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Vietnam anti-corruption destroyed former Politburo member Foreign media: At least 51 people have been arrested

                    (Original title: Vietnam anti-corruption destroyed former Politburo officials, the British media said at least 51 people were arrested)


越南反腐打掉前政治局要员 外媒:已有至少51人被捕 Ding Luo Sheng Zhejiang News Net Information Figure

Vietnam anti-corruption is in full swing. According to the Xinhua News Agency report on December 10, the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security recently issued a indictment and a detention order against the Central Vietnamese Communist Party member and deputy minister of central economy Ding Luosheng.

Xinhua News Agency quoted Vietnamese media as saying that the Politburo of the Communist Party’s Central Committee made a decision on December 8 to stop Ding Loisheng from participating in the party’s organizational life. The 14th session of the Standing Committee of Vietnam passed the same day to prosecute Dingluo and detain him Resolution to Terminate Parliamentary Delegate Authority and Mandate. Public information shows that Ding Luo became the first member of the former Politburo Politburo arrested for corruption in decades. According to a reference to the news network reported on the 11th, 57-year-old Ding Luosheng is a former member of the CPV Central Political Bureau, former Ho Chi Minh City party secretary, as well as Vietnam’s largest state-owned enterprises, the former secretary of the National Oil and Gas Group. The report also quoted Reuters as saying that Dingluo was accused of lack of management capacity when he was a member of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Corporation from 2009 to 2011, causing the group to suffer serious losses and aroused public dissatisfaction and was exempt from the Central Government in May this year Politburo member and Ho Chi Minh City party secretary and other positions.

According to a Reuters report on the 11th, at least 51 people have been arrested in Vietnam’s oil and gas group and the banking sector during the anti-corruption operation in Vietnam, and some of them have been tried. In addition to Ding Lo, the former chairman of Vietnam’s National Oil and Gas Group, Nuan Chun-shan, was also sentenced to death by a local court in Hanoi for embezzling a huge amount of state-owned assets in September this year.

According to Xinhua News Agency’s earlier reports, Nguyen Tran Hill served as the chairman of Vietnam National Oil Corporation from 2014 to 2015, and was the general manager of Vietnam Ocean Commercial Bank before entering Vietnam’s petroleum system. Vietnam oil acquired the bank 35% of the shares. Over the years, Nguyen shares mountains of corruption with the other top executives of the bank, causing a total loss of state property of 160 million U.S. dollars. Ruan Chunshan involved in corruption of 13.6 million US dollars.

In addition, in July of this year, Zheng Chunqing, a former senior manager of the Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation, was brought to justice in Germany after diplomatic disputes between Vietnam and Germany were triggered. At that time, Germany said Zheng Chunqing was “kidnapped” from Germany to Vietnam. The Vietnamese side believes that Zheng Chunqing surrendered to surrender himself and Vietnam’s state television station showed Zheng Chunqing’s repented footage.

Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group is a large enterprise with 15 direct subsidiaries, 18 subsidiaries and 46 affiliates. Reuters said few people in Vietnam have sympathized with ex-officials arrested for corruption. However, the daily corruption of lower-level officials and the police remains a part of Vietnamese life.

The United States was heavily invested in the construction of a new generation of destroyer test was forced to return to the factory

                    (Original title: The United States to build a new generation of Zhu Mu Wal-class destroyers test forced to return because of the breakdown of the ship)

                                   According to the Russian satellite network reported on December 12, the US Naval Research Association News (USNI News) quoted the US Navy as saying that the United States heavily subsidized the latest Zhumu Walter-class destroyers from the shipyard Departure for testing. Only one day later, on December 5, the destroyer broke the test due to the breakdown and then returned to the Maine shipyard.

Indonesia is now diphtheria epidemic has caused dozens of deaths Chinese embassy to remind prevention

                    (Original title: Diphtheria outbreak in Indonesia has caused dozens of deaths, the Chinese embassy reminded to prevent)


印尼现白喉疫情已致数十人死亡 中国使馆提醒防范

Jakarta, December 12 Xinhua News Agency, December 12, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia issued a public notice reminding Chinese citizens and institutions in Indonesia to guard against the outbreak of diphtheria.

