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Secretary-General of the SCO: Bahrain Qatar submitted for membership in the SCO

                    (Former title: Secretary-General of SCO: Bahrain and Qatar submitted applications for membership in the SCO)

                                   Rashid Alimov, secretary-general of the SCO, said at a meeting of the Academic Committee of the Far East Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow that Bahrain, Qatar, Israel and Syria have submitted their applications to join the SCO.

EU Makes Macao a Blacklisted Tax Havent Office The SAR government pays close attention to it

                    (Original title: EU lists Macau as a blacklisted tax haven SAR government pays close attention to)


Data Sheet (Source: Hong Kong East Network)

Overseas Network December 5
Local time on the 5th, the EU member states finance minister held a meeting in Belgium, officially announced a non-EU member states “tax haven” blacklist, 17 countries and regions on the list, including Macau.

EU Makes Macao a Blacklist for Tax Haven

According to the Hong Kong East Network, the countries and regions that are blacklisted by the EU are: Macao, South Korea, Panama, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, Cape, Grenada, Marshall Islands, Palau, Saint Lucia and more. The European Commission believes that in the case of fear of being named, the blacklist can promote national and regional tax compliance with EU standards, the list will be updated at least annually.

It has been reported that during the past year, EU experts targeted the tax regimes in 92 countries and regions and examined their compliance with the EU standards in terms of transparency and whether they have implemented harmful tax practices. Last week, an EU official disclosed that the number of countries and regions eventually blacklisted was lower than originally planned because the EU pressured some countries to force each other to commit to a transparent tax regime. However, it has been reported that implementing blacklists is the biggest challenge. Some EU member states think that going to the blacklist is not enough and should be subject to financial sanctions. France insists on tougher measures against countries and regions on the black list, including the inability to obtain financial assistance from the EU and the World Bank.

EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Moskovich revealed on Monday that initially 29 countries and regions were blacklisted but officials from EU member states screened the final blacklist last weekend. However, Moscow Viktor said that some countries that have been involved in the tax scandal for the past five years or have the chance not to be blacklisted, he admitted frankly.

A spokesman for the Macao Finance Bureau said before the official list was released that the SAR government is closely watching the incident and reiterated that Macao is by no means the so-called tax havens or tax havens. It also said that the SAR government has been actively cooperating with the international community, including the OECD and the EU Work together to combat cross-border tax evasion and promote tax fairness. The spokesman added that Macau had just passed the new tax information exchange law in May this year to comply with the latest international exchange of information standards. He said that at present the SAR government is following up the “Multilateral Tax Collection and Mutual Assistance Convention” to extend the applicable work to Macao and is studying and refining the legal system for offshore business.

EU stepped up efforts to combat tax evasion

Earlier, Reuters quoted a number of EU officials as saying that EU member states focused on intensifying the fight against tax evasion at the meeting of EU finance ministers on November 7, Form a blacklist of “tax havens” by the end of this year.

According to a report in the Economic Information Daily, the International Union of Surveyors exposed a large number of “heaven files” on November 5. It is learned that nearly a hundred media agencies have disclosed the offshore interests of hundreds of well-known companies, politicians and celebrities by investigating 13.4 million documents of financial service companies and offshore company registries and helped avoidance of tax by professional lawyers.

The EU has discussed a number of measures to deter tax avoidance, including the listing of “tax haven” blacklists associated with the European Union to prevent profits made in the EU from shifting to tax-exempt or low-tax countries. EU officials said the emergence of the “paradise document” prompted the EU to expedite discussions. At present, EU member states have a list of regions with poor tax cooperation. Although there are no details on the types of sanctions yet, boarding the black list itself can prevent individuals and businesses from putting money in these places. Moscowovic said the EU’s black list should be more lethal than the current list of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Japan and South Korea have revealed next year’s military plan will give their own troops under the heavy code

                    (Original title: Japan and South Korea have revealed next year’s military plan will give their own military under the weight code)

                                   On December 4, the U.S. Air Forces of the two countries started the annual joint large-scale air exercise codenamed “The Trump Card”, intensifying the tense situation on the peninsula. On the 5th, Japan and South Korea have successively exposed the military plans for next year. Both countries have given their respective troops a heavy code.

JASSM-ER missile Data Figure

Japan: Interested deployment of cruise missiles against targets in remote

Reuters quoted people familiar with the news that the Japanese government intends to set aside part of the next year’s defense budget, for the purchase of High precision air missile.

