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British Consulate linked with rainbow flag cited controversial Hong Kong MP: Rough intervention in Hong Kong’s internal affairs

                    (Original title: British Consulate linked rainbow flag cited controversial Hong Kong members: gross interference in Hong Kong’s internal policy matters)


According to Hong Kong media reported on the 26th, a number of groups initiated equal rights for the gay parade, the EU office also sent to participate, including the British consulate in Hong Kong outside the building to hang a rainbow flag to show their support. In response, Li Sai-kin, a Sham Shui Po District Council member of the Liberal Party, issued a speech in his Facebook page criticizing the British move as inciting Hong Kong to impose legislation on sexual orientation ordinances and “grossly intervening in Hong Kong’s internal policy issues.”

Hong Kong Media: The Legislative Council of Hong Kong pursues paid salaries to disqualified members

                    (Original title: Hong Kong Media: Hong Kong Legislative Council to pay dismissed MPs)


The Legislative Council Commission of Hong Kong decided on the 27th to reclaim HK $ 2.7 million to HK $ 3.1 million respectively from “community owners” Leung Kwok Hung, “self-determinationist” Lau Kuk Lai, “Hong Kong generals” Member salary.

According to the Hong Kong Oriental Daily News reported that after Leung Kwok-hung and other four members were disqualified from parliament, the Legislative Council will convene a special meeting on the 27th for recovering remuneration paid to the parliamentarians and the allowance for operating expenses of the office. The chairman of the Legislative Council, Mr Leung Jun-yan, revealed after the meeting that the salaries of the four individuals ranged from HK $ 2.7 million to HK $ 3.1 million. The legal opinion held that the sum was a public fund and the Governing Council had the responsibility to recover all. Therefore, the decision was made to send letters to four people Request within 4 weeks to reply, and then decide the next move. When asked about whether the four votes cast in the Legislative Council earlier were valid and whether the recovery of wages was unreasonable, Mr Leung replied that the law clearly states the relevant issues and, in addition to consulting internal legal advice before making a decision, Senior Counsel listen to opinions. He said it had been expected that any decision would be legally challenged, so a notice was given first. It is learned that Leung Kwok Hsiung and Liu Xiaoli have earlier appealed against the sworn affidavit and asked the Court of Appeal to order the resumption of their qualification as a parliamentarian. Luo Guancong and Yao Songyan consider giving up the appeal because of costs and other considerations.

Illegal construction and operation must be severely punished by law

                    (Original title: Illegal construction and management must be severely punished by law)


According to the announcement of the public security department, the major fire accident in Daxing “11 · 18” department is caused by the failure of the electrical circuit in the underground refrigerator insulation material. After investigation, incident floor building underground basement, second floor, three floors are illegal construction, business activities have not been any approval. At present, Fan Moumou and other 20 people have been detained according to law on suspicion of serious crimes of responsibility.

20000 square meters of infra-red, honeycomb dense rental housing, a group of cold storage construction of qualified personnel, nineteen live here in a sudden departure. “Black heart” Poly Fortune apartment, can be said that the city illegal building illegal epitome of illegal business activities. For a long time, illegal construction and operation frequently lead to casualties, which has always been a “cancer” affecting the safe development of the capital. From the current clean-up and rectification of special operations to sort out all the hidden dangers of security, illegal construction and operation are still prominent: a hundred square meters of the house was separated into a dozen wood, dark basement was transformed into airtight “pigeons Cage “, sewage cross the factory yard illegally built on the stack of illegal construction … … these shocking place, once there is a half-point burst of Mars, both hard to escape, it is difficult to rescue, is likely to cause Qunjiunsuanqun around the surrounding Residents and communities, the same security threats are obvious. Painful lessons and grim reality, all without exception once again wake us up: Illegal construction and operation of this “cancer” is not eradicated, Beijing will have no peace, public safety will never be guaranteed.

