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Israeli Prime Minister: Not moved by the decision of the Islamic Cooperation Organization in Yemen

                    (Original title: Israeli Prime Minister: Not to be determined by the decision of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Yemen)

                                   BEIJING, December 14 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, with the Islamic Cooperation Organization announced on the 13th that East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a speech in the first time. Netanyahu said that the decisions made by the heads of state of the above Islamic countries “did not leave any profound impression on him” and that Israel took no notice of this.

Reported that in response to the decision of U.S. President Trump to confess that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the OIC and its representatives from more than 50 member states issued a joint statement on the 13th. In the statement, the group declared that its heads of state made “a resolution that recognizes Palestine as an independent sovereign state and that its capital, East Jerusalem, is in a state of” occupation. ” In response, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a statement later: “All the statements of the OIC have no effect on us.”

资料图:耶路撒冷(图片来源:路透社) Data Sheet: Jerusalem (Source: Reuters)

How Vietnam anti-corruption “tiger”? People regard corruption as “national crisis”

                    (Original title: How anti-corruption Vietnam “tiger” in these years)


Vietnamese anti-corruption has deep social support. The Vietnamese people regard corruption as “national crisis” and corrupt elements as “inner bandits.” They think that “the internal bandits will not be eliminated and the national crisis will end.” In view of this, the Vietcong government has never spared no effort in slamming the tiger.

Vietnam, which attracted the attention of the APEC meeting in 2017, has recently attracted the attention of domestic and foreign public opinion because of another powerful move in fighting corruption and cracking down on “playing tiger.”

Corruption has been listed as one of the “four major crises” by Vietnam

According to Vietnamese media reports, on December 8, the Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietcam (CPPCC) made a decision to stop Ding Loisheng’s participation in the party’s organizational life. Vietnam’s 10th The fourth session of the National Assembly passed a resolution on the indictment of Dinglu, detention and termination of its parliamentary delegates authority and mandate. On the same day, the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security investigated the office of the police and issued indictments and detention orders against Dingluo and investigated its connection with two extraordinarily big economic cases. According to public sources, Ding was promoted to be the first official in Vietnam’s former Politburo bureaucrat who was involved in corruption in decades, demonstrating the Communist Party’s firm determination in fighting “fighting tigers” and “filming flies.”

Also on the basis of information from the Vietnamese media, Ding Luosheng is concerned with two extremely large economic cases that are under investigation: one is a deliberate violation of criminal law by a joint venture between Vietnam’s state oil and gas company (PVN) and Ocean Bank Article 165 of the State Administration of Economic Management has serious consequences and has abused its power to encroach on property in violation of article 280 of the Criminal Law and caused a loss of 800 billion VND; and secondly, during its tenure with the Vietnam Oil and Gas Installation Corporation (PVC), he deliberately violated the provisions of the State Economic management and have serious consequences, in violation of the provisions of article 278 of the Criminal Law embezzlement of property. From this point of view, we can sum up the following views: First, the huge economic case in the course of “reform and opening up” has caused huge losses to Vietnam; second, there are obvious collusion between officials and businessmen in the process of “reform and opening up” In the process of fishing for the country’s property. Thirdly, the state’s economic management regulations and criminal law are the important basis for Vietnam to crack down on the “heavy tiger” and punish the criminals in the economic field.

Actually, Ding Luosheng case is only a large case concerning the continuous fermentation of corruption in Viet Nam since the “reform and opening up” in the mid-1980s. All along, Vietnam’s anti-corruption task is quite arduous. Just under “Decade of Reform and Opening up” (1994), the Seventh Central Committee of the CPV Central Committee has listed corruption as one of the “four major crises” faced by the Vietnamese communists. The other three major crises are economic lag Deviate from the direction of socialism and peaceful evolution. From this we can see that for the CPV, corruption and other issues such as “peaceful evolution” are enough to threaten the CPV’s administration.

The CPV Central Committee is also very aware of the harm caused by corruption and attaches great importance to anti-corruption. For example, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Nguyen Phuong Fu stressed in 2012 that “corruption and waste phenomena exist in various fields and departments in Vietnam, and this has posed a tremendous challenge to the leadership of the Vietnamese Communist Party and state administration.”