According to the source, the Japanese government will spend extra to study the possibility of deploying the U.S. JASSM-ER high-precision cruise missiles on F-15 fighters that can hit a target of 1,000 kilometers. In addition, Japan’s Fuji Television also said the government intends to buy Norway’s Joint Attack Missile (JSM), which can be deployed on F-35 fighters and can hit ground targets and ships at distances up to 500 kilometers.

It is reported that Japan will study the possibility of procurement under the new national defense budget started in April next year. The funds for the purchase of missiles are temporarily not included in the project, but the government may allocate additional funds for this purpose. However, according to the Japanese Constitution, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces can only have air defense and anti-ship missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers. If Japan really purchased long-range missiles, it is bound to cause controversy.

Figure Source: Yonhap

Korea: the formation of armed drones and combat troops investigation targets

According to “Korea Herald” reported that South Korean military next year will set up a combat unit armed drones, South Korea The Army calls it “dronebot,” a combination of “drones” and “robots.”

Yemeni military sources tell former president Saleh killed: head shot

                    (Original title: Yemeni military sources about the death of former President Saleh: killed in his hometown)


Yesterday (4 January), the Hussein Armenian Yemeni personnel released news that they killed the former Yemeni President Saleh. In a televised address to the exiled Saudi Yemeni President Hardy, he expressed his condolences on Saleh’s death and called for the people to unite and oppose the armed Al-Hussein.

Yehya Mehdi, a Yemeni army loyal to the Armed Forces, said on the Russian satellite network that the Yemeni security department has followed Saleh from the 2nd onwards, knowing that his supporters were transferring him out of town .

Saleh was killed in the home village of Sonhan

On the 4th, when Saleh and his entourage reached the village of Samhan, the hometown of Saleh, the security forces tried to seize him and the two sides exchanged the fire. Saleh got out of the car and was shot dead in the head. Part of Saleh’s entourage was killed and some were arrested.

On the same day, a senior official near Saleh confirmed the death of Saleh. The official said that he was also beaten and killed by Adi Di, the deputy general secretary of the National People’s Congress led by Saleh. In addition, on the 4th of the same day, Saleh’s nephew Tariq and the general secretary of the National People’s Congress Zucca was also killed.

Al-Qaeda leader asserts major victory

In a televised address, Al-Hussein’s al-Qaeda leader said that the death of Saleh was a result of the al-Hussein’s assault on the multinational coalition forces headed by Saudi Arabia A major victory.

Al-Hussein’s supreme leader Abdul Hussein: We achieved a historic and great victory in the resistance to the enemy as the army against the Saleh was equal to the multinational coalition forces, and the Saleh army was at The war launched by Sanaa is the proxy war initiated by Saudi Arabia and UAE.


Yemen’s president urged the public to oppose armed Jose

exile in Saudi Yemeni President Hadi said Tuesday mourned the death of Saleh called on Yemeni people to unite against the armed Jose. Hadi also ordered that day to demand that the government forces launch a military operation against the armed forces of Sanaa.


The U.S. Senate Banking Committee approved Powell as Fed chairman

                    (Former Title: US Senate Banking Committee Names Powell as Fed Chairman)


201711220651446259.jpg Information Figure: Jerome Powell

Overseas Network December 5 According to foreign media (CNBC) reported that on December 5 local time, the US Senate Banking Committee (Senate Banking
Committee voted 22 votes in favor of Jerome Powell as Fed chairman in a bipartisan vote.

Reported by the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday (December 5) voted through the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell took over as Federal Reserve chairman. Powell’s nomination will then go to the Senate for confirmation of vote.

In October of this year, U.S. President Donald Trump named Powell as the current chairman Janet Yellen (Janet
Yellen) took office when his term expires in February. At a hearing in November 2016, Powell once said that the current policy of the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue raising interest rates and shrinking the balance sheet should continue to be used.

It is reported that after the other candidates nominated by Trump were opposed by many members of the Democratic Party, only Powell passed smoothly. In this poll, only Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren voted against.

According to previous reports from overseas websites, Powell, a 64-year-old Republican, was formerly named Barack in 2012 by former U.S. President Barack
Obama) as a Fed governor before he served as Assistant Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for the Bush administration and was responsible for the banking and treasury bond markets. Powell spent most of his life working in the private equity industry and had a career in private equity giants Carlyle (1997- 2005)
Group) as a partner.

