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Inspecting group pointed out that the treatment of Bo Xilai poisoning in Dalian is not thorough what happened?

                    (Original title: The inspection team pointed out that it was not thorough enough for Dalian to poison Bo Xilai and what happened?)


On November 11, according to the deployment of the leading group of inspection work of Liaoning Provincial Committee, the first inspection team of Liaoning Provincial Committee sent feedback to Dalian Municipal Committee about the inspection. Ding Shun-sheng, member of the provincial party committee’s inspection leading group, conveyed the important instruction of the provincial party committee on inspection work to Tan Zujun, member of the Provincial Party Committee and Dalian Municipal Party Committee.

In the feedback, Ding Shun-sheng said: During the inspection, the inspection team found some problems with the cadres and masses. One of them is very compelling, that is, “to eliminate the thoroughgoing drug control of Bo Xilai.”

It has been more than four years since Bo Xilai was surveyed in April 2012 and has passed for five and a half years from September 2013 when Bo Xilai was sentenced to life imprisonment. At this juncture, the inspection team of Liaoning Provincial Committee pointed out that it is worth noting that “it is not enough to completely eliminate the poisoned substance from Bo Xilai.” In fact, it is not the first time in Dalian to put forward the proposal to “eliminate the poisoned drug of Bo Xilai.”
Hycplb found that “purging Bo Xilai from poisoning” has been the key job key word of all party and government organs in Dalian since the recent period.

the meantime, the most concentrated reflection of this trend, that is, from July 22 to 29 in Dalian 8 days 9 statement, that “completely eliminate the pernicious influence of Bo Xilai and Wang Min, who bad influence.” On July 22, Dalian Municipal Party Committee convened two enlarged meetings of the Standing Committee on the 22nd day of the meeting, all mentioning “to thoroughly eliminate the abominable influence of Bo Xilai and Wang Min and others,” both of which were convened by the Dalian Municipal Party Committee Secretary Tan Zuojun presided over. At a meeting of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, the municipal government, the municipal CPPCC and the Municipal People’s Court and the Municipal Public Prosecutor’s Office, Renzai Tan emphasized again.

Since then, the party group in Dalian CPPCC held July 24 (enlarged) meeting, the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee second session of the Third Plenary Session held on July 26, July 28 held an enlarged meeting of the Party Group of the Dalian Municipal Government, and on the same day On the General Assembly held in Dalian City CPPCC organs all party members and cadres, “completely eliminate Bo Xilai poisoning and Wang Min et al adverse effects,” this view has been repeatedly put forward.

July 29, Tan Zuojun participate guide Shahekou District Standing Committee inspection team to carry out the central feedback on the implementation of rectification “look back” at the meeting, Tan Zuojun particular emphasis on: to deeply understand thoroughly eliminate the pernicious influence of Bo Xilai and Wang Min et al adverse effects Long-term, complex and arduous, so that we will not relax our minds, nor will we reduce norms in intensity, and will not diminish in intensity; we must maintain a clear-headed political position, strengthen our political stance and strictly adhere to the party’s political and political rules , Thoroughly eliminate the hostile influence of Bo Xilai and Wang Min and others, resolutely maintain a high degree of ideological and political engagement with the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

Therefore, Dalian City, so intensively proposed to “eliminate the poisoned Bo Xilai,” is enough to demonstrate the high importance of this work. However, this time, the inspection team proposed that “the resolution of Bo Xilai’s drug abuse should not be thoroughly implemented”, indicating that this work is not so easy to make and that it will still be necessary to continue its efforts to achieve this goal in Dalian.


Speaking relationship with Bo Xilai in Dalian, but also from far away 30 years ago. In 1984, when Bo Xilai, who had just been working as a cadre for more than two years, was sent to the local government from the Central Government, his “first stop” in local work was the Jin County in Liaoning Province, which is now the Jinzhou District of Dalian. In 1985, Bo also served as party secretary of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone. In 1987, Jin County, Liaoning Province was formally incorporated into Dalian and became the Jinzhou District of Dalian.

In 1988, Bo Xilai was promoted to be the member of Dalian Municipal Committee and the propaganda department. Since then, his career in Dalian, “all the way prosperous.” In 1989, Bo Xilai was promoted to deputy mayor of Dalian. Soon, in 1993, he was promoted to Dalian municipal party committee deputy secretary, acting mayor. Bo Xilai was promoted to a standing member of Liaoning Provincial Committee in 1999 and officially became secretary of the Dalian Municipal Party Committee. He remained in office until 2001, after leaving office as secretary of the Dalian municipal party committee. Bo Xilai still remained in Liaoning Province, Acting governor, governor, until 2004, once again returned to the central office, served as Minister of Commerce. It can be said that Bo Xilai’s career, and more than half are inextricably linked with Dalian.

