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Zhao Kezhi resigned as director of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee

                    (Former title: Zhao Kezhi resigned as director of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress duties)


Twelfth People’s Congress Standing Committee of Hebei Province


(No. 125) of the Standing Committee

Twelfth People’s Congress of Hebei Province thirty-third meeting on December 1, 2017 Vote: Decision to Accept Zhao Kezhi Resignation from the post of director of the Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee at the next meeting of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress for the record.

Hereby announced.

December 1, 2017

Will the Sino-U.S. Economic and Trade Relations Affect the Peninsula Nuclear Issue Cooperation?

                    (Original title: Will China-US economic and trade relations affect the cooperation on the peninsula nuclear issue? China’s response)

                                   On December 1, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang held a regular press conference on the 1st and responded to hot topics in the near future. Q: Does China believe that opposing U.S. condemnation of the Chinese market economy will hurt Sino-US economic and trade relations? The United States is seeking China’s cooperation in dealing with the nuclear issue on the Peninsula. Will the U.S. move affect the Sino-U.S. Relations on the nuclear issue on the peninsula? Cooperation?

The only country! “After 80” main hall and three “after 80” deputy office colleagues

                    (The original title: the only one in the country! “After 80” main hall and three “after 80” deputy office colleagues)


Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Organization Department announced the information of 64 prospective cadres. Among them, there are three “post-80” members of the Communist Youth League of Shanxi Province, who are: Su Tao, Zhao Jing and Zhou Peng.

July this year, Huang Wei was born in September 1980 in the Communist Youth League Shanxi provincial party committee secretary, became the youngest party secretary. This record has not been broken so far. This appointment also made the Communist Youth League Shanxi Provincial Committee a unique national leader of the “80” after the Communist Youth League gathered together.

Huang Wei has long served in state-owned enterprises. He was previously the chief coordinator and technical manager of Shenhua Dow Yulin Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. of China Shenhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and the project manager of Shenhua Russia’s integrated oil and gas refining project. In April 2011, he was appointed as Shanxi Lu’an Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager.


Like Huang Wei, the newly appointed deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee had all worked in different fields before. Su Tao served as director of Yangquan Municipal Information Center, Yangquan Tourism Bureau, Yangquan Tourism Development Committee and other staff. Zhao Jing served as Taiyuan Normal College Youth League secretary, Taiyuan Normal College Party branch secretary of education. Zhou Peng served as director of confidential office at North China University and secretary of party committee of North China University School of Electronics and Electronics.

Before Huang Wei, the youngest party secretary of the whole country was Wang Yi, born in May 1980. Different from Huang Wei, Wang Yi, who was a Ph.D. in philosophy, has long worked in the Communist Youth League. He used to be minister of the Communist Youth League Liaison Department of the Henan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of Henan Province. It is worth mentioning that, just three months ago, the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Party Committee also announced four “after 80” deputy secretary, namely: Guo Wenjie, Wang Hongtao, Li Jian and Mao Xiaogang. These four new secretary, have their own professional and technical fields before.

Guo Wenjie Former Vice Minister of Planning and Development of Beijing Jingyi Group Co., Ltd., Party Secretary, Director and General Manager of Beijing Jingyi Chunshu Rectifier Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Jingyi Green Power System Engineering Co., Ltd. , General Manager, Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Department of Minister, Minister of Enterprise.

Prior to becoming the secretary of the Communist Youth League in Chaoyang District, Wang Hongtao was the assistant to the general manager of China Four-Dimensional Surveying and Mapping Technology Corporation, the general manager of China Satellite Navigation and Communications Co., Ltd., the deputy director of Beijing Wangjing Subdistrict Office in Chaoyang District, Beijing Post

Li Jian served as deputy director of Planning and Construction Department of Beijing Tianzhu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, deputy secretary of Beijing Shunyi District Communist Youth League, party member, secretary of discipline inspection team, secretary of Mu Lin Town, Shunyi District, town mayor and party secretary.

Mao Xiaogang was once the deputy director and director of the comment department of Beijing Daily, member of the editorial board of Beijing Daily.

