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People’s Liberation Army bomber asked the Taiwan military to make way Media: Taiwan thank God

                    (Original title: People’s Liberation Army bombers domineering Taiwan machine to make way, cool)


解放军轰炸机霸气要求台军机让路 酷!

Information Figure

Taiwan’s Apple Daily unveiled an exclusive recording on the 7th that contained radio dialogues between Taiwanese military pilots and mainland fighter pilots. According to a report distributed by the Apple Daily, on the morning of the 7th, People’s Liberation Army bombers approached the airspace in the south of Taiwan. The Taiwan Air Force dispatched the F16 fighters to intervene to launch an interception. Both pilots expressed each other their positions. According to reports, when Taiwan pilots demanded that mainland bomber aircraft leave the airspace, they “actually” had to be toughly choked back. People’s Liberation Army called through the emergency aviation channel: “Taiwan aircraft, I am the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, you have seriously threatened my flight safety, please leave immediately, please leave immediately, otherwise all the consequences by your own.” “(I) is now normal Fly, keep a safe distance with me. “

People’s Liberation Army has been” doing more and talking less “, if not the Taiwan media complained about the People’s Liberation Army’s” hegemony “, we do not know what his Air Force did in the direction of Taiwan.

We want to say: People’s Air Force, you are doing well. In particular, we would like to say that the PLA Pilot who spoke to the Taiwan military especially answered well, accurately, professionally and majestically. This is exactly what the People’s Liberation Army looks forward to seeing in the forefront. Funny is that Taiwan’s “Apple Daily” also use the word “actually” to express the PLA pilot response to hear the accident. In our opinion, this dialogue is a microcosm of the increasingly disparity in the strength of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait that has led to the initiative of the Taiwan Strait situation falling into the mainland.

Mainland military aircraft flying around Taiwan Island are now the norm. This is part of the Beijing declaration of sovereignty over Taiwan. Taiwan has long been in a very effective deterrent range of the mainland military forces and the “Taiwan’s independence” forces are in fact already a dog tied to the goal post and locked in a cage. “Taiwan’s independence” still shouts on the island and confuses some people, but the political reality there is already a “show” of entertaining.

People’s Liberation Army fighters are now only near the island of Taiwan. Thank you, the Taiwan military. Maybe someday, the PLA fighter planes will fly over the island of Taiwan. What can Taiwan’s military do? Do they dare to fire? If they did that, it would mean the end of Taiwan’s political separatism.

Taiwan now has powerful mouths left by radical politicians. In addition, they are looking forward to throwing a lifeline over the United States. Do you not know all this useless? The United States may pose a few comforts to Taiwan and help Taiwan maintain the “nothingness” illusion. However, as the mainland continues to rise further, Beijing will not allow itself to indignant and invade itself. As a result, invisible pressures will spread across the island. As a result, the pilots of the Taiwan military will be able to unseat the fairways in the face of the mainland military aircraft and be called upon to “leave immediately.”

Putin Meets with CMC Vice Chairman Zhang Youxia Highly Commends Sino-Russian Strategic Cooperation

                    (Original title: Russian President Putin meets with Zhang Youxia)


俄罗斯总统普京会见张又侠 高度评价中俄战略协作 On the afternoon of December 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Moscow with Zhang Youxia, member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. Photo by Li Xiaowei

俄罗斯总统普京会见张又侠 高度评价中俄战略协作 On the afternoon of December 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Zhang Youxia, member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, who was in Moscow. Photo by Li Xiaowei

On December 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Moscow with Zhang Youxia, member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. Zhang Youxia first conveyed President Xi Jinping’s sincere greetings and good wishes to President Putin. President Putin expressed his thanks and extended his cordial greetings and best wishes to President Xi Jinping. Putin said that the relations with China are the key directions for Russia’s foreign relations. Russia highly values ​​the high-level strategic cooperation between China and Russia. Both China and Russia have the same or similar position in many major international and regional affairs and both sides should further strengthen their communication and coordination to jointly safeguard peace and stability in the world and in their respective regions. The military cooperation between China and Russia plays an important role in the relations between the two countries and hopes both sides will continue to strengthen cooperation in such fields as joint exercises, military competitions and personnel training so as to continuously raise the level of military relations between the two armed forces.

