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Chinese Academy of Sciences announces 2017 highlights of technological innovation and achievements transformation

                    (Original title: Chinese Academy of Sciences announced 2017 year science and technology innovation and achievements transformation highlights)




A few days ago Quantum Information Science won 12 achievements of the Year of Science and Technology Innovation 2017 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from “Ideal Kingdom” to “Realistic Kingdom”; “Goku” obtained the most accurate high-energy electron cosmic ray spectrum, etc. High and low temperature compound tumor minimally invasive treatment equipment approved the listing; the world’s first rare earth sulfide colorant continuous pilot kiln pilot production line put into operation and other 6 won the transfer of scientific and technological achievements highlight the work.

drawing: Zhang Fang Man

In recent years, Chinese Academy of Sciences through the deployment and implementation of strategic science and technology projects such as the pilot of Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a number of significant original results of scientific research into the high yield.

Bai Chunli, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and secretary of the party group, said that good grades are mainly due to active exploration, continuous innovation in organization and management, and continual stimulation of creative vitality.

First of all, abide by the positioning, forward-looking deployment, and the national science and technology plan organic convergence. Pilot projects always adhere to the strategic and pioneering orientation, in the planning of projects, consulting and verification and acceptance of links and other sectors, fully listen to the relevant state departments and domestic and foreign high-level scientific and technological experts and abide by the pilot’s special positioning and strengthen the national and various types The convergence of science and technology plan. Second, to integrate advantages and open up synergies so as to maximize the efficiency of scientific and technological innovation activities. Give full play to the institutional advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the selection of key research core areas related to the formation of mission research team. At the same time, with the concept of open collaboration, we should actively attract and participate in innovative strengths outside the hospital. Third, categorize management, highlight the key points and improve the efficiency and level of special management. Follow the law of scientific research activities, study and formulate the implementation of management practices and related management details, the establishment of a clearly defined rights and responsibilities, scientific and standardized management system and organizational model. Fourth, put the combination of management, to stimulate vitality and create a relaxed and dedicated research environment. At the same time, we strengthened special supervision and explored the establishment of a multiple regulatory system such as special self-management, supervision by the administrative authorities and third-party evaluation. Establish a credit management system and rewards and punishments responsibility system to ensure that all management measures are put in place and halt the pilot projects that are making bad progress and achieving poor results.

In promoting the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, the CAS has also made a series of important deployments in recent years to face the main battlefield of national economy, comprehensively and in-depth implementation of the “first action” plan, overall planning of the hospital, and continuous promotion of “special projects to promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements Action “, strengthen the supply-side structural reform of science and technology achievements, and strive to achieve a deep integration of science and technology with the economy.

Yan Qing, director of the Bureau of Science and Technology for Development and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: “For example, we can further streamline administration and decentralize power and continuously improve the policy environment. We revised the Measures for the Administration of Foreign Investment in Chinese Academy of Sciences and handed over the power of examination and approval of scientific and technological achievements in overseas investment to the hospital All the proceeds from the transformation of scientific and technological achievements have been left to the academic institutes and the academic institutes have also fully exercised their decision-making autonomy and formulated detailed implementation rules for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The examination and approval authority for scientific and technological achievements assessment and appraisal work has been simplified, Procedures to help improve work efficiency and speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.In addition, it also strengthens the operation of intellectual property and realizes the added value of knowledge, and promotes the effective linkage of the innovation chain, the industrial chain and the capital chain and supports the development of science and technology enterprises; Transformation platform and in-depth integration into the “Belt and Road Initiative.”

Prompted by these strong policies and measures, progress has been made in transforming and transferring scientific and technological achievements. According to preliminary statistics, through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, social enterprises increased their sales revenue by 408 billion yuan and added profits and taxes by 50.3 billion yuan. The hospital invested enterprises realized an operating income of 400.7 billion yuan, a net profit of 10.7 billion yuan and 160,000 jobs .

In 2018, Chinese Academy of Sciences continued to focus on the major national needs and oriented to the main battlefield of economic and social development. The key tasks of the “special campaign to promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements” were closely linked with the major strategic deployments of China such as Beauty China, Healthy China and Rural Revitalization Decide to Build a Well-off Society in an All-round Way and Accelerate the Building of a Powerful Modernized Socialist Country, Providing Strong and Strong Scientific and Technological Support.