Capitalnews Cheung Fum Street has found that most of the leading groups in the various provincial and provincial governments are still majority after “70” at present, and the members following “80” have the following.

Nomin Min, Deputy Secretary of Inner Mongolia Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, has long been working in the system of the Communist Youth League and successively served as deputy secretary and secretary of the Hulun Buir Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League. In 2012, he was elected deputy secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Committee of the Communist Youth League.

In July of this year, Li Zhichao and Xie Junyi were elected deputy secretary of Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. Xie Junyi long-term work in Yiyang, Yuanjiang two places, served as Yuanjiang Municipal Committee, mayor and other staff. Li Zhichao has long been working in Hunan Nonferrous Metallurgy Labor Protection Research Institute.

Part-time Communist Youth League Guangdong Provincial Committee Yuanyu Yu, also a “80”. His other identity is chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Maipu Regenerative Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Youth League official website shows that he is responsible for co-management innovation and entrepreneurship, contact services returnees youth and other related work.

Zheng Shengjing, deputy secretary of the Guangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, had previously worked in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province for a long time and served successively as a member of Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee, a member of Liucheng County Committee, a standing member and a deputy secretary. In September 2012, Zheng Shengjing was elected deputy secretary of Guangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League.

Tang Jingtian, deputy secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, had previously served as assistant director and vice director and director of the software research and design office of the overall design department of Sichuan Space Technology Institute. In August 2015, he was elected deputy secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League as a space research institute.

Jia Lin, deputy secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League with “80 Beauty secretary”, was a member of Xi’an CPPCC and served successively as secretary of Xi’an Beilin District Party Committee, member of Standing Committee of Gaoling County Xian Committee and Propaganda Department, elected in 2012 Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League.

Mr. Qing Qing, deputy secretary of Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League, former director of Economic Bureau of Xining City Central Economic District, deputy director of Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and minister of Organization Department of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, was elected deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League in 2015.

Tang Rui, deputy secretary of the Ningxia Autonomous Region of the Communist Youth League, is also one of the few women among them. She was the party secretary of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Land Reclamation Management Bureau and was elected in 2013.

In addition, there are quite a few former “80s” who served as provincial deputy secretary of the regiment, and now they have been transferred to other positions. For example, Yang Yuanfei, who served as deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Municipal Committee, was transferred to the deputy commander in chief of the front counterpart of the Shanghai counterpart in support of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the deputy commissioner of the Kashi Prefecture Administrative Office in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Zhang Hui who once served as deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of Shandong Province has been transferred to Jining Municipal Committee and secretary of Politics and Law Committee. Chen Su, who served as deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League in Heilongjiang Province, was transferred to Mudanjiang Municipal Committee and propaganda minister.

In the past, the development of CYL cadres was relatively simple. Compared with the backbone of many local cadres or departments, CYL cadres have relatively few experiences in grassroots training and some people in the society refer to this as “climbing fast and not deep” .

Taiwan army afraid? Tsai Ing-wen P3C anti-submarine war ceremony chant slogans courageous

                    (Original title: Taiwan fear? Tsai Ing-wen P3C antisubmarine ceremony scream slogan)


Tsai Ing-wen (Picture Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

Overseas Network December 1st On the morning of January 1, Tsai Ing-wen presided over the P-3C-type aircraft and the S-2T-type aircraft at the Pingtung base Inauguration of the service and flying force numbered. Tsai Ing-wen shouted slogans at the ceremony: “Our determination on ‘defense independence’ will never change.” In the afternoon, Tsai Ing-wen made a statement on social networking sites that he would face difficulties with the Taiwan military and overcome all difficulties. Zhang Jun-shu, a researcher at the Institute of Naval Military Research of the People’s Liberation Army once said that such an old anti-submarine warplane can only serve as a courageous measure for the Taiwan authorities. It is a wishful thinking of the Taiwan authorities in attempting to use the P-3C to change the military strength of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

According to Taiwan’s dark green media, Tsai Ing-wen said on the social networking website that P-3C antisubmarine forces officially formed into an army and became an important strong combat force for Taiwan’s anti-submarine operations. Tsai also said that at present the advanced development of advanced trainer aircraft is progressing smoothly and it is expected that the first flight can be started in 2020 on schedule.

