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Chinese Academy of Engineering announced a list of additional academicians were suspended due to discipline violations

[Candidates for a Fellowship Suspended due to Violation of Eight Provisions] On the 28th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced the list of newly elected academicians. Chinese Academy of Engineering this year, the work of adding candidates to the style of study ethics strict. In the first round of reviews, the disqualification of one paper candidate from being withdrawn was suspended. In the second round of reviews, the eligibility of a candidate who was still admonishing talks for violating the eight provisions was suspended.

At least eight bank executives this year have been majority-employed in party and government systems

                    (Original title: At least 8 bank executives were investigated this year, most of whom worked in party and government systems)


Yesterday (November 28), the media learned from Evergreen Bank’s special meeting that Cai Guowei, former chairman of Evergrowing Bank, is seriously suspected of going against the law and is currently under investigation. It is learned that the meeting announced the establishment of Prudential Bank Health Development Working Group, the establishment of Prudential Bank Hengfeng Bank, nominated Wang Xifeng according to the statutory procedures for the appointment of Prudential Bank Governors, Cai Guohua removed from Prudential Bank’s party secretary, and according to the statutory procedures to avoid Its chairman.

Da Bai News found that with the anti-corruption work going on in depth, the anti-corruption efforts in the financial sector, especially the banking system, have taken a high-pressure and have achieved remarkable results. In the recent two years, a number of senior executives of banks in the country have been investigated for discipline violations. This year alone, many senior executives have been killed and alarm time and again in the financial field against corruption and corruption.

今年至少8位银行高管被查 多数曾任职于党政系统

former Prudential Bank chairman Cai Guohua

former Prudential Bank chairman Cai Guohua involved in serious violation of law checked

yesterday, Prudential Bank to promote the healthy development of a special meeting was held in Yantai, Shandong Province. The meeting announced the establishment of Prudential Bank Health Development Working Group, the establishment of Prudential Banking Corporation Provisional Party Committee, according to the legal process nominated Wang Xifeng as Prudential Bank Governor candidate, remove Cai Guohua Prudential Bank’s party secretary, and according to the statutory procedures to remove its directors Long positions. It is learned that the former chairman of Prudential Bank Cai Guohua suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, is under investigation.

Public information shows that Cai Guohua was born in 1965 at the age of thirteen studying in Dezhou Medical College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the age of 16, he was a doctor in Yangxin Town Hospital of Yangxin County. He then served as a deputy of Yangxin County Office of the Communist Youth League Director, Yangxin County Communist Youth League Propaganda Department Minister, Communist Youth League Yangxin County Committee and other positions.

In December 2003, Cai Guohua served as deputy secretary of the CPC Zhanhua County. From December 2003 to December 2007, Cai Guohua served as county magistrate in Zhanhua County, county party secretary and director of the county people’s congress. In 2007, 15 less-than county magistrates were broke out in less-developed counties with less than 400,000 inhabitants. As the county party secretary Cai Guohua was promoted to vice mayor of Yantai in December of the same year.

Beginning in November 2009, Cai Guohua also serves as party secretary of Yantai SASAC. In December 2013, Cai Guohua started to serve as Chairman of Evergrowing Bank. Cai Guohua is also a doctor of engineering, Peking University Guanghua School of Management postdoctoral economics, EMBA EMBA.

Big White News noticed that this is not the first time Cai Guohua has been hit by negative news. In September 2016, Luan Yongtai, former president of Evergrowing Bank, once reported Cai Guohua, the chairman of the board of directors, who embezzled 38 million yuan of public funds and illegally operated the employee equity incentive mechanism to control Evergrande Bank. In addition, internal staff also exposed people, money, material and risk by the chairman Cai Guohua one “have the final say,” the president was “overhead” news.

And Prudential Bank has repeatedly been pushed to the cusp by public opinion. Among them, issues such as “infighting”, “public opinion turmoil” and “senior management of private funds and public funds” once attracted the attention of the outside world.

There are at least eight top-level executives who have stumbled this year.

After reviewing the findings, in recent years, there have been a number of high-level suspected bankruptcies or illegal laws in our banking system.

In February 2017, Yang Dongping, member of the Party committee and chief risk officer of the Bank of Communications, was opened twice because of serious discipline.

In April 2017, Yancheng, former Vice President of Inner Mongolia Bank, was opened twice for serious disciplinary reasons.

