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Following the Kobelco, Mitsubishi, another Japanese industry giants swear reputation for fraud

                    (Original title: After Kobelco, Mitsubishi fake, another Japanese industry giants swear because of false reputation)


继神钢、三菱后 又一日本行业巨头因造假名誉扫地

[World Wide Web] Japan’s third-largest iron and steel enterprises Kobe steel data fraud did not stop the storm, followed by the fall of non-ferrous metals giant Mitsubishi Materials. However, the Japanese manufacturing myth was hit hard again on the 28th. Toray released news that the inspection data on the products had been tampered with by the subsidiary Toray Hybrid Cord (Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture), which carries out such business as tire components. From April 2008 to July 2016 a total of 149 tampering, tire manufacturers and other 13 companies supplied do not meet the standards of non-compliance tire reinforcement and so on.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on November 28, Toray from July last year has mastered the fact that the subsidiary fraud, however, more than a year later, was officially announced and apologized.

Toray is the famous fiber giants who served as President of the Federation of Economic Organizations, Hagiwara. This time I learned that irregularities have occurred since Ebara served as president and chairman of the board. This is following the Kobe Steel, Mitsubishi Materials re-exposure of the data after the data tampering scandal, the confidence of the Japanese manufacturing giant is bound to further decline.

Toray President Hiroyuki Hinaka held an apology in Tokyo to hold a press conference and said, “I apologize sincerely for causing serious troubles.”

Han Defense Minister: Will not dissolve the ROK-US Joint Command after the transfer of combat power

                    (Original title: The U.S. troops do not evacuate South Korea! Han Fangzong: Joint ROK-South Korea Command will not be dissolved even after the transfer of combat power.)



According to Yonhap News Agency reported on November 28, South Korean Defense Minister Song Yongwu said at the Longshan War Memorial in Seoul the same day that even if Han Jun reclaims wartime command from the United States, it will not Let the United Korea-US joint command dissolved, the U.S. military will not evacuate South Korea.

Thailand Hotel Elevator Suspected of falling rapidly overloaded Five Chinese tourists were injured

                    (Original title: Thailand Chiang Mai hotel elevator due to overloaded rapid fall 5 Chinese tourists were injured)


泰国酒店电梯疑因超载急速坠落 5名中国游客受伤

[Global Network] Thailand Star Siam reported on November 28 reported that on the 27th, a hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a rapid fall elevator, five Chinese tourists were injured (multiple bruises), the cause of the accident The initial determination of the elevator overload.

泰国酒店电梯疑因超载急速坠落 5名中国游客受伤

Three train accidents in Belgium killed 2 and injured many

                    (Original title: Three train accidents in southern Belgium caused 2 deaths and many injuries)


BEIJING, November 28 According to foreign media reports, local time on November 27, the Belgian town of Charleroi near three train accidents, resulting in a total of two railway workers were killed and many injured.

Due to the Rohingya crisis, Oxford was deprived of the honorary citizenship of Aung San Suu Kyi

                    (Original title: Oxford due to Rohingya crisis deprived Aung San Suu Kyi honorary citizen title)


QQ截图20171128140637.jpg Aung San Suu Kyi

overseas network November 28 due to poor electrical response in dealing with domestic Rohingya crisis, the Oxford Municipal Committee voted 27 formally deprived of Myanmar Senior Minister and Chief Foreign Minister Aung San Suu Kyi honorary citizen of the city title.

According to the Russian satellite news agency and the British “Guardian” reported that the British Oxford Municipal Assembly voted unanimously on the 27th unanimously decided to permanently remove Aung San Suu Kyi won the honorary citizen of the city and said that they do not want to “face Praise for those who turn a blind eye to violence. According to Mary Clarkson, city counselor who filed the proposal, “Today we took unprecedented steps. (Aung San Suu Kyi) was deprived of his role in the face of oppression by ethnic Rohingya Our City honorary citizen title . “

Foreign media: Two helicopters crashed in Russia and killed two people

                    (Original title: A helicopter crashed in Russia, killing two people)

                                   According to Russian media sources, a helicopter crashed in Russia, resulting in the death of two people.

On the Tuesday morning (local time), a private jet landed in the Tambov area in central Russia, the Russian satellite news agency reported. Emergency sources in the area said that “a helicopter wreck was found about a kilometer from Shinovka in the Tambov area.”

It is reported that the private jet was reported on Monday (27 October) local time take off. Tuesday morning, the plane lost ground. Only pilots and one passenger on board.

