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U.S. imposes ban on Cambodia’s Cambodian government: No big deal

                    (Original title: U.S. imposes “ban on entry” to Cambodia Cambodia side: no big deal)

                                   Agence France-Presse said on the 7th that the U.S. State Department announced on the 6th that it will ban the entry of Cambodian officials deemed “democratized” into the United States. In response, the Cambodian government said on the 7th, “No big deal.”

Russia 2018 Presidential Election: True Suspense or After Election

                    (Original title: Russia’s 2018 presidential election: the real suspense or after the election)


Russian proverb goes like this: “It is better late than not.” On 6 December, Putin, who has been evaded from discussing his candidacy, suddenly made it clear that he will attend the 2018 presidential election in Russia and finally gives an answer to the question repeatedly raised from the beginning of the year.

资料图: 俄罗斯总统普京 Data Figure: Russian President Putin

Russia will hold the new presidential election in March 2018. At present, except Putin, the leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party, such as Zhirinovsky, Yablovsky, the founder of the Yablo Party, and Sobchak, the hostess of the television station, have announced their candidacies earlier.

The election curtain slowly opened. According to a recent opinion poll completed by the “Social Opinion” Foundation in Russia by public opinion pollsters in late November, most Russians are satisfied with Putin’s administration. If Putin is elected, two-thirds of voters will vote for Putin. The opinion poll given by the “Levada” polling agency shows that more than half of the respondents are willing to vote for Putin. The second best candidate can only get no more than 5% of the votes.

In addition to the raging public opinion, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, the Federal Council Chairman and some governors and other officials on the 7th have also voiced one after another, directly or indirectly, express their support for Putin’s candidacy. There is no doubt that “late” Putin has become the most popular Russian presidential election in 2018.

Russian expert analysis holds that Putin, who has been elected president for three times, has to some extent become a symbol of the Russian state. In particular, during the tenure of office in 2012, Putin resolutely “recovered” Crimea, stepped in Syria’s situation with strength and flexibly confronted U.S. and Western countries for sanctions and containment, and maintained Russia’s interests and dignity. Internally, Putin adjusted his policies in a timely manner, stabilized exchange rates and inflation rates, maintained employment and social security systems, and maintained the people’s decent and social stability. Internal affairs, diplomacy won popular. In contrast, other candidates, lacking in governance or lack of prestige, were struggling to make a substantive challenge to Putin in the general election. As Russian Presidents Press Secretary Peskov said on the 7th, Putin is the most powerful candidate for the presidential election. “The support he receives is out of reach of other candidates.”

At present, Russia generally believes that Putin’s announcement of the election means that the result of the 2018 presidential election is no longer a suspense. The truly alarming suspense has become the general election after Russia’s current situation will be how to be improved. At the same time, Russia and the United States are faced with a series of problems such as sluggish economic growth, imperfect investment environment and a widening gap between the rich and the poor. In addition, Russia also urgently needs to improve the relations between Russia and the United States, reduce the intensity of confrontation and at an early date get out of the unfavorable situation of being sanctioned and blocked by western countries.

Putin has just announced his candidacy and the agenda for the election has not yet been announced. It was already appealed on the 7th that Putin should announce its future policy agenda as soon as possible and in this regard provide answers to the questions of concern to all circles in Russia.

Former US gymnastics team doctor involved child pornography sentenced to 60 years or jail for the rest of his life

                    (Former Title: US front gymnastics team involved in child pornography was sentenced to 60 years or jail for the rest of his life)



overseas online December 8 electric u0026 nbsp; According to Hong Kong before East network reported, local time on December 7, suspected of sexually abusing more than 100 people, earlier pleaded guilty to the charges against the US national gymnastics team doctor pulled Larry Nassar, convicted of child pornography for 60 years in federal court. Nazar is currently 54 years old and will spend the rest of her life in jail.

Another U.S. lawmaker announced his resignation because of a sexual harassment scandal

                    (Original title: Another US congressman announced his resignation due to sexual harassment scandal)


China news agency, Washington, December 7 U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota announced on the 7th that he will resign in the next few weeks and become the second allegation of sexual harassment following House of Representative John Conyers And resigned MPs.

Franken came to the Senate with his wife on the same day. In the Senate speech, he did not apologize, did not admit that he had any misconduct. He said some charges against him were untrue and some were quite different from what he remembered. Franconian says the Minnesota people deserve a senator who can serve them heart and soul every day so he will resign in the coming weeks.

On November 16, Los Angeles-based radio host Tweedon alleged on the website that Franken was kissing and touching her at an event organized by the U.S. Army in 2016, with a Franconian pair She was shot asleep, “attack the chest,” the photos. Franconian made two statements on the same day. In a brief statement, he said he did not remember kissing and said that the picture of “raiding his chest” was originally intended to be funny. In the face of accusations of public opinion, Franken made another long statement, to Tweedon apologized.

