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The second C919 large passenger aircraft first flight of large passenger aircraft to take this 6 off

                    (Original title: The second C919 large passenger plane to complete the first flight)



C919 Since the second passenger aircraft was introduced into the flight test phase on November 23, it has successively carried out low-speed taxiing tests and medium-speed taxiing tests to achieve the “first flight” condition. Compared to the first aircraft “first flight”, the two aircraft regardless of the flight altitude, flight speed or the number of missions have significantly improved.

second aircraft C919 large passenger aircraft completed its first flight

will invest a total of six flight test aircraft to be completed more than 1,000 compliance verification test

WASHINGTON (Reporter Lin Li Shuang) At noon yesterday, the second large aircraft C919 Passenger aircraft completed its first flight at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport, which means that the C919 large-scale passenger aircraft has gradually opened up a new journey of full-scale test flight. Experts interviewed said that the C919 next large passenger aircraft still need more than 1,000 test flight verification. 7:89456_16_65473_9

Yesterday, 10:34, the second C919 passenger plane piloted by Captain Wu Xin and test pilot Xu Yuanzhao was Zou Lixue, observer and test engineer David Dale. Liu Lizu took off from the fourth runway of Pudong International Airport. The aircraft cruised for 1 hour and 15 minutes at a height of 4,500 meters and completed its scheduled flight test flight and then returned safely at 1234 hours.

Mao Zedong, head of 102 aircraft crew of China Commercial Aircraft Commercial Flight Testing Center, said that C919’s second passenger aircraft has been carrying out low-speed taxiing test and medium-speed taxiing test since its launch on November 23, First flight “conditions. Compared to the first aircraft “first flight”, the two aircraft regardless of the flight altitude, flight speed or the number of missions have significantly improved.

According to the C919 large-scale passenger aircraft project plan, a total of 6 pilot aircraft will be put into trial test flight and two aircraft will be ground tested. Six test aircraft need to complete more than 1,000 compliance verification tests, two ground test aircraft need to system integration test, the whole machine static test and fatigue test.

In the next few years, Commercial Aircraft will unite with China Aviation Industry Corporation and other agencies to take the two major test bases of Dongying in Shandong and Yanliang in Shaanxi as their main battlefields, conducting intensive test flights at various airports across the country. This will be the first airworthiness verification conducted by China on a 150-seat mainline aircraft, and the C919 large passenger aircraft will also undergo the highest grade test flight test in China’s aviation industry.

The C919 aircraft is a 150-seat single-channel mainline aircraft developed independently by China in accordance with the airworthiness standards in line with international standards. It completed the feasibility study of the project by the end of 2008, and the assembly line was put on-line in Shanghai in November 2015. On May 5, 2017 at Pudong International Airport completed the first aircraft first flight, currently has 2785 orders at home and abroad 27 customers.


large aircraft test flight had to be six off

yesterday, China Commercial Aircraft experts said, the next few years, C919 large passenger aircraft airworthiness verification to complete all courses, issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China has made models Certificate (TC), access to market operations qualification, you need to overcome six major difficulties.

The test flight is bound to face the security risk challenge, which is the first major difficulty. In particular, high-risk subjects such as stalling, flutter and icing are paying the slightest price, even if they are a few millimeters away. In 2007, when a two-lane mainline foreign airliner suddenly and severely decompressed its cabin during the flight test, six people were injured and two of them were seriously injured. In 2011, an overseas business jet crashed while performing the take-off performance test. Two pilots and two flight test engineers were unfortunately killed.

Next, the overall airworthiness certification also need technical clearance. Through ARJ21 new regional airliner airworthiness certification, our country has a jet civil transport aircraft airworthiness review capabilities, but also for the upcoming C919 large airliner airworthiness verification provided full support. However, C919 airworthiness verification is the first time for China to conduct a full airworthiness verification of mainline jetliners in accordance with international standards, and the application of a large number of new technologies, new materials and new technologies such as control law and composite materials will greatly increase the number of aircraft certification Difficulty.

