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US Olympic Committee: There is no plan to withdraw from the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics

                    (Original title: US Olympic Committee: There is no plan to withdraw from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics)

                                   Xinhua News Agency, New York, December 8
The U.S. Olympic Committee said on the 7th that the plan to participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018 has not changed. While U.S. government officials declared that “no official decision has yet been made,” they said “the United States is looking forward to participating in the Winter Olympics.”

According to the Associated Press, the turmoil began with the remarks made by the Permanent Representative of the United States to Hei Li in an interview with Fox News. She said that after North Korea conducted a series of missile tests and clashes between the leaders of the two countries, relations between the United States and the DPRK became increasingly strained. Under such circumstances, whether the U.S. team participated in the Winter Olympics held in South Korea is “an outstanding issue problem”.

Since then, the U.S. Olympic Committee responded in a statement on the 7th that the plan to participate in the Winter Olympics from February 9 to 25 has not changed. But soon, White House Spokesman Sanders said outside the United States government “has not made any official decision” whether or not to participate in the Winter Olympics.

Afterwards, Sanders clarified on the social platform: “The United States looks forward to participating in the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Protecting the safety of Americans is our top priority and we are working with South Korea and other countries to ensure competition Venue safety. “

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake in the Caroline Islands hit a depth of 20 kilometers

China Earthquake Network Formal Determination: At 17:51 on December 08, an M 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Caroline Islands (latitude 10.00 degrees north latitude and 140.20 degrees east longitude) with a focal depth of 20 kilometers.

The explosion in a market in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, has caused several casualties

                    (Original title: Kabul, Afghanistan, an explosion in the market has caused several casualties)

                                   According to Tolo News, at 3 pm local time, an explosion in a market in Kabul, Afghanistan killed at least 2 people and injured 6 others.

Initial reports indicate that the explosion occurred in densely populated areas and was triggered by a magnetic bomb.

ICAO: There is no role in setting up a no-fly zone around North Korea

                    (Original title: ICAO does not consider setting no-fly zones around North Korea: unpredictable due to missile launches)


North Korea’s increasingly frequent missile tests may affect commercial aviation, so that civil aviation departments are worried and some airlines even adjust their flight routes. However, according to Reuters news agency reported on the 8th, sources said that the UN agency ICAO currently does not consider setting up a “no-fly zone” around North Korea because of the unpredictable direction of North Korea’s missile launch. “No-fly zone” Does not work. According to the Xinhua News Agency earlier reports, North Korea announced on November 29 that it successfully tested the newly developed “Mars-15” ICBM on the same day. The international community has condemned North Korea’s move in violation of relevant UN resolutions and threatened regional and world peace and stability. The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry also said on the same day that China strongly expressed its concern and opposition to the DPRK’s launch activities and strongly urged the DPRK to abide by the relevant resolutions of the Security Council.

No effect on no-fly zones

On the 7th, South China Morning Post quoted Alexandre de Juniac, chairman and chief executive officer of IATA, ICAO may announce a no-fly zone in the surrounding area of ​​North Korea. However, two anonymous sources familiar with ICAO revealed to Reuters on the 8th that although ICAO urges airlines to take precautionary measures, the organization does not advocate the establishment of a no-fly zone. Because it is destructive for airlines, it is also hard to figure out where North Korea will launch missiles. One of the sources said that North Korea’s missile launches were too random to “have no effect on the [no-fly zone].”

Another source said that as a result of a 2014 missile attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine, North Korea’s Missile testing activities make the civil aviation sector very worried.

Although there is currently no international flight to borrow North Korean airspace, North Korea’s airspace is very busy.

Previously, ICAO had condemned North Korea for conducting a missile test without prior warning and considered North Korea’s move as a threat to commercial flights. So far North Korea has not followed ICAO’s advice to send a reminder before the launch of the missile.

Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported that following the re-launch of a missile test on North Korea on 29 November, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) also issued a statement condemning North Korea’s firing of ballistic missiles as a threat to international aviation safety. The group urged North Korea to comply with the agreement on international civil aviation so as to avoid a recurrence of a possible endangering of aviation safety.

Various airlines reacted differently

In view of North Korea’s increasingly frequent missile tests, some airlines have begun to adjust their existing routes in an attempt to sidestep the airspace around North Korea and the Sea of ​​Japan.

Reuters said such measures were taken by Air France KLM SA in Europe and Germany’s Lufthansa in August this year.

Reuters reported on 4 August this year that just minutes before an intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Korea on July 28 landed in the sea of ​​Japan near Hokkaido, a fleet of Air France’s Boeing 777s, which flew from Tokyo to Paris, just passed by . There were over 300 passengers on the plane at the time. Media reports such as CNN say the airliner may be in danger.

