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Afghan Taliban and the Afghan military exchanged 58 casualties on both sides

                    (Original title: Afghanistan Taliban and the Afghan military exchanged 58 people dead or injured – Xinhua)


Kabul, December 2 Xinhua On the 2nd of the Afghan government of Ghazni province, eastern Afghanistan said Taliban militants and Afghan troops exchanged fire in the province on the evening of January 1, killing 58 people on both sides.

Ghazni Provincial Government spokesman Arif Nuri told Xinhua that Taliban insurgents attacked a security checkpoint late Monday in the Geilo district of the province and military security officers retaliated. Nuri said 18 Taliban fighters were killed in the crossfire, including two local leaders of the organization and 27 militants were wounded. Two police officers were killed during the crossfire and 11 police officers were wounded.

So far, the Taliban in Afghanistan have not commented on this.

Taliban militants have been more active since Afghan security forces took over the full-scale security operations in Afghanistan since early 2015. In Ghazni province, Taliban militants often launch attacks and cause casualties.

Media: U.S. Tax Reform Act puts “pro-business” hat on Trump

                    (Original title: Tax Reform Act by: Trump put on “pro business” hat)


The tax reform act is the biggest achievement since Trump took office, which will inevitably bring about the reorganization of the U.S. economy.

Local time Dec. 1, the United States Senate passed the tax reform bill 51 to 49, the protracted plan of tax cuts so settled that this will be the first time in 31 years Congress amended the tax law, corporate income tax will also be 35% Reduce to 20%.

The Tax Reform Act is the greatest achievement since Trump took office. The businessman’s president can also brush the title of “pro-business president.” To know that the tax reform will bring about the reorganization of the U.S. economy and bring about huge Spillover effect.

Why tax cuts? The tax cuts will bring about economic growth. When the water rises and the public vessels are high, the “trickle down economics” Republicans have always believed in. Arthur Laver, the economist who put forward the “Laffer Curve,” argues that the income tax rates (corporate and personal) and capital gains tax rates of 1982 led to what we now believe is the largest and longest-lasting in the history of the world Wealth creation period. Reagan tax relief plan that year, the stock market began to take off.

From the aspect of policy inheritance, Trump’s economics is the goal of returning to Reagan’s economics, shaping the pro-business environment through large-scale tax cuts, stimulating the market vitality, and ultimately achieving economic expansion. Mr Trump believes that a successful tax cut could bring the U.S. economy back to 3% – a 3% rate of growth for the U.S. economy.

Trump succeeds in the marketplace when it comes to business and naturally takes a certain stigma after assuming office: the essence of taxation is to centralize resources from businesses and individuals to the government, providing “public goods” by the government, Tax rates are to some extent an indicator of government and market boundaries, and Trump is convinced that many individual citizens will be able to solve their problems without the need for the government to provide them and therefore need to lower the tax rate – he has taken the government’s unsophisticated project and Great success.

Trump’s tax cuts are not just tax reforms but also to revitalize the U.S. manufacturing industry and increase employment. The full name of the bill is called the “Tax and Employment Bill.” Because of the good business environment created by the tax cuts, which can facilitate the return of capital, technology and industries, the Reagan tax cut has attracted 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars of capital to return to stimulate employment.

Suicide bombings in northeast Nigeria caused 13 deaths and 53 injuries

                    (Original title: Thirteen dead and 53 wounded in a blast in northeastern Nigeria)


Abuja, December 2 (Xinhua) Nigerian police confirmed on the 2nd that two suicide bombings occurred on the same day in a market in the town of Biu in Borno state in northeast Nigeria, killing 13 people and injuring 53 others.

For the benefit of family and country? Pass Russian investigation Flynn pleaded guilty

                    (Original title: For the benefit of family and nation? Tongmen investigation Flynn pleaded guilty)


One of the key stakeholders involved in the “United States-Russia” survey Michael Forint, former national security adviser to the president, confessed to the FBI on personal contact with Russia on the 1st, and President Donald Trump Around the “insiders” involved in or even direct these contacts.

Flynn was in court in Washington Federal District Court the same day. Court records showed that Flynn admitted that he lied to the FBI in January this year about his contact with Russia. In December last year, Flynn, who was a key figure in the transition team at Trump, was in private contact with Russia for at least two times. For the first time, Flynn and the then Russian ambassador to the United States Sergei Kisillard on the phone, asked the Russian side not to retaliate to the Obama administration has just announced sanctions against Russia, to avoid aggravating tensions; the second time, subject to a At the “top level”, Flynn is negotiating with Russia for a UN Security Council resolution involving Israel and hopes Russia will postpone the resolution or vote negatively.

According to the Associated Press, the content of Flynn’s conversation with Russia is not illegal, but he makes perjury.

When Flynn, in an inquiry with the FBI, denied having talked about sanctions or Security Council resolutions during his call with Kisliaak. Flynn issued a written statement on the 1st, saying he was willing to take responsibility and cooperate with the special prosecutor Robert Miller’s investigation. The decision was based on “the interests of his own family and the country.”

