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Trump tweeted the mayor London Mayor called for the cancellation of his visit to Britain

                    (Original title: Trump tweeted “diplomatic crisis”, London Mayor called for the lifting of its visit to Britain arrangement)


On May 30, the Mayor of London appealed to British Prime Minister Teresa May to cancel Trump’s upcoming state visit to Britain after the U.S. President Trump sent criticism over the anti-Muslim video relay on Twitter.

Trump retweed three anti-Muslim videos on Twitter on the 29th. The videos were released by leaders of Britain’s far right, “UK First”. The videos include Muslims beating Dutch boys and destroying Madonna images.

The Associated Press reported that London Mayor Sadiq Khan criticized in a statement on Thursday that Trump’s retransmission of anti-Muslim videos on Twitter contributed to “creating a split in our country And the despicable extremist organization of hatred. ” In a statement, Sadik Khan further said that many British people who love the United States and the United States view Trump’s move as a betrayal of the special relations between the United States and the United States. Sadik Khan also said that as Mayor of London, he had previously urged Teresa May to cancel his invitation to visit Trump. And the incident shows even more that Trump will not welcome any official visit to Britain. In January of this year, British Prime Minister Theresa May sent representatives to the United States to meet with Trump, during which she invited Trump to pay a state visit to the United Kingdom. The Associated Press reported on the 30th that although the U.S. and British governments all declared that they planned Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom, the exact date has not yet been set.

Medvedev: Do not participate in the presidential election Putin will fully support the election

                    (Original title: Russian Prime Minister does not participate in the presidential campaign, said Putin if the election will fully support)


梅德韦杰夫:不参加总统竞选 若普京参选将全力支持

Indonesia Raises Bali Volcano Alert to Temporary Shutdown at the Most Advanced Airport

                    (Original title: Alerts: Indonesian government to raise Bali volcano warning to the highest level)



[World Wide Web] According to the Associated Press reported on November 27, the Indonesian government raised the volcano in Bali to the highest level, requiring evacuation within 10 km.

According to surging news, Indonesia raised the volcano eruption warning in Bali to the highest level, some of the tourist attractions in the vicinity have been affected by volcanic ash. The Associated Press reported that the local authorities urgently needed to urgently evacuate tourists within a distance of 10 kilometers and temporarily shut down the local international airport. The Agung volcano began erupting on Saturday evening, and its eruption intensity rose suddenly about three times on Sunday.

Last week, the Chinese Consulate General in Denali reminded Chinese tourists to keep a close watch on the latest reminders issued by the Consulate General and to refrain from going to dangerous areas to keep themselves vigilant and pay attention to their own safety.

Park Geun-hye submits an explanatory letter of absentee trial or opens trial in the absence of her

                    (Original title: Park Geun-hwa bribery case trial will restart the written explanation of abstention trial)


BEIJING, November 27 According to the Yonhap News Agency reported that the South Korean courts and correctional education departments on the 27th news, the former President Park Geun-hye same day to submit an explanation of the court hearing absent. As such, it is likely that the Seoul Central District Court will try the case in the absence of the parties.

资料图:韩国前总统朴槿惠。 Figure: Park Geun-hye, Former President of South Korea.

On the same day, at about 7.30 am, Park Geunjeon sent a statement of absence from court to the Seoul Detention Center for hearing due to health problems. Subsequently, the detention center submitted the letter of explanation to the Central District Court of Seoul by fax.

Seoul Central District Court will hold trial of Pak Suk Hsu bribery case at 10 a.m. This is the court hearing of the case of Park Geun-hyeon 42 days after the defense counsel protested the extension of Park Geun-hoo’s legal term of detention on 16 October. By then, Sun Jingchu, president of CJ Group and Zhao Yuandong, the first economic chief of Cheong Wa Dae, will appear as witnesses.

Egyptian military attacks mosque terrorists: bombing vehicles to destroy the arsenal

                    (Original title: Egypt military attack mosque terrorist attack on many countries stand in support of anti-terrorism)


BEIJING, November 27 (Xinhua) Comprehensive reports said that after the terrorist attacks on the mosque in Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, the military dispatched fighter planes to attack the attackers’ vehicles and several terrorist positions overnight to destroy their arsenal. It is believed by all parties that the terrorist attack that has killed more than 300 people was carried out by the extremist organization “Islamic State” or by its supporters.

Egyptian military said in a statement that fighters blew up the attackers’ vehicles and believed they were all annihilated; security forces raided the remaining terrorists on the ground.

