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Hunan’s 15-year-old freshman fought in the bedroom fighting six students were detained

                    (Original title: 15-year-old freshman in a university in Hunan died of fighting, the police have detained 6 students involved)



In the early hours of December 5, a freshman in Hunan Institute of Electronic Science and Technology made a fraudulent infirmary in his bedroom. The 15-year-old student Yao Xuchao was severely wounded and died as a result of the rescue. On the evening of the 6th, the surging news learned from the Changsha Public Security Bureau that the case was cracked. Five of the six students involved have been detained by the police under criminal detention and one has been held in administrative detention. At present, the case is still being investigated.

Hunan Institute of Electronic Science and Technology related to the person in charge, the incident the evening of December 5, the teacher checked late bedtime. All the people involved are freshmen, who are minors. After the incident, with the participation of the local government and education department, the school is communicating and coordinating with the families of the victims.

Surging news that the deceased was Yao Xuchao, 15 years old this year, Hunan Hengyang membership. Family members said that Yao Xu super ancestor of Hunan Institute of Electronic Technology Class 2017 auto repair students, only three months of admission. At 3:00 on December 5 and more, the school informed family members said the student Yao Xuchao was beaten and injured hospitalized, when the families arrived at the school, was told that the hospital died of invalid rescue.

湖南15岁大一新生在寝室斗殴死亡 6名学生被拘留 Incident School Network

Taipei Mayor polls poll This person actually surpassed Ke Wenzhe 43%

                    (Original title: Taipei mayoral election polls all fly this person actually surpassed Ke Wenzhe 43%)


Taiwan Network December 3 According to Taiwan’s “China Times” reported that 2018 Taipei mayoral election attracted much attention, highly competitive. Among them, the most promising is still the mayor Ke Wenzhe; recently, Taiwan’s first talk show has also done a survey, the result is not only the result of Ke Wenzhe not the highest votes, but also a big loser 43.06%, was mad mad netizens is “parallel world polls “.

A few days ago, the opinion poll released by the Taiwan Competitiveness Forum showed that currently Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe holds the advantage with a satisfaction of 53.9%. Part of the Kuomintang, the results show that if the co-defection with Ke Wenzhe, Ding Shouzhong the smallest gap; followed by Jiang Wanan.

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake occurred near Pishan County, Hotan Prefecture

Seismological Bureau of China Automatic Measurement of Seismic Network: At 04:45 on December 04, a magnitude 4.4 earthquake occurred around Pishan County in the Hetian area (35.78 degrees north latitude and 77.87 degrees east longitude), and the final result was an official Quick report prevail.

Xinjiang Aktau County 3.8 earthquake depth of 6 km

                    (Original title: Akto County, Xinjiang 3.8 earthquake occurred source depth of 6 km)

                                   China Earthquake Networks Official Determination: At 01:50 on December 04, a magnitude 3.8 earthquake struck Aktau County, Suzhou (39.17 degrees north latitude, 74.34 degrees east longitude) at the Earthquake Source of China Earthquake Network Depth of 6 km.

The “surrogate country” impacted China’s foreign trade in the geometric manufacturing sector or its impact

                    (Original title: “Alternative country” impact on China’s foreign trade geometry)


In response to the U.S. Trade Representative’s office’s announcement that it deny China “market economy” treatment under the global trade rules and submit its decision to the WTO, the head of the Department of Commerce’s Department of Justice responded on December 2 that there is no WTO rules The so-called “market economy status”. However, the United States has repeatedly disused the “alternative country” issue and the issue of “market economy status” in an attempt to confuse the public. China expresses its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition.


trade friction high frequency

According to reports, the US government filed a 40-page legal request to the WTO headquarters last week, against the Chinese auto market economy status, including the development reasons not conducive Industrial policies of foreign enterprises, huge export credits that operate on a non-market basis. This is the first time that the U.S. government publicly and brightly refuses to recognize China’s market economy status.

In response, the head of the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce stated that the U.S. document submitted by the World Trade Organization is a written statement submitted by the U.S. government as a third party to participate in China’s EU anti-dumping “surrogate country” act submitted under procedural requirements opinion. The core of the case is that after December 11, 2016, whether the EU has the right to re-use China’s “alternative country” in anti-dumping investigations in accordance with Article 15 of the “China’s Accession Protocol.” “This case has nothing to do with the status of” market economy. “The WTO rules also do not have the criterion of” market economy status. “The United States is also not a party to the case.” The official said that China has separately appealed similar U.S. actions WTO.