A number of insiders who declined to be named told the Associated Press reporters that Fryant’s “senior” was Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. Kushner is Jewish and often lobby for Israeli interests. Kushner himself has yet to respond to this statement.

People close to the news said that Flynn, former deputy deputy of Flynn and Catherine McFarland, former assistant to the president for national security affairs, had known Flynn’s previous contact with Kisliak because Flint consulted with her. Macfarlane is about to become the U.S. ambassador to Singapore and has not yet responded to the issue.

After Flynn pleaded guilty, the White House hurried to come forward to leave out the relationship. White House attorney Thakob said in a statement: “Flynn’s plea of ​​guilty and his allegations do not involve anyone other than himself.”

Trump did not answer reporters’ questions about Flynn at the White House event that day Ask questions.

Even if Trump refers to Flynn’s engagement with Russia, it does not constitute a crime, according to Reuters, but it is a criminal offense if he directs Mr. Flynn to the FBI. Right now there is no evidence that Trump himself was involved in the Flynn “pass” case.

Titanic survivors in China: 15 hours a day for discrimination on the basis of nationality

                    (Original title: BBC exposs Titanic Chinese survivors sour history: like a hero generally because of nationality are discriminated against)


The Titans of the Titans (BBC)

Reference News Network reported on December 3
British media said the story of the Titanic ice-sea shipwrens was widely known, but few people knew that there were still some Chinese survivors on the cruise ship that appeared to be only Western passengers. Why did their experiences disappear into the dust of history?

According to the BBC website reported on November 21, in 1998, James Cameron’s movie “Titanic” was released in China. Ruth and Jack’s love story is also widely circulated. It is reported that when the disaster occurred, the Titanic had eight Chinese people and six of them survived as luckily as Ruth in the movie. But unlike Ruth and the more than 700 passengers who survived, their stories were not only unrecorded, they were also discriminated against.

Steven Schwennot, 47, a U.S. maritime historian who inadvertently discovered eight Chinese on the British Titanic while studying the history of British sailors, told the British Documentary director Arthur Jones. Jones said: “I could scarcely believe it! There are a few young Chinese who may not even speak English, boarded the Titanic more than a hundred years ago. How they were rescued and why nobody mentioned They, Where did they come from? Where should we go? We should open these mysteries. “

Jones and Schwenk called a dozen people from China, the United States, Britain and other countries to form a survey team. They quickly discovered that, Most of the 8 Chinese were professional sailors from Guangdong and boarded the Titanic as boilers. Among them, the youngest 37 years old, the youngest 24 years old. As the spelling of these sailors’ names changed, Jones said they needed to take a long time to confirm that this was the sailor they were looking for.

According to the China Daily, boilers were the toughest jobs on board and fourteen or five hours a day, and Chinese crew members were then paid a whopping one-fifth of the whites. Jones said: “That era was full of ‘racism.’ People may not even be aware of it, but their words and actions show the superiority of whites, and Chinese, Asians, Italians, and Irish are considered inferior Foreigners. “

However, wages are not the most unfair treatment of eight crew members for racial discrimination, and their suffering did not really begin until Titanic hit the iceberg. Jones said: “There was only one lifeboat left on the Titanic, but the lifeboat was bad and they decided to give it a try in despair. Later, there were survivors who said that because” women and children are first ” , Chinese people accuse them of stealing other people’s lives in order to board the lifeboat as a woman. “

The Brooklyn Eagle reported after the event:” No one can tell where these Chinese people are coming from Come, do not know how they got on the lifeboat, but they do sit inside. “But Jones said:” Our survey found it impossible, these Chinese were completely innocent, those are some empty seats and a Nobody wants to break the boat, even if they ‘stole’ the seat, it is also a white man’s seat. One of them is called Fang
Lang’s Chinese are not on the lifeboat, but tied themselves to a door. He was fortunate enough to have survived when he was seen by the lifeboat while drifting at sea.

China Daily reported that at that time the executive of the lifeboat did not want to save the East Asian people and said that anyone who saved them was better than the one who saved him but the crew still saved Fang.Memorial to survivor Caroline Geli Said, “Fang
Lang spoke to us in his own language, but when we found out we did not understand it, he took the initiative to push a sailor who was struggling to draw a row and picked up the paddle. “He is like a hero until we are rescued by a large ship.

After the tragedy of the Titanic quickly passed to the United States, the United States enthusiastically received almost all survivors, but the fate of the six rescued Chinese was different.

Jones said: “No matter where you are from , You can go to the hospital for treatment, some stay in the United States, while others stay in the United States for a while to take a boat to another place, but because of the Exclusion Act these 6 people do not even enter the United States . “

Hamas: If the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it will call for an uprising

                    (Original title: Hamas: If the United States admitted that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel will call for an uprising)


The status of Jerusalem is a key issue for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hamas, controlling the Gaza Strip, said on the second (Saturday) that if Washington acknowledged that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel or moved the U.S. embassy to this controversial city Hamas will call for another Palestinian “uprising.”

