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A magnitude 5.2 earthquake in Yecheng County of Xinjiang Province has a sparsely populated population within 50 km of the epicenter

                    (Original title: Yecheng County, Xinjiang 5.2 earthquake occurred 50 km within the extremely small population)



Xinjiang Seismological Bureau official microblogging screenshots

BEIJING, December 7, according to the Xinjiang Seismological Bureau official microblogging messages, ?? in Kashgar, Xinjiang Yecheng 5.2 earthquake occurred, the epicenter 50 kilometers within range The population is extremely scarce, with a population of about 10,000 within 100 kilometers.

According to the formal determination of China Seismological Network, at 7:29 on December 7, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred in Yecheng County, Kashi Prefecture, Xinjiang at a depth of 87 km. The epicenter was located at 35.69 degrees north latitude and the longitude 77.46 degrees.

Epicenter Terrain

The average elevation above 5 km within the epicenter is about 6113 meters.


Xinjiang Seismological Bureau official microblogging screenshots

heat population

mobile population, according to a large data analysis, within a range of 50 km epicenter of the population is extremely rare, the population within 100 km range of about 1 million.

Surrounding villages and towns

Villages within 10 km around this earthquake have victory ditches and no township resident distribution within 50 km.

The epicenter is 227 kilometers away from Pishan County, 241 kilometers away from Hetian County, 244 kilometers away from Yecheng County, 269 kilometers away from Moyu County, 271 kilometers away from Hetian City, 236 kilometers away from Kunyu City, 1252 kilometers away from Urumqi City.


Xinjiang Seismological Bureau official microblogging screenshots

historical earthquakes

according to the China Seismological speed newspaper directory, more than three earthquakes the past five years occurred in a total of 147 times within 200 kilometers epicenter surrounding, the largest earthquake Is a magnitude 5.5 earthquake (67 km from this epicenter) in the Kashmir region on October 21, 2013. The distribution of the top 50 historical earthquakes by earthquake magnitude is shown in Fig.


Xinjiang Seismological Bureau official microblogging screenshots

epicenter Profile

Deputy state told the county level: the organization of the arrangement is not a kind of care

                    (Original title: Vice-state told magistrate-level, organizational arrangements, not a kind of care)


“I am 69 years old. I am 69 years old. It is certainly not a pre-retirement transition. It is also on the front line, not on the second line. Our tasks and responsibilities are heavy.” Xu Zhenmin, March 2016 From the county party committee to the NPC , As Ninghai County People’s Congress Standing Committee of Zhejiang Province, in his view, “from the county to the NPC work, but the division of labor is different.”

In early December, Xu Zhenmin arrived in Beijing to attend the 2017 Fourth County People’s Congress Standing Committee responsible for gay classes. From December 1 to December 4, 303 county-level people’s congresses standing committee members from three provinces of Zhejiang, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces attended the seminar in Beijing.

Senior Officials on the Rise as Lecturers

The four-day seminar was held at the National People’s Congress Conference Center. The seminar includes opening classes, counseling reports, group discussion, on-site teaching and exchange of conventions.

There is a strict class schedule for classes – 9am and 3pm. A few days later, each time before the bell rang in class, more than 300 trainees were able to sit in the classroom almost on time.

“This year is the first year of county and township people’s congresses in the country. All of them are recruits,” said Xu Zhenmin. “All the counseling reports are experts and leaders of NPC work. They are very familiar with the work of people’s congresses at the county and township levels and are very systematically integrated with the NPC The actual work of the nineteen spirit of counseling, a great harvest. ”

Political Understanding It is learned that five high-level “lecturers” have been assigned to the classes: Xin Chunying, deputy secretary-general of the NPC Standing Committee, Shen Chunyao, director of the NPC Standing Committee of the NPC, and the budget committee of the NPC Standing Committee Director Liu Kun, Deputy Secretary-General of the NPC Standing Committee Han Xiaowu and Deputy Secretary-General Guo Zhenhua of the NPC Standing Committee.

The lectures also focus on the work of the county-level people’s congress, including “strengthening the legislative and supervisory work of the NPC”, “local organizational law and the work of the local people’s congress,” “doing a good job of examining and supervising the NPC’s budget,” and “further strengthening Improve people’s congress supervision “and” do a good job deputies work “and so on.