Failure to recognize the status of China’s market economy means the continuation of the practice of “surrogate country” in the “double reverse” investigation of China’s products. The so-called “alternative country” approach refers to the actual cost of not using Chinese goods, and choosing the price of similar commodities in a third country or importing country of a market economy as a method of calculating normal value. “A prominent advantage of China in participating in international competition is its abundant population resources, low labor costs and often lower production costs for the same products than the so-called third countries,” Liu Shiguo, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economics and Politics, told Beijing Commercial Daily This means that when Europe and the United States adopt the “alternative country” system to launch a “double-reverse” investigation of Chinese products, the production costs identified through the similar products of the third countries will be significantly higher than the actual costs and thus “determine” the “malicious” suppression of Chinese enterprises The price of dumping. In fact, the United States has long been a harbinger of this tough stance. The end of October this year, the United States Department of Commerce has issued in the aluminum foil anti-dumping investigations carried out “China’s market economy status,” the survey concluded that China will still be regarded as “non-market economy.”

Manufacturing or Impact

Before this formal statement of position, the “double-reverse” stick that the United States frequently waving in recent years has caused considerable impact on many industries in China. White Ming, deputy director of the Institute of International Market Research Institute, Ministry of Commerce said in February this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce on China’s stainless steel sheet anti-dumping and countervailing investigations to make a final ruling, ruled that 63.86% -76.64% of Chinese enterprises high anti-dumping duties and 75.6% -190.71% of the high countervailing duty.

“It was also fair to say that once-popular China PV products were hard-pressed to find a presence in the U.S. market due to intensive trade protection initiatives.” According to the statistics, the United States announced and initiated a “countervailing investigation” against photovoltaic in China in 2012 and 2014, respectively, and ruled in September this year on the investigation of the global safeguards investigation of photovoltaic cells and modules (“201 Survey”) The direct consequence of this is that the export of PV products to the United States in the first 8 months of this year dropped 91% from the same period of last year.

It is based on past experiences and lessons that the industry is quite worried. After this position, the United States will step up its efforts to set higher export barriers in other areas and significantly aggravate the friction between China and the United States. According to Zhang Jianping, deputy director of Academic Committee of the Ministry of Commerce Research Institute, this position is a procedural response made by the United States after China appealed to the WTO in December last year, declaring that it will not recognize China’s market economy status and will borrow A “double-reverse” investigation of Chinese products was initiated by the “alternative country” approach. “In the future, China will have more productive capacity, either in the global market, especially in the United States, or in industries that compete with the U.S. domestic industry May become a potential target of shock, such as aluminum products. ” According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, the trade volume between China and the United States last year was 51.96 billion U.S. dollars. The proportion of exports of electrical appliances and audio equipment, mechanical appliances and parts, furniture and spare parts, toys and game accessories and shoes and footwear was the same as that of China Larger product category.

The overall outlook for the foreign trade is uncertain

Among the major trading partners in China, the United States is not the first country to refuse to renounce its “alternative country” to China. In December last year, Japan, partnered with China in eastern Asia, publicly stated that it will continue to deny that China is a “market economy country” and maintain an “anti-dumping tax” mechanism that will easily impose high tariffs on improper dumping.

In recent days, the attitude of the EU is somewhat “volatile.” In May last year, the European Parliament refused to recognize China’s market economy status by overwhelming votes. In June of this year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly stated that he was willing to urge the EU to implement Article 15 of the “Protocol to China’s Accession,” and that half of the countries within the EU Recognized the market economy status of China; however, the European Parliament subsequently passed the amendment to the new method of anti-dumping investigations to replace the list of non-market economy countries with the list of “seriously market distorted” countries or industries. “The EU is a regional organization with 28 member countries, each of which has a different profit and loss during its economic engagement with China,” Liu Shiguo told Beijing Business Daily. The non-uniformity of internal opinions has directly led to the EU’s overall recognition of China’s complete market The economic status of the repetition.

Wuzhen usher in the national leader Wang Huning weekend overtime

                    (Original title: town is a national level)


Once again, the annual “Wuzhen Time” is already the 4th World Internet Congress this year.