Illegal construction and operation have become a major disease in urban development. After a long period of hard work, the root cause lies in a “profit” word. The rules of the house to play a few cut off rented group rent, and then hand down is several times the rent; secretly building illegal apartment building factory warehouse, the moon and the moon can take place to make a fortune; a small space both production and stockpile Living people, the cost has become profitable. In order to reap the benefits of maximizing the illegal business, group renters owners, “triple play” owners illegally built the laws and regulations behind, leaving the lives and interests of employee tenants as nothing. The huge interest space is the reason why the construction and operation of illegal businesses have been repeatedly rectified and resumed. It also requires that the work of rectifying and remediation must be carried out in an undeniable and resolute manner.

Ministry of Finance: End of 2016 pension balance of 3.66 trillion yuan

                    (Original title: Ministry of Finance: End of 2016 pension balance of 3.66 trillion yuan)


The “Statement on the Final Accounts of 2016 National Social Insurance Funds” issued by the Ministry of Finance shows that in 2016, the total income of social insurance funds nationwide stood at 5,012.12 billion yuan, up 8.1% over the previous year; the total expenditure was 4,360.5 billion yuan, an increase over the previous year 11.5%; the current balance of payments 650.8 billion yuan, year-end rollover balance 65.425 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that the pension rolled over the balance of 3,657.7 billion yuan at the end of 2016.

The budget for the national social insurance fund mainly includes funds for endowment insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance, which are commonly referred to as “five risks.” Among them, the basic old-age insurance fund for employees is “bulk”, accounting for over 50% of the total funds.

Cold air arrived in Beijing gusts up to 7 Tomorrow welcome the coldest day in six months

                    (The original title: cold air arrived in the capital gusty up to level 7 tomorrow welcome the coldest day in the second half)


China Weather Network From October 23 to yesterday (January 27), Beijing has had no effective precipitation for 34 consecutive days. Compared with the same period of last year, Beijing was unusually dry this winter. In addition, a new strong cold air strikes, is expected today during the day, the capital gust up to 7, the maximum temperature of 7 ℃; wind tomorrow, the temperature will drop significantly, the maximum temperature of only 2 ℃, will become the second half of this year The coldest day, the public should pay attention to wind warm, dry air dry, timely moisturizing, safe use of fire.

Recently, there was no obvious precipitation in Beijing. According to the monitoring, the effective rainfall (precipitation ≥0.1 mm) was observed on the observatory on the southern suburb or on the 22nd of October, from the 23rd of October to the present day, no effective precipitation occurred for 34 consecutive days The weather will still be fine in the next five days, and the precipitation will have to wait. In the same period of the capital (1981 to 2010), the average precipitation in the observatory in the southern suburbs was 18.4 millimeters, which meant that Beijing was unusually dry this winter. Beijing is in fine weather this morning. (Photo / Li Yuqing)

Today, a new cold strong air strikes, the north wind blowing. Beijing Meteorological Observatory expects this morning to go cloudy with some twists and turns, with the grade of the north breeze going around Grade-4 to grade 3 to 3 ℃; the fine daylight, the north-breeze level 45, the gusty level 7, and the highest temperature of 7 ℃; Between cloudy, north wind 34 level turn 2, gust 6 level, the minimum temperature -5 ℃. In response, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory released the Beijing Blue Wind Early Warning and the Forest Fire Dangerous Orange Warning at 16:30 on January 28 at 20:28.

After the strong winds, the temperature will drop obviously. The daytime cloudy and cloudy winds will be reduced to Grade II and III. The plain will only be 2 ℃ below the maximum temperature and -2 to 1 ℃ in the mountains, making it the coldest day in the second half of the year. Cloudy at night sunny, the lowest temperature in the plains of -5 ℃, -10 ~ -7 ℃ in the mountains, the more cold the more.

