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The list of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2017 announced that the proportion of female academicians has risen

                    (Former title: Chinese Academy of Engineering announced the list of elected members in 2017 women’s membership ratio increased)


WASHINGTON China Academy of Engineering in 2017 the addition of the results of the recently announced academicians, elected a total of 67 new academicians. Female academicians accounted for 6% of the new academicians, representing an increase of 1.7 percentage points from 2015.

Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering are additionally elected every two years. This year, a total of four women were elected academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the most since 2009.

Public interest litigation opened a total of 4597 cases in four months in procuratorates throughout the country

                    (The original title: public interest litigation in the round after the procuratorial organs in four months put up 4597 pieces)


Justice Network Wuhan November 29 reporter from the prosecution at the conclusion of today’s procuratorial work at the civil forum was informed that the public interest litigation work in full swing, from July to October this year, the national procuratorial organs in the performance of public service found There were 8,320 clues and 4597 cases filed, with 4,026 pre-litigation proclamations and proclamations, and 40 public interest litigation cases before the courts.

“Tiger Army” Zhang Yang suicide corrupt officials want to lose their car when it died

                    (Original title: “Army Tiger” Zhang Yang self-willed, corrupt officials want to lose pawn pawns it)

                                   Xinhua News Agency recently released news. On the morning of November 23, Zhang Yang, former director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, was self-proclaimed during his talk with the organization. People’s Liberation Army Daily issued an article denounced “Zhang Yang suicide means to escape party discipline punishment, the act is extremely poor.”

Zhang Yang suicide because of its involvement in corruption. In recent years, officials have reported unhealthy deaths from time to time, which is closely linked with the continuous increase in anti-corruption. The logic behind suicide is by no means “simple”.

Suicide does not mean “the case ends”, and the anti-corruption will not become “uncompleted.”

unnatural death analyze officials

message Xinhua News Agency, August 28, 2017, the CPC Central Committee, the Central Military Commission Zhang Yang decided to organize talks, which involve the investigation and verification Guo, Xu Caihou Case questions. After investigation and verification, Zhang Yang seriously violated the law and discipline, was suspected of bribery, a huge amount of property from unknown sources of crime. During an interview with the organization, Zhang Yang has been living at home. The morning of November 23, Zhang Yang self-proclaimed death at home.

This incident can be described as explosive news. The protagonist is an extremely powerful general of the army. How do you view its abnormal death?

Commenting on the article entitled “Jun Zhengping”: Zhang Yang, as a top cadre of the party and the army, lost his ideal and faith, lost his party principle, lost his fear of law and discipline, lost his moral bottom line, After the two faces, shouting loyalty mouth, behind corruption, is a typical “two-person.” The serious problems of discipline and law have caused serious damage to the cause of the party and the army, tarnished the party’s image, tarnished the image of the army, defiled the image of political work and tarnished the image of leading cadres. Zhang Yang suicide means to escape party discipline punishment, the act is extremely poor.

Due to the particularity of official identity, every time a related event is reported, there is always a great deal of public opinion stirring up. Some scholars have analyzed the publicly reported corrupt officials’ non-normal deaths and thought that under the high anti-corruption pressure in recent years, the official corrupt space of officials in question has been gradually compressed and thus there is nowhere to be discovered. This has left him desperate to “apologize for death”.

However, the proportion of suicides is not high among officials who died unexpectedly. Researchers analyzed 114 reported suicides by all officials between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2013, of which 97 (85.1%) mentions the cause of suicide. In a report about the causes of suicide, 35 (30.7%) officials attributed the suicide to “mental illness” and 21 to “do investigation, suspected violation of discipline, commit suicide by suicide” and other key words, accounting for 18.4% .

This is because, in addition to corruption, many officials also choose to commit suicide due to work pressure, pressure for promotion, and physical and emotional reasons.

From the perspective of suicide, jumping off, falling from buildings and self-esteem are common choices for suicide officials. Suicide locations are generally hidden places, such as at home or near their home and office, and they also have options to go to the wild or to hotels. Hotel.

officials question the logic behind the suicide

There is a saying called “Live Is Better Than Live”, but these corrupt officials to commit suicide, has come to be seen no love, the point of desperation.