As a permanent venue for the conference, Wuzhen, a town with a history of 1,300 years, is equivalent to the sum of the old Dongxiu and Chongwen districts in Beijing. The ancient town of Jiangnan, with a population of less than 60,000, once again welcomed the positive National leaders.

On December 3, Politburo noticed on the scene that the opening ceremony scheduled for 10:30 was to be attended by the leaders of the NPC Standing Committee Wang Huning and other leaders at 10:26. After Secretary-General Huang Kunming of CPC Central Committee and Central Propaganda Department read out a congratulatory message from the top leader, Wang Huning made a speech of about 17 minutes.

Every year, from the first World Internet Congress in 2014, there will be a Politburo Standing Committee. Especially in 2015, Xi Jinping attended the meeting and made an important speech.

New Standing Committee to work overtime on weekends

The opening ceremony of this conference was held for 4 minutes in advance. Last year it was attended by punctual guests. Wang Huning finished about 17 minutes after the speech, his hands crossed in front of the stage after the bow to the audience.

After the opening ceremony, we also conducted regular activities and visited “Internet Light” Expo.

He visited Hall 3 and also the main pavilion. At about 12:30 on December 3, Jun Zhijun saw outside the exhibition hall. He was still visiting and did not leave.

乌镇迎来正国级领导人 王沪宁周末再加班

On the afternoon of the 3rd, Jun Zhijun came to the reopened Hall 3 and visited it for a moment. Wang Huning in China Telecom, Alibaba, Tencent, Kaspersky, Huawei and other booths stay, visit the whole about 1 hour.

Alibaba booth, according to staff, Jack Ma for Wang Huning to explain the five pieces of business, but also for his show, “Lynx Genie,” an artificial intelligence voice assistant, you can use voice operation of household appliances.

On the Huawei booth, Huawei briefed him on the overall situation of the company with PPT. He also presented two cases for him, including the smart manufacturing cloud and medical imaging cloud. Meanwhile, Huawei also demonstrated the industry’s first artificial intelligence chip mobile phone, belonging to Huawei’s independent intellectual property.

Telecom booth Wang Huning also stayed for a while, learned about the 5G network and quantum confidential communications, and the site also conducted a video call with China Telecom Shanghai Information Building using quantum confidential communications.

Next to the Convention and Exhibition Center, Lynx has set up an unmanned supermarket and Wang Huning has also stayed here for a while.

This weekend, Wang Huning has been working overtime. On the 2nd, he met on two occasions and once met the leaders of some foreign political parties attending the high-level dialogue between the Chinese Communist Party and world political parties. On the other occasion, he met all the participants who attended the 15th National Congress of the Chinese Gugong party.

Xi Jinping and Wuzhen

Politics We have noticed that the first, third and fourth World Internet Conferences and Xi Jinping sent their greetings. When the 2nd World Internet Conference was held in December 2015, he himself arrived in Wuzhen to attend the conference and make a speech.

The convention was held from December 16 to December 18. Xi Jinping arrived in Wuzhen on the evening of the 15th and met Wuzhiche, the night-time tourist destination of Russian Prime Minister Medvedev. When he introduced China’s chopsticks to Medvedev, he unexpectedly won a “chopsticks shop”.

乌镇迎来正国级领导人 王沪宁周末再加班

Immediately after the opening ceremony the next day, Xi Jinping said that he has been working in Zhejiang for many years and visited Wuzhen many times and loves this place. Come here again, feel familiar, feel refreshing, look on here.

Zheng Zhijun noticed that Xi Jinping said “many times” more than or equal to five times. During his six years in Zhejiang province, Wuzhen visited Wuzhen at least 5 times.

The fifth time was during the midsummer season in August 2005 when Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Zhejiang provincial party committee and director of the provincial people’s congress, went to Wuzhen to study the development of Wuzhen.

Wuzhen started implementing the protection and development of the Dongba block in 1999. In 2003, Zhejiang re-invested billions of dollars and started the protection and development of the Xizha neighborhood. It was also the second phase project of the ancient town of Wuzhen. Xi Jinping at this time has been working in Zhejiang, personally involved in the protection of ancient buildings and tourism Xixia development.