Air France KLM immediately announced that it has expanded its no-fly zone to Tokyo and Osaka routes. A spokesman for the group said that expanding no-fly zones will increase the range of different flights by 10-30 minutes.

Singapore Airlines also told CNNMoney on the 6th that Singapore Airlines has changed its service route from Los Angeles to Seoul in July this year. Currently, the route of Singapore Airlines is not within the ballistic range of North Korea’s missiles.

A Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip

                    (Original title: A Palestinian shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip)

                                   On December 8 local time (Friday, December 8), a Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip, Reuters reported.

Palestinian health authorities confirmed the man’s death the same day. A statement from the Israeli military also mentioned that “the IDF has selectively opened fire on two major Palestinian instigators and has set a target.” According to other news from Russia today, the conflict between Palestine and Israel has led to more than 200 injuries.

According to previous reports from overseas websites, Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers broke out violent clashes in several areas of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip starting on the 7th with the parties throwing stones, tear gas and “shocking bullets” during the clashes. Earlier, U.S. President Trump issued a statement acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to the Washington Post, hundreds of Palestinian protesters set fire to tires and threw stones at Israeli soldiers near a checkpoint in Ramallah, while Israeli soldiers fired dozens of Palestinian protesters Tear gas and “shock bomb” (to create a strong flash and huge noise).


In addition, similar clashes erupted in East Jerusalem and other parts of the Gaza Strip, with reports of injuries on each side.

The Israeli military said the Israeli army will redeploy its combat troops around Jerusalem in response to the possible instability triggered by the announcement of U.S. President Trump’s recognition of Israel as the capital of Israel. According to the assessment made by the General Staff on the current situation, the military said the military decided to step up the deployment of several battalion combat troops in Samaria and Judea near Jerusalem. The Israeli military also formulated a plan to deal with unexpected situations and some of the rapid reaction troops entered the state of alert.


EU Japan to conclude negotiations: will create the world’s largest open economy zone

                    (Original title: EU Japan to complete free trade agreement negotiations will create the largest open economic zone)

                                   Trade Commissioner Malmstone.

TIM截图20171208223248.png (Photo Source: Reuters)

Overseas Network December 8 – Reuters reported that the EU and Japan have completed negotiations on a free trade agreement that will create the world’s largest open economy zone. Reportedly, this move marks the two sides to abandon the U.S. trade protectionist stance of President Trump.

It was reported that the two parties had already agreed on the framework of the agreement in July. On Friday (August 8) local time, the negotiators of both parties completed a legal text and are expected to open economic and trade accounts for 30% of the global output. Japan’s European Union will work together to create a free, fair and rule-based economic zone and will serve as a model for the international social and economic order in the 21st century. “

It is reported that Japan was originally planned One of the signatories to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), Trump, however, abandoned the agreement on its first day in office. Abe said that the EU and Japan will now open a “new era.”

TILERSON: It may take two years for the U.S. embassy to move to Jerusalem

                    (Original title: Tillerson said it may take two years for the U.S. Embassy to move to Jerusalem)


Paris, 8 December (Xinhua) US Secretary of State Tyshler said in Paris on the 8th that it may take two years for the U.S. embassy in Israel to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem because of the need for site selection, construction and various kinds of ratification.

What did Trump do before addressing Jerusalem?

                    (The original title: Jerusalem battle | What Trump made before the position? Aircraft carrier in place, defense long appease)


The aftermath of the U.S. aircraft carrier’s three aircraft carriers in the Sea of ​​Japan in early November has not yet been cleared. However, the Nimitz and the Reagan have recently returned to their home ports of Japan and the United States respectively. Only the Roosevelt exception.

Where did it go?

The Roosevelt entered the Persian Gulf on the 2nd of this month and began its combat readiness operations in the heart of the Middle East on December 5, which means “Roosevelt” numbers have been filled in since the report of the U.S. Naval Research Association News Network on December 5. After the “Nimitz” left in late October, the U.S. aircraft carrier lasted for more than a month in the Gulf. Also on the 5th of Washington time, White House officials announced at a news conference that U.S. President Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and will relocate the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

As soon as this decision was announced, it caused an international shakeout. Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine all expressed opposition and warned of the potential instability. Saudi King Salman, speaking to Trump, stressed that any U.S. announcement on the status of Jerusalem would “arouse the sentiments of Muslims around the world.” Turkey’s President Erdogan also said that Jerusalem is the red line for all Muslims. Trump’s move will mobilize the Muslim community as a whole. Turkmenistan may also interrupt its diplomatic ties with Israel.

