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Japan’s Shinkansen trains are 10 cm cracks or derailed authorities are under investigation

                    (Original title: Japan Shinkansen trains are 10 cm cracks or derailment authority is under investigation)


BEIJING, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, Japan’s Shinkansen “Hope” train running on the 11th, the train leakage and bogie cracks. Japan’s government transport safety committee subsequently listed the incident as a major accident, dispatched three investigators to investigate and confirmed the location of the rift on the 13th. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said cracks of at least 10 centimeters are more likely to cause derailment in the worst conditions. Authorities ordered the five companies that operate on the Shinkansen line of JR to urgently inspect a total of 4,800 bogies on all trains for the first time without any problem.

日本运输安全委员会认定此事件属于重大意外,已经开始调查事故原因。图为发生漏油事故的13号车厢。 图片来源:视觉中国 The Japan Transport Safety Board found the incident a serious accident and has started investigating the cause of the accident. The picture shows the car accident occurred spill. Source: Vision China

The incident was identified as the first major accident on the Shinkansen line. Investigators earlier scrutinized the accident train that stopped at Nagoya Station and found cracks on the side of the bogie.

Japan’s Land and Transport Minister Ishii Kaiichi held a press conference on the 15th and said that JR companies had been asked to investigate whether the bogie had cracked or leaked oil and submitted a report within the day. No unusual report was found yet. Ishii also said it will investigate whether it is appropriate to keep trains running. At the same time, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has asked JR West Japan and JR East Sea, which run the trains, to find out the reasons and prevent any recurrence.

JR West Japan has conducted an urgent inspection of 129 bogies made by the same manufacturer in the same year without any cause of the accident. The company refused to disclose the name of the manufacturer on the ground that the incident was still under investigation.

The train that was in trouble stopped at Nagoya station afterwards and officers transferred the train’s car to the garage in Nagoya on the evening of the 14th and expected to replace the 13th car bogie with problems on the 16th and continue to transfer work . Affected by the incident, some trains on the Tokaido Shinkansen delayed for a few minutes.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said that if the train continues to run, cracks will further expand, and may even lead to derailment accident. The Transport Safety Committee will ask the train staff again after the incident to find out if the train has continued to travel after finding an exception and then investigate the cause in detail.

Pakistan fears spies ordered the departure of 21 foreign non-governmental organizations

                    (Original title: Pakistan ordered: 21 foreign non-governmental organizations to leave within 2 months)



“Open Society Fund” Data for

overseas online December 15 electric u0026 nbsp; Associated Press reported that Pakistani officials on Thursday (14) said, Pakistan has ordered 21 foreign organizations to finish their activities and prepare for departure. Reported that Pakistan two years ago set strict rules for foreign organizations, and the above-mentioned organizations did not request re-registration.

Pakistani officials reportedly did not provide a complete list of the 21 organizations that were expelled, only saying that an “Open Society Fund” started by George Soros was notified this week and “Action Aid” and other organizations headquartered in South Africa. The Pakistani side gave these non-governmental organizations 2 months to close their offices and leave the country, and is reviewing the details of another 19 foreign organizations to decide whether they can stay.

It has been reported that Pakistan has always been vigilant against the so-called “foreign aid organizations” and feared that it will use “aid” as a mask to actually implement espionage operations. In 2011, prior to the attacks by the U.S. commandos, the CIA used a vaccination campaign to collect information about Osama bin Laden. Since then, Pakistan has further strengthened the monitoring of such organizations.

Jonathan Birchall, spokesman for the Open Society Fund, confirmed that he had received a letter from the Pakistani Interior Ministry denying the organization’s re-registration application. The spokesman declined to give more details.

EU leaders agree British Brexit negotiations enter the second phase

                    (Original title: EU leaders agree UK Brexit negotiations enter phase II)


skynews-prime-minister-theresa-may_4180426.jpg (Source: Sky News)

overseas online December 15 electric u0026 nbsp; According to Reuters, the main EU Council Xitangnade Tusk (Donarld Tusk) said the EU leaders agreed to release the UK European negotiations entered the second phase. According to British media reports such as the BBC and Sky News, British Prime Minister Theresa May scheduled to depart for Brussels to attend the EU summit on the 14th. The summit will be held under the theme of “Brexit” talks in Britain. This summit has been regarded as the last chance of a breakthrough in the “Brexit” negotiations during the year. If the terms of the provisional agreement for UN clearance adopted by the EU last week are passed by EU member states, the two sides will officially commence the second phase of the negotiations. It is reported that Theresa May will be the summit during the meeting with the EU’s key figures to discuss the issue of Brexit in Britain, which may also decide whether Britain can negotiate on future trade. After last week’s Brussels agreement, Theresa May will urge the leaders of the other 27 EU nations to start negotiations as soon as possible on the post-Brexit trade agreement.

Wen Yin North speech: Korean youth love Chinese games drink Chinese beer

                    (Original title: text in Yin North speech said what)


On December 15, President Wen Jiaoyin of South Korea, who made a state visit to China, made a speech at Peking University. This is the only public speech during his visit to China. In a speech titled “China and South Korea Grip Both Hands to Create a Beautiful and Brilliant Future”, what are the topics that Wen Yinyin talked to Chinese college students? What is his expectation of ROK-China relations?

mention the Nanjing Massacre, expressed empathy u0026 nbsp;

“I arrived in China on the 13th is the 80 anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, we the Korean people for the suffering of the Chinese people suffered empathy.” Speech Chinese and Japanese Yin once again referred to the Nanjing Massacre and expressed their condolences to the victims on behalf of the Korean people and their condolences to the people who have suffered pain.

