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Reproduction of the beauty website Q: If China becomes a superpower will invade?

                    (Original title: If China becomes the only superpower, which country will China invade?)


The answer from a foreign “know-it-all” will make people who raise the issue be flustered!

US Q u0026 A social networking site Quora has no shortage of questions about China. However, the question of “which country will China aggressively become when it becomes the only superpower?” Is still somewhat “eye-catching.”

This anonymous question, originally published on July 15, has received 7.6 million followers. Obviously, “do not understand China,” the following question, some people solemnly give specific answers, more foreign netizens from the spontaneous science play “why China will not invade other countries.”


most “angry” that users @Thinh Pham


him up and said:! “China does not need to wait to become a superpower can invade another country as long as they will have the opportunity to do so now This is what we are doing! The first to be violated is Vietnam, then Laos, Cambodia and probably the whole world! “

Next he was very excited:” For hundreds of years China has been and always wanted (To omit the description here) … I have no evidence but (omitting allegations) … They also colonized Vietnam for a thousand years! “

And he concluded: “In my opinion, as long as there is a chance, China will invade the entire world and they are doing the same.” 7_89456_ 21_65473_9

User @Ming Wen gives a list of possible “nations to be invoked” in a ridiculous manner

“2040 will be the United Kingdom, then France, and then Russia, Japan and some European countries because we have “The debt” has to be repaid. “

” Some people claim that China is already a world superpower, or that any node in the past can conquer the entire world with the will to do so, I think they are only funny. “

User @Gene Lee This position is obviously a refutation of upstairs Vietnamese netizens.


Gene Lee said that the era of invading and conquering other countries has long been over, followed by the rise of nationalism and decolonization. After the 21st century, countries rarely infringe on one another. It takes so many reasons for a country to invade another country. Aggression in the second half of the twentieth century was more for political manipulation. Now there are many other ways to achieve this goal.

GeneLee analyzes the decision of China why it is impossible to make an invasion of the world from the perspectives of the survival time, historical experience, logistical support, geographical restrictions and state governance of expansionist policies.

More netizens replied to “China will invade who”.

users @Augus Lincoln quipped


“This issue is really interesting. You like to fight it? Or do you put Taiwan seen as a country?”


“will not invade a country. Chinese people know What you are good at and what you want. “According to @Aaron Dodo, a Chinese user,” Chinese people value the outcome and the outcome is measured by the level of well-being of people and their children. “Many historical experiences teach China that over-expansion can lead to demise . Chinese people are willing to governed their current country comfortably and confidently, and have no interest in expanding them. “This does not mean that China does not make any diplomatic relations with its neighboring countries, and even in ancient times, China was good at signing contracts with neighboring countries for cooperation.” Through facilitation of trade exchanges, China and other countries have jointly benefited. Today, China is in an industrialized reform. They are concerned about their own transformation and will not consider aggression and expansion.


“Fear of people in China today are misunderstood,” in the United States @Andrew S.E. According to Erickson, “China has proved itself to be a conservative power. Its behavior is very different from that of the United States and Russia.” Even though China was an undisputed Asian superpower in the pre-modern era, it was adept at introspection, with a primary focus on domestic and neighboring countries. In times of overpopulation, China is more willing to export immigrants than military forces. There is no reason to think that China’s behavior will change.

users @Frank Zako represent


Now many misconceptions are derived from the Chinese media portray malicious, “If China or Japan, like the United States that any aggressive, bullying or hegemony, Japan 1000 years ago It’s already a province in China. “

Frank Zako believes China is prosperous and the world will be more peaceful. All those worried about the rise of China are accustomed to assuming that as long as the state is powerful, it will behave like some hegemonic countries. Western media portrayed China as a vicious image of “brutal bullying of the entire world.” Through these “free and objective” media, many people have gained such an idea.

Frank Zako believes that despite repeated claims by China that it will not dominate, the West has deliberately ignored the Chinese stance and continuously transmitted the China threat theory. “The United States needs this threat … otherwise how to find a reason to step by step to establish a super-weapon system, and then rule the world?”