Speech made by members of the Political Bureau

The highest standard is actually the opening ceremony. Wang Chen, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice chairman and secretary general of the NPC Standing Committee, attended the speech.

This is also the fourth time since this year Wang Chen attending the class’s opening ceremony. Since the third period, he has been appointed as a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and leader of the people’s congress from the grassroots level has given him a chance to face the deputy-state leaders.

From May 8 to 11 this year, the first batch of classes in 2017 was held. The county-level people’s congresses from Jilin, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Tibet participated in the ceremony. Since then, in July, November, December and every month, more than 300 heads of grassroots people’s congresses have come to the National People’s Congress Conference Center for training. Together with the latest issue, a total of more than 1,300 heads of grass-roots people’s congresses in 16 provinces went to Beijing for further studies.

Face to face with these grass-roots leaders of the people’s congresses, Wang said: “We must profoundly understand that the NPC work is not a second line, but a front line and sometimes a hot line. Organizing us to work in the NPC is not a kind of care, nor is it Retirement before the transition, but a responsibility, a play. ”

“People’s congress work is not second-line”. In such a case, it has also been mentioned many times in later tutorial classes. To the people in charge of grassroots people’s congresses, these speeches are very important.

Politics Please note that every day before class, Liu Daying, director of the Standing Committee of Xifeng County People’s Government of Guiyang, Guizhou Province, will come up with training notes and carefully record the key points of the teachers. On the first day of attending training and study, Her book was full of fifty-six pages.

Liu Da-ying is not the first to participate in such training. “Ten years ago, I also attended similar training. This time I really felt that the atmosphere was particularly good and my study was very good, especially the discipline. I remember the middle of the stairs at the entrance are all flowers and trees, and now all gone, eating is also a buffet. “

” Do not change the channel, a grasp in the end “

China’s NPC is divided into five levels, namely National People’s Congress; Provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities; National People’s Congress; autonomous prefectures; autonomous counties, autonomous counties, municipal districts and municipal districts; township, ethnic township, town people’s congress. In the past, the work of the county and township people’s congresses was “short board.”

In June 2015, the CPC Central Committee transmitted “Several Opinions of the Party Committee of the NPC Standing Committee on Strengthening the Work and Construction of County People’s Congress.” Opinions called for strengthening the work of county and township people’s congresses, opening up the county and township people’s congresses, exercising their power to decide on major issues according to law, strengthening and improving supervision, doing a good job in appointment and removal of personnel, and strengthening and improving the work of deputies.

Opinion also specifically mentioned that the director of a county-level people’s congress should implement “full-time equipment”, and the township people’s congress should be equipped with a full-time chairman. Wherever conditions permit, it may be equipped with a full-time vice-chairman. In the second half of 2016, the county people’s congress of NPC will no longer be concurrently held by county party chiefs. The obvious fact is that after full-time deployment, the director of the county-level people’s congress will be able to concentrate more on NPC work, such as supervision.

Prior to going to Beijing for training, on November 8, Xu Zhenmin, director of the Standing Committee of Ninghai County People’s Congress, and three deputy directors led a team to the urban area of ​​the county to inspect the hard driving and difficult parking conditions.

During the inspection, the inspection team made a suggestion that “the relevant departments should improve the efficiency of road construction and speed up project implementation to minimize the impact of construction on the mass transit under the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the construction.”

Administration As we have seen, Ninghai County, when solving the problems of difficult driving and difficult parking because of the high cost of land for parking lots and parking facilities, difficulty in balancing the funds in urban demolition and the fear of the local relevant departments.

In this regard, Xu Zhenmin’s attitude is, “Do not change the channel, once in the grasp, to promote an effective solution.”

Steadily Grassroots People Surveillance

At present, there are altogether 2.67 million deputies from the central to local people’s congresses at the five levels. Among them, there are more than 590,000 deputies to the county level and more than 1.94 million deputies to township people’s congresses The NPC deputies at the county level and at the county level account for 95% of the total NPC deputies at all levels in the country, and the NPC deputies at both levels have been elected through direct elections and are most closely linked with the people.

“We will focus the people’s attention and hot spots as the focus, organize research, carry out law enforcement inspections, put forward opinions, and urge the government to resolve the implementation.” Xu Zhenmin said.