There is “suicide” that ends with corruption. Problem officials know that they can not escape the punishment of the law, psychological pressure is too large and choose to commit suicide. Suffering for a high ranking official can not be equated with ordinary people committing suicide, linking their suicide to the “grand climate” of anti-corruption in society as a whole.

When a senior official steps to suicide, he often feels that his sin is so heavy that he can not escape the law and does not expect the possibility of a “miracle.” This confirms the anti-corruption posture of our country from the side: more and more severe and more and more real.

There are still some problems where officials died and showed such “fragility”. Except knowing that they should not escape from their guilt, they are even more fantasies of trying to protect their own illegal income with death .

There are others that commit suicide to corrupt “contract.” Some scholars pointed out that in the increasingly complex officialdom corruption, gradually forming a contractual “corrupt interests community” or “corrupt life and death league.” Some officials attempted to commit suicide by dropping suicide cars and cutting off clues to protect more vested interests.

As soon as the East window breaks out, they commit suicide according to the agreement and the rest of the family is taken care of by others. In this way, a person commits suicide to protect more people, but this will only make the living corrupt elements even more unscrupulous.

If you’re dead, you’ve got it all?

Dead, will the case continue? Like Zhang Yang’s case, he allegedly bribed bribes, illegal possession of large quantities of unidentified sources of illicit money how to deal with it? Will the repatriation stop with the suspect’s death? Obviously will not stop.

According to relevant laws and regulations of our country, once a criminal suspect or defendant dies, the case being investigated will no longer be prosecuted and will not be held criminally liable. Because in substance, the body responsible for criminal responsibility has disappeared. However, if the case involves other co-criminals, then there are others and the case itself that need to be dealt with after the suspect is dealt with, and the entire case can not be ended because of the death of one of the suspects. At the same time, property that has been found to be illicit money and illegal proceeds will continue to be chased by the court. Taking Xu Caihou case as an example, on October 27, 2014, the Military Procuratorate transferred and prosecuted the investigation of the suspicion of accepting bribes by Xu Caihou, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. March 15, 2015, Xu Caihou due to urinary bladder high-grade urothelial carcinoma in the terminal phase, multiple body metastases, multiple organ failure, treatment ineffective died in the hospital.

Xu Caihou After the death, how to deal with the crime of suspected bribery? According to the person in charge of the military procuratorial organs, according to the provisions of Article 15 of the Criminal Procedure Law, if the criminal suspect dies in the stage of examination and prosecution, the procuratorial organ shall make a decision of non-prosecution. Xu Caomei after the death, the military procuratorate made its decision not to prosecute, bribery proceeds of crime according to law.

So, what should be done with the proceeds of crime? In 2012, when the Criminal Procedure Law was amended, the forfeiture of illegal proceeds was first stipulated. For some major criminal cases, the suspects and defendants can not escape or die in the normal criminal proceedings, and the procuratorate may apply to the court for confiscation of their illegal gains.

Party Secretary of Hebei Publishing Media Group was taken away during Party School

                    (Original title: Hebei Publishing Media Group Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman Du Jinqing has been taken away by the relevant departments)


河北出版传媒集团党委书记杜金卿被有关部门带走 Du Jinqing Information Figure

On November 29, the surging news reporter learned from multiple authoritative sources that Hebei Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary and Chairman Du Jinqing was held last Friday (January 24) in Hebei Provincial Party Committee Party school was taken away by the relevant departments during the study.

Several politicians and publishing industry figures in Hebei province revealed to the surging news reporter that the matter has been reported within the propaganda and cultural system of Hebei Province.

In addition, relevant personnel of Hebei Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. told reporters surging that they had not seen Du Jinqing himself in the unit since last Friday. Surging press reporters found that the last time Du Jinqing appeared in a public report is November 3 Hebei Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. Party School Theory Learning Group held a learning session, chaired by Du Jinqing.

Into the mysterious body of the CCP: more than 200 political parties gathered in Beijing to plan what

                    (Original title: 200 political parties gathered in Beijing to plan what?)


Starting today, the unprecedented “High-level Dialogue between the Chinese Communist Party and the World Political Parties” was held in Beijing.

