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Family doctor is not a private doctor? The health commission responded to these nine questions

                    (Original title: National Health and Family Planning Commission grass-roots division responsible person on the family doctor signing service to accept “healthy China” government new media interview)


What is a family doctor?

At this stage, family doctors in China mainly include GPOs (including assistant general practitioners and Chinese medicine practitioners) as well as able township hospitals physicians and village doctors.

Actively guide qualified public hospital physicians and retired clinicians with mid-level and above professional qualifications, especially medical, gynecology, pediatrics and Chinese medicine practitioners, to provide contracting services as a family doctor at the grassroots level.

Family doctor is not a private doctor. In principle, the service of contract is mainly in the form of team service. The family doctor team consists of family doctors, community nurses and public health physicians. The level 2 or above hospital doctors provide technical support and business guidance.

Why do you have a family doctor’s contract service?

At present, the medical and health undertaking of our country faces many challenges such as the aging population, urbanization and the high incidence of chronic diseases. The medical and health service model centered on hospitals and diseases can hardly meet the needs of the masses for long-term and continuous health care.

In the meantime, residents’ medical attention to large hospitals is not conducive to improving the medical environment, balancing medical resources and reasonably controlling medical expenses.

International experience and domestic practice have proved that promoting the signing service of family doctors is an important way to safeguard and safeguard people’s health and is an important measure to facilitate people’s medical treatment. By providing long-term contract services to the masses, it is conducive to changing the mode of medical and health services, Let the masses have health gatekeepers and continuously improve the health of the masses.

What is the subscription service provided by family doctor?

At present, it mainly relies on urban community health service agencies, rural township hospitals and village clinics to provide residents with health care services including basic medical care, public health and conventions. Contracted residents have access to health records management, health education, vaccination services, child health management, maternal health management, elderly over 65 years of age health management, hypertension, diabetes health management, management of patients with severe mental disorders, tuberculosis Patient health management, Chinese medicine health management and other national basic public health services. In addition, it provides such services as common diseases and frequently-occurring health consultation, disease diagnosis and treatment, medical treatment guidance and referral booking. Some regions also provide services including family Bed, home care and other personalized service content.

How do residents sign up for their family doctor?

Signing Service In accordance with the principle of voluntariness, residents who have willingness to sign and service needs may choose a family doctor (team) to sign up at a nearby township health center, village clinics, community health service agencies and other grass-roots health service agencies. Service agreement, the agreement covers the content of contract services, methods, deadlines and the responsibilities, rights, obligations and other matters of both parties.

The signing period is one year in principle. After expiration, residents can renew or choose another family doctor (team) to sign up.

Who is the current focus of family doctor’s contract service?

Currently, the family doctor service has priority to cover key populations including the elderly, maternal, children and the disabled, as well as people with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and tuberculosis, patients with severe mental disorders, the rural poor, Special childbirth. On this basis, strive to expand the contract service to the entire population.

How is the subscription service data counted?

Starting from May 2017, all localities submitted data on the progress of subscription service of family doctors through various specialized information systems in the country, filled them in with the counties (cities and districts), summed up them at the provincial level, and submitted them to the National Health and Family Planning Commission .

At present, the number of contracted people in China has completed the task target, but the promotion of contracted services is still not balanced and the quality of service still needs to be improved. Health and family planning departments at all levels will further promote the implementation of relevant work, and primary health care institutions will provide services to contracted residents in accordance with the stipulations of the agreement, in a pragmatic and orderly manner, and prevent the service from being in place.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission will further step up its efforts to promote the signing of the service contract for family doctors and put them into effect. Health and family planning departments across the country will continue to step up publicity so that residents can truly understand the signing service and establish a reasonable expectation.

What is the progress of the current subscription service?

Over the past year, the family doctor signing service has been implemented in all parts of the country. All localities have been strengthening their system design and enriching their service connotation. They have implemented differentiated policies on contracted residents for medical treatment, referral, medication and medical insurance, Signing service.