According to a report from Hong Kong East Network, Washington reports that U.S. President Trump is likely to fulfill his campaign promise of relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on Monday (January 4). Like all other foreign embassies, the U.S. embassy is currently located in the Israeli seaside city of Tel Aviv.

Hamas said in a statement: “We are warning not to do so and if these unfair ruling on Jerusalem is adopted, we will call on the Palestinian people to resume their intifada.” The statement said: “Any move to move the embassy to the city The decision will be seen as blatant attacks on the city by the U.S. government and on the cover of Israel’s continued crimes, the Jewishization of the city and the evacuation of Palestinians. “

Congolese (cloth) thwarted terrorist attack threatened to arrest a suspect

                    (Original title: Congo (cloth) thwarted terrorist threat)


From the night of November 29 to the early hours of November 30, the United States and the French Embassy in Congo have successively threatened the terrorist attacks. The Congolese government stepped up vigilance against the embassies and related agencies of the two countries and for the first time issued warnings on the threat of terrorist attacks. According to the government notification, the security sector has now foiled the threat of terrorist attacks.

刚果(布)挫败一起恐怖袭击威胁 已逮捕一名嫌疑人

Minister of Information of the Congo (U.N.) Government spokesman Maggiela: The Congolese government informed the public that on the evening of November 29 and the morning of the 30th, after receiving instructions from France and the United States in the Congo After the threat of the terrorist attacks notified by the agencies, the Security Department immediately issued an alert and took action to step up vigilance around the embassies and related agencies of both countries. An investigation into the incident has started and a suspect has been locked out.

Police have arrested a Congolese suspect

According to security sources, the police arrested a DRC suspect about 30 years old on the night of 30 November. The Interior Minister of the Congo said it is not yet clear whether this is an isolated act. It is reported that this attack plan may be planned in the neighboring Boko Haram, which is rampant in northern part of Cameroon.

刚果(布)挫败一起恐怖袭击威胁 已逮捕一名嫌疑人

Minister of the Interior of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Mbulu: We are not yet sure whether this is an isolated incident. It is probable that such incidents will continue to take place. With the development of network modernization . Some people tend to be involved in such incidents. I can only say so much now.

Some residents of the capital, Brazzaville, were also concerned after they learned of the government alert on the threat of a terrorist attack.

刚果(布)挫败一起恐怖袭击威胁 已逮捕一名嫌疑人

British political harassment scandal ferment chief minister was exposed computer possession of erotic photos

                    (The original title: British political harassment scandal chief minister was exposed computer hidden pornographic photos)



   According to foreign media reports, the British government and parliament sexual harassment scandals continue to ferment, Chief Minister Damian Green (Damian Green) was recently exposed in 2008 by the London police search office, the police in his computer Thousands of pornographic photos downloaded. Damien Green insisted he was innocent, but cabinet members and senior government officials demanded his dismissal.


Data Sheet: Damian Green (Image: Reuters)


Green has reportedly been previously sexually harassed by a young Conservative journalist, Marttiby, under investigation by the Cabinet Office. Lewis, a former Scottish field agent, told the media recently that the police found a large number of pornographic photos downloaded from websites when they searched Green’s office in that year, which surprised him a lot.


Lewis also said viewing the internet browsing history of the past three months shows that Green once browsed pornography.


Lewis was a computer expert on the anti-terrorism investigation team at the time. He said that while browsing pornography, while using computers to send emails, log in to his private account, and even read official documents, it is hard to push others to do so. And Green’s notebooks Some erotic photos are also stored.


Syrian media: Israel launched five missiles Syria successfully intercept three

                    (Original title: Syrian media: Israel launched 5 missiles Syria successfully intercept 3)


叙利亚媒体:以色列发射5枚导弹 叙成功拦截3枚

According to the Syrian official media, Syrian military successfully intercepted missiles fired by Israeli warplanes near Damascus on the morning of the 2nd of the local time. According to the report, Israeli warplanes fired five air-to-surface missiles from Lebanese airspace to a Syrian military base south-west of Damascus, three of whom were successfully intercepted by the Syrian military.

Sado City, Japan, the first 6 drifting ghost wooden boat 2 male corpses skyward

                    (Original title: Japan’s Sado City, floating mysterious wooden ship 2 man dead upwards)


2 An overturned wooden boat and two male bodies were found on the coast of Jiangji in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan on the 2nd.

Japan Sado, Niigata Prefecture coast spotted a capsized boats and two male corpses (Figure source: Japan TV Asahi)

overseas network December 3 electric u0026 nbsp; 2 days, Niigata, Japan A convoluted wooden boat was found on the coast of Jiangdu, Sado City. After receiving the alarm from nearby residents, the Japanese local police went to investigate. Two male bodies were found beside the wooden boat, all of them upright and naked.

According to Japan’s Asahi Television, local people found a torn vessel off the coast of Japan’s Sado City at about 9:15 a.m. on the 2nd. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene investigation. Police also found two male bodies beside the wooden boat.

Police said the vessel does not have any identifiable nationality of the text and symbols. Since last month, there have been wooden boats floating to the coast of Sado, although the nationality is unknown, but count this time, it is the sixth wooden boat.

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