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National Amendments to the Law of Judges: There will be a clear establishment of the Judges Selection Committee

                    (Original title: (NPCSC) China to amend the judge’s law clearly set up a judge selection committee)


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 22 (Reporter Ding Xiaoxi, Luo Sha) Judicial Reform Bill was drafted on the 22nd for consideration at the 31st meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee. The draft added the content of the Judges Selection Committee.

Zhou Qiang, dean of the Supreme People’s Court, pointed out in a draft resolution to the NPC Standing Committee that changing the law of judges is an objective need to adapt to the new developments and changes in judicial adjudication and to promote the normalization, specialization and professionalization of judges.

The draft stipulates that a Supreme People’s Court judge selection committee shall be set up to be responsible for the examination of the professional competence of the Supreme People’s Court judges. Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to set up a judge selection committee, responsible for the initial judge of the professional competence of the judge.

At the closing ceremony of the Ninth National People’s Congress, more than 30 cadres at and above the departmental officials’ office in Lok Ma have been arrested

                    (The original title: Since the closing of the Nineteenth Congress so far, more than 30 cadres above the bureau level have been dropped)

                                   The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China set forth the theme of “strengthening disciplinary education, enforcing discipline and enforcing discipline so that party members and cadres may be able to work in an environment that is supervised and bound by fear of being intimidated by the party members and cadres, keeping their footing on the bottom line, and habitually living in an environment subject to supervision and restriction.” Do not want to go rotten an important part.

“Do not teach and punish, then tortuous and evil; teach and not punish, the traitors do not punish.” Education and punishment must be two-pronged approach, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting good and suppressing evil. Comprehensive and strict control of the party’s practice has repeatedly proved that discipline education and discipline enforcement are mutually reinforcing and complement each other. Since the 19 Closing, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ministry of Supervision has issued a series of heavy-handed messages of “fighting the tiger.” “Discipline is still charged high-voltage line, not only did not cut off the power instead of electricity” “The original formula, familiar taste, anti-corruption no inflection point, always on the road,” from a large number of Internet users with the assessment is easy to see, bold action than a thousand words Words, in the much-anticipated, the word extremely close informed once again profound discipline education engraved in the hearts of party members and cadres. Performing disciplinary action can not be neglected until disciplinary education becomes available. After all, there is no “fourth form,” the first three forms can not grow “sharp teeth.” Without an inch of supervision and discipline and unabashed pressure against corruption, more disciplinary education will become pale and weak. . Corruption will be anti-corruption, corruption and corruption, investigation together, informed together, both the most powerful deterrent, but also the most effective education.

Discipline education is by no means a separate one. The superficial “read, write, back and mind” must be permeated throughout the course of the trend of the times, against corruption and the entire process of accountability. Conversations, organizational reviews, disciplinary communications, and remonstrance warnings are all very effective disciplinary education, and one education often alerts one. Discipline education can not stop at the general term “inculcation” and must be clear and definite. Under the guidance of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of all levels promulgates information on discipline inspection through website, Weibo and WeChat account number, who is suspected of disciplinary discipline accepting organizational censorship, who has done what, what discipline has been violated, What is clear and clear about what is done? It not only responds to social concerns but also grasps the initiative of public opinion. It also gives full play to the role of case handling, interpretation and delusion, so as to make boring party discipline provisions clear and sensible. Easy to do.

Media talk about Zhou Shun Wang abuse influence: Do not let the influence deviation

                    (Original title: Do not let the influence of deviation derailment)


Leading cadres tend to be influential because of their positions, identities and powers. Each and every word and action, every move is like a vane, advocating a pursuit, leading a direction and creating a culture that deeply affects a unit, A region, an industry style image and political ecology.

If the leading cadres are upright and cleanheaded and lead by example, the positive influence they have formed will have a powerful demonstration effect. There is no need for “vigilance” and “owning of those who should be”. The first battle of the Pingjin Campaign, to attack the new security to be frozen in the river, Yang Dezhi, Geng Biao apart from anything else, his first “next dumpling”, plunged into the river full of ice ballast. Soldiers saw this, followed by a jumped into the icy water. The call to come with me far outweighs the compulsion to “give it to me,” and the key behind it is the influence of “being right and wrong”. Mentioned Jiao Yulu, Yang Shan Chau, Liao Junbo, Gao Derong and other advanced models, people immediately emerge out of their minds, “a hole in the wicker chair,” “the head of the old straw hat,” “roll up mud trouser legs,” “Dulong coat gown,” this The silent influence of moistening material is not the power possessed by the county magistrate, county party secretary, secretary of the prefectural committee, but by the charisma of being loyal to the party, enterprising for the people, and uplifting, optimistic and simple Composition, long stay in the world, never fade.

