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Six village cadres set 32,000 were checked: shouting slogans privately 揩 oil and water

                    (Original title: Six cadres in Ninghua village, Fujian province were investigated and punished in violation of the eight provisions of the Central Government)


Recently, Ninghua County Commission for Discipline Inspection, Fujian Province, notified a typical issue that violated the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government: From February 2014 to June 2016, six cadres at Sankeng Village, Shebi Town conducted collective research on many occasions, By engineering and other ways to take over 3.2 million yuan of funds for the payment of holiday benefits and overtime subsidies. The county Commission for Discipline Inspection, decided to give the village party branch secretary Zhang Shengchang expelled from the party, Zhang Fuming, director of the village to stay in the party to observe two years, the village committee member and accountant Zhang Yi Kang serious warning within the party; give the village party members and instruments Zhang Qinghai, Liao Furei, a member of the village party committee and director of the women’s unit, abolished the punishment of the party’s positions; abolished the qualification of Zhang Biaojian, a member of the village committee and the militia commander Zhang Biaojian; and ordered six people to share the illegal payment of fees.

Event Review

February 15, 2014, Fujian Shibi Town, Ninghua Village held village “two committees’ meeting, the village Party branch secretary Zhangsheng Chang stressed at the meeting, village leaders to Take the lead in conscientiously implementing the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government.

“Secretary, New Year approached, can we get some welfare? Poor could not do the New Year.” After the meeting, the village committee member and militia commander Zhang Biaojian half-jokingly asked Changsheng Chang.

“Check now so strict, how can I just make welfare? No place to say it.” Zhang Shengchang reluctantly said.

“In the past few years, many projects in the village have been completed. As long as some construction projects are inflated, some funds can not be set up.” Proposed by Zhang Fuming, director of the village committee.

“We can put a few more sets of items, each set a little bit, the above should not be found.” Village committee member and instrument Zhang Qinghai also expressed his own ideas.

“In the past few years, the construction of the village has been vigorously pursued. Everyone has not had to work overtime. We should also pay for welfare.” Zhang Shengchang was motivated by the others and completely forgotten his request just made at the meeting. As a result, the village “two committees” study decided to pick up a few funds from the lotus tree Shuizhi project hair welfare. That month, six villages in Sankeng Village “two committees” cadres received a shopping card worth 500 yuan.

From February 2014 to June 2016, cadres from the “two committees” of six villages studied how to get the funds for welfare in the village department, accumulating a total of 32,000 yuan for the purchase of shopping cards and drinking water Machine, clothing, tea and so-called “overtime subsidy” and so on.

After investigation

In November 2016, Ninghua County Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses, reflecting that Sankeng village cadres use public funds to purchase shopping cards and send benefits. After initial inspection, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately set up the investigation team involved in the investigation.

The investigation team first found the account bookseller Zhang Yaokang to understand the situation. In response to the investigation team’s inquiry, Zhang Yaokang truthfully confessed to the issue that the cadres of the “two committees” of the village should jointly study the benefits of getting funds.

Sharpe Aisi made three announcements in response to queries Restricted shares resumed trading today limit

                    (Former title: Sappus Irunei issued three bulletins in response to queries Restricted shares resumed trading today limit limit)


Early Monday, Sharp Ai Si resumption of trading limit, opened at 19.89 yuan. Prior to this, the company issued three bulletins on the company’s eye drops efficacy and adverse reactions, advertising violations, consistency assessment work, advertising costs and R u0026 D costs and other issues were answered.

莎普爱思发三公告回应质疑难救股价 今日复牌跌停

On the evening of December 15, Zhejiang Sharp Aisi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. released an announcement of nearly 20,000 words and responded to the inquiry letter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the attention letter of the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau.

Foreign media said Li Ao bedridden ill condition: unable to speak and write

                    (Original title: Foreign media said Li Ao bedridden ill condition: unable to speak and write)


Information Figure: Li Ao old photo. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yanhui photo

Chen Wenxi said Li Kui accompanied his father Li Ao almost nine months before and after he wrote a letter to Chen Wen Qian and said that Li Ao could have been drowned and dreamed of drinking beverages but Li Ao was stuck in the nose Stomach tube and stopped him, Li Kui also specifically asked the nurse that can pour coffee into the nasogastric tube. Foreign media said the 82-year-old Taiwanese writer Li Ao recently poor health, the beginning of the long brain tumor was once more critical, in May Li Tzu said Lee Ao “Ghost door before going off”, then even more weight loss.