An accidental death of a middle school student in Changning, Hunan Province: back hit by knife in physical education class

                    (Original title: An accidental death of a student in Quanning Middle School, Changning City)

                                   At about 11 am today, an unexpected student death occurred on the campus of Quan Feng Middle School in Changning City.

Palestinians denounce Israel for killing Israel in two air strikes in Gaza

                    (Original title: Two Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike in Gaza)

                                   According to al-Jazeera, Russia Today and other media reports, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said that Israel has killed at least two Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, the Israeli Defense Ministry subsequently denied the news. The report also said that the day after Israel announced a massive attack on Hamas in southern Gaza.

U.S. President Trump recently announced that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, resulting in intensified Palestinian-Israeli conflicts. On the 8th of this local time, a Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip and became the first person who died in the conflict since Trump announced his decision.

On Sunday (October 10), the conflict between Palestine and Israel continued. Palestinian men were seriously injured by stabbing an Israeli security guard at the Jerusalem bus station.

Trump’s decision has also aroused the opposition and concern of the international community. Many parties, including the United Nations, the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Palestine, Iran, Turkey and Lebanon, accused the United States of undermining the prospects for peace between Palestine and Israel and endangering regional stability. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak even called on Muslims all over the world to unite to strongly oppose recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Chinese Mayor of San Francisco, died of illness: unknown cause of death at the age of 65

                    (Former Title: Chinese Mayor of San Francisco Li Mengxian died: at age 65, the cause of death is unknown)



Paris climate summit: Macron not only pocketed Trump digging his corner

                    (The original title: Paris Climate Summit: Macron not only pocketed Trump also dig his corner)


41754697_303.jpg French President Macron Held Talks with British and Western Political People in Paris

Overseas Network December 12 On the second anniversary of the signing of the Paris Climate Compact, French President Macron ushered in more than 50 countries and governments in Paris Heads of state and more than 4,000 representatives who will jointly discuss ways to promote climate protection worldwide. At this “one planet” climate protection summit, the United States only sent ambassadorial officials to attend the meeting. There is only one day for the summit, which takes place on an island off the Seine in the west of Paris. The organizers are France, the United Nations and the World Bank.

On the eve of the opening of the “One Planet” summit, according to Voices of Germany, Macron announced the funding of research for 13 U.S. climate protectionists . In announcing the scholarship program, Mr. Macron said he hopes these scientists will be able to capitalize on the opportunities to work in France to deliver faster and more solutions to the challenges of climate change. The goal is to “make our planet great again” . Macron also hopes to express its dissatisfaction with U.S. environmental protection policies through this scholarship program. Under Trump’s urging, the United States plans to withdraw from the climate protection agreement in Paris. The U.S. guests participating in this summit in Paris seem to include the most prominent figures in the U.S. anti-Trump camp: Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, and Leonardo DiCaprio Rio and both announced they would attend the Paris conference. Unlike Trump, these people all advocate more for environmental protection.

The day before the “One Planet” summit, more than 50 companies issued a joint statement saying “will be in their area” to contribute to combating climate change. In addition, these companies, including Adidas, Unilever, Michelin, Philips and Puma, also called on politicians to develop appropriate frameworks “so that we can make a proactive contribution to achieving the climate protection goals.”

Trump to return to the moon plan costly no timetable Experts: do not fly

                    (Original title: Trump returned to the moon plan costly and no timetable, experts say no fly)


American astronauts want to return to the moon again.

On December 11, US President Trump signed his first executive order on the “space program” since he took office and ordered NASA to reissue astronauts on the moon.

This time not only to put a flag on the moon, but also to pave the way for future manned Mars missions.

特朗普重返月球计划耗资巨大没时间表 专家:不靠谱

Actually, this is not the first time that the United States wants to return to the moon.