当地时间11月24日,埃及西奈半岛北部al-Arish地区一清真寺在祷告期间遭遇炸弹袭击事件。此次恐袭已造成至少235人死亡,130人受伤,是近年来埃及遭遇的最致命恐袭。 local time on November 24, Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, a region north of al-Arish mosque suffered

this attack bomb attacks shocked the Egyptian people during prayers, prompted President Cecilia’s government to strengthen and places of worship Security of important buildings, and declared the nation mourning for three days. Cesey also convened an emergency security conference to discuss counter-terrorism measures and made a speech on national television. He vowed to crack down on terrorists vigorously and seek justice for those who died in vain.

In addition, on the 26th, more than 40 Muslim-based high-level defense officials met in Riyadh. Saaleman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, said the attack in Egypt is painful and must inspire thinking on how to effectively combat “terrorism and extremism” at the international level.

Many multinational nations in the world, including the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, said the attack was “a mean and cowardly act” and expressed their firm support for Egypt’s anti-terrorism campaign.

当地时间11月25日,埃及东部港口城市伊斯梅利亚,埃及清真寺恐袭受害者亲属在医院外等候。埃及官方电视台24日报道,埃及北西奈省一座清真寺当天发生的恐怖袭击已造成至少235人死亡、109人受伤。 Local time On November 25, the relatives of the victims of the terrorist attack in the Egyptian port of Ismailia, the eastern port city of Egypt, were waiting outside the hospital.

Thailand tourist bus fire was burned full of Chinese tourists successfully escape

                    (Original title: Thailand tourist bus fire burned full of Chinese tourists escape)



Foreign media: European banks withdraw from Europe after the referendum in Europe to withdraw 350 billion euros

                    (Original title: Foreign media: European banks withdraw 350 billion euros from Britain after the referendum on referendum)


BEIJING, November 27 According to foreign media quoted the EU’s official data reported that since June 2016 when Britain held the referendum from the EU to June 2017, the major European banks have withdrawn from the United Kingdom 350 billion euros asset.

Assets of EU member states in the UK dropped 17% in a year from 1.94 trillion to 1.59 trillion dollars.

Experts believe that the withdrawal of assets by banks is concerned with fears that the Brexit will hurt themselves and it is estimated that this trend will continue until March 2019 when the United Kingdom will be completely separated from the EU.

According to a survey conducted by the European Banking Authority (EBA), one-third of European financial institutions say there is uncertainty about the potential for changes in regulations that provide for financial contracts, data protection and enforcement of court judgments as assets The main reason for the withdrawal. Uncertainties may also arise if the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union without signing a new agreement.

The Japanese government set about discussing the land policies of 480 border islands

                    (Original title: Japanese government sets out to discuss land measures such as unknown island owners on the border)

                                   According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on November 26, Japanese government sources said on the 25th, given that if the border as the delimitation of Japan’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ), the owner of the island is unknown and foreign Regardless of the placement of all the land owned by the people, there will probably be any security concerns. The government has already begun to discuss the measures. Measures to promote land registration and whether to restrict foreigners trading may be a point of contention. It is estimated that the government will set up an expert meeting in the next fiscal year to discuss the necessity of improving the legal system.


It is reported that this is one of the measures taken to protect the outlying islands from the perspective of safeguarding and securing resources. The government believes that the poor management of such land may lead to the illegal landing of foreigners or other illegal fishing sites.


Around the access of foreigners to land, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in a parliamentary examination in October 2016, defended that “this is an important issue concerning national security.”


A series of 5 car collisions in northern California killed 4 6 dead

                    (Original title: North American car accident occurred in a series of 5 car crash caused 4 dead 6 injured)




BEIJING, November 27 Xinhua BEIJING, Nov. 27 (Xinhuanet) According to a report by the Chinese language network on the 25th of the local time, a car accident involving a series of five-car collision occurred on a highway in northern California, killing four people and sending 6 people medical.

   It was reported that around 8-11 pm the same day, five cars hit the Interstate 80 in San Pablo, San Francisco. One of the white cars was hit four rounds and the driver was injured. Another 4 people died on the spot. The remaining wounded were all sent to hospital for treatment, including a minor wounded, the police have not yet released the identity of the casualties.


Drivers of the fifth car in the collision fled the scene after the incident and were later arrested by the police.

Iran warns Europe: Mozambique threatens Tehran or Iraq will increase missile range

                    (Original title: Iran warns Europe: Mozambique threatens Tehran, otherwise it will enhance the missile range)


BEIJING, November 27 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, the deputy leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard in Iran issued a warning a few days ago that if Europe threatens the Tehran authorities, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard will increase the Iranian missile range to more than 2,000 kilometers.

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