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Horrible coincidence! Tainan Victoria crown building collapsed 2 years whole flower lotus building collapse

恐怖巧合!台南维冠金龙大楼倒塌2周年整 花莲大楼再塌

Horror coincidence! Tainan Victoria crown Jinlong Tower collapsed the second anniversary of the whole, Hualien building collapse. (Source: Taiwan’s “China Times”)

Taiwan network February 7 News According to Taiwan’s “China Times” reported that at 3:57 on February 6, 2016, Kaohsiung Mino The 6.6 magnitude earthquake was the worst earthquake since 9 · 21, causing many houses in Tainan to tilt and tilt down. The most serious one is the Victoria Crown Dragon Building in Yongkang District, killing 115 people. And on February 6, two years later, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit off the coast of Hualien, causing at least 7 houses to collapse.

2 years ago, February 6 was a small new year but the strong earthquake hit without warning in the early morning. As a result, many sleeping people did not react at any time and their lives were not completed. 117 people were killed, of whom 115 were from the crown Golden Dragon Building. Unexpectedly, on February 6 two years later, another magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Hualien, causing the collapse of Cloud Gate Tower and Marshal Hotel in Shangxiajie. It is known that two people were killed and 202 were injured.

After the earthquake, Taiwan’s PTT station also urgently opened the “EarthQuake26” version, providing information and assistance, but also let users lament, this coincidence is really terrible. (Taiwan, China Gao Xu)

恐怖巧合!台南维冠金龙大楼倒塌2周年整 花莲大楼再塌

More than a third of the governors have doctoral qualifications. Engineering economics is the most common

                    (Former Title: Vice Governor’s Ph.D.


Xueba, must have encountered when reading.

Do not see do not know, there is a lot of Xueba inside. After a new round of adjustments, 86 of the 244 vice governors have doctoral degrees, accounting for more than one-third of the total. Among them, engineering, economics and management are the most common among professions.

超三分之一副省长拥有博士学历 工学经济学最常见

超三分之一副省长拥有博士学历 工学经济学最常见

超三分之一副省长拥有博士学历 工学经济学最常见

超三分之一副省长拥有博士学历 工学经济学最常见

seven deputy governor of five doctoral

from distribution, provinces and municipalities each have at least a PhD degree vice governor, the highest proportion But also of Shanxi Province.

There are now 7 vice governors in Shanxi province, of whom 5 are all PhDs and have a wide range of fields. Gao Jianmin and Qu Xiuli are law doctors, Zhang Fuming is a doctor of management, He Tianci is a doctor of engineering, and Chen Yongqi is a doctor of philosophy . The remaining two vice governors, Wang Yixin and Liu Xinyun, are respectively Bachelor of History and Master of Economics.

From the point of view of the school, most of the schools attended by vice provincial governors are domestic subordinate colleges and universities or well-known local colleges. There are two distinctive schools. Rarely, there are quite a few well-known foreign universities in these graduated schools. Cite a few examples.

Zhang Shizhen, Vice Governor of Gansu Province From 1997 to 2000, he studied for a postgraduate degree in animal pathology major at the University of Prince Philip in Malaysia and received his doctoral degree in agriculture. The more common Chinese translation of this Malaysian Crown Prince is Universiti Malaysia
Malaysia, or UPM for short), was founded in 1931 and is the largest and most-attended university in Malaysia. Its chemical, agricultural and environmental professions rank among the top 100 in the world.

Peng Yuxhang, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, studied polymer materials at Curie University in Paris (Paris 6th University) from 1990 to 1992 with a Ph.D. The school is the only public university in France with only science and engineering, and its physics, engineering, geophysics and materials science are among the top 10% of the world’s best research institutes.

Tong Daochi, Vice Governor of Hubei Province, received a master’s degree in public administration from Carleton University in Canada. After studying for a five-year policy analysis at the Graduate School of RAND Corporation in the United States, Cao Xiaohong, vice mayor of Tianjin, Graduate School of Natural Science Microbiological Management Ph.D. candidate, the first job after graduation is Japan Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. Chiba plant technical staff.

