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Abe wants to lead Japan in participating in the “Belt and Road Initiative,” saying that it can work together vigorously

                    (Original title: Abe wants to lead Japan to participate in the “Belt and Road” saying it can cooperate vigorously)



Overseas Network December 4
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe commented on the “Belt and Road Initiative” proposed by China on the 4th and called the two countries “energetic cooperation” and stressed that the joint participation of the two countries in infrastructure development will contribute to the prosperity of Asia. Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered a speech on the 4th at a meeting between Chinese and Japanese economists in Tokyo, showing his willingness to promote economic cooperation between China and Japan. He commented on the “One Belt and Road Initiative” proposed by China and said that the two countries “can make vigorous cooperation.” Abe pointed out that the Japanese government envisions the cooperation with China in infrastructure development in Asia. “Sino-Japanese cooperation can meet the strong infrastructure needs in Asia. This will not only contribute to the development of the two countries, but also contribute to the prosperity of Asia.” He also said there is great possibility of mutually beneficial economic relations between China and Japan. Joint development of the two countries in infrastructure development will also be conducive to contributing to the world. However, Abe also stated that “the Pacific must be made an open and open area to the Indian Ocean,” and ensuring fairness and transparency are the preconditions for the two countries to cooperate under the framework of the “One Belt and One Road”.

According to reports, the day’s meeting called “CEO Summit of Japan and China” was reported and high-level leaders from Japan and China gathered together. The participating Japanese delegates include heads of large enterprises such as the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, and the Chinese side are attended by car manufacturers and relevant financial institutions. The representatives are expected to adopt a joint statement on the 5th. Abe said at a press conference held on November 4 in Manila, the Philippines, that the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the peace and friendship treaty between China and Japan will be ushered in next year, deepening exchanges and upgrading the relations between China and Japan to a new one. stage. He also said that looking forward to the “Belt and Road” construction can contribute to world peace and prosperity, Japan hopes to cooperate with China from this point of view.

United Nations Environment Assembly: Environmental degradation leads to 12.6 million deaths each year

                    (Original title: United Nations Environment Assembly: 12.6 million deaths per year resulting from deteriorating environment)



South Korean tourism revenue plummeted 45.5 billion Korean media: Chinese tourists do not come to make money difficult

                    (Original title: South Korea tourism revenues dropped 45.5 billion Korean media: Chinese tourists do not come to make money difficult)


韩国旅游收入锐减455亿元 韩媒:中国游客不来赚钱难_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Photo: Chinese tourists self-portrait in Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace. (Yonhap News)

Japanese media said the Olympics did not change Rio: gun case frequently drug trafficking organizations resurgence

                    (Original title: Japanese media said the Olympics did not bring changes to Rio: shootings frequent drug trafficking organizations resurgence)


日媒称奥运未给里约带来改变:枪击案频发 贩毒组织死灰复燃_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Photo: On August 5, people took pictures of the “Olympic City” Portuguese alphabet sculpture erected in Rio Olympic Park. Xinhua News Agency, Li Ming She

Reference News Network December 5 reported Japanese media said that from August 2016 for the first time in South America to host the Olympic Games, the time has passed more than a year. In Rio de Janeiro, where the previous Olympic Games took place, law and order conditions have deteriorated. Almost a daily shootings took place in the slums where poor people live. As of July this year, over 700 people have been killed in the shooting. What’s left of people living in the world with the “peace event” attracting global attention?

13-year-old girl was stung by fire in school

As reported by Japan’s Asahi Shimbun on December 4, about 10 km west of the international airport that was expanded prior to the Olympic Games last year, Pedrera region in northern Rio de Janeiro It is one of the famous slum in Brazil. A shabby house next to a floating floating garbage creek stench.

Linhe High School, a school of 700 students, suffered an accidental death in March this year. A 13-year-old girl was hit and killed by a stray bullet while playing basketball. The reason was gun battles by police and drug cartels next to the school, with two bullets fired by the police striking her head directly.