The third major difficulty is to have too many departments to work together. C919 Large-scale Passenger Aircraft Test Flight Test is yet another “national project” for China’s aviation industry in the new era. Systematic engineering involves a long industrial chain with many professional lines, many specialized departments and many institutional areas. In more than six years of test flights, the ARJ21 new regional airliner has flown to more than 50 domestic and international airports. In order to improve the flight test efficiency, C919 plans to adopt “biaxial” and multi-regional collaborative flight test modes such as Xi’an and Dongying, which set new requirements for scientific management and innovation management and are more active in various professions, departments, regions and units Coordination with the proposed new and greater challenges.

The fourth major difficulty is the lack of front-line engineering and technical personnel, large talent gap. At present, the world’s civilian aircraft giant personnel size is generally about 150,000 people, and as China’s civil aircraft industry implementation of the main commercial aircraft Co., Ltd. of China has a variety of technical personnel, but thousands of test pilots and test engineers, but dozens of people . With the commencement of the test flight test, at present, there are not enough first-line engineering and technical personnel in our aviation industry and the contradictions between the backbone and the overloaded operation will be further highlighted.

President of South Africa: Higher education for nearly 90% of families will be free

                    (Original title: President of South Africa announced that nearly 90% of families will be offered higher education free of charge)


China news agency, Johannesburg, December 16 South African President Zuma announced on the 16th that following the introduction of free medical care and the introduction of free housing, a free higher education system will be implemented for students in poor families and working families, which account for 90% of the total number of families.

资料图:南非总统祖马。中新社记者 盛佳鹏 摄 Figure: South African President Zuma. China news agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng photo

Zuma said in a statement that from 2018 onwards, new first-year college students in poor or working families will be entitled to this full free benefit. Zuma also promised that in the next five years, this free higher education benefit will benefit all eligible students.

Free schools include national public universities and vocational and technical training schools across the country. For these family students, Zuma gave the definition “Total annual family income of no more than 350,000 rand (about $ 27,000)”. At present, South Africa’s per capita GDP is about 6,000 U.S. dollars. According to this standard, most of South Africa’s families can meet the free criteria. “This policy will allow 90% of families in South Africa to enjoy free education,” Zuma said.

Zuma said “students who are classified as poor or workers’ families under the new definition will receive government funding and support, not just loans.” He also pointed out that these full free content includes mentorship fees , Study materials fees, meals, accommodation and transportation costs.

To achieve this goal, South Africa’s decision to raise the subsidy rate for universities has risen from 0.68% of its previous GDP to 1% over the next five years. The South African government also promised not to increase tuition fees for home-based students up to 600,000 rand by 2018.

Saudi Arabia announces that women can drive a motorcycle on a motorcycle. The accident was handled by a special center

                    (Original title: Saudi Arabia announced that women can drive a motorcycle accident by the special center)



King Shahqam Mohamed Salman. Associated Press Saudi Arabia December 17 u0026 nbsp; Saudi Arabia Three months ago, Saudi officials announced the historic decision to end the ban on female driving, Saudi officials said today that Saudi women will also be able to open trucks and / Ride a motorcycle.

According to a report from United Press, the king and prime minister of Saudi Arabia, Salman, issued an order on 26 September to allow women to drive and instruct relevant departments to set up a high-level commission to supervise the implementation within 30 days. The only country in the world that banned female drivers will see a female hand holding a steering wheel in June next year.

According to the AFP, the Saudi General Directorate of Traffic announced the details of the new regulations on the road after the lifting of the ban through the official news agency yesterday (January 16).

The Department of Transportation said, “Yes, we will allow women to ride locomotives and trucks, noting that Royal Decree stipulates that driving laws apply equally to both sexes.”

The Department of Transportation said: “The number plate There is no difference between the general license plate numbers. “However, women involved in road traffic accidents or in violation of traffic laws will be dealt with by special centers established and operated by women.

Since the founding of the country in 1932, Saudi Arabia has imposed strict Islamic Wahhabi sect rules that prohibit strangers from engaging with men and women, forbidding cinemas and forbidding alcoholism. For women driving, Saudi Arabia did not openly say no, but the Department of Transportation never issued a driver’s license.

