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The party secretary to the provincial party secretary sent 5 tons of jailed for 6 years sentenced to 1 million

                    (The original title: to the provincial party secretary sent a 5 ton ceremony party secretary, sentenced)


Recently, the website of Chinese arbitration paper released the first-instance criminal verdict of Lin Xiaoping, party secretary of Lincang. Li Xiaoping involved in the charges include bribery, two bribes, the final sentence of 6 years and a fine of 1 million yuan.

资料图:原临沧市委书记李小平 Information Map: Former Lincang Party Secretary Li Xiaoping

Li Xiaoping bribed the object, which he had served for many years, “the old leader” Bai Enpei.

Chang’an Avenue Governor (ID: Capitalnews) once introduced that “China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Magazine” published in October this year mentioned that Yunnan should make every effort to eliminate the poisonous elements of Bai Enpei, Gao Jinsong, former secretary of the municipal party committee, Li Xiaoping, former secretary of Lincang Municipal Committee, conducted a serious investigation and handling of the disciplinary and illegal issues such as bribing Bai Enpei, effectively purifying the contingent of cadres.

The two met in 2003 when Li Xiaoping was promoted to the post of deputy director general of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee from the post of secretary of the Wuding County Commission of Chuxiong Prefecture in Yunnan Province and later became deputy secretary general of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and became one of the officers under the leadership of Bai Enpei, Well-known name will be dry.

In 2010, Li Xiaoping took the post of deputy secretary and mayor of Pu’er City. At this time, Bai Enpei is about to leave Yunnan. The outside world generally believes that pulling Li, is the old leadership of his special care. In February 2013, Li Xiaoping served as member of Lincang Municipal Committee, standing committee and secretary.

Now the verdict confirms this.

According to the verdict, from 2011 to 2013, Li Xiaoping expressed his gratitude for the assistance and hope he has given during the promotion of his position to Bai Enpei, the secretary of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and the deputy director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the NPC Standing Committee, since 2011 and 2013 Received the care and gave one couple of tons of Pu’er tea valued at RMB 44,000 and the one of Lincang tea valued at RMB 160,000, valued at more than 600,000 yuan.

In his testimony, Bai Enpei said that during his tenure as the party secretary of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, Li Xiaoping became his secretary in May 2003 and both were very familiar with it. “Li Xiaoping sent me tea in appreciation of the support I gave in her job promotion and I hope I can continue to receive my support.”

Bai Enpei is well-versed in the love of tea and mahogany, and Li Xiaoping chose tea to table Mind “, can be considered as their best. It is also alarming that two people should be familiar with each other for many years, but even then we must “maintain” the relationship in such a way. It is worth mentioning that these tea leaves used by Li Xiaoping to bribe Bairen were all paid by the local government. At that time, Wang, secretary general of Pu’er City Government, confirmed that during 2011 and 2012, Li Xiaoping arranged for him to purchase 3 tons of old tree tea in the name of tea after the government received the tea cakes and send them to the Bai Emperitropus.

Police handcuffed woman caught the security office: whether courageous to be determined

                    (The original title: security hand to pick up the woman was smashed fall Police: whether the courage to be found righteousness)


保安伸手接坠楼女子身亡 警方:是否见义勇为待定

[Security hand to pick and drop woman was smashed Police: whether courageous to be identified】 10 10 8 am, Xi’an, a famous woman jumping from the mall, patrolling the security Lee went to meet the woman was Smashed both died. On the 11th, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Xi’an Public Security Bureau Economic Development Bureau that at present, the police are investigating the non-normal deaths. Whether Lee is courageous or not needs to be confirmed after police investigation results come out. According to reports, the security guards of the accident surnamed Li, 43 years old this year, both parents are 80-year-old daughter was 6 years old.

SFC holds the first staff member constitution oath of swindling Liu Shiyu oath

                    (Original title: China Securities Regulatory Commission held the first staff constitution swear-oath, Liu Shiyu oaths)


On the morning of December 11, 2017, China Securities Regulatory Commission held the first swearing-in ceremony for the constitution of the staff. China Securities Regulatory Commission secretary, Chairman Liu Shiyu oath. In 1998, 98 securities and futures regulatory authorities (cadres at the bureau level) and cadres at the departmental level and rank level who are all directly responsible for the work of the Commission were all upright and took the constitutional oath in the face of the national flag.

