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Hundreds of people in Jiangxi Province who lodged a corruption case were planted on this matter

                    (Original title: Jiangxi a government official pulled out hundreds of corruption cases! They are planted in …)


Jiangxi Yichun People’s Procuratorate recently decided to file a criminal investigation and take coercive measures on the alleged bribery offense of former secretary of the Party Committee of Gannan Medical College, Huang Linbang. According to an interview with reporters, the case of Huanglibang led a number of cadres who were vilified and mired in the ranks. Hundreds of cadres and medical staffs received the kickbacks from the medical representatives. The hospital supplies consumables rate of profit as high as over 1000%.

江西一厅官落马牵出腐败案数百人 均栽在这件事上

In August this year, Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection informed that Huanglibang was expelled from the party and held public office. According to the circular, Huang Lin-bang used his position to seek benefits and receive huge sums of money for others, allegedly accepting bribes. It is learned that Huang Linbang has served in Gannan Medical College for a long time. After serving as the main leader, he deliberately arranged his own cronies in such key posts as the purchase of medical supplies. Many relatives also directly intervened in the purchase of medical supplies and medical supplies.

It is understood that in this corrupt settlement, some unscrupulous merchants sold consumables and equipment at a substantial price increase to Gannan Medical College and its affiliated hospitals. The profit margin of individual consumables was as high as over 1000%. Some of the equipment purchased at Price Millions of dollars above , the virtual high price eventually passed on to patients, the mass interests have been severely violated.

江西一厅官落马牵出腐败案数百人 均栽在这件事上

The cost of medical consumables has the characteristics of recessiveness. In the procurement process, the lack of external supervision and internal formal management make there is a lot of room for corruption. According to the analysis of investigators, with the advancement of medical reform, the state has stepped up efforts to rectify the links in the production, distribution and use of pharmaceuticals, and there is a tendency for job-related crimes in the medical and health field to shift from the field of pharmaceuticals to the field of medical consumables.

A number of new regulations are in effect today: some infant formula import tariffs have been reduced to zero

                    (The original title: a number of new regulations to be implemented since: “Sea Amoy” will welcome “spree”)


BEIJING BEIJING, December 1 Some imported infant formula milk powder import tariffs have been reduced to zero, the agencies and institutions building hall hall can no longer “self-willed”, the network cloud disk “involved in pornography” for profit or be held criminally responsible … … Today, a batch of new regulations are formally implemented and relate to all aspects of people’s lives.

资料图。中新社发 王东明 摄 Data Sheet. China News Agency, Wang Dongming photo

Tariff Reduction of Certain Consumer Products Tariffs of Fighting Baby Products Down to Zero

Starting today, many “Haitai nationalities” will usher in “big packs.”

According to the “Notice of the Tariff Commission of the State Council on Adjusting the Import Tariffs of Some Consumer Goods” issued by the Ministry of Finance before December 1, China will reduce the import tariffs on some consumer products by the provisional tax rate on December 1.

The import tariff reduction consumer goods cover a total of 187 8-digit tariff numbers, with an average tax rate of 8%. The consumer tariffs for food, health products, medicines, daily chemicals, clothes, shoes and hats, household equipment, cultural and entertainment, From 17.3% to 7.7%.

Among them, the lipstick, eye shadow, perfume and some other cosmetics import tariffs from 10% to 5%; electric razors, electric toothbrush import tariffs from 30% to 10%; coffee machines, smart toilet lid import tariffs from 32% To 10%; mineral water import tariffs from 20% to 10%; baby diapers and diapers, some formula infant formula import tariffs dropped to zero.

Halls of Institutions Building Halls No More “Wayward”

With the “Regulations Governing Institutional Construction Halls and Halls” From December 1, the Halls and Buildings of Organizations and Construction Halls can no longer be “self-willed” .

To strictly control the construction of the building hall, the “Regulations” shall not establish offices and facilities in the name of technical service houses without clearly stipulating that organs and organizations shall not build places and facilities that have receiving functions such as accommodation, meetings, catering, etc., Not illegal In the technical business premises set up office space at the same time, but also clearly stipulates strict project approval, strengthen capital management, strict control of construction standards.

In the strict control of construction standards, the “Regulations” stipulate that the construction of office space should follow the principles of simplicity, practicality, safety and energy conservation, and strictly implement the administrative measures formulated by the department of development and reform of the State Council in conjunction with the housing construction department of the State Council and the finance department Housing construction standards.

资料图:浙江省杭州市文化执法部门对某网站涉嫌传播色情信息进行调查。 全国“扫黄打非”办供图 摄 Data Map: Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the cultural and law enforcement agencies on a website suspected of pornographic information to investigate. The National “Anti-pornography” Office Photo

Network Cloud Disk “Jurisprudence” Profit or Pursue Haste

Starting today, “the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the use of network cloud disk production, reproduction, sale, Reply to the Issue of Conviction and Sentencing on the Transmission of Obscene Electronic Information for Profit-making “will also be implemented.

