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Macron Proposes Disarmament of Militias Vice-President of Iraq: Complete Refusal

                    (Original title: Vice President of Iraq tough response Macron proposal: “totally rejected!”)



On December 2, the Elysée Palace in Paris, the French President Macron (right) and visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nehruwan Barzani of the Kurdistan Autonomous Regional Government attended the joint press conference. (Xinhua / AP)

Beijing, December 4 (Reporter Bao Xuelin) French President Emmanuel Macron called on the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Region (Kurbania) and the Central Government to start as soon as possible on the 2nd of the local time. Constructive dialogue “and put forth four basic conditions for the dialogue between the two sides, including disarmament of the” militia and the people’s mobilization organizations. ”

Iraq’s Vice President Nurij al-Maliki criticized Macron for disarming its militias and called for the political parties in Iraq to unite against “any possible external interference.”

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Reuters reported that on the 2nd local time on the 2nd, Marcon met with Prime Minister Nechirwan Barzani and Deputy Prime Minister Qubarb Talabani of the Three Gorges Region in Paris on the 2nd. This is the first time that the leaders of the reservoir area attended the high-profile international conference after the reservoir referendum was held in September.

After the meeting, Markel and Barzani held a joint press conference. Macron said Paris supports the Iraqi central government and the Kuwaiti government in launching a “constructive dialogue” as soon as possible, and is willing to work hard for the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil. He said: “Constructive dialogue must be solved as soon as possible under the framework of the” unified Iraq. “

Macron said dialogue between the two sides should be carried out with full recognition that the Iraqi central government will control the border and gradually disarm the militias. According to Iraq 2005 The spirit of the Yugoslavia Constitution in a bid to achieve a more balanced budget balance and fiscal transfer payments in all areas of Iraq and fully respect the formulation of territorial claims in the Iraqi constitution.

“The gradual demilitarization is of paramount importance, especially in the ‘mobilization organizations for the people established in the past few years,'” emphasized Macron. “All armed militias should gradually be dissolved.”

In 2014, the extremist group “Islamic State “In the siege of Iraq,” People’s Mobilization Organization “was formed. This paramilitary force has taken orders from the Iraqi government and has played an important role in fighting the government forces in the battle against the “Islamic State.”

Reuters commented that it was a “rare” move for Western leaders to publicly dismiss the People’s Mobilization Organization.

The reservoir area government accused the Kurdish community of being widely abused by “mobilization groups”, mainly composed of Shi’ite armed forces. Iraqi Prime Minister Heidar Abadi denied that the “People’s Mobilization Organization” has mistreated Kurds and promised that as long as there is evidence, they will not tolerate it.


伊拉克副总理马利基。(新华/法新) Iraqi Vice President Maliki. (Xinhua / Fahsin)

Iraqi Vice President Al-Maliki made a tough statement on the same day criticizing Macron’s proposal to lift the militias and called for the political parties in Iraq to unite. Maliki said in a statement that Macron is “unacceptably interfering” in the internal affairs of Iraq. His proposal undermines Iraq’s sovereignty and does not respect the Iraqi constitution and “totally refuses” Iraq. Lutheran News Network reported on the 2nd that Macron has “unexpectedly” interfered in the internal affairs of Iraq and called for dissolving the “People’s Mobilization Organization” established through formal legal procedures. The French constitution stipulates that France should not be involved in the affairs of other countries. Earlier in the day, the Iraqi central government issued a statement saying Abadi and Cellon had telephone calls. Macron reiterated that France insists on safeguarding the unification of Iraq. However, the statement did not mention the proposal to disarm the militias.

The Prime Minister of the Region Barzani responded on the 2nd that he saw France’s efforts to improve the relations between the Iraqi reservoir area and the Central Government. The reservoir area government supports the “unified Iraq” and respects the Iraqi Supreme Court’s decision on the referendum in the reservoir area. Out of the verdict. “We are in a new era. This issue (an independent referendum in the reservoir area) has already been translated. We have clarified the position of the reservoir government.”

DPRK said the U.S.-ROK military exercises or triggering a nuclear war The White House: increasing the possibility of war

                    (Original title: Korean Central News Agency warned North Korea military exercises or lead to nuclear war White House said war on the possibility of increasing)


朝中社警告美韩军演或引发核战 白宫称开战可能性日增_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Figure: US F-22 fighter. (With abbreviation)

Reference News Network reported on December 4 Foreign media said that the United States and South Korea will be held December 4 to 8 held the largest ever “vigilance ace” joint air exercises. As reported on 3 December, the Central News Agency reported that more than 230 fighters, including the F-22 Raptor, the F-35A, the F-35B and other fighters, including the U.S. imperialist aggressors, have carried out different tasks. As well as the fighters of the South Korean Army – and tens of thousands of soldiers, including 12,000 U.S. troops, will participate in the exercise.

