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South Korea Contains 8 People Fishing Boat Fires China Fishing Vessels No Wounded in Time

                    (Original title: South Korea contained 8 people fishing boat fire Chinese fishing vessel timely rescue without injury)

                                   On the 31st of January, a fishing boat carrying eight people from Busan, South Korea, burst into fire in the waters of Seogwipo, Jeju Island, South Korea, on January 31st. After receiving a request from the South China Sea Police for a fishing vessel of a Chinese Sichuan Province in the vicinity, a fire vessel was found and all its crew members were transferred. Korean media said that due to rescue in time, eight crew members were not injured.

According to Korean media NEWS 1 reports, Seogwipo Marine Police said the local time on January 31 at about 3:41 pm, 37 kilometers southwest of Seogwipo sea, a 40-ton South Korea Busan fishing boats A fire broke out in the engine room and sent a report to the entire team at Jeju Naval Base.

British beef broke into the Chinese market after 22 years. British had a mad cow disease

                    (Original title: British media attention: British beef re-enter the Chinese market after 22 years)


British Prime Minister Theresa May is on a visit to China that has drawn the attention of all circles of business in Britain. This visit to the theme of promoting trade and promoting Sino-British golden decade cooperation has yielded some results.

英国牛肉时隔22年后再入中国市场 曾爆发疯牛病

In particular, the British media have noticed that China is about to lift its ban on the export of British beef and that British beef will once again return to the Chinese market after 22 years. This is an encouraging move for the British husbandry industry news.

Dutch elite clarify the cancellation of China’s school rumors that only reconsidered

                    (The original title: hanging! China almost they have been black again!)


University of Gronade cancel Yantai, Beijing is worried about interference in academic freedom?

AFP said on January 31 that the famous German university Groningen said on January 30 that it would cancel its plan to set up a branch school in Yantai, China. The reason may be that “China will have restrictions on academic freedom.”

However, Dinkens, spokesman for the University of Groningen, said in an exclusive reply to huanqiu-com on January 31 that the board of directors of the university is merely “reconsidering” the plan mainly because of the school board’s “Education quality and financial risks have concerns.” And at the moment this only means that the University of Groningen canceled the award of a full degree at Yantai, but the school will still study educational cooperation with Yantai in other possible ways in the future.

格罗宁根大学 University of Groningen

According to media reports, University of Groningen signed an agreement with China Agricultural University and Yantai Municipal Government to establish Groningen University in Yantai in March 2015. Under the agreement, the school is scheduled to offer four undergraduate and two master’s degree programs starting September this year. At present, most of Yantai campus has been completed. However, AFP reported on January 31 that a spokesman for the University of Groningen said the university board “decided to cancel the Yantai campus plan this Monday as the plan was not approved by the majority in the school board. The board regretted this. An AFP report also said that “behind this decision is some people think that China lacks academic freedom,” some Dutch media said the higher school may be assigned by the CCP.

格罗宁根 Groningen

At the same time, AFP said Dinkens, a spokesman for the board of the University of Gronn, denied reports of “possible interference by Beijing,” saying that “academic freedom is one of our basic principles and has been linked to the Chinese side Partners and the Chinese government reached a very specific agreement, in these agreements, academic freedom is guaranteed. ” In response to the circular’s related inquiries, Dekens said the school’s board of directors decided to terminate the program of awarding degrees at Yantai branch and had already communicated with the Chinese partners on the status quo and cooperated with the Chinese side. “It is still our aims”.

Trump Supports Decryption Concerns “Pass Russia Memorandum” FBI Worry too general

                    (Original title: Trump support decryption involved “pass Russia” memorandum FBI worry partial)


BEIJING, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) Comprehensive coverage, White House chief of staff Kelly said the White House will soon publish a House Secret Intelligence Committee secret memorandum. Republicans say the memorandum shows abuse of monitoring by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI, and U.S. President Trump has already said he is “one hundred percent” in support of the announcement. The FBI is seriously concerned about this.