Judging from the photos disclosed at the time, Xi Jinping wore a straw hat and a shirt that was soaked and inspected in the ancient town to understand the project construction and the sources of funds.

乌镇迎来正国级领导人 王沪宁周末再加班

After attending the opening ceremony in 2015, he also visited the “Light of the Internet” exhibition hall and held a booth in front of a booth to talk with the old people in Wuzhen’s home-based care center 2 km away. .

3 Eighteenth Central Political Bureau Standing Committee Visited

In addition to the above-mentioned Xi Jinping and the 18th National Congress, Li Keqiang and Liu Yunshan both came to this small town.

On the eve of the first World Internet Congress held in November 2014, Premier Li Keqiang who was visiting the express station in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, rushed to Wuzhen, about 200 km away, to discuss with the Internet “big brother.” More than 70 Chinese and foreign Internet entrepreneurs attended the discussion.

乌镇迎来正国级领导人 王沪宁周末再加班

After the forum, the vice president of Facebook also deliberately went to Li Keqiang with Geely Automobile. He told Li Keqiang in English. “After the visit, I really think we have many things to do.”

Liu Yunshan is Wuzhen twice visited.

In 2015, he presided over the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Internet Congress. In 2016, he delivered a speech at the conference as the main leader who attended the conference. Before the official opening of the conference, he met with Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister He Nam Hong, former Australian Prime Minister Hawke and the president of U.S. Qualcomm Abeli ​​in Wuzhen and also visited the exhibition after the meeting.

乌镇迎来正国级领导人 王沪宁周末再加班

Jun Zhijun noticed that Liu Yunshan had visited Wuzhen in 2008 when he was a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Secretariat and minister of the Central Propaganda Department. In the hometown of Mr. Mao Dun Wuzhen won the award for the Seventh Mao Dun Literature Award.

Standing Committee to Visit

Let us talk about some of them first.

According to the official news from Wuzhen, Li Lanqing, former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Political Bureau, visited the scenic area of ​​Xizha in Wuzhen in 2007. This is his visit to Wuzhen again. As early as in 2002, he visited Wuzhen as a standing committee. At that time, Xizha scenic spot had not yet begun to be repaired.

乌镇迎来正国级领导人 王沪宁周末再加班

Earlier, at the beginning of the 21st century, from 2002 to 2004, four state-level leaders visited Wuzhen.

In 2002, Li Ruihuan inspected Wuzhen as a standing member of the Political Bureau of the Central Political Bureau and chairman of the CPPCC National Committee.

In 2003, Chairman Jiang Zemin of the Central Military Commission brought his wife to visit Wuzhen while he was accompanied by Xi Jinping, secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee.

In January 2004, Wu Bangguo, then a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Political Bureau and chairman of the NPC, inspected Wuzhen. Three months later, Li Peng, who has stepped down as a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, brought his wife to visit Wuzhen.

乌镇迎来正国级领导人 王沪宁周末再加班

China’s first domestic aircraft carrier departure sea trial? Expert: rumor!

                    (Original title: China’s first domestic aircraft carrier departure sea trial? Expert: rumor!)



[Global Network Military reported on December 4] Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” an article on the 3rd entitled “China’s first domestic carrier confirmed the departure of sea trials,” the article attracted a lot of attention. China-made aircraft carrier has really begun sea trial yet? “Global Times” reporter confirmed through multiple channels that day, the conclusion was reached: This is a rumor. According to the article, following the launching of the first China-made carrier designed and built by China in April after its launch in Dalian, Chinese officials confirmed that the carrier had recently concluded a mooring test and left the harbor to start a sea trial. This is about six months ahead of the expected time of the sea trial. According to reports, Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily quoted China’s official media Weibo as saying that China’s first domestic carrier had completed a mooring test and left Dalian Port. Another Chinese online media quoted experts as saying that this shows that the carrier has started a sea trial.

Comments: Gas is not enough to allow people to freeze cold winter

                    (The original title: “natural gas is not enough,” nor can it make people cold winter freeze | Beijing News)


In addition to working hard to achieve a coordinated solution to the natural gas source, local governments may wish to open their minds to not only doing “qi” articles but also doing some warm relief from other sources.