North Korea’s Labor News commented on the 3rd that this fully shows that the enemy has provoked a dangerous phase in provoking a nuclear war because it is a serious military provocation to North Korea. The commentary also states that such exercises are a dangerous provocation as it is pushing the tension in the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. This is an open and comprehensive provocation toward North Korea and may lead to a nuclear war at any time. The Central News Agency commented that the puppet army of the United States and South Korea stupidly to use such stealth fighters murderously, but the swagger that these enemies wantonly boasted can not escape the moth’s fiery fate.

Comments also said that the United States and South Korea should preferably keep in mind that their military exercises aimed at North Korea will be a foolish act of self-destruction. According to the Yonhap News Agency reported on December 3, according to Han Jun Fang 3 news, in the history of South Korea and the United States to participate in the largest joint exercise in the history of the aircraft 6 F-22 and 6 F-35A fighter jets have already arrived in South Korea, ready to participate in the 4th start Of the “vigilance Ace” air exercise, the US military 6 EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft, more than 10 F-15C fighters, more than 10 F-16 fighters have also entered the country.

It is reported that the B-1B long-range strategic bomber fleet deployed in Guam will be air-conditioned at the departure of the U.S.-Marines F-35B and E-3 early warning aircraft taking off from the base stationed in Japan during the exercise. In the meantime, during the air strikes on the peninsula, more than 230 U.S.-ROK military aircraft participated in the exercise. It is rare for the United States to send so many advanced fighters to South Korea.

It is reported that exercises are also focusing on exercises to stop air strikes and accurately crack down on key nuclear guidance facilities such as the North Korean missile launch vehicle, as well as to destroy long-range artillery units targeting the Korean capital and infiltrating SEF-penetrating special forces. Joint air performance in North Korea launched the “Mars” -15 intercontinental ballistic missile opened in the curtain of war, will demonstrate the South Korean alliance against North Korea’s nuclear threat of determination.

In addition, according to CNN website December 3, the White House national security adviser McMaster said on the 2nd that North Korea posed “the most serious immediate threat to the United States,” and the possibility of war with North Korea is increasing.

McMaster was asked at the Reagan Defense Forum in California about whether North Korea’s recent test-firing of missiles would increase the chance of a war. He said to the listeners: “I think there is a growing possibility of a war, which means we are in a race and in a race that needs to be able to solve the problem.”

In his opinion, President Trump remains committed to Realize the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and said that there are still non-military forms of handling. He said: “There is a solution to the problem of not having an armed conflict, but this is a race because he (Kim Jong Un) approaches and there is not much time left.” He said it is unlikely that Kim Jong-un will change his behavior unless ” Take new and important actions to impose more sanctions “and” fully implement the existing sanctions. ” In military options, McMaster acknowledged that “any military operation is at risk” given that North Korea aimed artillery and missiles at Seoul, but said Pyongyang’s move has brought the United States and Japan and South Korea closer than ever before.

According to reports by Tasce on 2 December, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Belarusian STV television on the 2nd that Moscow condemned the provocative act of Washington while condemning Pyongyang’s nuclear missile adventure.

UNESCO officials: comfort women file missing application due to financial problems

                    (Original title: UNESCO officials: comfort women file missing due to financial problems)


BEIJING, December 4 According to the Yonhap news agency, UNESCO Assistant Director-General Francisco Bedellin said on the 4th that comfort women filed in the file not due to financial problems.

The son of Thaksin’s birthday wishes: no one in the family no longer involved in politics

                    (Original title: Thaksin’s birthday sun wish: no hope of family no longer involved in politics)


Puteruthai Shinawatra, Thaksin

Overseas Network December 4 December 2 is the 38th birthday of Poon Tong Tai Shinawatra, the only son of Thailand’s prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. On this day, Pantone also wrote on social media that all members of the Sinai family hope happy families can come back again, and their families are no longer involved in politics.

On the 2nd of the local time, Panthongtae posted a photo on his social media that paid tribute to his mother on the 2nd of the local time, while his mum placed his hand on the head of his son blessing.

Message from the son of Thaksus Screenshots

Pan Tongtai wrote: “I was used to paying homage to my parents when I was a birthday, but I could not give my respect to me over the past 10 years “My father and I did that.” Poonstun also said: “For the past 10 years until now, everyone in my family and I have always said that we just want one family to be happily together again. Get involved again in politics, and if this is possible then it would be the most precious present for me and my family. “

The Shinawatra has been unhappy these years. Pantone and three others were accused of money laundering by the Thai anti-money-laundering office. His father, Thaksin Shinawatra, was accused of abusing his power in 2006, triggering ongoing domestic protests. In 2007, the Thai Constitutional Court ruled that the Thai Rak Thai party it founded was fraudulently unconstitutional in the general election and was ordered to dissolve. Thaksin himself, who has long been in exile, has lived in Dubai since 2008.