At present, the signing rate of the general population and the signing rate of the key population have respectively completed the goal of medical reform of 30% and 60% respectively. The duty of the family doctor “health gatekeeper” and the service mode of “the caring people of the masses” have gradually gained popular support.

What are the difficulties and problems of signing service now?

The contracting service was launched in May 2016 and is still in its infancy in China. Currently, there are still many difficulties and problems.

First, the number of family doctors, especially general practitioners, is not enough. There is still a certain gap between the target of 2-3 qualified general practitioners per 10,000 urban and rural residents by 2020.

Second, the quality of contracted services is not high. Some primary health care institutions provide contracted services to residents with poor pertinence, lack of personalized contracting services based on residents ‘health needs, and poor residents’ access.

Taiwan Authorities Respond to New Party Youth Capture: Do not Do Political Association

                    (Original title: arrest people to sell well! Taiwan authorities respond to the newcomer youth: do not do political association)



The picture shows the screen when Wang Bingzhong was taken away by Taiwan. (Source: Taiwan’s “CNA”)

Overseas Network December 20 – u0026 nbsp; New Party Youth Army just returned from mainland China Wang Bingzhong et al., 19, early morning by the Taiwan inspection staff to force search and Brought back to ask, after more than 10 hours interrogation, it has been put back. Although Wang Bingzhong and others were interviewed as witnesses, the atrocity of the entire aisle was questioned simply by “grasping people.” In response, Xu Guoyong, a spokesman for Taiwan’s administrative authority, responded castigated on the 20th with no need to make political associations. “

According to a report by” China Times Electronic Newspaper “in Taiwan, Xu Guoyong said in an interview that” respecting the powers and responsibilities of the prosecutor for handling cases independently ” , No comments. After questioning the New Party, they went to Taiwan after being returned to Taiwan for official visits and criticized the DPP for political manipulation and green horror. Xu Guoyong said it does not need to make political associations or use political language However, the response of the executive is not sufficient to justify the lack of evidence in the investigation. According to an article published by Taiwan’s “China Times Newsletter,” Wang Bingzhong is a witness identity and a prosecutor. Apart from the suspicion of playing artillery on small birds, the “National Security Law” has always been extremely controversial. The relevant conditions for identification are not transparent, As long as once found to violate the relevant provisions of the fear of prison, or even be considered difficult to identify the “imperial clauses,” Green Camp in the past as the evil law, the total was approved “police total reproduction.” Today, the prosecution of Wang Bingzhong and others involved in “national security law”, search-related people live in homes, fear naked in front of the public.

On the morning of the 20th, the New Party held a press conference and made it clear that Wang Bingzhong’s identity in the case was a witness. The prosecution units called witnesses to testify, usually issuing summonses. Today, the prosecution of Fan Bingzhong smashing people such as Bingbing home, such a big move is contrary to the principle of proportion, the relevant units have to clarify.

Li Shengfeng, vice chairman of the New Party, pointed out that witnesses should testify in court and searching for interviews for more than 18.5 hours without a lawyer today is not a way of treating witnesses. Li Shengfeng said the new party has decided to submit a referendum. “In the future, witnesses are searched and lawyers can accompany them.” Li Shengfeng said this is a harsh judicial struggle.

Li Shengfeng also said yesterday (19 March) that the procedure was fairly unjust and that the prosecutors issued the same time of the warrant and ordered the parties to come to the scene were rather confused because they could not be assigned to one unit and would be left behind Another unit arrested. They dealt with the news by means of witnesses instead of resisting transmission. The reason why they should be detained was that of Gestapo.

Academy of Social Sciences: GDP growth of 2018 is expected to be 6.7% CPI modest rise

                    (Original title: Academy of Social Sciences: China’s GDP growth rate is expected to be 6.7% by 2018 CPI is still modest)


Beijing News Express Today (December 20), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 2018 Economic Blue Book was released. Blue Book predicts that in 2017 China’s GDP growth rate of about 6.8% in 2018 was 6.7%.