State Council Security Committee on the Shenyang Coal Mine Hongyang three major accidents implemented supervision

                    (Original title: State Council Security Committee on the Shenyang Coal Company Hongyang three major accidents implemented supervision)


BEIJING, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) According to the website of the State Administration of Work Safety, the Security Committee of the State Council recently conducted supervision over the investigation and handling of the 11.11 major accident at Hongyang No.3 Mine of Shenyang Coking Coal Co., Ltd. in Liaoning Province.

The Security Committee of the State Council recently issued a notice on handling the handling of major production safety accidents. According to the relevant provisions of the State Council’s Notice on Further Strengthening Work Safety in Enterprises (Guo Fa [2010] No. 23) and the Measures for the Supervision and Listed Out of Major Accidents (SAIC 〔2010〕 6), the Security Committee of the State Council decided to impose restrictions on Shenyang Coking Coal Co., Ltd. Hongyang Minmetals, “11.11” investigation and implementation of major accidents supervise the handling.

The Security Committee of the State Council requested Liaoning Province to organize the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and standards to actively support and cooperate with the Liaoning Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau to seize the investigation of the accident and strictly prosecute. According to the procedure, Liaoning Provincial People’s Government Security Committee The document submitted the opinions of accident investigation and handling to the office of the Security Commission of the State Council. After the approval of the office of the State Council, the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, Liaoning Province is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the accident liability investigation and relevant rectification measures, and timely implementation will be written Feedback to the Office of the Security Commission of the State Council.

Taiwan media exposed Green Camp official life after leaving office: Hotel broadcast live selling stone

                    (Original title: Green Camp officials quit doing what? Taiwan media exposure: Hotel broadcast live selling stones)


啊啊啊啊啊.jpg In the past, DPP Taiwan’s legislature “Sambo” Caiqi Fang, Lin Zongmo, Hou Shui-sheng, exited the political arena so that users sigh. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

Overseas Network December 8 – u0026 nbsp; DPP officials after leaving office are doing? Taiwan media recently revealed that they are idle, and some open snack bar selling fish soup, and some jade stone in the live broadcast on the sale, but also some people left for the phone number, since no audio. So embarrassed also let Taiwan users sigh: Really good and evil finally reported.

photo.jpg Former DPP “legislator” sold jade on Facebook. (Photo: Taiwan’s United Daily News)

According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that on the Facebook Live Platform, after the “legislator” of the former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who lost his shoes toward Li Ao in Taiwan’s legislature has withdrawn from politics, Broadcast live jade. Lin Guoqing also said frankly that when politicians make a switch to e-commerce, there will be some troubles and occasional spoofs and tricks. He also said that for some time to fade out of politics, there will be no urge to participate in the election.

123123123.jpg Thousands of DPP “legislators” Cai Qifang open a snack bar in his hometown for a living. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

Cai Qifang, one of the “three treasures” of Taiwan’s legislature, opened a snack bar in his hometown in May last year to sell bean dip soup and lice Head fish soup, name of the store named “do mark solid” (Taiwanese, meaning “do soon”). However, it is learned that Cai Qi-fang was hospitalized for asthma last November and the snack bar was closed. Taiwan media feelings, operating a short period of six months, no wonder called “do soon.”

600400啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊.jpg Hou Shing-sheng (left), Lin Chung-mo (right) (Source: Taiwan’s United)

As for the other two treasures, they gradually disappeared after they left politics. It is understood that Hou Shui-sheng in March 2015 due to myocardial infarction sent to hospital for emergency treatment, has twice lost the sign of life, after the successful rescue by the hospital, but also because of hypoxia for a long time, need someone to take long-term care, was arranged in the support center. However, after leaving the political arena, Lin Mu-mo was very low-key, replacing the phone number and refusing to contact the outside world.

See these DPP officials “end”, the island netizens a ridicule.