What is the new CMC Vice Chairman going to Beijing to go to Russia to talk about?

                    (Original title: What is the new vice chairman of the military committee in charge of equipment going to Beijing to go to Russia?)


China’s Ministry of National Defense said in a press release that on December 6, Zhang Youxia, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, paid an official visit to Russia. This is the first visit since Zhang Youxia served as vice chairman of the Central Military Commission and the first visit of Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission since the establishment of the new Central Military Commission.

Why did Zhang Youxia’s “first show” be Russia? The timing of the visit is again when the situation in the Korean Peninsula intensifies. What is the content of the military high-level talks between China and Russia? Zhang Yuxia’s “debut” Why choose Russia, a center of enthusiastic viewers have different opinions, but around but the importance of a Sino-Russian relations. China and Russia are all-round strategic partnership of coordination and pragmatic cooperation especially in the field of military affairs. In December, according to the current official public information, there are two joint exercises between China and Russia, one is the joint Sino-Russian “cooperation -2017” anti-terrorism training held in Ningxia, one is December 11 Held in Japan’s “Air-Space Security -2017” China-Russia Joint Chiefs Command of the Second Anti-missile Computer Exercise.

A person familiar with the situation told the Global Times on the 6th that it is customary for the new military leaders of China and Russia to hold exchange of visits. Indeed, according to reports from previous reports, the exchange of high-level military visits between China and Russia is also quite regular, forming a “normalized” mechanism of exchange of visits. In 2013 and 2015, Xu Qiang, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, was invited to visit Russia. In 2012, 2014 and 2016, Russia’s Defense Minister Shaikh was invited to visit China.

▲2016年11月23日,中国国防部长常万全为俄罗斯国防部长绍伊古到访举行欢迎仪式。 ▲ On November 23, 2016, Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wan-chuh held a welcoming ceremony for the visit of the Russian Defense Minister Saikugu.

The Global Times reporter’s access to these reports shows that another coincidental law is that no matter whether the top Chinese military visits Russia or the Russian Defense Minister visits China, the leaders of the Chinese equipment departments will be on the list. According to the information released by the Chinese Ministry of National Defense on the 6th, Li Shangfu, minister of equipment development at the Central Military Commission, visited Russia along with Zhang Youxia. It is precisely because of this, Zhang is not the first visit to Russia, but to see Shauogu this “old friend.”

The above said that for a long time Sino-Russian military cooperation has been closely linked in the military technology field. Zhang Youxia has long been in charge of the equipment work. Now he is accompanied by the leadership of the Equipment Development Department, which will help both parties to step up their cooperation in military technology.


The cooperation between China and Russia in military technology is very much, but the most common mention is the introduction of 24 Su-35s. Just a few days ago, some netizens filmed the third batch of Su-35 fighters that Russia delivered to China. Su-35 Su-27 in the succession of excellent mobility, range and mount capabilities, but also the application of many of the latest technology. Su-35 has a larger wing and more advanced engine performance, larger machine nose also installed the latest phased array radar. Defense Press Spokesman Wu Qian’s press conference on November 30 also confirmed that the Su-35 aircraft project is an important cooperation being carried out between China and Russia. Currently, both sides are actively promoting various cooperation programs including flight training as planned, and the project is progressing well.

If we say that Sino-Russian military-technical cooperation is a must-talk in the history of the leaders of the Russian and Chinese military trades all along. Well, Zhang Hsia-Hsiung’s visit to Russia another eye-catching point is whether China and Russia will join hands to deal with the increasingly intensified situation in the Korean Peninsula.

On the morning of December 4, the air forces of the ROK and the United States held an annual large-scale joint aerial drone code-named “the trump card” over the Korean Peninsula. The exercise, South Korea and the United States dispatched a total of more than 230 warplanes, tens of thousands of troops, the scale of a record high. The exercise was called North Korea “a full provocation.” At the same time, in response to the complicated situation in the Korean Peninsula, both China and Russia made a statement urging all parties to exercise restraint and dialogue and consultation and not to worsen the situation on the peninsula. At the same time, China and Russia express the same point of view to the outside world to convey the meaning is not to mess with the Russian home.