冷空气抵京今天阵风达7级 明天迎下半年来最冷天

Industrial changes behind the list of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Plus sophistication

                    (Original title: Industrial changes behind the list of academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering)



On November 27, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced the list of 67 newly elected academicians. The results of the election of foreign academicians coincide with each other. It is learned that a total of 18 foreign experts have been elected as foreign academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. This list has been expanded by 10 more than the previous one. The accidental election of U.S. entrepreneur Bill Gates sparked heated debates. With the upgrading of domestic industrial structure, the research fields of foreign academicians have also changed in recent years. In the near future, the strategic emerging industries that China will vigorously promote will benefit greatly and the Chinese-made 2025 Blueprint will also gain a more solid impetus.

Expansion of foreign academicians 125%

Specifically, 31 of the newly elected academicians came from institutions of higher learning, accounting for 46.2%; 18 from research institutes, accounting for 26.9%; those from enterprises and There are 18 hospitals, accounting for 26.9%. A number of engineering and technical experts from enterprises and grass-roots organizations and outstanding experts who have long been working in remote areas of the western region were elected.

Of the 18 foreign academicians released on the same day, the U.S. entrepreneurs and Bill Gates, chairman of Terra Energy, are on the list. According to the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter, the number of foreign academicians elected in the last three sessions was 6, 6 and 8 respectively, increasing to 18 this year, up 125%. “This is the largest number of foreign academicians ever elected, mainly for the purpose of further strengthening international cooperation and for expanding the international influence and reputation of domestic and foreign talents in the field of engineering,” said Li Xiaohong, party secretary of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It is worth noting that the newly elected foreign academicians of the 18 Chinese Academy of Engineering have had extensive and in-depth cooperation with China’s science and technology sector. Three of the foreign academicians have working units: Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), Chongqing University, Zhengzhou University, This shows that their foreign academic status is more than just a title.

In the view of Chen He, director of Institute of Industrial Economics, First Economic and Trade University, with the industrial restructuring, China has made some progress in technology research and development in many fields. However, most of the foreign academicians made groundbreaking contributions in the research field and achieved Economic professionals, the introduction of these external forces will help a lot.

It is understood that the Bill Gates belongs to the unit is not Microsoft, but by his participation in the founder of Terra Energy. Tera Energy Corporation is mainly devoted to the development of nuclear energy to solve the world’s energy problems. In 2015, CNNC and Tera Energy signed a cooperation document to jointly promote the development agreement for the fourth generation of nuclear power plants.

Exceeding eligibility by academicians

According to the Statute of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, it has a high level of engineering science and technology and a good reputation in the world. It contributes to the development of China’s engineering science and technology, Foreign experts and scholars who play an important role in international exchanges in engineering and technology circles in China can be nominated and elected as foreign academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

From the process point of view, if a foreign academician is additionally selected for the same period as a domestic academician, that is, once every two years, a candidate for foreign academician must obtain the nomination of not less than five academicians and hold a secret ballot by the academician conference The number of academicians that have participated in the voting process has reached or exceeded 2/3 of the number of academicians who should vote, and the election is valid. Those who obtained the approval votes of or equal to 2/3 of the total number of the voting members are elected.

It is understood that foreign academicians have the right of advice on the development of China’s engineering science and technology and the work of this court. They may be invited to attend relevant conferences and academic activities organized by the Court and obtain relevant publications presented by this court. However, foreign academicians do not enjoy the right to recommend candidates for academicians and foreign candidates, nor do they have the right to vote or stand for election.

Beijing Business Daily reporter found that in recent years, the field of Chinese Academy of Engineering elected foreign academicians gradually focus on micro-science, high-tech features become more pronounced. In 2011, the research fields of foreign academicians include aerospace engineering, electronics and imaging technology, materials science, public health and epidemiology. In 2013, the research areas include marine and offshore engineering, packaging technology and material development, power electronics, environmental engineering and chemical engineering Etc .; 2015 includes mechanical engineering, wireless communication and so on. And this year, the field of elected foreign academician further extends to advanced nanophotonics, computer distributed computing, nuclear power and so on.