Three officials from Lima provincial ministry were notified on the same day to handle Liu Qiang’s vote for bribery

                    (Original title: Three provincial and ministerial officials Lok Ma were notified on the same day Liu Qiang involved in canvassing votes)




On February 5, three provincial and ministerial officials who were arrested were notified: Liu Qiang, former deputy governor of Liaoning Province, Li Yunfeng, former member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and former vice governor of Jiangsu Province, former member of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Propaganda Department Minister Zhang Wenxiong. Liu Qiang was “double open” and transferred to the judiciary, Li Yunfeng and Zhang Wenxiong were prosecuted.

Liu Qiang involved in canvassing and bribing

When Liu Qiang’s issue was reported by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, it pointed out that the problem of bribe involved in the election.

“In order to serve as a deputy provincial-level leading cadre, he is entitled to engage in organized canvassing and bribing activities with his authority.” “The issue of voting for votes and bribery is suspected of undermining the electoral crimes.” The Central Discipline Inspection Commission said that “long-term selling of magistrates has seriously damaged the political ecology of enterprises and localities “.

Public records show that Liu Qiang was a master’s degree graduate student in chemical engineering from Dalian University of Technology in February 1964. He worked in petrochemical industry in Liaoning for 14 years and was the general manager and secretary of the party committee of China Petroleum Fushun Petrochemical Company. After leaving the petrochemical system, from 2004 to 2013, Liu Qiang had served as mayor of Fushun, the municipal party committee secretary.

In the January 2013 general election, Liu Qiang was elected Vice Governor of Liaoning Province and became a provincial-level official at the age of 49. The circular of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection revealed that Liu Qiang was in the general election. “In order to serve as a deputy provincial-level leading cadre, Liu Qiang engages in organizing the canvassing and bribing activities organized under his authority.”

According to the preliminary statistics, Liu Qiang is the 7th provincial and ministerial official involved in the vote-picking of Liaoning and Liaoning. The other 6 are Wang Min, former secretary of Liaoning Provincial Committee, Su Hongzhang, former secretary of Liaoning Provincial Committee, former secretary of Political and Law Committee, Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress The former deputy director Wang Yang, Zheng Yu Zhuo, Li Wenke, Li Feng. In addition, Wang Junlian, former secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Liaoning Province, failed to perform his duties due to bribing his election case and was severely warned by the party.

In addition to the canvassing and election bribery, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also informed Liu Qiang about other problems: receiving gifts and gifts, seeking benefits for their relatives’ business activities, engaging in the trading of rights, confronting organizations and conducting superstitious activities, violating the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government, and violating rules and regulations Private clubs, reimbursement of personal expenses, illegal provision and use of official vehicles; not required to report on personal matters.

Li Yunfeng Suspected of taking bribes

According to the highest seizure of information, Shandong Procurator recently prosecuted Li Yunfeng for accepting bribes according to law. Li Yunfeng was accused of taking advantage of serving as deputy secretary general of the Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee, director of the general office of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the provincial Party Committee, executive vice governor of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, seeking benefits for others and illegally accepting huge sums of money from others. To investigate the crime of taking bribes criminal responsibility. ”

The above-mentioned prosecution allegations show that Li Yunfeng started corrupt when he was the deputy secretary general of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee. Public records show that since 1997, he served as Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Committee, at the age of 40 years.

Li Yunfeng was exposed as a good wine, who had taken alcohol to participate in the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and had also repeatedly exited and entered the club where Mr. Zhao Shaolin, the former secretary general of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, opened Zhao Jin. It is noteworthy that Zhao Shaolin is Li Yunfeng’s predecessor, after his retirement, Li Yunfeng took over the post of Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee.

Zhang Wenxiong being accused of huge amounts of property from unknown sources

Zhang Wenxiong was also suspected of taking a bribe and was accused of a huge source of property of unknown origin.

According to the highest inspection report, Guangxi procuratorial organs have filed a public prosecution against Zhang Wenxiong for allegedly accepting bribes and for the huge source of property of unknown origin. Zhang Wenxiong was accused of taking advantage of his position as Deputy Secretary General of Hunan Provincial Committee, Secretary of Huaihua Municipal Committee, Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department of Hunan Provincial CPC Committee, seeking benefits for others or using his power and position Facilitating conditions, through acts of staff positions in other countries, seek improper benefits for others and illegally accept huge sums of money from others. Prosecutors also accused: Zhang Wenxiong and his family property, spending significantly more than their legitimate income, the difference is huge, can not explain the source, according to the law should be guilty of bribery, a huge amount of property from unknown sources to investigate their criminal responsibility.

Zhang Wenxiong Born in April 1962, Zhang Wenxiong was exposed into the sandstone resources exploitation business such as Yueyang.


