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The Japanese cabinet formally decreed that the emperor abdicate on April 30, 2019

                    (Original title: Japan’s cabinet officially through the decree to determine the emperor April 30, 2019 abdicated)


4.jpg Japanese Emperor Akihito couple (data plan)

overseas online December 8 electric u0026 nbsp; local time 8 am, the Japanese government at a cabinet meeting formally decided the provisions Emperor Akihito abdication date of April 2019 On the 30th of the decree. The Crown Prince will become the new emperor as soon as possible on May 1, 2019 and will switch to the New Year’s Eve. New Year is scheduled to be released mid-next year.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported that the Japanese government also announced the summary of the proceedings of the royal meeting on the 1st of this month and summarized the views that the abdication date should be April 30, In order to realize the smooth handover, the Japanese government will set up a preparatory organization led by Chief Cabinetkeeper Sugawai Iwai early next year, officially launching discussions on how to hold the abdication ceremony and so on.

This is the first Emperor’s retirement in about 200 years since Emperor Guangge abdicated in 1817 and is the first time under the current Constitution. The “Heisei” era of “Showa” will end its 31st year.

It is reported that the Emperor after the abdication will become the “Emperor” and the Queen will become the “Queen on the Empress”, and the Qiu Shixing Palace will become the “Emperor’s Priestess” equivalent to the Crown Prince, Heir to the throne

Procedures for the continuation of “Heisei” regarding the decision of the New Year’s Eve number, which are expected to be prepared for several Year-long programs. The Japanese government will make a final decision by the prime minister after listening to experts and other comments. The date of publication will take into account such things as printed matters such as calendars and notepads, as well as changes in the system of officials and civilians.

Park Geun-hye refused to be tried Korean media: When the president so unconfirmed constitution

                    (Original title: Park Geun-hye refused to be tried Korean media batch: when the president so unobstructed constitution)


下载_副本.jpg Park Geun-hye

Overseas Network December 8 u0026 nbsp; In mid-October, in order to protest the South Korean court’s decision to postpone the arrest, Park Geun-hwa’s seven lawyers collectively resigned. Since then, Park Geun-hye closed the door refused to be tried. South Korea’s progressive media, “Korea National Daily News” December 6 published an article criticizing Park Geun-hye rights abuse, and said she refused to stand trial is extended during his presidency ignoring the constitutional consistency.

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, on 13 October, South Korea’s Central District Court decided to extend the period of imprisonment on the ground that Park Geun-hye had “the possibility of destroying evidence”. Park Geun-hye’s custody of the longest time will be extended for 6 months, that is, to be released in April next year, which led to Park Geun-hye’s strong dissatisfaction. On October 16, Park Geun-wee made a rare speech during trial. She denied her suspicion that the trial was a “political retaliation” for her. The same day, Park Geun-hye seven defense lawyers to resign collectively. Lawyer Liu Rongxia accused the court of deferring the arrest of Park Geun-hye’s judgment “unreasonable,” saying “it will be the most shameful black history in the history of South Korean judiciary.” Park Geun-hye said: “Trust in judges has no meaning and will be adjudicated as judges. “On October 25, the South Korean court announced that it had identified five new lawyers for Park Geun-hye.

According to the Hannibal Daily, Park now refuses to be tried and exercises similar right of silence to “refuse to go to court”. From a legal point of view, this does no good to her and no benefit to the public . The Korean Constitution only explicitly guarantees that the parties involved in criminal cases have the right to a prompt and open trial without the parties’ right not to be tried. The analysis said that in a sense, refusing to appear in court can be regarded as a disregard of the constitution, which in turn prolonged her usual disregard for the Constitution during her presidency.

The report also said that Park Geun-hwan’s refusal to meet with a national election lawyer who spent national tax hired also belonged to a kind of abuse of rights. Regardless of whether the court makes a guilty or not-guilty verdict on his various suspects in the future, Park Geun-hui should now defended himself seriously, exercising the rights of the defendant now and playing the slightest impetus for the development of the country’s judiciary. “This is also why she The only thing that can be done for Korean society. ”

Follow the United States pace? Philippines wants to move embassy to Jerusalem

                    (Original title: Follow America’s footsteps? Philippines wants to move embassy to Jerusalem)



Philippine President Duterte (first from left) and U.S. President Trump (first from right).

overseas online December 8 electric u0026 nbsp; local time on December 6, US President Trump in his speech, the White House announced that the US recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the relocation of the US embassy in Israel To Jerusalem. This move by the United States was immediately condemned and opposed by many countries. However, some countries also decided to follow the pace of the United States and recognize the status of Jerusalem.

