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Russian bomber took off for the first time from Indonesia cruising the South Pacific

                    (Original title: Russian bomber took off for the first time from Indonesia cruising the South Pacific)


俄罗斯轰炸机首次从印尼起飞巡航南太平洋 Photo -95 strategic bomber data photo. (Xinhua / Reuters)

BEIJING, December 9 (Xinhua) Russian military announced that two strategic Russian bombers took off from a military base in Indonesia on the 7th and carried out patrolling missions for the first time over the South Pacific.

The Russian Defense Ministry said two Tu-95 strategic bombers flew nearly 7,000 kilometers from the Ukrainian air base in Ukraine’s Far East, Amr., On a five-hour flight to Biak Island, Papua Province, Indonesia. During the flight, they accepted the Russian tanker aerial refueling.

Wang Yi Talking About Sino-Indian Relations: Sino-Indian Cooperation Need to Surpass Local Frictions

                    (Original title: Wang Yi talks about Sino-Indian relations: China-India cooperation needs to go beyond partial friction)


On December 9, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the opening ceremony of the 2017 International Conference on China’s Diplomacy and Diplomacy that China and India are big developing countries with strategic points far greater than their specific differences. Their cooperation needs to clearly surpass the friction in the region. We have always attached great importance to the good neighborliness and friendship as the two neighboring countries and the two ancient civilizations while firmly safeguarding our own sovereign rights and territorial integrity. We are courteous and helpful in handling the cross-border incursions by the Indian border troops into China’s turbulent areas. By diplomatic means, the Indian side has withdrawn the equipment and personnel. It not only reflects the value and importance attached to Sino-Indian relations, but also demonstrates the need to safeguard regional peace and stability Sincerity and responsibility. We believe that as long as the two sides carry out strategic communications in depth and eliminate strategic mishaps in time, the strategic value of Sino-Indian cooperation will be presented more clearly to the public. China and India will be able to achieve the ” 1 + 1 = 11 “foreground.

A restaurant in Malaysia complained that many mosquito bosses actually found nearby human bones

                    (Original title: Malaysian restaurants in China complained that many mosquitoes actually found human bones in the vicinity)



Overseas Network December 9 u0026 nbsp; Recently, a Chinese restaurant in Malaysia encountered a rather horrifying incident. As the restaurant has recently been complaints of mosquitoes too much, so the Chinese boss took advantage of the rest of the search in every corner of the restaurant, looking for mosquitoes breeding source. Unexpectedly, even in the restaurant behind the discovery of the human skull jungle, the local police have now been involved.

According to Malaysia’s Oriental Daily News and other media reports, the incident’s restaurant is located in Malaysia’s New Nawang Industrial Zone. The owner of the Chinese restaurant in the restaurant said that due to the recent complaints from mosquitoes that there are many restaurants in the city, a couple of people took part in a carpet search at all corners of the restaurant on the 8th to find out where the mosquitoes breed .

DPRK media released the UN Secretary-General’s visit to the communique will be the normal communication

                    (Original title: DPRK announced UN Secretary-General’s visit communique will communicate normally in the future)


On the morning of the 9th, the DPRK and Central News Agency released the communiqué on the visit to the DPRK by the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jeffrey Felttman, alleging that Feltman paid a visit to the DPRK during the 5th to 9th of this month DPRK foreign minister Li Yonghao held talks with his counterpart of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the cooperation between North Korea and the United Nations and the situation in the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea emphasized that the situation on the Korean Peninsula has deteriorated to the present level and that its responsibility lies entirely with the U.S. policy of hostility toward the DPRK and its threat of intimidation. Fartman said the United Nations is deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation on the Korean Peninsula and expressed its willingness to make its contribution to easing the tension on the Korean Peninsula in accordance with the UN Charter. As reported by China Central News Agency, both parties agree to communicate normally through all levels in the future.

Amazing! Japanese public singing drones urge employees to reduce overtime

                    (Original title: amazing! If you have to work overtime, Feixiangian will call you home to eat)


[World Wide Web reporter Yu Pengfei] amazing! Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company (NTT) and other three companies officially announced on the 7th a “singing” of the UAV, which will be used to urgently work small overtime Employees go home and rest. It is learned that this drone supervision of staff to reduce overtime service, will be officially put into the market in April 2018.

According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun reported on December 7, the drone named “drone” will visit the office according to a preset route after the employees leave work. If it detects someone working overtime, the drones will hover around the overtime workers and play “Friends of Forever”, the music typically used in Japan to signal the store’s closing.