The reference message of December 6 reports that at the same time, China and Russia signal to the Korean peninsula. The Chinese exercise means that the Chinese Air Force recently dispatched a number of fighters to the Yellow Sea and East China Sea near the Korean Peninsula to train and flew routes that they had not flown to the areas they had not visited in the past. Russia’s Defense Ministry announced on the 4th that following last week’s beach landing training in the area bordering North Korea, the country’s Marine Corps will conduct live-ball training there.

The above persons told the Global Times reporter that during the visit of Zhang Hexia to Russia, given the new characteristics of the current international and regional security situation, both parties need to strengthen consultation, communication and exchange so as to jointly meet the risk challenge.

On 24 October, during the Fourth ASEAN Anti-Japanese Enlargement Conference, the two defense chiefs held a meeting. Soyigou told Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wan-ch’uan: “Our assessment of the current situation is in many ways consistent. I think this is a good sign to further consolidate the relations between Russia and China.”

Both sides have made clear their plan to continuously expand cooperation. The implementation of these measures will bring bilateral relations to a whole new level in the next three years.

More than 30,000 new affordable housing projects in Beijing have been completed and 15,000 more than planned

                    (Original title: Beijing guaranteed housing over 30,000 units completed)


Beijing News The Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Commission informed yesterday that as of the end of November, the project of “raising 50,000 sets of affordable housing for all kinds of construction and raising more than 60,000 sets of completed housing projects” has been fully overrun by the end of November this year.

Data show that the city’s new housing starts 65,479 sets, completed the annual 50 million sets of tasks 131%, of which 7598 sets of public rental, property rights protection housing 3807 sets of shed change resettlement housing 54074 sets of 90517 sets completed The annual 60,000 sets of tasks 151%, of which 23376 sets of public rental, property protection class housing 40,030 sets, 27,111 sets of shed change housing.

Greek auction of real estate debt reduction Chinese buyers accounted for 40% of foreign buyers

                    (Original title: Chinese buyers account for 40% of Greece’s foreign buyers but also to prevent “pit”)


According to the Greek National Bureau of Statistics data released on December 4 local time, Greece’s economy grew by 1.3% in the third quarter, an increase of 0.3%. Although the Greek economy has stabilized rebound, but the debt ratio all the way up, seriously exceeding the warning level. Recently, the Greek government has taken a difficult step in trying to get out of the deep quagmire of debt. After stalemate with creditors for six months, last Wednesday (November 29), Greece restarted the auction of bank confiscated real estate and launched the online auction platform for the first time. The Greek banking system hopes to see the first quarter of 2018 Accelerate the auction progress, the goal is to be sold before the end of 2018 18,000 sets of real estate.

According to international creditors, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank, Greece needs to start a foreclosure mortgage auction to reduce the level of bad loans in the banking system. For a long time, however, the public auctions have been shut down for protests by people, including homeowners and lawyers. International creditors have said earlier that if the auction can not be held regularly, the progress of the review on the current round of fiscal and structural reforms in Greece may not be completed and the review will expire next month. The international creditors’ proposal of bailing out Greece is that by 2020, the size of Greece’s non-performing loans will be reduced by 30 billion euros. The total current scale is about 100 billion euros and the non-performing loan ratio is about 45%.

Foreign buyers China accounts for 42% of the increase in Q3

“The recent launch of online auction platform will increase the supply of the Greek real estate market and may offer some discount opportunities for homebuyers. Online Auction The platform is also open to foreigners, so long as foreigners can complete the registration process on the platform and other formalities, including identification, registered through Greek lawyers, in addition to the need to pay a deposit (about 30% of the value of the house.) China There is no big obstacle for people to bid on. “Digkas Michal, a practicing attorney in Greece, told 21st Century Business Herald on December 5 that currently he is a foreign counsel at Beijing Houde Zhiyuan Intellectual Property Agency.

“Some of our clients are very interested in Greece’s online real estate auctions, and they hope to get the chance to buy at the lowest market price through this platform,” CEOCarrieLaw said on 21st December through 21st Century Business Herald.