At the same time, Vietnam’s anti-corruption has also enjoyed deep social support for society. The Vietnamese people regard corruption as “national crisis,” while corrupt elements are called “inner invaders.” In view of this, the CPV has never spared no effort in slamming the tiger and advocating the establishment and improvement of the system to improve the rules and regulations and prevent the recurrence of corrupt practices.

Viet Nam’s anti-corruption system has achieved impressive results with no obvious effect.

Jiang Song case in court on the fourth day: Chen Shifeng first a court asked questions

Jiang Song Case in Japan Court Day 4: Chen Shifeng First Acting Court Question

On December 14, the “Jiang Ge Case” entered the fourth day of court trial in Japan. Today, the suspect, Chen Shifeng, will answer the questions raised by prosecutors and judges for the first time in court.

Illustration court trial Day 3 Highlights: Liu Xin testifying with video connection


Two people were killed in shooting at the University of Pennsylvania campus

                    (Original title: Two people were killed in a shootout on the University of Pennsylvania campus)


美国宾夕法尼亚大学校园发生枪击事件 2人死亡

[Global Network] Triblive website quoted emergency department staff reported that the University of Pennsylvania campus shooting killed 2 people.

Russian satellite news network reported on December 14 that the Beaver campus of the University of Pennsylvania (Beaver) website said the campus was closed.

School authorities posted a message on Facebook’s page that the shootings did not cause injuries to students. WGAL television quoted police reports said the gunman was a spouse of school staff, killing his wife and committing suicide.

Israeli forces: Israel closed the border in the Gaza Strip for security reasons

                    (Original title: Israel: Israel closes border in Gaza for security reasons)


BEIJING, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) According to the Russian satellite network reported on the 14th, the Israeli Information Service released news that Israel on December 14 for the security closure of the border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

The decisions taken were reported to involve two border crossing points, namely, Karim Shalom and Erez.

The military said: “Due to frequent security incidents and based on the analysis of the current situation, the Karim Shalom cargo crossing and the Erez crossing will be closed tomorrow (14 December).” It is learned that U.S. President Trump previously announced that it recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and signed a document calling for the relocation of the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. Israel responded positively but many countries in the world, including Palestine and Middle East countries, are strongly dissatisfied with this.

Cui Shun case first instance: Cheong Wa Dae, chief secretary and Lotte president with the trial

                    (Original title: Cui Shun case first trial! Cheong Wa Dae chief secretary Lotte chairman jointly trial)


崔顺实案一审开庭!青瓦台首席秘书乐天会长共同受审 Cui Shishui Appeared in Court on the 14th for Trial Auditing

[World Wide Web] According to the Yonhap News Agency report on December 14, Cui Shunshu, the core figure of South Korea’s “faithful-government” incident that caused the ex-President Park Geun-hye to impeach, was interviewed on the first instance.

Cui Shushu first trial before the court to make a petition: Rao Park Geun it!

                    (Original title: Cui Shunshu suddenly submitted a petition before the trial: Rao Park Geun it!)



May 23, Park Geun-hye and Cui Shun real side by side on trial

overseas online December 14 electric “cronies interference in domestic affairs door” protagonist, Park Geun-hye girlfriends Cui Shun real last November was the prosecution of 18 counts of prosecution, After a year or so, the court heard the Cui Shunshi case in the first instance today (14th). According to South Korea’s “East Asia Daily” reported that in the day’s closing trial, the judge said that “Cui Shun-shih submitted the petition to the court the day before to request a lenient treatment of Park Geun-hyeong.”


On May 23, Park Geun- Cui Shishu staged side by side

Prosecutors will be on the 14th of the trial proposed Cui Shun Shi’s sentencing recommendations. Yonhap analysts said that if Choi Soon’s 18 charges all set up, up to life imprisonment. Cui Shishui was accused of 13 complicities with Park Geun-hye, so Cui Shun-shi’s first-instance conviction will directly affect the outcome of the trial.

According to reports, Cui Shun case trial from the first instance to the sentencing takes about two to three weeks time, the court announced the verdict as early as January early next year, the latest mid-January. On the 14th, the case adjudication was first stated by the prosecutor and proposed to the court for the execution of the sentence for Cui Shishui. From then on, the case was represented by the attorney Cui Shishui, and finally the case was presented by Cui Shunshi himself.


Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-shy at a young age

Choi Sojong has been accused of up to 18 counts. On the 14th, South Korean legal professionals pointed out that their charges include abuse of power, attempted fraud, coercion and compulsion. Among them, the most representative is suspected of abuse of power and coercion. Prosecutors believe that Cui Shushi and Park Geun-hyei, Cheong Wa Dae Chief Secretary Ann Zhongfan conspiracy, forcing large enterprises to Mir Foundation and K Sports Foundation donated 77.4 billion won. In addition, Cui Shishui allegedly conspire with Park Geun-hye, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics Li Bing request 43.3 billion won for the sponsorship of her daughter’s riding fees.

Analysis said that if Cui Shun Shui all the charges, the maximum sentenced to life imprisonment. Most of the legal profession believes that most of those involved in the conspiracy to be Cui Shun-shih’s current conspiracy have been sentenced to death. It is inevitable that Cui Shun-shih will be severely punished in the first instance. For example, Li Zhaorong, vice president of Samsung Electronics, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for first instance for allegedly bribing billions of Korean won to Cui Shun-shek’s daughter, Zheng Weiluo, to help obtain Samsung’s franchise. An advertising director car known as “Crown Prince of the Cultural Industry” Enze, for alleged abuse of authority to force KT company to insert his own cronies, misappropriation of public funds, the first instance was sentenced to 3 years in prison; Cui Shun Shi Nuwa Zhang Shikhao, suspected of operating South Korea’s winter sports center project in the process of illegal profits, first instance jailed for 2 years 6 Months.

The United States proposes to reduce the amount of the new year’s United Nations funds by 250 million U.S. dollars

                    (Original title: The United States proposes to reduce the new UN annual budget by 250 million U.S. dollars)


On December 13, according to foreign media reports, relevant committees of the UN General Assembly are currently conducting budget negotiations for the new year and are expected to adopt them before the end of December. In addition to the United Nations Secretary-General Guterres proposed a reduction of 200 million U.S. dollars, the United States also proposed to delete the United Nations 2018-2019 core budget of 250 million U.S. dollars.

当资料图:纽约联合国总部。中新社记者廖攀摄 Information Figure: United Nations Headquarters in New York. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo

Reported that the UN General Assembly relevant committees are currently under budget negotiations, is expected by the end of December.

Antonio Guterres proposed that the maximum biennial budget for the United Nations be set at 5.4 billion U.S. dollars, a decrease of 200 million U.S. dollars from the 2016-2017 budget.

US State legislators accused of sexually assaulting girls have called Obama a monkey

                    (Original title: US Kentucky legislators accused of suicide after being sexually assaulted Obama has called a monkey)



overseas online December 14 electric Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson in local time December 13 committed suicide, he was convicted in face book and Michelle Obama will publicly likened to a monkey Known and is now accused of sexually assaulting a minor girl in the basement of his home, but he himself denied the allegation.

ABC News According to ABC News, U.S. Commissioner for Bretton County Chief of Police Donnie Tinnell said in an interview with a local television station that Johnson shot himself on a bridge in Washington Hill, Kentucky.

Monday (December 11), the Center for Investigative Reporting in Kentucky released a story that Johnson invaded a girl in his basement in 2013. At that time, the woman chose to report to the police but the police closed the case after investigation and did not file the case.

Canada contains 25 people were injured in the plane crashed no casualties report

                    (Original title: 25 Canadian on a Canadian plane)


加拿大载25人飞机坠毁 多人受伤暂无死亡报告

overseas network December 14 electric According to CBC news, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the plane carrying 22 passengers and three crew members of the aircraft shortly after takeoff Wednesday evening, crashed Near the airport in Ftodilac.

According to local media sources, the aircraft rate belongs to the West Wind Aviation plane and is an ATR-42 regional aircraft. The aircraft took off at an airport in Fond du Lac at 6.15 a.m. local time and crashed about a kilometer later than the airport runway.

Initial reports said that many people were injured in the accident and no one was temporarily killed. Local police are handling the scene of the accident.

According to overseas websites, the ATR-42 aircraft had previously had several accidents.

On February 21, 2008, Santa Barbara Airways, Venezuela, ATR-42 turboprop regional plane crashed in Venezuela, killing a total of 46 passengers and 43 crew members.

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