Former U.S. President George W. Bush also vowed to send people under the “constellation” plan to return to the moon by 2020 and then to Mars. In 2009, President Obama cut off the program on the grounds of being overpriced and simply repeating his predecessors. He then proposed an “asteroid redirection mission” that did not go through the moon, landing on an asteroid first, and then by 2030 Humans send to Mars.

In this regard, Yang Yuguang Institute of Aerospace Science and Industry Research Institute said:

Obama canceled Bush’s plan because the plan and the Apollo program repeated too much without real progress, for countries that have not been aboard the month, Manned lunar landing is a very important intermediate step in future manned fire. Many of the key technologies that land on Mars can be verified from lunar landing. However, unlike the United States, there is no need to repeat what has been done before, given the relatively tight funding. However, Obama’s plan has problems as well: Instead of directly sending astronauts to the asteroid and verifying the key technologies for going to Mars in the future, the unmanned spacecraft will drag the asteroid onto lunar orbit, and the astronauts go visit asteroid little sense to do so. “

特朗普重返月球计划耗资巨大没时间表 专家:不靠谱

to re-fire before boarding the moon Why

the ultimate goal of the United States is to put a man on Mars, why should re-moon?

To put it simply, Mars is too far from the earth, the technology is too difficult, the cost is too high, and the moon is equivalent to a springboard.

Therefore, the plan to return to the Moon returns again during his tenure as Republican with George W. Bush.

Yang Yuguang believes that for the United States, whether to use the moon as an intermediate step in the process of going to fire mainly depends on the contribution of the moon landing to future fires. The key question is whether a permanent base can be established on the lunar surface to find water resources, And make use of water resources to produce fuel. If the raw materials can be prepared from the moon and supplied to manned spacecraft that landed on Mars, the size of the manned fire can be reduced. If this can not be done, returning to the moon is not significant for landing on Mars in the future.

特朗普重返月球计划耗资巨大没时间表 专家:不靠谱

Where does the money come from?

Aerospace Engineering has always been the most expensive project ever.

The United States implemented the world-renowned Apollo moon landing project in the 1960s and 1970s. It took about 11 years and 6 successful trips to the moon, at a cost of 25.5 billion U.S. dollars. Some people think that funding is the most important factor that the United States can take one step ahead of landing on the moon. The lunar landing program is divided into lunar exploration, lunar landing and lunar landing. The United States completed the first two steps. The plan to return to the moon is based on the moon and the lunar base was established. Despite the great advances in technology, the key issue that can not be achieved is money. Pang Zhihao, an aerospace expert, believes that both manned lunches and manned fires consume enormous financial, material, and manpower resources. Now it can not be said in the same way as the Apollo era. The Cold War background in the Apollo era must be linked with Under the background that the U.S.SR won many first places in space exploration, President Kennedy proposed the lunar landing plan, when the plan accounted for 4.41% of the government’s fiscal revenue, which was almost the power of the whole country. But now aerospace budget accounts for only 0.5% of the total budget.

特朗普重返月球计划耗资巨大没时间表 专家:不靠谱

So, where does the rest of the money come from?

The Trump administration had proposed that it be provided by a private company or a commercial company. In addition, international cooperation can share part of the pressure on other countries. According to reports, Scott Pace, executive secretary of the US National Space Council, said that “unlike in the past mainly involving the U.S. government in space exploration, we hope that U.S. companies will now take the lead and look forward to working with other countries.”

特朗普重返月球计划耗资巨大没时间表 专家:不靠谱

Yang Yuguang said that logging on to Mars may cost trillions of dollars and that money is the biggest threshold.

Aerospace expert Pang Hao-ho pointed out that in order to complete Trump’s plan, the two most crucial points are: first, the cost is spent; second, the timetable for landing the moon; neither of which is clear at present The message now lacks the background of the Apollo moon landing period, so it is not clear that this plan is currently available.

“When Apollo went to the moon, despite the change of government, the overall goal plan has not changed. It has only been completed by several presidents. Now with the change of government, the U.S. space program is constantly changing and the funds are hard to sustain. It is possible that the thunderstorm will be small. “

In addition, the sharing of funds for the purpose of making money, the lunar program whether to earn money is their prime consideration.