The “Economic Book” of 2018 is published by the Social Sciences Academic Press, edited by the Economics Department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. According to the Blue Book, since 2017, China’s economy has continued its steady growth. It is estimated that in 2017, China’s economic growth will be around 6.8%, a slight increase of 0.1% over 2016. It is estimated that economic growth will reach about 6.7% in 2018, keeping pace with the 2016 growth rate.

According to the forecast of China’s Economic Advanced Index, the consumer price index (CPI) of China’s residents in the year 2018 is 2.0%, up 0.4 percentage point from 2017, still in a modest upward phase. The production price index (PPI) is expected to be 3.6% in 2018, a sharp 2.6% decrease from the same period of the previous year, which means the upward pressure on the price of industrial products will ease in 2018.

According to the Blue Book, from 2017 to 2018, China’s economy will operate in a reasonable range under the new normal. Employment and prices remain basically stable, and there will be no hard landing in China’s economy.

The former deputy national leader just angrily denounced Taiwan’s independence for 20 minutes

                    (Original title: Just a moment ago, deputy state leaders angrily denounced Taiwan’s independence for 20 minutes!)


“To solve the Taiwan issue and realize the complete reunification of the motherland is the common wish of all Chinese sons and daughters, it is the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation.” In the 19-nation report, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the expectation of reunifying the motherland.

This morning, a Chinese culture forum co-hosted by Peking University and co-organized by the All-China Taiwan compatriots’ association opened in Beijing and attracted nearly 200 experts and scholars including mainland China, Hong Kong, Maucao, Hong Kong, Maucao, arts, religions, education and the media.

刚刚 这位原副国级领导怒斥台独20分钟 Opening ceremony. Liu Yueling Photography

As the first large-scale academic and cultural forum on Taiwan after the 19-nation victory, the national forum is closely watched by the two sides of the strait and the Chinese community.

The governor of Chang’an Avenue was found on the scene. At the opening ceremony, Xu Jialu, 80-year-old former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and dean of the Chinese Cultural Institute, suffered from his waist discomfort and attended the speech. In his nearly 20-minute speech, he angrily denounced Taiwan authorities and warned those who consigned their ancestors. The compatriots learned enough to learn to identify the traitors who betrayed their ancestors, denounced the father as their father, their self-serving slave and the tiger.

Xu Jialu, a graduate of the Department of Chinese at Beijing Normal University and having taught in colleges and universities for many years, is also a scholarly official. Perhaps influenced by the rhetoric of “Fu Beixing” in ancient Chinese, he begins with the present seasonal order: the day after tomorrow is the winter solstice. Since then, the northern hemisphere has become longer daylight and darker night. “Does such a temperate culture lead to any association between the two sides of the strait that causes 1.4 billion people to worry about?”

Yesterday morning, four young members of Taiwan’s New Party were taken away by Taiwan’s “Investigation Bureau” and three of them just ended Visit in mainland China. In response, Xu Jialu did not respond directly, but lauded the in-depth exchange between young people on both sides of the Straits. After the political ecology in Taiwan changed drastically, exchanges between people on both sides of the Strait, especially among young people, in culture and other fields expanded and deepened, This is a scene conducive to the magnificent goal of cross-Strait prosperity, common prosperity, reunification of the motherland and prosperity of China.