In the same month, Li Changjun, party secretary and president of the former branch of the Export-Import Bank of China, was investigated for serious violations of discipline.

In May 2017, Yang Jiacai, member of the Party Committee and former chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, was investigated.

In August 2017, former financial secretary and former chairman of the State Development Bank Yao Zimin, the financial “tiger” who had sacked earlier, was sentenced to fourteen years in first instance.

In the same month, former China Minsheng Bank Chief Information Officer Lin Xiaoxuan was investigated.

In September 2017, former Party Secretary Wang Jianhua of Bank of Jiangsu Co., Ltd. was expelled from the party.

In November 2017, Cai Guohua, former chairman of Evergrowing Bank, was arrested for serious violations of law and discipline and is now under investigation.


According to statistics, Da Bai News learned that at least 8 bank system executives Checked

Most of the executives in Lok Ma Bank once worked in the party and government system.

Cai Guohua’s resume shows that he served as county magistrate, county party secretary and director of county people’s congress of Zhanhua County; vice mayor of Yantai City; Party secretary.

The White News Briefly reviewed the resumes of officials who used to bank the Bank, and further found that most of them have working experience in the local party and government system. For example, Wang Jianhua, former party secretary of Bank of Jiangsu Co., Ltd., served as Deputy Director and Party Secretary of Nanjing Planning Commission; Secretary of Jiangning County Party Committee, County Magistrate and County Magistrate; Yao Zhongmin, former deputy secretary and supervisor of the party committee of the bank, served as the vice-governor of Henan Province ……

The banking system is an important link in the chain of corruption in our country, which objectively reflects the state’s efforts to combat corruption by banks necessity.

Chinese maritime police cruise law enforcement Japan around the Diaoyu Islands unreasonable warning

                    (Original title: Chinese maritime police cruise law enforcement Japan around the Diaoyu Islands unreasonable warning)


According to Japan’s 11th Marine Security Headquarters, at about 8 am local time on the 28th, four Chinese maritime police ships have successively entered the Diaoyu Islands waters near the outer contiguous area.

Chinese maritime police ship (Figure source: Japanese NHK news )

overseas network November 28 electric u0026 nbsp; 28 morning, four Chinese maritime police ship outside the contiguous Diaoyu Islands waters District Cruise Law Enforcement, Japan Maritime Security Headquarters Unreasonable Warning China Maritime Police Ship should not be near its so-called “territorial waters” and should be continuously monitored.

Tsai authorities intend to let Japan’s nuclear import vice chairman of the Kuomintang put a referendum

                    (Original title: Tsai authorities intend to release nuclear nuclear import vice chairman of the Kuomintang put a referendum)



Taiwanese protest against Japan’s nuclear disaster zone food imports. (Source: Taiwan media)

Overseas Network November 28 (Xinhua) Japanese media recently reported that the governor of Chiba prefectures in Taiwan claimed that the top authorities believe that science can be based on the basis of judgments, Japan’s food poisoning areas to relax the relevant laws and regulations, As a result, Kuomintang Vice Chairman Hao Longbin issued a statement today (28 August) stating that the people in Taiwan will never accept such a black-box agreement as the humiliation and disgrace. The spokesman for your speech, You Shuhui, said that the more than 120,000 anti-nuclear referendum signed last year has still been effective. If the CAA authorities persist in opening up, they will immediately send a joint referendum and a referendum.

According to pro-green media in Taiwan, Hau Lung-pin said that the DPP has repeatedly sacrificed the health of the people in Taiwan in order to satisfy its own political ideology. Because of anti-nuclear, but to increase the proportion of thermal power, causing serious air pollution, so that people “for lung”; because “anti”, so pro-Mei Mei day, exhaustive ways to open Japan’s nuclear disaster zone food lose Taiwan. Hau Binbin questioned that for such a controversial policy, senior officials of the Tsai authorities could privately reach a consensus with Japanese officials and that Japanese officials unilaterally announced to the media that Japanese officials would inform the people in Taiwan that this is simply a black box and funeral The highest level.

Most Taiwanese people are opposed to the issue of food imports from Japan’s nuclear disaster areas. According to earlier reports, on November 22, the Taiwan Policy Foundation’s “Opinion on the Importation of Foodstuffs in the Peripheral Areas of Fukushima in Japan” published by the Taiwan Policy Foundation shows that very few supporters account for 37.5% of importers and 32.7% of those who do not support them. In total, 70.2% of the people did not support it, while only 17.7% of the people expressed their support. Further analysis, up to 82.1% of the public feared that opening up food imports in the Fukushima disaster area could have an impact on the health. Even 79.4% of the people said it would reduce the purchase of Japanese food, even up to 60% of pan-green supporters did not support opening up.

