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Chinese female students in the United States were cut face case of suspects or sentenced to 25 years

                    (Original title: Chinese female students in the United States were cut face case of suspected or sentenced to 25 years)

                                   BEIJING, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) According to the United States, “World News” reported that the White House in Queens, New York, the female Chinese students cut face mastermind Wilson Lai (Wilson Lai) local time December 14 at the Queens Criminal Court In the court, he confronted the trial of a jury if he was to face a felony of up to 25 years in prison. The judge ruled that a pre-trial hearing will take place on January 8 next year and jury members will be selected on the same day.

助理检察官夏特(中)与109分局华裔警探Wing Har(右)出庭。(美国《世界日报》记者朱泽人/摄影) Assistant Prosecutor Shat (center) and 109 Branch Chinese detective Wing Har (right) appear before the court. (World Newspaper reporter Zhu Zeren / photo)

Originally, on December 14, a face-cutting hearing was held. Wing Har, a Chinese detective who was in charge of the investigation of the case, appeared in court with another detective. However, Rijssen’s defense attorney Daniel Gotlin pointed out that Howard Jaffe, a partner, wanted to postpone the pre-trial hearing because of the need to move the eye and the judge Gregory Lasak agreed to extend January 8, the day must also select jurors.

New Zealand accused the Australian refugees issue Australian Deputy Prime Minister: Take care of yourself

                    (Former headline: Australian Deputy Prime Minister warrants New Zealand on refugee affairs: take good care of your own border)


[Global Network reported] “The Australian” reported on December 13, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby? Joyce has warned New Zealand Prime Minister Adorn should be far away from the Australian refugee affairs.

Newly-reported New Zealand Prime Minister Adnan was reported last month to accuse Australia of handling “the unacceptable” way of handling the refugee crisis in Manus. In her first meeting with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull, she proposed an agreement in New Zealand to receive 150 refugees. She also promised to provide A $ 2.7 million basic services to refugees in Manus and Nauru.

A prison in Africa broke into mobs to find murderers 120 prisoners successfully escaped

                    (Former Title: Madagascar Prisons Break Into Mass Thunders Thousands Prisoners Prison Break)


Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported on December 15 that the Madagascar justice department of African countries confirmed on the 14th that a prison in northeastern part of the country had entered the search for a murderer by a large number of thugs and caused riots in the prison of at least 120 Prisoners took the opportunity to escape successfully.

Madagascar Ministry of Justice spokesman Napp said: “About 800 people rushed to the Igor Goar on the morning of the 13th in an attempt to kill a prisoner suspected of murdering.” It is reported that these thugs are looking for people who have been Was transferred to other prisons where they subdued guards in fury and held hostages of five prison officials, condoning the successful escape of 120 prisoners.

It is reported that at present prisoners who escape from prison are still at large. The warden and local judge hearing the murder went to the forest to escape or hurray for reinforcements after the incident.

The British general said the country faces a huge risk: Russia wants to cut off the cable

                    (Original title: British generals say the country faces a huge risk: Russia wants to cut off the cable)



Overseas Network December 15 – British Defense Chief Stewart Pitch warned that Russia may cut off the undersea cables, a serious threat to the United Kingdom and other NATO countries, international trade and networks.

According to the BBC, Russian ships are often found close to the transatlantic cables linking the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.

British Air Force General Sir Stewart was appointed Chairman of the NATO Military Council in September. He said Russia’s continued development of non-traditional wars and Russia’s threat to underwater cables forced the British and Ally Navy’s modernization to keep pace with Russia’s pace. Stuart said: “In response to the threat posed by the modernization of the Russian navy, including nuclear submarines and conventional submarines and ships, we and other NATO partners must prioritize the task of protecting the maritime traffic line and maintain the undersea cable communications line.”

UN officials: North Korea has been suggested to participate in the PyeongChang Olympics to restart North Korea dialogue

                    (Original title: UN Deputy Secretary-General: North Korea has been suggested to participate in PyeongChang Olympics to restart North Korea dialogue)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency reported on December 15, local time on the 14th, the United Nations Deputy Secretary for Political Affairs Geoffrey? Feltman said that DPRK has recently proposed to visit North Korea Pok Piang Olympic Winter Games proposed, Restart North Korea dialogue.