Relevant statistics show that in recent years, Chinese interest in Greek real estate has risen year by year. One of the motives is the bargain hunting. It is also noteworthy that the Chinese interest in buying houses in Greece is especially evident after Greece launched the Golden Visa Program in 2013 to promote foreign investment as long as foreigners can buy more than 250,000 euros in Greece , Investors and their families and their children (including children under 21 years of age) are eligible for a five-year residence permit. During this period, they are allowed to waive within the Schengen area and are free to move. They may also apply for an extension after the five-year residence permit expires.

According to the “Nikkei Chinese Network” recently reported that according to the Greek government statistics, after the introduction of the visa system, as of September 2017 to buy foreigners reached 2014 people, investment and related revenue of more than 1 billion euros. In terms of countries, China is the dominant country. Specifically, there are 850 Chinese investors, including 2091 people, including Chinese investors and their families, who have obtained long-term residence permits, accounting for over 40% of the total.

Foreign network data also reflect a similar phenomenon, “the Chinese demand for Greek real estate base is small, but faster growth.We conducted in 2015, the relevant survey shows that at that time the Chinese people for the market economy is a certain recovery Skeptical but recent signs of a shift in their perceptions of the amount of inquiries on Greek real estate on our platform saw a 158.5% year-on-year rise in the third quarter of this year and the current median asking price was $ 300,000 “Said CarrieLaw.

“As far as I know, the main motivation for Chinese people buying a house in Greece is investment. Of course, some people may want to live in Greece for a long time, but many Chinese people rent out the house after they buy a house,” Michail said.

Chen, who lives in Shanghai, told 21st Century Business Herald about his Greek buying story. “I have two houses in Shanghai and I want to sell one to realize. However, there is still no result for more than a year. It can be said that there is no market price, more like the assets on the books.I spent 250,000 euros to buy a house in the center of Athens, Greece, one reason for choosing is that the Greek real estate may be the cheapest in Europe.The price in Shanghai The city center may not be able to buy toilets. After buying a Greek house, first, our family have received five-year permanent residence permit, at least in the Schengen area travel is very convenient. Everyone said the Greek economy is not good, but I like the local Tourism economy, so I may consider follow-up to rent, or to do short bed and breakfast on the Internet, or let the real estate company chartered out. “Miss Chen said by telephone on December 6. 21_93456_23_65473_9

21st Century Business Herald Reporter searches for key words of “Golden Visa of Greece” in Baidu and has nearly 200,000 related results. The reporter found several results at random and mostly used the “Golden Visa of Greece” as selling point to sell real estate.

Cases of high premiums from Chinese buyers should also pay attention to high tax rates

But according to Michail analysis, Greek buyers should pay attention to some “pit”. Michail said he is currently helping a Chinese client deal with two Greek properties: “I am now in the process of handling a case against a Chinese customer who bought two houses in Greece. The point of contention is that he paid the market price of the home Twice, and litigation like this can take years to process.In addition to these high premium examples, I think Chinese people buy a house in Greece, but also pay attention to the issue of lots of real estate.I now the main business is for those who want to invest or The Chinese who immigrate to Greece provide legal services, and the Greek market is not a good fit for speculators, and it’s also important to be conscientious about hiring consultants in advance, “said Michail.

In addition, there are also many taxes to be paid in Greece, such as buying a house or renting a house. According to GlobalPropertyGuide, Greece’s higher real estate transaction tax and rental income tax will hit investors to a certain extent.

Cook: looking for Chinese OEM is not because of low labor costs are technology and talent

                    (Original title: Apple CEO Cook to find the biggest reason for foundry in China: not because of low labor costs, but because of technology and talent)


In late 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook launched Rarely a week-long tour of China in China.

Participate in the Wuzhen Global Internet Conference to visit supplier factories in China and attend special schools for one-hour programming activities. Talk to Wang Xingyou, CEO of Meituan Group, for a two-dimensional code meal at a steamed bun shop and visit some help with the iPad Teaching primary schools, visiting mobile game companies … Even before attending the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou on the afternoon of December 6, Cook visited Apple, a camera supplier in Guangzhou, and saw a crowded schedule.

“My first visit to China was about 25 years ago, when my hair was still gray and I would always see huge changes in China.” On the afternoon of December 6, Cook appeared at Fortune Global The forum begins with a remark on “Apple in China” and Adam Rashinsky, executive editor of Fortune magazine. He said that the reason why Apple placed the largest number of OEMs in China is not because of low labor costs but because of China’s technology and talent.