The Vice Governor’s Doctorate became Deputy Governor

Among the above-mentioned Ph.D. governors, Politburo discovered that one of the more special-Zhang Fuming, vice governor of Shanxi Province.

Zhang Fuming is a Jiexiu student in Shanxi Province. After graduating from college, he taught at Shanxi University and has been engaged in research on regional economy, sustainable development and urban development for a long time. He was an expert in special allowances under the State Council. After September 1997, he moved to official career and entered Shanxi Provincial Government Development Research Center. From 2008 to 2012, he took the post of director of the center. In the provincial government development research center during his tenure, from 2004 to 2007 in Shanxi University School of Management management science and engineering professional in-service learning.

Shanxi is a typical resource-based area. Zhang Fuming’s doctoral dissertation, “Resource-based Economy: Theoretical Explanation, Internal Mechanism and Applied Research”, is related to this. According to his own disclosure, the discussion of resource-based economy, due to more than 10 years ago and Shanxi Provincial Planning Commission Institute of a cooperative research project, “Shanxi Province resource-based economy.” The data from CNKI shows that this paper has been downloaded 4180 times, citing 34 times.

Interestingly, Zhang Fuming was a brilliant teacher during his PhD in Shanxi University. This teacher and student, fate is not superficial. At that time, Niu Renliang was a doctoral supervisor of Zhang Fuming, and vice governor of Shanxi Province. Until 2013, after Zhang Fuming graduated six years later, two appointments and dismissals were released at the same time. Niu Renliang ceased to serve as vice governor of Shanxi Province and Zhang Fuming was elected vice governor as a non-partisan.

Zhang Fumin described Niu Renliang in his post-doctoral dissertation: “While he is dealing with busy government affairs, he constantly pays close attention to the dynamics of academic research and constantly mentions the masters of academics and scholars. The new theory of academic masters often makes our disciples ashamed and ashamed . “

Public information shows that Niu Renliang is a doctoral candidate in political economics majoring in the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. China Business Daily has reported that when the famous economist Xida Bodao made 80 birthday, he served as Vice Governor of Shanxi Province Renren Liang sent a letter of congratulation, wish the mentor health and longevity. He refining into what is called “Northwest China’s economic kingdom,” reputation.

Pay close attention to writing essays when you go out of business. Among the 86 vice governors, Dr. Zhang has 22 most Ph.Ds, followed by 21 PhDs in Economics, 17 Ph.Ds in Management, 13 Ph.Ds in Science, 5 Doctoral Doctorate in Science, 4 Doctoral Doctorate in Agriculture, 2 Doctorate in Education, Medicine and Philosophy.

From the school’s perspective, all the deputy governors’ alma maters are scattered all over the country. The relative concentration is on Heilongjiang. Among the four vice-governors, four of them have graduated from Harbin Engineering University in Heilongjiang Province, Learn. According to political knowledge, statistics, most of the vice governors of the Ph.Ds hold on-the-job doctorates and read relatively full-time doctoral degrees, with about 22 people. These people work more closely with the profession. Take a typical example, Dai Bohua, vice governor of Henan Province, after graduating from his postgraduate school to teach, get a master’s degree, admitted to Renmin University of China after reading a Ph.D. in economics into the work of the Ministry of Finance , 25 years from the salary department cadres step by step promoted to Assistant Minister, 2017 from the Ministry of Finance “airborne” Henan.

Xiong County, Hebei county party secretary Wu Yifei was indicted: suspected of taking bribes

[Procuratorial organ in Hebei prosecutes Wu Yafei for bribery case according to law]


Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Eye disease or AI in the medical community’s first major application

                    (Former Title: “Deep Thinking,” Artificial Intelligence Successfully Detects Eye Diseases or AI’s First Major Application in the Medical Field)


According to a recent online version of the Financial Times, DeepMind, a Google-based subsidiary of artificial intelligence, has successfully trained an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm following Alfa Dog. Detecting disease is faster and more effective than human experts, making it the first major application of AI in the medical field.