This is a high-level dialogue meeting with the theme of “building a community of human destiny and building a better world together: the responsibility of political parties.” How high are the levels? Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and president Xi Jinping, will attend the opening ceremony and deliver a keynote speech. The participants are leaders as well. They come from various political parties and political organizations abroad.

Where ever? According to official statistics, leaders of more than 200 political parties and political parties in more than 120 countries will attend the conference with a record number of attendances.

Such a truly grand occasion is also rare in the history of the world’s political parties. Small partners ready to watch it?

Specifications Highest

The above is a superb line-up of this session. As components of this high-level dialogue, the Xinhua News Agency with the three “first” to describe:

  • This is the nineteenth big party held in China first home multilateral diplomatic activities;

  • this It is the first time that the CPC has held high-level dialogues with various political parties in the world.

  • This is the first ever dialogue among the leaders of global political parties attending the conference.

Moreover, Xi Jinping will personally address. Behind this is the expectation of various political parties from China on China. According to Xinhua News Agency, political parties of all countries hope to deepen and systematically understand the spirit of the 19the Congress, especially the rich connotation of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. After the closing ceremony of the 19-nation conference, some media reports once hoped that foreign dignitaries wishing to visit China lined up with long lines. At the close of the 19 summit, just a full moon, Xi Jinping has hosted U.S. President Trump, Panamanian President Barrera, Djibouti President Gelai and Russian Prime Minister Medvedev.

In fact, as the functional department in charge of the CPC’s external work, the Central Government Department has already adopted the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP) to hold a special theme briefing and send a delegation to go abroad for exchanges.

Jun Zhijun held a press briefing in Beijing earlier this month. On November 1, the China United Nations Department held a special briefing for top foreign diplomats in China, multinational chambers of commerce and business representatives to interpret the spirit of the 19th NPC of the Chinese Communist Party. At the scene of the political Zhijun saw that four to five hundred people can hold the conference room packed. More than 260 top diplomats in over 150 countries, including more than 90 ambassadors or charge d’affaires to China, as well as over 140 delegates from international organizations, foreign chambers of commerce and multinational corporations in Beijing earnestly delivered earphones “, There are people took out a small notebook to take notes.

After talking to a counselor from the Republic of Estonia Embassy in Beijing, she mentioned that it was not the first time she had heard about the spirit of the XIXth Congress. “However, every point of preaching and emphasis Different, can learn new things every time “.

Diplomats in China hold the view that it is equally necessary for all the top foreign politicians to thoroughly understand the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Political Knowledge Seeing Particular Concern The Central Government Department went abroad to announce the 19th action. With the exception of Zhongtao Minister Song Tao as Special Envoy of General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Vietnam, Laos and North Korea to inform the 19th National Congress of the CPC, Wang Xiufeng, deputy secretary of the Work Committee under the Central Government, paid a visit to Egypt and Morocco to promote the 19th National Congress. Assistant Foreign Minister Shen Beili led a delegation to visit Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to promote the spirit of the 19th Congress. However, Xinhua News Agency pointed out that the declaration of going abroad can not achieve the full coverage of the “international circle of friends” in a short period of time and political parties in various countries do not seem to “quench their thirst.” This time, introduced by Xi Jinping, it is very rare.

Once again into the mysterious body of the Communist Party of China

Compared with the declaration in other countries, the announcement in China certainly has a more livelier feeling. Some of the upcoming Serbian KMT vice presidents Marko Lane Odd to this dialogue will be full of expectations.

“This party-to-party dialogue held by the Chinese Communist Party after the XIX National Congress is a renewed strong voice throughout the world to further elaborate the concept of running the country by the Chinese Communist Party and increase the chances of the CPC being different from the political parties of various countries in the world Exchange of a grand occasion. ” He believes that the great achievements made by the CPC in leading the world’s number one population country are examples for learning by political parties in various countries in the world. Serbian KP, as the largest party in Serbia, is also willing to learn from all aspects of the methods of running the country by the Chinese Communist Party. Then, how will the Chinese Communist Party publicize the spirit of 19 to these VIPs who have come from afar?

Take a look at the official announcement of the schedule:


Politics It is noted that one of the locations for this visit was the Central Party School.

As an important think tank and the highest red school of the Communist Party of China, the Central Party School of the CPC Central Committee located in the western suburbs of Beijing has also been a mysterious person. Armed police station gate, very strict access, rarely open to the public. The last time the Central Party School was opened 7 years ago.