Reportedly, like the other slums in Rio, which are said to have as many as more than 1,000, the area is also infiltrated by drug trafficking syndicates selling cocaine and marijuana. Drug trafficking syndicates have weapons that they have spent heavily on the purchase of weapons, and once the police clean up it, there will be a shootout, albeit surrounded by residents.

The little girl’s mother said in tears, “My daughter was shot dead at school, and for the children, the school should have been the safest place.” Andretsa, the little girl friend, was hit by the incident and stopped after half a year. She said, “Every day I heard gunshots in this street, it was horrible, I hope to leave here early.”

According to the survey, as many as 3,829 gunshots were reported in Rio in the 1-year period to July this year, with 706 dead and 976 wounded. Up to June this year, in half a year, as many as 381 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens that stopped school because of the shooting incident.

A non-governmental organization in Rio, committed to improving law and order in the slum, states that from 2007 until about 11 years in November this year, 41 children under the age of 14 died of a gunfire in Rio State. 19 of them died in 2016-2017. In June this year, a woman who was 39 weeks pregnant was hit by a bullet in the abdomen causing her to die and shocked the entire country. The mother of the young girl who died earlier said: “The Olympic Games are beautiful on TV, just like dreams. However, the reality of Rio is completely different. Our lives are always accompanied by death.”

Armed drug trafficking syndicate Resurgence

There is a slums, often violently gunned, in the area of ​​Aleman, 8 km north of Maracanán Stadium, where the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies are held. Under the leadership of local residents, reporters walked into the winding streets and saw the juvenile with big guns being vigilant around them. Many house walls are left with dense gun eyes.

All works marked “Source: Reference News Network” shall not be reproduced, excerpted or otherwise used without the authorization of this website.

It is reported that prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the Rio State Government conducted an operation to eliminate drug trafficking organizations. In 38 slum areas, including those in the above-mentioned areas, peacekeeping forces were deployed. Security was restored, but from around 2015, drug-trafficking groups have returned and gun battles have gradually become more frequent. As of September this year, 813 people, including drug traffickers, were killed by police officers throughout the State of Rio. As of November, 119 people were killed in the police. The death toll from the violence was 4666 in 2012 and increased to 6262 by 2016. It is also estimated that the number of deaths in 2017 will also increase.

It is reported that the deteriorating law and order situation is due to a major problem with Rio’s finances. Before the opening of the Olympic Games, the state of Rio was declared in a state of emergency due to a serious financial crisis, but the Olympic Games were still held as scheduled. Police do not receive wages and allowance for a long time, and 48% of motorcycles can not be used due to poor condition. In addition, the long-term financial deterioration led to high unemployment, which exacerbated the deteriorating law and order situation.

In a media survey conducted in October this year, 72% of Rio citizens said they “want to leave Rio because of the deteriorating law and order.” Experts at Rio State University pointed out that “there has been a reversal in the balance of power between the police and criminal gangs and the inability to see the signs of improvement in law and order.”

The Only Rich Who Enjoy the Benefits of the Olympic Games

The United States said Russia’s next intervention goal or Yemen: do not rule out the Red Sea built base

                    (Original title: The United States said Russia’s next intervention goal or Yemen: do not rule out the military base built in the Red Sea)



Pictured in front of President Ali Abdullah Saleh also

Reference News Network reported December 5 u0026 nbsp; the US “national interest” website published Samuel Rama November 14 Nigeria’s article “Russia’s Next Power Game May Appear in Yemen” said that since the start of the Astana talks in December 2016, Western analysts have given great attention to the role of Russia as a mediator in conflicts in the Middle East. Russia’s mediation in Syria sparked a prediction of the next Middle East security crisis that Moscow will play an important diplomatic role in this crisis. The most frequently discussed discussion on Russia’s diplomatic intervention is the Syrian-Qatari crisis and the confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

While each of these interventions in these regional crises offers opportunities for Russia to expand its geopolitical influence in the Middle East, Western policymakers seldom give any indication of the prospect of Russia’s diplomatic intervention in Yemen. This neglect lacks foresight. The Yemeni conflict has some very unique features that are very favorable to Syrian-Russian diplomatic intervention in Russia and provide Putin with a low-cost opportunity to demonstrate Moscow’s influence in the Middle East.

