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Liaoning intends to focus on the adjustment of the mayor of 3 3 new per capita only about 1 year

                    (Original title: Liaoning Province to be centrally adjusted 3 mayors)


December 3, Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Organization Department released a number of pre-appointment publicity. Publicity shows that Tieling, Fuxin, Chaoyang 3 mayors will be adjusted.


Currently, the Standing Committee Member of the CPC Tieling Municipal Committee (concurrently), Party Secretary and Chairman of Liaoning Tiefa Energy Co., Ltd. Li Shiwei is planning to be the deputy secretary of the CPC Tieling Municipal Committee and nominated as mayoral candidate for the People’s Government of Tieling City.

辽宁拟集中调整3市市长 3人均履新仅1年左右

Fuxin current CPC Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Fuxin, the aspiring deputy secretary of the CPC Fuxin City, and to nominate candidates for the mayor of Fuxin;

辽宁拟集中调整3市市长 3人均履新仅1年左右

current CPC Municipal Committee, vice Chaoyang Secretary Gao Wei, proposed to be nominated as mayor of Chaoyang City People’s Government candidate.

3 people, Li Shiwei, Gao Wei 2 people are “60”, were born in 1964. After Zhang Chengzhong was named “70”, he was born in October 1970.

There is no news about the rescuing of three people who were rescued by a Niueyan outer wheel in the Yellow Sea

                    (Original title: a Niue outside the sinking seven people rescued in the Yellow Sea)


Jinan, December 5 Xinhua News Agency was informed that at 9 o’clock on the the 4th, a Niuei ship sank 40 nautical miles east of Chengshan Mountain in Weihai. 10 crew members were rescued. Among them, seven were rescued and three were temporarily absent news.

Tsai Ing-wen Japanese manga image Age to 18 years old User: Go to South Korea to repair it?

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen Japan manga image age to 18 years of age User: go to Korea to repair?)


蔡英文日本漫画形象逆龄到18岁 网友:去韩国修过?

oversea network December 5 Recently, Tsai Ying-wen bruised and battered “thing.” Taiwan media exposure Tsai English image by a Japanese manga income, comic version of Tsai Ing-wen is almost straight age to 18 years old, so that users exclaimed again and again.

According to the news of Taiwan’s “Zhongtian POTV”, some netizens recently put the comic screenshots on Facebook to “explode the waste commune,” and saw that she had a dark black hair and wearing glasses. High “uniform playing mahjong. Synopsis Tsai Ying-wen’s high school period, many users surprised, the cartoon version of Tsai Ing-wen, 18-year-old look like color burst tables.

This cartoon version of Tsai Ing-wen also sparked a heated debate in Bahamut, an animation and gaming community. Some netizens said, “What do I actually see?”, “Tsai Ing-wen is about 200% Not Tsai Ing-wen, unless sent to South Korea plant maintenance. ”

蔡英文日本漫画形象逆龄到18岁 网友:去韩国修过?

There are Taiwan netizens who said: “(Manga) Yan Yan value is so high, the governing polls are so low, the contrast is really strong!” According to the latest poll by Taiwan in November shows that Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen Lai Qingde, head of Taiwan’s administrative agency, has both setbacks in his administration’s satisfaction and trust. Kuomintang chairman Wu Den-yi ironically said that Tsai Ing-wen only 30% satisfaction, devaluation soon.

According to the polls released by the Taiwan media’s “Beautiful Island News”, “pan-green voters” are even more unsatisfied with Tsai Ing-wen, dropping to 52.3% from 63.9%, indicating that even the most devout Supporters, almost half do not agree with Tsai Ing-wen.

Focus on the monitoring system reform: the first batch of county-level monitoring committee set up

                    (Original title: Focus on the national supervision system reform: the first batch of county-level monitoring committee has been completed)


Deepening the reform of the state supervisory system is a major reform of the political system that is related to the overall situation. The 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a new plan to deploy it throughout the country based on the pilot projects in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang.

Recently, the first batch of county-level supervision commissions was set up one after another.


CCTV reporter Wang Li : The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party made clear arrangements for the reform of the state supervisory system. Preparations for the construction of the local supervision commissions are in full swing. On December 1, Liaoning’s Liaoning Dandong City, Chengcheng system completed the establishment of six counties and cities in the Commission.


On November 29, with the convening of the first meeting of the People’s Congress of Zhenxing District, Dandong City, the first chief commissioner of the district was elected and the other five (cities and districts) JISC director.