特朗普重返月球计划耗资巨大没时间表 专家:不靠谱

Why do I have to come up with such a big move since there are no timetables?

Pang Zhihao said huge aerospace projects can “win over” the people and contribute to the country’s cohesion. However, the key issue is whether it can be implemented in real terms. There have been many plans for a manned fire in the United States before, all denied.

Staying ahead

So far, no one in the world except the United States has succeeded in sending probes to Mars for unmanned Mars, and all of Russia’s previous attempts have failed.

特朗普重返月球计划耗资巨大没时间表 专家:不靠谱

Japanese pollsters: Over 40% of Chinese middle class most want to go to Japan, the United States second

                    (Original title: Japan’s pollsters: over 40% of China’s middle class most want to go to Japan ranked second in the United States)


[World Wide Web Report] According to a report released by the Japan External Trade Agency on the 12th, China’s middle class poll shows that more than 40% of the middle-class Chinese people said Japan will want to go to Japan (40.2%), followed by the United States and Italy Rear.

According to a Japanese media report on December 12, Japan’s popularity among the people of all countries in the world has been high since the implementation of the survey conducted by the Trade Promotion Agency in 2013. However, Japan’s good impression has been affected by the deteriorating relations with China and South Korea recently. The report said the survey of Chinese audiences indicated that they hoped to go to the top of Japan’s respondents for entertainment facilities such as theme parks, followed by food and shopping. Ranked fourth place is to see the cherry. This shows that Chinese people go from Japan, “Explosive” items from the consumption of emphasis on “experience” of the quality of consumption.

The report also said that Chinese respondents who have been to Japan said they most want to buy cosmetics, clothes, daily necessities and digital products in Japan.

Wang Yi: Lessons learned from the lessons to be learned should foster mutual trust

                    (Original title: China, Russia, India and China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting | Sino-Indian Talks on Border Issue: The most important thing for both countries is fostering mutual trust.)


王毅:洞朗事件教训值得汲取 要培育互信
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Figure

The 15th meeting of China, Russia and India was held in New Delhi, capital of India, on December 11. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Indian Foreign Minister Sivalajie attended the meeting. After the three foreign ministers met, they attended the press conference jointly.

According to the news released on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 12th, when Wang Yi and his Russian and foreign counterparts jointly met with reporters, Wang said that with the spirit of openness, solidarity, mutual understanding and mutual trust, on the current international situation and their common concern Major issues for an in-depth exchange. The three parties formed a series of common ground on international politics, economy and security. Wang Yi said: “The foreign ministers of the three countries have reached consensus on jointly tackling climate change, promoting the sound development of human rights cause, strengthening cooperation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS mechanism, etc. We also discuss international and regional hot issues such as the situation in Afghanistan and the Middle East Exchanged opinions and agreed to enhance coordination and play a constructive role in pushing forward the resolution of the relevant issues. The foreign ministers of Russia and India expressed their active support for the sixteenth meeting of China, Russia and India in the next year. “

For the three foreign ministers meeting, Shanghai Zhao Gancheng, a researcher at the Institute of International Studies, considered the overall success to be more successful. He told Surging News ( that all the talks between the two sides are mainly about cooperation rather than disagreement. For China and India that experienced the Donglong incident, the follow-up effect of the incident is still fermenting. Under these circumstances, India has made a more appropriate and forward-looking stance in line with China and with Russia here The gesture of cooperation in the meeting was consistent.

A lesson from a burdensome event is worth learning from and building mutual trust

This summer, an illegal cross-border incidents broke out on the Sino-Indian border. Recently, another incident occurred in which Indian UAVs intruded into the Chinese airspace and crashed at the Sikkim section of Sino-Indian border. After the incident, it raised fears of a decline in Sino-Indian relations.