Central can not stand it! Please pay attention to the leader of “position with high tone”

                    (The original title: The central can not stand it! “Statement of tone door” attention please)

                                   Comrades, leading cadres, the central government issued a new message at the end of the year, must be investigated. Xinhua News Agency reported on December 11 that Xi Jinping recently instructed a Xinhua News Agency article entitled “Be Wary of Formalism and Bureaucratic New Behaviors.” The main points are as follows ↓↓↓

The articles reflect the new performance , But in reality the old question once again shows that the “four winds” issue has intractable repetition. Correct “four winds” can not stop, style of construction will always be on the road. All localities and departments should display their performance, find the gaps and seize the major contradictions. In particular, they should take drastic measures to address these outstanding issues such as their voices of high-profile statements and low implementation of actions. Leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in changing their work style and practicing their own efforts at the above rate to form a “first-headed geese effect.” In the upcoming theme education “Do not Forget the Beginnings, keep in mind the mission,” we should try our best to prevent formalism and ensure good results with good style.

Three days of movement

If the political circle (ID: wepolitics) judges that there is no deviation, this will be another important signal to the Central Government after the 19th NPC.

And look at the relevant departments afterwards.

Saturday, December 9. The CPC Central Committee General Office issued a circular urging all localities and departments to promptly convey their study and do a good job in implementing it. There is also a specific requirement: At the end of each year, all departments and departments in various regions hold the democratic life meeting and the organized life meeting . They conscientiously look for the outstanding performance of the “four winds”, especially the new manifestations of formalism and bureaucracy, and take resolute measures to resolutely rectify them.



December 10, Sunday. Henan and Jiangxi provinces held a meeting of provincial leading cadres, Provincial Standing Committee to expand the meeting to convey the spirit of criticism, to study specific measures. Monday, December 11. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commissioner in charge of answering questions about broadcasting, the full text of more than 5,000 words.

Look at the two aspects of the problem

This is a very high-level attention to issues that require immediate attention.

Political circle needs to add two points: First, this is not a new problem. As early as 1930, Comrade Mao Tse-tung shouted out in his famous “Anti-capitalism” that “formalism killed people.” In May of the same year, he also first used the term “bureaucrat” in the “Xunwu Investigation.” In August 1933, in his report “Must Pay Attention to Economic Work,” he pointed out: “Bureaucratic leadership is unworthy of any revolutionary work and economic construction can not be bureaucratically likewise. The bad guy is thrown into the tank because no one likes it. “

Second, this is not a simple question. Take bureaucratism as an example. In the early 1960s, Mao Zedong wrote an article entitled “Twenty Kinds of Bureaucratic Manifests.” The article cites various kinds of bureaucracy such as forced imperialism, masculinity, and bureaucracy. Formalism, for example. The “Guidelines on Political Life within the Party under the New Situation” published last year described the present neo-formalism as follows: the style is floating and the work is not true;

Xi Jinping Approved 10 Kinds of Performances

This time, Xi Jinping commented again on the list of 10 kinds of formalism and bureaucratic manifestations. He clearly stated that “seemingly new expressions are actually old problems.”

First, in implementing and implementing some of the leading cadres, they have made a lot of efforts in implementing the important decision-making plan of the Central Government. However, their actions have been less implemented with more reality and less reality. They are only satisfied with the idea of ​​” “” Layers of forwarding “” arrangements for deployment “, a number of leading cadres to say one set, its own way.

Second, in the aspect of investigation and study, some units engage in the form of “walking through the field” to create a “classic research line” like the tourist line, no matter what the research topic is, go to the same line and visit the same batch of objects Is the same set of rhetoric, engage in “everyone play, the leadership of the” catwalk research. In the service of the masses, some units ostensibly promote the building of a service-oriented government. They are “well-honed and have a good face,” but they are still “hard to handle” and have turned the past “tube pressure” into the present Some push the government service hotline for a long period of time; some government websites mainly update the content of leadership activities, open government affairs, and convenient services such as the section becomes almost a zombie column.

Fourthly, in the aspect of project construction, some places are keen to build project projects under the leadership of “visual scope” regardless of objective reality and “do not be afraid of the masses are not satisfied and are afraid of the leaders failing to pay attention” same as usual”.

