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Mugabe resigned as president of the Chinese Embassy in Tianjin released a safety reminder

                    (Original title: Mugabe resigned as president of the Chinese Embassy in Tianjin released a safety reminder)




overseas network November 22 electric u0026 nbsp; Reuters and a number of foreign media sources, 21 pm local time, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to resign Position. According to Fox News, Zimbabwe’s parliament spokesman said the Zimbabwean parliament received a letter from Mugabe, who said in his letter: “For the sake of the well-being of Zimbabwe, the transfer of power smoothly and non-violently Aspiration, I voluntarily put forward my resignation. “According to the BBC (BBC), after hearing of the resignation of Mugabe, many Zimbabwean people began to celebrate in the streets of Harare, capital of Zimbabwe.

Beijing time On the morning of the 22nd, the announcement made by the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe on WeChat public account reminded Chinese citizens in Tianjin to step up security precautions. The details are as follows:

This reminder is valid until 27 November 2017

On November 21, Zimbabwean President Mugabe resigned and the capital, Harare, held a large-scale procession and rally. The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe reminds the broad masses of Chinese citizens in Tianjin to pay close attention to developments in the situation, strengthen security precautions and pay attention to personal and property safety. People still in urban areas or sensitive areas should return to their residences as soon as possible, and should not stay or observe crowded places in concentrated areas, thereby avoiding any impact. Personal and property losses; all overseas Chinese delegations and enterprises and institutions shall start the emergency response mechanism, arrange on-duty personnel, raise the security alert of the resident station and maintain close contact with the embassy.

First! The solar system ushers in the first strange guest of Starcraft

                    (Original title: The first! The solar system ushered in the first star-based visitors running strange peculiar concern)


CCTV News: Looking up from the sky, to using spacecraft to explore, the vast universe, so that the full release of human curiosity, but also continue to expand the boundaries of human cognition. Last month, scientists discovered through the telescope that a mysterious object is rapidly passing through the solar system. After weeks of observation, on the 20th, scientists formally concluded that this unusual visitor was the first “interstellar visitor” from the extrasolar system.


The slender shape and dark red color are the real “interstellar visitors” simulated by NASA. Scientists say the asteroid, about 400 meters in diameter, can reach about 10 times its length, exceeding the length-to-diameter ratio of any asteroid or comet known in the solar system. Judging from the data collected so far, it is a compact asteroid, mainly composed of rocks, possibly containing metals, but without water or ice. Its red surface may be caused by cosmic rays of hundreds of millions of years.


Last month, the Asteroid Project No. 1 telescope operated by the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii observed the asteroid earlier and named it A / 2017 U1. In general, the planets and asteroids in the solar system operate in an elliptical orbit around the sun, but their orbits are unusually tricky to attract scientists’ attention.

2 Border Police in the U.S. State of Texas 1 Dead 1 Wound: Multiple fractures of the body were not shot

                    (Original title: Two border police killed and wounded in Texas for unknown reasons)


China news agency, Houston, November 21 (Xinhua) The FBI confirmed on the 21st that a “tragedy” occurred in a culvert in Culberson County, southwestern Texas, late on the 18th. . Two U.S. border police officers were killed and one was injured. The cause of the injury is unknown.

According to the CNN, the FBI said it was a “tragedy.” Among them, the 36-year-old border police was seriously injured in the incident. On the morning of the 19th died of rescue invalid. Another police officer who has not been able to confirm his identity is still in the process of rescue and has not yet passed the dangerous period. The two border police officers are now wounded in the head and have multiple fractures. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the victims were not shot at.

Foreign media: The former Vice President of Zimbabwe was appointed as interim President on the 22nd

                    (Original title: Foreign media: Minanga Gogh may be appointed as interim president on the 22nd)


timg_副本.jpg Minanga Gowa

Overseas Network November 22
According to the Associated Press, a Zimbabwean ruling party spokesman said that the former Vice President Zambian Mina Gagawa may be appointed as the interim president of Zimbabwe on Wednesday (January 22). According to Reuters, Minangarwa will complete the remaining presidential term of Mugabe until the 2018 presidential election in Zimbabwe.

Earlier it was reported that the battle over the leadership of the post-Mugabe period within Zimbabwe’s ruling party has intensified over the past three years. The two camps emerge, one headed by 75-year-old former Vice President Minanagua, the other headed by 52-year-old First Lady Grace Mugabe. Mugangagua was originally Mugabe’s most likely successor, but on the 6th of this month, Mugabe announced the lifting of Minangaigwa’s position, identifying him as the president of the throne. In the meantime, Grace Mugabe stated that she was ready to succeed her husband, 93-year-old Robert Mugabe, as president. This series of measures triggered the military dissatisfaction and also laid the groundwork for the recent power change.

According to the BBC’s previous news, on the 19th local time, Zimbabwe’s ruling African National Alliance, the NPFL, held a special meeting to lift the leader of Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe’s ruling party and appoint Minangajiva as the new leader. In the meantime, Namu Gavi was also chosen by the ruling party of Zimbabwe as the candidate for the presidential election in Zimbabwe in 2018.

The outbreak of peasant pastoral conflicts in southern Niger has caused 34 deaths

                    (Original title: 34 people died in clashes between farmers and herdsmen in southern Niger)


Abidjan, Xinhua News Agency, November 21 Niamey News: Conflicts between peasants and herders broke out in a village in the province of Maradi province in southern Niger from 20 to 21 April, killing at least 34 people.