If the governor of Liaoning Province is also counted as the office of his entourage, Bo Xilai has occupied the political scene in Dalian for as long as 20 years. Therefore, Dalian is naturally the key area for “eliminating the drug-poisoning of Bo Xilai.”

巡视组指出大连肃清薄熙来流毒不够彻底 怎么回事

During the NPC and CPPCC sessions on March 7 this year, Xi Jinping pointed out at the Liaoning delegation’s deliberation on March 7 that a local government must have a good political and ecological environment if it wants to achieve peace and order and stability. Political and environmental pollution will erode a series of issues such as the smuggling of power and desire, the obscurantism, the unjust enrichment, the gangs and the gangs and eroding the party’s ideological and ethical foundation.

The former post of Zhejiang Standing Committee who has worked in two major municipalities has been adjusted

                    (Former title: Zhejiang Standing Committee, working in two major municipalities, post adjustment)


Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee recently decided: Comrade Xiong Jianping served as provincial United Front Work Department.

曾在两大直辖市工作的浙江常委 职务有调整

According to public information, Xiong Jianping was appointed as a member of Zhejiang Provincial Committee in November.

In August of this year, he was appointed Feng Zili, minister of the United Front Work Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, and was transferred to the party group of the Ministry of Land and Resources and head of the discipline inspection team of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry of Land and Resources. Since then the post has been vacant.

“zsenews” noticed that Xiong Jianping, the minister of the United Front Work Department of Zhejiang Province, had served in two municipalities, namely Shanghai and Tianjin.

Xiong Jianping, born in 1960, is a native of Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province. He graduated from the Road Engineering Department of Tongji University and is a professor-level senior engineer.

After graduation, he devoted himself to the profession. He worked for Shanghai Municipal Engineering System for many years. In 2001, he served as the deputy director of Shanghai Construction Committee and the director of the following year. In March 2007, he served as deputy secretary general of Shanghai Municipal Government and left Shanghai by the end of the year. He was transferred to Tianjin as deputy mayor and promoted to vice minister.

During his time in Tianjin, he was in charge of planning, urban construction, land and housing management, environmental protection and other fields, pushing forward the construction of a number of Tianjin metro lines. According to reports, Xiong Jianping often traveled to Tianjin Metro site, the site became his “second office.”

In May 2013, he left Tianjin, where he worked for five years, and was transferred to Zhejiang as the deputy governor. He is responsible for civil affairs, environmental protection, housing and urban and rural construction, civil air defense, human resources and social security.

Xiong Jianping resume

曾在两大直辖市工作的浙江常委 职务有调整

Xiong Jianping, male, Han nationality, born in August 1960, Jiangxi Fengcheng people. August 1982 to work in March 1986 to join the Chinese Communist Party. Tongji University Road and Traffic Engineering Road Engineering graduate, graduate education, master of engineering, professor level senior engineer.

1978.09-1982.08, Department of Road and Bridge Engineering, Tongji University Road and Urban Roads Professional Learning

1982.08-1984.08, Design Engineer of Road Bridge Room of Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute

1984.08-1987.07, Department of Road and Traffic Engineering, Tongji University Master’s Degree in Road Engineering

1987.07–1992.04, Design Engineer of Road Bridge Room in Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute

1992.04-1994.08, Deputy Chief Engineer of Pudong Branch of Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute

1994.08-1994.12, Shanghai Urban Design and Design Institute Road Bridge Room 2, Deputy Director

1994.12 – 1995.5, Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute Vice President

1995.10 – 1997.7 Shanghai Municipal Engineering Administration Chief Engineer Assistant, Deputy Chief Engineer Teacher

1997.01-2001.04, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Administration (During the period: 2000.03-2001.01, one-year training course for young and middle-aged cadres of Central Party School)

2001.04-2002.08, Deputy Director, Shanghai Construction and Management Committee

2002.08-2005.02, Director of Shanghai Construction and Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Municipal Construction and Management Work

Hebei Province, the second vice provincial official this fall like a political experience like Zhou Yongkang

                    (Original title: The second deputy provincial official in Hebei this fall, similar to Zhou Yongkang’s political experience)


河北今年第二名副省级官员落马 从政经历似周永康

Today (December 12), the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department said that Zhang Jiehui, deputy director of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, was suspected of being seriously disciplined and is currently undergoing organizational scrutiny. It is reported that on January 12 this year, the fifth meeting of the Twelfth People’s Congress of Hebei Province elected Zhang Jiehui as the deputy director of the 12th NPC Standing Committee. Previously, he served as vice governor of Hebei Province for more than 6 years.