Fifthly, in holding the meeting, no matter what meeting in some places, the meetings should be repeated at different levels and one after the other. The examination and evaluation of the marks should lead to the cadres being struggling to cope and have no time to implement them. Sixth, in improving the style of writing, in some places to write documents, mechanical copying copy of the system, the introduction of the system provides “according to gourd painting scoop”, the content is not from the survey, but from plagiarism. In the aspect of responsibility, some leading cadres “do nothing but prefer not to do anything.” Everything must be done by the higher authorities, avoid their own responsibility, and even report to the public at different levels. In practical work, some places work hard on re-packaging, focusing on the “material beautification”, a job is eager to summarize the performance at the beginning, promote typical, engage in “materials out of performance” . In performing their duties, some departments are keen to sign a “letter of responsibility” with their subordinate units and shift their responsibilities downward to try to make “responsible forms” of subordinates their own “disclaimer.” In dealing with the issue, some party members and cadres are indifferent to the unhealthy tendencies and irregularities around them. They do not care about themselves, they hang up from high places, they do not know anything about what they want, and they do not even say when they know about the situation. The truth.

What to do?

Since it is not a new problem, what should I do if it is not a simple one?

On the one hand, this is not a problem that can be solved in a day or two. We can not expect “exercise” to eliminate it. On the other hand, we still have to grasp the major contradictions.

Political Circle in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the person in charge of the answer to see the answer. First, grasping the major issues – Focusing on the prominent issues put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, such as the multi-readiness of positions and the poor implementation of actions.

If the United States and the DPRK establish mutual trust in North Korea through dialogue or abandon nuclear? China responded

                    (Original title: If the United States and the DPRK establish mutual trust through dialogue, North Korea may abandon its nuclear program.

                                   At a regular press conference of the Foreign Ministry on the 11th, Spokesman Lu Kang responded on a hot topic recently. Q. As Kyodo News Agency recently reported, Karooich, the former negotiator on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, suggested that the United States and North Korea consider the “double moratorium” proposed by China. He believes that if the United States and North Korea establish mutual trust through dialogue, North Korea may abandon its nuclear program. Galuzzi led the United States and North Korea in 1994 to negotiate and sign the “Framework Agreement on Resolving North Korea’s Nuclear Issue.” What’s China’s comment on his position? A: The “double suspension” initiative proposed by China is being understood and supported by a growing number of countries and people of insight in the international community.

It may well be noted that on Saturday, when Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the opening ceremony of the seminar on the international situation and China’s diplomacy in 2017, he once again referred to the “double moratorium” initiative in his speech. He pointed out: On the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, China, proceeding from safeguarding the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and safeguarding peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, has always adhered to the goal of a nuclear-free peninsula and persisted in resolving the issue through dialogue and negotiation.

U.S. officials say China has not really helped the United States to resolve the DPRK’s response to the Chinese issue

                    (Former title: The United States as the chief of the CIA said that China did not really solve the North Korean question China’s response)

                                   At a regular press conference of the Foreign Ministry on the 11th, Spokesman Lu Kang responded on a hot topic recently. Related content is as follows:

Q: It is suspected that the White House in the United States may appoint Republican Senator Tom Cotton as the CIA director. Cotton recently told the media that China has not really helped the United States to solve the DPRK issue over the years. Instead, it has been secretly undermining the efforts of the United States and seeking to profit from the contradictions between the two sides. What is China’s comment? Does China think some U.S. forces are increasingly tough on China? If these forces begin to take control of the U.S. foreign policy and take tougher remarks and measures, how will China respond? A: You asked a lot of questions, I understand that there are three aspects. First, regarding the appointment of domestic personnel in the United States, this is the internal affair of the United States. We will not comment.

Nanjing National Massacre killed the national ceremony will be held in Nanjing

                    (Former Title: National Massacre of Victims in Nanjing Massacre Ceremony The party and state leaders will attend the ceremony in Nanjing on the morning of December 13)


Beijing, December 11 (Xinhua) December 13 is the national sacrificial day of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre. On the morning of the same day, leaders of the party and state will attend the national ceremonies held at the memorial hall of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in Japan.

140 days! Sun Zhengcai was filing for investigation only after the speed of Zhou Yongkang

                    (Original title: only 140 days! Sun Zhengcai was transferred to justice only Zhou Yongkang speed)

                                   Recently, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, after examination and decision, according to the original 18th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, former secretary of Chongqing Municipal Sun Zhengcai on suspicion of accepting bribes opened for investigation and take coercive measures. Case investigation is under way.

孙政才 Sun Zhengcai

The news was only 140 days since Sun Zhengcai was investigated by the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and 74 days from the date of notification.