Saudi Arabia has never given any explanation about prohibiting women from driving. However, most Saudis believe that religious authorities are concerned that once women are allowed to drive, they are free from the supervision of male members in their families, which will lead to social moral degeneration such as abnormal contact with men and women.

Saudi women’s efforts to secure equal rights to men over the past two decades have not stopped. Every year, Saudi women are arrested for driving a ban on the street.

Former British Counter-Terrorism High Warned Terrorist Or Attack Before Christmas

                    (Former Title: Former British Counter-Terrorism High Warner Warning: Terrorists or Attack Before Christmas)


1513457501153044.jpg British gun officers patrol the streets. (Profile picture)

Four Chinese were kidnapped by pirates Nigerian military successfully rescued after fierce fighting

                    (Original title: 4 Chinese were abducted by pirates Nigerian military successfully rescued)



U.S. Urges Signing of New Rules for Visa-Free Countries: Assistance in Reviewing Transit Passengers in Third Countries

                    (Original title: US visa-free new requirements: to assist in the review of transit passengers in third countries)


BEIJING, December 17
According to foreign media reports, the U.S. government recently promulgated a new regulation requiring 38 participating countries in the “U.S. visa-free visa plan” to implement the new regulations and use U.S. anti-terrorism materials to examine cross-boundary travelers. The U.S. visa-free program allows citizens in Europe and some other countries to stay in the United States for 90 days without a visa.

点击进入下一页 Information Figure: American flag. Xinhua News Agency, reporters Zhang Shuo photo

It is reported that the new regulations promulgated by the U.S. government on the 15th require visa-free countries to assist the United States in the censorship of travelers who transit from third countries. One of the new requirements is to use the information from the U.S. database to filter the third- Transit passengers. A U.S. government official said many countries that have participated in this visa-free arrangement have already done so.

Security Council Proposals Amend the United States to Forbidding the Status of Jerusalem to Use One Vote

                    (Original title: Security Council’s proposal to change the status of Jerusalem to the United States or to use one veto)


timg (1).jpg

Overseas Network December 17
The UN Security Council is considering a draft resolution that shows no change in the status of Jerusalem has no legal effect, in response to the United States’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Analysts said that it is expected that the United States will then use the Security Council’s veto power.

According to Hong Kong East Network, Egypt circulated the draft text on Saturday (Saturday). The country’s ambassador to the United Nations said that the Security Council may vote as early as Monday (18th).

This month U.S. President Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocated the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to the city, triggering demonstrations and strong condemnation. The Palestinian Ambassador declared his position on the status of the United States in Jerusalem, saying that it would be “self-defeating” and a fatal blow to the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hamas, the Palestinian armed group, has also threatened that Trump’s approach will cross all the red lines. King Salman of Saudi Arabia also said that the U.S. practice is dangerous.

Arab League Secretary Gates said on the 2nd that any move by the United States that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will fuel extremist and violent incidents.

On the 13th, leaders of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation held an emergency meeting in Istanbul to discuss the U.S. government’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to discuss concrete countermeasures. After the meeting, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation issued a communique announcing the recognition of East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

安理会提案禁改耶路撒冷地位 美国或用一票否决权 Mladhenov, Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process, briefs the Security Council on the issue of Jerusalem. United Nations photo

The United Nations will hold a special symposium on this topic. According to UN News, the United Nations Middle East Peace Process Coordinator Mladanov told a special meeting of the Security Council on Jerusalem on December 8 that the United Nations has repeatedly stated that any attempt to change the identity and status of Jerusalem will either seriously damage Current peace efforts and or will have a volatile impact on the entire region.

Mladenov said Jerusalem is the city with the most complex and disturbing roots in the world. To the Jewish people, it is and will always be the center of their faith and life. It is also a center of life for the Palestinian people, and since the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967, many have feared losing their livelihoods or their connection with the city. For billions of people in the world, Jerusalem is a symbol of and a cornerstone of the Christian, Judaism or Islamic religion to which they belong.

The United Nations stated that the position of the United Nations is very clear: Jerusalem belongs to a final status issue and needs to be resolved through the negotiation of a comprehensive, just and lasting solution by Palestine and Israel in accordance with the resolutions and mutual agreements of the United Nations .