According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, Taiwan has purchased 12 P-3C anti-submarine patrol aircraft from the United States in full. On the 1st of this month, the P-3C antisubmarine aircraft fleet was held at the Air Force Base in Pingtung County Army ceremony. S-2T antisubmarine aircraft due to short range, coupled with the introduction of 50 years ago, has been in the state of deterioration. P-3C anti-submarine patrol aircraft can fly about 12 hours, a substantial increase in anti-submarine capabilities. Japanese media also claimed that this is in response to the mainland’s naval submarines.

Tianjin Municipal Party Committee: Immediately to high-rise buildings, construction sites a comprehensive investigation

                    (Original title: Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Secretary: To immediately promptly carry out a comprehensive investigation of high-rise buildings, construction sites)


On December 1, 2017, at 4.07 am, a fire broke out on the 38th floor of the city tower at the intersection of Youyi Road and Pingjiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin. Visual China Figure

At 4:07 on December 1, a fire broke out on the 38th floor of Block B of the City Tower at the intersection of Youyi Road and Pingjiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin. After receiving the report, Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, immediately issued a written instruction setting forth specific requirements on fire fighting, personnel rescue and aftermath. In the morning, Li Hongzhong rushed to the scene to organize a fire treatment and convened a special meeting on the spot to deploy safety work in the city.

After viewing the disaster, Li Hongzhong chaired a special meeting to listen to the relevant reports and deploy the city’s work safety work. Li Hongzhong required that all efforts be made to help the wounded, scientifically and effectively handle on-site dispositions and prevent secondary disasters. Quickly led by the Municipal Security Committee set up an investigation team, as soon as possible to find out the cause of the accident, according to the law in strict accordance with the relevant responsible persons. Timely release of authoritative information, accurately and truthfully to the public, to ensure that the information is open.

The mayor of Beijing, the new deputy mayor, commented on him this way

                    (Original title: Mayor of Beijing on behalf of the new deputy mayor this comment)


This morning, the 42nd meeting of the 14th NPC Standing Committee in Beijing decided to appoint Yang Bin, secretary of the Tongzhou District Party Committee, as the vice mayor of Beijing.

According to the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department data, Yang Bin, born in December 1961, the Han nationality, Shandong Changyi people, joined the party in May 1985 and took part in the work in September 1983. He has served in a number of state-owned enterprises in Beijing. By the end of 2014, he was transferred to the secretary of the Tongzhou District Party Committee by the director of the Municipal Construction Committee.

After the appointment was approved, the whole scene stood up and the national anthem was singled out. Subsequently, Yang Bin made a solemn constitutional oath, and made a statement. At the meeting, acting mayor Chen Jining on the municipal government recommendations for Yang Bin were described.

北京这位新任副市长 代市长对他这样评价

Chen Jining said: Comrade Yang Bin’s political quality is good and the overall situation is strong. In combination with the “four centers” of the capital, Tongzhou’s development has been integrated into the function of non-capital cities and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as a whole, and the spirit of the Central Government has been incorporated into the practice of building sub-centers in cities, demonstrating a strong overall awareness. Comrade Yang Bin has experienced a lot of post exercises and accumulated rich leadership and practical experience. Familiar with urban construction and planning management, high standing, wide field of vision, macroscopic thinking and grasp the overall ability is relatively strong. Ren Tongzhou District Party Secretary since, adhere to the cause of cohesion, mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and the masses, cadres and state of mind is better. Conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the city center and the Beijing municipal sub-center, put forward the work mentality of “making up the shortcomings, strong foundation, adjusting the layout, leaving space, heavy management, excellent environment, high level, seeking development” in a targeted manner Formulate the “13th Five-Year Plan”, further clarify the development goals, spatial layout and key tasks and lay the foundation for higher level development in the region.