Niger media reported on the 21st that the cause of the clashes was the local farmers complaining that pastoralists should let their herds be trampled on crops and retaliate. The clashes killed at least 34 local people and the perpetrators set fire to dozens of homes.

It has been reported that over the years there have been contradictions between peasants and pastoralists in southern Niger and bloody conflicts have often occurred as a result of livestock trampling on crops.

Foreign media: Zimbabwe’s former vice president will be appointed as interim president within 48 hours


Sam Namgaghwa

Namugankowa will take the position of acting president of Zimbabwe on many occasions

                    (Original title: Minan Gagau will act as president of Zimbabwe on many occasions to make a statement)


BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) Comprehensive reports, Zimbabwe parliament speaker on the 21st of this month announced the resignation of President Mugabe, ending its 37-year rule. In order to stabilize the situation, the military in the country appealed to all circles to “maintain the utmost restraint” and abide by the law. On the 22nd, Minangarwa, who was recently removed by Mugabe as vice president, will be appointed to take over the country on behalf of the president.

In response, the United States and Britain called on Zimbabwe to hold free and fair elections to respect the rule of law.


On the afternoon of the 21st, the Zimbabwe House of Representatives launched an agenda to impeach President Mugabe’s position. Speaker Muddenta suddenly announced the termination of the debate because Mugabe had already announced his resignation.

After nearly a week of military intervention, Mugabe, now 93, was reportedly under pressure from various parties and decided to resign as president on the 21st. Zimbabwe’s parliament speaker Munddena read Mugabe’s letter of resignation: “Mugabe has officially resigned in accordance with Article 96 of the Constitution and has immediate effect.”

Mugabe has been refusing to resign after being placed under house arrest by the military. The impeachment procedure was announced after the resignation. Mugabe, 93, from Zimbabwe came to power after independence in 1980 and is the oldest head of state in the world.

On the 22nd, Reuters quoted the Patriotic National Front (RPF) of Zimbabwe’s ruling party as saying that Minangkrugu will be appointed acting president on the 22nd. The ruling ZANU-PF (ZANU-PF) of Zimbabwe held a meeting on the 19th to lift Mugabe’s party leader and to decide to replace him with Minangaghuwa, who was on his strike. According to reports from Zimbabwe State TV station, Zimbabwean President Mugabe delivered a national television speech on the evening of the 19th of local time, and Mugabe did not resign Zimbabwe’s presidency.

Uber 5700 million user information was stolen to take advantage of 100,000 US dollars to settle hackers

                    (Original title: Uber 5700 million user information stolen by the hacker to pay 100000 US dollars to settle)


QQ截图20171122070156.jpg (Data Sheet)

Overseas Network November 22
On the 21st, Uber, a U.S. car service provider, said a hacker attack caused the personal information of 57 million users and drivers held by the company to be exposed. In order to calm the matter, Uber paid the hacker 100,000 US dollars.

According to Reuters and BBC reports, the company’s chief executive Dara Khosroosha said the hacking took place at the end of 2016 when the company’s personal information on 57 million users and drivers stored worldwide was hacked Specific personal information found, including name, e-mail and phone number. Of these, 600,000 drivers have their names and driving license details also exposed. To hide the fact, Uber paid the hacker $ 100,000 to delete the data.

Uber 5700 Uber user information was stolen to pay 660,000 hackers trouble

                    (Original title: Uber conceals 57 million user data was stolen event payment 660000 to hackers thing)


优步5700万用户信息遭黑客盗取 付66万给黑客了事

According to the latest news from Reuters on November 22, Uber said it had been attacked by two hackers at the end of 2016 and about 57 million personal information of users was stolen, including customers And the driver’s name, driver’s license number, email number and telephone number.

U.S. colleges and universities respond to the death of Chinese students: Department of police killed are investigating

                    (The original title: US colleges and universities respond to a Chinese student died: the police were investigating the death outside school)


11111.jpg Zhang Chuanchuan Social Media Screenshots

Overseas Network November 22
On the unlucky death of Chinese student Zhang Chuanchuan, on the afternoon of the 20th, Li Bovei, president of the University of Brandeis, who attended the ceremony, said that Zhang Chuanchuan died off campus on the 18th (Saturday) night and did not die of violence. In addition, there is no evidence that Zhang Chuanchuan’s death was linked to an armed robbery that the school issued a warning on the evening of 20.

According to the US Chinese website, World Journal and other media reports, on the afternoon of November 20, local time, the president of Brandeis University of the United States, Ronald Reibowitz (Ron
Liebowitz sent an official e-mail entitled “Bad News” to all students in the school, noting the unfortunate death of Chinese graduate student Zhang Chuan Chuan, a 23-year-old student at the school’s International Business School. Jeter, director of the school’s news office, said Zhang Chuanchuan, a graduate student at the International Business School, died on the evening of the 18th. The place of death is in Boston, not campus. She said the case has been investigated by a Boston police investigation and there is no evidence that Zhang Chuanchuan’s death was related to the armed robbery incident on the evening of the 20th.

It is understood that Zhang Chuanchuan at the Brandeis University Master of International Economics and Finance. According to e-mail, he is a Leadership Fellows program
Program, part-time graduate student first year, he served as a college student consultant. According to his LinkedIn profile, Zhang Chuanchuan also joined the Global Markets and Investment Club,
He also serves as Vice Chairman of the American Association of Hispanic Professionals and the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club. Zhang Chuanchuan also served as a teaching assistant in the private equity class of Professor Michael McKay.

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