Since then, more women have appeared in media reports that Franconia had sexually harassed them, and Franconian said he was willing to cooperate fully with the parliamentary ethics review. In a speech to the Senate on the 7th, he emphasized this again and said he was fully confident about the ethics committee’s findings.

Two days ago, John Cornell, the oldest non-government representative in the United States who also faced allegations of sexual harassment and congressional investigations, announced that he “retired,” as Franklin did He also denied all allegations, but with a slight difference, Kennels’s “retirement” came into effect immediately.

Since the Democratic New York State Senator Corrsten Geelbrunn on the 6th issued a speech demanding that Franck resign, not only more female senators have joined the ranks of Geely Brandland to issue a statement demanding his resignation, Even Senate Minority Leader Schumer also stood up and asked Franck to resign.

The King of Jordan reiterated his support for Palestine on the issue of Jerusalem

                    (Original title: King Jordan reiterated its support for Palestine)


Amman, December 7 (Xinhua) Jordanian King Abdullah II met with visiting Palestinian President Abbas in Amman on the 7th and reiterated Jordan’s support for Palestine on the issue of Jerusalem.

The Royal Jordanian Government issued a statement on the 7th that Abdullah II reiterated to Abbas the unconditional Jordanian support for Palestine on the question of Jerusalem. Abdullah II said that Jordan will work with Palestine and the international community to strive for the legal rights of the Palestinian people and work for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

It is agreed by both parties that what is most important now is to join the Arab countries and the international community to protect the security and legal rights of Palestinians living in Jerusalem and to resist U.S. President Trump’s violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and to avoid any possible Unilateral Measures that Have Unstable Consequences in the Middle East.

U.S. fires out of control: 200,000 people are forced to flee more than 50 schools closed

                    (Original title: US state of fire out of control: 200,000 people were forced to flee more than 50 schools closed)



NASA’s Terra satellite on December 6, 2017 California fire shooting, image display, the fire had already spread to the Pacific coast, deep into the smoke of fires over the ocean .

overseas online December 8 electric u0026 nbsp; comprehensive foreign media reports, a large Southern California wildfires occurred at local time on December 4, and burned over 124 square feet in a few hours Km of land. US National Fire Safety Agency said as of December 7, the region has forced the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people, shutting down more than 50 schools and some freeways.

It is reported that on the evening of December 4, the first fire occurred in Ventura County, southern California. Immediately, the fire began to spread rapidly. As of the morning of December 7, 96,000 acres (Editor’s note: 1 acre equals approximately 4046.85 square meters) of land and at least 150 buildings have been burned down and more than 12,000 people have been threatened throughout the region. The local fire department warned on the 7th that these figures may rise sharply with the increasing winds of the day.

bknint-20171206180045858-1206_17011_001_01p (1).jpg Mountain fire is spreading.

According to the Los Angeles Times, bad weather conditions have made southern California a “powder keg.” On December 7, there was a strong wind across southern California, and the fire was almost impossible to be contained, forcing more people to evacuate. The National Weather Service predicts that the wind speed on the day will reach 80 miles per hour. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the California Fire Chief said: “In such a strong wind, the fire brigade is incapable of extinguishing the fire.”

bknint-20171206041800045-1206_17011_001_03p.jpg Local residents carry domestic animals to escape. According to CNN, local officials said they predict the fire will “explode” and the fire burn index is expected to reach 296. It is reported that this figure is based on humidity, wind speed, temperature and a series of other factors calculated. When the index exceeds the rating of 162, it will be judged as extreme risk.

bknint-20171206041800045-1206_17011_001_02p.jpg After the fire, the building was destroyed and the scene was a mess.

It has also been reported that the flames in Ventura County have reached the Pacific Rim. California authorities closed a major highway on the 6th, causing traffic jams across the region. Earlier on the 7th, California authorities again closed a highway between Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. According to the National Public Radio (NPR), Los Angeles closed more than 50 local schools on the 6th due to security concerns.

bknint-20171206041800045-1206_17011_001_04p.jpg The picture shows the firefighters continue fighting the fire.

California governor Brown has reported that the state has been in a state of emergency and has come out with government funding to help resolve the fire. As of the morning of the 7th, about 1,700 firefighters in California were fighting a big fire. “This fire is dangerous and spreading very fast, but we will continue to do everything to solve the problem.” In the face of the same fire, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, Out of frustration, he told reporters that “these days are heartbreaking.”

bknint-20171206041800045-1206_17011_001_01p.jpg The picture shows the Ventura County fire scene.

The Social Democrats in Germany decided to start a dialogue with the coalition party on the formation of the cabinet

                    (Original title: German Social Democracy Party decided to build dialogue with the coalition party)


BERLIN, December 7 (Xinhua) German Social Democratic Party (Social Democrats) held a party congress in Berlin on the 7th. The meeting decided to hold a dialogue with the coalition party, the largest party in the German parliament, on the issue of a united cabinet.