In May 2017, when the most well-known artificial intelligence of Deep Thinking, “Alfa Dog,” defeated Go Kei, the world champion in Go, the company announced that it would no longer participate in competitive human-machine warfare go with. The team’s next plan is to develop a wide range of algorithms to put it into use, the most important of which is the introduction of AI that “offers disease treatment options.” Subsequently, the company reached an agreement with the universal health care system in the UK and launched a two-year partnership with one of the world’s best-known ophthalmic hospitals, the MoFe Eye Hospital in London.

Now Deep Thinking has developed artificial intelligence to diagnose diseases by analyzing medical images. The team processed data from thousands of 3D retinas and trained an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect eye problems. These images provide vast amounts of data on millions of pixels of information, and new algorithms learn to analyze these data for signs of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration, the three eye diseases more than human expert judgment For quick and efficient. Researchers at Mauffy Eye Hospital believe the results will benefit patients around the world and help people stop “avoidable blindness.”

Deep Thinking has submitted the report to the medical journals and, if peer reviewed, the technology is expected to be put into clinical trials within a few years. Team members said that in the field of medical imaging, the next two years people will see real and significant progress in artificial intelligence.

The PLA Central Military Commission deputy general war zone airborne Eastern theater took the lead

                    (Original title: Central Military Region deputy war zone general airborne Eastern Theater)


On February 6, leaders of the party and government forces in Zhejiang Province paid a visit to the eastern theater of war for their visit. Commander of the Eastern Theater Liu Yuejun, Political Commissar He Ping, Provincial Party Secretary and Provincial People’s Congress Chairman Che Chun spoke at the forum of the military to exchange greetings and greet each other a total of military and fishery fish deep feelings, a total of military and civilian integration development.

The report also mentioned that leaders of the Eastern Theater, Yang Hui, Gu Xiangbing, Yin Hongwen and Zhang Xuejie attended the forum.

The above news shows that Yin Hongwen, former assistant to the director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, has assumed the leadership of the Eastern Theater.

中央军委副战区级将军空降东部战区 出任领导

Public information shows that Yin Hongwen once served as Minister of the Organization Department of the Former Nanjing Military Region Political Department, Army 1st Army Infantry Division 1 Political Commissar, former General Political Department 311 Base Political Commissar, former General Political Department Secretary General and other positions, Major General rank.

In November 2010, the military newspaper reported on the deeds of courageous pioneers on all fronts of all young members of the entire army. They mentioned that during a five-year “hard bones and six liaisons” division of a certain member of the Nanjing Military Region, he took the first training pilot mission 38 times and obtained 31 trainings Results, 12 times to participate in tournaments 11 times to win.

The Political Commissar of this division is exactly Yin Hongwen. He said: There is a contingent of the first training course for the sixth competition in the sixth competition, and the contingent of top-level party members in the first major task and the first major task are all 28 party members and individuals Are training aces, everyone over the division commend.

In January 2016, after the formation and adjustment of the organs of the Central Military Commission, Yin Hongwen successively served as director of the general office of the Political Work Department of the CMC and assistant to the director of the Political Work Department of the CMC. He was promoted to the rank of deputy war zone by December 2017 at the latest.

On the night of December 9, 2017, the video coverage of CCTV’s military coverage shows that Yin Hongwen was wearing a deputy war zone seniority chapter to attend the exchange meeting, indicating that he had been promoted to a deputy theater officer.

中央军委副战区级将军空降东部战区 出任领导

Governor of Jilin Province: Northeastern winter is not a scourge of talent to do nothing cold

                    (The original title: Do not hold the previous thinking to do the problem (sound))


Jing Junhai

Without deepening the reform, institutional obstacles will become a stumbling block to revitalize Jilin. Without opening wider to the outside world, in today’s interconnected world, we will be closed and backward, the edge of the border will not be demonstrated, the dilemma of the sea can not be opened, and it is difficult to allocate market resources in a wider area.

What kind of spiritual outlook will we enter? The era is the key to revitalizing Jilin. If we are listless, see who is waiting, what others do with you? In order to rejuvenate Jilin, we must make progress, goodness, and goodness become the true nature of Jilin, so that hard work and hard work will strive to be the spiritual pursuit first.