Recently, much of the northern part of the country cooled sharply, while news of the tight supply of natural gas also came frequently. According to reports, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission has started the province’s natural gas demand-side management mechanism, from zero on November 28 to enter the province’s natural gas supply orange warning, that the severe tension warning. It is understood that the current shortage of natural gas supply and demand in Hebei province up to 10% -20%, or have a greater impact on economic and social normal operation.

In fact, not only Hebei, there are many cases of natural gas in Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi and many other places, many residential heating using natural gas heating is not yet hot.

Heating season has just begun, the coldest day has not yet come, natural gas supply began to “early warning”, really surprise. I believe many people are hung with a question mark: Why is this situation now?

From an international perspective, this is because the most important international LNG supplier did not bring natural gas to the Chinese market. From the domestic point of view, the trend of tight natural gas supply has not been effectively alleviated in recent years. Even without the largest change of coal to gas, the amount of gas used by the society is also increasing year by year. Since this year, due to the rigid requirement of clean air, the sudden increase in coal supply across the country has undoubtedly tightened the already scarce supply.

In the tight gas supply situation, some places adhere to the idea of ​​”protecting the people’s livelihood” and will certainly limit the natural gas resources to basic eating and heating. Too cold, must not allow people to endure hunger freeze. Air tight then, there should be such a bottom-line thinking.


▲ Hebei Nangong uses the waste heat generated by biomass power generation such as straw as a new heat source for urban heating. Figure / Xinhua News Agency

In addition to efforts to coordinate solutions to gas sources, local governments may wish to open their minds, not just doing gas articles, doing some warm relief from other aspects.

In the short term, if the “gas” is not enough for the coal-fired boilers that have already been dismantled, local governments can formulate corresponding electricity subsidy standards as soon as possible, for example, by appropriately lowering the electricity prices in certain time periods and encouraging everyone to use Electric heating.

In the long run, in addition to the overall consideration of coal to gas reform, step by step, the parties concerned may also wish to try to use a variety of energy sources, rather than being stuck in the way. According to the current supply capacity of natural gas in our country, I am afraid it is hard to meet the demand of changing coal to gas in the short term. Not to mention that with the income level of most rural people, I am afraid it will be hard to cover the cost of heating natural gas.

In this regard, in fact, may wish to learn from Beijing and other places experience of coal power. It is reported that during the 2017-2018 heating season, the number of “coal-to-electricity” users in Beijing will reach 1 million, and the reduction of the amount of scattered coal combustion will be very substantial. For villages that completed the task of transforming coal with electricity, tenants enjoyed a trough price of 0.3 yuan / kWh from 21:00 PM to 6:00 AM the next day, while subsidies for subsidies Electricity limit for each heating season 10,000 households per household.

The Department of Defense revealed that important information about Donglong was skipped by everyone

                    (Original title: Department of Defense revealed important information on the hole was skipped by everyone)


On November 30, at a regular press conference held by the Ministry of National Defense on November 11, Director of the Information Department of the Ministry of National Defense and Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, told reporters that “the Chinese army did not withdraw from this winter as usual.” In reply, it said that the Donglong area is China’s territory and we will independently decide on the deployment of the troops based on this principle.

At a routine press conference held by the Ministry of National Defense on November 30, a reporter asked: “Recently, diplomatic and military officials of China and India hold consultations on border affairs. During the talks, both sides talked about the security of the areas including the actual control over the border and the confidence building between the two armed forces Measures and other issues, especially the Indian side’s call for the establishment of a hotline for the headquarters of the two militaries? What progress has the hotline made? Have the two sides talked about the establishment of other confidence measures between the two militaries? “The second question: At present, How to deploy the troops in the Dongtan area? As usual, both sides will evacuate each winter, but China has not withdrawn this time. What are the reasons for this? Why is the Chinese army still stationed there now? “

Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense Press spokesman Wu Qian responded by saying:

Let me correct it first. After deepening national defense and army reform, the Chinese military has stopped implementing the “headquarters” system.

Liu Qiangdong: There are tens of millions of extremely poor people in China. It is a shame for the rich

                    (Original title: Liu Qiangdong: Chinese people have been rich to make a hundred million is a small target of poverty is the shame of the rich)


刘强东:中国有几千万极端贫困人口 这是富人耻辱

刘强东:中国有几千万极端贫困人口 这是富人耻辱

刘强东:中国有几千万极端贫困人口 这是富人耻辱

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