In his view, the future of the Chinese nation belongs to young people. “No matter what the so-called immaturity of the older generation appears to them, however, they have the enthusiasm, sensitivity and new things that we can not possibly meet. Acceptance and resilience. “

Young people from both sides of the Straits have hardly any grudges left behind by history. Xu Jialu frankly admitted that more than once witnessed the experience of cross-strait students to participate in the day from a friend to become acquainted with each other, knot camp is indifferent, burst into tears. Many of them are still linked. From the heart, he said with emotion, “This alone is beyond our age, and I think the quick and firm holding of these young people is their vision for the future, their own Confidence and love in life are also part of our daily life. “

Taking into account the current situation, Taiwan’s reigning officials have used all kinds of tricks to deny the 1992 Consensus that contains the fundamental concept of one China. With the banner of democracy and justice, using its personal interests and interests to suppress and pursue alienation, it has caused various chaos on the island and a deep “social haze” covering the island of Taiwan. Recently, a rehearsal “referendum” has emerged in Taiwan. In this regard, Xu Jialu worried and righteousness to express their views: Throughout the ages, looking at the world today, time is not on the side of the split and those who are preparing to play Tai Chi on the side, but ignited thoroughly Fuzes that destroy the bomb of cross-Strait peace and development are in their hands. People who are awake should warn those who play the game of forgetting their fathers’ hearts that the hostages in Taiwan are hostage should not step forward and step forward on the mainland step by step. He also hopes that Taiwan friends refer to the pressing agenda as follows:

First of all, letting more people fully and fully understand the following strong remarks issued by the CPC: the historical fact of recognizing the 1992 Consensus, Recognizing that both compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits belong to the same China, the two sides of the strait can conduct dialogues and negotiate and solve the issues of concern to compatriots on both sides of the Strait. There will be no obstacle if any political party or group in Taiwan contacts the mainland. Secondly, Taiwan needs a genuine political force that takes as its priority the people’s livelihood in Taiwan and the permanent welfare of Taiwanese people. It will come forward to uphold democracy and uphold the Taiwan government.

In the future, who can become the leader of Taiwan’s people? As the old saying goes, have people have the world. Xu Jialu added that we often say that placing hope on the people of Taiwan is one of the most important words of the people in Taiwan. They are the elite leaders who need popular support, that is, they should be impartial and tolerant under the premise of having an irrevocable bottom line , Dare and good at unite the various cadres.

刚刚 这位原副国级领导怒斥台独20分钟 Xu Jialu addressed the forum. Liu Yueling Photography

Ministry of Public Security intends to provide: Prohibition of high-rise building three floors and below the establishment of shopping malls

                    (Original title: Ministry of Public Security Proposed: Prohibition of high-rise buildings three floors and below the establishment of shopping malls)


资料图:贵州省贵阳市在一高楼举行高层建筑火灾事故应急救援实战演练。中新社记者 瞿宏伦 摄 Figure: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province held a high-rise building fire emergency rescue exercises. China news agency, Qu Honglan photo

BEIJING, December 20 According to the Ministry of Public Security website news, the Ministry of Public Security recently released “high-rise building fire safety management requirements (draft).” The draft put forward the prohibition of setting up shopping malls on the third and under basement floors of high-rise buildings and prohibiting the setting up of public entertainment places on the second and the second basement floors of high-rise buildings. Children’s activity places in high-rise buildings should be set up from one to three floors, and independent evacuation stairs and safety exit should be provided. High-rise residential buildings shall not illegally set up business premises.

Exposure Draft It is clear that owners and users of high-rise buildings are the main body responsible for the fire safety of high-rise buildings and are responsible for the fire safety work of high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings have more than two owners, the user, the owners, the user is responsible for the fire safety of its proprietary part, shared responsibility for the fire safety of the common part.

Exposure Draft It is clear that if there are more than two owners and users of high-rise buildings, they should jointly entrust a professional service unit such as a realty service enterprise or a fire service technical service agency, or clarify that an owner and user as a unified administrator, Part of the fire safety implementation of unified management, coordination, and guidance of all owners, users work together to do the entire building fire safety. Professional service units such as owners, users, entrusted property service enterprises or fire service technical service agencies of high-rise public buildings shall be specially designated as fire safety managers to take charge of the fire safety management of the entire building.

It is clear from the exposure draft that in every high-rise residential building, a fire safety building clerk shall be clearly identified and shall be held by the owners ‘committee members, the owners’ representatives, the property service enterprise managers or the grassroots fire safety grid management personnel.