When it comes to Apple’s performance in China, he told media including the “Daily Economic News,” Apple’s smart phone market share in the Chinese market may be only 15%, but he said, “We want to be able to do (product ) Best, not (product). “

At the conference, Cook even took the opportunity to” Tucao “,” In fact, Apple is often criticized, but I never care. “

Like this Key words

This is Cook’s 12th visit to mainland China since taking office. Unlike the past, Cook has spent almost a week in China. During this week, Cook did a lot of things, at the same time, “crazy” to update their own microblogging.

On December 3, Cook attended the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province and delivered a speech entitled “Chinese developers have the highest revenue in the App Store in the world.” On December 4, Cook was in Weibo On the disclosure of their visit to Kunshan Apple partners legislature precision news, it is understood that legislation is the precision Apple legislation AirPods foundry; Subsequently, Cook also fought in Shanghai, has participated in the fourth deaf school in Shanghai, “programming an hour “Activities, visit some primary schools with iPad help teaching, and even experience the Chinese innovation with Wang Xing Shengjianbao shop. According to reports of surging news, the morning of December 5, Cook appeared in heroes and mutual entertainment company in Shanghai.

For this “China trip” trip, Cook December 6 at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou also revealed that he visited a lot of Apple’s partners in China.

“I visited several partners and I do not know if you heard of ICT (LUXSHARE-ICT, ICT) No ICT for the production of our AirPods.AirPods This thing is too small, but it has tens of thousands Components. “To get such a good wireless effect, which is actually very difficult, so we need a special high-end technology to help us achieve. ICT cable produced to us many years ago.” Cook commended Road, legislation done by the precision The quality of the product is very high. In addition, he also revealed that he visited the company’s sophisticated production line.

Cook went on to say, “We also visited another company in Guangzhou this morning who gave us a front-facing lens, and their technology is very strong, is a high-end manufacturing company. Their technology is great.

It seems that “like” has become Cook’s key words of this trip to China.

China’s Talent and Technology Attract Apple Mostly

At the Fortune Global Forum, Cook was asked about his impression of China. Cook told the media: “As soon as you land at the airport, you can see that road construction is really spectacular, and it should be said that the most modern infrastructure technology in the world is in China.”

“Just as China is a completely different country.” For example, if you came to China in the 1990s and then slept for another 25 years, you will find that you did not recognize China at all. “Cook gives such an analogy. Two years ago, someone asked Cook why he outsourced so much manufacturing to China. At Fortune Global Forum site, Cook once again faced such a problem.

He responded that the practitioners in China are very skilled and that Apple currently has 2 million developers in China who write some APP programs for the operation of Apple’s iOS store. China is the place where the most emphasis on innovative applications in the world is generated and the number of entrepreneurs is also very large. He also said that China is making progress toward advanced manufacturing and that China is currently at the crossroads. The artisan spirit has now entered the field of computer science and robotics. This is very important for Apple’s business, Apple needs fine, quality.

Cook said that everyone has some misunderstanding and confusion about China. He wants to say what he thinks. One of the most popular concepts at the moment is that everyone came to China because of the relatively low labor cost in China, but in fact many years ago China was no longer the country with the lowest labor cost. “This is not the reason we came to China.We came to China because of their technology, our products need the best tools, their skills are very high.I do not know if we can meet this requirement in the United States.China People are very professional because they have an education system that allows them to do it. “

Cook thinks Apple’s biggest attraction is the quality of its talent. Before everyone said that Apple is “California design, made in China,” but now the situation is not the case. Processing engineering and development itself also require innovation, and Apple expects high product quality and low defect rates.

August 1 this year, Apple released the third quarter of 2017 fiscal year results, Apple’s revenue for the third quarter of 2017 fiscal year was 45.4 billion, compared with Apple’s The same period of last year’s 42400000000 US dollars increased by 7%; Apple’s third quarter net profit of 8.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 12%, revenue and net profit exceeded analysts’ expectations.