The text has repeatedly mentioned this period of history during his visit to China. When Wen Ziyin said during a discussion with overseas Chinese in China on the 13th, Wen said that both South Korea and China have shared their long-term humiliation with common ground to jointly resist imperialist aggression and jointly resist Japanese colonial rule. When China boomed, South Korea also prospered; China was frustrated and South Korea frustrated.

On the 13th, the ROK Ambassador to China Lu Ying-Min originally planned to meet Wen Ziyin at the airport, but Wen Yin instructed him to go to Nanjing to attend the national sacrificial ceremony of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre. When meeting with Chairman Xi Jinping on the 14th, Wen Ziyin expressed his condolences once again to the victims of the Nanjing Massacre and expressed his condolences to the Chinese people.

“In order to avoid this unfortunate historical repetition, we need to face history and profound reflection so as to further open the door to new future and the door of cooperation in Northeast Asia.”


“I hope that the Chinese dream is not only a dream for China, but also a common dream for Asia and even for all mankind,” he said.

spoke highly of the CCP’s 19th congress, praising the concept of human destiny community u0026 nbsp;

Wen yin spoke highly of the 19th congress of the CPC in his speech. He said that the ruling philosophy embodied in the report to the 19th National Congress, such as promoting the building of an ecological civilization and jointly building a community of human destinies, deserve high praise. Wen Yinyin said that both South Korea and China have many common ground in managing state affairs and administration, including the people-centered development thinking, believing that both countries can achieve common development and contribute to regional peace and common prosperity.

“The long history in both countries proves that both South Korea and China are prosperous communities of common prosperity. We should expand cooperation in all fields in South Korea and strengthen policy matching. We should make China’s ‘One Belt and Road Initiative’ and South Korea’s ‘New North Policy’ Policy ‘docking. “Wen said in Yin.

“I hope the Chinese dream is not only a dream of China but also a common dream of Asia and even of mankind,” he said.

Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao and Lu Xun’s Works Madman’s Diary, The True Story of Ah Q, Chinese Poets Li Bai, Du Fu and Tao Yuanming … In his speech, Wen was revealing his opinion of Chinese culture Appreciation and love of Chinese culture.

Putin and Trump Dial on North Korea Russia: Exchange is Rich in Content

                    (Original title: Putin and Trump on the North Korean issue of telephone Russian President Press Secretary: exchange rich)


[Global Network] Russia’s satellite network reported Dec. 15 that the Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Trump agreed on the issue of North Korea by telephone to exchange information and possible initiatives.

Peskov did not disclose how long the two leaders talked over the phone but said that the call was long enough and the exchange between the leaders of the two countries was very rich. Earlier, the Russian and U.S. presidents also discussed the situation in the bilateral relations and the crisis areas by phone, focusing on the mediation of the situation in the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea Repudiates U.S., Japan and South Korea for Conducting Missile Early Warning Exercise: It is a Military Provocation Campaign

                    (Original title: (International) North Korea Reprimands U.S., Japan and South Korea for Missile Early Warning Drills)


Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang, December 15 North Korea Foreign Ministry officials said on the 15th that the recent missile war exercises held by the United States, Japan and South Korea have further aggravated the situation on the peninsula and are a military provocation.

North Korean officials: U.S., Japan, South Korea missile warning exercise is a military provocation

                    (Original title: North Korea condemned the United States, Japan and South Korea for missile warning exercises)


Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang, December 15 North Korea Foreign Ministry officials said on the 15th that the recent missile war exercises held by the United States, Japan and South Korea have further aggravated the situation on the peninsula and are a military provocation.

British court ruled that the British troops violated the “Geneva Convention” during the Iraq war

                    (Original title: (International) British courts found British troops violating Geneva Convention in Iraq war)


LONDON, December 15 (Xinhua) The High Court of Justice on the 14th ruled that the British army’s unwarranted arrest and abuse of Iraqi people during the war in Iraq violated the relevant provisions of the Geneva Conventions. In the sentencing case, four arrested Iraqis accused British forces of illegally arresting them, covering their heads and stepping on their backs in turn.

Former Minister of Economic Development was sentenced to 130 million rubles for eight years for accepting bribes

                    (Original title: Former Minister of Economic Development of Russia was sentenced to eight years in prison for accepting bribes)


MOSCOW, December 15 (Xinhua) Russia’s Moscow South Bank District Court sentenced former Minister of Economic Development Uleujkayev 8 years imprisonment for accepting bribes and imposed a fine of 130 million rubles ($ 2.21 million now) on frivolous charges.

Judges stated at the verdict that Ulejkayev accepted the $ 2 million in bribes in office under his authority. According to the exchange rate of Russia’s central bank at the time, 2 million US dollars or about 130 million rubles.

Prime Minister of Cambodia: Cambodian election results do not need to be recognized by other countries

                    (Original title: Hun Sen said the Cambodian election results do not need to be recognized by other countries)


China news agency, Phnom Penh, December 13 Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen condoleeously to 15,000 workers in Phnom Penh on the 13th, said that the Royal Government of Cambodia has sufficient funds to deal with next year’s election. The election results do not require the recognition of any state leaders as long as they follow Cambodia’s Constitution can.

资料图:柬埔寨人民党主席、政府首相洪森。中新社记者 杜洋 摄
Information Figure: Cambodian People’s Party Chairman, Prime Minister Hun Sen. China News Agency reporter Du Yang She

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