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The new Austrian government officially appointed as the new Prime Minister Kurtz only 31 years old

                    (Original title: Austrian government will be formally employed policy will “turn right” lead attention)




China news agency, Berlin, December 18 The new Austrian government cabinet officially took office in Vienna on the 18th. The KMT’s new prime minister, Kurtz, was only 31 and became the youngest head of government in the EU. However, Kurz’s decision to group the liberal Liberal party with a strong populist right wing raised concerns that the country’s policy might turn right.


Data Sheet: Kurtz.


The Austrian People’s Party led by Kurtz won the election on October 15 this year. After nearly two months of negotiations, Kurtz chose to form a coalition with the Liberal Party, which has the third highest number of votes. According to the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, on December 18, Kurtz and his newly-appointed deputy prime minister and Liberal Chairman Heinz-Kristen Strand led the cabinet members to accept the appointment signed by President Vanderbilt and formally announced their inauguration.


The KMT’s political position in Kurtz is conservative, while the Liberal Party is widely regarded by the European and American media as having a strong right-wing populist attitude. Deutsche Welle and the New York Times and other media use “far right” to describe the latter. It is reported that this is the second time in the modern history of Austria that the People’s Party and the Liberal Party formed a united cabinet.


It is precisely for this reason that whether the new Austrian government has a policy of “turning right” has drawn wide attention.


On the day of the new government inauguration, some 6,000 people held a protest in Vienna. President Vanderbilt reminded many that they hold different opinions about the new government cabinet, but he understands it. He also called on all parties to respect different opinions.


As Austria’s most important neighbor, German Chancellor Angela Merkel telephoned Kurz on the same day to congratulate him and invited the latter to visit Berlin in the near future. However, the two countries, which have the same language and have similar historical and cultural backgrounds, have been disputed by many refugees in recent years. Kurz, the former Austrian foreign minister, has repeatedly challenged Merkel’s refugee policy.


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Raad Al-Hussein, appraised the media the same day that the new Austrian government was in power as a “dangerous step” in the political life in Europe. At the same time, he criticized the Austrian tightening immigration policy.


Trump: US priority is the basic guideline North Korea, Iran is the main threat

                    (Original title: Trump: The United States has entered a new era, China is a competitor)


Since 1986, the U.S. Congress has demanded that every president make a clear plan for national security. In addition to guiding the national security strategy, the report also gives U.S. allies and adversaries a clear signal of the U.S. goal and therefore receives wide attention from the outside world.

US local time On the 18th, Beijing time early this morning, U.S. President Trump released his first “National Security Strategy Report” since taking office. In his speech, Trump positions China and Russia as the rival powers of the United States. In the text of the report, he identified China as a “strategic rival” of the United States but did not completely rule out the possibility of cooperation with China In particular, on the North Korea nuclear issue, the United States needs China and will continue its cooperation with China. At the same time, he also said that it will strengthen the protection of U.S. economic interests on issues such as economy and trade and investment.

特朗普:美国已进入新时代 中国是竞争对手 △ Figure / visual China

stressed that “four core national interest”

White House has just released a new version of “National Security Strategy” of up to 68, double the Obama administration period. The report is based on “principle realism” and emphasizes “the four core national interests” in all its aspects, including protecting the American people and homeland security, promoting the prosperity of the United States, seeking peace through force, and increasing U.S. influence. The report not only sets out the framework for mutually beneficial cooperation between the United States and its international partners, but also addresses the strategic threats and challenges the United States has on a global scale.

more focused US homeland security and border issues

and after the US National Security Strategy is different is that the new report is more focused on the US homeland security and border issues, highlighted the protection of US technology innovation ecosystem, and in accordance with European, Middle East, Asia, “India and the Pacific” and other regional perspectives to adjust the U.S. national strategy.

特朗普:美国已进入新时代 中国是竞争对手 △ Figure / visual China

the new US National Security Strategy report that the United States has entered a new era of competition, the United States is currently in the world is ushering in more intense competition, the United States must be protected in a competitive world National interest. The report said the fundamental responsibility of the United States is to protect the American people and homeland security. In addition to the traditional border management and immigration policies, it will also promote the building of cybersecurity. The report stresses that economic security in the United States is an important part of national security. The United States will work with all countries to create fair and mutually-beneficial economic relations and use their energy advantages to ensure the opening up of the international market.

Except for Terrorist Organizations North Korea Iran Is “the Main Threat”

In the meantime, the report lists the major threats to U.S. national security. In addition to international terrorist organizations, the report also includes ” Revisionist country “as well as North Korea and Iran. However, in the new report, the Trump administration did not include climate change as a threat to national security. Trump: “U.S. Priority” Is the Fundamental Code

On the same day, Trump made a speech on the new National Security Strategy Report saying that he has always placed “U.S. priority” as the basic guideline and promoted the U.S. cooperation in the international On the influence.