Supreme law: the right to personality or alone into the civil code to protect personal privacy

                    (Original title: Personal information is justified commercial use or has a clear border personality right alone into the civil code)


最高法:人格权或单独成编入民法典 保护个人隐私权
The personality rights are expected to be codified into the civil code alone.

Guo Feng, deputy director of the Supreme People’s Court Research Office, disclosed at the 2017 Big Data Cooperation and Compliance Summit held today that the Supreme People’s Court intends to put forward legislative proposals in the compilation of the Civil Code, “making the power of personality separate In the Civil Code, the protection of personal privacy and personal information will be an important part of the right of personality. If the protection of personal information finally enters the Civil Code, it will be fundamentally for the protection of the privacy of natural persons in the era of Internet of Things Legal basis and a clear legal boundary for the justified commercial use of personal information. “

Digital transformation of government enterprises and others

” We have unwittingly reached the age of big data, digital economy, cloud computing and the Internet whether we disagree or not. “Weifu Li, deputy director of the SAIC Market quite emotionally .It is undeniable that this era has fundamentally subverted the people’s way of life, changing people’s existing habits.”

“Before we travel, Will open the map, big data algorithm will recommend one of the most smooth a travel path. We open the social or news APP, big data algorithms will give you accurate recommendations to meet your individual needs information. Through the public number, including the function of face recognition, can be achieved at home online filing, payment, including court trial and a series of judicial services. Through the deep study of artificial intelligence technology medical technology, can improve the detection rate of cancer, early detection of cancer and early treatment. “

Jiang Bo said that as the Internet + has deeply integrated with the traditional industries, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will enable our industries to help boost the industrial upgrading and the government, enterprises, social organizations and so on have also gone

Personal information protection legislation may accelerate

The digital economy will promote the economic and social development in our country, concentrate on economic growth, and improve the quality of the economy by means of digital transformation, building a smart city, promoting e-government, and making people more intelligent and convenient. According to statistics, the scale of China’s digital economy reached 22.4 trillion yuan in 2016, accounting for 30.1% of the GDP.

Jiang Bo believes that in the face of the outbreak of global data growth and massive gathering , The open sharing of data, including personal privacy protection and other issues are also much attention.He pointed out that the perfect data On the legislation to enhance the efficiency of the supervision of law enforcement, optimizing the industry’s self-regulation standards, building big data security in accordance with the law to effectively protect the system, are the big data era to bring people a new topic.

In this series of issues, the most attention Or personal privacy protection.Chinese Law Society Network and Information Law Research Association, said Zhou Hanhua, “all walks of life long-awaited personal information protection law may soon be accelerated. The legislative process has set new demands on the compliance and cooperation of big data. “

Duality of Personality and Business Attributes Guo Feng said that on the one hand, Guo Feng attaches great importance to the protection of the right of personal information so that each and every natural person can enjoy freedom and security in cyberspace, realize their interests, and realize their dreams. On the other hand, We should stand at the height of encouraging innovation, promote the flow of data and the opening up of data products, and promote the symbiosis between the big data industry and other economic models to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the big data industry. All these objectively reflect the legislation, judicature , The administrative supervision puts forward the new task and the topic. Guo Feng thinks, in the era of the Internet of Things, the personal information has appeared the duality of the personality attribute and the commercial attribute. “On the one hand, the personal information gradually has the independence, the partial content has the publicity , But different from the traditional privacy; on the other hand, personal information through the storage, search, development, machine learning and algorithm processing, the emergence of the commercial characteristics of the law The property has a property with the value of transactions in the economy. In Guo Feng’s opinion, at present, the system of personal information protection in our country, whether it is legislation, judicature or regulation, and its principles and principles are lagging behind. The main reason is that “the system of personal information that has not fully reflected the era of Internet of Things has evolved from the traditional single personality Attributes that evolve into a dual feature of both business attributes. “

Ma Ying-jeou dismissed the lawsuit entangled sigh too honest because of being “kill”

                    (Original title: Ma Ying-jeou dismissed the lawsuit entangled sigh too honest because of being “kill”)


20171218000815_副本.jpg Taiwan Media said recently that due to the sale and purchase of “China Television” equity with a price difference of 480 million yuan, KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou was then arbitrated and “it was given back to him.” Ma Ying-jeou threw an alarm on 13th at the Taipei Public Prosecutor’s Office . (Source: Taiwan Times News)

Overseas Network December 18 @ Taiwan’s former leader Ma Ying-jeou stepped down after the lawsuit, has been running the court, but also because of the recent “three cases” ( “China Film Case”, “China Video Case” and “China Guangdong Broadcasting Case”) were classified as defendants by the prosecution. Talking about the mentality of running the court often, Ma Ying-jeou interviewed yesterday (January 17), sighing, “kill what it looks like.”