It is forbidden to set up shopping malls on the third and under basement floors of high-rise buildings and to prohibit the setting up of public entertainment venues on the second and third floors of the ground floor of high-rise buildings. High-rise atrium, indoor pedestrian street and other shared space shall not be furnished shops, recreational facilities or stacking of combustibles. Children’s activity places in high-rise buildings should be set up from one to three floors, and separate evacuation stairs and safety exit should be set up. High-rise residential buildings shall not illegally set up business premises.

Requirements for draft, high-rise building owners, users of local high-rise building for partial rebuilding, expansion or renovation, construction projects should be declared fire design review, fire inspection or record. Owners of high-rise buildings, the user should be clear with the construction site construction site fire safety responsibilities. Do not change the use of building functions without permission, change the fire prevention and smoke prevention zone, affect the normal use of fire facilities, and shall not violate the technical standards for fire protection using flammable and combustible decoration materials.

Requirements for draft, outdoor billboards for high-rise buildings, the use of flammable and combustible materials shall not be decorated, shall not hinder the exhaust, escape and fire fighting rescue, shall not alter or destroy the building fire structure. Building windows shall not be set to affect the escape and fire and rescue obstacles. Decoration of high-rise buildings whose building height exceeds one hundred meters should be made of non-combustible material and should be disassembled.

Requirements for draft, high-rise building fire control room should be on duty for 24 hours, each shift should not be less than two full-time duty staff on duty should have the fire industry-specific occupational qualifications. The fire-control room of high-rise building whose building height exceeds 250 meters shall be professionally qualified as the special type of medium-level fire protection industry.

Requirements of draft, high-rise public buildings, fire safety key units, high-rise residential community property service enterprises should establish micro-fire station, regularly carry out fire inspections, fire publicity, timely disposal, fighting the fire from the beginning. High-rise public buildings should be equipped with fire fighting equipment and self-respirators, escape descent, escape rope evacuation facilities and other equipment. High-rise residential buildings should be placed in a prominent public area fire fighting equipment and self-help breathing apparatus, escape rope, rescue whistle, evacuation flashlights and other escape evacuation facilities and equipment.

Army staff will add another: Lei Hongyu served as deputy chief of staff

                    (The original title: Army General Staff will add another: Lei Hongyu Ren Army deputy chief of staff)


Official reports confirm that Army Staff will add another. According to a report from National People’s Radio “National Defense Time and Space” column on December 19, the army has conducted a series of seminars on studying and implementing the spirit of the 19 National Congress in recent days. Nearly a hundred top leading cadres have been closely studying and understanding and implementing the new era of Xi Jinping Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, study and think in depth, grasp the essence of the essence, and unite the willpower. The report mentions that the deputy chief of staff of the army, Lei Hongyu, told reporters that he will turn his understanding and theoretical achievements formed during this period of seminars into thoughts and into work so as to transform into an inexhaustible motive force for major preparations for training and preparing troops for preparations.

Zhang Deyou, president of Jilin Changchun Intermediate People’s Court, was investigated for serious violations of discipline

                    (Original title: Changchun City, Jilin Province Intermediate People’s Court party secretary, Dean Zhang Deyou review)


According to the Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection: Approved by Jilin Provincial Party Committee, Zhang Dao-you, party secretary and president of the Intermediate People’s Court of Changchun City, is suspected of being seriously disciplined and is currently undergoing organizational scrutiny.

Zhang Danyou Resume

Anhui Province has just appointed two deputy governors: He Shu Shan, Yang Guangrong

                    (Original title: Current Affairs | News! Anhui has just appointed two vice governors (Figure / resume))


On the afternoon of December 20, the 42nd meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee of Anhui Province passed the appointment and removal of personnel.