Winter in Northeast is not a “beast”. People who really work do not feel cold, cool people do nothing, which is related to the state of mind. I had a walk in the square in the cold of Jilin in the evening. I saw hundreds of people danced squarely in lively places and some people insisted on “running away.” They quickly took these pictures and sent them to friends circles to explain to everyone The winter in Northeast is not as cold as imagined.

To rejuvenate Jilin, the emancipation of the mind must go further. There must be no end to emancipating the mind, we must keep pace with the times, our thinking needs to be synchronized with the times, and resonate with the same people. People must enter a new era and their thinking must also enter a new era. However, emancipating the mind is a goal. It is not aimless, liberation for development, and liberation for the sake of people’s happiness. Many constraints need to break through the emancipation of the mind, do not emancipate the mind, continue to stick to the rules, many things can not be done naturally. Do not always think that the old thinking of thinking things to do things, a new era has come, thinking can not remain in the past stages and laws.

The new provincial government must take reform and opening up as the basis and vitality for rejuvenating Jilin and emancipate its minds in an all-round way so as to deepen reform and opening up with greater intensity and greater courage.

County Governor of Hualien: I am grateful to the Taiwan compatriots and the mainland people for their condolences and sympathy

                    (Original title: County head of Hualien: I’d like to thank the Taiwan Affairs Office and the mainland people for their condolences)

                                   After a strong earthquake in Hualien County, Taiwan, on the morning of February 7, Zhang Zhijun, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, and Fu Lianzhuang, the county governor of Hualien, called to learn more about casualties, property losses and relief work Progress and so on. Zhang Zhijun said that the earthquake in Hualien County affected the hearts of mainland compatriots. On behalf of the Taiwan Affairs Office, I express my deepest condolences to the compatriots in the disaster and express my sincere condolences to the compatriots wounded and injured. The compatriots on both sides of the strait are a family of people who are thicker in the water. In the face of the disaster, compatriots on the mainland feel empathy. We know that there is a lack of specialized disaster relief personnel in the disaster-stricken areas. We are willing to send a rescue team to Taiwan to assist in disaster relief and are ready to provide all necessary assistance in a timely manner. We look forward to the people in the disaster-stricken areas as soon as possible to overcome difficulties and rebuild their homeland. Fu Kunlu expressed his sincere gratitude to the Taiwan Affairs Office and the mainland people for their concern and condolences and will keep in touch with the Taiwan Affairs Office.

Expert Jie Hualien 4 collapse of the building are common: all the soft-foot building


The 4 buildings in Hualien are all “soft-legged buildings”. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

China Taiwan Net February 7 hearing a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, just a few seconds seconds to knock down Hualien 4 buildings, many people ask why? According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that civil technicians surveyed yesterday said that the four buildings have a common point “are soft feet Jianwu”: low-level columns and more walls less built near the fault zone and encountered strong Earthquake natural “soft feet” collapse.

Chen Shui-sheng, director of Taiwan’s Society of Civil Engineers Hualian, said that after preliminary exploration by civil technicians, in the four buildings in which the earthquake collapsed last night, the first floor of the Grand Hotel and Cloud Gate Green Building were all arcaded. In addition, The Platinum Double Star Building on the No.2,4 and No.4 Wuxu Building, No.41 Guosheng Sixth Street are 6th and 9th floors respectively, but the first floor is designed as a parking lot. In this regard, he said that the four buildings are the common point, the first floor of the pillars and less wall less, and is located near the fault zone in Milon, a strong earthquake, the fragile 1 floor can not support the weight of the upper floor , Of course, “kneel down.”

Chen Shisheng also said that rescue should be the first priority now. However, as far as the present situation is concerned, these 4 buildings, or sloping or sunk buildings, have become dangerous buildings after strong earthquakes and can no longer afford to live. It is understood that Hualien District prosecutor today has to the local construction department to refer to the original design drawings and other data at the time of construction, whether there is any person missing, jerry-building and other things to investigate.