Improving own technology is the ultimate solution

“As a whole, the fields of new energy, new materials, bioengineering and information technology researched by the foreign academicians elected since 2011 belong to the strategy that China has vigorously plowed for a long time Emerging industries. “Wang Jun, member of Academic Committee of China International Economic Exchange Center, said that relevant departments apparently hope that with these professional external forces, they will be able to enhance their scientific research in a relatively short period of time and keep up with the forefront of international technological development. However, Wang Jun also said that there are only a limited number of foreign academicians invited by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the areas involved are relatively single. Although the upgrading of domestic industries can play an auxiliary role, the key to the transformation lies in the efficiency improvement of our own core technologies.

Beijing focused on clearing the skyline of buildings: the visual Qinglong Jian Yi Habitat

                    (Original title: Beijing focus on cleaning buildings skyline: clear vision, Jian-li Habitat)


On November 27, 2017, Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Land Resources Management and Beijing Municipal Administration of Urban Management Comprehensive Enforcement Bureau jointly issued the Notice on Carrying Out the Special Clearance of Building Skylines.

According to the “Notice”, from now on, the billboards and plaques on the roofs and walls of buildings that do not meet the requirements of the “Beijing Municipality Administration for the Administration of Plaque Identity Settings” (京 管 發 [2017] No. 140) Outdoor advertising on the ceiling of the building and the edge of the wall, plaque markings, outdoor advertisements perpendicular to the building wall, plaque markings, illegal outdoor advertisements attached to the building walls, “one shop, multiple strokes” Logo, “shop” in the building wall outside the plaque set logo, and other non-compliance with the requirements of the plaque logo.

The Circular also said that all new placards should comply with the requirements of the Beijing Municipality Administration of Plaque Identity Management (Beijing Guanfa [2017] No. 140). During the cleaning process, other illegal roof construction, illegal dismantling of settings to be removed simultaneously to ensure that the city clean and tidy.

Beijing Municipality Administration of Brand Plaque Identity Management (Beijing Guanfa [2017] No. 140) is a version of the 2007 version of the revised, released on September 30 this year, the unit name plaque logo, the name of the building plaque And motor vehicle body logo and so on are regulated. The new norm from the original norm a total of four chapter twenty-two amended for a total of four chapter twenty-four.

The new setting regulation has made major adjustments to the layout of the existing plaque mark in the city. The new layout emphasizes the concept of “center of gravity down, reduction, reduction and refinement”. On the premise of forbidding all kinds of plaque markings on the roof of buildings, only one part of building wall should be allowed to retain the name of one building, and all other kinds of plaque markings should be moved down to the bottom completely, completely changing the original plaque mark Full coverage layout, clean up the urban space. At the same time, in terms of setting conditions at the ground floor, combining with the characteristics of different building styles and building structures, some restrictive conditions have been stipulated in line with the principle of “reduction, reduction and refinement”.

Among them, “the top of the building, the top of the podium, arcaded columns; the protruding and dynamic plaque markers on the wall; the use of traffic safety facilities and traffic signs; the impact of municipal utilities, traffic safety facilities, traffic signs, Traffic lights, fire-fighting facilities and communication facilities are used normally, or vehicles, pedestrians and other vehicles and pedestrians are prevented from passing through; traffic accidents and lighting affecting residents and ventilation are affected, causing light pollution, affecting life and affecting others’ Legally used; obstruct the building glass curtain wall or lighting glass; large area use of high-light alloy material “and other 10 kinds of placards are prohibited from setting the logo case.

following is the “notice” in full:

Beijing Municipal Administration Commission

Beijing Municipal Planning and Land Resources Management Committee

Beijing City Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau

regarding the development of centralized clean-up of buildings skyline special action Notice

In order to strengthen the city’s fine management, enhance the city’s quality, create a clear-cut urban skyline and build a world-class harmonious and livable city, according to the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safe Production, , “Regulations on City Appearance and Sanitation of Beijing Municipality”, “Regulations on Beijing Municipality for the Administration of Plaque Labeling” (京 管 發 [2017] No. 140) and “Beijing Municipality Master Plan (2016-2035)” and other laws and regulations The fourth quarter of 2017, the city The special action to clear the building skyline during the exhibition is hereby announced as follows:

1. Since the announcement, the Company will clean up the requirements that are not in conformity with the requirements of the “Management Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Plaque Labeling” (京 管 發 [2017] No. 140) Billboard placards on building roofs, walls, outdoor advertisements that exceed the height of the building’s roof and the edges of the walls, plaque marks, outdoor advertisements perpendicular to building walls, plaque marks, irregularities attached to building walls Outdoor advertising, “a shop more moves,” Plaque logo set off-site, “shop” in the building wall outside the plaque set logo, and other non-compliance with the requirements of the plaque logo.