QQ截图20171208101510.jpg Some netizens said: “It seems that these so-called” legislators “before the DPP did not end very well …” Some netizens followed the reply: “Retribution ah!” “Former chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party Are similar. “

QQ截图20171208101549.jpg There are users with emotion:” not to report the time to “,” good and evil have finally reported. ”

Army issued regulations: a clear level of important basis for civil servants wages

                    (Original title: Central Military Commission issued “Provisional Regulations on the Management of Civilian Crew”)


With the approval of the Central Military Commission, the Central Military Commission recently issued the Interim Provisions on the Management of Civilian Personnel Levels (the “Provisions”), which came into force on December 6, 2017.

The “Provisions” are important supporting documents for the newly revised “Civilian Regulations of the People’s Liberation Army”. They are of great significance in establishing and perfecting the incentive and guarantee mechanism for civilian personnel and in regulating the management of civilian personnel. The “Regulations” are clear and the level is a comprehensive manifestation of the functions, qualifications, qualifications and cumulative contributions of civilian personnel. They are an important basis for determining the salary of civilians. In accordance with the principle of uniform norms, characteristics, efficiency and motivation, the Regulations regulate the setting of the level of civil servants and raise the scope and rank of civil servants for each rank of the civil servants. The conditions and conditions, as well as the level of adjustment of the approval authority, procedures and so made clear.

Ministry of Education: In some places, secondary vocational education students are not allocated standards

                    (Original title: Ministry of Education: Secondary vocational education students are not allocated standard)


Legal Network Beijing December 7 The Ministry of Education today released the 2016 Assessment Report on the Running Ability of Secondary Vocational Schools in the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), which pointed out that some localities are under-invested. Although most provinces have established secondary vocational education funding standards, but there is no standard problem.

For example, part of the public secondary vocational schools are less than 1 million yuan in annual financial allocations, some of which are below 4,000 yuan. The funding gap between local governments is very wide. The funding for private secondary vocational schools is too low. In private secondary vocational schools, Most of them have almost no financial allocation except for student allowances; vocational schools organized by some state-owned enterprises are facing difficulties in allocating funds and should also pay attention to them.

The Report shows that the enrollment of students in secondary vocational schools nationwide ranks first in the world, laying an important foundation for the career development of tens of millions of students. In 2015, there were nearly 16.57 million students enrolled in secondary vocational schools, accounting for 41% of the total number of students enrolled in high school education. The state has set up a system of student subsidy supplemented by tuition fees, state grants, supplemented by schools and social assistance so that all students Have access to high school education and career development skills. Secondary vocational schools cover 88.8% of county-level administrative regions, play a supporting role in improving people’s livelihood. Secondary vocational schools throughout counties and townships provide human resources support for the economic and social development in all localities, especially the shortage of grass-roots talents related to people’s livelihood, such as rural health and rural education, in remote and underdeveloped areas.

The Hoh Xil Salt Lake area is the largest in 42 years or threatens the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

                    (Original title: Hoh Xil Lake area approaching Qinghai-Tibet Railway in 42 years maximum)


China news agency, Qinghai Flower and Soil ditch December 8 (Xinhua) Qinghai Provincial Institute of Meteorology disclosed on the 8th, according to the latest satellite remote sensing monitoring shows that the Hoh Xil Salt Lake area has continued to expand, reaching the maximum in nearly 42 years.

<img alt="点击进入下一页" src="×0" title="资料图:神秘的可可西里无人区。(2006年6月28日摄) 中新社记者 武仲林 摄" style="border-width: 0px; border-style: initial; max-width: 580px; cursor: pointer; margin: 0px auto; display: block;" > Information Figure: mysterious Hoh Xil unmanned area. (Photo taken on June 28, 2006) China News Agency reporter Wu Zhonglin photo

Salt Lake (also known as “Xinsheng Lake”) is located in the west of Zhiduo County, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province, south of the Kunlun Mountains. It belongs to the hinterland of Hoh Xil, 4400 meters above. The northwestern part of the Salt Lake is characterized by Zhuo Naihu, Qusai Lake and Hai Dingnuoer Lake from the west to the east. These four lakes were originally inflow lakes. After a large levee at Zhuonai Lake in September 2011, a large amount of lake water leaked , The outflow of the lake eastward through the Kusai Lake and the Sea of ​​Dingnuoer Lake, making Kusai Lake and the sea Dingnuoer Lake area expanded rapidly in short term, have become outflow lake, before and after October 2011 into the Salt Lake, the four lakes are currently integrated , Resulting in the continued increase of salt lake area, the current southeastern coast of salt from the Qinghai-Tibet Highway only 8 km.