Supreme law: the person in charge does not appear in court shall not only lawyers to appear in court

                    (Original title: Supreme law: the person in charge of administrative organs can not appear in court, may not only lawyers to appear in court)


Since the implementation of the new Administrative Procedure Law for more than two years, the supreme law has promulgated specific provisions in the system of “people suing officials”: defining the border of administrative proceedings and adding five types of administrative actions that can not be prosecuted. In the meantime, in the light of the fact that officials in charge of administrative organs do not appear in court, the legal negative consequences have been clearly identified.

On February 7, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on the Application of Administrative Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Interpretation of Administrative Litigation) and the surging news ( To, the above explanation is divided into thirteen parts, a total of 163. The key points include clarifying the boundary of the scope of the administrative proceedings, fully implementing the system of registration of registrations, and standardizing the appearance of the responsible persons of administrative organs in court.

Trial 1.08 million in six years with no further action against possible abuse

On November 1, 2014, the Eleventh Meeting of the Twelfth NPC Standing Committee passed the newly revised Administrative Procedure Law , Effective May 1, 2015. Data show that since 2012, the national courts have handled a total of 1,081,300 administrative cases and handled 1.187 million non-litigation administrative enforcement cases.

Among the new laws, there are many new regulations and new regulations, and there are still different understandings and understandings in judicial practice that need to be further unified, clarified and refined through judicial interpretation. “Jiang Bi Xin, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, said , “Interpretation of Action” is the specific provisions of the relevant contents of the Administrative Procedure Law, which is conducive to the accurate and uniform application of the Administrative Procedure Law by the people’s court.

In his interpretation of the law, Jiang Bixin pointed out that “the interpretation of the action” clearly defines the boundaries of the scope of the administrative proceedings, which not only solves the problem of “difficulty in filing a case” but also prevents the phenomenon of excessive abuse. According to Article 2 of the Administrative Procedure Law, citizens, legal persons or other organizations think that administrative acts of administrative organs and administrative staff violate their lawful rights and interests and have the right to institute legal proceedings in the people’s courts.

“This stipulation defines the standard of actionable administrative acts, but the principle of comparison is difficult to accurately grasp in the judicial practice.” Jiang Bi said that in some places there has been no certainty about the actionable administrative actions, misunderstanding of registrations and The phenomenon of abuse of rights.

Based on this, there are five types of actions that can not be prosecuted in the “Interpretation of Action”:

First, there is no external legal effect. The acts performed by administrative organs within the administrative procedures, such as the internal communication of the administrative organs, the signing of opinions and the internal submission and approval of other acts, do not have legal effect on the outside and do not affect the lawful rights and interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations and are therefore not appealable behavior.

Second, the process of sexual behavior. Before making an administrative act, an administrative organ generally prepares, justifies, studies, reports and consults for the purpose of making administrative acts that do not yet have the ultimate legal effect and are generally referred to as “procedural acts” and are not prosecutable the behavior of.

Third, to assist in the implementation of the act. Proceedings may be administrative acts must be based on their own means of representation by the executive. The act that an administrative organ makes in accordance with the court’s judgment in effect is essentially an act of performing a valid judgment and is not an act that the administrative organ voluntarily takes in accordance with its own authority nor is it an action that can be sued.

Fourth, the internal level of supervision. Internal level supervision belongs to the internal affairs management between the administrative organs. In judicial practice, some laws provide for higher-level administrative organs to supervise lower-level administrative organs. For example, the “Regulations on the Collection and Compensation of Houses on State-owned Land” stipulates that the higher people’s governments at higher levels should step up their supervision over the compensation for expropriation of houses by lower-level people’s governments. Some parties have sued the court for adjudication to the higher people’s government to perform the duties of supervising the lower people’s government. The supervision at the internal level stipulated by laws and regulations does not directly set the parties’ new rights and obligations. Therefore, such acts are not actionable. Fifth, petitions for handling behavior. Handling of petitions is not an act of “first judgment” exercised by the executive authorities. According to the Regulations on Petition and Petition, petitioners and detailers do not have the coercive power to petitioners to petitioners because they register, accept, hand in, transfer, handle, coordinately handle, supervise and inspect petitions and petitions, The substantive rights and obligations of the people do not have a material impact, so they are not verifiable.