Android spyware increase or disguise as “parental control” and other applications

                    (Original title: Attention! Android spyware increase or disguise as “parental control” and other applications)


BEIJING BEIJING, Feb. 5 / Xinhua-Pudong, January 5 Smartphones, while providing convenient services, also carry a large amount of personal and sensitive data, targeting many organizations and individuals in the “spyware” market. Big data from Tencent’s anti-fraud lab shows that the number of Android “spyware” samples has been on the rise in recent two years, with 2017 up about 20% over the previous year and the number of infected users showing a clear upward trend.

安卓间谍软件增多 或伪装成“家长控制”等应用

Android device “spyware”

“spyware” messages can be done to collect the victims, contacts, call history, call recording and web browsing history, or remotely turn on the camera and microphone, Monitor and monitor the target. Some “spyware” also steals data for a given application, such as Whatapp, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, QQ and more. Even “spyware” for APT attacks can spread viruses and Trojans, based on victim’s handsets and springboards, to further attack the ultimate goal.

Tencent anti-fraud laboratory monitoring shows that the growth of commercial “spyware” applications on the Android platform is also very rapid. Most of these applications are positioned as parental control, mobile location finding and other tools, but the actual Function and malicious “spyware” is almost the same, even more powerful. Users do not even have to go to the dark web or underground forums and search for keywords like “android spy app, mobile location, etc.” in the search engine or app market to find many similar applications.

Tencent 2017 Android Spyware Annual Summary Report said that in 2017, such incidents as the Lipizzan “spyware” family, the new variant of Xsser mRAT xRAT, and the CVE-2015-3878 “spyware” broke out. Although commercial “spyware” flaunts itself to having such a reasonable usage scenario, the purpose is to provide legitimate help to users who need it, but many commercial “spyware” are likely to be abused.

安卓间谍软件增多 或伪装成“家长控制”等应用

China’s land-based mid-flight anti-missile interception test: not for any country

                    (Original title: China’s successful land-based anti-missile interception technology test)



Village officials rate all family members being prosecuted as illegal as possible Who would dare to mobilize who

                    (Original title: Hebei Hengshui police cracked two “village tyrants” case)


After launching a special campaign to sweep evil and eliminate evil, the public security authorities have launched a fierce campaign against various types of black bully. “Legal Daily” reporter today from Hengshui City, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau was informed that the city King County police cracked two “village tyrants” cases.

Reporter noted that in two cases, the “village tyrants” are local village cadres. As a former village of Qinglan Township, Jingxian County, Zhengmou villagers have dissatisfaction, ranging from cursed, while heavy while fist, to the higher level to reflect the villagers malicious reprisal, causing the villagers complained But swallows sound; Jing County High-tech Zone Mingtun village party branch deputy Wang led the family relatives all kinds of evil, and even threatened in the village, “Who dare move to kill who.”

Village officials organize people to oppress the people

In December 2017, Zhang County police in Qinglan County of Jingxian County provided clues to the police and claimed that the village director Zheng was suspected of committing crimes. After receiving the report, the local police immediately started the investigation and listed Zheng as the key point of his work. However, the investigation found no direct evidence of crimes committed by the relevant officers, causing the investigation to temporarily fall into an impasse. Under the direction of Hengshui Municipal Public Security Bureau, Jingxian police organized police stations and patrol teams to set up task force to expand the line.

After a lot of work by the police, a village led by Jeong, “village tyrant,” a criminal gang involved in the context gradually clear. After investigation, Zheng long rampant township, oppress the people, dominate one party, especially in 2015 as former pond village committee director, the formation of illegal gangs, more arrogant arrogance, means more violence, extortion with others extortion vehicles in the past, Ask for “buy road money”, illegal profit of tens of thousands of dollars. It is worth mentioning that Jeong is equally abusive to his own family. He committed domestic violence on his wife many times in more than a decade. His wife was afraid of divorcing his wife for fear of harming his family. Jeong even beat his old father, forced his father to kneel down.

On February 1 and February 2, 2018, the task force arrested Jeong and his gang, arrested 6 lawless elements such as Lu Moumou, Moumou and Du Mou, and made 6 criminal suspects Extortion, rampant in the village all the facts of the crime.

According to the suspect’s confession, during the construction of the high-speed project of “Old City Extension” in 2014, Jeong joins with certain and Xiemou intercepting roads to stop extortion of more than 30,000 yuan of earthmoving vehicles. In the summer of 2016, Zheng Someone without consent, forcibly excavated the earthwork of the villager Wang’s contract site, was beaten by the interception after it was stopped, and the earthwork worth 12,000 yuan was eventually paid only 2,000 yuan.