Ivanka for children learn Chinese broken heart because of the teacher a word to find the principal

                    (Original title: Ivanka for children learn Chinese broken heart due to the teacher a sentence to find principal)


QQ截图20171128154013.jpg Ivanka and children

overseas network November 28 electric u0026 nbsp; the United States “first daughter” Ivanka’s daughter Arabella learn to recite poems, sing Chinese songs video recently swept the entire Chinese Circle, we are all very surprised at this native American children how to fluent in Chinese, after all, with whom to learn. According to the U.S. media, Ivanka’s children followed Chinese babysitters from an early age and were also sent to language schools for intensive training. A Chinese teacher broke the news that Ivanka paid much attention to her children’s Chinese learning. Even when her teacher said that Arabic was not so good, she immediately went to school to see the principal.

According to the report of the “China Press”, Liang Shengfeng is one of the Chinese teachers in Arabella and teaches at the Upper East Side Carousel Language School in Manhattan where students are all rich children. She remembers that in February 2015, Arabella had been transferred from another school to her class for study, when she did not know that Arabella was a child born in the country, but did not know that the young girl’s grandfather was a candidate for election to the presidency Lamb. Liang Seng-feng said, “I did not particularly teach her (Arabella) and did not know who she was at the time, but I taught her younger brother throughout the summer.” She (Arabella) may be on my first lesson More excited to see my classmates, I do not think she has any special performance. “It is reported that when about 5 years old Arabica, and his brother Joseph 2 years old, also in Liangsheng Feng class.

Once, Ivanka’s Chinese nanny came to school to meet her and chatted with Liang Sheng-feng. Liang Shengfeng said at random, “I do not think Arabella would speak Chinese.” The nanny conveyed this sentence to Ivanka, Ivanka actually went to school immediately see the principal.

It is reported that the Chinese nanny at Ivanka’s home is the child’s Chinese enlightenment teacher. Children have spoken Chinese with their nanny since childhood. Chinese should speak very well and did not expect to receive the teacher’s compliment. Ivanka probably thought her daughter did not study hard, just anxious to run for the principal.

Liang Sheng-feng said she was surprised by the phone call from the principal. The principal complained how she could say so. Liang Shengfeng then called the Chinese nanny. The Chinese nanny explained that Ivanka and her husband were not angry because Liang Sheng-feng said their daughter was not good at Chinese. On the contrary, they think that Liang Sheng-feng truly reflects the situation of their children and is an excellent teacher. On the next day, Alabekar sat next to Liang Shengfeng, saying he wanted to sit with the teacher.

The teacher said that the Chinese nanny in Arabella also attended classes and took notes, showing that the children’s parents attach great importance to children’s learning. Liangsheng Feng recommended nanny online video to find children to teach pinyin and singing, the song “White Rabbit, white and white,” is learned from the Internet.

Park Geun-hye will be forced to appear in court? Judge: After all, the former president is not good forcing

                    (Original title: Park Geun-hye will be forced to appear in court? Judge: after all, the former president is not good forcing)



In August of this year, Park Geun-hye was hospitalized for back pain.

Overseas Network November 28 u0026 nbsp; On the 28th local time, South Korea’s Central District Court of Seoul trial of the case of Park Geun-hye, Park Geun-hye again refused to attend the trial. South Korea’s Seoul Central District Court held a trial in absentia. According to the court, “Park Geun-hye’s detention period is limited and the trial date can not be postponed.”

The day before, Park Geun-hye refused court on grounds of health and the court delayed one day The hope that the defendant can be cautious consideration, but Park Geun-hye on the 28th has never appeared.

According to South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo, Park Geun-hye submitted a statement on the 27th that he claimed to have pain in the lower back and swollen knees and needed painkillers. Prisons said Park Geun-hye spent about 30 minutes a day exercising outside of his cell. “It is hard to force her to appear in court, given her identity as a former president of South Korea, and we will put the trial on hold until the 28th and explain what she would lose if she was in the absence of trial.”

It is learned that the court-appointed Lawyers have called for meeting with Park Geun-hoo three times, but both were rejected. After Park Geun-hye’s legal team stepped down in public, Park Geun-hye refused to meet with her until the protest court extended her detention despite the announcement of the court’s finding of five new lawyers for Park Geun-hye. One of them said to reporters: “We will do our utmost to protect the rights of defendants and defend the purpose of the previous defense team.”

Sickly ill and unable to close the door

Central District Court of Seoul, Republic of Korea October 13 Given that Park Geun-hye had “the possibility of destroying evidence,” he decided to extend the period of detention. Park Geun-hye’s custody of the longest time will be extended for 6 months, that is, in April next year to release. This triggered a strong dissatisfaction with Park Geun-hye. Park Geun-hwa denied his suspicion that the trial was “political revenge” on her part.