User @ Vincent Ang Giap Hor


“Chinese people have something better to do. “

anonymous users is quipped


” are the 21st century, our neighbors taught us that the referendum more cost-effective. “

special episode

look at some recent Western media and politicians what are you doing? Saying “China threat theory.”

Take a look at the message of these foreign netizens, suddenly there is a doubt:

Turnbull in the Western world, you really do not have to panic it?


British Prime Minister deputy, chief minister resigned suspected possession of thousands of erotic photos

                    (Original title: Britain’s chief minister resigned suspected computer possession of thousands of erotic photos)



Overseas Network, December 21, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s deputy and chief minister Damian Green announced his resignation. Police had previously found thousands of restricted-sex porn photos downloaded from his computer and he was investigated.

Damian Green, chief minister of the United Kingdom under investigation for allegedly possessing a restricted-sex pornographic camera, was reportedly rescinded, the BBC reported. Prime Minister Teresa May accepted his resignation and responded, saying “sorry” for her, but Green’s behavior is indeed inconsistent with the code of conduct of cabinet members.

India introduced artifact “haze gun” Environmentalists: a temporary solution

                    (Original title: India launched artifact “haze gun” Environmentalists grant: a temporary solution)


QQ截图20171221070128.jpg India launched “In addition to haze gun”

overseas online December 21 electric order to deal with the problem of air pollution in the Indian capital today, local time on the 20th, the New Delhi government for its new anti-haze artifact “In addition to haze gun “Said the test and said the machine will spray water into the air to reduce the level of air pollution. However, some environmentalists have said that this measure should at best be used as an expedient measure.

According to reports by the AFP and the Times of India, the “haze gun” looks like a hair dryer mounted on a low-frame truck. According to Indian manufacturers, “haze gun” can be sprayed out at a high speed Fine water droplets, can get rid of deadly air pollutants. The test was conducted in Anand Vihar, the most air-polluted area in eastern New Delhi.

The United Nations will vote against the decision of the United States Jerusalem Trump this threat

                    (Original title: The United Nations will vote against the decision of the United States Jerusalem Trump this threat)


On the 20th, Trump threatened countries that oppose his position on the issue of Jerusalem. (Data sheet)

Overseas Network December 21
On Wednesday (April 20), U.S. President Donald Trump threatened those countries that oppose the decision of the United States Jerusalem in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday. If there is any opposition from the United States, the United States will cut off its aid funds.

According to a report in the British “Guardian,” Trump said on the same day that he would punish those countries that voted against the United States decision on the issue of Jerusalem at the United Nations. According to reports, Trump said: “Some countries took U.S. money and voted against us.We will pay attention to those countries that vote, let them vote against the United States, and the United States will save a lot of expenses.We do not care.” According to the report, Niki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has written to 193 member nations of the United Nations, warning them that the United States may retaliate against them.

The United Nations will hold an emergency meeting on Thursday (21st) local time to vote on the U.S. move to withdraw its motion to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Earlier this motion was supported by all the countries except the United States in the Security Council.

On January 18, the UN Security Council voted on “Opposing the United States Recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli Capital.” The resolution demanded that Trump withdraw his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. However, the United States has resorted to “one-vote veto” as a permanent member of the Security Council to reject the draft.

It has been reported that there is only one page in the draft, drafted by the Egyptians and the text does not specifically mention the United States or Trump. And a bill needs 9 votes in favor, and China, the United States, Russia, Britain and France can vote without the vote. The draft stresses that the issue of the status of Jerusalem must be resolved through thorough consultations and negotiations and regrets the “recent developments.” The draft contents include: “Any decision or action that will change the status quo or demographic situation in Jerusalem will not be legally binding, ineffective and must be restored to its original condition.”

Chinese Consulate: Brigade and Chinese Citizens in China Pay Attentive Security and Cautious Crowds

                    (Original title: Chinese Consulate: Brigade and civilians in China pay attention to safety and cautious crowd)


BEIJING, December 21 According to the website of the Chinese Consulate in St. Petersburg, the Russian law enforcement authorities recently prevented a terrorist campaign planned to be implemented in St. Petersburg by the New Year. The Consulate General in St. Petersburg reminded Chinese citizens to keep a close watch on the holy city’s security situation so as to minimize or avoid going to crowded places.