Cook December 6 also talked about Apple’s performance in the Chinese market. He said that some of our quarters did indeed have negative growth. Apple’s smart phone in the Chinese market share may be only 15%, which means that 85% of the market is sold by other vendors. However, he also said that in China, WeChat is very important regardless of whether it uses a smart phone or not. WeChat, on the other hand, runs very smoothly on the iPhone because it does not lose any WeChat information when converting from Android to Apple phone. “I think Tencent China is a very good partnership with us and Tencent is bigger and bigger and is a great benefit to us.”

Taiwan’s 45,000 5 Jiang Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue of fear of being demolished Taiwan Media sighed: cultural catastrophe

                    (Original title: Taiwan’s 45,000 5 Jiang Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue of fear of being demolished Taiwan Media sighed: Cultural Holocaust)



the island with public concerns about the wording “Chiang Kai-shek,” the subject matter probably will be demolitions. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

overseas online December 7 electric u0026 nbsp; Taiwan legislature 5th Third Reading through the “regulations to promote transitional justice”, the island’s concerns about its impact on the KMT’s efforts will be far more Taiwan ” Party production will “trace the party property. Although Tsai Ing-wen made clear at the DPP’s ordinary meeting on the 6th that the objective of “transformation justice” is reconciliation, not for fighting, it does not seem to have won the trust of public opinion. Taiwan’s “Mong Po” today (7) published an article lamenting that green camp rampage on the island, Taiwan will experience an unprecedented cultural catastrophe.

According to a comprehensive report by Taiwan media, the “Promotion Ordinance” caused panic among the people in the island for a time after it was passed by Taiwan’s legislature. For the provisions of the article “Appear in the public buildings or places to commemorate or remembrance authoritarian rulers of the symbol should be removed, renamed, or otherwise disposed of”, Concerned about the whole Taiwan called “Chiang Kai-shek” school name and road name Will be renamed, even coins and banknotes may also be revised.

In addition, the bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek has also become the focus of discussion. It is understood that there is no exact statistics on the statue of Chiang Kai-shek. However, “Lin Pai” writer Lin Shuang never said that there were 45,000 statues of Chiang Kai-shek on the island. The promotion of the Ordinance implies that the 45,000 bronze statues of are facing the demise of being demolished.

for complex public opinion on the island, the green camp people have to stand, saying that the subject matter with the “Chiang Kai-shek” words will not be renamed or removed. However, the DPP legislator Liu Shifang said that the main objective of the “Prohibition Ordinance” on “symbol of authoritarianism” is actually “two Chiang mausoleums of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Taoyuan”.

It is understood that Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Chiang mausoleum at present by Taiwan defense department to send troops stationed ceremony, the future may be disarmed, and also faces Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang mausoleum statue was removed in the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. As for whether the Taiwan military should cooperate with demobilization of troops and the statue of Chiang Kai-shek in the military academy, Chen Zhongji, a spokesman for Taiwan’s defense department, said that the ordinance has not yet been formally announced and Taiwan’s defense department still needs to discuss assessment and planning.

However, Taoyuan City Government Tourism Office responded that, Chiang Cultural Park Taoyuan cultural indicators, not because of “regulations to promote transfer” or “to Jiang of” repudiate “park statue park can ‘shelter’ circles Do not want the statue of the two Chiang. “

600400787878.jpg The picture shows a statue of Chiang Kai-shek in Taipei. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

after the DPP came to power, the bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek from time to time on the island was “pro-independence” throwing paint, “decapitation” of the phenomenon. Taiwan’s “United Daily News” author worries that compared with the previous “bronze medal”, this time the DPP passed the “Pro-promotion Ordinance”, which is a full liquidation of the Kuomintang. Although Tsai Ing-wen claimed that it was not for the fight, but The society has increasingly regarded the differences in values ​​as some degree of “civil war” and will make the blue-green contradictions and tearing deeper and obvious.

After the Nineteenth Congress, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a series of heavy-handed tiger rhythm efforts to disclose new trends

                    (Original title: tiger rhythm after the 19th National Congress, revealed the new trend of anti-corruption)


In the first month after the 19 th National Congress ended, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection sent a heavy load to win two “tigers”: Lu Wei, former vice minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Liu Qiang, former vice governor of Liaoning Province, and the environment of the 12th NPC And the Resources Protection Committee, vice chairman of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, former director Meng Wei, more than thirty officials, disciplinary issues. This tiger pace and intensity, revealed what new trends?