Great White News noted that before 2010, Zhang Jiehui worked for many years in Liaoning provincial party and government organs, and Zhou Yongkang’s political experience quite a bit similar. Da Bai News further found that, before they both engaged in oil-related work and served as vice mayor and mayor of Panjin City, Liaoning Province.

河北今年第二名副省级官员落马 从政经历似周永康

Hebei Province People’s Congress deputy director of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website screenshot Zhang Jiehui checked

today (December 12), the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website news, Hebei Province People’s Congress deputy Director Zhang Jiehui suspected of serious discipline, is currently subject to organizational review.

The website of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress shows: Zhang Jiehui, male, Han nationality, born in January 1957 in Kuandian, Liaoning Province, joined the party in September 1976, joined the work in July 1975, and graduated from Northeast Normal University with a degree in philosophy of science and technology Graduated, working graduate degree, Ph.D. Served as deputy director of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, member of the party.

Beginning in July 1975, Zhang Jiehui became the secretary of the CPC Youth League and Brigade Party Branch of Shihugou Commune in Kuandian County, Liaoning Province. Since then, and once in the Shenyang Institute of Chemical Engineering Department of polymer chemistry and Liaoning Provincial Party School youth class to learn. In 1982 May, Zhang Jiehui Liaoyang Petrochemical Chemical Company three plant analysis branch deputy secretary, later Liaoyang Petrochemical Company Party committee secretary.

In September 1983, Zhang Jiehui became a cadre officer of the Organization Department of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee. Since then, he has served as Vice County Chief of Dengta County, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Liaoyang Metallurgical Chemical Industry Bureau, Deputy Director of Long-term Planning and Industrial Policy Department of Provincial Planning Commission, Director of Industrial Economics Department of Provincial Planning Commission and Deputy Director of Provincial Petrochemical Industry Office .

In April 1998, Zhang Jiehui was promoted to Liaoning Panjin Municipal Committee, vice mayor. He served as director of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Policy Research, Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary-General, Policy Research Office, Anshan Municipal Committee, acting mayor, mayor, Anshan municipal party committee secretary. In 2010 August, transferred to the vice governor of Hebei provincial government, party members. Served as vice governor of Hebei provincial government, provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee member, deputy director of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee member.

It is reported that during his tenure as Vice Governor of Hebei Province, Zhang Jiehui has been committed to industrial restructuring and upgrading of Hebei Province and to capacity work. However, in November last year, the executive meeting of the State Council sent an investigation team to Hebei. After investigation, it was found that the newly-built steel smelting project of Anfeng Company of Hebei Province belonged to the violation of laws and regulations, Industry to resolve overcapacity work. As the responsible person, the Central Party Committee and the State Council penalized Mr. Zhang Jiehui with administrative warning.

河北今年第二名副省级官员落马 从政经历似周永康 Zhang Jiehui Data for

Zhou Yongkang and Zhang Jiehui political experience quite similar

white news notes from the public resume, by 2010, Zhang Jiehui many years working in the party and government organs, Liaoning Province, Zhou Yongkang and politics Experience quite a bit similar. And the white news further found that before the two have been engaged in oil-related work, and respectively served as vice mayor and mayor of Panjin City, Liaoning Province.

The two resumes show that Zhang Jiehui served as Deputy Secretary of Party Branch of the Third Chemical Plant of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company from 1982.05-1983.07 and was the secretary of Party Committee Office of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company from July 1983 to January 1983. Deputy Director of Petrochemical Industry.

And after Zhou Yongkang graduated from Beijing Petroleum Institute, he has been working in oil-related units and mainly works in Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau.

Da Bai News Further found that, 1998.04-1999.06, Zhang Jiehui Ren Liaoning Province Panjin Municipal Committee, deputy mayor; 1983-1985, Zhou Yongkang Ren Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau, deputy party secretary during the same time, Liaoning Province Panjin Municipal Committee ,mayor.

On June 11, 2015, Tianjin No.1 Intermediate People’s Court conducted a first instance verdict on Zhou Yongkang accepting bribes, abusing its power and deliberately disclosing state secrets. It found Zhou Yongkang guilty of accepting bribes, was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprived of his political rights for life Personally guilty of abuse of power, sentenced to seven years imprisonment; guilty of intentionally divulging state secrets, sentenced to four years imprisonment, three crimes concurrently, decided to execute life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of personal property.