Liu Baokang, senior engineer of Qinghai Meteorological Institute, introduced the latest satellite remote sensing monitoring results show that the salt lake area in early October for the 161.4 square kilometers, compared with the same period last year, an area of ​​9.3 square kilometers; with its upstream Zhuo Naihu before the breakwater (2011), an area of ​​115.5 km 2 has been enlarged, an increase of 50.2 km 2 compared with that after the breakwater (2012). Historical data analysis since 1976 shows that the current salt lake area has reached a new high in recent 42 years.

Hong Kong barrister for the “leader” in the head Huang pleading: he was 18

                    (Original title: To be sentenced, lawyers as “occupied” head plea: He only 18)


The Hong Kong High Court of Justice originally scheduled the afternoon of December 7 to impose a sentence on 16 people of Wong Ching-feng who were suspected of “criminal contempt of law” during the illegal “Occupy Central” period. However, according to Hong Kong media reports, Huang Zhifeng lawyer Luo Yinggan appeared to court on the 7th “plea,” said the defendant was only 18 years of age, and has been sentenced to six months, I hope discretionary. The judge agreed to postpone the sentence until the prosecution and the defense both submitted written arguments for discussion before deciding the sentence.


Deputy Solicitor Huang Zhifeng Luo Yinggan is one of the “four kings” of Hong Kong criminal barristers. According to a report by Hong Kong’s “East Network” on December 7, during the “Hong Kong” “illegal occupation” operation in 2014, Huang Zhifeng, secretary general of Hong Kong Zhongzhi, and Cen Aohui, former secretary-general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, , And 20 people such as Wong Min-ming, chairman of Social Democrats, in violation of the court injunction, obstructing the bailiff clerk from obstructing blocks of Nathan Road in Mongkok. Submitted for contempt of court Except the first four convicted defendants last week Has been sentenced, the remaining 16 defendants, including Huang, Cen Ao Hui, the court was originally sentenced on the 7th.

However, Huang Ying-feng, a “senior counsel” on behalf of Huang Zhifeng, said that Huang was only 18 years old at the time of the incident and that he had been jailed for six months because of “Resurgence of the Citizens’ Square” Sentencing, will consider the integrity of the penalty, hope can be sentenced to “probation order.”

In addition, on behalf of two other defendants, Guoyun Yu and Zhu Peixin, Luo Ying-kan pleaded in court that they were involved in the case because of “concern for the society.” They did not use violence and have not been convicted and have been ” class”. Huang Zufeng (left), Cen Aohui (center) and Huang Hao Ming (right) and others were charged with criminal contempt of court. Source: East Network

Another defense lawyer, Pan Hei, said that the defendant represented by then did not intend to challenge Hong Kong law and court directions. He claimed that when one of the defendants, Kwan Siu-hong (one of the defendants), was 23 years old and in action No-resistance and violent acts have caused injuries to others, and “demonstrated cooperation” during the arrest, hoping that probation can be accepted. Pan_Hei said although the seven people who pleaded not guilty were ultimately convicted of “contempt of court”, they “did not intend to challenge the authority of the court or the law.” However, the judge retorted that only some of the defendants did not intend to represent the other defendants.

The defense also explained that both Guo Yang Yu and Zhu Peixin (the two defendants who pleaded not guilty) were first-time offrs and both of them “have a lesser role” in the case and did not intend to challenge the court-issued restraining order. Instead of struggling to resist, he cooperated with the police. Even if Feng Qixi (one of the defendants) was asked to kneel for two minutes, he did not resist and fully cooperated.

