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Why do not you come to this snack bar?

                    (Original title: Why did the president of South Korea come to China snack bar?)


South Korea’s presidential message in Yin’s first visit to China into the next day schedule.

This day starts with a daily breakfast in Beijing. IDOL: Upolitics Seen from a picture of the internet, Wen and Mrs. Wen are sitting in a full-service fast food restaurant, just like an ordinary Chinese diner. A detail makes him look a little different, in the picture, he is holding a dough stick dipped in ketchup, which is obviously a Korean innovation eat.

吃不完的小笼包打包带走 韩总统为何来这家小吃店?

The 14th is the most important day for Wen’s visit to China. On the same day, Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with him and held a welcoming ceremony at the Great Hall of the People.

Unconsumable dumplings packed and taken away

On the morning of December 14, at about 8 am, Wen and Yin, accompanied by his wife Lu Ying-min and his wife, Ambassador to China, came to Fuchengmenwai Street Yonghe fresh pulp shop, eat breakfast with Beijing citizens.

On the afternoon of the same day, the government knew that the store was found. The manager, Mr. Xu, recalled that the president and his party came to the store at 7:55 and left at 8:25 for about half an hour. During the presidential couple and ambassador to the couple ordered a total of 4 bowls of soy milk, 4 bowls of wontons, 2 dough sticks and 2 drawers, a total cost of 68 yuan.

吃不完的小笼包打包带走 韩总统为何来这家小吃店?

“They basically finished eating, leaving a few dumplings packed,” Mr. Xu revealed an unexpected detail. It is worth mentioning that, after the meal in Wen couple at home, want to use China’s most popular mobile payment to pay for breakfast, but because Wen in Yin himself did not sign up for an account, so eventually by the embassy staff to use intelligence Mobile phone to complete the payment.

In the photos spread online, the diners beside the Yin couple are eating normally. In fact, the arrival of the president of South Korea has brought changes to the small shop. Mr. Xu said the manager, because the South Korean President came to this meal, the store was surrounded by crowds early in the day.

The morning came to know is the president of South Korea

Speaking of this, we must have the same questions and political understanding, Wen Yin couple why choose to shop in this store?

Government knows that this store is very close to the Wenzin couple’s hotel. Search with map software, the distance between the two is only 1.5 km, only 5 minutes by car. Mr. Xu revealed that before the arrival of the president of South Korea, both the South Korean embassy and the Chinese Foreign Ministry had come to the store and “checked out.”

“A few days ago, staff from the Korean Embassy came here to eat and called for a program to promote Chinese cuisine. They looked at the store’s environment and hygiene and left us with a phone call.” Mr. Xu Said later that the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came to the store to read the store’s environment and food safety and told him that a politician would dine here in the future.

“We did not know until this morning that we were the president of South Korea,” Mr. Xu said.

This shop opened in 1996, the signature snack is Beijing milk, fried dough sticks, dumplings and other Beijing breakfast, “They are directed at these because of our traditional practices, and taste, freshness, etc. are also recognized “. Wen Yin couple dinner, but also with Mr. Xu et al. Mr. Xu plans to launch the presidential package. ?

吃不完的小笼包打包带走 韩总统为何来这家小吃店?

first lady after dinner rush Tongzhou

in Fuchengmenwai street after meals, Moon Jae-in invitation of South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo attended the opening ceremony of China-ROK Economic and Trade Cooperation Seminar held in Beijing, And ring the bell together. The first stop, Kim Jong-su, is the Han-mei art gallery in Tongju. At about 10 a.m. on the 14th, Kim Jong-suk visited the Han-mei Art Museum accompanied by the wife of the Korean ambassador to China. Government officials (ID: upolitics) saw at the scene that Kim Jong-suk, wearing a dark green skirt, praised the beautiful silk scarf when it was received by the gallery staff and said it matched his clothes today.