On July 24, 2017, the CCDI website released a message: In view of Comrade Sun Zhengcai’s alleged serious violation of discipline, the CPC Central Committee decided to file a case review with the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. After the investigation, Sun Zhengcai shaken his ideal and conviction, abandoning the party’s aim and losing his political stance, seriously violating the party’s political and political rules; seriously violating the eight provisions of the Central Government and mass disciplines, Seriously breach of integrity rules, using his power and influence to seek benefits for others, I or with a special relationship to accept huge sums of money for business activities for relatives to seek huge benefits, receive precious gifts; serious breach of the work Discipline, serious bureaucracy, lazy and lazy; serious violations of life discipline, corrupt and corrupt, engage in the right transactions. Among them, Sun Zhengcai use his power to seek benefits for others and accept suspicion of possession of property crimes. The review also found Sun Zhengcai other suspected criminal clues. Sun Zhengcai’s actions totally deviated from the principle of party spirit, seriously violated the party Central Committee’s political demands on top cadres, violated the trust of the party Central Committee and people’s expectation, caused tremendous damage to the cause of the party and the country, and caused extremely bad social effects.

In this circular, the wording “without”, “losing”, “being lazy,” “completely departing from” and “tremendous damage” is unprecedentedly severe. Even in the circular of examination of Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai Never appeared.

On September 29, 2017, the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee examined and approved the Report on the Examination of Sun Zhengcai’s Serious Violation of Disciplinary Inspection issued by the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the CPC Central Committee, and decided to expel Sun Zhengcai from the party and expel the public officials for punishment of crimes and clues Transferred to judicial organs for handling according to law.

On December 11, 2017, Sun Zhengcai was put on investigation. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the party Central Committee has kept a high pressure against corruption for a long time and investigated and dealt with 6 vice-leading cadres including Sun Zhengcai more than 30 years after the reform and opening up to the 18th CPC National Congress (Chen Xitong and Chen Liangyu , Cheng Kejie, Bo Xilai 4). After Sun Zhengcai was also the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the first member of the Politburo was put on trial for review when he was in office. The last occurred in 2006 11 years ago, when the 16th Politburo member, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Liangyu suspected of serious discipline, was placed on file.

From organizing investigations to entering the judicial process for filing investigations, Sun Zheng lasted 140 days, second only to Zhou Yongkang (129 days), the most rapidly among the deputy state leaders.

Xu Caihou: Organizational investigation was conducted on March 15, 2014. On October 27, 2014, the military procuratorate ended the investigation of the suspicion of accepting bribes by Xu Caihou and transferred and prosecuted for prosecution. Lasted 226 days.

Su Rong: June 14, 2014 to be investigated, February 17, 2015 was placed on file for investigation. Lasted 248 days.

Zhou Yongkang: July 29, 2014 was filed for investigation, December 5, 2014 was placed on file for investigation, which lasted 129 days.

Order: December 22, 2014 to accept the organization survey, July 20, 2015 was placed on file for investigation, which lasted 210 days. On April 5, 2016, the Military Procuratorate transferred the investigation and prosecution to the investigation on the suspicion of guilty of bribery by Guo Boxiong, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. Duration 362 days.

An earthquake of 3.6 magnitude occurred in Baji District, Nyingchi City, Tibet, and its focal depth was 6 km

                    (Original title: 3.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in Baji District, Nyingchi City, Tibet, 6 km)

                                   China Earthquake Network Formal Determination: At 05:37 on December 11, an earthquake of magnitude 3.6 occurred in Ba Yi District of Nyingchi City, Tibet (29.92 degrees north latitude and 94.99 degrees longitude) with a focal depth of 6 km.

Competition as high as 39: 1 appointment system for the national exam “cool” it?

                    (Original title: Appointment system for the national exam “cool” it?)


Everyone loves “iron rice bowl.”

December 10, 2018 annual civil service exam kicked off. It is reported that this year’s test is expected to exceed 1.1 million candidates to enter the examination room, test admission ratio of 39: 1. Prior to the news, the hottest posts from the China Family Planning Association International Cooperation Liaison Office staff and the following post a competition at 2666: 1 ratio.

Strong competition in the national examinations, all local recruitment it? From the current data released, the majority of applicants are also continuing to rise.

Review in the heating, the cold in the “combat.” Even if the competition is as high as 39: 1, never give up. “Iron rice bowl” really powerless to break? According to Xinhua Views previously incomplete statistics, as of now, the country has at least 21 provinces, “test the water” appointment of civil servants recruitment. Appointment and temporary workers is one thing? Appointment system is the trend of the times?