After leaving office, Ma Ying-jeou, the court of justice, often said that “killing is like what happened.”

According to pro-media news, Ma Ying-jeou lamented that there were people outside saying that Ma Ying-jeou was too honest to come up with so many wrongs. There are documents sent to the office, many of the information reported cases are inexplicable, such as “Ma Xiaoyu” (Ma Ying-jeou with pet dogs) and so on.

Taiwan Media recently released a recording that because of the sale and purchase of “China Television” equity with a price difference of 480 million yuan, the KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou arbitrarily declared that “it would be fed back to him,” which means that China Television will sell less. In response, Ma Ying-jeou said he appealed to prosecutors to release all the recordings, “I have nothing to see people.”

When it comes to going to court after leaving office, Ma Ying-jeou said he probably went to court one or two times a month, but he has no confidence in his innocence. The case of “three cases” has been lodged with the prosecutors because it is because “if we do not talk again, people really do not know what you are doing or what they are doing, and they will cause a lot of misunderstandings.”

Previously, as media reports repeatedly said that Taiwan Prosecutors grasped the evidence of Ma Ying-jeou’s cheap sale of the Kuomintang’s party property. Ma Ying-jeou, accompanied by his lawyer, went to the “Taipei Public Prosecutor’s Office” in the afternoon of the 13th for suing the prosecutor of North Inspection for disclosing the identity.

Ma Ying-jeou office issued a statement on the morning of the 13th questioning why the media will have so many “prosecutors found that the prosecution that prosecutors grasp the prosecution questioned” coverage? It is no wonder that the outside world will suspect that the source of the release will be “North Inspection” in an attempt to create the impression that the so-called “Ma Ying-jeou guilty” is so conducive to prosecution. Ma Ying-jeou aides said that Ma Ying-jeou to the “North Inspection” after the announcement, will continue to be “High Prosecutors Department” and “Supreme Prosecutor’s Office”.

Ma Ying-jeou accused Defendant of “three cases” being accused of beheading

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, on August 3, “Taipei’s District Prosecution Service” listed Ma Ying-jeou as the defendant in the “third-medium” transaction On the same day, the spokesman for the KMT spokesman Xu Qiaozhu said on the same day that the “Party-building Association” has handed over the “three cases” that have been signed for many years to the “North Inspection”. Both the timing point and the political motive are highly doubtful that the Kuomintang must be conquering And Ma Ying-jeou.

For Cai authorities listed Ma Ying-jeou as “the third case” defendant, on the afternoon of August 4, when interviewed by General Manager Han Yu-yu of the Taipei agricultural and transportation company, he said that this is the DPP’s planned “decapitation”.

“Taipei’s District Public Prosecutors Office” Resumed Investigation of “Three Cases” and on July 18 Detained the former “legislator” Cai Zhengyuan of the Kuomintang. After four months in custody, Cai Zhengyuan spent 10 million yuan Together RMB 2.2 million) to pay the release of insurance. Cai Zhengyuan interviewed pointed out that during his custody, most or all of the time, are asking Ma Ying-jeou thing, “I see Ma Ying-jeou underwear have been identified,” Taiwan’s mouth Huang Zhi-Yin also said the same day, although detained Is Cai Zhengyuan, but the protagonist is actually Ma Ying-jeou. Taiwan’s mouth, the former “legislator” Qiu Yi once pointed out that the green camp has been locked in the “three cases”, so go on, the KMT may have the crisis over the top of the party.

Ma Ying-jeou’s lawsuits are numerous and unsubstantiated

Since this year, Ma Ying-jeou has also been caught in many cases, many of which are non-existent allegations. On April 14 this year, Taipei Procuratorate prosecuted Ma Ying-jeou and the Taipei District Court ruled in the first instance on March 28 that Ma Ying-jeou was guilty of innocence. Ke Jianming clamored for “appealing to the end” Taiwan’s “High Court” ruled Ma Ying-jeou innocent on October 11. In addition, the former DPP spokesman Liang Wenjie broke the news that “Ma Ying-jeou raised 300 million yuan illegally” has also been confirmed that there is no such thing. During a presidential election in Taiwan in late 2011, Liang Wenjie, a former DPP spokesman, accused Ma Ying-jeou of organizing a fundraiser of 300 million yuan for Chen Yingzhu. He also said Chen also provided a house for election campaign headquarters. Ma Ying-jeou argues that he falsely claimed and paid two million yuan . On appeal, Taiwan’s “High Court” renegotiated Liang Wenjie and the DPP for 1.2 million yuan on the 24th, and the case was finally settled.