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, officials of the DPP authorities did not hold unequal food imports without opening Japan’s nuclear disaster area. On November 2, addressing the issue of Japan’s nuclear food, Hsieh Chang-ting, Taiwan’s “representative in Japan,” mentioned in a written report that only Taiwan and the mainland are concerned with the total ban on import measures in neighboring counties outside Fukushima. In response, Wang Feng, a Taiwanese writer, said that Hsieh Chang-ting has a strong sense of aggression and he is ironic that Hsieh Chang-ting is probably the best “representative of Japan to help Japan.”

Ministry of Environmental Protection interview Heilongjiang 4 cities: straw burning notification data shocking

                    (Original title: 4 City of Heilongjiang Conversation on the position: straw burning data shocking, will be serious accountability)


One hundred and thirty million tons, which is a year of straw production in Heilongjiang Province, and straw burning is also an important cause of air pollution in Heilongjiang.

环保部约谈黑龙江4市:秸秆焚烧通报数据触目惊心 The conference site. On the morning of November 28, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Heilongjiang Provincial Government discussed with the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission of Agriculture and the chief officials of the municipal governments of Harbin, Jiamusi, Shuangyashan and Hegang to urge the implementation of the air pollution prevention and control work in autumn and winter Measures.

Interviewed include heads of Heilongjiang Provincial Agribusiness Commission, 4 mayors, director of Environmental Protection Bureau and director of Agriculture Commission.

Liu Changgen, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Inspectorate Office, pointed out: The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and demand that they resolutely win the battle for the defense of the blue sky. On September 28, the MEP held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the directives of the central leadership and urged relevant regions in Heilongjiang Province to earnestly intensify their efforts to suppress their responsibilities.

Liu Changgen said that although Heilongjiang Provincial Commission of Agriculture and other cities and cities in Harbin made arrangements for the deployment and carried out some work, measures were not implemented. From October 18 to October 20, four cities such as Harbin and other cities continued to experience severe and severe weather pollution. The AQI (Air Quality Index) exploded over a long period of time, seriously affecting the production and living of the people and adversely affecting society.

The interview requires that the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of Agriculture and the municipal governments of Harbin, Jiamusi, Hegang and Shuangyashan should further raise their awareness and consolidate their responsibilities and intensify measures to increase comprehensive utilization of straw to deepen the air pollution control in autumn and winter, Strengthen the supervision of environmental law enforcement, and earnestly promote the rectification of the problem. They should formulate rectification plans separately and submit them to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Heilongjiang Provincial Government within 20 working days.

At the symposium, Heilongjiang Provincial Commission of Agriculture and the four city leaders made speeches in a statement of position. They said that they would sincerely accept the talks, face up to the problems, and make all-out rectification to ensure the prevention of air pollution in autumn and winter.

According to statistics of Heilongjiang Agricultural Committee, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in 2016 was 60.4%, of which Shuangyashan and Hegang were 46.9% and 44.6% respectively, but spot checks Found that the two cities reported false water 90% and 70%, straw comprehensive utilization of work to promote ineffective.

The comprehensive utilization rates of straw in Jiamusi’s Fujin and Tongjiang markets in 2016 were 59.8% and 57.5% respectively, but after investigation, the actual utilization rates were only 12% and 10.6% respectively. Harbin Wuchang Municipal Bureau of Agriculture estimates the actual comprehensive utilization of straw 36%, and reported 65% far.

Ministry of Environmental Protection said that Heilongjiang Provincial Commission of Agriculture on the comprehensive utilization of straw grasping less tight, the province clearly in 2017 straw comprehensive utilization rate reached 65%, but the province in 2017 straw comprehensive utilization program until August 14 was issued , Ineffective supervision and dedication to the work of the prefectures and cities, lack of assessment, no review on the reported data and no checks, resulting in a serious lag in the comprehensive utilization of straw.