“In the long run, Trump’s move may boost the clashes between civilizations in the Middle East.” Liu Zhongmin told Surging News ( “But in fact, due to the Syrian civil war in recent years, The crisis in the Gulf russia and the rise of extremism. The strength of the Arab countries is so weak that it is difficult for them to exert a substantive influence on the United States on the Palestine-Israel issue. “

Liu Zhongmin emphasized that this is triggered by the weakness of the state at the national level. Organizational and individual violence and even extreme activities should be warned. “For example, extremist forces represented by the Islamic State may take this opportunity to lift the banner of anti-U.S. Opposition and carry out mass social mobilization to create new instabilities in the Middle East.”

Perhaps because of these factors In addition to replenishing its aircraft carrier, the United States has long been in preparation for diplomatic and security preparations. At present, Matthias, the core member of the Trump administration and top official of the Department of Defense, has been visiting the Middle East for many days and is still living in the Gulf region. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, starting on December 2, Matisse started to visit four Muslim countries in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and Kuwait successively – this is the second time that Matisse has visited the Mideast countries after taking office.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the fight against extremism and the peace process in the Middle East are all important topics for Matisse’s visit. Among the four countries visited by Matisse, Egypt and Jordan both are neighboring countries with Israel, and both have an important weight in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that are crucial to the peace process between Palestine and Israel. Although Kuwait is geographically far from Palestine, it has provided long-term financial support to Palestine. The Palestinian leader has also repeatedly visited Kuwait and won substantial political and economic support.

“Egypt and Jordan are the Arab countries most closely related to the Palestine-Israel issue and the first two countries in the Arab world that have established diplomatic relations with Israel and have close political and military ties with the United States.” Liu Zhongmin said: “Matisse Visiting the two countries at this time naturally carries the color of an explanation for Trump’s decision and is likely to make a security commitment to these countries as an anti-Israeli identity. “

At the end of November, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt A terrorist attack targeting the mosque killed more than 300 people. In fact, this attack was only one of the many terrorist attacks in Egypt this year. In October, there was even a massive exchange of fire between terrorists and police forces and the killing of at least dozens of police officers. As a result, there were widespread suspicions that “the Islamic State Other organizations have infiltrated Sinai Peninsula.

United Nations: Chinese Patent Application Leading Global Total 98%

                    (Original title: United Nations Report: Chinese patent applications leading the world)


Geneva, December 6 Xinhua Xinhua News Agency, December 6 An annual report released by the World Intellectual Property Organization on the 6th by the United Nations shows that in 2016, innovators from all over the world submitted 3.1 million patent applications and maintained the growth for the seventh consecutive year. Among them, the increase of patent applications in China accounted for 98% of the total global increment.

The World Intellectual Property Indicators report shows that the number of patent applications filed globally increased by 8.3% in 2016 over the previous year. China has handled more applications than the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Patent Office.

“China is gradually becoming a global leader in innovation and branding.” Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, said that from China’s share of the increase in global patent filings, it can be seen that China’s innovation development trend.

The EU opposes the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem to the approval of the U.S. fire

                    (Original title: German media: EU opposes U.S. move to embassy in Jerusalem for approval of “beauty”


德媒:欧盟反对美驻以大使馆迁至耶路撒冷 批美“火上浇油”_《参考消息》官方网站
Information Figure: US embassy in Israel based in Tel Aviv (Deutsche Welle Radio website)

According to German media reported on December 7 u0026 nbsp; German media said it was a War commitment. But many people have strong objections to his fulfillment of this promise. In their eyes, if the United States really relocated the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, this would be a very adventurous step.

According to the Deutsche Welle radio website reported on December 5, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Genghiro Mogharini solemnly warned that the United States should not unilaterally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The nature of the city should be defined through negotiation. Mogherini made the above statement after meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson in Brussels. Moghrini said it is necessary to try “everything possible” to avoid the difficulties that will bring rebalancing to Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. She asserted that Jerusalem must become both the capital of Israel and the capital of Palestine. In the Middle East conflict, the EU supports the two countries’ programs. Tillerson did not say anything at the press conference.

According to Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency, U.S. President Trump has informed President Bagh that his intention is “to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.” The report said the Abbas government office released the news after a phone call with Mr Trump. In the statement, it is impossible to see if Trump plans to relocate the embassy immediately.

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Assselborn has commented on Trump’s relocation plan before saying: “It is fueling and will be quite explosive.”

German Foreign Minister Gabriel also warned against such a decision Bring “far-reaching impact.” During an event in Berlin, Gabriel stated that the Jerusalem issue “can only be resolved through direct negotiations by all parties to the conflict.”

According to a resolution passed by the U.S. Congress in 1995 to relocate to the embassy in Jerusalem, Congress decided semimonthly to decide whether to implement the resolution or to suspend the implementation of the resolution.

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