I. Concerned about the Security Situation and Cautiously Visiting the Crowded Areas

According to Russian media reports, the Russian law enforcement authorities recently stopped a terrorist campaign planned by terrorists in St. Petersburg in the near future. In this regard, remind Chinese citizens to keep a watchful eye on the holy city’s security situation in a bid to minimize or avoid going to crowded places. Keep abreast of and master the tactics to prevent terrorist attacks, raise awareness of safety precautions and protect their own safety.

Second, pay attention to the weather changes, pay attention to cold warm

Saint Petersburg is in the winter, the temperature and domestic most obvious differences, it is advisable to prepare enough warm clothing. Taking into account the local temperature, pressure changes frequently, it is recommended that older people go abroad before the best to do a more comprehensive medical examination, and as appropriate, the relevant emergency preparedness.

Special reminder to choose carefully to travel to the extreme north. Winter in Russia, the cold climate, especially in the most northern areas there are often snowstorms. In this special reminder, be sure to raise the awareness of self-protection, try to avoid the extreme weather and other extremely polar areas, before the trip concerned about the meteorological forecasts and climate change and make preparations, not to put yourself at risk.

Third, to raise awareness of prevention and ensure safe travel

1. Keep personal documents properly. Traveling need to be vigilant, keep personal passports, immigration cards and other important identity documents, it is recommended that the above documents be photocopied in advance and kept separately from the original. If your passport is lost, please report the loss to the local police in time and contact the Consulate General in St. Petersburg to make up your travel documents as soon as possible.

2. Safekeeping your personal belongings, showing off your wealth and not showing off your wealth. When going out, try to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Special reminder to take good care of the credit card, once lost, should immediately notify the domestic bank to freeze the relevant account, beware of criminals Pirates of the brush, while trying to alert the local as soon as possible.

3. Increase the awareness of prevention, pay attention to anti-theft anti-theft. St Petersburg, Moscow Station, Palace Square, Church of the Spilled Blood, Church of Kazan and Neva Street and other places prone to robbery cases, please take good care of personal belongings, backpacks should be destroyed in the chest, eating and shopping to be optimistic Carrying clothing and backpacks, and try to avoid going to gathering places and remote streets, to avoid late-night soliloquy.

4. Pay attention to traffic and riding safety. The local speed is generally faster, pedestrians, vehicles all. Please be sure to strictly abide by the traffic rules, take the zebra crossing the street, do not run a red light. Take public transport, such as buses, subways and trains, to be on guard and beware of theft.

In addition, winter in St. Petersburg is short and the road is wet and slippery. Pay attention to go non-slip walking, take special care of the eaves of high-rise buildings on the streets may fall icicles, snow, attention to keep a safe distance with the building.

Four, as the Romans do, strictly abide by local laws and regulations

During the tour in St.Petersburg, please strictly comply with local laws and regulations. Pay special attention to stay in Russia can not exceed the validity period of the visa requirements, if justified or for special reasons (such as sudden illness, etc.) need to extend the stay in Russia, be sure to apply for an extension to the local immigration office in time, otherwise meet Unexpected trouble and bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Please understand and respect the local customs and habits in advance, go to the village as the Romans, standardize their own behavior and demonstrate the image of Chinese tourists civilization.

Special reminder to pay attention to the provisions of the Russian customs. When entering the country, such as carrying large sums of cash and items to declare. Take different modes of transport, free declaration of personal belongings with different quotas.

Japan said 3 Chinese military aircraft took off in the East China Sea Pacific Day fighters

                    (Original title: Japan’s Ministry of Defense: 3 Chinese military aircraft on the 20th divided into three routes in the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean activities, the Japanese aircraft emergency lift response)


日本称3中国军机在东海太平洋活动 日战机升空应对

A 60-year-old Asian woman was raped on the streets of Paris. A 39-year-old suspect was arrested

                    (Original title: Arrested 60-year-old Asian woman on the streets in Paris raped 39-year-old suspect arrested)


The 60-year-old Asian elderly man killed. (Source: European Times)

Overseas Network December 21, A 60-year-old Asian wandering elderly was raped in the thirteen districts of Paris, France last month. The police are investigating the case. Hope to get the insider’s help to collect more personal information about the victim.