On the day of congressional deputies, the Social Democrats (SPDs) voted to adopt the latest version of the program of action proposed by the top party of the party and also approved the dialogue with the Coalition Party led by German Chancellor Merkel on the joint cabinet-building.

In addition, the Social Democratic Party leader Martin Schultz was re-elected as chairman of the party with a 81.9% vote.

In the German Bundestag election held in September this year, the Social Democratic Party received the second largest number of votes after the Union Party. The Social Democrats have repeatedly said since then they are reluctant to form a coalition government with the Coalition. However, with the break-up of the coalition party’s cabinet-building negotiations with the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, the senior Social Democrats reconsider their coalition party’s ruling with the German President’s call for “political responsibility.”

The Israeli army dispatched aircraft tanks to retaliate against the Gaza target

                    (Original title: Israeli forces retaliation against Gaza target)


Israel Defense Ministry released news that on the evening of the 7th, Israel was hit by three artillery shells from the Gaza Strip. Two of them fell into the Gaza Strip and one fell into southern Israel without causing any casualties. Subsequently, the Israeli army dispatched a tank and a fighter plane to retaliate against both targets in the Gaza Strip.

According to local media in Gaza, an armed group called the “Salahuddin Brigade” has claimed responsibility for the shelling and said it is “ready for a missile to respond to the Israeli aggression.”

On the 6th of this month, U.S. President Trump announced that it recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The move sparked strong resentment from all walks of life in Palestine, and the security situation between Palestine and Israel was rapidly strained. Mass marches broke out in various parts of Pakistan and local people clashed with Israeli military police. According to Palestinian local media, the conflict has resulted in the injury of dozens of Palestinians.

Polish ruling party spokesman: Prime Minister Beitautaidev resign

                    (Original title: Polish Prime Minister Hiddew resigned)


Warsaw, Xinhua News Agency, December 7 The spokesman for the Polish ruling party Law and Justice Party Masurik said on the 7th that Prime Minister Beita Xidevo submitted his resignation and was approved on the same day.

Magur Zurak said that the Prime Minister’s candidature proposed by the Political and PKR Political Council is the current deputy prime minister, Matthūs Moravedov. Azulej said that Law and Justice wants Hedwos to remain in the cabinet for other positions.

Poland has held frequent meetings on government restructuring in recent months. Vasinski, a spokesman for Polish President Dudhic, confirmed that Duda met with Yaroslaw Kaczynski and Siddev, chairman of the Law and Justice Party, earlier on the 7th to discuss the restructuring of the government.

U.S. government halts crisis temporarily lifted! Congress passed a provisional appropriation bill

                    (Original title: Congress passed the provisional appropriation act US government shut down the crisis until December 22)

                                   On the 8th (local time) on Thursday (July 7), the U.S. Congress voted to pass the resolution on providing the government with a short-term budget to ensure that the federal government’s funds can be maintained until Dec. 22, temporarily relieving the government Stall crisis.

According to the CNN and US Chinese network reports, on the afternoon of the 7th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the provisional appropriation bill with 235 votes to 193 votes. Subsequently, the United States Senate also voted to pass the provisional appropriation bill, the United States government to normal operation until December 22. It is reported that in September this year, the United States Congress passed a provisional government appropriation bill, but the bill will expire on Friday (8th) midnight. The newly approved provisional appropriation bill has not changed any policies and expenditures. Instead, the current government expenditure plan has been extended to December 22. If Congress fails to set a spending bill for the 30th of September next year by December 22, Congress may be forced to pass another short-term appropriation bill to secure enough time.

At noon on the 7th, Democrat Senate leaders Schumer and Pelosi, Republican House Senate leaders McConnell and Ryan traveled to the White House to meet with Trump in the hope that a long-term Appropriation Bill as of September 30, next year Reach agreement

Before the meeting, Trump said: “Today’s people who come together are both friendly and united, and I hope we can make great progress for this country.”

Lindsay Walters, White House Spokesman ) Said the Trump administration hopes to find a financially responsible way to prevent the government from closing.

Senate Democrat leader Schumer said that if the government is closed, that is Trump’s responsibility. No one here wants to see the government shutting down. And the Democratic Party does not want such a thing to happen. In fact, Trump on the 6th has been released to the outside world, said the government may be closed on the 9th. The “Washington Post” had previously reported that Trump had disclosed that the U.S. government shutdown might benefit him. According to the newspaper, two sources disclosed that Trump had told his advisers that he would continue to be tough on immigration issues and continue to push for a wall to be built on the U.S.-Mexican border. Trump believes a tough stance on immigration may help him win back those who are dissatisfied with his contacts with Democrats. The Washington Post said Trump also said that if the government is shut down, he will push the responsibility to the Democrats.

According to the analysis of the report, Trump clearly placed his policy focus on tough immigration positions and hoped to win the majority of supporters’ satisfaction. He will push the responsibility of government closure to Democrats. Trump hopes his political foundation will allow him to win this “war.”

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