In addition, “Hong Kong 01” reported that Pan Xi also disclosed that Huang Hao Ming (one of the defendants) is the eldest son of his family. His parents ran a small business. However, his family was not wealthy. He completed a master’s degree in social policy and determined to “serve the community.” Huang submitted a six-page plea letter written in prison to the court to explain to the court that he just wanted to “uphold the rule of law.” He was present “to persuade others to calm down,” “to show peace,” and to be pressured on the ground even when arrested ” There is no struggle. ” Defense lawyers are asking the court to consider the principle of overall sentencing. Judge Chan Ching-Wei pointed out that some defendants were not 21 years old at the time of the arrest and should not be sentenced to one of the defendants under the age of 21 unless the court considers that other sentencing options are not appropriate. However, if the defendants ” Social service order “or” probation order “, obtain relevant reports and appear to be time-consuming and therefore require defense counsel to propose a suitable approach. Therefore, the defense claims that “it takes time to prepare a statement” and then submit the case again. The court decided to postpone the case pending further written submissions by the defense and notify the parties in writing of the date of resumption of the hearing.

“Escaped” Huang Zengfeng said after he stepped out of the courtroom that he would not know when the court was sentenced, saying he would face the verdict “as usual” and thanked his team of lawyers. When asked whether he had ever waited for the CFA to adjudicate on several other appeals, Wong said he was required to judge.


Huang and his entourage were interviewed outside court. According to Hong Kong media earlier news, Huang Feng, Huang Haoming have invariably declared to the outside world, is expected to sentence the prison sentence is likely to be jailed, Huang Feng also wrote an article on Facebook, because the so-called “regain Citizens’ Square “was sentenced to prison and two months later was released on bail pending appeal next month.” I did not expect to leave the jail for six weeks and once again face the verdict, the mood is a bit complicated. “

The 14-year-old also shot the People’s Daily in all the major media in the country

                    (Original title: The 14-year-old kid played all the big media across the country.)


In the past two days, almost all of China’s microblogs from the central government to local media relayed the story of a “genius boy” from Shandong, including the Weibo of the Global Times.

However, as we media were still excited about finding a “big news,” netizens quickly discovered that we self-proclaimed media outlets were being fooled by this kid …

Things Two days ago, Shandong Qilu Network and Shandong Broadcasting and TV’s “Lightning News” APP together reported a “prodigy” Lee from Shandong Laiyang, said only 14 years old, he has not only been the famous American hemp Provincial Institute of Technology admitted, and he started to develop software at the age of 6, 8 years of age is more independent research and development of an “open cloud computing platform.” …

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

Not only that, the two Shandong media also claimed that the “prodigy “We also got” study tours “of famous domestic institutions such as Tsinghua University and South China University of Technology, as well as the olive branch thrown out by many other top foreign universities, and gave corresponding” evidences “:

_89456_13_65473_9 这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

It is reported that the South China University of Technology to examine Lee’s message

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

It is reported that the University of Waterloo, Canada invited Lee to join the school’s e-mail

So, this is the most formal Shandong two media issue The news was quickly reprinted by media microblogs from other places and even at the central level, including the “Global Times” Weibo. Of course, Geng Zhungeng felt that everyone was forwarding this information, perhaps because of the trust of professional colleagues in Shandong right, so did not look forward directly transmitted, and even some microblogging copy of the media are copied exactly the same …

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

However, many netizens who read the news report quickly discovered the weirdness of this “prodigy.”

To say the most obvious doubts: After the “prodigy” Pa had a “light” know almost online, netizens first pointed out that an 8-year-old child is simply impossible to independently develop a need for many professional IT engineers spent many years of effort to develop the “cloud computing platform.” Some users claim that this description is “an insult to major cloud computing platforms and all IT practitioners.”

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

Secondly, several pictures posted by the Shandong media on the prodigy are also inexplicable. There are netizens who ask why, since this prodigy, “Master Li,” is so powerful, why The report is used in others’ cloud computing platform “picture?