It is reported that AFP’s draft resolution emphasizes that the question of Jerusalem must be resolved through negotiations and expresses its profound regret over the recent decision on the status of Jerusalem and does not specifically mention Trump’s move. The draft resolution confirms that any decision or action aimed at changing the identity, status or demographic mix of Jerusalem has no legal force and is invalid and must be withdrawn.

Egyptian Ambassador to United Nations said that it is expected that the United States will use the veto to obstruct the draft resolution. The remaining 14 members of the Security Council expected the majority to support the draft resolution. It is understood that the veto power of the UN Security Council, also known as the veto or one-vote veto of the permanent members of the UN, means that each of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council has the veto power over the UN Security Council draft resolution
Even if the resolution is supported by the majority of member States, the permanent members will still invalidate any Security Council resolution.

bknint-20171217055144278-1217_17011_001_01p.jpg It is expected that the United States will use the veto to block the draft resolution.

For the first time in 1970, the United States exercised its veto over the crisis in Rhodesia and, in 1972, independently exercised the veto to block the passage of the sanctions imposed on Israel. Since then, the United States has become the most frequently elected permanent member of the United States. It is mainly used to veto the criticism of Israel. This right has been exercised by the United States for more than 80 times and ranks as the second largest member of the Security Council’s five permanent members.

U.S. official: Trump will make it clear that China is a competitor

                    (Original title: Trump will make it clear that China is “an opponent” but will not block)



Overseas Network December 17
U.S. President Trump on the 18th will release his first comprehensive security policy document “National Security Strategy Report.” U.S. officials disclosed that Trump will make it clear that China is “a competitor” to the United States, but this should not be seen as a containment of China.

On the 18th, U.S. President Trump will unmask the new U.S. national security strategy based on his “U.S. priority” policy and will make it clear that China is a competitor, Reuters quoted two U.S. officials as saying. However, two officials also stated that this should not be seen as a containment of China but rather as a “sober look at China’s various challenges.”

After the nineteenth big top level of Tianjin municipal government and then transferred to Ho Hill Hill Anhui positions

                    (Original title: After the 19th National Assembly, Tianjin government high-level re-transfer)


On December 16, Party Secretary and Governor Li Guoying, governor of Anhui Province, chaired the 88th Party Group Meeting of the provincial government to study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on carrying forward the “Red Ship Spirit” and on further rectifying the “Four Sides of the Wind” and strengthening the style construction Important instructions, learn statistical disciplines and penalties for disposition of punishment measures and other documents, implement the provincial party committee meeting to deploy, study and implement the work.

Anhui provincial government party members attended the meeting, vice governor Xie Guangxiang attended the meeting.

 十九大后天津市政府高层再外调 何树山调安徽任职

“Politics News” noted that He Shushan and Yang Guangrong also attended the meeting and were among the members of the Anhui Provincial Government Party Group. Both of them made speeches respectively.

 十九大后天津市政府高层再外调 何树山调安徽任职

Prior to this, He Shunshan was deputy mayor of Tianjin; Yang Guangrong was the vice governor of Hunan Province. According to the official website of the Tianjin Municipal Government, He Shunshan ranked second in the six vice mayors in Tianjin, in charge of industrial and information technology (national defense industry, energy saving), service industry, science and technology, intellectual property, electricity, Communication, safety production, earthquake relief work.

He Shu-shan was born in 1964 in Shandong Xintai people. After graduating from Daqing Petroleum Institute in 1984, he entered the Daqing Oilfield and began to work as a drilling company technician. After more than 10 years, he gradually rose to the manager of Daqing Petroleum Administration Workover Branch .

In 2000, he was transferred to Jilin Petroleum Group. He successively served as chief engineer, chairman, general manager and general manager of CNPC Dagang Oilfield Branch.

In 2008, He Shu-shan stepped into his career as the director of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. From December 2009, he served as Tianjin Binhai New Area District Standing Committee, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, director of the CMC.

In January 2013, he was elected Vice Mayor of Tianjin at the first meeting of the 16th People’s Congress in Tianjin.