Heilongjiang Province Regulations October 11 to November 5 to implement the global straw forbidden, but the Provincial Agriculture Commission supervision work flow in the form, Harbin, Jiamusi, Shuangyashan, Hegang 4 burned city no responsibility to suppress the burning of straw Behavioral basically take a laissez-faire attitude. From October 18 to October 25, according to the data from the surveying and mapping department, the total number of fire points and heat-sensitive spots in the cultivated land of 4 cities including Harbin was 843, 2190, 1205 and 471 respectively. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection satellite remote sensing data, The above four city straw burning fire points increased by 5.1 times, 0.87 times, 20 times, 3.3 times over the previous year respectively.

On-site inspector of Ministry of Environmental Protection, frequently found a large area of ​​straw burning fire, violent fire, smoke billowing, serious pollution, which is leading to the formation of heavy pollution weather an important reason.

In addition, the Ministry of Environmental Protection also pointed out at the interviews that Harbin and other four cities were seriously under-stressed in their heavy-pollution weather contingency plans and the problems of enterprises discharging sewage illegally.

More than one responsible person said he needed financial support

In fact, just a year ago on November 15, 2016, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group (HSE) informed Opinion Inspectioners in Heilongjiang that Heilongjiang existed in straw burning and other aspects Failure of the departmental supervisory responsibility to fulfill, not implement and other issues.

Investigating its objective reasons, Tian Baowei, deputy secretary general of Heilongjiang Provincial Government, said that there are 130 million tons of straw output in Heilongjiang a year. Although a large amount of work has been done by relevant departments, a large amount of straw is still not exported, Winter time is long, people short preparation time, often a burned, in addition to the comprehensive utilization of funds needed, requires state support. “

Li Shurun, deputy director of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of Agriculture said that in the 130 million tons of straw production has been There are 80 million tons of comprehensive utilization, but there are still 50 million tons of corn and rice straw has become the two major difficulties of comprehensive utilization.

Li Shurun ​​said at the interview that the next step is to continue to focus on agriculture and water resources in Heilongjiang Province as a leading department. “90%.

“The Ministry of Environmental Protection informed us of the shocking data.” Harbin Mayor Song Xibin said: “After the Central Environmental Protection Inspector told us that we have a deeper understanding of environmental protection work, we only conducted a dozen or so environmental studies this year. A lot of effort, but the problem is still a lot. “

Song Xibin said that Harbin, the straw yield is too large, the collection is a problem. He said the next step will be extended to the urban garbage collection and delivery system to the rural areas, government-led, market operation, the legal system to promote the establishment of the collection system.

Academy of Engineering, estuarine coastalist Chen Ji Yu died at the age of 96

                    (Former title: Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, famous estuarine economist Chen Jiyu died at the age of 96)


Chen Jianyu, professor and honorary director of the Estuarine and Coastal Research Institute of East China Normal University, honorary director of the Society of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, academician of the International Marine Science Institute of Eurasia, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering died at 11:15 today at the age of 96.

工程院院士、河口海岸学家陈吉余去世 享年96岁 Information for Academician Chen Jiyu

Mr. Chen Jiyu is a famous estuarine coastal scientist and is a major pioneer of the application of estuarine and coastal theories to engineering practice in China. He founded China’s first Estuarine and Coastal Research Institution and developed a system of estuarine and coastal areas in China that combines power, sedimentation and landform. He established the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine Sediment Dynamics and Landform. He actively advocated the national coastal zone survey and was responsible for technical guidance, which provided a systematic basic data for the coastal economic construction. He proposed the Yangtze River Estuary development model and adaptive and artificial control theory, which provided a scientific basis for the selection of the Yangtze River Estuary deepwater channel selection and estuary. He suggested using the tidal flats to build the Pudong International Airport and preside over the Jiuduansha Ecological Project and achieved significant social and economic benefits so that the large-scale construction projects will be coordinated with the ecological environment. He put forward the proposal of site selection of Chenshan Crude Oil Terminal according to the theory of high tide erosion basin and set a precedent for establishing a port in the strong tidal bay of Hangzhou Bay and played an important role in the construction of Jinshan Petrochemical.

Foreign Ministry: Special Envoy of the Chinese Government Chen Xiaodong to Visit Zimbabwe

                    (Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Chinese Special Envoy to Jordan Chan will be invited to visit Zimbabwe)


3.png Information Figure

On November 28, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang held a regular press conference.