The meeting decided to appoint He Shunshan and Yang Guangrong as vice governors of Anhui Provincial People’s Government. He Shunsan, male, Han nationality, born in March 1964 in Shandong, Shandong Xintai people, joined the Chinese Communist Party in December 1986, joined the work in July 1984, and worked in the well of oil and gas wells of China University of Petroleum Graduated, in-service graduate degree, Doctor of Engineering, is a senior engineer.

After graduating from Daqing Petroleum Institute in 1984, he served successively as a technician in Drilling Company of Daqing Petroleum Administration, deputy director of Engineering Technology Station, party secretary and deputy manager of branch company, and deputy chief engineer of the company.

Since 1996, Daqing Petroleum Deputy General Manager of Drilling Company, Deputy Manager of Drilling Company, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Manager of Well Drilling Company III, Deputy Party Secretary and Manager of Drilling Company;

Chief Engineer of Jilin Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. in 2000

2002 Served successively as Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Jilin Petroleum Group Co., Ltd., and Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Branch.

Since 2008, he has been the director of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Commission;

Since December 2009, Tianjin Binhai New Area District Committee, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Director;

since January 2013, he was vice mayor of Tianjin. (Resume Source: Tianjin government official website)


Comrade Yang Guangrong Resume:

Yang Guangrong, male, Han nationality, born in November 1962, Xiangtan, Hunan, 1989 August to work in June 1985 Joined the Communist Party of China, graduate education, master of economics, economist.

September 1982 – June 1986, Hunan University of Finance and Economics Department of Finance undergraduate study;

June 1986 – August 1989, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Department of Finance master of finance study, was Master of Economics;

August 1989 – March 1993, Changsha City Bureau of Finance Research Institute cadres;

March 1993 – December 1994, Changsha Municipal Bureau of Finance full-time inspectors (Deputy Branch level );

December 1994 – April 1998, Changsha Municipal Bureau of Finance Deputy Director;

April 1998 – January 2000, Changsha City Finance Bureau;

January 2000 – 2002 May, Changsha City Finance Bureau, Party Secretary;

May 2002 – December 2003, Changsha Tianxin District Party Committee Secretary;

7_89456 _50_65473_9 December 2003 – September 2006, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Party Work Committee secretary, secretary of Changsha County;

September 2006 – November 2008, Changsha Municipal Committee, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone workers Committee secretary, secretary of Changsha county committee;

EU official announcement of amendments to the new anti-dumping investigation Ministry of Commerce response

                    (Original title: EU announced anti-dumping investigation of the new method of amendment Ministry of Commerce response)


BEIJING, December 20 According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, on the 19th, the EU formally announced amendments to the new anti-dumping investigation. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce made a statement on this issue. The spokesman said that the EU has introduced the concept of “serious distortion” in the market by choosing to use third-country or international market prices or costs to determine whether there is dumping. China believes that this method of the EU violates the WTO rules.

商务部(资料图) 中新网记者 金硕 摄 Zhongxin’s reporter Jin Shuo photo

The spokesman said that China has been closely following the revision process of the EU’s new anti-dumping investigation method and repeatedly expressed its concern to the EU. China noted that in order to fulfill its obligation under Article 15 of China’s accession to the WTO Protocol, the EU’s amendment to the new method of anti-dumping law will eliminate the list of non-market economy countries and will no longer have China as a “non-market economy country Legal assumption. At the same time, the EU introduced the concept of “serious distortions” in the market. The EU, in conformity with the so-called “serious distortion” of the market, could choose to use the price or cost of the exporting country instead of the third country or the international market to determine whether There is dumping. China believes that this method of the EU violates the WTO rules.

People’s Liberation Army again Taiwan and Taiwan’s military aircraft have been normalized in the future no further news

                    (Original title: People’s Liberation Army again Taiwan and Taiwan military aircraft: normalized, no further news in the future)


image.png People’s Liberation Army 8-type aircraft on the 18th morning of the implementation of long-sea long-haul. According to “China Times Electronic News” on the 20th news, Taiwan Defense Department said that PLA military training long-range sea has been normalized in the future, not the future Releasing the news again.

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