South Korea’s Central Daily News reported that Park Geun-hye, who had refused to appear in court recently, was living behind closed doors in Seoul’s detention center. Because she is 65 years old, she has been troubled by many illnesses such as back pain, foot injury and eating difficulties. Although she has television in her cell, she has never seen it. The entire detention center staff are in a state of intense standby, and the director of the detention center complains even more about his family. Taking into account the special circumstances of Park Geun-hye, in order to prevent accidents, he can not go home, only 24 hours a day in the dorm in the dorm.

Fans Crazy Solidarity

South Korea SK Group president daughter will retire to work hard to earn money to study at Peking University

                    (The original title: South Korea SK Group president daughter will retire to work to earn money to study at Peking University)



Cuimin Zhen (Source: Yonhap News)

overseas network November 28 electric u0026 nbsp; Korea’s third-largest chaebol family business, president of SK Group Chey Tae-won second daughter, Navy Lieutenant Cui Minzhen will be re-employed later this month. Choi Min Jung is also the first child of a chaebol who became an officer.

According to the report of “Korean Nation Daily,” SK Group disclosed on November 27 that Cui Minzhen will officially retire on November 30. As the daughter of a zaibatsu, Cui Minzhen won the spotlight for her first voluntary assignment in September 2014 as an alternate candidate for a naval officer. In the same year in November Cui Minzhen was appointed second lieutenant. From April 6, 2015 onwards, Cui Minzhen served as a combat intelligence consultant on the “Yi Sun-chen” ship and collected and dispatched operational information assistant combat commanders of the ships to perform its duties in the CIC. In July 2015, the “Yi Sun-shin” ship was dispatched to the Gulf of Aden for the handover with the “Wang Jian” ship undergoing its mission. As a member of the 19th column of South Korea’s Qinghai Forces, Cui Minzhen was sent to the Gulf of Aden.

Zimbabwe’s military said it will return the power to the new government or complete cabinet formation this week

                    (Formerly Title: Zimbabwe Resumes “Normal” New President to Form Cabinet)


津巴布韦军方称将交还权力 新政府或本周完成组阁 On November 24, 2017, Zimbabwe’s new President, Meenaguawa, attended the sworn oath ceremony in the capital, Harare. (Xinhua / AP)

Beijing, November 28 (Xinhua) Zimbabwe’s military and police said in a joint statement on the 27th that the domestic situation has returned to normal.

On the same day, the new President Emerson Meenanguagua dismissed the Cabinet, appointed Deputy Minister of Economy and Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs. Media estimates, Minanga Gowat will be completed this week cabinet.

[Joint military police patrol]

The joint statement said that as the domestic situation returned to normal, the military will surrender its power and “resume its routine work.” In the meantime, the police will assume the task of carrying out the “constitutional” law enforcement and carry out joint patrols with the military.

In a separate statement, the Zimbabwean security service said that recently domestic criminal activities such as looting and encroaching on other people’s farms and houses have occurred. A spokesman for the police, Shalitti Chalamba, said that future joint military police patrol operations will focus on cracking down on similar crimes.

However, according to the Associated Press, the attitude of the people of Zimbabwe to the army and the police is not the same. On the 24th, Namanagua was sworn in as president and the military leaders at the ceremony unveiled the public cheers, while the police leaders reap the rewards.

In the early hours of the 15th of this month, the military took full control of the government-led department by means of military operations and stated that the purpose of the operation was to clear the “criminals” who were then President Robert Mugabe. Ignatius Qiong Bo, the then finance minister, was arrested during the operation.

Qiong Bo faces three allegations of corruption charges, including attempting to defraud Zimbabwe’s Central Bank in 2004 as Minister of Local Government. On the 27th, a court in Harare, the capital, rejected the application for Qiongbo’s parole, and the former minister will be detained until the second court appearance on the 8th of next month.

Qiong Bo was originally the backbone of the “generation 40” of the ruling African National Union – an internal faction of the FARC. This small group headed by the then “First Lady” Grace Mugabe. After Qiong Bo was arrested, the ruling party dismissed his party.

[Finance Minister’s “Homing”]

On the publication date of the joint statement, the new president, Minanakova, dissolved the cabinet and appointed two former cabinet members as acting ministers – Patrick Patrick, former secretary of cybersecurity, threat detection and mitigation Chennai Masa acted as acting finance minister and former Minister of Macroeconomic Planning and Investment Simba Balace Montbenguei acted as foreign minister.

Prior to the reorganization of the government in Zimbabwe in October this year, Gennady Massa and Montgomery assumed positions as finance ministers and foreign ministers respectively. Some media reports said that when the change of positions between the two men was related to internal infighting by the ruling party, they were excluded because of their opposition to “top-ranking” Grace.

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