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Qatar and the United Kingdom signed a bill of 800 billion U.S. dollars to purchase 24 fighter planes

                    (Original title: Qatar and the United Kingdom signed 8 billion US dollars military procurement large single purchase of 24 fighters)


Doha, Xinhua News Agency, December 10 Khalida Altiah, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense, Qatar, met with British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson in Doha on the 10th and both parties signed a total purchase agreement of US $ 8 billion .

More than 40 people were poisoned when a carbon monoxide leak occurred on Canadian farms

                    (Original title: Canada farm occurred in more than 40 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning hospital)


BEIJING, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, Canada’s emergency medical aid department said on the 10th, a farm in the country a carbon monoxide leak, resulting in more than 40 people were poisoned hospitalized.

According to the department, the incident took place on the 9th with a carbon monoxide leak at a farm in the British Columbia Delta.

Forty-two people were injured in the incident and medical treatment has been taken and 10 of them were in critical condition.

It has been reported that a carbon monoxide leak occurs in a farmhouse that has been growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers for more than 20 years. Presumably, the cause of the incident was a washing machine gas engine failure.

British Brexit minister faces face wealth: trade negotiations failed to break up fee

                    (Original title: British Brexit minister face face wealth: the trade negotiations failed to break up the fee)


1512950350673997.jpg The photo shows Davis interviewed by the media

Overseas Network December 11 Last six months, the “Brexit” process between Britain and the EU is finally about to start the second phase of the negotiations. But Philip Hammond, Britain’s Treasury secretary, said on December 6 that London would pay the costs regardless of Bretton’s results, and Brexit David Davis sang in opposition. In an interview with the media on December 10, local time, Davis said that if the second phase of the trade negotiations failed, the United Kingdom would not give “break-up fee.”

According to the BBC report, Davies made it clear that the “break-even fee” clause needs to be implemented with the result, implementation process and trade agreement. If the trade negotiations between the UK and the EU in the second phase are not yet completed By agreement, Britain will not pay for the “break-up fee” promised to the European Union during the first phase of negotiations. Davis said at the same time that Downing Street’s position on the issue on the 10th has made it very clear that this is actually not news.

Davis said: “The consensus reached here in Brussels was not a legally binding clause but a statement of intention, and I believe we have enough time to negotiate and it is estimated that it will take about a year to come Done. “

French dairy giant exports to China again because of pollution recall milk powder

                    (Original title: French dairy giant recalled milk powder or salmonella containing Chinese exports)



【Global Network Comprehensive Report】 Europe is now “tainted milk powder”? Since the milk powder from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany has been exposed to “Dioxin”, a carcinogen that is comparable to DDT pesticides, the French dairy giant has recalled the milk powder for salmonellosis. Including exports of Chinese products.

France’s “European Times” quoted Agence France-Presse as saying on December 10 that the French Ministry of Economy and Finance expanded the day given the risk of contamination with infant formula from Lactalis by the French dairy giant Lactalis Took off and recalled infant milk powder from its LNS plant in Craon, Mayenne.

Previously, Lactalis Group shelved and recalled 12 batches of infant formula on December 2. However, the Ministry of Finance believed that Lta Talis Group’s previous recall failed to control the risk of pollution. On the 10th, a list of more than 600 batches of milk powder recalled, banned and banned was released, of which nearly 40 batches were exported to China Mainland China.

British Brexit Minister: Failures in the trade talks will not pay break-up fee

                    (Former Title: British Brexit Minister: Breakdown of Trade Negotiations Will Not Pay Breaking Fee)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the British Brexit minister Davis said that if the United Kingdom and the European Union in the second phase of the trade negotiations failed to reach an agreement, the United Kingdom will not pay the first in this week Stage break-up agreed to pay the EU break-up fee.

Davis’s report was reportedly in conflict with what Britain’s chancellor, Hammond, said. Hammond said on the 6th that regardless of the outcome of the trade negotiations, the United Kingdom will pay break-up fee.


A mosque is located above the large number of ammunition sites near the Christmas market in Berlin

                    (Formerly Title: Threatening Threats? Mosques are located above the large ammunition site near the Berlin Christmas Market)


Western countries are afraid of a huge threat to Christmas? At a time when the shadow of the 2016 Islamic State extremist truck rammed into Berlin’s Christmas market in Germany was not yet dispersed, large quantities of ammunition were found near yet another Christmas market in Berlin, causing panic.

Former Politburo members involved in corruption greet the southern neighbor’s highest official

                    (Former title: Former Politburo members involved in corruption, neighboring countries is the highest official)


Heavy anti-corruption news came from neighboring countries in the south. The investigation office of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security issued an indictment and a detention order on the 8th to CPPCC Central Committee member and vice minister of Central Economic Department Ding Lusheng.

On the same day, the CPV Central Committee made a decision to cease Ding Loosheng’s participation in the party’s organizational life. The Vietnamese Parliament passed a resolution charging Dingluo ascended, detaining and terminating the authority and mandate of his congressional representatives. Ding Meng’s younger brother Ding Meng Sheng and a number of other people involved were also detained or prosecuted.

So far, Ding Luo formally “fell to the horse.” His highest previous position was a member of the CPV Central Committee Political Bureau and the secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Municipal Party Committee. As the Political Bureau of the CPV Central Committee does not have a standing committee, Ding is actually one of the top leaders in Vietnam. He is also the highest-ranking official arrested so far in the ultra-large corruption case uncovered in Vietnam’s energy and finance sector.