Recently, the “China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Magazine” published an article entitled “Strike Tiger with Rhythm and Strength to Reveal the New Trend of Anti-Corruption”. The article mentions that these disciplined cadres who were notified cover various fields without any specific direction or joint There is only one point at a time: as long as the corrupt thunder is buried, one day it will be deep-fried.

At every key node, people always judge the trend of a work based on some important signals. The first month after the 19-nation closing ceremony, people are familiar with the “beat the tiger” rhythm and information such as about, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission website published a continuous release of Lu Wei, Liu Qiang and other provincial and ministerial level cadres information, the community pays close attention to the party and the public Vibration

The determination to open a no-win zone, full coverage, zero tolerance, heavy containment, strong pressure and long deterrence to seize the overwhelming victory of the anti-corruption struggle is rock-solid. Over the past five years, the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has insisted on scrapping bone and using drugs, breaking the arm and neck and turning a brash wrist, and the magnificent anti-corruption struggle has greatly enhanced the party’s prestige and won the hearts and mind of the people for treating all elements in an all-round manner. The ruling party will always face the contest with corruption. Although the overwhelming situation has formed and consolidated its development, the anti-corruption struggle situation remains harsh and complicated, and it will return to regain the slightest relief. The 19-nation report clearly proposes that the objective of seizing the overwhelming victory of the anti-corruption struggle is the self-pressurization of a major party that has long been in power and declares that there will be no turning back from fighting corruption in the end by solemnly prompting the masses of the people The banner position consistent, unshakeable.

Over the past month, the list of discipline violation cadres notified by the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Ministry of Supervision has exceeded 30 in scope, ranging from party and government organs to people’s congresses, universities and state-owned enterprises. There is no specific point and no law to guess. One, that is, as long as corrupt mines are buried, they will one day be fried. The principle of “playing tiger” is not high-pressured and unabashed. It clearly declares that all the ideas about “turning point” and “slowing down” at the “turning point” are illusions, not losing vigor and not stopping, and proceeding from the anti-corruption post-19 The main theme of the struggle.

The phenomenon of corruption gratifies the sense of gratification, lowers happiness and threatens security, and the masses of people hate it. Making the corrupt cancer tumor non-conforming is the concentrated embodiment of the party’s purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, as well as a concrete move to safeguard the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of people. Five years of arduous struggle against corruption has brought hard-won gains to the masses, but its eradication has been weakened only to a minimum. The people’s perception of corruption is real and sensitive, the stock of corruption has not yet been cleared of the end, a marked reduction in incremental corruption but not eliminate the feeling is not groundless, dormant fear of corruption may not come back to nothing.

How much boiling public opinion, the task how arduous. After the 19th large every “tiger hit” information has become a brush screen explosion, not only assembled in line like praise, but also convey earnest expectations. People’s hearts are the biggest politics and 1.3 billion Chinese people are both the source of strength for fighting corruption and the strongest background and fullest strength. In a month, the number of bureau-level cadres notified by the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Commission of Discipline Inspection and the anti-corruption messages at the grassroots level disclosed by various departments have increased markedly. This shows that all the discipline inspection and supervision organs at various levels have exerted their power and corruption among the masses has received more attention and more effective resolution , Giving the masses the most direct and powerful response they are looking forward to and will surely further unite the magnificent power of annihilating corruption.

Ministry of Education responds to “Student running warm”: We are very distressed, anxious

                    (Original title: Ministry of Education responded “Student running heating”: has asked the local schools to quickly solve the problem of heating)


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 6 The Ministry of Education responded on the 6th by the Ministry of Education that the Ministry of Education has demanded that local students only require “running warm” because of the fact that some primary and secondary schools in the north reported no heat in the recent media coverage. Solve the problem of heating in primary and secondary schools, “the real cold and warm children’s minds.”

Wen Yin December 13 visit to China for four days will go to Beijing, Chongqing

                    (Original title: China: Wen will visit Beijing and Chongqing during Yin’s visit to China)

                                   China news agency, Beijing, December 6 Xinhua, the spokesman for Chinese Foreign Ministry Geng Shuang told a regular press conference in Beijing on the 6th that South Korean presidential text will visit Beijing and Chongqing during his visit to China.

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