Trump has been exposed romantic affair had to kiss the beauty host in the elevator

                    (Original title: Trump has been exposed romantic affair had to kiss the beauty in the elevator host)



Former TV female host Hardy

Overseas Network December 9 The incumbent President Trump has a lot of affair and has recently been exposed together. Hardy, a hostess at Fox Television, said on a television show that she was taken to Trump Tower by Trump more than a decade ago for lunch. In the elevator, Trump once kissed her lips. According to a number of U.S. media reports including the U.S. Chinese network, Hardy said in a program broadcast on the 7th that the kissing incident occurred in 2005 or 2006. “He took me to lunch at Trump Tower, the only of us, and when there was a goodbye in the elevator, Trump’s security guard was there, and instead of kissing my cheek, he kissed my lips.” However, Hardy recalls what she felt when she said “I did not feel offended, I was gonna think of God.” She said she was amazed at Trump’s kiss on her lips. Hardy said: “I did not feel threatened.He took me out for lunch and he said he often watched” Friends of Fox. “I hosted the program on the weekend. (It was a strange moment when I was kissing.) He did nothing later, and I was never alone with him. “

Hardy thinks she might be interested in being Trump, whom she thought she should still be single at the time. However, now that I am mature, I would only be shocked if such a reoccurrence would be rejected in the face. In January 2005, Trump married her current wife Melanie. It is learned that this is not Trump’s romantic affair was the first time exposed. According to the World Wide Web earlier citing British media broke the news, Trump had “mad chase” the late British Princess Diana.

According to Diana Goodselgetel, Trump started a violent offensive against Diana after the marriage between Diana and Prince Charles was hit. However, Diana felt “horrified.” Scott said that Diana had told her that Trump, a U.S. billionaire, had “bombarded” her with massive flowers in her home Kensington Palace Up to hundreds of pounds.

Who is playing the Chinese tram? Right-wing media: certainly not Japanese

                    (Original title: Who assaulted the Chinese in a tram? Japanese right-wing media: certainly not Japanese!)


World Wide Web Report Local time on December 2 at about 7:20 pm, a Chinese on the northeast of JR Keihin, Tokyo, Japan tram, was beaten by two suspected drunk men. Beaten Chinese men not only facial fractures, but also the emergence of concussion and other symptoms. Some have claimed that the perpetrators who have been arrested are Japanese right-wingers. Japanese right-wing media Sankei Shimbun quoted Metropolitan Police sources as saying on the 9th that it is certain that the two perpetrators are not Japanese.

According to “Sankei Shimbun,” a video of a Chinese beating on a Tokyo train by two suspected drunk men has spread widely in China. The video shows that two assailants beat and kicked him around a Chinese man. The beaten Chinese man did not fight back, only with both hands guarding the head, to avoid head injuries, and after a while police officers rushed to the scene, opened the two perpetrators.

Sankei Shimbun said that currently the basis for assaulting criminals on the Internet as Japan’s right wing is that one of the violent men in the video speaks Japanese in a nutshell.

The report quoted sources from the Metropolitan Police Investigation Department as saying: “It is certain that the captured perpetrators were not Japanese.” And the source also said that the suspects arrested were neither Chinese nor Koreans, not Japanese. The perpetrator and the victim do not know each other.

According to the Chinese embassy website in Japan on the 8th, the embassy has contacted the bereaved citizens and relatives as soon as possible to express their condolences and provide medical and legal advice and assistance. At the same time, the embassy has solemnly handed the case to the Japanese Foreign Ministry and the police and demanded that Japan should enforce the law impartially, punish the murderer severely and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

At the request of the Japanese embassy, ​​the Japanese side promised to review the matter in strict accordance with the relevant legal procedures. At present, the victims have received effective medical treatment and the case is under investigation. The embassy in Japan will continue to monitor the progress of the incident.

Congo (DRC) killed more than 70 Ugandan rebels

                    (Former title: Congo (DRC) killed more than 70 Ugandan rebels)


Kinshasa, December 8 (Xinhua) Military officials in Congo (DRC) announced on the 8th that more than 70 Ugandan rebels were killed during the night of clashes in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo on the night of the 7th.


Since the night of the 7th, the Ugandan rebel “ADF” entrenched in the eastern DRC launched an attack on UN peacekeepers in North Kivu province. The military killed a total of at least 72 Named attacker. The spokesman said that the Congolese military will continue its campaign against the “Democratic Alliance Army” in the east.


Iraq announces that the war with IS extreme in Iraq has ended

                    (Original title: Iraq declares: war in Iraq and IS extremist organizations ended)



Former Georgian President Saakashvili arrested in Ukraine

                    (Original title: Former Georgian President Saakashvili arrested in Ukraine)


Kyiv, December 9 (Reporter) – Ukrainian media reported on the 9th that former Georgian President Saakashvili was arrested on the evening of the 8th in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and later announced through a lawyer that he would go on a hunger strike in protest.

According to the Aut News Agency, Saakashvili lawyer Chernogyski informed the media on the 9th after visiting Saakashvili. He said Saakashvili was arrested by police in an apartment complex in Kiev, and the use of force was not arrested during the arrest. After being taken to the NSA temporary detention facility, Saakashvili was examined by his doctor as a result of the rise in blood pressure. Chernobylki said Saakashvili announced an indefinite hunger strike and urged supporters to participate in the protests planned for this month in Kiev on the 10th. Chernuo Lutsky said Ukraine’s Procuratorate accused Saakashvili of including crimes such as assisting and covering criminal activities and accepting funding, but Saakashvili considers himself innocent and says he was arrested It is out of “political motivation.”

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