In accordance with the steps and time points for transfer, election and listing, prior to the election of the director of the NPC by the National People’s Congress, the transfer work of the relevant personnel has been completed in the six counties (cities and districts) of Dandong City and was canceled in accordance with the procedures Supervision Bureau and the Procuratorate anti-corruption, anti-crime, crime prevention and other departments, the relevant agencies, functions, personnel transferred to the Commission, the Commission for Districts Commission for Discipline Inspection, Commission Office. Up to now, Qingshan District of Baotou City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Kangping County of Shenyang City of Liaoning Province, Shenbei New District and Liaozhong District have also been established. After the formation of the commission, the monitoring object will be expanded to six categories defined in the pilot scheme and all public officials exercising public authority will be fully covered.

In Dandong, Liaoning, after the newly established county (city, district) -level supervisory commission and the Commission for Discipline Inspection have implemented the office of joint agency, how to set up the organization and how to arrange personnel? Reporters walked into the newly established Dandong Zhenxing District Commission for Interview.

Into the office building, under the leadership of Ma Jianjun, secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zhenxing District and director of the District Supervision and Administration Commission, the reporter opened a red wooden door affixed with the first discipline inspection and supervision room.


JISC director Zhenxing District Dandong City, Liaoning Province District Commission for Discipline Inspection Ma Jianjun : We are now a total of five discipline inspection room, all by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the comrades and the prosecutors turn over the scribe Comrade common form.

Wang Hailong, Director of Discipline Inspection Commission of Discipline Inspection Commission of Discipline Committee of Dandong City, Liaoning Province, First Procuratorial Office : Comrades are working together to strengthen their mutual understanding, learn from each other and explore each other. A moment ago, the law enforcement departments of the relevant experience in law enforcement exchanges with each other, is conducive to our mutual handling of work in the future.

Ma Jianjun told reporters that he was once also a prosecutor of the procuratorial organ. Due to the need of work, he transferred from the procuratorate to the Commission for Discipline Inspection in 1999. Therefore, as a former transcribed cadre, he was more able to understand and understand each other State of mind.

In this discipline inspection and supervision room, the reporter saw that in the nearly 20-square-meter room, three desks were placed by the window. Although it was time for get off work, no one in the office left the metal-made The cupboards are filled with books and materials for office use.


Zhenxing District Dandong City, Liaoning Province District Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan first discipline inspection room Lee Staff: I was before anti-malfeasance in office, although the future scribe turn over, but doing the work There are also anti-malpractice related work, so some legal provisions related to the work, including the need to pay attention to some of the provisions of the work, have brought over.


Guangdong Jiangmen former Politics and Law Committee secretary received huge bribes were prosecuted

                    (Original title: Guangdong procuratorial organ prosecutes Zou Jiajun for bribery case according to law)


Guangdong procuratorial organs prosecuted Zou Jiajun for bribery case according to law

广东江门原政法委书记涉收受巨额贿赂 被提起公诉

Erfusi CPPCC Chairman Wang Fengshan was arrested for taking bribes

Supreme People’s Procuratorate

[Procuratorate of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided to arrest Wang Fengshan according to law] Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided to arrest Wang Fengshan, the former chairman of Erdos CPPCC, on the suspicion of accepting bribes. Case investigation is under way. u0026 nbsp;

Consumers Association to talk about worship and other seven shared bike companies: as much as possible free of deposit

                    (Original title: Consumers Association to talk about worship, ofo and other 7 companies share cycling: as possible free deposit)


中消协约谈摩拜等7家共享单车企业:尽可能免收押金 China Consumers Association held a shared appointment for bicycle enterprises in Beijing. According to the official website of the China Consumer Association on the 5th, the morning of May 5, the Consumers Association held a public discussion session on shared cycling enterprises in Beijing on the morning of May 5, Often concerned about the deposit and deposit management, vehicle delivery and operation and maintenance issues related to business, worship, ofo, Wing On Bank, Eboea, Haro bike, patron safari, small blue 7 shared bike companies to participate The interview. It is reported that, as early as March 23 this year, the Consumer Association held a meeting to enhance the work of sharing bicycle service consumer rights. On August 1 this year, the Ministry of Transport and other 10 departments jointly issued the Guidance on Encouraging and Regulating the Development of Internet Rental Bicycles, and put forth specific requirements on strengthening user funds supervision, standardizing enterprise operation and service, strengthening parking management, supervising and enforcing laws and regulations, etc. .