This year, the second deputy provincial official of Lok Ma Falls in Hebei Province

The Grand White News After the discovery, Zhang Jiehui was the second deputy provincial official to be dropped this fall in Hebei. July 18, 2017 According to the official website of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, according to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Yang Chongyong, former party secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, investigated and taken compulsory measures on suspicion of accepting bribes.

After investigation, Yang Chongyong seriously violated political and political rules, organized disciplines and handled fake identity documents. As a result, Yang Chongyong secretly left the country for a long period of time to hide the changes in his or her marriage from the organization and confront organizational scrutiny. He violated clean discipline, received gifts, and long-term Borrow privately owned vehicles, housing. Take advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and receive huge amounts of property suspected of bribery. Yang Chongyong was “doubly open” and was dismissed from his position as a member of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, terminating the party’s 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Hebei Province, the Ninth Party Congress delegate qualification; confiscation of his disciplinary proceeds; the suspect criminal issues, clues and The money involved shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling according to law.

Ceng Jing, the newly appointed NLD chairman, has been outraged for reducing emissions

                    (Original title: Once anguished Chai Jing for emission reduction issues, the new NLD Chairman is not easy!)


According to the “People’s Daily” news, December 10, the first plenary meeting of the Twelfth Central Committee of China Democratic League, elected by the 71 members of the twelfth session of the Central Standing Committee and the new session Central leadership, Ding Zhongli was elected chairman.

In fact, many people are no strangers to Ding Zhongli. Dabaixinwen noticed that Ding Zhongli, who has been engaged in geological research for many years, had interviewed Chai Jing. In 2010, Chai Jing, a well-known journalist, brought his curated documentary “Under the Fantastic” back to the screen of major media platforms. Ding Zhongli, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on the subject of “What Is a Fair Emission Reduction Plan” To accept their interview, the fierce battle between the two became a hot topic.

曾因减排问题怒斥柴静 这位新任民盟主席不简单!
elected NLD Central Committee Chairman Ding Zhongli

According to “People’s Daily” message, December 10, Twelfth Central Committee of China Democratic League first plenary meeting, elected by the 71 members consisting of The 12th Central Standing Committee of the Democratic League and the new central leadership, Ding Zhongli was elected chairman.

Public information display: Ding Zhongli, male, Han nationality, born in January 1957, Zhejiang Shengzhou people. In 1996 September to join the NLD. Postgraduate degree, Ph.D., researcher. He is currently a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, chairman of the NLD Central Committee, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

From September 1978 to July 1982, he studied at Zhejiang University with a bachelor’s degree. From September 1982 to August 1988, he studied at the Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and successively obtained master’s degree and doctoral degree. August 1988 to June 1999 in the Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as associate researcher, researcher, doctoral tutor. From June 1999 to January 2008, he worked in the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He served successively as Deputy Director and Director. From December 2007 to December 2017, he served successively as the 10th and 11th vice chairman of the Central Committee of the NLD. Since January 2008, he has been the vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since April 2014, he has also served as president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In December 2017, he was elected to the twelfth Central Committee of the NLD. Eleventh, the 12th NPC Standing Committee, the Tenth CPPCC National Committee members.

As an expert on long-term research on environmental change, Ding Zhongli has made many professional opinions on haze control in our country and has repeatedly proposed different solutions.

Ding Zhongli Anger Is Disregarding Chai Jing: Chinese, Are Not People?

曾因减排问题怒斥柴静 这位新任民盟主席不简单!

On the eve of the two sessions in 2015, the Chinese media was shrouded in a documentary film about smog. It was shot by CCTV’s former anchorman Chai Jing at his own expense, The haze news survey video entitled “Under the Sky”. As a long-term expert on environmental change, Ding Zhongli accepted Chai Jing’s interview.

There was such a dialogue in the documentary:

Chai Jing: But we also saw that the heads of developed countries expressed strong opinions at that time. He would think that I did not set myself a target

Ding Zhongli: Of course not. You set the target is you want to take a bigger cake, then I set the target afterwards okay, after I emit as much as you per capita, which I will not over-let it, I have a lot less in history, the next 40 years of emissions I am as many as you or China speaks more whitely. From 1990 to 2050, my emissions only need 80% of your per capita emissions, is not it?

Chai Jing: He may well say that China It is a big country with a huge population.

Ding Zhongli: Then I will ask you, you mean that the Chinese people are not people? This is a fundamental question. Why should the same one Chinese should be less, you are on a country-by-country basis, Or people as a unit.