Information Figure: US President Trump.

A confidential memo, written by Republican staff, for a total of 4 pages, is directed by Republican Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee. The classified memorandum refers to the FBI’s political bias, at least inappropriately applying for a surveillance order against a member of the Trump’s campaign team, which could terrorize the “Russia-Russia” investigation. Speaking to Fox News Radio, Kay said: “I want to be announced soon and the world can see it.” Kelly also said he has read the four-page memo, the White House Lawyers are also examining.

Augmented Reality Time Still Motion Technology: The Black Tech of PyeongChang Winter Olympics

                    (Original title: Augmented Reality, Time Still Motion Technology: Pinchang Winter Olympics Black Technology)


BEIJING, February 1 Xinhua 2018 23rd Olympic Winter Games will be held February 9 to 25 in Pyeongchang, South Korea, which is held for the first time in South Korea’s Olympic Winter Games, there will be from 92 2925 players from all over the country compete for the Olympics in Sochi four years ago. According to Korean media reports, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, both inside and outside the stadium have used a variety of high-tech.

江陵冰球中心,即冬奥会冰球比赛场馆馆。现场可容纳一万人左右。 中新社记者 吴旭 摄 Gangneung Ice Hockey Center, Ice Hockey Hall of Fame. The site can accommodate about 10,000 people. China News Service reporter Wu Xu photo

Augmented Reality

There is no scene or seat for the spectators who are playing the match. Using PyeongChang Winter Games’ mobile apps, you can view the shortest path through 3D augmented reality (AR) technology and check seat locations. If you still do not trust, you can find the help of pointing robots in the railway station, bus terminal, schedule and other places. These robots can speak five foreign languages ​​and communicate with foreigners without any obstacles.

Artificial Intelligence Translation Software

There are also artificial intelligence (AI) translation software that can translate Korean and other 8 languages. Not only recognize the voice, but also read and translate the text in the picture. Pyeongchang Organizing Committee Li Xi Fan said PyeongChang Winter Olympics will be through science and technology to reduce dependence on volunteers.

资料图片:索契冬奥会花样滑冰表演滑,金妍儿为观众献上精彩演出。中新社发 刘关关 摄 Information photo: Sochi Winter Olympics figure skating slide, Kim Yu-na for the audience to give a wonderful performance. Zhongguancungan Agency Liu Guan Offense

Time Still Motion Technology

The figure skating competition will also use time still motion technology. Game Jiangling ice stadium at the top of the audience set up a 100 camera, the audience can watch the same 360-degree scene.

Dedicated Tablet

In the cross-country skiing competition, viewers can check the position, ranking, nationality and other key information of the players on the dedicated tablet. The stadium is equipped with cameras everywhere, players who GPS positioning system also allows viewers to easily understand their location. During the Winter Olympics, there is also an ICT Experience Hall where spectators can experience 4D stereo images of snowboarding and bobsleigh.

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A ferry carrying more than 80 passengers on the Pacific lost ship

                    (Original title: A ferry carrying more than 80 passengers on a ship lost in the Pacific Ocean)


一艘渡轮在太平洋失联 船上载有逾80名乘客

South Korean insider said Lotte Duty Free evacuation Incheon airport is more likely

                    (Original title: Lotte could not hold? Analysis that Lotte duty free withdrawal from Incheon airport is more likely)


[World Wide Web Report] Lotte Duty-Free Shop in South Korea reported no intention of withdrawing stores since Lotte Duty Free opened its doors for the first time in September 2017 when it announced its intention to withdraw from Incheon International Airport. South Korean industry analysts believe that Lotte withdrawal is very likely to withdraw from the store at the end of the month to make a decision.

According to South Korea’s Niuess news agency reported on February 1, Lotte withdrawal shop well aware of the situation, Lotte withdraw shop is more likely to withdraw the store by the end of February intent, Lotte will be withdrawn at the end of February Will make a decision.