After the introducer introduced her cow-themed ink painting by famous artist Han Meilin, Kim Jong-suk pointed to the cow in the painting and commented: Its eyes are very simple and honest, but the movements are very lively. The combination of the two left a deep impression on me. She also mentioned the last meeting with Han Meilin. “The teacher told me that the culture in Asia is based on ink and pen. However, most recent young people overlook this kind of thing. If it can arouse their attention, that would be fine. On August 22, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, Kim Jong-suk visited the art gallery “From Carpenter to Master-Qi Baishi” on the 22nd of August this year, accompanied by Han Meilin. Kim Jong-su asked him to introduce the techniques and artistic styles of Chinese ink painting about ink and color, color.

Kim Jung-suk There are quite a lot of schedule related to art in this trip to China.

On the 13th, she went to the Century Ya Yun Music Club near Xin Jie Kou in Beijing to experience the performance of Chinese national musical instruments and political leaders were also on the scene. At the time, Kim Jong-sook admired the three Chinese pieces of “Jasmine”, “Penma Pentium” and “My Fathers” drawn by Chinese percussionists. According to the political understanding Jun understand, Kim Jong-suk but in music but “professional.” She graduated from vocal music department of Kyung Hee University and was a vocalist of the Seoul Municipal Choir.

First lady before leaving recorded poem

First lady Kim Jong-suk made preparations before this visit and before she left, she recorded a poem for the Chinese public at the official site of the Korean Presidential Palace – South Korea’s famous poet Zheng Xuanzong’s “visitor.”

On the first day of his arrival in Beijing, the poem “Reading Poems for You” was released on the first day of his visit to Kim Jong Suk in Korean.

“The arrival of a man is actually astonishing. He will come with his past, present and future. It is a person’s life and is easy to smash, so it may be Once crushed, his heart, to me. “She recited in Korean.

Why this poem? Kim Jong-suk said, “Recently, I have had many opportunities to repeatedly examine my heart to feel the preciousness of each encounter and fate. When my husband becomes president, whenever I shake hands with friends or new friends, or with their eyes on time , When I paid my heart full of sincerity, I can feel that we are close to each other’s hearts at all times. “

吃不完的小笼包打包带走 韩总统为何来这家小吃店?
△ Kim Jung-suk (Images from the Internet)

Shanghai-Seattle flight suspected oil emergency landing Tokyo Narita Airport

                    (Original title: Shanghai-Seattle flight suspected oil emergency landing Tokyo Narita Airport)



Overseas Network December 14
An official from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said that a Delta Air Lines flight from Shanghai, China to the United States in Seattle, due to possible oil spills, had an emergency landing at Narita Airport in Tokyo on the afternoon of the 14th and all 220 passengers and crew members were safe and sound.

Shen Jinlong, Commander of the Navy, approves the Australian military’s move in the South China Sea: runs counter to peace

                    (Original title: Navy commander Shen Jinlong approved Australian South China Sea move: and peace and stability run counter to)



【Global Times – World Wide Web Report】
On the afternoon of December 14, Shen Jinlong, commander of the Navy, met with visiting Australian naval commander Barrett. The series of moves by the Australian military in the South China Sea this year run counter to the general trend of peace and stability and are neither consistent with the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries Nor does it conform to the atmosphere of cooperation in various fields between the two countries, nor is it conducive to the overall security and stability in the region. Shen Jinlong said: In recent years, the naval relations between China and Australia have developed steadily and deepened in practical cooperation. He hoped both sides will further promote high-level exchanges, maintain the frequency of exchanges of visits by warships, deepen the depth of joint exercises and training, and enrich the form of personnel training exchanges , And make concerted efforts to further develop the naval relations between the two countries. At present, the situation in the South China Sea has stabilized. However, this series of moves by the Australian military in the South China Sea this year runs counter to the general trend of peace and stability. It neither conforms to the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries nor is it in line with the development of cooperation in all fields between the two countries. Atmosphere, but not conducive to the overall security and stability in the region. We hope that both parties will implement the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, respect each other, take each other’s core interests and major concerns, and control and control the performance of the troops at sea first, so as to continuously add positive factors to the development of the relations between the two nations and the two militaries. Barrett said that Australia and China are both important countries in the Asia Pacific region. The Australian Navy attaches great importance to its friendly relations with the Chinese navy and hopes both sides will strengthen pragmatic cooperation in all fields so as to push forward the continuous development of the relations between the two countries and the two militaries.