Thaksin u0026 Sister Indira

Three bodies were found on the shores of Japan: Suspected North Korean citizens wear life jackets

                    (Original title: Three corpses suspected to be North Korean citizens found on the shores of Japan)


日本海岸发现三具尸体:疑似朝鲜公民 均穿救生衣

According to a report by the NHK, three satellite bodies were found on the coast of Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan on December 4, suspected of being North Korean citizens.

Reported that the deceased were wearing life jackets. One of the deceased’s coat collar with a logo printed on the North Korean leader’s badge.

It is also reported that on December 2 there was a ship that appeared on the shore of the county on suspicion of floating with the ship.

Japan wants to rename the Diaoyu Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Japan to play what the game is useless

                    (Original title: Japan’s Ishigaki want to rename the Diaoyu Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Diaoyu Islands, Japan is playing what the game is useless)


According to Japanese media reports, the mayor of Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, intends to submit a motion to the city council on December 4 to change the Diaoyu Island administrative division from “Ishigaki City, Ishigaki City,” to “Ishigaki City Senno City Senjaku” . At a routine press conference on the 4th, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in this regard that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been China’s inherent territory since ancient times. China’s determination to safeguard its territorial sovereignty is unwavering. No matter what the Japanese play with tricks, can not change the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

Egyptian unearthed 27 “war goddess” like: about 2 meters tall lion body

                    (Original title: Egyptian unearthed 27 “war goddess” like: about 2 meters tall lion body)

                                   According to “Central News Agency” reported on the 3rd, the Egyptian Ministry of Cultural Relics said on the 3rd, they and the European archaeological team in southern Luxor on the other side of the Nile found 27 Lionhead Seymour goddess. The team said some of the statues are well-preserved and of high artistic value.

资料图:“战争女神”塞克迈特的神像。(图片来源:埃及文物部) Information Figure: “goddess of war” Semeyet’s idol. (Photo credit: Egyptian Ministry of Cultural Relics)

According to reports, the Egyptian Ministry of Cultural Relics reportedly said that the goddess of Sekhmet, the goddess of war, is a statue of Colossi in the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor. of Memnon area found. It is reported that Luxor is the capital of ancient Egypt.

The U.S. withdrawal from the “Global Compact on Migration” formulates a process that claims damage to sovereignty

                    (Original title: The United States announced its withdrawal from the Global Compact on Migration)


2015年9月6日,叙利亚难民从匈牙利布达佩斯抵达德国法兰克福。(新华/路透) On September 6, 2015, Syrian refugees arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, from Budapest, Hungary. (Xinhua / Reuters)

Washington, December 3 (Xinhua) The U.S. State Department announced on the 3rd that the United States has decided not to participate in the formulation of the UN-led Global Compact on Migration, calling it “damaging U.S. sovereignty.” Lai Chuck, chairman of the UN General Assembly, then expressed his regret.

US Secretary of State Tillerson said in a statement issued the same day that the United States will not support the process that would hinder the United States in its efforts to “exercise immigration laws and ensure the security of the border.”

In September 2016, the UN General Assembly adopted the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants (New York Declaration) in the form of a General Assembly resolution, and the international community promised to protect the rights of migrants and refugees. According to the declaration, the international community will launch an intergovernmental negotiation process with a view to formulating a global compact in 2018 aimed at safe, orderly and normal immigration.

Australia asked lawmakers to submit questions about the nationality of the MPs or transfer them to the High Court

                    (Original title: Australia asks all parliamentarians to submit nationality clarification questions or transfer to High Court)

                                   Australian News Agency reported on December 4 that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the government will suspect that the parties holding the dual nationality status and neutral members Transferred to the High Court for processing. To Bill Shorten, the leader of the opposition party, this will be a “severe test” of his integrity.

Last week, lawmakers were ordered to submit detailed citizenship descriptions, proof of the birth of parents and grandparents and proof of renunciation of dual nationality. Senate members to submit documents as of December 1 afternoon, and the House of Representatives is at 5 pm on November 28. House Speaker Christopher Pyne said all the MPs’ documents will be submitted to the High Court on December 7 and There is no need for their consent, but he points out that this will not be an “act of hostility.”

“There are doubts about the nationality of some parliamentarians, such as Justine Keay, Susan Lamb and Rebekha Sharkie, and the issues should be referred to the High Court for ruling by the courts,” Turnbull said.

Han Incheon public sea suddenly led to a ship overturned the Chinese navy rescued 6 people

                    (Original title: Han Incheon sea suddenly a shipwreck! A cargo ship overthrew the Chinese Navy rescued 6 people)


Shipwrecked in Incheon, South Korea on the 3rd. The picture shows the accident fishing vessel.
According to the Yonhap news agency, local time at 4:23 PM on the 4th, the South Korean Marine Police received a report that a commercial ship overturned on the high seas 54 nautical miles southwest of Little Qingdao, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, South Korea. At present, seven crew members have been rescued, leaving the remaining three missing. It is not yet certain whether the vessel belongs to South Korea. More than 10 containers dropped from the boat were spotted.

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