The European Times quoted the Parisian newspaper as saying that on the morning of November 17, a worker found a female body on the scaffolding at 6-8 Kellermann St, Paris 13th arrondissement. The body lying on the ground, half-length exposed, some puffy, his face is a bloodstain.

The victim is 60 years old, 1.55 meters tall and weighs 60 kg. Asian looks, gray hair, white color, brown eyes. Dressed in black jacket, had previously strayed in the streets of Paris, a few months ago in his place of killing hit the ground floor, the local police there is no victim case.

The world’s oldest frozen embryo was born only one year younger than the delivery mother

                    (The original title: the world’s oldest frozen embryo was born: frozen 25 years, only one year younger than the delivery mother)


CNN reported on the 20th that the longest frozen human embryo in the world was born in November. If calculated in terms of formation time, the frozen embryo 25 years ago is only a year younger than the mother who gave birth.

This embryo was frozen on October 14, 1992 and was inoculated in the womb of “adoptive” mother Tina Gibson after being frozen on March 13 this year. The latter gave birth to baby girl Emma Ryan Gibson through natural childbirth on November 25. Emma was born weighing about 2950 grams, 50.8 cm in length, is a healthy baby.

Carol Samaphore, director of the Embryology Laboratory at the National Embryonic Donor Center, said the delivery was exciting given the freezing time of the embryo. Prior to this, a record of the successful birth of the embryo longest freezing time of 20 years.

Tina did not set any records, she decided to adopt an embryo only because her husband was infertile. For this purpose, they undergo medical and family surveys, and in March this year they prepared embryos for transplantation in embryos donated by 300 couples. Since the initial selection of embryos failed to survive, Tina used the second alternative embryo and learned that the embryo had been frozen for 25 years. Tina told Samantha at the time: “Do you know I’m only 25 years old? The embryo and I may be good friends.” Now Tina is 26 years old.

Palestinian girls slap Israeli soldiers slamming the Palestinian people: Heroes!

                    (Former Title: Palestinian Girl Gives Israeli Soldiers a Sneak Peek: Heroes!)



marries 16-year-old Palestinian girl Balakrishnan Mimi because the attack Israeli soldiers was brought to military court

overseas online December 21 electric Palestinian girl on the 15th and two Israeli soldiers dispute and produce physical conflict, Highlighting the deep-rooted social differences between the two countries and triggering a lively discussion between the two peoples.

According to foreign media reports such as the Associated Press, a curly 16-year-old Palestinian girl Edheta Tammy walked toward two Israeli soldiers standing in front of her home and asked them to leave before she pushed and fired on the two soldiers. But soldiers easily dodged. Then Ehud slapped the face of a soldier.

Now Ehud is regarded by the Palestinian people as a symbol of heroes and a new era. However, Israelis found it very unpleasant and caused allegations of insults by Israeli soldiers. Three days later, Ehud was raided and arrested at home and charged with attacking military personnel before attending the military court for several days in custody.

Wen Yinyin Proposed for the Olympic Winter Games to postpone the U.S.-ROK military exercises in the United States is very indifferent

                    (Original title: Wen Yinyin proposed for the Winter Olympics to postpone the United States military exercises in South Korea is very cold)



Overseas Network December 21
On the 19th, South Korea’s presidential message said he has proposed to the United States to postpone the planned joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February next year. However, the Korean media said that the United States tried its utmost to “get rid of” its relationship with the incident and showed its indifference and “high suspense” attitude. In an interview with NBC on the 19th, Wen said he has proposed to the United States to postpone the established joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February next year. The news sparked a strong response inside and outside Korea.

Korean media said that the U.S.-ROK military exercises have in fact become the main source of tension in the region because the military exercise is said to be “a rehearsal for aggression.” The text in Yin’s position, no doubt paving the way for the success of PyeongMing Olympic Winter Games, indicating that during the Olympic Winter Games Peninsula “can not be an accident.” South Korea’s Central Daily News commented that the president’s statement this time is tantamount to agreeing to implement the “double suspension” proposed by China during the Winter Olympics.

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