However, influence is not always positive and there may be distinctly different qualities and roles among different leading cadres. Some leading cadres exert their influence not for the sake of starting their own businesses, but for seeking personal gain and satisfying their own desires, and the negative effects they bring are unusual. Some people regard influence as intangible assets, alienation into capital for special, personal gain, and privilege. Some think that “how powerful is power is, how big is influence” A call on the hall, the audience under the bench “feeling of control. In the meantime, leading cadres feel power and prestige in their own way, as if the cadres and masses were listening to their own opinions. However, in reality, subversive criticisms of the subordinates raged and the masses pounded their backs and spine. This deviation, alienation of influence, not only illusory, but also dangerous, long stuck in them, easily lost themselves, embarked on evil path, and corrupted the atmosphere, with a bad team, hurt the people. Often heavyweights “tigers” drained, all accompanied by a number of leading cadres and one of the political turmoil, the vicious influence of the huge harm, it goes without saying.

Sino-Thai Railway Opens Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Embodying Spirit of Co-construction and Sharing by Both Countries

                    (Original title: “One Belt, One Road” project started construction of the China-Thailand Railway Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Embodying the spirit of co-construction and sharing through cooperation and consultation between the two countries)

                                   Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying introduced at a routine press conference today (22 August) that the groundbreaking ceremony for the first phase of the China-Thailand railway cooperation project was held on the 21st in Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Prime Minister Li Keqiang sent a congratulation message to the opening ceremony, and Thai Prime Minister Baal came to the scene to give a speech.

中泰铁路开工 外交部:体现两国共商共建共享精神

Houthi Armed Forces Launch Missile at Saudi Arabia China: Opposition to Civilians Intensifies Conflict

                    (Original title: Armenian Yemen armed forces to launch ballistic missiles to the Saudi capital Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Opposition to the intensification of civil conflicts)


Saudi Arabia has once again intercepted a ballistic missile fired by Yemeni al-Qaeda in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. The Saudi side said that with Iran’s support, Hussein’s shooting target is a residential area in Riyadh that violates the UN Security Council resolutions and international human rights law, threatening Saudi Arabia and regional and international security. In response, Hua Chunying, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry at a routine press conference today (22), said that China opposes any attempt to fight civilians and expand and intensify conflicts.

胡塞武装向沙特发射导弹 中方:反对平民激化冲突

Former Member of Guangzhou Municipal Committee Wuzhe, former secretary of Politics and Law Committee Wu Sha sentenced to 10 years

                    (Former title: Former Guangzhou Committee of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, former secretary of Politics and Law Committee Wu Sha first trial was sentenced to 10 years)


Guangzhou reference December 22 news, December 22, 2017, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province Intermediate People’s Court publicly announced the original CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, former secretary of Politics and Law Committee Wu Sha bribery case, the defendant Wu Sha sentenced to taking bribes Sentenced to ten years in prison and confiscated property for a total sum of one million yuan; recover the stolen money from the crime of accepting bribes from Wu Sha, and turned over the state treasury.

Ministry of Civil Affairs talks about the participation of social organizations in tackling poverty and tackling the problem: Correct compulsory apportionment

                    (Original title: Ministry of Civil Affairs: rectification and reform of the apportionment of social organizations involved in poverty alleviation)


Beijing News Express Today (December 22), the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference to introduce social organizations to participate in poverty alleviation and hard work. At the meeting, Huang Ru, deputy director of the Social Organization Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, mentioned that social organizations are not involved in compulsory obligations and do not engage in explicit indicators in their efforts to get rid of poverty. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has a strong reflection on social organizations, refuses to act as a government agency for dumping, compulsively apprehends disorganization, resolutely rectifies it and rectifies it in good time, and when necessary it must hold the responsibility seriously.

It is understood that social organizations have played and are playing an important role in fighting poverty. As of November this year, there are 757,000 social organizations nationwide, including 354,000 social groups, 397,000 social service agencies and 6,062 foundations. By the end of 2016, the national social organizations formed 274.6 billion yuan in fixed assets, received 65.37 billion yuan from various social donations and mobilized 1.19 million volunteers.

But how do social organizations belong to civil legal entities and how to avoid forced social organizations’ participation or apportionment in the process of poverty alleviation?