250 kilometers per hour climb the steep slope to wear high-speed rail tunnel into the Qinling Mountains

                    (The original title: 250 kilometers per hour climb the steep slope to wear high-speed rail tunnel into Qinling)


On November 29, the test of loading and unloading of high-speed railways across the board came to an end in preparation for the forthcoming opening.

Xisheng High Speed ​​Rail covers an area of ​​643 kilometers with a designed speed of 250 kilometers per hour and passes through Qinling Mountain, the most important north-south dividing line in China. It is the world’s first high-speed railway that runs through the Danger Mountains. Qinling stretches 500 kilometers east-west, north-south width of 150 kilometers, an average elevation of 1,500 meters above sea level, from the Guanzhong into the Sichuan, since ancient times there will be “the difficulty of the road to Shu, difficult to sky”.

West into the high-speed rail turn Qinling? On November 27, Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed Liu Shuangjin, director of West High Speed ​​Rail Project at Railway First Survey and Design Institute (“Railway One Academy”).

时速250公里爬陡坡穿隧道 西成高铁这样翻秦岭

Looking at the design plan of Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail, this “High Speed ​​Rail Shu Road” is clearly displayed in front of the reporter of Science and Technology Daily: climbing all the way downhill, of which 45 kilometers continue to climb with large gradient of 20 ‰ -25 ‰ directly Drop up to 1100 meters; through 134 km long dense tunnel group … …

Why choose to cross so many intensive tunnel? High-speed train air pressure how to solve? North Qinling steep, south Dabashan relatively smooth, how to safely climb the motor car to the top and swiftly downhill? Passed so many tunnels, passengers can access the Internet? How to rescue in emergency?

“High-speed rail lines must be straight.” Liu Shuang-jin said that the geologic conditions in Qinling are extremely complex with five deep fault zones and more than 70 faults. The groundwater is fissure water, and the pore diving and karst water are integrated. After many on-site investigation and research, comparing and selecting four Qin Shu ancient roads repeatedly, after comprehensive consideration of environmental protection, high-speed rail required straight line and modern construction technology, decided to take the form of “tunnel group” crossing the Qinling Mountains.

Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail Shaanxi section of the bridge-tunnel ratio as high as 94%, in the Qinling Mountains in more than 10 kilometers of the long tunnel there are 7, the largest tunnel group size.

时速250公里爬陡坡穿隧道 西成高铁这样翻秦岭

High-speed trains wear Qinling, very thrilling. One after another in a steep “V” -shaped valley, the motor-car burrows frequently and quickly. Rough terrain, so that many tunnel openings are very small, there are “aerodynamic effects” and “dangerous rockfall safety protection” two major technical problems.

“The basic tunnel is on a cliff. The nearest two tunnels are only 20 meters apart. Moving in and out at 250 kilometers per hour and switching back and forth with a differential pressure level will bring great discomfort to the ear drums of passengers.” Liu Shuang-jin said To solve these two technical problems, the design team has innovated two new types of structural structures of Myung-dong, namely “Shimin-dong with piles reinforced concrete” and “stone-shed with holes in the bridge and tunnel”.

That is, the two tunnels are connected by “artificial Myeong-dong” to avoid the damage caused by the high pressure drop caused by short-time high-speed entry and exit tunnels. The “tunnel-bridge- tunnel” structure is The tunnel hole on the cliff directly on the bridge.

Such a dense tunnel, in case of emergency, how to ensure passenger safety? Liu Shuangjin introduction, the design for the first time put forward the “evacuation fixed point” concept, that is, through the establishment of rescue stations, to solve the evacuation of long-distance tunnel evacuation team. West into the high-speed rail tunnel group set up a total of seven rescue stations, including the temporary train stops, evacuation stairs and rescue corridors.

In the mountains, high speed, in addition to frequent drilling, but also downhill by the mountain. According to Liu Shuangjin introduction, the West into the high-speed rail from Qingliangshan tunnel all the way uphill, using 25 ‰ large gradient through the Qinling Mountains, up to 45 km, the ramp straight drop 1100 meters, the most for domestic. “Calculated at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, it is equivalent to a 375-floor building attached to a motor car in 23 minutes.” Liu Shuangjin said so.

