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Putin press conference lasted nearly 4 hours how heads of state and the media exchange

                    (Original title: Putin press conference lasts nearly 4 hours.


BEIJING, Dec. 15, according to Russian satellite network reported that local time on the 14th, Russian President Putin held an annual press conference. The press conference lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes during which Putin answered a total of 73 questions raised by 54 journalists.

普京举行年度记者会。 中新社记者 王修君 摄 Putin Holds Annual Press Conference. China News Service reporter Wang Xiujun photo

Putin’s annual press conference has been held for 13 sessions. The longest time was the 2008 press conference, which lasted 4 hours and 40 minutes and answered a total of 106 questions. The shortest time was the first press conference in 2001, which answered a total of 22 questions in 1.5 hours. The press conference for 2016 lasts 3 hours and 50 minutes, answering 67 questions. This year the number of registered participants broke the record, there are more than 1,600 people.

Other countries have similar events. For example, former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama exchanged their media correspondents every year during their tenure, usually in the form of a dinner party in April, with a generally relaxed atmosphere. But this year, incumbent President Trump broke the tradition and did not hold such a dinner party.

资料图:德国总理默克尔。中新社记者 彭大伟 摄 Data Figure: German Chancellor Angela Merkel. China News Service reporter Peng Dawei photo

Erawan Shidai female suspects apply for pay 1 million baht bail court approval

                    (Original title: Erawan Shidai female suspects apply for pay 1 million baht bail court approval)


BEIJING, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) Thailand’s World News reported that a woman defendant Wanlana was arrested when returning to Bangkok on November 22, 2015, in a bomb attack on the Bang Nha Trang in Bangkok. On the 13th of this month, the defendant’s solicitor applied to the court for bail of 1 million baht, and the court granted his approval on the condition that it is forbidden to go abroad and to destroy the evidence.

It was reported that on the morning of the 13th, the defendant’s lawyer Wanlana applied for a bail to the Military Court and submitted a bail of 1 million baht. The court approved the defendant after bail, but the defendant was banned from leaving the country and was due to report to the court on schedule.


Women suspected suspects in Bangkok’s Four Faces Buddha bomb in 2015 Lailana. (Source: World News from Thailand)

At 4 p.m. on the same day, a lawyer took the bailment document issued by the court and went to the Bangkok Women’s Detention Center. It is reported that on November 23 the court approved the detention of the accused on the ground that the case was serious and feared that the defendant had absconded and that the evidence collection of several witnesses had not been completed. After

, the defense counsel applied to the court for bail, but the application was postponed due to the lack of bail. Multiple applications during the unsuccessful, until the 13th court approval.


Peruvian President faces threats of impeachment in corruption cases involving Brazilian construction companies

                    (Former Title: Peruvian President Faces Brazilian Construction Corruption Corruption Threats)


24.jpg Pedro Pablo Kucinsky, Photo Credit: BBC

Overseas Network December 15 According to the BBC, the President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuchinski Petro Pablo Kuczynski faces impeachment as a result of a corruption scandal involving the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. Reported that Kuchinski has lost the support of key members of the cabinet.

Oddbuchet, a company affected by the scandal, on the 13th stated that it had paid nearly $ 5 million in consultants fees for Wozkinski from 2004 to 2013. The time lapsed between Kuchinski’s economy minister and prime minister, the former president of Alejandro Toledo’s government.

Earlier this year, Peruvian anti-corruption prosecutors announced that they would investigate Kozzenki to verify whether he had assisted the Brazilian company Albebrechts in obtaining public projects during his assumption of office as national prime minister in 2006, and Kuchinski at the New Year’s Judicial Conference Emphasize that “only when the government operates in a transparent manner can we gain popular confidence” and fully support our attitude.