I stand:

feelings do people remain loyal, clean, play

“I will remember no investigation, no right to speak the truth, adhere to problem-oriented work plan, based on the capital four Centering on the strategic positioning of the city centering on the decision-making and deployment of the 12th party congress of the city, and taking the initiative to study the new situation. “

Yang Bin said that he will always maintain the feelings of the public and resolutely administer the affairs according to law, and I will firmly remember to serve the people wholeheartedly Service purposes, adhere to all the people as the center, and more for the people for the well-being of life, do more to comply with public opinion, improve people’s livelihood, resolve people’s worries. Constantly enhance the people’s sense of acquisition, conscientiously implement the strategic plan of governing the country according to law, strictly abide by the Constitution and laws, conscientiously implement the resolutions of the NPC and its Standing Committee, persist in making decisions according to the law and act in accordance with the law and conscientiously accept the supervision of the NPC and the masses. Yang Bin said that he will always adhere to honesty and self-discipline, innocence and clean work. I will stick to the bottom line of honesty and self-discipline. Self-respect, introspection, self-alert, self-reliance. Do not forget the beginning, the sub-man, practical work, be loyal, clean, play.

After Yang Bin was appointed deputy mayor, the Beijing municipal government led the current “one positive and nine vice” pattern, acting on behalf of the mayor Chen Jining and nine deputy mayors, including Zhang Gong, executive vice mayor, Red, Zhangdong, Wang Xiaohong, Sui Zhenjiang, Wang Ning, Lu Yan, Yang Bin.

北京这位新任副市长 代市长对他这样评价 Yang Bin comrades resume

Yang, male, December 1961 born, Han nationality, Shandong Changyi people, in May 1985 to join the party, in September 1983 to work in Beijing Construction Engineering College water supply and drainage University graduate, Postgraduate (Renmin University of China Industrial Economics Major), PhD in Economics, Professor level senior engineer.

Mao Zedong niece niece Cao Quanfu died Mao Xinyu et al

                    (Original title: Mao Tse-niece niece Cao Quanfu passed away, Mao Xinyu sent wreaths)


毛泽东侄女婿曹全夫逝世 毛新宇等人送花圈 Cao Quanfu

Today, Da Bai News learned from various sources that Comrade Cao Quanfu was invalid at 1955 on November 24, 2017 at 1955 because of invalid medical treatment. He died in Beijing at the age of 96. At 10:00 on November 30 at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital) West Wing Farewell Hall held a simple farewell ceremony.

Da Bai News learned: At the farewell ceremony, Mao Zedong’s daughter Li Min, Li Na, long daughter Liu Songlin, nephew Mao Yuanxin, Sun Sun Mao Xinyu, grandchildren Kong Jining et al offer wreaths.

毛泽东侄女婿曹全夫逝世 毛新宇等人送花圈

毛泽东侄女婿曹全夫逝世 毛新宇等人送花圈

毛泽东侄女婿曹全夫逝世 毛新宇等人送花圈

毛泽东侄女婿曹全夫逝世 毛新宇等人送花圈

毛泽东侄女婿曹全夫逝世 毛新宇等人送花圈

毛泽东侄女婿曹全夫逝世 毛新宇等人送花圈

Caoquan Fu farewell ceremony

123 anniversary of the KMT party celebration no money Draw 42-inch TV to mention morale

                    (Original title: KMT 123 anniversary party no money no draw 42-inch TV to mention morale)


The KMT Pingtung County Party Branch celebrated the 123th anniversary of the party and prepared LCD TVs, bicycles and other prizes. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

Overseas Network December 1
The 123rd anniversary celebration of the founding of the Kuomintang and the activity of love garden tour will be held tomorrow (2 January) in the plaza of Pingtung citizens’ representative assembly in Taiwan. Taiwan media said that the Kuomintang coincides with the “no money nor nobody,” the dilemma, starting a party celebration, the supporters are even more mixed feelings, this, the KMT Pingtang County party specially prepared 42-inch LCD TV to provide a draw , Hope “boost morale.”

Kuomintang hopes to boost morale through lottery

According to the Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that the KMT’s Pingtung County Department said that this year’s KMT party celebration will be held on the 2nd from 8 am to 2 pm with on-site agricultural products , Food snacks, handicrafts, cultural and creative goods stalls, and children’s recreation area, free massage, glaucoma check and other caring services, like a carnival.