时速250公里爬陡坡穿隧道 西成高铁这样翻秦岭

There are mountains, there is down. In the high-speed railway passing through the Qinling Mountains, terrain restrictions, the train reached the highest point of the ramp began after the downhill, if not properly manipulated, the powerful accumulation of climbing power will be “changing the slope point” into a strong potential energy, high speed running Down the mountain.

The entire park, which is keen to launch a theme park, has lost 300 billion yuan in failure

                    (Original title: Bacheng collapse of 300 billion yuan loss, why so many people are keen to start the theme park?)


Recently, a set of data has aroused widespread concern: as of now, the number of theme parks in China has reached more than 2,500, of which about 300 are invested in more than 50 million yuan. Moreover, at present, our country is still the country with the fastest theme park construction. According to the analysis and forecast of several authoritative agencies, our country is expected to become the largest theme park market in the world by 2020.

However, slow and applauded this group of seemingly exciting data. Speed ​​and quantity are just one aspect of the theme park industry, and on the other hand, the profitability and effectiveness of the theme parks are upsetting. Wei Xiaoan, a researcher at the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that there are currently only some 10% of the theme parks with good brand recognition and good operating performance. 70% of the theme parks have losses and 20% are flat. An analysis report on the development of China’s theme park industry in 2015 released by industry research institutes also pointed out that about 80% of the domestic theme parks that emerged in the recent 10 years have caused economic losses of up to 300 billion yuan to the domestic tourism industry .

On the one hand, it is hard to curb the investment enthusiasm, promoting many projects staking their horses blindly launched, on the other hand, there is a high probability of loss and failure. It seems that the theme park boom pouring cold water, called investors calm thinking, prudent decision-making is necessary.

What kind of theme park can flourish and develop? What kind of theme park was eventually eliminated by the market? If you look at the case, the answer may vary widely. However, a common law is that the fate of theme parks depends on their ability to meet the ever-changing needs of tourists. In late August of this year, the author, the originator of the domestic theme park – Shenzhen Splendid China Tours, has an immediate understanding of this issue. By the end of 1989, Splendid China officially opened. At the time of the domestic tourism market, this can be regarded as a landmark event. Splendid Chinese tourists “to break through the threshold,” the grand occasion to inspire the miniature landscape as a selling point of the theme park form has also been popular all over the Divine. However, the needs of tourists have changed dramatically 28 years later. Take a look at the fancy ornamental miniature landscape, has been difficult to meet the appetite of today’s audience. In the two or three hours I visited, the park has always been sparsely populated, the atmosphere deserted.

In sharp contrast with the lonely sightseeing of the scenic spots, citizens are welcome to participate in the activities and the enthusiasm for experiencing the joy and excitement rises. I visit the season coincided with midsummer, the weather in Shenzhen is very hot. The Chinese Folk Culture Village in Splendid China Theme Park will launch the Songkran Festival in due course. Every night, park visitors can splash in the designated area. This project has been enthusiastic chase tourists sticks. One night, pouring water area is overcrowded, hard to find one seat.

Taking a look around the fancy spots and taking part in the Songkran partying carnival reflects the huge changes in tourists’ needs. At present, some well-run local theme park brands, such as Happy Valley and Jinjiang Amusement Park, can all participate in various rides and get more real and profound experiences. There are also a number of theme parks deep plowing segments, such as Zhejiang Hengdian Television City, Chimelong Safari, etc., to provide visitors with some unique new unique experience, the formation of its own unique core competitiveness, to win market competition.

Speaking of theme parks, of course, can not bypass the international giants in this field. Since its opening in June last year, Shanghai Disneyland exceeded its operating results and achieved a balanced financial balance in the first operating year, the first of its kind in a theme park. For the success of Shanghai Disneyland, the relevant analysis and summation has been filled. The unique genetics and core competencies of a famous company are hard to imitate by other companies, but their successful experiences are fully understandable. Disney has many well-known, well-known hot IP, and can use modern high-tech means, the hot IP presents a realistic scene among the theme park, with the power of culture to achieve high user viscosity. In addition, Disney is also diversifying its business strategies to maximize revenue and profitability. Disney’s revenue mainly consists of media networks, parks and resorts, video entertainment and consumer products. Only in the “Parks and Resorts Revenue” section, the ratio of tickets, shopping and other three parts is basically 3: 3: 4. This diversified business strategy will enable Disney to maximize the potential economic benefits of each consumer, even if it is able to build on its competitive advantages in different fields.