Clearly the Responsible Officers of the Administrative Organs Will not Appear in Courts to Counter the Unfavorable Consequences

Administrative litigation is not only the system design of “people suing officials”, but also the “system cage” for supervising and promoting the administration according to law by the administrative organs and ensuring that the administrative power plays a standard role. Among them, promoting the head of an administrative organ to appear in court as a means of obtaining substantive resolution of administrative disputes.

Introducing the Supreme Law, the system of appearing before the people in charge of the administrative organs stipulated in the new Administrative Procedure Law has achieved initial success in judicial practice. For example, in the administrative cases in Shandong court trial in 2015, the number of persons in charge of administrative organs appearing in court reached 1637 (times), an increase of more than four times that of 2014.

“It is necessary to standardize the appearance of the responsible persons of administrative organs in court to respond to the seriousness of administrative litigation as well as to ensure the substantive resolution of administrative disputes.” Jiang Bixin said that in order to further promote the appearance of respondents in charge of administrative organs, In the following aspects have been provided:

First, the appropriate expansion of the scope of the chief executive. In other words, if the person in charge of an administrative organ can not appear in court, the corresponding staff of the administrative organ shall be entrusted with court to attend the court, and no lawyer shall be allowed to appear in court.

Second, we should clarify the circumstances that should appear in court. That is, cases involving major public interest, social concern or may trigger mass incidents, and cases where the people’s court has writtenly recommended the person in charge of the administrative organ to appear before the court, the person-in-charge of the prosecuted administrative organ should appear in court.

Thirdly, clarify the obligation of explanation that the person in charge of the administrative organ will not appear in court. In other words, if the person in charge of the administrative organ can not respond to the case with justifiable reasons, it shall submit a statement of the situation to the people’s court, stamped with the seal of the administrative organ, or be signed and approved by the chief person in charge of the organ. If the administrative organ refuses to explain the reasons, the effect of preventing the trial of the case does not occur. The people’s court may make judicial suggestions to the supervisory authority and the administrative organ at the next higher level.

Transport Minister: China into a powerful country high-speed rail 25,000 km in the world

                    (Original title: Minister of Transportation Li Xiaopeng: China into a powerful country, 25,000 km high-speed rail in the world)


On February 7, Guoxin Office held a press conference on the construction of “Sihao Rural Road” and the structural reform of transportation supply side. Minister of Transportation Li Xiaopeng introduced at the meeting that China has made great progress in infrastructure development and has become a major transit power in the world. However, there is still a long way to go from a power-powerful country. At present, the Ministry of Transport is in the process of formulating the outline of the construction of a transportation power. The next major issue is to solve the problem of the quality of development.

Li Xiaopeng said that by the end of 2017, China National Railways had operated 127,000 kilometers, of which 25,000 kilometers were high-speed railways, ranking the first in the world. The total length of the road opened to traffic is 4.77 million kilometers, of which the highway is opened to traffic of 136,000 kilometers, the figure is also ranked first in the world.

交通部长:中国成交通强国 高铁2.5万公里世界第一

Shanghai Hongqiao high-speed rail EMU ready CNR network diagram

In addition, the Chinese inland waterways navigable mileage has 127,000 kilometers, more than ton wharf berth 2251, the top ten ports in the world, China Accounting for seven seats, of which the freight volume of Ningbo Zhoushan Port ranks the first in the world for many years in succession, and the container throughput of Shanghai Port ranks the first in the world for many years. There are 229 civil aviation airports with 32 of them handling over 10 million passengers annually. There are 217,000 postal outlets and the total length of the postal routes is 6.58 million kilometers.

In respect of transport services, the total number of passengers carried in the last year was over 18.5 billion passengers with more than 47 billion tons of goods being delivered. In the postal service, the delivery volume of express mail surpassed 40 billion pieces last year, averaging over 100 million pieces a day.

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