Chai Jing: Maybe he will think that now the conventional algorithms are calculated by country.

Ding Zhongli: So OK, then I will not tell you forget, I do not need to tell you forget, why? Monaco how many people, our China and Monaco is not OK, then you still speak unreasonable.


Once this video was broadcast, it sparked netizens’ discussion of “who is right or wrong”. Some netizens spoke highly of Ding Zhongli: The main contradiction in this interview lies in the difference between Chai and Ding at the cognitive level. As a master of paleontology research, Academician Ding has a time span of billions of years and a long period of scientific research has made him more rational and visionary than ordinary people. This has caused Dean Ding to stand taller and see more thoroughly when he looks at the issue.

In those years, President Ding’s classic quotations ……

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Science and Technology “, or” National Science and Technology University “for short, is a highly integrated science and education institution characterized by postgraduate education established by the Ministry of Education. Since 2014, Ding Zhongli has served as the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. During his guest’s visit to the People’s Network, he said: “If you want to do business, if you want to study finance, if you want to be a civil servant, you should not apply for a NSU.”

“I’m sure that our investment may not be affordable by any university.” Ding Zhongli said: “Such an investment requires a return. What is our return? It is hoped that they will love science and hope that Our country’s science and technology innovation can make their contribution .We lay a good foundation for you and hope you will aspire to be a scientist in the future. Our main goal is to cultivate scientists, it is hard to say that we need to cultivate entrepreneurship or civil servants. “

In addition, Ding Zhongli also recruit “how to restrain unscrupulous squeeze students mentor?” Because there are netizens questioned the Chinese Academy of Sciences system exists in the mentor dominance, it is difficult to be bound.

In this regard, Ding Zhongli said that they are also a mechanism for the allocation of post-graduate places, so how to encourage more mentors to train personnel first, not just to complete the task of the mentor to apply for To the task. After the enrollment can be restricted, perhaps once can not cancel the mentor qualifications, but you can limit the mentor.

He was rewarded by tournament commander Brigadier had played in the International Special Forces six first place

                    (Original title: the new brigade selected by the military contest, how exactly?


Legal Evening News · Opinion News On 11 December, the front page of the military reported that the chiefs of the two combat brigades in the Western Theater were vacant. To this end, the ministry organized 14 outstanding regular army cadres in a comprehensive manner.

View News reporter noticed that among them, a special brigade brigade Brigadier Shang Baoyu was successfully promoted to Brigadier General. He had previously held the position of head of the 13th Corps of the Red Army with the title of “100th General Assembly” and also won 6 first places at the International Special Forces competition.

他靠比武升任旅长 曾在国际特种兵赛场拿下6个第一 (Shang Bao rain [Right])

international scout contest, they won six of the first

army newspaper reports indicate that a synthetic brigade candidates for four, the first is a sort artillery Brigade Chief Zhang Hongchang; brigade commander of a special brigade candidate 3, the first is a special brigade Brigadier Brigadier is still Paul rain.

For the brigade commanders, the military brigade disclosed that they experienced rich, competent, politically reliable and capable of striking battles. They both served as head of the brigade, both of whom had gone abroad to study or went abroad to win the championship Experience, respectively, won the first class work, second class work.

View News reporters found that born in 1976 was still Paul in the “Erna raid” International Scout contest third place. But his road to entry is not going well.

In 2003, Shang Baoyu was twice voted out of the category because of her lack of cultural standards and height to meet the selection criteria of the army in 2003 for her participation in the tenth “Erna Assault” International Scout Contest. Reluctant to protect the rain, he found the training team instructors and grinding and soaked, and finally left as a reserve team member.

他靠比武升任旅长 曾在国际特种兵赛场拿下6个第一

Shang Baoyu treasured this opportunity and insisted on completing one freehand 8 km per day, armed 10 km, 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups and 1000 meters swimming … and in two months, Weight soared from 58 kg to 71 kg. At the same time, his load-bearing capacity has also greatly enhanced, in addition, Paul still insisted on learning high-tech knowledge and English knowledge.

Eventually, Shang Baoyu and his teammates won a total of six singles in the competition. There are two first, is yet to protect rain and teammates made with tenacious will. One of the last “6 km armed raid” is particularly traumatic, after 5 days and 4 nights after 19 fierce competition for the project, Shang Bao rain leaving eight feet on his feet, swelling and pain, the other three teammates are Different degrees of injury. In this case, Shang Baoyu and his teammates still made the first place, becoming “the world’s fastest scout.”