According to Israel’s Haaretz, Philippine President Duterte has deliberately followed the pace of the United States by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocating the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Israeli Times reported that when Trump had not yet officially announced the decision, the Philippines and a country in Eastern Europe contacted the Israeli Foreign Ministry to discuss the relocation.

It is learned that on the 7th Czech Republic President Zerman praised Trump’s decision and said that the Czech Republic will soon follow the United States and move the embassy to Jerusalem.

“The Czech Republic believes that according to the post-1967 Palestinian-Israeli dividing line, West Jerusalem is the de facto capital of Israel.” “The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs will base its efforts on the Palestinian-Israeli basis, As a result of the negotiations, consider moving the embassy of the Czech Republic from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “

In addition, Hungary is also interested in recognizing the status of Jerusalem. The “EU Observers” website pointed out that two EU member states expressed their support for the U.S. decision to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The two countries are the Czech Republic and Hungary, respectively, and their position makes the EU’s position very difficult, because at present most of the EU member states are opposed to the U.S. decision.

Even as many countries now condemn the U.S. move to move the embassy to Jerusalem, Israel expects that there will still be other countries that will follow the United States and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the JT reported on the 7th.

c502e3a8be32d893767fbcf9f97a65a8_w.jpg U.S. President Trump signed on the 6th the announcement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. According to earlier reports from overseas websites, U.S. President Trump announced on the 6th in the White House that the United States has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem to Jerusalem. Many multinational leaders in the world have expressed opposition to this and are worried that the move may trigger new violent conflicts and ruin all hope of a peaceful resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

U.S.-ROK military exercise is under way for the first time that Russian strategic bomber patrols the South Pacific

                    (Original title: Russian strategic bombers patrolling the South Pacific for the first time during the U.S.-ROK military exercises)


QQ截图20171208112850.jpg Figure -95MS strategic bombers (the Russian Defense Ministry picture)

overseas online December 8 electric u0026 nbsp; local time on the 7th, two Russian strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons from Indonesia took off, executed in the South Pacific Patrol mission. This is the first time that the Russian Air Force has carried out such patrols. In addition, two Russian warships arrived in Myanmar on the same day for an interview. At present, the United States and South Korea are holding an annual large-scale joint air exercise called “the trump card” on the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, the move by Russia is quite somewhat at odds with the U.S. being diametrically opposed to the United States in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to reports from “Russia Today” and Hong Kong’s “East Network,” the Russian Defense Ministry said that two Tu-95MS strategic bombers took off from a military base in Biak Island, Papua Province, Indonesia for the first time over the international waters of the South Pacific Patrol mission. The Defense Ministry stressed that all long-range air patrols conducted by the Russian military strictly abide by international aviation laws and regulations and did not infringe upon the airspace of other countries. It is reported that the two Russian bomber aircraft will depart from eastern Russia on the 5th (Tuesday) for nearly 9,000 kilometers and will arrive in the exercise of Biak Air Base in easternmost part of Indonesia on the 9th for a flight of 9,000. Russia revealed that on their way to Indonesia they encountered bad weather and were forced to change flight routes on many occasions.

Russian media said the patrol mission proved that its related equipment can still function normally under the hot and humid climate in Indonesia. The Indonesian media quoted sources in the country’s military as saying that a total of about 110 Russians have arrived in Indonesia to participate in the patrol.

The Indonesian military already has a number of Russian-made high-tech military equipment, including the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters, and the future also has the opportunity to introduce the Su-35 fighter. In addition, the Russian Navy’s anti-submarine destroyer Panditreyev and a supply ship arrived in Yangon, Myanmar, for a four-day unofficial visit. The Russian Defense Ministry said the warships will be open to the public during their stay.

North Korea through the United States spoke to the United States! We hope that we can seek direct security assurances through dialogue with the United States

                    (Original title: Just North Korea passed the message to Russia through the United States, hoping for direct dialogue and seeking security assurances.)


朝通过俄向美传话!希望同美直接对话寻求安全保证 British Guardian reports screenshot

“North Korea wants direct dialogue with the United States” [World Wide Web] “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attended the meeting in Vienna on the 7th and conveyed the DPRK’s request to U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson Tillerson did not respond immediately.