2. Since the date of promulgation of the notice, all the newly set placards shall comply with the requirements of the “Administrative Regulation on the Identity of Beijing Plaque (No. If it is necessary to re-set the plaque mark after the clean-up, the property right unit shall request resettlement from the subdistrict offices and township people’s governments at the same time and conduct the trial only after the joint examination and approval by the relevant departments. The key streets and special districts The joint meeting office organization review and expert review to determine before implementation.

Beijing second-hand housing listed volume hit a new high since March housing prices accounted for 92%

                    (Original title: Beijing second-hand housing listing volume hit a new high since March, the price of listings accounted for 92%)


Last month (October), a total of 6,371 sets of second-hand houses were sold in Beijing, another record low for this year. From the intermediary to provide the transaction price point of view, but also for 6 consecutive months of slight decline. Behind the drop in trading volume, the listing volume of new listings in real estate agencies is growing. In the context of the industry analysis and sluggish overall turnover, some home swap owners with rigid demand for improvement started to become the mainstay of recent transactions.

According to the statistics of Mak Tin Real Estate, the new listing volume of new listings increased by 30% in October from the previous month and reached a new high since March this year. In the home price adjustment of housing, the proportion of price-cutting houses reached 92%, slightly lower than last month, but still in recent months to a higher level. As early as a set of 90 square meters of second-hand housing in early October to 9 million yuan price transaction, and the day before yesterday, with the unit has become 8.3 million yuan a month dropped 700,000 yuan. If you compare the price point in March, then drop more.

Seven elites from the army joined the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in a record high in recent years

                    (Former title: 7 elites in the military into columnist)


Yesterday, 67 new academicians were elected by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 7 were selected in the military system.

Academician of Academy of Engineering, is the highest academic title of engineering science and technology in China. It is a lifelong honor and is selected every two years.

The governor of Chang’an Avenue found that academicians selected by the military system have shown an increasing trend in recent years.

2011, the Air Force Equipment Academy Major General Chen Zhijie, General Staff Major General Lu Yue Guang five were selected;

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

2013, the Air Force Academy and equipment costs patriotic Major General, HE You Naval Aeronautical Engineering Major General, four were selected;

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

In 2015, General Staff Ren Huiqi and Major General Liao Xiangke from the National University of Defense Technology were selected.

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

This year, the number of new academicians in the military system reached 7, a record high in recent years.

These seven academicians are not simple, some hold the sword of the great powers, and some make the state apparatus invisible. Some study disruptive technologies and are located in the major frontiers of the military science in our country. Let’s take a look at their resume:

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

Feng Yufang, born in 1963, Zhejiang Yuyao people. July 1987 graduated from the National University of Defense Technology, to participate in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The rocket army equipment research institute director of the second institute. July 2006 promotion of major technical rank of general.

He has successively undertaken a number of key scientific research missions to the state and the military, independently developed and completed the research on the development of many kinds of new weapon systems and is the hero who holds the sword of the great power. He Lin, born in 1957, is currently a professor at the Naval University of Engineering, doctoral tutor, director of Institute of vibration and noise.

Since 2005, He Lin has organized the first generation shipboard noise monitoring system in our country, carried out research work on active and passive vibration isolation technologies and made breakthroughs in many key technologies. Its scientific research has been widely used.

In addition, he has mentored nearly 30 postgraduates and postdocs, and is a national treasure expert who makes the Chinese ships “disappear.”

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

Wang Zhenguo, born in 1960, is Dean of the Graduate School of National Defense University of Science and Technology.