When Wenchuan Earthquake, They Rescued at Least 7 People

View News The reporter noticed that Shang Baoyu’s resume is very rich. He was previously stationed as a battalion reconnaissance battalion commander of a Red Army division in Chongqing and a certain Red Army regiment of the 13th Army Long, a special brigade brigade deputy brigadier.

In the first time after the “May 12” Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Shang Baoyu and his unit were on their way to rescue the disaster areas as soon as possible. In the quake-hit areas, the temporary protection of rain, whose origin was reconnaissance, was temporarily diverted to epidemic prevention.

From May 14, 2008 onwards, he and his soldiers wore gas masks to sterilize the ruins. “After the catastrophe must prevent the epidemic. Sprinkler is our new weapon, the scout never attacked position!”

他靠比武升任旅长 曾在国际特种兵赛场拿下6个第一

On the day of the emergency rescue at the collapse of Dongfang High School in Hanwang Town, Shang Baoyu and 6 soldiers just lifted a broken wall and saw a 13-year-old female student being pressed in two Cloak among the cement, a trace of stubborn voice for help from the ruins of the messy out. Shang Bao Yu shouted loudly: “Be careful, be careful … … this child has hope!”

“Children, hold on, the people’s Liberation Army uncle to save you; children, hold on to … …” Call, the girl’s eyes suddenly overflowed two teardrops. Finally, after intense rescue, a hole in life finally opened up and rescued the girl, “Thank you, the PLA Uncle saved me!” This is also the 7th life saved by Shang Baoyu and his comrades, at this time Shang Baoyu has not hit the eye for 31 consecutive hours.

Former leader of the 100th General Assembly, transition to a special war

It is reported that Shang Baoyu also served as the head of the 13th Corps of the Red Army with the title of “100th General Assembly.” The regiment has been rated as a military training level for 13 consecutive years. “The predecessors of the Red Army told us with their blood and lives that ‘winning victories is the highest honor of the military.'” Shang Baoyu, then head of the regiment, said.

The 13th Corps of the Red Army was born in the jute uprising in November 1927 and has participated in more than 140 battles of the famous campaigns such as the Long March, Hundred Regiments and the Huai-Hai Campaign. A large number of British models such as Ye Chenghuan, Wei Xiaotang and Liu Baojian emerged More than 120 generals such as Wang Shusheng, Qin Jiwei and Hong Xuezhi had worked in the battle of the regiment and were praised as “Red Army Regiment” and “Top 100 Generals.”

他靠比武升任旅长 曾在国际特种兵赛场拿下6个第一

Kuomintang deposit only 10 million NTD cash to sign special dues

                    (Original title: Kuomintang assets are frozen 10 million deposits left, want to mobilize party members to pay special dues)

                                   Kuomintang Chairman Wu Den-yih,

国民党主席吴敦义 (Source: Taiwan’s Eastern News cloud)

Heilongjiang local big blizzard from the 13th there will be rain and snow weather in the east

                    (Original title: Heilongjiang local big Blizzard on the 13th from the eastern part will have rain and snow weather)


资料图:黑龙江雪景。中新社记者 于琨 摄 Information Figure: Heilongjiang snow scene. China news agency correspondent Yu Kun photo

BEIJING, December 11 According to the Central Meteorological Station website, on the 11th, eastern Heilongjiang, southwestern Xinjiang, southwestern Tibet and other places in some areas have moderate to heavy snow, the local Blizzard . From January 13 to January 15, there will be a process of rain and snow in the eastern and central regions. Among them, there are light snow or sleet in eastern Northwest China, most of North China, parts of the Huanghuai region and the eastern part of the Northeast China, Mostly light rain, moderate rain in some areas.

Future Specific Forecast:

From 0800 to 0800 on the 11th, the northeast of Northeast China, the mountainous region of southwestern Xinjiang, the southwestern part of Tibet have moderate to heavy snowfall and blizzard Blizzard. The northern part of Shandong Peninsula There is light rain or rain in the western Guizhou, eastern Yunnan and southern parts of Yunnan Province. Light rain or showers are found in areas such as eastern and eastern Inner Mongolia, northeastern Inner Mongolia, central and northern North China, eastern Huanghuai and eastern JAC. (See Figure 1). The Taiwan Strait, the northeastern South China Sea will have 7 to 8, gusts 9 to 10 northeast.