Russian policymakers see Yemen as an appealing destination for diplomatic intervention because they believe it is willing to end hostilities in Yemen if the country receives acceptable conditions. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Juber confirmed this assessment during his recent visit to Moscow. In response to Russian reporters’ questions, Al Juber insisted that Saudi Arabia hopes to reach diplomatic reconciliation in Yemen and force all warring parties to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2216 – a resolution in April 2015 calling for an end to Yemen civil war.

The growing anti-war sentiment in Saudi Arabia can be explained by the deteriorating situation in Yemen. Since the autumn of 2015, Saudi Arabia has not achieved a major strategic victory in Yemen. This convinced Saudi policymakers that the Yemeni conflict has evolved into a hard-to-reach stalemate. Saudi diplomacy has ballooned in Yemen since the Qatari withdrawal from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in June and the UAE began its offensive against the Islamic Republic of Iran (a Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood) allied with Saudi Arabia.

In order to reach a lasting political solution in Yemen, Riyadh needs to coordinate with external large country mediators, as regional actors like Kuwait and Oman have exhausted their diplomatic options. By facilitating the settlement of the Yemeni conflict, this vacuum of mediation offers Russia an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its diplomatic skills.

Russia plays an important mediating role in Yemen based on two major advantages. First, since the beginning of the military intervention led by Saudi Arabia in March 2015, Russia has maintained cooperative relations with all major Yemeni political stakeholders. Unlike the United States, which had initially clashed with Saudi Arabia in an open-ended conflict, Moscow immediately declared its support for a peaceful solution to the civil war in Yemen. In April 2015, Russia condemned Saudi Arabia’s air strikes in Yemen and expressed its support for the United Nations comprehensive arms embargo on all warring parties.

Although Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen has been transformed into a protracted conflict, Russia maintains a positive relationship with the leaders of both civil wars. In order to demonstrate its commitment to a comprehensive diplomatic dialogue, Russia has retained its embassy in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, controlled by Houthi, and owns a consulate in Aden, the capital of the Saudi-backed government of Abdallah Mansour Hadi . Through these diplomatic channels, Moscow negotiated anti-terrorism measures with pro-Saudi and pro-Iranian factions and held informal negotiations on settling the hostile situation in Yemen.

Russia has also left a good impression on Yemen’s major political faction. In July of this year, Moscow welcomed Ahmed Vahhe, a pro-Saudi diplomat, as Yemen’s ambassador to Russia. On September 25, Russia helped the Hadi government distribute Yemeni bank notes to southern Yemen to pay Yemeni government officials’ salaries.

To appease Yemen’s Shiite forces, Moscow has been opposing the UN criticism of Al Qaeda’s armed aggression against Saudi Arabia and providing humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni area hit by Saudi Arabia. Such a roundtable approach has strengthened the relations between Russia and Yemen in pursuing various ideological political factions and ensured that Russia can become an effective mediator in the Yemeni conflict.

Traffic accident in Namibia Two cars burned 10 people died on the spot

                    (Original title: (International) 10 traffic fatalities in Namibia)

                                   Xinhua News Agency, Windhoek, December 4 Xinhua Namibian police said on the 4th that a car-two collision occurred in the central part of Namibia on the evening of the 3rd, killing 10 people and injuring 1 others.

On the 4th, Maureen Mbeha, a spokesman for the Ojozunjuba district police station in Namibia, said on the 4th that the accident occurred on a highway about 20 kilometers outside the city of Okahanja, when a car was trying to overtake and the result was opposite to the oncoming Another car coming in a collision. Two cars were burned in fire, resulting in 10 people on board were killed and 1 injured, the wounded were later rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Police said the accident is still under investigation.

