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Two Malaysian Chinese Malaysians Crashed Out of Control

                    (Original title: Malaysian two Chinese men killed by car crash hit a car accident due to investigation)


BEIJING, November 30 Xinhua Malaysia “China News” reported that two Malaysian Chinese men crossed the state to attend the glass wedding in a friend’s glass, ready to continue to celebrate the birthday of a friend in southern Thailand, but the car out of control on the way hit the tree, the driver Died on the spot, the passengers sent to hospital emergency also declared dead.

The car accident occurred at about 11:16 pm on the 28th of the local time on the 4.5 km section of the North-South Avenue toward the Matheo border crossing between North Kinbuk and North Korea.

Trump pushed back 怼 British Prime Minister: Do not stare at me stare terrorists go

                    (Original title: Trump push back to Teresa Mei: Do not stare at me staring at terrorists!)


特朗普艾特英国首相回怼:别盯着我 盯恐怖分子去

【World Wide Web】 “We did just fine!” According to the AFP report on November 30, U.S. President Trump has spoken with British Prime Minister Theresa May in a recently updated tweet. Fight against Terresa May on his “anti-Muslim” remarks.

Truce said: “Teresa, do not stare at me and stare at your extreme terrorism in the UK. We (the United States) did just fine!” According to previous reports, on the morning of the 29th, Pulian turned to Twitter for the 3 “British priority” party vice president Franksson. Three tweets made several different “anti-Muslim” videos, including “Muslims beating Dutch boys on crutches” and “Muslims destroying the statue of the Virgin.” Flanked by Trump’s “compliment,” Mr Flansen immediately said excitedly online that “President Trump has forwarded those videos, he has 44 million followers, God bless Trump, bless the United States!”

This action immediately led to the condemnation of the U.S. civil rights organizations and the British Prime Minister, Teresa May Spokesman.

Chinese youths in New York were hit and fell to the ground Chinese ethnic Chinese frequently attacked

                    (Original title: New York, a park attacked Chinese police frequently bullying bullying immediately alarm)


BEIJING, November 30 Xinhua According to the U.S. “World News” reported that there have been many attacks on ethnic Chinese in Seth Low Park, Brooklyn, New York. The recent occurrence of a Chinese adolescent Three young men fought and their bags were stolen and were attacked by punches and kicks while trying to recapture them.

班森贺公园篮球场。(美国《世界日报》记者黄伊奕/摄影) Benson He Park Basketball Court. (US World News Daily reporter Huang Yiyi / photography)

Brazilian residents found dinosaur fossils on the streets 80 million years ago by the dinosaur

                    (Original title: Brazilian residents find dinosaur fossils in the street)


Xinhua News Agency, Rio de Janeiro, November 29 According to a report by Brazilian Global Network on the 29th, a resident of Iasi, São Paulo State, found a piece of dinosaur fossil in the streets last weekend.

32 Chinese sued Hillary Clinton accused her of using a green card as bait to cheat

                    (Original title: 32 Chinese sued Hillary Clinton accused of using a green card as bait fraud)


1512005492939274.jpg Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton According to the U.S. media, 32 Chinese reported that Anthony Rodham, the younger brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe sued in court, two accused of “fraudulent” bait that “can help Chinese investors get a green card,” causing each of these Chinese investors to be tricked by $ 560,000 each and face the U.S. Deportation of the situation.

According to a report in The Political Science, 32 Chinese invested in a company called Greentech that originally wanted to obtain permanent U.S. residency through the EB-5 (Investment Immigration) program but are now facing corporate bankruptcy And the deportation of the situation.

The U.S. media claims that this lawsuit has caused McCauley husband a very headache because he wanted to consider running for the presidential election of the United States in 2020 with the help of Democrats rising in support from Democrats this month.

Japan’s Mitsubishi another subsidiary to meet customer requirements tamper with the data

                    (Original title: Another subsidiary of Japan’s Mitsubishi Materials exposed data scandal tampering)


BEIJING, November 30 According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on the 30th, the Japanese manufacturing data tampering scandal continued fermentation. Mitsubishi Materials, a subsidiary of its subsidiary has been exposed in order to meet customer requirements and modify product testing data.

According to reports, Mitsubishi Materials, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials, was reported that the company had previously announced that it had shipped “unsuitable products” to 16 companies but only said it had completed the safety confirmation work, Did not say whether there is a violation. According to the survey, Mitsubishi Aluminum abused business practices known as “special adoption” that did not meet the specification requirements with the consent of its customers and supplied it without authorization.

Russia: Russian-Chinese Anti-terrorist Exercises to Be Held in Yinchuan, December 2-13

                    (Original title: Russian Civil Guard: Russian-Chinese Anti-terrorism Exercises to be Held in Yinchuan, December 2-13)


[Global Network reported] Russian satellite news agency November 30 news that the Russian Federal Guard SS Spokesman Alexander Sechov told the media that the Russian special forces and the Chinese armed forces of the Chinese armed forces will be December 2 Day to 13 in Yinchuan held “cooperation -2017” special tactical exercises. Serchov said: “Joint special tactical exercises will be held in Yinchuan from December 2 to December 13. Russia will send a joint force consisting of ‘Warriors’ and ‘Bobcats’ special forces forces to participate in the joint military exercises of the Chinese side Armed police ‘sand fox’ anti-terror commandos. “He also said Russia will send 32 soldiers to participate in the exercise, each team of 16 people.