Figure 1 National Precipitation Forecast Map (0800 – 11 December 08)

From 08:00 on the 08th to 0800 on the 13th, the mountainous and southwestern Altay of Xinjiang, western Tibet, southeastern Gansu, Shaanxi Southern China and northeastern Heilongjiang have snow drifts or snow drifts. Among them, heavy snowfall occurs in the southwestern part of Tibet; in the southwestern region, there are light rain in the southern part of Jianghan, Hunan, Guangxi and Hainan Island; eastern Inner Mongolia, northeastern China, etc. There are 4 to 6 winds in parts of the land (see Figure 2). Taiwan Strait, northeastern South China Sea will have 7 to 8, gust 9 to 10 northeast.


Figure 2 National Precipitation Forecast Map (08:00 on the 12th – 08:00 on the 13th)

From 08:00 on the 08th to 08th on the 14th, there is a wide range of rain and snow in the central and eastern regions. There are small to moderate snow or sleet in parts of the Altay Mountains and southwestern regions of Xinjiang, western Tibet, eastern Northwest China, western North China, western Huanghuai, etc. In the eastern part of Southwest China, Jianghan, Jianghuai, southern and southern China Small to moderate rain (see Figure 3). Bay Strait, the northeastern South China Sea up to 8 winds, gusts 9 to 10.


Figure 3 National Precipitation Forecast (08:00 on the 13th – 0800 hours on the 14th)

People’s Liberation Army bombers fly around Taiwan flyer domineering praised by Taiwan artists

                    (Original title: People’s Liberation Army bombers flying around the fly to fly Taiwan tyranny was praised by Huang)


解放军轰炸机挂弹绕飞台湾 霸气喊话获台艺人大赞
Information Figure

【Global Times】 PLA military aircraft passed through the Miyako Strait on the 9th. Taiwan media found that the H-6K carried cruise missiles.

Japan’s defense ministry’s allied aides announced on the evening of the 9th that the PLA Air Force dispatched four H-6K bombers and one Yun-8 electric plane in the early morning of the same day and reentered the original route after passing through the Miyako Strait. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces Regularly sent fighters emergency launch interception monitoring. United Nations News Network said it is noteworthy that the Ministry of Defense announced the H-6K photos show that the PLA military aircraft carrying two range up to 2000 km of “Sword -10” cruise missiles, which is the main force of the Liberation Army H -6K Attack the weapon. The report said that Taiwan’s “Ministry of National Defense” released the above information earlier than Japan and mentioned that there were also Su-30 fighters in this exercise. However, the photo released by the Japanese Defense Ministry did not see the Su-30, and probably it did not They flew over the island chain or flew shortly after flying over the island chain and were not photographed by the Japanese side.

According to the Allied News Network, before the 19th NPC and U.S. President Trump’s visit to the mainland, the operation of the People’s Liberation Army on “long-range long-haul flights” was suspended and the entry of marine police vessels into the Diaoyu Islands waters was also significantly reduced. However, starting from November 18, the People’s Liberation Army once again resumed its flight over the island chain. On the same day, a Tu-154 electric plane flew southward from the Jinghai Ancient Strait in the East China Sea and flew clockwise for one week. Followed by Taiwan’s “Ministry of National Defense” on November 19, 22 and 23, all released similar news. Taiwan’s “anti-long” Feng Shikuan thought this shows that the PLA is “ready to make a very actual attack route.” In December, the PLA’s actions have not stopped. Taiwan Media also noticed that the surface ships operating with the PLA bombers, including the 28th batch of the Gulf of Aden escort detachment from Qingdao on the 3rd of this month, are composed of the North Sea Fleet’s frigates and supply ships. The Japanese side also captured the “Yiyang” frigate attached to the East China Sea Fleet. “It shows that the Chinese navy has mobilized many units across the fleet and different theater zones in this exercise.” Green pro-Free Times said on the 10th that PLA’s military aircraft have reached 16th of this year close to the sea off Taiwan.

After 95 female doctor invented cancer detector: a small amount of blood can be measured cancer

                    (Original title: “After 95” Dr. Chang Ning: Decoding cancer “password”)



“Double 12” is coming. Chang Ning will be busy shopping for carts like many girls; she has downloaded many songs on her cell phone and has a song called “Look At Me
Now “she never tired of … … The 22-year-old Southeast University biology doctor, looks like a neighbor girl.

Under her quiet appearance, she has a powerful “Little Universe.” This “girl next door” has just led the innovation team of MxHealth students and won the “Silver Award” at the 3rd China Internet + College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Their award-winning result is the “Tumor Marker Automated Detector.”

With this instrument, you can detect 12 tumor markers in just a few blood samples in just 5 to 10 minutes.

“Be careful” of the “female man”

Born in Heze City, Shandong Province, Changning is a typical northern girl. Since childhood, she was more brave than ordinary girls, and her ability to practice was strong. She had a keen interest in physics, chemistry and biological experiments since she was in school.