According to the People’s Daily client on December 12, when attending the 15th meeting of Chinese, Russian and foreign ministers at the 15th meeting with Indian Foreign Minister Swaraj on the 11th, Wang Yi made an impact on the Sino-Indian relations Stand. Wang Yi said: “Sino-Indian relations as a whole maintained its momentum of development in 2017, and both sides have made efforts to that end, but they are not very satisfied. The extensive incident caused by the cross-border situation of India’s border guards has endured serious tests of bilateral relations. Peacefully resolved through diplomatic means shows that the bilateral relations have matured day by day, but lessons should be learned and should be avoided again. “

Wang Yi also said that the relations between China and India are at a crucial period and the most important thing between the two countries must be real Cultivate mutual trust. With mutual trust, the specific problems are expected to be resolved on the basis of mutual understanding and mutual accommodation. Without mutual trust, individual problems will continue to overflow and erode the overall situation of bilateral relations. To this end, both sides should strengthen strategic communication at all levels, restore the established dialogue mechanism, deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and at the same time control the existing differences and safeguard peace and tranquility in the border areas, “said Wang Yi.

India’s foreign minister Slavarjeh said that under the current complex and volatile world situation, India-China relations have maintained a steady growth overall despite some challenges. The two countries resolved through the diplomatic means the thoroughgoing incident and fully demonstrated the political wisdom of both sides. She added that the Indian side has always held that the common ground between India and China is far greater than their differences. The two countries should strengthen strategic communication and enhance strategic mutual trust. They must not allow disagreements to turn into disputes and disputes turn into conflicts. India is ready to resume bilateral bilateral institutional arrangements with China and promote cooperation in various fields. At the same time, the two sides should manage their differences and jointly safeguard peace and tranquility in the border areas.

For the Sino-Indian border issue, Srikanth Kondapalli, a professor at the Institute of International Studies at Nehru University, told Hindu Newspaper: “There has been a lot of gap between China and India, but I think we have come out However, Conrad Pari also said that Wang Yi’s visit is more oriented toward the future of Sino-Indian relations, especially focusing on the Belt and Road initiative and the ASEAN China Unicom (Project )Wait.

Russia Advocates for Belt and Road Initiative to Strengthen Cooperation

On the 11th when meeting with Indian National Security Adviser Dorval and Indian Foreign Minister Sivaraj, Wang Yi made the prospect of the future development of bilateral relations. And expressed their views on strengthening cooperation in specific projects such as the “Belt and Road” initiative by China and India. During his meeting with Dorval, Wang Yi said: “The Belt and Road Initiative is an economic cooperation initiative and an international platform for cooperation. It upholds the principle of jointly building and sharing so as to benefit the countries and peoples along the route. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with India in the Internet He said that India is willing to work with China to continuously enhance strategic mutual trust, properly control their differences and promote exchanges and cooperation in such fields as interconnection and exchange between the two countries. In meeting with Swarathi, Wang Yi said that both China and India are emerging market countries and are consistent in deepening pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

“China and India are historical missions of development and rejuvenation in the two ancient civilizations and emerging market countries. They share the same or similar viewpoints on the world’s major forces and international affairs and should become natural partners,” Wang Yi pointed out. In addition, he said the leaders of the two countries have pointed out that both China and India should regard each other as opportunities rather than challenges and as partners rather than as adversaries. Both parties should effectively implement these important judgments in a down-to-earth manner, form a broader consensus and become more concrete measures. They should constantly expand the positive aspects of bilateral relations and constantly accumulate the positive energy of exchanges between the two countries. It is noteworthy that Russia is also contributing to the enhancement of cooperation between China and India.

On the 11th, the Hindustan Times reported that following the meeting between Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Sivaraj, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in his think-tank on the 11th that although there are still concerns in New Delhi, he believes that if India is to join The “Belt and Road Initiative” will surely benefit from it.

“India, I’m 100% sure that there are enough intelligent diplomats and politicians to find ways to benefit you from this process without sacrificing your position.” Lavrov urged “I understand that India still has doubts about the Belt and Road Initiative and we have discussed it today, but the specific issues in this area should not be the other restrictions on political issues.”

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