The exercise will be divided into two parts. The first part will be soldier training, the second part of the soldiers will perform the imaginary task.

The Chinese Consulate called for Chinese tourists in Bali to arrange the return trip as soon as possible

                    (Original title: Chinese Consulate Calls for Chinese Travelers in Bali to Arrange for Returning as Quickly as Possible)


BEIJING, November 30 According to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar, the official website of the Consulate General in Denpasar released an urgent reminder on the 30th that at present, the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali is temporarily open to appeal to Chinese tourists Contact the airline as soon as possible to arrange the return trip.

资料图为当地时间11月30日拂晓前的阿贡火山烟雾染红天际。 Information Map The Agong volcanic smog in the red sky before dawn on November 30 local time.

I. Agung volcano erupted continuously. At present, the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali is temporarily open. Please invite Chinese tourists to contact the airlines that purchased the ticket in time to arrange the return trip.

2. For Chinese tourists who purchase foreign flights, if they want to change their flight to China Eastern Airlines, please visit CEA website or call China Eastern Airlines 24-hour service hotline + 86-21-95530 to purchase the tickets of Eastern Airlines.

Today, China Eastern Airlines will arrange for 3 wide-body aircraft to operate domestic flights from Beijing and Pudong to Bali.

Specific Flight Information:

1, MU781 / 782 (Beijing 16: 30-00: 50+ Bali 01: 40+ – 08: 35+ Beijing B8968 / A33L Beijing Branch)

2. MU5029 / 5030 (Pudong 17: 50-00: 30 + Bali 01: 30+ -07: 30+ Pudong B8862 / A33L Shanghai Flight Department)

Autumn Shogun will become the first successor of the Japanese Emperor claiming to be constantly exploring

                    (Original title: will be the first heavenly Japanese heir Autumn Shusong Palace: Unimaginable)


20171130002550.jpg Autumn Shogun u0026 Mariko Matsumura and eldest son Youren are photographed at the Old Castle Imperial Garden in Akasaka-mura. (Provided by the Palace)

Overseas Network November 30 u0026 nbsp; The Emperor of Japan The Second Emperor Akishinomiya WENEN Welcomes the 52nd birthday on the 30th. After his retirement from the Emperor, the Crown Prince will become 1st place heir to the throne. Qiu Shijin today at a press conference on his future identity, said “because it is unprecedented, so I can not imagine, may need to continue to explore it.”

According to the Times News reported, accompanied by autumn Shigomi Kaji At a birthday press conference, in response to the Japanese government establishing an exceptional case law to allow the Japanese Emperor to retire from office, Qiu said that “after last summer’s (Father’s) talk of him, he had all kinds of opinions and bills After passing through the announcement, all of our families feel at ease as well, hoping that (father) will abstain from spending as much leisure time as possible. ”

After he became the 1st successor to the throne, he may have to undertake many official activities that originally belonged to the Crown Prince. “There are still quite a lot of unimaginable places and we must keep exploring and failing Is not it possible to learn? There may be many jobs that Crown Prince will hand over to me, and I will try my best to take it. ”

However, Akio Koizumi is still accustomed to attending the annual All-Japan High School Cultural Festival opening ceremony, also served as Japan Zoo Aquarium Association, a dozen groups such as president or honorary president. Regarding these original activities, Qiu said that “no one I can do now can be handed over, so I have to negotiate with the Crown Prince before I can decide.”

China National Development Bank to India Laolai debt recovery has been its loan 2 billion US dollars

                    (Original title: China CDB to India “Lao Lai” debt collection)


Reuters reported on the 29th that China’s State Development Bank (CDB) has passed legal proceedings to solicit credit from Reliance Communications, a Indian communications operator deeply in debt crisis. CDB confirmed that it filed a lawsuit last week in India to apply for bankruptcy and liquidation of Reliance Communications.

中国国开行向印度老赖追债 已为其贷款20亿美元

According to the Wall Street Journal, India’s Reliance Communications is in crisis and the principal and interest of large debts are overdue. Reliance Communications, the flagship of India’s wealthy Ani Er Ambani, is India’s second-largest mobile telecoms operator, but has suffered a downturn in recent years and owes about $ 7 billion in debt. Among them, the largest lender, CDB, has provided about $ 2 billion in loans to Reliance Communications since 2010.

Reuters said Chinese banks are taking legal action against Reliance Communications under a new bankruptcy law in India. India’s Modi government introduced a new Bankruptcy Law last year with the aim of simplifying bankruptcy procedures and setting time limits to address the serious bad debt problems of Indian companies.

People familiar with Indian commercial law disclosed to the Global Times reporter that in the previous cases, many insolvent companies shifted their property through various means during the operational cycle, causing even greater losses to creditors. Indian bankruptcy cycle is too long, “Lao Lai” phenomenon is one of the important performance of poor investment environment in India. The Wall Street Journal said Reliance Communications would be forced to declare insolvency and divide its assets by creditor if Relief Communications were forced to carry out debt restructuring within a maximum of 270 days under the court’s supervision if Indian courts accepted the CDB’s claim.

中国国开行向印度老赖追债 已为其贷款20亿美元

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