“Reply” pointed out that for the purpose of profit making, the use of network cloud disk to create, copy, sell and spread obscene electronic information should be held criminally responsible, apply the criminal law and judicial interpretation of the relevant provisions.

Where, for the purpose of profit making, making, copying, selling and distributing obscene electronic information by means of network cloud disks is not considered solely for the purpose of profit making when considering the criminal responsibility, we should not simply consider making, duplicating, selling, The number of obscene electronic messages disseminated should also give full consideration to the scope of dissemination, illegal income, the perpetrator’s performance, and the obscenity of electronic messages, whether the target of communication involves minors, comprehensively assess the social harmfulness, make appropriate penalties, and ensure that crimes are punished adapt. WeChat credit card over 5000 yuan will be charged

Recently, WeChat released “on the WeChat credit card payment rules for the description”: as of December 1, 2017 onwards, will be for each user every month total The amount of more than 5,000 yuan part of 0.1% charge (minimum 0.1 yuan), not more than 5,000 yuan part is still free.

This is the second time that the fee will be extended to credit card repayment after WeChat charges the withdrawal amount of over RMB1,000 in March 2016.

WeChat also gives a buffer period: From December 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, the fee reduction activities are carried out. The total monthly repayment of less than 20,000 yuan per person will be exempt from handling fees.

资料图:国家互联网信息办公室。 中新网记者 杨磊 摄 Information Figure: National Internet Information Office. WASHINGTON reporter Yang Leishe

Internet practitioners will be built credit file may not engage in paid news activities

National Internet Information Office recently published “Internet news information service units content management employees in management approach” and “Internet News Information Service new technology and application of new security assessment management regulations “December 1 from the implementation.

Among them, the Measures make it clear that content management practitioners in internet news information service units shall not engage in compensated news activities. They shall not use the work of publishing, reprinting and reviewing Internet news information to facilitate the operation of advertising, distribution, sponsorship, intermediary and other business activities and seek improper benefits. They shall not avail themselves of activities such as internet public opinion supervision to facilitate extortion and retaliation.

The official responsible for the State Internet Information Office underlined that the National and Local Internet Information Office will establish a staff management information system, credit files and blacklists.

资料图 李林 摄 Data for Li Lin photo

the legal status of volunteer service organization will clearly play a

December 1, the State Council promulgated the “Regulations Voluntary Service” will be formally implemented.

As the first specialized law and regulation on volunteer service in China, the “Regulations” comprehensively stipulated the basic principles of volunteer service, management system, protection of rights and interests, and promotion measures.

The “Regulations” stipulate that volunteer service organizations and volunteers should respect the human dignity of volunteer service providers and shall not infringe the privacy of volunteers. They shall not charge volunteers or disguise for remuneration. No organization or individual may forcibly assign volunteers or volunteer service organizations to provide services.

资料图 王光正 摄 Information Photo Wang Guangzheng

2018 Holiday arrangements come! A figure tells you how to calculate overtime

                    (The original title: 2018 holiday arrangements come! Day off? How to rest? Overtime pay how? A map to tell you)


2018 holiday arrangements come! Which day off? How to fall off? Holiday overtime how to count? A picture of China’s government network tells you.








U.S.: The United States for the first time publicly rejected the recognition of China’s market economy status

                    (Original title: For the first time, the United States publicly refuses to recognize the status of China’s market economy. Official of the Ministry of Commerce: At this time, “pouring cold water” is not good for anyone!)


[Global Times] According to the US “Wall Street Journal” reported on November 30, Trump Government has formally rejected the request to gain market economy status of China in accordance with Article 15, “China’s accession to WTO Protocol.” The United States submitted this decision to the WTO in mid-November and was made public on November 30. It is reported that although U.S. officials have long hinted at this position, this is the first time that the United States has publicly and openly explained its reasons. “Officially refused to recognize China’s market economy status, would exacerbate trade tensions between the two countries.”

British “Financial Times” said that the United States had submitted a 40-page document to the WTO, 30 Ri as China to institute legal proceedings against the EU Part of it is released. In this case, China raised objections to the EU’s decision to refuse to give China market economy status. Documents submitted by the United States, said no matter how the conditions specified in China’s WTO accession protocol, China has still to comply with the WTO other Member States “rules”, WTO members’ right to refuse or cost price formed under non-market economy conditions ” . The report quoted U.S. officials as saying their interpretation was endorsed by the EU, Canada, Japan and Mexico.