Around Prince Harry’s wedding venue can earn £ 300 a night for beggars

                    (Original title: British media: Prince Harry married around the venue beggars “take over” one night to earn 300 pounds)


英媒:哈里王子结婚场地周边被乞丐“接管” 一晚能挣300英镑_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Photo: Prince Harry (left) and Megan Markle take photographs at Kensington Palace, London, United Kingdom on November 27th. Xinhua News Agency issued

Reference News Network reported on December 6 British media said that not far from the Windsor Castle street drive has been occupied by tramps. Windsor Castle is the place where the British queen spent the weekends, where Megan and Prince Harry will marry.

According to the British “Star Daily” website reported on December 3, beggars in the shadow of the castle, a week can sit for £ 2000, because this tourist attraction every year to attract millions of tourists.

It is reported that in May next year, Prince Harry and Megan will hold their wedding at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. With the wedding approaching, the beggar who already earned £ 300 a night is probably more likely to seize the opportunity.

A staff member at a Windsor store told reporters: “Beggars are getting more and more. I’ve been working here for 20 years and more beggars have changed in the last year or two.”

South Korea welcomes Chinese tourists to return to Korea: there are still many tourist issues

                    (Original title: South Korea to greet Chinese tourists return to Korean media: the problem of tourism is still not rest assured)


韩国迎接中国游客回归 韩媒:旅游业问题仍多 并非高枕无忧_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Photo: On March 2, 2011, the crowd passed through the front of a clothing store in Seoul’s Myeongdong shopping district. Xinhua News Agency reporter He Lulu photo

Reference News Network reported on December 6 Korean media said that the return of China’s tourism group, so that the previously hit South Korea’s tourism industry rekindled hope, but some comments pointed out that not the return of Chinese tourists can sit back and relax.

South Korea’s “Asian Economy” reported on December 5 that over the years, the development of the tourism industry in South Korea mainly relied on Chinese tourists for shopping. According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, last year, the largest number of foreign tourists doing shopping in Korea was shopping (75.7% ), While Chinese tourists accounted for 61.4% of the total foreign tourists taking shopping as the main tourist destination.

South Korea’s East Asia Daily reported that when the tourist market in South Korea was devastated by the “Sadd” issue, the industry put forward the so-called “diversification of the tourist market” but failed to achieve any significant result. And there are still dumping of low-cost goods in the industry, pulling tourists to arrange shopping, sightseeing and lack of attractiveness. It is reported that some South Korean travel agencies in Southeast Asia and other markets Show off a price war, the introduction of shopping-based cheap tourist products, so that the quality of Korean tourism continues to decline.

Experts stressed that South Korea should actively explore high value-added tourism projects such as medical tourism and luxury tourism, and turn the current business climate.

According to South Korea’s “Asian Economy,” December 5 reported that the evening of December 2, South Korea’s Incheon International Airport finally ushered in a long time ago the Chinese group tourists. The shopping district of Myeongdong, known as “Shopping Paradise,” is popular with Chinese tourists. In order to meet the arrival of a large number of Chinese tourists, the major health and beauty stores launch human services.

Oliver Yang, a health beauty shop located in the Myeongdong business district, opened its doors to guests after the interior decoration was completed. To help foreigners come to China, especially Chinese tourists, Oliver Yang launched a service that offers free delivery of goods to hotels for purchases of more than 300,000 won (about 1,825 yuan). Currently, this service is only available to major hotels and inns in Seoul.

Kobe Steel’s main sector products are suspended from Japan’s industrial standard certification

                    (Original title: Kobe Steel’s main sector products are suspended from Japan’s industrial standard certification)


TOKYO, December 5 (Xinhua) Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. (KOBE), Japan, acknowledged on the 5th that due to the company’s tampering with the product data, three products at one of the company’s aluminum products factories were suspended under the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS).

More than 320 people arrested in the Saudi anti-corruption operation were transferred to prosecutors

                    (Original title: Saudi anti-corruption operation arrested more than 320 people)


On the afternoon of December 5, local time, the Attorney General of Saudi Arabia issued a public announcement that the total number of arrests for corruption is currently 320, some of which have been transferred to prosecutors.

At the same time, the Attorney General disclosed that negotiations with some corrupt officials on “property for freedom” have now started to reach the goal of “preventing the loss of state assets,” and the negotiations will be terminated in the coming weeks.

International Olympic Committee: Russia is forbidden to participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018 in Korea

                    (Original title: International Olympic Committee: Russia is forbidden to participate in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics)


overseas network on December 6
According to foreign media reports, local time on December 5, the International Olympic Committee voted to ban Russia’s participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

However, a press release from the International Olympic Committee mentions that Russian athletes will still be permitted to participate in the PyeongMing Olympic Winter Games under “strict conditions”.

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