Yunnan section of China-Vietnam border launch mine action: complex terrain can only rely on artificial

                    (Original title: Yunnan section of China-Vietnam border mine action start: advanced equipment can not spend, only artificial demining)


On November 27, the launching ceremony of the new stage of mine clearance campaign on the third large-scale mine-sweeping operation in Yunnan section of the Sino-Vietnamese border was officially launched. This marked the beginning of another 11 months of mine clearance operation in this section. The first team of the Southern Region Theater Army in Yunnan 67 officers and men were ordered to enter the minefield and carry out mine action. At 10 o’clock on the 27th, on the 27th, with the orders of the commander, “Bang, Boom and Boom” exploded on the site of the old mother-in-law of Dongli Hill, Malupo, Malipo County, Yunnan Province. Toru valley.

Yin Binghan, a debriefing team instructor, told the surging news that the entire old mother’s minefield had 0.21 square kilometers. The same day, a triangle in the minefield was to be wiped out. “Here is a major defensive position in the past wars. Various explosions There are more species and numbers. “

中越边境云南段启动扫雷行动:地势复杂只能靠人工 Minesweeping fighters wear protective gear and hand-held minesweeping equipment in preparation for the minefield. This article are Hao Jie Zhang Junsen Figure

Advanced demining equipment does not have access

At 10:20 on the 27th, a group of 67 officers and men of a demining mine were fully armed to move into the minefield. The mother-of-mine field, which is located in Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture, on the border with China and Vietnam, is covered with lush weeds. The minefield extends from the waist of a hill to the foot of a mountain surrounded by mountains. Mine clearance officers and men have a difficult task on their trip.

There are mined areas all around here. Except for the fact that the left side of the mountain has been eliminated during the first and second large-scale demining operations on the Yunnan section of the border between China and Vietnam, the rest will be excluded in the following period.

Surging News We saw that in addition to warning signs on the slopes with the words “minefields” erected, the soldiers also surrounded the passage with a cordon. According to miners officers and soldiers introduced, this mine-clearing will take the blast box connected end to end, one by one blasting approach to enter the minefield.

To ensure safety, officers and men were asked to double-check the protective gear again before entering the minefield. I saw them wearing protective shoes, wearing helmets, looks like one invincible transformers. According to the introduction of staff, these equipment have passed the blasting experiment, can effectively prevent the amputation injury caused by the touch.

The existing minefields in the Yunnan section of the Sino-Vietnamese border are almost always steep and densely populated with various kinds of explosives. They are intertwined and buried with a long period of burial and extremely unstable performance. In these complicated terrains, the advanced equipment can not be used at all. It can only be cleared by manual sweeping. The manual demining, the highest risk factor. Within


half hour explosives were found

saw the soldiers enter the minefield, Maozhao Yao, hand-held instrument demining move cautiously on the ground. A few minutes later, a warrior in front of him quickly crawling on the ground, slowly dragging the soil through the grass with a small shovel carried by him, and he dug up an explosive that looked like a radish. “This is a mortar round.” Subsequently, after carefully studying the presence of other explosives in the surrounding area, the minesweeper dropped the mortar she dumped to a temporary storage site next to it for destruction. In less than half an hour, officers and soldiers involved in mine clearance found explosive iron mines, plastic shell mines and grenades, bullets and other explosives in the minefield. Most of the grenades and molluscs mined well.

For safety reasons, when the mine-sweeping fighters find explosives, they will report to the scene commanders as soon as possible and the commander will give an instruction of “marking them first and then removing themselves”.

Explosives such as mines that have been excavated will accumulate to a certain amount and will enter the blasting procedure. As commanders soon as “blasting” command, the mountain Lin suddenly heard “boom, boom, boom” explosion, smoke billowing.

Then the fighters will re-enter the minefield.


after the discovery of explosives centralized, unified waiting for the destruction of 38 square kilometers of mined areas excluded



Chinese Academy of Sciences newly elected academicians signed the first commitment to write what?

                    (Original title: The first letter signed by the new academician wrote what?)


Zhongqing Online Beijing, November 28 The highly anticipated list of new academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017 was released today, 61 were elected academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 16 were elected foreign academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At a symposium held by the new academician today, Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and executive chairman of the department’s bureau, presented the academician certificate for the new academician.

At the meeting, the newly elected academicians signed a commitment letter of the academician and promised to abide by the Articles of Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, fulfill the academic obligations of academicians, cherish the academician’s honor and give play to the exemplary role of the Mingde.

中科院新当选院士签下首个承诺书 都写了啥?

u0026 nbsp; Letter of Commitment placed on the table of a new academician. China Youth Daily? Youth Online Reporter Qiu Chenhui / Photo

This is not the first time that an academic commitment has been signed.