“Government Affairs News” noted that is the second top executive of Tianjin’s outgoing government after the 19th National Congress. October 28 this year, former Tianjin Mayor Wang Dongfeng transferred to Hebei provincial party committee secretary.

Public resume shows that Yang Guangrong is a native of Xiangtan, Hunan Province. He was born in 1962. His work experience is concentrated in Hunan Province. He used to be a member of Changsha Municipal Party Committee, Changsha Party Committee Secretary, Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau and Zhangjiajie Party Committee Secretary.

In December 2016, Yang Guangrong was the deputy governor and secretary general of Hunan Province. In March 2017, he resigned as the secretary general of Hunan Provincial Government.

On the 6th of this month, Yang Guangrong also attended the meeting of coal mine consolidation and closure and safety production in Hunan Province as the vice governor of Hunan Province.

Shushan resume

 十九大后天津市政府高层再外调 何树山调安徽任职

He Shushan, male, Han nationality, March 1964 Health, Shandong Xintai, joined the Communist Party of China in December 1986, July 1984 to work in China University of Petroleum Oil and Gas Well Engineering Professional graduate, working graduate education, doctor of engineering, is a senior engineer.

Since July 1984, he has successively served as a drilling crew technician of Drilling Well Brigade Company Drilling Team of Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau Drilling Team, head of well cementing team of Engineering Corps of Drilling Company, deputy director of on-site management office and deputy director of Engineering Technology Station.

Drilling three branch party secretary and deputy manager, deputy chief engineer;

Drilling a company deputy chief engineer and a branch manager;

In 1996 a drilling company deputy manager, executive vice president, party committee member, drilling three company manager , Deputy secretary of the Party Committee;

1999 Ren Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. Workover Branch Manager, Deputy Party Secretary;

In 2000 transferred to Jilin Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer, Party Standing Committee;

In 2002, Jilin Petrochemical Group Limited liability company chairman, general manager, party committee

2006 General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary of CNPC Dagang Oilfield Company;

In March 2008, Dagang Oilfield Company and Dagang Oilfield Group Company were reorganized and integrated, serving as general manager of Dagang Oilfield Company and general manager of Dagang Oilfield Group Company.

April 2008, Tianjin Binhai New Area Working Committee, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee deputy party secretary and director of the CMC;

In November 2009, Tianjin Binhai New Area Working Committee, Tianjin Economic Technical Development Zone Management Committee of the party secretary and director of the CMC

December 2009, Ren Tianjin Binhai New Area District Standing Committee, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, director of the Commission;

January 2013, the Tianjin deputy mayor.

Yang Guangrong resume

 十九大后天津市政府高层再外调 何树山调安徽任职

Yang Guangrong, male, Han nationality, born in November 1962, Xiangtan, Hunan, in August 1989, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1985, a postgraduate degree, Master of Economics Economist.

September 1982 – June 1986 Hunan University of Finance and Economics Department of Finance Bachelor’s Degree Bachelor

June 1986 – August 1989 Southwest University of Finance and Economics Master’s Degree in Finance, Master of Economics Degree

August 1989-March 1993 Changsha Municipal Bureau of Finance Research Institute Cadres

March 1993-December 1994 Changsha City Bureau of Finance Full-time Inspector (Deputy Section)

December 1994 – – April 1998 Changsha Municipal Bureau of Finance Deputy Director

April 1998 – January 2000 Changsha Municipal Bureau of Finance

January 2000 – May 2002 Changsha Municipal Bureau of Finance, Party Secretary

May 2002 – December 2003 Changsha Tianxin District Party Committee Secretary

December 2003 – September 2006 long Economic and Technological Development Zone Party Work Committee, Changsha county party secretary

Kang Kyong-ko, South Korean foreign minister, will visit Japan for the first time to discuss such historical issues as comfort women

                    (Original title: ROK Foreign Minister Kang Jing and his First Visit to Japan to Explore Comfort Issues and Historical Issues)


BEIJING, December 17 According to the Yonhap news agency reported, the South Korean Foreign Ministry announced on the 17th of this month that Foreign Minister Kang Jing and Japan will visit Japan from 19 to 20 and hold talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kano.


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