On the morning of the 14th, Barrett met with PLA academics at the meeting of National Defense University to ask Australian military’s intention of military operations in the South China Sea.

US media: India’s 2.0 billion rented the world’s most free airport just to stare at China

                    (Original title: US media: India spend 2 billion yuan to rent the world’s most idle airport is not only for making money staring at China _ “Reference News” official website)


美媒:印度花20亿元租世界最空闲机场 不为赚钱只为盯着中国_《参考消息》官方网站

According to US media reports on December 15, India plans to rent China’s Matara Rajapaksa International Airport, the busiest airport in the world, to limit China’s influence in the Indian Ocean region.

According to a U.S. commercial insider website reported Dec. 12, the airport is a flashy project opened in Sri Lanka in 2013. According to the design of the airport, which can accommodate one million tourists a year, it is a full-scale display. It can only accommodate 12 passengers a day. It was used to store rice because it was in a serious idle state.

Foreign media: China’s growing status in Eastern Europe EU “deeply worried”

                    (Original title: Western media said that China’s status quo in Eastern Europe EU “deeply worried” and obviously passive _ “Reference News” official website)


According to media reports on December 15, West Media said that the sixth summit of China-Central and Eastern European countries held in Budapest last month, but there is little reaction in the European media, which can not help but reminiscent of the euro for the first time The collective cries of American media when New York debuts. This kind of silence precisely reflects the tension in the EU. China took advantage of the euro crisis to raise its position in Europe, while the construction of the EU has stalled and is not prepared to meet the challenges of globalization.

According to the Spanish “Herald” reported on December 11, during the previous meetings, this is by far the most important one. Eleven Eastern European members of the EU attended the meeting in full. In addition, five Balkan nations attended the meeting. At the meeting, China promised to invest 300,000 euros in infrastructure construction, including the construction of a high-speed railway between Prague and Budapest.

It is reported that the EU has been stalled for a long time and that the political crisis in Germany has exacerbated the situation. Against the backdrop of paralysis in the EU, Brussels and Berlin are very much worried about the space left by the EU being occupied by others. A European diplomat claims that not only Brussels but also many member countries are “deeply concerned.” Manfred Weber, head of the European Parliamentary European People’s Party, actually called for the EU to take a tougher stance toward Beijing while establishing a common front. However, this idea is becoming more and more nostalgic not only for Eastern Europe but also for Europe as a whole.

Four children died in a school bus collision in southern France

                    (Original title: At least 3 people were killed in a school bus crash in southern France)


法国南部发生校车火车相撞事故 至少3人死亡

法国南部发生校车火车相撞事故 已致4人死亡
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Argentine government investigation team investigated the submarine incident

                    (Original title: Argentine government investigation team investigation of “San Juan” submarine outreach incident)


阿根廷政府组织调查组 调查潜艇失联事件

At present Argentina’s Defense Minister Oscar Aguad has decided to set up an investigation team to investigate the causes of the “San Juan” misshapen submarine accident. The investigation team, made up of three former submarine captains, will conduct investigations independently of the Navy. Recently, the media also disclosed that the German company responsible for renovating the submarine said that at that time the Navy had saved all its expenses on the grounds of not saving all the batteries. And just “San Juan” submarine failed to report before the battery library failure. Navy has now suspended the press conference until the final result.

Mugabe departed for the first time to fly to Singapore for medical examination after he stepped down

                    (Original title: Mugabe first step abroad to fly to Singapore via Malaysia)


TIM截图20171212183643.png Former President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. (Reuters)

Overseas Chinese Network December 12 Zimbabwean national security official said on the 12th local time ago that former President Robert Mugabe has left Zimbabwe to fly to Singapore for medical examination . This is the first trip to overseas after Mugabe stepped down. Last month, Zimbabwean military and ruling parties opposed Mugabe’s appointment of Grace, his 52-year-old wife, as his successor. Subsequently, after 37 years in power, the 93-year-old Mu Gabay resigned as president of Zimbabwe. Mugabe, who has long been known for conducting large-scale and expensive international travel, including regular medical checks in Singapore, reported that it was one of the reasons why the poor in Zimbabwe were dissatisfied with it. Officials said Mugabe and his wife Grace left the capital of Harare, Zimbabwe on the evening of Monday (11), and are expected to stop in Malaysia to visit his daughter, who is about to give birth to a second child Bona. The official is responsible for organizing Mugabe security work, he said. “Mugabe went to Singapore to undergo regular medical examinations. He should have been inspected for a long time, but what happened a few weeks ago made it impossible for him to travel abroad.”