As early as 2011, at the symposium for new members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the new academicians collectively signed a letter of commitment in which the newly elected academicians also made a commitment to fulfilling their academic responsibilities and being strictly self-disciplined. At that time, the relevant person in charge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that this is an important measure to strengthen the contingent of academicians and is still “the first time” in the history of the academic department of the academy.

Now, the practice of signing a promise remains. Promise clearly stated (to be newly elected academicians) to consciously implement the relevant provisions of the state and its unit on treatment, part-time and retirement, if serious damage to the reputation of academician groups, will take the initiative to apply for the abolition of the title of academician.

Li Mingzhe being tried to show China’s stance harder? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

                    (Original title: Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Geng Shuo held a regular press conference on November 28, 2017)



Upon the agreement of China and France, the fifth high-level economic and financial dialogue between China and France will be held in Beijing from November 30 to December 1 with Vice Premier Ma Kai of the State Council and Lemeur, French Minister of Economy and Finance Co-chair the dialogue.

China-France High-level Economic and Financial Dialogue is a high-level dialogue mechanism announced by the heads of state and leaders of the two countries in 2013 to address the strategic, overall and long-term issues concerning the economic and financial fields between China and France Dialogue and promotion of China-France economic cooperation and the close and lasting all-round Sino-French all-round strategic partnership have continuously reached a new high.

Both parties agreed that the fifth high-level economic and financial dialogue between China and France will focus on the theme of “bringing new impetus to the close and lasting strategic partnership between China and France in economic and financial means” and will discuss macroeconomic policies and global economic governance, trade and investment Innovative cooperation in advanced manufacturing industries, financial market development and financial regulatory cooperation, as well as the impact of technological progress on growth, employment and fairness.

At the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Chen Xiaodong, an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, will visit Zimbabwe from November 29 to 30 as special envoy of the Chinese government.

Traditional friendship between China and Zimbabwe. In the 37 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the relations between the two countries have withstood the test of time and changes in the international arena and have enjoyed steady and steady development. The political mutual trust between the two countries has been constantly enhanced and the cooperation in various fields has achieved fruitful results, bringing tangible benefits to both peoples. China values ​​the traditional friendship between the two countries and would like to work with Tianjin to push forward the sound development momentum of the relations between China and Tianjin on the principle of equality, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation. Q: It is reported that China’s National Tourism Administration (NTA) today has partially banned tourist groups traveling to South Korea in Beijing and Shandong. What’s China’s comment on resuming tourism exchange between the two countries?

A: I do not know what you mentioned. China holds a positive and open attitude to the exchanges and cooperation in various fields between China and South Korea. We hope that the ROK will work hard with China to create favorable conditions for the exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. Q: Local time on November 27, the U.S. Department of Justice accused the three Chinese citizens of allegedly hacking U.S. companies from 2011 onwards. What’s China’s response to this?

A: I do not understand what you said.

China firmly opposes and severely attacks any form of cyber attack in accordance with the law. China has always stressed that cybersecurity is a global issue that requires the international community to jointly cope with each other through dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. Q: Today, China has trialed Lee Myung-jeong. Does this mean that China will take a tougher stance on non-governmental organizations outside China?

A: This is not a diplomatic issue. Earlier, the department introduced the case. Please understand the relevant departments.

Q: We are concerned that the recent volcanic activities in Bali have left tens of thousands of travelers stranded. We would like to know more about the Chinese tourists. Has the local embassy or consulate made any arrangements or assistance? A: The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy and consulates in Indonesia pay close attention to the situation in the Argonian volcano. We have also issued a consular reminder. Please Chinese citizens cautious to Bali, Chinese citizens in Bali please be highly vigilant, pay attention to their own safety, do not go to activities around the volcano. In case of emergency, Chinese citizens should promptly report to the police and contact the Consulate General in Denpasar the first time. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies and consulates stationed in Indonesia will continue to timely release relevant information. Q: The Myanmar side has already released news that Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s foreign affairs minister and foreign minister, will pay a visit to China and attend the party’s meeting recently. Can China confirm it?

A: I have already answered a similar question yesterday. You may have noticed that from November 30 to December 3, the high-level dialogue between the Chinese Communist Party and world political parties will be held in Beijing. Zhonglianbu has released the news and held a media briefing. As I understand it. Many national political parties will attend the meeting. I do not know the situation of the participants.


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