According to the introduction of China Association for Consumer Products, recently, part of the shared bicycle enterprises have been continuously suspended due to poor management and the relevant issues continue to be fermented. In the short term, the Consumer Association and some local consumer associations have received a large number of complaints from consumers and reflect the consumers’ Rights and interests are harmed, consumer confidence is affected. On December 1, the Consumers Association organized a symposium on bicycle sharing and invited relevant experts on judicial and legal issues to hold public discussions on such issues as deposits, prepaid expenses and damages for damages.

At the corporate interviews, according to the introduction of some business representatives, the current shared bicycle enterprises are divided into deposit riding and deposit-free riding two ways. Free Deposit Riders generally need to examine third-party consumer credit ratings, beyond a certain point to be free of deposit. The deposit of the bicycle companies generally deposit the deposit in the bank for special management. Consumer deposits and prepaid funds balance can be returned, but the time limit for the refund of the enterprise, the specific amount and the consumer’s payment methods, the balance of the composition.

Representatives of the enterprises said they will further improve maintenance, delivery and circulation of vehicles through daily inspections, consumer feedback and vehicle condition monitoring, making them more convenient for consumers. It will actively strengthen cooperation with People’s Bank of China , The China Banking Regulatory Commission and other financial sector contacts, take the initiative to accept the window guidance and supervision and management, to ensure that consumers deposit and prepaid amount of security. According to reports, some enterprises have been or are communicating and docking with functional departments such as transportation, city management and public security, so as to make good use of vehicles, public order maintenance and information security.

China Consumer Association believes that sharing bicycles is an innovative form of Internet rental business. As an emerging service form of city slow traffic, it has the characteristics of publicity and convenience, and promotes green travel and convenient travel for consumers. In the Consumers Association requires the majority of bicycles companies share the same:

First, the strict implementation of “on the encouragement and regulation of Internet rental bike development guidance” requirement, honest and trustworthy, operating in accordance with the law, to assume the responsibility of the first responsible for consumer rights protection;

Is to strengthen the sense of responsibility and consciously assume the responsibility of sharing the healthy development of the bicycle industry’s main responsibility to ensure the safe and stable state of operation of the enterprise orderly;

Third, deepen the safety awareness, as far as possible take the deposit free way to provide bicycle rental services, take the initiative to take technical protection Measures to ensure the safety of consumer personal information. For enterprises to collect deposits and prepaid funds for consumers, we must adopt safe and transparent financial supervision methods to ensure the security of deposits and prepaid funds for consumers; Fourth, we must optimize service awareness, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to give priority, Facilitate consumer complaints advice, respond quickly to consumer complaints, promptly resolve consumer concerns.

China Association for Consumer Protection also recommended the relevant government departments to take effective measures to actively implement the “on the encouragement and regulation of the development of Internet rental bike guidance,” the regulatory responsibility to promote the sharing of the healthy and orderly development of cycling enterprises and guide more consumers Rest assured that consumption, safe green travel.

State Administration of Work Safety: Death Associated accident more than 3 people within 30 minutes to report

                    (Original title: State Administration of Work Safety: Death associated with more than 3 accident information to be reported within 30 minutes)



According to the website of the State Administration of Work Safety, the national emergency command center for safety in production recently issued a circular on strengthening the reporting of emergency information on safety in production. The circular requires the provincial safety supervision and inspection department to receive emergency rescue information report within 30 minutes of emergency rescue teams will be sent to rescue the deaths and loss of more than three accidents or not yet clearly casualties but the social impact of larger Of dangerous chemicals, oil and gas pipelines and other accidents, as well as earthquakes and other natural disasters, emergency rescue information submitted to the emergency command center.

As mentioned in the notice, the emergency rescue information report is the primary link in handling emergencies and is an important guarantee for prompt response, effective response and scientific rescue. The timely and accurate reporting of emergency rescue information is of great significance to rapidly mobilizing emergency resources, scientifically formulating rescue plans, improving rescue efforts, controlling developments and reducing people’s lives and property losses. The safety supervision and supervision departments at all levels, the central state-owned enterprises and the contingent of state-level emergency workers in production safety shall attach great importance to the reporting of emergency rescue information, earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen the institutional mechanisms, strictly implement the duties of work, earnestly report the emergency rescue information Work well and do it.

Notice requirements, the establishment of emergency rescue information reporting system, smooth information reporting channels. Safety supervision and supervision departments at all levels should establish and improve the emergency rescue reporting system and statistical analysis system, smooth information reporting channels. Central enterprises should increase the sensitivity of emergency rescue and set up the headquarters system of emergency rescue information reporting directly. Professional safety emergency rescue team dispatched orders or call dispatch, the first time to report the information. The state-level emergency rescue team for safety in production shall establish a system of emergency rescue information directly reported to the national emergency rescue command center for production safety (hereinafter referred to as emergency command center).