Elections runway accused of sexual harassment but has not been fired Hillary Clinton regrettable

                    (Former Title: Allegations of Sexual Harassment by Campaign Aiders Not Yet Expelled Hillary Clinton repents)


BEIJING, Feb. 1 (Xinhuanet) According to a comprehensive report, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a statement in social media that during her election to the presidency in 2008, a male staff member was accused of harassment of female employees but was only demoted Pay cut. Hillary said she would not do that if she could choose again.

资料图:美国前国务卿、总统候选人希拉里。 Data Figure: Former Secretary of State, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

At the end of 2007, the agent, Burns Strider, was repeatedly sexually assaulted by young women allegations. The New York Times, which first exposed the incident, reported that after two advisers investigated the allegations, it was suggested that Estrel be expelled. Instead of agreeing, Hillary Clinton demoted him to pay cuts and asked him to seek advice. However, Stewart never attended such consultations.

The female subordinate was removed from Beside and assisted another runner-up.

Hillary Clinton wrote: “I did this because I do not think excommunication was the best way to solve the problem.”

“He needs to be punished, to change his behavior, and to understand what is wrong with him The woman needed to be rejuvenated and secure, and I had thought I could accomplish both of these goals without dismissing him, and I thought that the punishment was sharp enough and the message to him was clear. “

Chinese tourists driving in New Zealand hit the boulder ignited a fire caused 1 dead 5 injured

                    (Original title: Chinese tourists driving in New Zealand boulder fire caused a death 5 injured)


中国游客新西兰驾车撞巨石燃起大火 致1死5伤 Photo: New Zealand Skynet

BEIJING, February 1 According to the New Zealand World Wide Web compilation report, local time on January 28, a Chinese tourist driver in New Zealand’s South Island in Otago A car accident on the road caused the unfortunate loss of a passenger while the vehicle was set on fire.

Around 3 p.m., a siren near the town of Cromwell in Central Otago clashed there on a major road accident on Tarras-Cromwell Road 8.

He Huang, a 39-year-old Chinese tourist, was driving a car on the road, where the family was traveling with him. He Huang lost control of the vehicle while he was driving straight on the national highway. The car crashed into the boulders on the curb, the huge impact tossed the car up, and it was followed by a heavy fire.

Five people, including He Huang, escaped from the car one after another, but one passenger was unable to get out of his car after being trapped in the car and eventually lost his life.

North Korea Performing Arts Performing Free Show! South Korea will draw more than a thousand lucky audience

                    (Original title: North Korea Performing Arts Free Show! South Korea will draw more than a thousand lucky audience)


Overseas Network February 1 – u0026 nbsp; North Korea’s Sanchiyuan Orchestra will perform at the Gangneung Arts Center in South Korea and Seoul National Theater on February 8 and 11 respectively. This is also the North Korean art troupe who visited South Korea again in 16 years. Today (January 1), South Korea’s Unification Ministry said it will invite 1060 people to see these two performances for free. The list of audiences will be generated by online registration and balloting.

朝鲜艺术团演出免费看!韩国将抽签选千余幸运观众 North Korea Sanchiyuan orchestra performance scene

According to Korean media NEWS 1 report, 2 noon on the 2nd to 12 noon on the 3rd, the South Korean government will open online registration and lottery activities will eventually be randomly determined according to age 530 Name lucky audience, each person will receive 2 free admission tickets.

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, on January 15, the DPRK and South Korea held working talks to discuss the North Korean art troupe’s participation in the Olympics, and Xuan Song-month took part as the North Korean representative. The two sides determined by consultation that during the winter Olympics, the DPRK will dispatch an art troupe composed of more than 140 people from the Sanchi Yuan orchestra to visit Korea and perform at Seoul and Seoul.

From January 21 to January 22, the mission of the DPRK side’s art performance delegation arrived in South Korea and visited the two cities separately. They checked out the venue in advance and finalized the event on February 8 at the Gangneung Arts Center in South Korea. 2 On January 11, a total of two performances were held at Seoul National Theater.

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