Professor Zhu Lijia of the National School of Administration interviewed China Southern Airlines News Agency as a through train reporter In the past, in an interview with a reporter interviewed by the Xinhua News Agency, he said that in the past, the probationary appointment of civil servants was more of a shortage of specialized personnel. However, nowadays, over 90% of civil servants are graduates of the university as a whole The quality has undergone great changes, so the need for an appointment system has been minimal.

According to the public data, as of 12 December at 12 noon, a total of 44,328 people have passed the civil service examination in Beijing and passed the examination in 1941 positions. The average examination ratio About 10: 1.

Among them, as of December 1 at 12 o’clock, the hottest position is Beijing Pinggu District Urban Management Law Enforcement, only one plan to recruit, attracted 966 people to register, the competition ratio of 966: 1.

竞争比高达39:1 聘任制能为国考“降温”吗? The New China Development Press Ji Zhe photo

The Shanghai Civil Service Bureau website shows that in 2018 civil servants recruited a total of about 52,000 people to sign up for participation, compared with 42,000 in 2017 and 37,000 in 2016 Than the number of applicants continue to pick up.

Unabated civil service examination. In the meantime, there are still some places that have begun pilot appointment of civil servants. Recently, Hou Fudong, director of the Civil Service Bureau of Shandong Province, proposed that in accordance with the principle of “small amount, high end and urgent need” and the principle of “taking overall consideration, focusing on key points, scientifically regulating and pushing forward steadily”, the appointment of the two agents in Qingdao and Jinan increased System of civil service pilot, recruitment positions mainly in science and technology finance, investment and financing management, foreign trade and economic cooperation, big data and so on.

Shandong is not the only province in the front of the national civil service appointment system. According to incomplete statistics by the media, up to now, at least 21 provinces in the country have been recruiting civil servants for appointment of “trial water”.


It is understood that at present, civil servants in our country have three types of appointment, appointment and appointment. Among them, participating in the national unified entrance examination, by the appointment and removal agencies within the scope of their appointment and removal of authority, directly determine and appoint someone to hold a certain position of civil servants is the appointment system.

竞争比高达39:1 聘任制能为国考“降温”吗? Sun Xinming Photo issued by the Xinhua News Agency

Civil servants employed by the civil service law, which came into force on January 1, 2006, propose that organs may, according to the needs of their work, practice more highly specialized and auxiliary positions Appointment system.

Shenzhen, a pilot city for the national civil service system approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, hired 53 civil servants in two batches in 2007 and 2009. In 2007, Shenzhen and Shanghai Pudong took the lead in carrying out pilot projects of employing civil servants in both China and the rest of the country, and their pilot scope expanded to Beijing, Jiangsu and Hubei.

The Trial Measures for the Management of Appointment-Oriented Civil Service was introduced in 2011. In September 2017, the Provisions on the Management of Civil Servants for Appointment (Trial) (issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council) Of civil servants appointment system related to the design gradually improved.

Pursuant to the Provisions, the term of appointment of a contract is one year to five years, which is determined by the employing agency in consultation with the proposed civil servant in accordance with the tasks and objectives of the work.

Are civil servants employed like a part-time job? “The two are not the same.” Tzu Chih-hsien said that employing civil servants in the appointment system are excellent professionals who supplement the professional vacancies in the government sector and are not phased in, and are not the same as temporary workers.

Realistic Concerns

It is worth noting that the “Regulations” indicate that for those civil servants who have made outstanding achievements in their professional posts and have made outstanding achievements and contributions and have long-term needs, The annual assessment results are above the competent or employment assessment results are excellent, approved by the competent department of civil servants above the provincial level, can be converted to appointed civil servants.

竞争比高达39:1 聘任制能为国考“降温”吗? China News Agency made Lu Xinghan photo

Although the “Regulations” also made it clear that the appointment of civil servants engaged in the annual appraisal appointment incompetent organs should be dismissed. But now, dismissal of civil servants is minimal.

“As far as I know, there is no dismissal in Shenzhen City, for example, and since civil servants in the appointment system have been working in the government for 10 years, they have already been allowed to stay for a long time in accordance with the provisions of the labor law.” Zhu Lijia said: Civil servants law provides for civil servants to pass the examination to enter the civil service. However, the emergence of civil servants in the appointment system is likely to leave loopholes in employers’ corruption and create new unfairness.

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