In 2012, just because remind Zhengmou sheep carefully home grown crops, the villagers near the seventies Lee was hit by Zhengmou; 2015, due to contradictions with the villagers Wang Mou, Zheng to the village committee In the early 2018, Jeong hit his wife after his drink and hit him with two fractures. His niece, who came to try to persuade him, was also beaten.

The villagers complaining about their evil behavior, Jeong grudges, retaliation against any chance. In June 2015, villagers Tian et al. Reported to Xiang Jingxian Commission for Discipline Inspection that during the tenure of Zheng’s employment, they were retaliated. In November 2017, villagers Wang Moumou went to the Qinglan government and other departments to reflect Zheng’s problems, Zheng gathered Lvmou, Humou, Dumou et al., Against Wang Moumou retaliation.

At present, Zhengmou and other six suspects have been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

On December 28, 2017, Jingzhou police station in Jingxian County Public Security Bureau went on to call the villagers in Mingtun Village of Gaoxin District, claiming that some people used their trailers and boilers to seal off their roads Block, serious impact on travel. Police quickly identified the case Mingtun village party branch deputy secretary Wang wife, mother, sister-in-law and others hired forklifts, Wang also threatened, “Who dare move to kill who.”

Wang Jing County for the case reflects the wrongful act, King County police conducted a deep dig. After the investigation, Wang had no proper occupation, but the nature of naughty, idle, domineering domineering, brave and ruthless, through the non-normal access to the village party branch committee, even more unscrupulously rampant village, fish people, evil filled full. In November 2017, Wang was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and two months for suspicion of drug abuse, suspended for two years and was still under probation at the time of the incident.

Faced with the police investigation, the victimized masses and local enterprises compelled Wang Fan to dare to say anything because of their dignity. As a result, police investigation and evidence collection have struggled with difficulties and difficulties. After investigating the police hard work, Wang’s illegal act gradually opened.

After investigation, Wang Ming used “soft violence” to carry out extortion on enterprises that started construction and operation in Mingtun Village. According to incomplete statistics, Wang extorted profits of nearly one million enterprises.

In 2013, when a company in Jingxian built a store building in Mingtun Village, Wang forced the company to plant construction projects. After the company refused to have the corresponding qualifications, The company 350,000 yuan and used for gambling.

In 2015, when a company started construction in Mingtun Village, Wang recruited the head of the company to plant construction projects. Since it did not have the corresponding construction qualification and was rejected, Wang claimed that “if you do not have to give money, Do not cover the money, “in order to extort 50,000 yuan of the company for gambling wasteful. After the villagers excuse to the company entangled, Wang also asked for mediation on the grounds of 1 million. In the same year, another company was verbally threatened by Wang, but in a few times to give Wang several tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, Wang is also suspected of committing the crime. In 2013, Wang led Hanmou, Lee and others with Tian and others due to trivialities, both holding machetes, picks and other fights.

Ma Ying-jeou led to promote referendum counter Chen Shimeng netizen: It should be hardened

                    (Original title: Ma Ying-jeou led to promote the “referendum” counterattack Chen Shimeng netizen shouted: it is up to the hard)


马英九领衔推动公投反制陈师孟 网友:是该硬起来
Former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou. (Source: Taiwan’s China Times)

Taiwan Network February 6 According to Taiwan’s “China Time Electronics News” reported that Taiwan’s new “Commissioner” Chen Shimeng has threatened to “judge” to investigate and deal with the verdict In response, former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou led the launch of a “coalition against obstruction of judicial referendum,” which is also the first “referendum” launched by the outgoing leader. The organization is chaired by Chen Changwen, a lawyer, and Luo Zhiqiang, deputy secretary general of Taiwan’s former leader office, serves as the chief executive. Netizens have propaganda propaganda Ma Ying-jeou in the end, and even some people call the whole family quite similar!