Another Ph.D. deputy was investigated by senior officials in 19 years into 10 colleges and universities

                    (Original title: A week anti-corruption Aspect: Another deputy deputy chief inspector was checked, “Tiger” who have a high degree of academic gold into a few)


落马高官19年进10高校学习 官员学历含金量有几成

On December 11, the highly anticipated case of the “big tiger” Sun Zhengcai, which attracted much attention, received new news: The Supreme People’s Procuratorate investigated and took enforcement measures against Sun Zhengcai on suspicion of accepting bribes.

There is also a new drop-off deputy this week. On the 12th, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released news: Zhang Jiehui, deputy director of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, is seriously suspected of violating discipline and is currently undergoing organizational scrutiny.

Liberation Daily · Shangguan News The reporters found that although they did not pay attention, they were all doctoral officials – Sun Zhengcai is a doctor of agriculture and Zhang Jiehui is a doctor of philosophy.

Then turn the eighteenth National Cheng Kung University officials resume, a large number of doctoral qualifications. Although there are many true-to-life scholars, there are many doubts about the public: how much energy these people have to climb the academic peak during their busy official business?

Go to 10 universities in 19 years to study

Let’s look at two examples.

One is former Vice Governor of Yunnan Province Shen Peiping. Shen as a liberal arts specialist qualifications, suddenly became a science graduate student, and then became a doctoral student, then less than 5 months to become a professor. This incredible experience was widely criticized and questioned.

According to public information, Shen Peiping is a graduate of Yunnan Baoshan Teachers College Chinese Department, and later enrolled in the Central Party School Correspondence College in-service postgraduate classes. From 2004 to 2007, Shen Peiping was an in-service graduate student of natural geography majoring in resource science at Beijing Normal University and received a doctoral degree in physics. After five months, he was hired as a part-time professor at the university.

In addition, during the time when Shen Peiping was secretary of the municipal party committee in Pu’er City, Pu’er City government and Beijing Normal University Resource College of its kind co-founded Beijing Pu’er Tea Research Institute while Shen Peiping became the president. Shen Peiping accepted the investigation, the school confirmed that he has been removed from the post of president.

The second is the second tiger Yu Yuanhui in Guangxi. The young member of the Standing Committee, known as “academic diploma”, has been in different 19-year political career and has gone to 10 different schools to train gilts. Including the Minzu University of Minzu national economy professional master’s degree course, Wuhan University School of economics and management history of economic thought professional economics doctorate. A local Nanning official recalled: “When Yu Yuanhui made a report of” Three Strictnesses and Three Truths and Three Truths and Three Truths, “he read” Ambiguousness “as” warm stomach “and read” concise and subtle “as” concise and abstruse ” .

Yu Yuanhui has repeatedly studied English in different colleges and universities. However, one year Guangxi officials at various departmental levels took the Ph.D. in a university together. Only Yu Yuanhui did not pass the examination. However, he later read a Ph.D. A cadre in Guangxi commented: “Yu Yuanhui went to school in the field and pushed a lot of work back to the deputy secretary and continued his promotion after returning from a period of time.” Studying at him is just a pretext for relying on his own order. “

In addition, There are also many corrupt officials who can not afford the same qualifications, so some people call it “academic corruption.” So, corrupt officials why chase highly educated?

This is related to the appointment of cadres. Although the academic qualifications can not simply be equal to the knowledge and ability, there is a certificate of academic qualifications and lack of capacity and knowledge of the phenomenon is common, but the appointment and appointment of cadres value education.

If you have an undergraduate degree is the basic entry-level civil service stepping stone and admission tickets, then have highly educated, especially the prestigious university graduate qualifications of cadres, more likely to win in the fierce cadre selection, but also to highlight the party and government The comparative advantage of promotion of cadres. For some time, the doctor even became the priority of bureau-level cadre selection.

Therefore, officials such as Shen Peiping and Yu Yuanhui are obsessed with the intention of academic gold-plating – like reading is a fake, order to get into the body is true.

Falunage in academic achievements and achievements will also be counterfeit

It should be noted that building a learning party of Marxism remains a long-term historic task for the building of our party. It is still the current task of building a contingent of highly qualified cadres. Urgent task The 18th CPC National Congress explicitly put forward the requirement of “building a learning, service-oriented and innovative Marxist ruling party.”