Chinese Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly stressed that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of China’s accession to WTO Article 15 of the Protocol, WTO members of the anti-dumping “surrogate country” approach should be terminated on December 11, 2016. However, the United States, the European Union and Japan all refused to recognize China’s market economy status and did not stop its anti-dumping “alternative country” approach to China. The Wall Street Journal said if a country is labeled a “non-market economy,” it would mean that other trading partners could use the “surrogate country” approach in their country’s anti-dumping investigations to impose high tariffs on the country. Citing quoting economists’ estimates, the U.S. and EU countries that regard China as a “non-market economy” have already caused Chinese manufacturers to lose billions of dollars in exports.

The SFC fined 6.361 billion in the first ten months of last year than the sum of the previous year

                    (Original title: SFC fined 6.361 billion in the first ten months)


WASHINGTON CIRC administrative penalties roving adjudication work and Administrative Punishment Committee part-time trial members training course, held in Beijing from November 23 to 24. Xuan Chang, member of the CSRC committee member and assistant chairman, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Renmin Ribao talk of rent and purchase simultaneously: renting should become “a better choice”

                    (Original title: Renting should be “a better choice” (Minsheng · Min Sheng))


To improve the rental experience and increase the shortfall of “renting” in the housing system by increasing the supply of quality housing and adjusting the market order. Let “Rent” and “Purchase” simultaneously support a healthy housing market so that all groups can achieve their dreams of living through different channels.

Recently, the “Rent and Purchase” , Has become a hot topic of discussion. Some people look forward to: renting can also live smoothly; some predict: the new housing market will soon appear the pattern; some people have questioned: is the price is too high, control is not down, just call everyone to rent? Differentiation among the various opinions to identify “rent and buy simultaneously” the true intentions, or from the “make up for the shortcomings” of this policy-oriented talk about.

For a long time, “renting” has always been the short board of China’s housing market. Unlike many inhabitants of developed countries who have long considered renting a “reasonable option,” renting remains the “last resort” for the vast majority of Chinese.

On the one hand, many people do not want to rent a house. From the perspective of cultural inheritance and consumption habits, Chinese people always have the preference to buy real estate. They have their own houses and land, and their hearts are safe and secure. From the system design point of view, after the full implementation of the housing market in 1998, China’s housing supply system is more from the start to promote people’s ownership of housing, resulting in a “re-purchase light rent” situation. Judging from market trends, the rapid rise of house prices in some cities in recent years has magnified the investment properties and appreciation effect of the houses and enhanced the attractiveness of “purchase” – “buying a certain amount of money without loss” has become an repeatedly tried and tested “prophecy “,” Pay one million more for a year later “became a bloody lesson.

On the other hand, people who want to rent can not rent good rooms. From the perspective of supply and demand structure, the demand for renters mainly comes from new citizens and young people. Although they do not yet have the ability to buy a house in the short term, they still have certain requirements on the quality of living. However, most rented houses on the market are mostly scattered houses, old houses, Housing supply and demand is not matched, rented experience less than satisfactory. From the point of view of safeguarding the rights, since there is no powerful law to make “backing up”, renters are often subject to arbitrary price increases and the unilateral destruction of contracts, thus reducing the sense of stability and amplifying the sense of drift. Rent is not satisfied, do not fly, so that the original swing in the “rent” and “purchase” between people more firm “buy” the idea.

The existence of renting a short board has not only hindered the happiness of renters, but also magnified the pressure on the real estate market. The more rent is seen as a transitional measure, the stronger the demand for housing is. Imbalance, the higher prices, and even into a vicious circle.

How can we “unclose” it? There are many ways, both to increase the intensity of supply, but also by binding measures to control demand. However, urban resources are always limited, and supply is unlikely to increase indefinitely. Demand is dynamic and can not be suppressed indefinitely. Under such circumstances, we should enhance the role of “rent” in the housing system with the aim of introducing “foreign aid” and opening up “ditches” to relieve the pressure of “purchasing” so that the demand can be returned to a reasonable level and the market tends to be stable. At the same time, Establish a long-term market mechanism to win a valuable window period. What’s more, “renting” this is an important realization form of “living in a home.”

“rent-purchase simultaneously”, “and” is the direction, “move” is the foundation. Let the real market fire up, excellent up, on the market order, protection of rights and other issues must be the right medicine, and effectively solve. For example, as soon as possible on the rental laws and regulations and operating rules, so that tenants and landlords are more peace of mind more peace of mind; another example, improve the land, tax and other policies to support the development of large-scale rental business to better living quality to meet Another example is to promote “rent the same rights,” so that renters can also enjoy more of the same basic public services. In short, it is necessary to make great efforts to break through each and every one so that renters become “a better choice.”