The provincial mayor has lost the election of Provincial Party Committee members have been very clear signs

                    (Original title: provincial mayor unsuccessful members of the Provincial Party Committee, the original is a fixed number)


Composed September 2016, July 2017 Last public appearance. Luan Kejun just fell, as mayor of Lanzhou, also more than six months.

As the mayor of the provincial capital city, he lost the provincial party committee members at the Gansu Provincial Party Congress in May this year. The symptoms of the accident have been clearly defined.

Luan Kejun Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yu Haiyan accident happened before the intersection is not much, Luan Lanzhou took office, Yu Haiyan just transferred from the Lanzhou municipal party committee secretary.

From the point of view of the final appearance, Luan Kejun and Gansu Provincial Party Secretary Wang Sanyun quite a mismatch.

Wang resigned as provincial party secretary in April 2017. Luan lost his election to the provincial party committee in May. Wang was notified on July 11 and Luan went on the last appearance after 9 days. At that time, the rumor about Luan Lok Ma had covered the streets .

The governor of Chang’an Avenue found that Luan successively held the post of mayor of Zhangye, the mayor of Qingyang and the party secretary of the municipal government, among which, there were more than four years in charge of the administration of Qingyang.

Qingyang is located in the easternmost part of Gansu Province, the intersection of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia provinces. Here is the core area of ​​national large-scale energy and chemical base in Longdong, oil, natural gas and coal accumulation, but also the birthplace of Changqing Oilfield.

As early as when Luan Kejun was transferred to Lanzhou, the handling of officials in Qingyang corruption has just appeared. Since then, Dai Binglong, a former deputy secretary of Qingyang Municipal Committee, and Zhang Wanfu, member of the Standing Committee of Qingyang Municipal Party Committee and party secretary of Huachi County, have successively set forth their motives.

According to the unified deployment, the third inspection team of Gansu Provincial Party Committee visited Qingyang City from September 20, 2017 to December 13, 2017. However, as Yu Haiyan transferred to the executive vice governor, Luan Kejun left Qingyang, there is no silence, but came to the more important position of the mayor of the provincial capital, it is quite surprising.

Mala Tang, noodles and other national standards published in English translation is very grounded

[From tomorrow on, spicy, noodles, tofu have the national standard “English name” friends] December 1, “the English translation of public services standards” was officially implemented. This covers English translation standards in 13 fields including transportation, tourism, culture and education, and provides more than 3,500 translations commonly used. Spicy Hot Pot, Ramen Lamian Noodles, Doufu Doufu … poke map learning.

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

麻辣烫、拉面等国家标准英文名公布 翻译很接地气

Media: Beijing needs builders of all corners of the globe

                    (Former title: Beijing need builders of all corners of the globe)


“Three Recruits in Two Days” – In the special job fair held by Dansing District for personnel shutting down in the special project of clearing away and cleaning up safety hazards, many migrant workers who used to mess up small and small workshops in the past found reliable information new job.

Decent work and dignified living are the legitimate rights and interests of workers. It can be seen that the enterprises selected by the job fair are very regular, with “top five risks, including boarding and accommodation and training”, and generally provide a safe place to work and stay. Some migrant workers said with emotion: “I did not pay much attention to safety issues before. Now it is indeed too dangerous to think about it. It is feasible.” It is necessary to help the needy people and provide more diversity to workers still willing to stay in Beijing. Guaranteed employment options and special rectification and clean-up actions, demonstrating Beijing’s firm and orderly efforts to eliminate potential safety hazards and demonstrating the city’s temperature to the builders from all corners of the country.

The builders in Beijing always come from all corners of the globe in all directions. For decades, builders from all over the country have made important contributions to the development of Beijing. They may be different positions, different occupations, but also chasing the dream in this city, betting on their own wisdom and creativity. Without their participation and commitment, there will not be an international metropolis that is full of vigor and vitality today.

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