He is the deputy chief engineer of the national major science and technology special hypersonic aircraft engineering undertaking a number of major research projects such as the national 863 plan and the national major project and has conducted many research projects in the field of scramjet, ground test and flight test technology Pioneering research, to achieve the leveled technological level.

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

Liu Yongjian, born in 1962. The Air Force Institute of equipment radar and electronic confrontation Institute, senior engineer, colonel rank.

He is the most advanced technology in the Air Force – the authority of radar technology. He served as Director of Research Office, Chief Engineer, Deputy Chief of Airborne Research Institute of Radar and Electronic Countermeasure, a deputy minister of Air Force Command, or a national military Vice Chairman of Radar Standardization Committee.

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

Liu Zejin, born in 1963, a native of Wudi County, Shandong Province, graduated from Shandong University in 1983 with a major in optics. The National Defense Science and Technology Research Minister.

He is the contemporary military disruptive technology – authoritative expert in laser field, National University of Defense Technology, new architecture solid-state laser laboratory academic leader, won the military and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award 7 times, patent up to 13 .

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

Wang Shafei, born in 1964, a research institute for strategic support units. Public information shows that he engaged in military signal processing technology and other professionals.

Signal processing technology is divided into analog signals and digital signals. Its expertise is related to radar and is at the forefront of military science research.

7位军中精英入列中国工程院院士 创近年新高

Tsai Ing-wen plunged nearly half of its administration’s satisfaction with pan-green voters

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen plunged nearly half of government administration’s satisfaction with green voters)


The latest polls show that both Tsai Ing-wen and Lai Ching Tak have been frustrated with their degree of satisfaction and trust. (Source: Taiwan’s CZE)

Overseas Network November 28 The latest poll in November shows that Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen and Taiwan’s chief executive Lai Ching Tak are satisfied with the administration’s degree of trust and trust , Both setbacks, compared with the previous month have slipped about 10 percentage points. “Green voters” are even more unsatisfied with Tsai Ing-wen, dropping to 52.3% from 63.9% last month. About half of the representatives, including even the most loyal supporters, can not agree with Tsai Ing-wen.

According to a report by “China Time Electronics News,” the latest polls released by the Taiwan media “Beautiful Island Newspaper” show that the satisfaction and trust of Tsai Ing-wen and Lai Ching Tak have both suffered a serious setback and declined more than the previous month Slipped about 10 percentage points. Among them, Lai Qingde’s administrative satisfaction for the first time below 50%, leaving 44.8%. In addition, the “green voters” are even more unsatisfied with Tsai Ing-wen, dropping to 52.3% from 63.9% last month. About half of the representatives who represent the most loyal supporters can not agree with Tsai Ing-wen. In response, Chen Minfeng, a veteran media man in Taiwan, said in a statement that the most surprising thing is that the root cause of the decline in opinion polls by Tsai Ing-wen Lai Ching Tak is the DPP base camp, which is the southern county of Taiwan.

Chen Minfeng also said that in New Taipei, Taipei, Tao Zhu Miao, Zhong Chang Tou, Yun Jia Nan, Gao Ping, Ji Yi Hua Dong Peng Kinmen and Matsu in seven areas, Tsai Ing-shing highest satisfaction in the highest screen, only 35.3%, followed by peach bamboo 30.3%, while the rest were less than 3 percent. The upcoming election of the 7-to-1 elections in 2018 will lead to a serious drop in the polls following the frequent primaries in the scandal of internal scandals. “Why are just the most radical areas in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) primaries at the moment? Is it a competitive tactic that voters or supporters can not afford?” These missing people are not reflected in the candidates currently but reflected To the authorities in Tsai, just as the image and goodwill of the DPP slipped 7.7%.

This is not the first time that Tsai Ing-wen’s poll has 2 prefixes. According to earlier reports by overseas websites, when Tsai Ing-wen was in power for a full year, Taiwan TVBS released a poll. Tsai was only 21% satisfied, down to a new lows but up to 63% dissatisfied.

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