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

Qilu Net reported that the prodigy R u0026 D cloud computing platform posted the pictures of others,” Ali cloud “……

Again, users They also found that the “prodigy” given in the report was invited by South China University of Technology to “examine” his email and invitation to be invited by the University of Waterloo, Canada, not only wacky, but also inscribed name is even more ridiculous.

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

For example, in the report claiming to be a mailing address for an invitation to Canada’s University of Waterloo William Jafferson
Yes, this is actually the full name of the former US President Bill Clinton, and Jefferson is also misspelled …

Geng Gege also searched and found that not only did Clinton and the University of Waterloo not have Relationship, and that there is no one in the faculty and staff of the University of Canada and Clinton re-name … …

As for the following South China University of Technology Computer Science and Engineering “Invitation”, Geng Zhungeng specifically to the college side hit The phone, was told that the college did not have a screenshot that called “Wang Kun” insulators, but also never heard of college leaders on the 14-year-old Shandong Lee interested in the news. , There are users who suspect these questions are likely to be invitations, “prodigy” Lee “own to yourself,” because the sender of these two e-mail shot David
Lee, is the name of the person in charge of the company established by Lee, mentioned in the Shandong media reports. Finally, and most importantly, some of the top Chinese students studying at MIT also saw the news as “false” after seeing the news – not only because of the mere coverage Listed in the qualifications of Lee wanted to break the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is simply fantasy, but also did not report MIT reported in the “Foundation” said. Geng Zhungeng’s colleague also got MIT official further response: Massachusetts Institute of Technology does not exist to take the initiative to sign a student, or sign a contract with the students. All students must apply for admission under the same application process and usually only apply in the last year of high school. – The 14-year-old Lee is currently only “fourth day.”

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

In addition, some netizens also found that the “prodigy” listed by the Shandong media in the report also has great doubts about the “achievements” in some scientific research. Because they found that in a blog post in April this year, these results are the results of another 17-year-old Wang classmate, and the “prodigy” is only Wang’s classmate’s “little helper” ……

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

It is also worth mentioning that there was also a “Certificate of Merit” by Lee, posted in the report, in an “international competition.” Because the report claims that this contest was organized by the APEC, the “Commendation” picture that can be posted at the same time is the end of the World Trade Organization (WTO) ……

这个14岁的孩子 把全国所有的大媒体都耍了

Taiwan authorities set about handling “referendum law” terrorist “territorial change referendum”

                    (Original title: Taiwan authorities to deal with “referendum law” Kuomintang concerned about the green camp mention “change of territories”)


Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” will start handling the draft amendment to some provisions of the “Referendum Law” on the 8th. According to reports from Hong Kong Zhongjian Press, if the DPP talks are released, if the consultation is broken out, they will be delivered one by. The KMT delegation threatened to see whether the final revised version of the Green Camp was related to the “referendum on territorial change.” If the Green Camp forced the vote, the consequences would be conceited.

DPP “Legislative Yuan” All-President Su Jiaquan presided over the “Regulations for Promoting Transition Justice” on December 1, saying that next, we should deal with the draft amendments to some provisions of the “Referendum Law” and require all political parties to propose the articles to be retained after discussion by themselves. Noon on the 8th re-negotiate. Today, all the caucuses have issued mobilization orders in preparation for their “parliamentary meeting.”

It is reported that the biggest point of this dispute between the government and the opposition lies in the so-called “reversion to territorial changes.” In the first instance version led by the Democratic Progressive Party in December last year, this item was categorized as “constitutional” and excluded from the amendment outer. However, the Kuomintang worries that the people’s government of Chinas Democratic People’s Republic of China will propose amending the motion and put it in again or put forward the hidden clause of “revival of defeat.” Therefore, it must regard the version finally proposed by the DPP.

In addition, in the first instance, the threshold of the “referendum” proposal was one ten thousandth as many as the previous vote for the leader of the Taiwan region with a threshold of 1.5% of the votes cast, while a simple majority vote was adopted, with a total vote of 1 / 4. This is far more difficult than the current version. If passed, many community organizations are expected to launch “referendums” in the future, which will pose a serious challenge to the DPP.

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