Chen Chang-wen said Chen Shimeng intimidated the judiciary to show that the rule of law and judicial independence in Taiwan have become critically endangered because people are more interested in judiciary. “Impeding the alliance of judicial referendums” to make efforts before the end of the year and into the 2018 county and mayoral election. Ma Ying-jeou, under the invitation of Chen Chang-wen, promised to lead the “referendum” to do his utmost to provide judicial independence. It is reported that the “referendum” is mainly as follows: “Do you agree: For the Taiwan leaders, Min Dai, ‘JISC’ and other high-level public officials as well as the judiciary and ‘executive head’, with the intention of directly or indirectly for themselves or Whoever is involved in a judicial case is favorably or unfairly refereeed or punished while a member of the judiciary is subjected to coercion, intimidation, criminal offenses or other illegal acts? Section

Netizens said: “It is time to step up.” In today’s society, the attitude of gentle and austerity is no longer appropriate. In the face of the current monsters in politics, we should do something. “” This is more important than buying insurance. Also quickly greet Brother children play together. “” + 1, this really want to stand up ~ “” long time to do. “

Mr. Guo Zongyi, the master of Chinese studies, died early this morning at the age of 101

                    (Original title: Master of Chinese Studies Mr. Zao Zongyi died at the age of 101)


国学大师饶宗颐先生今日凌晨去世 享年101岁
Rao Zongyi

Master of Chinese Studies Rao Zongyi died early in the morning of February 6, 2018 at the age of 101. Surging news from Rao Zong Yi family members confirmed the news.

Last August, Rao Zongyi just finished his 100th birthday.

Rao Zongyi was born in August 9, 1917, the word Bo Tuo, Bo Zi, No. electoral Church, and the number of solid Um, Chaozhou, Guangdong. Contemporary Chinese famous historians, archaeologists, writers, scholars, educators and calligraphers. Long devoted himself to academic research, his monograph “Rao Zongyi twentieth Century academic anthology” a total of 14 volumes of 20 volumes, learning throughout the ancient history, a bone science, Bamboo and Silkworm, classics, ritual music, religious studies, History, Dunhuang Studies, bibliography, classical literature and Chinese art history thirteen categories.

In the field of art, I have gained a lot in painting and calligraphy. Good at landscape painting, sketching and outside the mountains, regardless of a law. Drawing of the portraits of white portraits Drawing of the white portrayal method, in Li Longmian, Qiu Shizhou, Chen Laolian princes, open a new road, has been appreciated by Zhang Daqian. Calligraphy, rooted in the text, while the cursive script is incorporated into the late Ming Zhu Hao Li Yun, self-identity.

Taiwan military black hatchback helicopter landing 6 people unknown whereabouts

                    (Original title: Taiwan military Black Hawk helicopter crashed 6 people whereabouts unknown)


Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, February 6 Radio Black Fanghai a Black Hawk helicopter landed in the middle of the night on the 5th when the patient fell ill. The whereabouts of the six people on board were unknown. According to Taiwan media reports, a Black Hawk helicopter from Taiwan conducted a medical ambulance service from Taitung to Lantau on the night of the night. At 2349 hours, it returned from Lantau and disappeared after returning from a flight. There were 6 crew members on board, including Air Force 3 Name, patient 1, family member 1, a random nurse. Families sent to patients at the airport said the helicopter took off from Lanyu Airport and about 3 minutes after the flight, the nose started to fall and soon the light spots disappeared.

Taiwan authorities said search and rescue work is still on the 6th.

Hubei Rivers and Lakes will set the sheriff’s provincial police chief as provincial chief and chief of rivers and lakes

                    (Original title: Strike law and crime involving rivers and lakes in Hubei all rivers and lakes will have a sheriff)


On February 5, according to the official website of Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources, Hubei Province will take the lead in setting up a “river and lake sergeant” at provincial, municipal, county and township levels, Related rivers and lakes environmental criminal activities. This means that from this year, all rivers and lakes in Hubei will have a sheriff.

By the end of 2017, the Provincial Public Security Department issued the Work Plan for Implementing Rivers and Lakes Sheriffs System by the Public Security Organs of the Province (hereinafter referred to as the Scheme), requiring the public security organs across the province to establish a comprehensive system of four levels of rivers, lakes, Sheriffs system, and river sheh sheriff’s organizational system, the main tasks, work to promote and assess the mechanism was made clear.

Press and Publication Administration of Radio and Television: to strengthen the management of all types of books list

                    (Original title: Press and Publication SARFT: to strengthen the guidance of all types of books chart management)


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 6 The State Administration of Press and Publication, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently issued the “Circular on Carrying out the Reading Work for All People in 2018”. It is clear that a wide range of reading activities for all the people will be launched in 2018, and a nationwide reading promotion service system will be established. Increase security efforts to promote key groups, disadvantaged groups, special groups to read, strengthen the guidance and management of all types of books rankings.

As required by the circular, a series of activities like “Scholarly China” will be launched in 2018, and various industry exhibitions such as the National Book Fair, the Expo Fair and the Book Fair in Local Book Fairs will be organized to create a spectacular reading event for all.

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