The Guardian reported on December 8 that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov conveyed North Korea’s message to U.S. Secretary of State Tyshler that the door between the DPRK and the United States for “direct talks” on the “nuclear impasse” is: Open, and seek security assurances from Washington.


Russia opposes the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

                    (Original title: Russia opposes U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel)


China news agency, Moscow, December 7 In response to the U.S. announcement of Israel’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, on December 7 local time, all parties in Russia expressed their opposition and said that the U.S. move would not help solve the Palestine-Israel issue and would reverse the situation in the region complication.

Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement the day that Russia is seriously concerned about the U.S. decision on the status of Jerusalem. Russia believes that the longstanding Palestinian-Israeli conflict can be solved just on the basis of international law.

The statement said that the U.S. risk of declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will further complicate the Palestinian-Israeli relations and the situation in the entire region.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gadirov said Russia will criticize the U.S. action in the UN Security Council.

Russian President Press Secretary Peskov said on the same day that the U.S. move will not help mediate in the Middle East and will trigger a strong Palestinian reaction.

rare! 14 years after the United States issued a “global alert”: Beware of terror attacks!

                    (The original title: Rare! United States 14 years after the issuance of “Global Alert”: Careful terror attack!)


All overseas Americans may be at risk of assault.

U.S. President Trump announced on Wednesday that recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has aroused the dissatisfaction of many Middle East countries and a large number of local people. Some Shiite militias even claimed to attack U.S. soldiers. The U.S. Department of State issued the “Worldwide Caution” on the same day, warning or warning that all overseas Americans are in danger but have not mentioned whether or not they are involved with Jerusalem.


US State Department’s official website screenshot

US State Department on December 6 issued this warning that all Americans should be wary of overseas brought by the terrorism, political unrest, violence and demonstrations and other events Dangerous and strongly encourage all citizens to remain vigilant and take appropriate measures to raise their safety awareness.

Hong Kong East Network reported on the 8th that the warnings did not specifically mention Israel and the Gaza Strip. However, the U.S. State Department earlier on Tuesday (Tuesday) called on U.S. citizens to try to avoid going to the Old City of Jerusalem and the West Bank.


Associated Press Matt Lee said that the United States last issued a “global alert” for its country policy when the war on Iraq was announced in 2003 14 years ago.


the Gaza Strip, there are protesters burned posters Trump

published in the Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after the speech, Shiite militias, “Hezbollah movement” denounced their “stupid Decision, “referring to the move as a” justification “to attack the U.S. military.

Conflict broke out?

Trump’s decision to acknowledge Jerusalem has already caused clashes between Palestine and Israel, and the Israeli military said that a rocket landed on the 7th from the Gaza corridor to the south of Israel. The town of Soderrod, Israel’s closest town to Gaza, was attacked by a multitude of rockets fired by Gaza. The local council once sent a red warning signal about the first attack on Israeli territory after U.S. President Trump admitted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Israeli military returned fire immediately.


Talk to a female subordinate on behalf of pregnancy? Another U.S. congressman resigned due to sexual harassment investigation

                    (Former Title: Talk to Surrogate, Representative of Another Member Resigning from Sexual Harassment Investigation)


China news agency, Washington, December 7 Trent Franks, who has served for the eighth consecutive term as U.S. House of Representatives, announced his resignation on the evening of the 7th. The current House Ethics Committee is investigating his discussions with two former females about sexual harassment on behalf of surrogacy.

The Republican congressman from Arizona said in a statement that I recently learned that the Ethics Committee was investigating the fact that I was talking to two former fellow women about surrogacy and that the conversation made them feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry for the unpleasantness of discussing related options and processes in the workplace. In his statement, Franks emphasized that he absolutely did not have sexual contact with any staff member. He said he and his wife have not developed for many years. The current twin sons and daughters came through surrogacy. They wanted another sibling, so he found a second surrogate mother and the result failed.

Because of his familiarity with the surrogate process, Franks said he did not realize that such an overly personal topic would have a negative effect on others, but stressed he was responsible.

Australia set off an anti-China wave or asked Xinhua News Agency to register with the Australian government

                    (Original title: go crazy! Australia not only set off anti-China trend, but also to the Xinhua News Agency start …)


On the 7th local time, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull formally submitted a new bill to Parliament. Australian media disclosed the details of the bill. It is reported that similar provisions of the United States “Foreign Proxy Registration Act” will require the Chinese state media to register with the Australian government.