The notice made clear the time limit and the main contents of the emergency rescue information report.

First, the provincial safety supervision department in response to the emergency rescue information report, the emergency rescue team within 30 minutes to rescue the deaths and loss of more than three accidents or not yet clearly casualties but the social impact than Large hazardous chemicals, oil and gas pipelines and other accidents, as well as earthquakes and other natural disasters, emergency rescue information submitted to the emergency command center.

Second, after receiving the information about the emergency rescue team dispatched by this unit, the headquarters of the central enterprises must submit the emergency rescue information to the emergency command center within 30 minutes.

Li Zhao, a former Shanxi richest man, will be restricted from leaving China: failing to fulfill his obligations as a legal document



According to the website of Shanghai Higher People’s Court, the defendant, Li Zhaohui, has been legally bound to leave China because of the failure to fulfill its obligations under legal documents. Please implement the linkage mechanism member units, grass-roots assist the implementation of network members and the public to assist the court to implement.

Li Zhaohui Information

Li Zhaohui was born in 1981 in Shanxi Wenxi and graduated from Wuhan University of Science and Technology in 2005 with a major in business administration. In January 2003, Li Zhaohui took over Haixin Iron and Steel from his father, Li Haicang, as the chairman and general manager of the group.

In January 2003, Li Haicang was shot dead at the office and still studying abroad. Under the age of 22, Lee Shau-ki, who is under the age of 22, returned to take the helm of Haixin Iron and become the chairman of Haixin Steel. In the first few years of running Haixin Iron and Steel, through the investment in the capital market, Li Zhaohui successively joined Everbright Bank, Dalian Bank, Minsheng Life Insurance, Industrial Securities, Shanxi Securities, Silver China Fund and many other financial institutions, will continue to expand its assets.

Tianjin released 21 ban: It is forbidden to rent a balcony for sale in the underground storeroom

                    (Original title: City Construction City Planning Bureau City Land and Housing Bureau of Housing construction safety matters notice)


In order to further strengthen the safety management of housing construction and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, according to the relevant laws and regulations and industry bans, the announcement is as follows:

I. It is forbidden to set up dormitory for employees in the unfinished buildings.

Second, the company is strictly prohibited from qualification or qualification to engage in the corresponding construction.

3. It is forbidden to start construction without obtaining a construction permit.

Fourth, non-authorized agents did not get the job qualifications job posts.

V. It is strictly forbidden to use unprotected or unqualified safety protection equipment, machine equipment, construction equipment and accessories.

VI. It is strictly forbidden to use construction crane and erection facilities without acceptance or acceptance.

7. No construction without plan or construction without approval

8. It is forbidden to temporarily construct the buildings on the construction site, which are not in conformity with the safe use requirements.

IX. No construction of fire exits, fire pumps, fire-fighting facilities and fire-extinguishing equipment are not allowed on the construction site; flammable and explosive materials are strictly forbidden.

X. Construction site is strictly prohibited without full-time work safety supervision and management personnel under construction.

XI. No dangerous parts of construction site are strictly prohibited, and no obvious warning signs are set.

XII. No hidden danger of safety The equipment and facilities with potential safety hazard have not been eliminated or used.

13. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified or unqualified building materials, building components and equipment.

14. It is strictly forbidden to lay materials on floors, balconies, terraces and rooftops with overloaded loads, and add super-load partition walls indoors.

15. It is strictly forbidden to add windows and doors on the eaves of residential buildings, to change the windows or to enlarge the original size of doors and windows.

XVI. It is forbidden to change some residential buildings in residential buildings into commercial buildings for production, catering, entertainment and bathing, which will affect the structural safety of houses.

XVII. It is strictly forbidden to demolish residential structures or the load-bearing structures of non-residential houses, such as walls, beams, columns and slabs, which are vertically integrated with the structure.

18, forbidden illegal building rental.

19. It is strictly prohibited to change the nature of the use of the premises in violation of the provisions of rental.

20. It is strictly forbidden to rent the room originally designed as living space. 21_89456_43_65473_9

XXI It is strictly forbidden to rent kitchen, bathroom, balcony and underground storage room for staff to live in.

Anyone who violates the above regulations shall be severely and severely dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations and include bad credit records.

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