US President Trump:
Whether you like it or not, this strategic report shows that we have entered a new era of competition. We must recognize the important role played by the mighty military strength, economic strength and political competitiveness in the world.

White House Official: Trump Expressly Satisfied with the Report

Earlier in the briefing by White House officials, Trump was very satisfied with this national security strategy report and decided to make a speech specifically before the report was released .

特朗普:美国已进入新时代 中国是竞争对手

White House officials also said that it is not routine for the Trump administration to launch a national security strategy in the first year of its administration and that the president personally present his speech presentation. According to reports, Trump himself and the president of National Security Assistant McMaster personally requested and promoted the report was launched in the first year of administration, the report prepared for up to 11 months, during which the United States National Security Commission, the White House National Economic Council, the Cabinet each Department launched a close cooperation.

In the coming months, the White House will also launch a number of reports including the national defense strategy, the national anti-terrorism strategy, the national biological defense strategy, the nuclear posture assessment and the missile defense system assessment based on this report.

The report has no legal effect but reflects the government’s consideration. Previously, McMaster, the U.S. president’s national security adviser, said the new U.S. national security strategy is “a serious reflection on the U.S. foreign policy in the past few decades.” Will lay the foundation for the United States to restore its strategic confidence. However, many U.S. strategic people question whether this report really will bring about major changes in U.S. foreign policy. Some analysts said that although the report itself does not have the legal effect, but Trump’s government can be seen in the national security strategy objectives, means and means of such an important consideration.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry responded: the nature of Sino-US economic and trade relations are mutually beneficial and win-win

before this latest edition of the US National Security Strategy released this morning, which has been part of Some media disclosed in advance. In response to a reporter’s question on China’s strategic positioning as China’s positioning strategy, Hua Chunying, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said yesterday at a routine press conference that given the importance of the United States and the fact that China and the United States are two big powers and permanent members of the Security Council, As a matter of fact, China hopes that the U.S. national security strategy will play a constructive role in promoting world peace and stability and contribute to enhancing strategic mutual trust between China and the United States and jointly safeguarding international peace and security. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Hua Chunying

White teacher suspected murder of Chinese wives Pro trial Police said they have not yet prosecuted

                    (The original title: white teacher suspicion of murdering Chinese wife Pro trial police said it did not prosecute)



A city on the fourteenth morning of the murder, Chinese woman Li Hui fell from the parking lot dead. (Photo by: Overseas Chinese Network) A 55-year-old white man named Rus Li, 29, who was murdered at the dawn of the 14th, Russell iRite ( Russell Errett was originally scheduled to appear in the Alhambra City Court on the morning of the 18th but LA County District Attorney’s Office tentatively claimed that the man had not yet been formally charged and the case was called back The police station.

According to the U.S. “World Journal”, the 55-year-old white man who was allegedly murdering a 29-year-old Chinese wife Li Hui in the parking lot in the Alhambra on the early morning of the 14th was reportedly scheduled to arrive at 8:30 on the 18th at Azerbaijan Alhambra City court, but Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said the white man was currently formally charged, but the case “call back votes” to the police, asked for more detailed investigation.

More than 8 people were killed and 8 wounded in Burundi in Central Java province

                    (Original title: Buried people in central Java Province, Indonesia, buried more than 8 dead 8 injured)


Indonesia’s anti-disaster unit confirmed that a collapsed Linhe massacre occurred on the 18th in central Java province of Indonesia. Many mines who are mining sand along the river have been buried and at least eight people have been confirmed dead and eight injured. As the specific number of sand-mining workers at the time of the incident is unclear, the death toll is expected to rise.

印尼中爪哇省山体垮塌多人被埋 造成至少8死8伤

Japanese government decided to introduce two land-based Aegis opposition system: unconstitutional

                    (Original title: Japanese government convened a meeting decided to introduce two sets of land-based Aegis system)

                                   According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government decided at the cabinet meeting on the 19th of this month that as an intensification of ballistic missile defense (BMD) measures, it will introduce two land-based interceptor systems, Land-based Zeus Shield system. ”

Small Trump grimace grim Obama users ruthless batch: you do not deserve!

                    (Original title: Little Trump grimace ridicule Obama was severely criticized by users: you do not deserve!)


小特朗普做鬼脸嘲讽奥巴马 网友狠批:你不配! Donald Trump Jr

Overseas Network December 19 Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of U.S. President Trump, uploaded on social platforms last Sunday (17th) A picture of himself and the picture of Mr Obama with his picture of a biscuit, the middle and small Trump puppets look subtle and seem grimacing. This small Trump’s behavior is considered to be ridiculed former President Obama, so it has also been a lot of criticism.

小特朗普做鬼脸嘲讽奥巴马 网友狠批:你不配! Little Trump Instagram Photo. Little Trump wrote on Instagram, “Some friends sent birthday cakes two weeks before my 40th birthday. Without an Obama cakes (biscuits), the birthday is not complete.”