The KMT Pingtung County Party Branch also said that not only the well-known performance of the Samburu drum team and dance groups, but also the 42-inch LCD TVs, speed bicycles, various types of household appliances and other fine prizes to provide lucky draws, “prizes and programs All wonderful. ”

It is reported that outside the lively party activities, the Kuomintang has actually faced the dilemma of “no money left and no internal union.” This is what really worries the supporters. It is learned that the election within the Kuomintang party has just ended. Some other party members have held separate party celebrations a few days ago, quite different from that of the county party department.

In addition, the election in Taiwan will start at the end of next year. There are still many towns in the Kuomintang that can not find any people to stand for election. Even the mayor and the mayor have not yet reached the end of their ranks, Party celebration activities conceal worry.

Insider Gangster Calls for Solidarity to Return to Power

Earlier, according to the “Lianhe Zaobao” report, the Chinese Kuomintang held a celebration of the 123rd anniversary of founding in Taipei on the morning of November 24, setting the theme of “innovation, solidarity and return to power” KMT chairman Wu Den-yi and former chairman Lien Chan, Wu Boxiong, Ma Ying-jeou and Hong Xiuzhu attended. Wu Den-yi emphasized the principle of “consensus on 1992 issue” and said he hopes unity within the party will return to power.

Highest check: severely punish the infringement of kindergarten children involved in rape rape arrested quickly

Recently, many cases of children being infringed upon in kindergartens have caused serious harm to the children and their families. The social impact is extremely poor. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued a circular today demanding that procuratorial organs at all levels in the country should fully perform their procuratorate functions and severely punished the crimes against children who are in kindergartens in accordance with the law and fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of children so as to prevent and reduce such cases. The circular pointed out: At present, cases of crimes against children committed in kindergartens seriously endanger the important interests of the people, touch the bottom line of having children and endanger the development of education in our country, and affect the social harmony and stability. Procuratorial organs at all levels must improve their political standing, fulfill the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, meet the needs of the masses for a better life, strengthen and innovate the height of social governance, strengthen organizational leadership, fully perform their duties in accordance with the law, and work under the unified leadership of the party committees Work closely with relevant departments to do a good job in various fields such as safeguarding rights, handling cases, supervising and preventing crimes, severely punishing crimes against children, upholding the interests of children to the maximum extent, and actively promoting the construction of campus security. In order to achieve the goal of development for all the people through sharing and sharing Make a contribution

The circular stresses that procuratorates at all levels should uphold zero tolerance and strictly punish crimes against kindergarten children in accordance with the law.

Cases of crimes against kindergarten children, suspected rape, molesting children, abuse of guardians, caretakers, willful injuries and willful killings should be strictly expeditiously approved and arrested in accordance with the law, and prosecutions should be instituted to create a judicial deterrent.

For cases that have already been prosecuted, the sentencing recommendations should be strictly put forward. Defendants with special occupational status such as teachers should be advised that the court should prohibit them from engaging in occupations closely related to minors. To promptly intervene in the investigation, the investigation and evidence collection, the application of the law to make recommendations to ensure the smooth case proceedings. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of filing cases, supervise and supervise trial activities, and resolutely correct the problems such as having no case, not guilty of crimes, and light sentencing. We should ensure that those criminals who violate the children of kindergartens should be punished properly and their judicial fairness be protected. We must insist on exercising procuratorial power independently according to law and ensure the quality of handling cases. It is necessary to attach importance to the relevant public opinion, listen to the voices of the masses, but also adhere to the facts as the basis, the law as the yardstick.

For cases that really do not meet the statutory conditions, arrests should be made according to the law and the decision is not vindicated. At the same time, the case law of the guardian of the child involved should be fully explained. When necessary, make public statements to the public. We should conscientiously study the difficult problems existing in the case. Higher procuratorates should step up their guidance on the handling of such cases and supervise the handling of key cases. The circular pointed out that procuratorial organs at all levels should uphold the specialization and standardization of social cases and strengthen the care and assistance to the children who are victims of kindergartens.