Former Turkish police arrested on the murder of Russian ambassador to Turkey

                    (Original title: Turkish police arrested for ambush involving Russia in Turkey)


BEIJING, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) Turkish media reported on the Russian satellite network that Ramazuri Ujerry, a former police officer of the Turkish police force, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Russian ambassador to Turkey, Karlov Karlov.

资料图:当地时间2016年12月19日,土耳其安卡拉,俄罗斯驻土耳其大使卡尔洛夫遭站在他身后的枪手阿特林塔斯刺杀。 Burhan Ozbilici摄 Information Figure: Local time On December 19, 2016, Turkey, Ankara, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Karlov was assassinated by gunman Artrichs who stood behind him. Photo by Burhan Ozbilici

South Korea Presidential Office Appraises China-South Korea Summit: Sailing and Sailing Good Signal

                    (Original title: South Korea’s presidential palace evaluation of the summit in South Korea: sail sail good signal again)

                                   On the 14th, Chinese President Xi Jinping held a state visit to China with President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People. The two heads of state unanimously agreed to accurately grasp the way forward for bilateral relations so as to ensure the steady and long-term relationship between China and South Korea. In response, the Republic of Korea presidential office and the ruling Democratic Party have all given positive comments.

Cruel! Printed woman trapped her 6-year-old daughter hit the joint lover cut their throat

                    (Original title: Cruel! Printed woman caught a 6-year-old daughter caught the joint lover will cut their throat)


6004001212121.jpg picture shows the 6-year-old daughter was murdered location (Source: “Hindustan Times”)

overseas online December 15 electric u0026 nbsp; Local 13 evening, a 6-year-old east Delhi half Indian girl was killed mercilessly by her mother and her husband because of her mother’s love affair. According to the Hindustan Times, the 29-year-old mother, Omvir Singh and her husband, Sudhir, were arrested by police on the 14th.

It is understood that Singh and her husband have three children, including two sons and a daughter, one family of five living near the Gadubuir dairy farm in eastern Delhi, where the couple lives in the same block. Recently, her 6-year-old daughter found that her mother Singh had extramarital affairs with the Sudir and said she would tell her father. Unexpectedly, Singh to conceal the fact that the conspiracy was actually her daughter and assassinated killer.

The remains of Japan’s World War II strongest destroyer appeared: 350 planes were bombed

                    (Original title: Japan’s World War II strongest destroyer remains: 350 aircraft have been bangs)



The strongest destroyer “Island Style” sunk by Japan during World War II.

6.jpg Island Wind No. Destroyer remains.

Overseas Network December 15 – u0026 nbsp; Recently, the remains of Japan’s most destructed destroyer Island Windsor, sank during World War II, were discovered in the waters of the Philippines, causing concern.

According to the Taiwan-based “Freedom Times,” a report by the United States of America, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (Paul Allen) led the shipwreck survey released on the 15th a major discovery, they found World War II, Japan’s navy’s fastest destroyer island wind No. “of the remains of the sea.

The Allen team announced their new discovery through facebook – the island destroyer “Island Wind” the Japanese navy was the quickest in World War II. The team said that “the destroyer, equipped with a test turbine to reach 40 knots, can also launch 15 Type Lang Langs torpedoes at one time, making it one of the most dangerous destroyers of World War II.”

475e32270e9e40b7a9f2955eac48beaf.jpg “Island style” destroyer structure map.

Infertility doctors use their own sperm to make multiple patients confession without jail

                    (The original title: Infertility doctors use their own sperm for more than one patient confession Court pleaded guilty to avoid jail)


不孕症医生用自己精液让多名病人受孕 认罪未坐牢 Kline

An infertility physician in Indiana, Indiana, uses dozens of women to conceive using their own semen without the patient’s consent. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty and avoided jail time.

Clyne, a 77-year-old infertility physician, was accused of using the New York Daily News, according to the Chinese website. In the 1970s and 1980s, at least he treated more than a dozen infertile women for his health Under eight children.

There are also reports that people even believe he might have a patient give birth to more than 20 children for him.

不孕症医生用自己精液让多名病人受孕 认罪未坐牢 Kline

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