23.png Countries and regions involved in the Odbethlech scandal Photo credit: BBC

Oddbuchle is at the heart of the storm in Latin America’s biggest bribery scandal. In the U.S. government investigation, Oddbreicestein admitted that it had bribed up to $ 788 million in 12 countries to secure public works contracts in various countries. In 2016, Odublacé agreed to pay a fine of 3.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Marcelo Odebrecht, former CEO of Audubrece, was sentenced to 19 years in Brazil and agreed to work leniently in cooperation. He claims that Kuchinsky was hired as a Peruvian adviser ten years ago. He also told prosecutors that over the years construction companies have bribed $ 29 million from Peruvian officials in exchange for plans for the construction of Toledo and subsequent two governorates. Kudzski strongly denied having any job or political affiliation with the company in November. He also condemned the three former presidents who faced criminal charges for accepting the company’s multi-million dollar bribe.

The Peruvian right-wing Popular Force party, which holds the majority of the parliament in Peru, claims that there is mounting evidence that Mr Çuschkiski was once embezzled. The party has warned that if he does not resign on the 14th, he will begin to impeach him. The party spokesman, Daniel Salaverry, said: “Obviously, it would be untenable for him (Kuchinsky) to remain in the presidency.”

It is reported that Cookinski has promised that Testified on December 22 at the Peruvian Parliamentary Commission. Kudzinski, 79, who used to be Wall Street banker in the past, won his weakness in the June 2016 presidential election. During the election, he was controversial because he held U.S. citizenship and his ex-wife was employed by the CIA. After his administration, Kuchinsky focused on reforms in people’s livelihood and implemented a series of new policies with a high reputation among the people. It was turned out to be “the most popular person in Peru” by the controversial “emperor economist”.

Japan Metropolitan Police Department Sergeant speeding almost double killed 22-year-old Chinese students

                    (Original title: Japan Metropolitan Police Department Sergeant speeding nearly double killed 22-year-old Chinese students)

                                   According to Japan’s Metropolitan Police traffic investigation section revealed that on the 10th, in Tokyo, there was a police chief police inspector of speeding killed passers-by accident. It is learned that the deceased is a 22-year-old Chinese student.

According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, the accident took place at about 7 a.m. on the 10th. A police chief of the Metropolitan Metropolitan Municipality of Tsukatsu was driving a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour on a road limited to 50 kilometers per hour Km, led to a Chinese student Gong Moumou was hit, the 22-year-old student died in hospital after being sent to hospital.

An 8-year-old girl was sentenced to 300 million imprisonment for being injured by her father

                    (Former title: 8-year-old girl was tortured by father to death before the injured doctor was sentenced to pay 300 million)



Overseas Network December 15 In 2013, an 8-year-old girl was cruelly abused by her biological father and grandmother. Five years later, on December 13, 2017, a jury in Chicago, United States, ruled , Dereliction of duty on the part of doctors who inspected the girl before the murder was found to be compensated with 48 million U.S. dollars (about 317 million yuan) for the children’s mothers and their families.

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that this five-year murder of children finally got the final ruling on the high price of damages on Wednesday (December 13). During the trial, because the evidence of the case was too much Shocked, jury difficult to control emotions can not help but sobbed, the judge had to suspend the opening statement read. This sad child abuse and child killing case also raised widespread controversy and discussion in the American community over family regulation and social security.

4756138A00000578-5180129-image-a-63_1513276296951.jpg The picture shows Gizzer’s lifetime

In 2013, Gizzell Ford, an 8-year-old girl living with her father Andre and his grandchild Helen, together. When her father divorced his mother, the father gained custody of Gisele on the grounds that the mother himself was homeless.

Jiessel described in his diary his life with dads and grandmothers as “in hell,” and she had “self-abhorred” as she claimed to be “intelligent, courageous and beautiful.” Two days before her death, “I hate this life.” Poor Jizer was often strapped to his bed with his own biological father and grandmother, slinging with straps, not only not providing food and water, but even Jiessel wanted to get a drink from the toilet.