This also means that our party needs officials who really strengthen their studies rather than diplomas and educated people.

Some analysts pointed out that the academic corruption is to seek personal gain, according to the different interests of seeking, can be divided into academic corruption and education-based corruption and ruling-type academic corruption.

Corrupting education qualifications Corruption is commonly known as “selling a diploma,” and the corruption of procuratorial qualifications means the transaction of qualifications and powers, the latter accounting for a large proportion. Some colleges and universities engage in “private customization” on the academic qualifications of leading cadres. Officials neither attend entrance exams nor study in schools. Instead, they submit a copy of a diploma only by submitting homework that they do not know.

It is well known that reading a Ph.D. requires a great deal of time and energy. Although many officials are elite people, the key is that they have a heavy responsibility, a busy schedule and do they have time to complete their courses and dissertations? If someone else to catch a knife, no doubt academic fraud, integrity problems.

For colleges and universities, the most direct benefit is high tuition fees. More importantly, officials from different regions and industries are an important source of personal connections.

For officers, having a highly educated man has become a “hard currency” for the promotion of officials, in line with the rigidity of officials’ selection and even the amulet of some officials masking their abilities.

Education Corruption Pollution This is a piece of pure land for tertiary institutions. Officials’ diplomas in return for power and money corrupted social norms, undermined the image and reputation of leading cadres and influenced the style of the party and the society.

More importantly, academic corruption contributes to the corruption of power. For an official, if you dare to fake academic qualifications, then he is likely to cause fraud in the performance. If officials are not penalized for academic fraud, they will still continue to hold public office and even get promoted. Politics will find it hard to be honest and fair.

Independent Commission Against Corruption points out that the key to the management of academic corruption lies in stepping up supervision so that corrupt parties pay a high price. For those leading cadres who have obtained their diplomas through corruption, they should not only be promoted and demoted, but also must be demoted and downgraded.

In the 17 years of western development, it invested 6.85 trillion in 17 new projects this year

                    (Original title: Investment in Western Development 17 years, 6.85 trillion yuan, 17 projects started this year)


On December 18, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference in Beijing. In order to further implement the strategy of starting a new large-scale development of the western region, promote the coordinated development of the region, promote the construction of the “One Belt and One Road”, and push forward the grand development of the western region, 17 new large-scale development projects for western regions started in 2017, the scale of investment 494.1 billion yuan, with a focus on key areas such as railways, highways, large-scale water conservancy hubs, energy and environmental protection in the western region.

17 new major projects are:

1, Zhongwei in Ningxia and Gansu Lanzhou Railway;

2, Duyun to Guizhou Anshun Road;

3, Pingliang and Tianshui Road;

4, G341 line Jiaonan To Haiyan Highway (Greenwood Community) to Haiyan (West Sea) section;

5. Capacity expansion of Qiangyu Expressway Project;

6. Shaanxi Heyang to Tongchuan Highway;

7. Construction of West Branch Airport ;

8. The first phase of 100,000-ton two-way waterway expansion in east channel of Qinzhou, Guangxi;

9. Dianzhong Diversion Project in Yunnan;

10. Inner Mongolia Dianzuo Jiao Liao Project; 7_89456_25_65 473_9

11, Sichuan hydropower station;

12 West rural power grid upgrading project;

13, with the Tibetan Qamdo power grid interconnection project;

14, Chongqing, Hubei, back to back projects;

15, Tibet Sichuan-Tibet Railway Lhasa to Nyingchi section of the power supply project;

16, natural gas project in South Xinjiang;

17, the western region of key river basin water resources comprehensive management project.

Xindi Pharmaceutical illegal production of raw materials Drug Administration: immediately stop selling

                    (Original: Notice of General Administration on Shenyang Xindi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Involving Production of Chlorphenamine Maleate by Illegal Infringement (No.2017 of 2017)


Recently, according to reports from the masses, the State Food and Drug Administration organized an inspection of the Shenyang Xindi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and found that there was a suspicion of serious violations of laws and regulations on the part of the enterprise.

(1) It has been initially identified that the enterprise violated the approved production process and changed the feed-in of chlorobenzyl bromide to the purchased chlorpheniramine hydrochloride raw material for the purchased intermediate. Source of materials, batch production record , Batch inspection records, inspection reports, product inspection and release of single records and data untrue, can not be traced to drug production, quality control process; does not meet the inspection team.