Is Taiwan’s suspicion of being arrested in the ROK sent to the mainland? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

                    (Original title: Taiwanese suspects arrested in South Korea were sent to the mainland? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded)



Drunk driving death caused by more than 5 accidents occurred Ministry of Public Security: Yan Yan strict

                    (The original title: drunk driving caused more than 5 deaths occurred in succession, the Ministry of Public Security deployment throughout the remediation)


People’s Daily Beijing, December 22 (Reporter
Zhang Yu) Since December, the nation has witnessed a series of major accidents involving more than 5 deaths caused by drunk driving, causing a drastic increase in the risk of drinking and driving. Today, the Ministry of Public Security exposed the typical case of recent drunk driving accident, deployed to carry out rectification actions, and issued drunk driving risk warning. December 8 at 2 o’clock, Liu Yan, Shaanxi Yan’an driver with friends after the meeting, driving a small passenger car hit the intersection flower beds, resulting in the death of 5 people on the scene, the driver Liu blood alcohol content as high as 196.3 mg / 100 ml. December 16 18 am, Gansu Wuwei driver Shimou Gang attended the full moon luncheon of friends and children, drunk driving into the roadside crowd, killing 5 people were killed and 4 were injured, the driver Shimou blood alcohol content was 87.32 Mg / 100 ml. At 4:40 on December 22, Xu, Harbin City, Heilongjiang driver drunken Lee driving a passenger car traveling to viaduct corner, hit the sanitation workers are working on the road, killing five people were killed, two were injured, driving Lee blood alcohol content of 146.19 mg / 100 ml. According to statistics, there were 302 drinking and driving accidents in the country since October this year, killing 104 people and injuring 268 others.

In recent years, the public security organs around the country have consistently adhered to strict law enforcement and continued to strictly control high pressure, effectively curbing the tendency of drunk driving and illegal driving crime. However, the number of motor vehicles and drivers continues to grow rapidly, the influence of traditional wine culture is deeply rooted, and it is difficult to eradicate drunk driving and driving in a short time. Especially on weekends, holidays, celebrations, friends gather more drunk driving a corresponding increase in the risk of drunk accident increased. According to statistics, since October this year, the number of accidents and deaths caused by drunk driving during holidays has been 15% and 17% higher than that of working days. Three of the five major accidents caused by drunk driving have taken place on holidays. During the 11th National Day holiday, two major accidents caused by driving a vehicle in front of the car caused two successive occurrences in Gansu after being drunk by a driver’s party.

Taizhou, a new secretary of the selected baked Zhejiang or add a female secretary of the municipal party committee

                    (Former title: Taizhou, Zhejiang, a new secretary candidates furnace)


On the afternoon of the 21st, Zhejiang announced that it plans to promote the appointment of leading cadres in provincial administration prior to public announcement: Chen Yijun, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Committee and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, is planning to appoint Taizhou Party Secretary.

According to the public information, Chen Yijun was born in March 1967 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. After working in Ningbo in 1989, he has been working as a deputy secretary and secretary of the Communist Youth League of Ningbo University. In 1995, he was transferred to the deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, After 5 years as secretary.

Since 2002, she has held positions in Beilun District of Ningbo City and Haishu District as a former governor and secretary of the district of Haishu District. In 2011, he was transferred to the vice mayor of Ningbo City. In April 2014, he entered the leading body of the municipal party committee and served as the standing committee member of Ningbo Municipal Committee and secretary of Yinzhou District Party Committee. After a year and a half he served as Deputy Mayor.

After the reelection of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee in March this year, Chen Yijun was promoted to the deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Committee and the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee.

On the 13th of this month, the news shows that Wang Changrong, secretary of Taizhou Municipal Committee, has been the standing committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the secretary of Politics and Law Committee.

At present, Zhejiang has a female secretary of the CPC Committee of Jiaxing, Lu Jun.

Yi-jun resume

台州新书记人选出炉 浙江或再添一名女性市委书记

Yi-jun, female, Han nationality, March 1967 Health Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, joined the Communist Party of China in April 1985, July 1989 to work in the School of Public Management, Zhejiang University administrative professional In-service graduate, in-service graduate degree, master’s degree. Ningbo University, Director-General of the Communist Youth League


1991.02–1993.05 deputy secretary of Ningbo University; Vice Minister

1993.05–1995.09 Deputy Director of Student group secretary at Ningbo University, work department;

1995.09–2000.12, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of Ningbo City, member of the party group;

2000.12-2002.09, secretary of the Communist Youth League of Ningbo, party secretary;

2002.09-2005.02, deputy secretary of Ningbo Beilun District CPC Committee (deputy departmental level) ;

2005.02–2005.03, deputy secretary of Haishu District Committee of Ningbo City, acting on behalf of the mayor;

2005.02-2007.01, deputy secretary and mayor of Haishu District CPC Committee of Ningbo City;

2007.01-2007.0 2, Secretary of Ningbo Haishu District CPC Committee;

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