4756139600000578-5180129-image-m-68_1513276348605.jpg The photo shows Jériel’s natural father Andrea

When Giselle’s mum was found guilty, Giselle’s mother, Sandra Mercado, warned the local police about the child’s biological father She was abused and sexually harassed. Norell Rosado, a pediatrician who ran the cook County Child Away from Abuse program, then examined Katz’s injury and although he found that there were many healing wounds on the girl’s legs and buttocks, This does not fall into the category of “child abuse” and therefore did not submit a report to the authorities. However, sixteen days later, when the police received an alarm saying that a girl had stopped breathing and the first aid workers arrived at Jiessel’s home, Helen tried to kill them and said that Jizel was merely convulsive and had regained consciousness. Emergency workers forced into the room and found that Jizell was tied in bed, has died. Geszel’s grandmother Helen

Gisele’s corpse faces downwards, wearing only jagged underwear, bloodstained on the pillows, wounds on the back of the head that have infected the maggots, both on the hands and on the legs There are scars caused by the bundle, even the body of the remaining semen. Forensic identification results, Jiesar has been a long time of death, but also because of being pinched neck suffocation and death.

Both Giesh’s father, Andrey, and his grandmother, Helen, were accused of murder, but André died of a heart attack pending trial. Helen tried to excuse himself, but the court did not accept it. Finally, Helen was sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly abusing her 8-year-old granddaughter.

1513315646132308.jpg The picture shows Jeddah’s dwelling at death

In addition, Jiesar’s mother also brought Roscole, a pediatrician in Cook County to keep children away from abusive groups, in court and she believes that if Rosal More than a few days before the death of Jieshier for her examination of the injury, in the absence of Jiesar grandmother to find out the facts of being abused, and then submitted to the police accurate child abuse report, Jiessel could leave that The demonic family, her death can be avoided.

1513315423840612.jpg Pictured by Dr. Rosado (left), a pediatrician who examined Gizel for his injuries.

Text in North Yin speech North Korea nuclear: should eventually be properly resolved by peaceful means

                    (Original title: Wen Yinhua in North China speech North Korea talk about North Korea: should eventually be properly resolved by peaceful means)


South Korean Presidential Article Visiting China At the 15th, Peking University gave a speech titled “A Hand Shake between Han and Chinese Youths for a Prosperity and a Tomorrow.” According to the Yonhap news agency, Wen Zhiyin spoke highly of the significance of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and China, emphasizing the long history of cultural exchanges between the two countries. He said that the establishment of diplomatic relations 25 years ago is not an easy task. The upcoming 25 years of the two countries will also need the efforts and passion of both sides. All the students here will become the main force. On the DPRK nuclear issue, Wen said that the two countries unanimously stressed that they will never allow the peninsula to regenerate a war, and that the DPRK nuclear issue should ultimately be solved by peaceful means.

This is a speech made by the president of South Korea at Peking University in the past 9 years. The last one was when President Lee Myung-bak went to Peking University in May 2008.

The United States in November the city consumer price index increased by 0.4%

                    (Original title: The United States in November the city consumer price index rose 0.4% qoq)


On December 13, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. consumer price index (CPI-U) for November rose 0.4% from the previous month on a seasonally adjusted basis. Among them, energy increased by 3.9% qoq, contributing the most. Excluding food and energy, the United States in November CPI-U chain increased by 0.1%. The data also showed that without quarterly adjustment, the United States in November CPI-U rose 2.2%, excluding food and energy, an increase of 1.7%.

Women want to take a bath to take a bath in the bathroom her husband find it troublesome punches and kicks

                    (Original title: Woman talking too nagging, her husband and son actually do)


Modern Express News all say home and everything Xing, Taizhou Jingjiang Temple a woman just because usually more verbose, actually often been her husband and son domestic violence. Modern Express reporter was informed that a few days ago, due to require her husband to take her and Erbao to take a bath in the bathroom, the woman Zhongmou was wounded forehead, the police learned that her husband Humou criticism and education.

