not have enough money on their hands and want to borrow 300,000 U.S. dollars. “He did not want to send him.” I know what he means by borrowing is definitely not refundable. ” But I also do not want to offend him. “

With alliance with the businessman, the identity of the company to be fled

For such a huge corruption is how the Central Discipline Inspection Commission website was disclosed two and a half months after Zhang Qiwen Awe-inspiring details.

On the afternoon of July 22, 2015, Shenzhen Commission for Discipline Inspection found that he and a man laughed out of the building with a man when he investigated Cai Xinyin, a foreman involved in Zhang’s copy of the case and one of the bosses’ bosses mentioned above. When the investigators confronted Cai Liangming, they discovered that the man who talked to Cai was actually Zhang Yeh-wen!

Based on this, Cai Xiongjin pleaded guilty in court and proposed that on July 22, 2015, after the arrival of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, he took the initiative Bright identity with the Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation, is a voluntary surrender, and the contracted projects are no quality problems, the court requested a lighter punishment.

局长敛财5500万后欲出逃 曾借美国买房索贿几百万

view news reporter found Zhangqi Wen and Cai Xiong into the reason why the day was so happy to talk, because they had just entered into a conspiracy of silence – Cai Xiong Jin said, “would not betray brother to death,” Zhang Qiwen think Cai “reliable.” However, when Cai Xiongjin was taken under his own eyes, Zhang Qiwen began to remove a large number of bank cards, passbooks and other items from the office safe and made a special trip to Guangdong Heyuan Zijin Home and made an account of his brother’s safe custody. Later, his brother hid the above evidence materials under the bed of the bedroom of the mother-in-law’s home.

Local Commission for Discipline Inspection went on to discover that Zhang Qiwen had gone through years of using false information to cheat the public security organ to handle another identity as “Zhang Runcheng.” On July 28, when the investigators appeared again at the office of Che Yeon, he knew nothing of the situation. When he left the office, he secretly threw another cell phone in his pocket into the flowerpot.

All this has not escaped the eyes of investigators, open the phone and saw a message sent: “I’m afraid I can not stand, ready to go.” Zhang Qiwen later explained that the phone specifically To “engage in relations” and “find a way”, he had already considered running away from Zhang Runcheng.

Bein America sell 22 sets of property total 100 million people in the industry: one of the steps to reduce losses

                    (The original title: Bein America sold 22 sets of real estate total about 100 million)


The domestic baby food brand Beaumys announced yesterday that it plans to publicly sell 22 properties located in Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing to non-related parties.

According to the announcement, Bein America sold 22 sets of properties with a total gross floor area of ​​3,398.47 square meters and a total assessed value of about 104 million yuan. According to the rules of the exchange, if Beaumont really continue to lose money this year, it will be wearing a hat ST. Insiders analysis, selling should be only one of its steps to reduce losses, usually through industrial policy support and other means, and strive to achieve breakeven to avoid ST.

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