The above act was suspected of serious violation of the relevant provisions of the “Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other related regulations. Liaoning Food and Drug Administration has withdrawn the “Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate of Pharmaceutical Production” of the enterprise and conducted a case investigation.

Development and Reform Commission: Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will build a world-class airport complex and regional transport hub

                    (Original title: NDRC: Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will build world-class airport complex and regional integrated transport hub)


“The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei world-class airport cluster directly serves the functional positioning and development requirements of the world-class urban agglomerations of Beijing, Tianjin and Ji-Jin. Compared with the world-class aviation hubs, the main advantage can be the comprehensive support capability General. “On December 18 at a news conference of the National Development and Reform Commission, Meng Wei, a spokesman for the NDRC, introduced the related situation of the construction of a world-class airport complex in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Civil Aviation Administration issued the Opinions on Promoting the Civil Aviation Cooperation with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.

In response to the development goals, the Opinion states that by 2020, the new airport in Beijing will be put into operation and the proportion of international tourists in Capital International Airport will increase by 2 to 3 percentage points. Beijing’s “Twin Hubs” airports and Tianjin Airport and Shijiazhuang Airport will achieve Etc., and initially formed a pattern of unified management and differentiated development. The synergic development level of Beijing-Tianjin-Jiading Airport Group has been significantly improved. The overall service level, intelligent level and operation and management strive to reach the international advanced level.

In 2030, the “double hub” airport in Beijing is maturely operated, coordinated and moderately competitive with the international competitiveness at the top of the world. The radiation capability of the regional aviation hubs of Tianjin and Shijiazhuang Airport has been significantly enhanced, and Tianjin has become China’s international aviation logistics center. The basic Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to achieve the main airport and rail transit and other effective convergence, to create a division of labor, complement each other, air and air transport, coordinated development of a world-class airport group.

The Chinese Air Force Overflies the Strait of Mamma for the First Time to Cope with the Interference of Foreign Military Aircraft

Chinese Air Force Forces Overflying the Strait of Japan to the Sea of ​​Japan to Train in the Ocean Air of China’s Air Force Spokesman Shen Enke on December 18 released a message at an airport in East China that the Chinese Air Force dispatched bomber planes, fighter planes and surveillance planes on the 18th Type multi-fighter aircraft into a system flying over the Strait of Strait to the Japan Sea international airspace training to test the actual combat capability of the ocean. He said: “This is a routine arrangement within the annual training plan of the Chinese Air Force that is in conformity with relevant international laws and international practices and is not aimed at any particular country, region or destination.”

The Sea of ​​Japan Is Not a Sea in Japan, Territorial sea strait. Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, all countries have the freedom to navigate and fly over. Chinese air force flew across the Strait of the Strait to the Japan Sea international airspace training, legal, reasonable and affectionate.

Introduction to Shen Jinke, this ocean-going training is the first time that the PLAAF overfly the Strait of Malacca. Air Force H-6K, SU -30 and other multi-type multi-fighters deployed from the deployment of the airport ready to fly over the Strait of the Marshall Islands to the Japan Sea international airspace training to deal with the interference of foreign military aircraft, reached the intended training purposes, to enhance the ocean maneuver ability.

The air force units, commanders, brigadier commanders and commanders who trained in the Japan OceanOcean flew on the first echelon of that day and called for “seeing me and flying with me”. Colonel Tian Ning, chief of the Air Force Detachment-6K, said: “Training and preparing for war are the main force that the Chinese military personnel must go all out to devote themselves to in a new era. In the actual combat military training practice, we should exercise combat command capabilities and promote the first Style, determination and courage to win the confidence. “

System Ocean training to cultivate pilot combat spirit. Colonel Chen Liang, Captain of the Air Force Boom-6K, said that for the first time since 2015, it flew to the western Pacific Ocean. It has now conducted ocean-going training many times a month and flies further and further. No matter how complex the training environment is or how unfamiliar the training area is, pilots march forward courageously, maintaining the ideology of battlefield combat and the standard of actual combat, and have tempered the bloody courage of “one is not afraid of suffering and the other is not afraid of death” , Ability to win the battle.

As the important force for effectively shaping the situation, controlling the crisis, containing the war and winning the war, the PLAAF has to adapt its mission to safeguard the strategic interests and provide strategic support for the new era. In depth study and implementation of the party’s strong military ideology in the new era, the Air Force has been making every effort to promote training and preparing for war in the new era. It has both new and new acts in actual combat military training, has flown routes that have not flown in the past and has not visited areas in the past. , Standing in the normal.

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