British Brexit Conversation Again, European Union President: The British Prime Minister is a tough opponent

                    (Original title: Brexit negotiations again without fruit Junke: British Prime Minister is too hard, this is not a failure)


1512408898(1).png On December 4, local time, Brussels, EC headquarters in Brussels, EU Commission Chairman Juncker met with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

overseas network December 5 electric u0026 nbsp; Reuters reported, local time on December 4, British Prime Minister Theresa May Juncker (Jean-Claude Juncker) President of the European Commission in Belgium The European Community headquarters in Brussels held a meeting. Some sources said that during the meeting, the EU and the United Kingdom have still not reached an agreement on the agreement to get rid of the EU.

Foreign Prince Zhareeli and American actress marriage: the British royal family or welcome change

                    (Original title: Foreign Prince Zahari and the American actress marriage: the British royal family or usher in change)


December 5 reported u0026 nbsp; French media said that Megan Markel, who is engaged to Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, will undoubtedly become “the Duchess of Sussex” on his wedding day. She will also be an alternative to Buckingham Palace: 35-year-old Megan is an American, Catholic, actress, feminist and divorced.

France’s Express Web site reported on December 3 that it was reported by Radio France International that “this is a great change to the royal family.” Philippe Terre, a French-British journalist, admitted that “it is not a change in itself but can lead to many changes in the royal family.”

It has been reported that historically King Edward VIII of England had volunteered Abdicated because married to the most loved Wally Simpson had twice married; and Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret, who eventually got married because of the favor and had to abandon the combination.

Stevena Bernard, a writer familiar with the British royal affairs, told The Express Newsletter: “The marriage between Harry and Megan is a new phase of the democratization process in the Kingdom of Great Britain and its replacement. Root further narrows the distance between the royal family and the public. “

It is reported that the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011, has opened the way for such profound changes: the” civilians ” Prince William, for the first time to the British middle class into the royal family, may also create the future is not the first British queen born queens. Bernard says: “In addition, Megan Markel is a mixed race, and she has said she has never been too white or never black.” She made some chakras, gender … equal fight. “

Reporter Philippe Terre believes that such modernization is “advancing with the times.” “Under the pressure of public opinion and the media, the royal family is becoming more and more open and its habits are changing, and this is all the efforts that Queen Elizabeth has been able to achieve, and she very much subscribes to the change, and the important thing for her is that the royal family can maintain For a long time, after all, the royal family had experienced divorce in the 90s of the last century and the popularity of the Queen declined. However, misconduct, judicial proceedings, etc. have become pasts.Her son and grandchildren inherit the throne, her job is to complete the queen Mission. “

Anti-terror busy! Egyptian security forces killed five more militants

                    (Original title: anti-terrorism busy stop! Egyptian security forces killed five militants)



Egyptian military soldiers. Data map.

Former Yemeni President Saleh was killed or become “the biggest loser in Saudi Arabia”

                    (Former title: former Yemeni President Saleh was killed or become “the biggest loser in Saudi Arabia”



Saleh’s death, a Houthi militants sitting in the tank to make the case reaction.

overseas online December 5 electric According to Reuters, local time on December 4, also in front of President Ali Abdullah Saleh (Ali Abdullah Saleh) is just outside the capital Sanaa Hu Armed killed. Yemeni analysts say Saleh’s death will have a major blow to Saudi-led coalitions. Not long ago, Saleh once declared that he would abandon the alliance with Armed Forces and instead support the alliance led by Saudi Arabia.

It is reported that armed al-Qaeda sources reported on 4 December that their militants intercepted Saleh’s armored vehicle outside the capital city of Sanaa and shot him dead. A source from Saleh’s political party confirmed the news. Until then, they have been fighting side by side for nearly three years with coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia.

Reported that Saleh’s abandonment of alliances with the Houthis has given Saudis’ allied coalition a new superiority over Al-Qaeda, which may change the course of the war in the Arabian Peninsula.

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