Military Review Red Yellow Blue incident: Children and soldiers will not allow to hurt slander

                    (The original title: “Bo eyeball”, behind how much ulterior motives?)


Recently, the incident of infringement on children in the red, yellow and blue kindergartens in Beijing has aroused great concern from all walks of life. According to the police information, the personnel involved have been detained in criminal detention according to law, while those who fabricate the “tiger regiment” officers who collectively obstruct the false information of young children are also subject to administrative detention under the law.

Children are the flowers of the motherland and the future of our country. We do not allow anyone to hurt any child in any way. The rustic feelings between the people’s army and children are well known. During the Wenchuan earthquake, children rescued by soldiers from the rubble spontaneously saluted on stretchers. When Yemen evacuated overseas Chinese, the children who boarded the warships with officers and men readily smiled. This numerous move and encouragement have made ” When the PLA “how many children’s dreams and longings. However, this social incident unrelated to the military has become a good opportunity for some people with ulterior motives to “see the eyeballs.” Nowadays, with the rapid emergence of communication tools, the brushing of WeChat, the public reading of numbers, and the growing popularity of “circle of friends,” the Internet has made the speech more free. It has also facilitated the use of online rumor by some people in sowing military-civil-military relations and using them for self-interest. The rumors of military involvement in the incident occurred from time to time. Some of them have fueled the “windy eye” or blindly follow the trend since the media and the Internet are large. The sympathy and trust of the masses also allow the image of the people’s army to be viciously slandered in the dissemination of false information. To this end, we must act in order to call upon all of us to defend the image of the people’s army together!

The army is the pillar of the country and the guardian of the people. We do not allow anyone to defame our children by any means. Whether it is a war-torn war or peace and stability now, the people’s army always puts the interests of the people first. As long as the lives and property of the masses are threatened and endangered, the people’s army will come forward without any hesitation. Time and again charged, scenes of the most beautiful retrograde, has long been the military’s bright business card, deeply engraved in the minds of the people. People’s army loves people’s feelings can be slandered? !

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced eight provisions of five transcripts: more than 260,000 people were handled

                    (Original title: Eight Provisions Five-year Transcript: Over 260,000 Persons Processed)

                                   Xinhuanet Beijing November 30, 30, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department announced the central eight provisions of the implementation of five years since the “report card.” Statistics show that up to October 31, 2017, 193,138 violations of the spirit of the eight provisions have been investigated and dealt with in the country, 261,594 people have been dealt with, and 145,059 people have been given disciplinary measures by the party and government.

According to the distribution of levels, the number of people at the provincial and ministerial level was 24, among which 22 were given punishment by the party and government departments; the number of people who dealt with the prefectural and prefectural level was 2,329, 1555 were given disciplinary action by the party and government; At the level of the number of people being handled 19,619 people, giving 11,882 people punished by the party and government departments; township level was 240,622 people were given, to give the party and government discipline of 131,600 people.

Taiwanese generals approved Tsai Ing-wen to build a submarine: Spending big bucks on the future of Taiwan

                    (Original title: Taiwanese generals approved Tsai Ing-made submarine is a big money to take the future of Taiwan’s fate)


台军将领批蔡英文造潜艇是花大钱拿台湾前途打水漂 Tsai Ing-wen Source: Taiwan “China Times”

Taiwan Network December 1 According to Taiwan’s China Times, when interviewed by Li Yuwen, associate dean of Taiwan’s former military academy and army, Said that the self-made submarine launched by Tsai authorities is the wrong direction, which means that it will spend a lot of money on Taiwan’s future.

Wang Hongjin served as a member of the Central Inspection Work Leading Group and director of the office

                    (Former title: Wang Hongjin served as a member of the leading group of central inspection work, office director)


王鸿津任中央巡视工作领导小组成员、办公室主任 Wang Hongjin The Central Discipline Inspection Commission website information Figure

After the Central Discipline Inspection Commission dismissed the leader of the Discipline Inspection Team of the People’s Bank of China in September this year, the new post of Wang Hongjin has been confirmed.

According to the updated information of November 30 on the website of the “leading agency” on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection shows that Wang Hongjin, standing member of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, has been the member of the leading group and the director of the office of the Central Inspection Commission (deputy minister level).

Public Resumes Show, Wang Hongjin (1963.5) is a native of Qingdao, Shandong Province. He joined the work in July 1988 and joined the party in January 1985. He also graduated from the Party Theory and Party Construction Department of the Central Party School with a master’s degree in law Editing.

Wang Hongjin studied early in Beijing Normal University and the Central Party School Theory Department. After graduating as a graduate student, he worked as assistant professor and lecturer in the party building and research department of the Central Party School. In 1994, he went to the Press and Publication Administration.

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