It is reported that the ZANU-PF, the ruling ZANU-PF, will hold a one-day special congress on Friday (15th), officially recognizing Minangkagawa as the leader of the ruling party and next presidential election The candidate. The medical trip means Mugabe will not be in Zimbabwe by then.

Suspected New York explosion terror attacks claiming allegiance IS had no previous arrests

                    (Original title: New York terrorist attack suspects said allegiance IS had not been arrested before the record)


【Global Times】 “This is the latest New York-style single-handed wolf attacks that may be even worse.” According to CNN 12, Monday morning, a man carrying a homemade iron tube bomb New York City was near the bus stop near Times Square and the Port Authority General Administration and detonated an explosive device in an underpass connecting two subway lines, injuring five others. The New York police have now characterized the incident as “an isolated, attempted terrorist attack.”

According to reports, the 27-year-old suspect named Akayed Ural came from Bangladesh and entered the United States as a family immigrant visa in 2011. She has now become a permanent resident of the United States and lives in Brooklyn. Ula had claimed allegiance to the “Islamic State” (IS) and said he had taken such action in response to Israel’s acts in the Gaza Strip. However, according to the investigators, the incident was only a personal act by Ula, and although he was affected by IS, there was no direct contact with terrorist organizations. Another media report said he had no record of being arrested.

CNN quoted investigators as saying that at the time of the incident, there were at least two explosive devices on the ula and the device detonated was a tube filled with black powder, batteries, wiring, nails and screws, A zipper was tied to the suspect, a law enforcement official said the bomb was made by Ula in a Brooklyn apartment last week. According to New York Governor Andrew Komo, this is only a “low-tech” bomb, and luckily the bomb was only “partially detonated” and did not fully meet the expectations of the suspect.

“All people are in stable condition and discharged today. We are also working closely with law enforcement officials,” a hospital organization said in a statement on the 11th. Although the bombing caused only 5 minor injuries, but as Monday morning is one of the busiest commuters in Manhattan, New York, the PSB bus station is also one of the busiest transport hubs, causing the scene was a mess, the bus terminal and the surrounding area The subway station is also closed by the police.

Start Defense Alliance! EU member states set up 25 “mini-NATO”

                    (Original title: Start Defense Alliance! EU member states set up 25 “mini-NATO”)


【Global Times】 EU Launches Defense Alliance “Austrian” Standard News “reported on the 12th that the EU approved on Monday the permanent structural cooperation signed by 25 member states in the field of defense. A number of projects under the cooperation framework will be officially launched early next year.

The EU Council issued a statement on the 11th that Ireland and Portugal also decided on December 7 following the signing of a joint agreement by 23 EU nations on November 13 to achieve “permanent structural cooperation” in defense affairs. . These EU member states will work more closely on defense cooperation. At present, Britain, the only remaining EU member in the EU that has decided not to join the EU, has a special “non-participation” position in Denmark and Malta.

The 25 EU member states have also signed a political agreement and submitted a list of projects to be initiated under the “permanent structural cooperation” mechanism. The project list currently has 17 projects covering aspects such as military training, cybersecurity, logistical support, disaster relief and strategic command. It is expected that these projects will be formally approved in early 2018. Member States may also propose more other project proposals in the future. Junich Juncker, chairman of the European Commission, said: “The Sleeper of the Treaty of Lisbon woke up: ‘Permanent structural cooperation’ has to be implemented.” EU high official for foreign affairs and security policy Mogherini also said that the latest The progress of “historic.” German Defense Secretary Feng Delai that this is defense cooperation in Europe “made the most progress in decades.”

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