前政治局委员涉贪 系南方邻国落马最高官员 Ding Luosheng

The reason for saying “formal” is that as early as May 7, the Central Government of Vietnam decided at a high pass rate of 90%, giving Dingluo a warning and eliminating the punishment of members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. On May 10, Ding Lo was expelled from the post of Ho Chi Minh City Party Secretary and transferred to the Deputy Minister of Central Economic Work.

At that time, the comments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held that the CPV’s handling of Dingloo’s ascension was “held high and gently dropped.” Ding Luo himself may also think so, he happy smile at the handover meeting, to the people of Ho Chi Minh City, the Ministry and the government expressed their sincere thanks and made a review speech, said in the new job, will be completed successfully delivered The various tasks.

前政治局委员涉贪 系南方邻国落马最高官员 Ding Luo (right) Appointment of Appointment

Who knows, “It’s not a report, when it’s not here,” and seven months later, the police come and boots fall.

Ding Luosheng Born in 1960 in Nanting, Vietnam, Ding Luosheng is a young man in Vietnam’s political arena. He has long been in Tuojiang Hydropower Construction Corporation, all the way to do from the accounting chairman; later appointed deputy secretary of Hue Province, in 2006 as the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) chairman of the board of directors of the Ministry of Communications in 2011; early 2016 At the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, he was promoted to a member of the Political Bureau and took charge of Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam, reaching the peak of his life.

Ding Luo raised his horse behind the complicated political game in Vietnam.

At the beginning of 2016, the 12th grand communist party convened. One of the strong candidates for the general secretary, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung announced his abandonment of campaign general secretary. Ding Luo is considered to be Nguyen Tan Dung’s “right hand man.”

前政治局委员涉贪 系南方邻国落马最高官员

Ding Luo was investigated for two reasons: First, in charge of Vietnam’s national oil and gas group, in violation of the state’s economic management rules, he signed a joint venture agreement with Ocean Bank to raise 800 billion Vietnamese dong (Equivalent to about 235 million yuan) for 20% of the shares with Ocean Bank to manage wealth management products. Later, while Ocean Bank was poorly managed and on the brink of bankruptcy, it was acquired by BNM at a price of 0 shield per share. As a result, the 800 billion dong of the National Oil and Gas Group of Vietnam was gone. Some analysts believe that a substantial portion of this 800 billion has flowed into the pockets of individuals. Ocean Bank chairman Ha Van Tham was also arrested.

A preliminary investigation of a bullet near the Christmas market in Berlin said it was not related to terrorism

                    (Original title: Initial investigation of bullets near Berlin Christmas Market said that it is not related to terrorism)


BEIJING, Dec. 11 (Xinhuanet) According to Russian satellite network quoting German media sources, some bullets were found near the Christmas market in the Charlottenburg district of western Berlin. Initial investigations revealed that the bullets were not related to terrorism.

It was reported that a driver found a bullet 7.65 mm in a plastic bag in a parking lot on the evening of the 10th of local time. Ammo was hidden behind winter tires.

Police said: “As a mosque near the Christmas market, above the underground parking lot, we issued an alert.”

Initial police investigations revealed that the bullet was found to be unrelated to terrorism. According to police representatives, it could be fortuitous to be near the Christmas market.

Sources said the police will find out why the bullet appeared.

International Nuclear Abolition Campaign Receives 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

                    (Formerly Title: International Nuclear Abolition Campaign Receives 2017 Nobel Peace Prize)



On December 10, in the Norwegian capital Oslo, Berline Rice-Anderson, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, delivered a speech at the ceremony.

现场图 Beatricefien, head of the international non-governmental organization “International Nuclear Abolition Campaign”, and Hiroshima Hiroshima survivor, Hiroshi Sello, on the 10th received the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for Oslo on the Norwegian capital Oslo. prize.

Duterte plans to extend the Mindanao martial law to clear the IS remnants

                    (Original title: Duterte to extend Mindanao martial law to clear the IS remnants)


rodrigo-duterte-arrival-davaocity.jpg Philippine President Dutt Stewart (Source: “Philippine Star”)

overseas online December 11 electric Philippine security officials confirmed that the President of the Philippines Dutt Stewart Asked Congress to extend martial law in Mindanao for one year. Philippine officials disclosed that Duterte hopes to extend the martial law order for one year to quell the insurgency. Although both Houses of Congress oppose it, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has already indicated its support. A presidential spokesman said there was intelligence that the Islamist (IS) militants were planning a raid on another city. The Philippine military and police also said that based on the observations of the front-line commanders, Duterte has recommended the extension of the martial law.

Salvador Medialdea, Executive Secretary of the Philippines, said President Duterte applied to Congress for an extension of the martial law order in Mindanao on the 11th, according to the Philippine Star. Will be transferred to parliament. “The deadline is one year,” said Medici Deia.

Philippine authorities said the security of Filipinos will be the main consideration for the President’s decision. Philippine President Spokesman Harry Roque said: “[The president] is most concerned about the safety of our citizens, especially the people of Mindanao, who can strike terrorists in accordance with the law in the face of threats so as to obtain security assurances.” It is reported that Malawi, Mindanao, Philippines, has started fighting against terrorism on May 23 for a period of up to five months. Philippine President Duterte announced on October 17 that Malawi has “liberated itself from terrorists” after five months of fighting terrorism. On October 23, Philippine Defense Minister Lorenzana announced that the Philippine government forces have cleared the last terrorists in Malawi in the southern Philippine city. The war in Malawi, which lasted for five months, ended.

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