澳掀反华潮 总理提案要求中国官方媒体向政府注册

Recently, a wave of speculation over the so-called “infiltration” of China and the “spy” of China has been stirred up by the hostile Australian media. In response, the Chinese embassy in Australia issued a statement on the 6th by a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Australia, sending solemn warnings to some Australian media and government officials.

Conversation said that the Australian media coverage of the storm, full of cold war mentality and ideological prejudices, are typical hysteria and paranoia. He also said that China has no intention of interfering in Macao’s internal affairs and has no intention of influencing Macao’s political process through political contributions. We urge Australia to treat China with an objective, impartial and rational attitude toward China-Australia relations.

澳掀反华潮 总理提案要求中国官方媒体向政府注册
Chinese Embassy in Australia’s official website screenshot


Recently, some of Australia’s media continue to press China cooked up the so-called impact to Australia penetration. These reports capture the wind and capture the cold war mentality and ideological prejudices, which are typical hysteria and paranoia. The report not only gives the Chinese government unwarranted accusations, but also carries out unscrupulous slanders against Chinese students and overseas Chinese living in Australia, racially discriminating and tarnishing Australia’s image as a multicultural society. Some politicians and officials in Australia have also made irresponsible remarks and have undermined the political mutual trust between China and Australia. We resolutely reject this.

China has always insisted on developing friendly relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. This is one of the important principles of China’s foreign policy. China has no intention of interfering in Macao’s internal affairs and has no intention of influencing Macao’s political process through political contributions. We urge Australia to treat China with an objective, impartial and rational attitude toward China-Australia relations.

Australia Feel China’s “Fury” Still Not Taking a Hand

Many Australian media even used “rage” to describe the content of the speech by the spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Australia on the 6th.

Most Australian media coverage in the report quoted the embassy’s statement as a prompt response to the Opposition Escape Act and unanimously used the term “rage” to describe the harsh rhetoric of the statement, saying that this time the Chinese government really Angry. The Sydney Morning Herald said: “The Hawkish” Global Times “said that the Turnbull administration’s series of exaggerations to prevent China can not help but remind us of McCarthyism in the 1950s in the United States, Go crazy. “

Nevertheless, the Australian Prime Minister yesterday submitted a new bill, requiring the Chinese state media to register with the Australian government or face prosecution.

The Australian government reported to the Parliament in three separate bills, the Australian newspaper reported. The new bill includes three components of the Transparency Project on Foreign Influences, Foreign Intervention Crime and Prohibition of Political Contributions. Among them, the Foreign Impact Transparency Initiative requires the public registration of individuals or companies acting on behalf of foreign countries that influence Australia’s politics, similar to the existing lobbyist registration system. Foreign interference in crime modernizes the existing treason and expands the definition of existing espionage, including instigating or urging someone to engage in espionage and preparing or planning espionage.

As the Christmas and New Year approaching, the Australian Parliament is about to adjourn the deliberation of the bill is likely to be dragged to next year, but the possibility of adoption is very large. The Sydney Morning Herald, a unit of the Fairfax News Group, reported on the 7th that if the bill is passed, the official Chinese media must register with the Australian government or face prosecution. The newspaper said China’s Xinhua News Agency and Russia’s “Russia Today” are likely to be required to register. After the registration, “the relevant personnel or organization will not be stigmatized, but let the Australian people know who is associated with the foreign government.” Review: Australian media hype “China’s political contributions”

Turkey’s historic visit to Greece was called on to stop its airspace

                    (Original title: Turkish President’s historic visit to Greece)


Athens, December 7 (Xinhua) Turkey’s President Erdogan started a two-day visit to Greece on the 7th. This is the first visit to Greece by Turkish heads of state since 1952.

On the same day, Greek Prime Minister Tsipras met with Erdogan. The two sides discussed the relations between Greece and Turkey, the relations between the EU and Turkey, the issue of refugees, the issue of Cyprus, regional security and the fight against terrorism. Tsipras said that although there have been differences between the two countries, both sides have responded in a constructive rather than a provocative manner. President Tou’s visit will unveil a new page for bilateral relations. On the EU-Turkey relations, Tsipras said Greece has always supported a democratic Turkey to move closer to Europe and hopes Turkey will return to the democratic reform as soon as possible. Erdogan reiterated his hope that Greece will repatriate eight Turkish soldiers who fled to the country in the attempted coup attempt last year. Tsipras said only the judiciary can decide on this issue and its decision should be fully respected.

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