This year more than 40-year-old Zhongmou and her husband Humou are Amici, in Jingjiang Temple ancestral contracted hundreds of acres of land, the days of so-so, the eldest son has been in vocational school, Zhongmou end of last year gave birth to a Two treasure. In addition to help her husband usually planting land, but also housework, take care of two treasures, it is very hard, like a spinning top every day, but her husband and son did not give her the slightest gratification, Zhongmou is very angry, often lazy God both.

The elders were Zhongmou long-winded impatient, not only her husband often hit the Chungmou play, even the 16-year-old son from time to time to start a hands, Zhongmou who often beaten blue.

6 o’clock the day before yesterday, her husband thought bath in the town bathroom, Zhongmou heard that after the cold since the second lottery did not take a bath for a long time, it is better to go with a family of three, but Humou troubles do not want to bring His wife went to the bathroom together.

The United States overturns network neutrality or sparks resonance among young voters and the Democratic Party

                    (Original title: US government overthrows neutrality or sparks resonance between young voters and Democrats)

                                   BEIJING, December 15, according to foreign media reports, the US Federal Communications Commission on the 14th vote to overthrow the Obama administration launched the “network neutrality” requirement. Some analysts believe that this move by the Trump administration or will play a “counter-productive”, so that more young voters and the Democratic Party to resonate, so as to enhance the Democrats in the midterm elections next year, winning the election.

“Network neutrality” refers to the fact that ISPs must treat the legal content of different companies on an equal footing and must not offer faster internet speeds to Internet companies that pay higher fees, the so-called “fast track” service, which the Obama administration will launch in 2015 This rule

There is a huge controversy in the United States regarding the “network neutrality” requirement. Some network service providers claim that if they can not provide “fast track” at a fee, it will be difficult for them to continue investing in faster speeds.

On the 14th, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission reversed the “network neutrality” requirement by the result of 3 to 2 votes. As for the “network neutrality” requirement, the internal attitude of the United States Congress is mainly divided by the party structure. This heated debate has turned into an issue of elections. Democrats believe that overthrowing the “network neutrality” rule will give them an advantage.

The media even pointed out that Democrats want to portray this as evidence that the Republican Party is not interested in the concerns of the younger generation in the United States and consumers.

Australian men attacked several Chinese students seeking bail on mental illness grounds

                    (Original title: Australian men attacked several Chinese students seeking bail on the grounds of mental illness)


QQ截图20171215142222.jpg attack site map

overseas online December 15 electric ANU August 25 students had attacked the incident, an Australian man using a baseball bat to attack students in the classroom, including China lead Many people, including foreign students, were injured. On the 14th of this local time, the assailant Ophel applied for bail on the grounds of mental treatment. Prosecutors found that the man had planned to make the attack that caused the “mass casualty,” while the judge said he would decide next week whether to grant his bail.

According to Australian media reports such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ophelia, 18, entered the Australian National University classroom on August 25 and used baseball bats to beat classroom instructors and several students, wounding four Chinese students . Ophelia subsequently faced four attempted murder attempts and multiple allegations of assault. On the 14th, he filed a bail application for treatment within the mental institution in the community. In this regard, the prosecution objected, saying that in view of the attacks that followed, fearing that the conditions of bail could not prevent Ophellah from leaving the treatment facility. Prosecutors also said in court that in the weeks leading up to the incident, Ophelia had also searched the internet for a great deal of information, including beheadings of terrorist groups, beating the head with baseball bats and the like, as well as plans to create “large Scale casualties. ” The Prosecutor also claims that the man also told his doctor at Canberra Hospital that he had been tangled in for rape and murder.

On the same day, Ophel’s father said in court that his son was the first to have a mental illness and everyone was surprised by what happened. Psychiatrist doctors said that Opfel still needs other treatment, but this can not be done in prison. Therefore, in order to prevent any future recurrence of violence, it will be a better choice to have it treated in a psychiatric center.

Judge Hunt, for the moment, said he needed more time to carefully evaluate the material submitted and will therefore decide next week whether to agree with Ophelia on bail.

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