To promptly inform the victim children and their guardians of the litigation rights, and put in place during the prosecution. For the investigation and trial organs to infringe on the rights of victims of child victims and their guardians litigation, we must correct according to law.

We will protect the right of reputation, privacy and right to information of child victims and their guardians in accordance with the law. Timely brief guardians and legal representatives of juvenile victims about the situation and fully listen to their opinions. The personal information of the victimized child and guardian shall not be disclosed in any form, and no police car or uniformed uniform shall be used to investigate and collect evidence of the victim’s children’s home.

To facilitate the investigation, the judicial authorities conduct “one-stop” interrogations on the children victims. Ask once to take the principle of working in a special case area for minors to adopt a proper physical and psychological approach to children and to synchronize audio and video recording so as to avoid secondary injury to the victimized children due to repeated inquiries or improper inquiries.

To unite social forces such as civil affairs, the Communist Youth League, medical treatment, women’s federations and non-profit organizations, and introduce professional forces such as judicial social workers and counselors, and provide psychological interventions, physical rehabilitation, legal aid and legal aid to victims and their families simultaneously , Accompanied by listening and other support, try to help them through the storm, restore physical and mental health. The circular pointed out that procuratorial organs at all levels should uphold comprehensive protection, comprehensively protect and safeguard the civil administrative rights of kindergarten children. In dealing with cases of kindergarten children’s crimes against infringement, we should step up minors’ administrative procuratorial work on civil affairs.

For kindergartens, administrative departments and other infringement of children’s civil and administrative rights, they may lawfully support the injured children and their guardians to institute legal proceedings and safeguard their rights and interests in accordance with the law.

For cases that need to protect the interests of children due to food safety and educational facilities in kindergartens, public interest litigation should be initiated according to law. The relevant civil and administrative decisions ruling, indeed there are errors, according to law protest.

For those administrative law enforcement agencies that fail to perform their duties or perform their duties improperly, which may infringe the interests of kindergarten children, prosecutorial recommendations should be made in accordance with the law and supervision and correction. Anyone who commits an offense or violates discipline or constitutes a crime shall be transferred to the relevant department for investigation.

Notice requirements, procuratorial organs at all levels should base themselves on prevention and actively promote the construction of a kindergarten child injury prevention system.

To analyze and summarize the causes and characteristics of cases of infringement of kindergarten children, put forward proposals for strengthening and improving the management of kindergartens and problems in their management and safety, promote the plugging of loopholes in management and strengthening the governance at source.

Insist on going to Bali? Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The costs incurred when obtaining help are fully voluntary

                    (Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: If Chinese citizens insist on going to Bali, they will have to pay for their own expenses)


外交部:公民若坚持前往巴厘岛 获助产生费用需自理
On November 30, 2017, the Agung volcano erupted continuously in Bali, Indonesia, causing a huge impact on the area. Vision China Figure

“Consular train” WeChat public number December 1, 2017, November 27, 2017, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General in Denpasar released a temporary donation based on the Eunjung volcano in Bali Bali Travel Safety Alert, valid until December 4, 2017. Based on the current situation, the security alert is now validated until January 4, 2018, as follows:

The Agung volcano in Bali has been continuously erupting since November 21 and is still at its highest level of alert (level 4). Volcanic mudslides, magma, gravel, volcanic ash, smoke and other damage and damage to the surrounding farmland, rivers, housing construction, personal health and other volcanoes, 9-10 million affected people need to be resettled. The Indonesian government issued a circular announcing that the area within a radius of 8 km around the crater and the area within a radius of 10 km to the north-northeast, southwest-south-south of the crater prohibited all activities.

Due to volcanic ash, Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport temporarily closed from 07:15 on November 27 to 14:28 on November 29 (local time). Up to now, there are still no normal airspace routes to east and southeast directions. Lombok International Airport has announced three shutdowns since the 25th. The monitors anticipate that small-scale magmatic eruptions may continue for a long time before the great Argonian volcano eruption, and the above airports may be shut down by volcanic ash at any time.

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