Changning’s parents are also very special. The girls in other families are all learning to play chess and calligraphy, and their daughter who “fiddles” with this love “listens”. It is this enlightened family environment that has led her to develop an independent thinking habit from an early age and lay the foundation for her future scientific research.

College entrance examination report volunteer, friends and family suggested she apply for clinical medicine, in the future can be a respected doctor. However, Chang Ning eventually chose Biomedical Engineering because of his preference for the project. “I’m really grateful to my parents, who have given me the final decision, no matter what happens,” she said.

Chang Ning takes his own ideas from attending extra-curricular research projects, going to laboratories for scientific research, and then taking the initiative to serve as MxHealth team leader.

Today, Chang Ning recalled a past time choice, she admitted frankly never regretted. “Compared to a doctor, I still prefer the current scientific research.” Chang Ning said with a smile, in the process of scientific research encountered “stumbling block”, the mentor generally only provide one direction, until the point, the rest of the specific content and implementation process needs She thinks about planning, “this model more in line with my personality.”

Inspired by Butterfly Wings

Put on a white lab coat and gloves and inject the treated sera into a biochip for detection of tumor markers using fluid control and image processing modules. In just a few minutes, data and images appear on the display.

This printer-like “box” is their winning device. Changning Technology Daily told reporters that only about 50 microliters of samples can be done at one time 3 to 4 kinds of tumor markers detection.

Chang Ning said that the basis of this scientific research is the use of butterfly wings to reflect the different colors of the principle, and each color represents a tumor marker. When the blood flows, the tumor markers in the blood will be captured by the corresponding antibodies. Through the image analysis and data processing, you can get the tumor marker test results.

After winning the MxHealth team, Chang Ning became the target of many major media coverage. “After the ’95s, ‘Dr. Drop Test Cancer has become a hot search term. “I have received more than 20 investment cooperation intentions in a month,” Chang Ning said.

Faced with the media’s chase, Chang Ning seems very calm, still claiming to be “research dog.” She said: “The research and entrepreneurship are two different things.Transforming scientific research into commercial applications requires examining many problems and facing numerous difficulties.It is not enough to have a scientific research mindset.You must have a comprehensive understanding of the industry, Including global control over the formation of a company, operations and development. “

On October 30, the MxHealth team took their automated tester project to the National Science Park in Southeast University to kick start a new journey.

Chang Ning told reporters that science and technology daily, the school arranged for the management of college professors to teach them, after she settled in with the team members will write a business plan.

PLA brigade how to choose? Competition winners have experience abroad

                    (The original title: Brigadier how to choose? Competition results by competition, the winner who will be the head of a go abroad experience)


The army party committees in the western theater organized 14 outstanding cadres in the regiment’s armed forces to comprehensively contest and compete for the positions of two brigade brigade commanders. This is a practical measure taken by the army party committees in the western theater to study and implement the 19th CPC National Congress and earnestly select cadres who can win battles, good command and win.

western theater of war Army Party Committee to strengthen the selection and preparation for war distinct guide

14 candidates were investigated with two brigadier competition contest achievement jobs

Western Theater Army Party Committee 14 outstanding cadres regiment commander military Comprehensive competition, competition, two brigade commander positions. Not long ago, the two winners were formally appointed by the Army Party Committee to take office. This is a practical measure taken by the army party committees in the western theater to study and implement the 19th CPC National Congress and earnestly select cadres who can win battles, good command and win.

Not long ago, two combat brigade commanders for the Army Corps in the Western Theater were vacant. In the western theater, a group of party members of the army formed a consensus: “Chairman Xi emphasized: ‘All work must adhere to the standards of combat effectiveness, be able to fight and win victories.’ The selection and employment are the most clear-cut guidelines. The military chief officers of the combat troops are selected and matched. We must give prominence to actual requirements and fairness and impartiality. “They took measures to turn behind-the-door research cadres into open-door competitions and organized 14 outstanding cadres who are in active league and open competition through competitions.

The Army Party Committee of the Western Theater dispatched the Army Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Army Commission for Discipline Inspection, led by the staff of the department and staff, the leaders of the political work department and the military cadres of the Group to conduct group interviews, field assessments and comprehensive assessments. From political accomplishments, military skills and command Quality, strategy level, control ability and spirit of selection and evaluation. The reporter saw that the contents of the group interview include the basic theory, military thinking, command strategy, etc., On-the-spot examination carries on the individual conversation, the counterpart understands, the related unit authority above the leadership real name recommendation.

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