According to Time magazine, Reported that Mr Trump photographed the photo at his birthday party and was photographed with Texas State Senator Ted Cruz. In the photo, the smiling face of Cruz shows no dislike to the “Obama cookie” in Little Trump’s hand, while Little Trump distorts his face and seems to dislike the “Obama cookie” in his hand.

The British newspaper The Independent pointed out that this act by Little Trump has aroused numerous discontent on the Internet. Many people criticized their behavior and lack of education, saying “Obama is much stronger than you.” There netizens said, “From this photo you can see how terrible, ignorant, stupid, hateful you are.” A netizen said, “You want to mock Obama, you will never become educated, intelligent, brave, honest, kindhearted and sympathetic like Obama.”

小特朗普做鬼脸嘲讽奥巴马 网友狠批:你不配! Hillary Original Trophy in 2016. Jr. Trump praised Hillary on Twitter.

Korean Health Department: Three newborns at Mukdong Hospital or died of abuse of antibiotics

                    (Original title: Korean Health Department: Pear Dukumdong Hospital 3 newborns or died of abuse of antibiotics)


[World Wide Web Report] South Korea’s Ministry of Health said on December 18 that three newborns who died at the Mukdong Hospital attached to Ewha Womans University were found to have suspected antibiotic-resistant Citrobacter freundii (Citrobacter freundii).

According to the Yonhap news agency reported on the 19th, Citrobacter freundii is a Gram-negative bacteria, is a normal human intestinal gut bacteria, but occasionally reduce the body resistance to become pathogenic bacteria, triggering respiratory tract, urinary system, blood infection. This Gram-negative bacteria is sensitive to antibiotics, speculation that the hospital abuse of antibiotics may be related to neonatal deaths, South Korea’s society is also infected with the hospital questioned.

British new aircraft carrier leaked by sea water formal service only ten days

                    (The original title: the British new aircraft carrier was leaked by sea water formal service was only ten days)


1513651034410783.png British Royal Navy “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier

Overseas Network December 19 – u0026 nbsp; local time on the 18th, the British Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” a major leak, resulting in sea water intrusion, forced Back to Hong Kong for repairs, the British Navy “furious.” The aircraft carrier is known as the largest warship in the history of the British Royal Navy, official service was only ten days.

According to the BBC, the £ 3.1 billion “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier suffered a serious leak during sea trials with poorly sealed seals around the propeller shaft of the carrier causing infiltration of seawater and over 200 liters of seawater per hour.

According to the British “Daily Mirror” reported that British Royal Navy officials expressed their extreme indignation. The official said that this major flaw existed before the shipbuilders handed over their aircraft carriers to the Navy. “We’re going to expose the real cost of the aircraft carrier. We were” looted “by the shipbuilders and they did not handle the loopholes before handing over the aircraft carrier it is good”.

It is reported that Queen Elizabeth is currently docked in Portsmouth and that service personnel are trying to discharge the inflated seawater but may need to return to dry-dock for further repairs. British Navy said the aircraft carrier will be repaired early next year to continue the sea trial.

1513651079422092.jpg British Royal Navy “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier

According to overseas network, “Queen Elizabeth” is known as the British Royal Navy’s largest warship ever, December 7 this year, has just officially served.

The ship was the first aircraft carrier Britain has served since it retired in 2011 for the Royal Ark, making it a carrier country again in six years. “Queen Elizabeth” is 280 meters in length, the maximum speed of 25 knots, 65,000 tons full load displacement, the future will become the main force of the British Royal Navy. Queen Elizabeth II Attend Aircraft Service Ceremony


Jiang Song trial of the three major issues suspect Japanese experts: the sentence or less than 20 years

                    (Original title: Jiang Song murdered tomorrow verdict, prosecutors begging for 20 years?)


Assault Tools The blade of a fruit knife is direct evidence that has not been found. Due to the lack of fingerprints on the blade, blood and other evidence, the trial, “the three major controversial issues”:

① knife who is? ② Liu Xin handed knife yet? ③ Chen Shifeng intentional murder or temporary intention?

According to the analysis of Japanese criminal law experts, under the premise of doubting the case, Japan’s death penalty is not applicable. Prosecutions have been sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment, with the highest number of imprisonment. There was no precedent for this. Japanese criminal cases are sentencing after the trial by the judges and jurors sentencing. Judging from past experience, it is generally rare for the prosecutor to find a sentence of 75% or 75%. Chen Shifeng’s final sentence is likely to be under 20 years.

Nagasaki Atomic bomb survivor claimed unsuccessful prosecution suit

                    (Original title: Japan Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor for official recognition to determine the loss)


BEIJING, December 19 According to “Central News Agency” reported that more than 300 survivors of the atomic bombing in Nagasaki, Japan, have not been officially identified as victims and have filed a lawsuit before a Japanese court. On the 18th, local supreme court ruled that these survivors lost their case because they were close to the original blast point at the time of the blast but were not located in the quake-hit areas delineated by the Japanese government.

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